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INT. HOSPITAL ROOM DAY A man in his eighties sits hunched over in a wheelchair. He stares straight ahead with his mouth gaped open. His eyes have a look of nothingness and they barely blink. MAN I came into this world one hundred and sixty-five years ago, and still have not found my place. I have become insatiable, obsessed with achieving perfection, and I must stop hurting them all. The man sits in an empty, brightly lit hospital room. The sun shines outside. MAN The thought of having a set identity, a public personality, has always scared me. Self-conscious thoughts are overwhelming, anxiety clouds my vision, keeping me from becoming anyone that is willing to stand out. INT. OFFICE AREA NIGHT A younger looking man, in his twenties, sits at a barren desk, in a completely black room. In front of him sits a drink, an ashtray full of cigarettes and a camera. MAN It wasn’t until I had lived the life of a healthy man that I discovered I was not like everyone else. A cork board rests on the wall displaying candid shots of various men. MAN Whether it was a gift or a curse, I took advantage of it. He takes a picture off the board and studies it in the light, making notes on the back of it. MAN I learned that I was able to travel through minds; inhabit the conscious of another person and acquire all of their memories. (CONTINUED)



He stands in front of a mirror examining himself, straightening out his suit, expressionless. MAN The idea was simple enough; I would find the perfect being. I would no longer live a sheltered, innocuous life. He is now sitting down on a couch, smoking a cigarette and sipping his drink. MAN I would immerse myself in this world that is so concerned with public image.I would be reborn at my choosing into the body of any man I desired to lay my eyes on. I would find the perfect identity. INT. BEDROOM NIGHT Another young man sits at the edge of a bed only in a pair of underwear. He is hunched over, smoking a cigarette. He looks to his left where a young, beautiful woman lays asleep under the covers. MAN With the body of a youth and the mind of a man three times that age, I felt incredible. There were no more limits to my life. EXT. EMPTY STREET DAY The same man lays lifeless on a street. His eyes and mouth are gaped open and his arms and legs are sprawled out. Across his face is a look of fear and emptiness. MAN If I wasn’t satisfied with who I had become, I simply moved on. A woman’s scream is heard and she runs up to him clutching his body, crying for help.


INT. OFFICE AREA NIGHT The same man from the beginning sits at his desk again studying photographs. His desk and wall are now littered with photos and he sifts through them intently. MAN As time went on I became more careful in my selections. He is standing up now looking down at the photos. He lights another cigarette and leans over the darkened desk. MAN The whole process was turning into something more, and it was starting to scare me. INT. DINING ROOM NIGHT A man in his mid 40’s sits at the head of a dinner table. He is leaned back in his chair, and is clutching a glass of red wine in one hand. A woman and two children sit around him eating their dinner, smiling, and conversing with each other. MAN Society causes us to conform to a social ideal. The average person must put on a mask and repress their desires so we are able to interact with each other on some sort of a civilized level. The man sits perfectly still, expressionless, staring off into the distance. One of the children taps him on the shoulder a few times and he comes out of his trance, looking down to address the child. MAN But my original self would not let me just put on any ordinary mask. It was always there, fixated on sculpting the perfect identity. EXT. PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL DAY The young man from the beginning walks to the front of the hospital, stands out front and lights a cigarette.


INT. OFFICE AREA NIGHT The young man looks exhausted as he hunches over his desk. He puts out his cigarette and wipes the desk clean of all the photographs. MAN I have become avid in my efforts. I have lost track of my original self and can not justify any of my choices. Too many people have been hurt. EXT. PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL DAY The man throws his cigarette to the ground and enters the hospital. INT. PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL DAY The young man proceeds down a white corridor slowly. He takes a quick look in each door as he walks by them. He stops at a doorway and looks in. He reads the sign on the door which reads: JAMES THOMAS, DEPERSONALIZATION DISORDER MAN This could be considered a punishment, but to me it is so much more. He walks into the room and stands in front of the old man in the wheelchair. MAN Here, there will be no more thought of conformation, no more reason to identify myself within this broken society. The older man sits still, staring ahead. The young man steps up to get a closer look at the old man. MAN (ON-CAMERA) Hello James. The young man turns around and falls to the ground.




MAN Here, I will finally find my peace. The old man stares ahead and for a quick second looks down at the body of the man. ROLL CREDITS


THROUGH THESE EYES By Jesse McCracken MAN It wasn’t until I had lived the life of a healthy man that I discovered I was not like everyone el...