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2018 Industrial Design Portfolio

HELLO, I AM JESSE. I’m a junior studying Industrial Design at Purdue University. I have a strong passion for empathetic research and human-centered design. I believe that design is truly about problem solving and creating an impact on people’s lives and as I continue to grow, I hope to gain new perspectives through my future experiences and challenges. Outside of the studio, I like to spend time with friends and family, drinking coffee, and going on spontaneous adventures.

JESSE PALMA Industrial Designer (219) 455-1261



Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN | August 2015 - May 2019 BFA Industrial Design | GPA: 3.13

Design for America Purdue | Studio Lead and Co-Founder August 2015 - Present Mentored, structured, and led interdisciplinary student teams to collaborate and communicate through the design process to develop innovative solutions to local and social challenges in the Greater Lafayette community

Experience Krannert School of Management, West Lafayette, IN | Graphic Designer September 2017 - Present - -

Design for America National, Segal Design Institute at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL | Design Intern June 2017 - August 2017 - - -

Purdue Polytechnic Innovation Summit | Keynote Speaker April 11-12, 2017

Created digital signage and graphics for current events in which they were displayed campus-wide Managed content players and designed layouts to effectively communicate information to the student body

Developed branding and visual language for leadership studio, an annual 5-day leadership conference and design sprint Practiced human-centered design at the organizational level Facilitated design thinking workshops to third through fifth graders

Awards Third Place, $1000 Scholarship | MedPole Medical Equipment Stand 2017 International Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition Third Place | Incline Kid-Friendly Faucet Fall 2017 Delta Faucet Sponsored Class Project

Discussed the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in design innovation

DFA Sponsored Project, Family Food Security | Team Lead January 2017 - May 2017

Partnered with SPAM, Hormel Foods, Food Finders Food Bank and DFA National Led an interdisciplinary team of Purdue students to increase access of fresh produce to food-insecure children and families in the Greater Lafayette community

James Dyson Foundation | Campus Design Leader August 2016 - May 2017 Promoting creativity, innovation, and problem solving at Purdue by conducting a social impact workshop and community outreach

Skills Sketching, Rendering, Research, Concept Development, Prototyping, Photography, Graphic Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Solidworks, Keyshot, Atlas.ti

TABLE OF CONTENTS 01 Mini Gaming Mixed Reality // Visual Brand Language 02 Incase Water Bottle // Design Innovation 03 To Be Honest // Social Impact and Service Design 04 Amplify Watchband // Design Research and Merchandising

01 // Mini Gaming Mixed Reality Visual Brand Language Individual Project and Team Project 8 Weeks Brief

To translate the brand language of a well-known company or business to a product that they would not normally produce


To redesign a gaming system set with Mini Cooper’s iconic brand language

Design Process



Iconic Design. Tailored to Fit. This recognizable vehicale began as a solution to an oil crisis and then became a sensation around the world because of its iconic design. Mini became a brand that captured the relentless spirit and optimism of our current culture. The Cool Uncle. Cool Uncle is how the design team at BMW Designworks describes the MINI. Its rounded and playful forms give it that fun feel while the sophisticated placement of color gives it a very English gentleman kind of feel. “It’s a gentleman, a conossiour.”



Primary Identifiers Visual Interaction Profile and Primary Color and Accents Red, Black, and Gray with Chrome Accents


Profile Contrasting Roof and Mirrors Racing Stripes Customizable Grill Honeycomb Texture Iconic Silhouette • Rounded Volume • Repetition of Rounded Elements • Space Saving Elements

Secondary Identifiers

Physical Interaction Parting Lines, Materials, and Textu

Iconic Ce Display

LED Ligh

3 Dimens Dash Pan Premium

Leather M and Textu





Competitor Map

Because of Mini Cooper’s sophisticated brand, Mini Cooper should land towards a high-end game console system Game Console Systems

Compact Cars

Visual Quality

Visual Quality

Material ure

Evaluation of the Current Market for Augmented and Virtual Reality Headsets Oculus Rift // VR Price - $400 • Lightweight • Velcro Straps • Most Popular Playstation // VR Price - $350


sional nels, m Finishes


User Experience

User Experience

• Visually Heavy • Headband and Lens Adjustability • Tracking and Pairing LEDs • Only VR option for Gaming Consoles Microsoft Hololens // AR Price - $3000 • Holographic Computer • Transparent Lenses • Minimal and Compact



The style of the final product should have a sophisticated feel and look with aspects of playfulness and intuitiveness.


Concept and Style Development

I took key design elements of Mini Cooper and applied them to my Mixed Reality Headset Design

Premium Finishes Separation of Materials Rounded Volume

Rounded Profile and Edges


Comfortable and Lightweight

Key Design Elements

Compact Texture Honeycomb Pattern


LEDs Chrome Accents

Mini Gaming Form



Final Design

This Mixed Reality set uses Mini Cooper’s Visual Brand Language to create a sophisticated feel and look.

Mini Gaming Details

Chrome Contrasting Roof and Mirrors (Lens and Headband) LEDs

Mesh Headband for Grip LEDs Light Up when paired with the Console Contrasting Lens and Headband

Chrome Accents

Mini Gaming Materials

Glass Pairing Button (Mini Cooper Logo) Honey Comb Texture Separation of Materials

Honey Comb Textured Lens Carbon Black Leatherette Red ABS (lightweight) Glass Pairing Button Black Leather

Red Metallic Paint

Mini Gaming Form

Rounded Volume Compactness

02 // Incase Water Bottle Design Innovation Individual Project 8 Weeks Brief

To design an innovative product that can benefit a large demographic


To design a water bottle with pill storage for young adults ranging from the age of 18 to 32 years old who live a high-paced and on-the-go lifestyle

Living a Healthy Lifestyle. The Challenge

Taking a daily pill or vitamin can be a hassle to remember. For a lot of individuals, pills are important for someone’s overall health and lifestyle. Incase combines the 2 most common products to create a more efficient and effective pill-taking experience.


For Whom? Generation Y.

Young Adults Age 18 - 32 Work Life Balance

between “ Balance leisure and work

High-Paced Environment

surroundings and “ Livelyalways on-the-go

Adventure Seeking

looking for new “ Alwaysexperiences


surrounded “ Constantly by people

Persona Meet Alice. Alice Huntington

Age: 28 Occupation: Software Developer Status: Single Location: NYC, New York


Alice is a Software Developer and lives in NYC. She has a very busy lifestyle and is always on the move. She tends to plan out her day so she can make the most out of her free time. Whenever she is not at work, she likes to spend time with her friends and family, take bike rides through the city, and try new restaurants. She is also very conscious of what she puts into her body and takes a daily vitamin everyday.

“I feel like there is an easier way to manage my daily vitamin, I keep forgetting to take it.”


• To become more consistent when it comes to taking her daily vitamin • To understand the different kinds of necessary vitamins needed for a healthier lifestyle


• Difficulty remembering when she needs to take her daily vitamin • Not having access to water to help ease the experience of taking a pill

Combining the Benefits of Two Products. I wanted to pair these 2 products together because water is necessary to help swallow pills. It is recommended by doctors to drink 8 fluid ounces of water for each pill you take to push the medicine down all the way to the stomach for it to take into effect.








Pill Organizer


• • •

easy to distribute labels for each day pills are safely contained

too large and bulky to carry around difficult to remember when to take a pill

Water Bottle • • •

combination of the benefits new design language mobile efficiency

• • •

reusable bottle easy to clean and carry holds a large amount of water

cannot hold a constant cool temperature bottles can easily sweat with cold water in it

Design Objectives



INCASE is a pill management water bottle to help store your pills and remind you when to take them when needed. The main focus was to design a case and system for people who are always on the go and tend to forget to take their necessary, daily pills to live a healthier lifestyle.

How does it work? SETUP 1. Fill your bottle with water. 2. Add your pills into the pill case, up to 7 days. 3. Screw on the cap and you’re ready to go!

USAGE 1. Twist bottom ring until it clicks.

2. Take the pills when revealed after twisting.

3. Push the button to open lid and drink.



Exploded View

Each layer is necessary to secure the pills inside of the bottle and leaving an opening to drink the water.

Open Button Cap Hinge Opening for Drinking Opening for Pills Pill Compartment LEDs paired with phone app Plastic Bottle



3 Color Options

Comes in lime green, matte charcoal, and light grey.

To Be HONEST 03 // To Be Honest Social Impact and Service Design 2nd Place 2017 Purdue Innovation Summit Team Project August 2016 - Present (Continuous) Brief

To collaborate in an interdisciplinary team of Purdue students to tackle a social impact challenge relating to education


Partnered with Oakland High School in Lafayette, IN to design and implement an online platform to connect those impacted by bullying to the resources that best fit their needs

What is TBH? To Be Honest is an online platform connecting students, parents, and guardians with administration from their respective school. We aim to connect those impacted by bullying to the resources that best fit them. TBH’s goal is to put a positive emphasis on relationships between school administration and students. By giving the option to anonymously share information, TBH eases the social divide and making the connection between administration and students easy, direct, and effective.


Why TBH?


We simply wanted to answer our objective question: “How can we provide students with the confidence to address the issue of bullying with school administrators?” We talked to about 80 students at Oakland High School to gain insights and understand the bullying situation at their school.

84% 84% percent of students feel that there is a social divide between the student body and administration.



Of those surveyed, Only 25 percent of 80% percent said they students feel fully have been bullied in confident to be the past. themselves in front of their peers.



Functional Prototype:

How to Use To Be Honest STEP 1

Start by going to on any computer or tablet.


Next, simply add any information you’d like to report, your name and email are optional, but encouraged. Then, select your school and priority of the message. Next, simply attach any reports, comments or suggestions in the text-box.


After you hit send, your included information is sent to your school administrators to resolve.

Project Next Steps // February 2018 Full Implementation at Oakland High School and surrounding local High Schools

04 // Amplify Watchband Design Research and Merchandising Individual Project 8 Weeks Brief

To design wearable technology for a daring and applicable challenge from insights gained from empathetic and ethnographic research


To design a watchband for the blind and visually impaired to create a more comfortable navigation and wayfinding experience in urban areas

Designing for Accessibility Blind and Visually Impaired

Rising Trend

Why is Designing for Accessibility Important? Physical Movement and Wayfinding is one of the biggest challenges for people with complete blindness or low vision, especially outside well-known environments. - World Access for the Blind

Requires Assistance to navigate from Point A to Point B on a daily basis to carry out everyday tasks.

10 Million

It is estimated that as many as 10 Million Americans are blind and visually impaired.

5.5 Million

There are 5.5 Million seniors in the United States who are either blind or visually impaired.

1.3 Million

There are 1.3 Million people in the United States who are legally blind.


Each year 75,000 people in the United States will become blind or visually impaired. - National Federation of the Blind

Current Solutions Market Evaluation. There are numerous solutions to help ease the experience of wayfinding. Comparing the most popular non-wearable devices, wayfinding applications, and wearable technology: Each product or phone application can only be as effective if it were paired with non-wearable devices.

Most Effective

Least Effective Most Common and Most Affordable Combination of Assistance The White Cane, when paired with the Sunu Band and Blindsquare phone application, allows the user to travel confidently.

Non-Wearables Guide Dogs

White Cane

Wearable Technology

AIRA, Google Glass

iMerciv Buzzclip

Sunu Band

Phone Applications

The Seeing Eye


Google Maps


User Journey User Interviews. I talked to 3 blind and visually impaired people who live in Chicago and commute to work on a daily basis in downtown. My main focus was to understand their day to day life and gain valuable insights to further consider in concept development. Morning



Lunch: Going to an unfamiliar area nearby for food Walks to Train: Crowded streets, how to get on, noisy train system

Rides Train: Finding an open seat, navigating the train system, how to get on

Pain Points Arrives at Train Station: Finding the right entrance Rides Train: Finding an open seat, navigating the train system, how to get on Coffee Shop: Finding the right door to enter through, navigating the inside Walks to Work: Crowded streets, not knowing your surroundings Experience Positive Morning Routine




Arrives at Train St. Rides Train

Walks to Work


Walks to Train

Rides Train

Coffee Shop Negative

Experiences. If a blind or visually impaired person is in an unfamiliar area, the more likely they will have a negative experience.

Key Insights User Interviews. The blind and visually impaired depend on their hearing, touch and smell to navigate from one destination to the other. Hearing and Touch Hearing


Distribution of Senses Touch and Smell

Hearing and Smell

Mental Mapping and Preparation is necessary when traveling to an unfamiliar area or destination, even when the area is well-known.

Guide Dogs and White Canes are essential to keeping a physical touch with the real world in which they cannot be replaced by technology.

Trial and Error is a tedious process to determine uncertain entrances, train systems, etc.


Challenge Areas Focus: Wayfinding in Urban Areas

Public Transporation Train System

Pinpointing Doors Entrances and Exits

Building Navigation Floor Plans and Layouts

Environment Unanticipated Changes

Ideation and Concept Development Product Requirements Object Sensor Tracker UI/UX Detachable Clip

Needs to complement and used in addition to the guide dog or white cane due to its effectiveness in wayfinding. Should be intuitive in usage due to their primary use of their other senses. Must be lightweight and easy to carry in order to give users the ease of wearing it on a daily basis.

Concept Exploration I looked into different wearable devices from a bluetooth headset to an attachment that can be placed on a white cane.

ng. itely red with


Wristband Mockup Testing

Concept Refinement and Development

Problem Focus

I tested low-fidelity mockups to attain feedback on which wearable would be the most comfortable. I decided to move forward with the watchband and the clip-on because of the familiarity of the product from talking to users. Environment Unanticipated Changes

Connected with Google Maps - Tracks common routes for transportation - Uses google maps to pinpoint construction and unanticipated changes

Obstacle Necklace Clip-On Focus

and suggests alternate routes - Pairs with an app and user interface Problem


Public Transportation

Problem Focus Feedback Environment “I think this is a very good solution, Unanticipated Changes especially when you’re tight on time. This could work well for everyone since we do a lot of pre-planning.” - Colleen Wunderlich Earpiece


hy Austin

tions and

h an app

Vibration, Frequency Sounds, and iBeacon Technology - Vibrates when train is on the way Sonic Technology - Lights up to indicate train color (red line) - Pairs with iphone application - Speaks info about where the obstacle is Feedback Feedback “I think this is a very simple design that can station and it may be quitetrain useful, I love how smallnot it isbesothe it most can be noticeable.” hidden in my clothing. Maybe - Kathy adding a headphone jack would be useful to Austin listen to the descriptions about where the object is located.” - Maureen Reid

dy use

s Reid reen


be very tell what would be



Ring Ring


AMPLIFY takes advantage of it’s silicone band because of it’s light weight, non-absorbent, rubber-like material to create a comfortable feeling when worn for daily use.

Black Silicone Band with Holes

AMPLIFY amplify your senses. AMPLIFY is a smart watchband for the

blind and visually impaired. Paired with an iphone application, Amplify is best used in addition to a guide dog or white cane. With AMPLIFY, comes efficiency and an enhancement of your senses.

Power Button Watch Screen Detachable Clip Microphone and Speaker Yellow Silicone Band with Extruded Pattern

AMPLIFY‘s branding utilizes the high contrast combination of black and yellow to allow users with low vision to distinguish parts of the wristband and phone application interface.


Sonar Sensor and Tracker

Textured Metal Clip

Phone Application AMPLIFY’s app is the core to the technology of the wearable watchband. Powered by

Customizable and tailored to you.

Adjusted Route Train ends at Belmont due to Maintenance

Cedar Avenue

Cedar Avenue

Building Information

Belmont Avenue

Daily Routes

Chicago Avenue


Addison Street


My Places My Journey Building Information


Public Transportation





Lake Street


Manage Places

My Places

Red Line



Lake Street

Sheridan Road

Purple Line

Brown Line


Tapper Avenue

Tapper Avenue

Lake Shore Drive

3rd Street

3rd Street

Public Transportation

My Journey


Map View

Search Near Me

Sonar Senso



Addison Red Line

US 41 N

US 41 N


Current Location 41 US

t ee



Walk north on Maple Street for 52 yards.

walk south for 3 yards.



Search Grocery Store Whole Foods 1265 Belmont Ave. Chicago, IL 60621

Restaurant Chipotle Mexican Grill 938 Cedar Ave. Chicago, IL 60621

927 Cedar Ave.


Request Assistance

ue Av en



LUSH Water Tower Place 8379 Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60626


Object Sensor

Ultrasonic Sensor Waves

Portillo’s 2910 State St. Chicago, IL 60626 Assistance Available


Short Range 4 to 5 Feet

Whole Foods


Walk north on Northwestern


Hancock Building 1265 Belmont Ave. Chicago, IL 60626


Long Range



Cedar Avenue.

Final Destination You have arrived at Starbucks

16 Feet

Speedway Gas Station 620 Belmont Ave. Chicago, IL 60626 Assistance Available



Door Located

Av en

tre et


m en t

Str e


to Loyola.






Starting Location

Powered by


hw est


d Ce

Hancock Building 2859 Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60626


ica Ch


n r ste we

Daily Route


n ve rA

Door Sensor

Cheesecake Factory


S 55




No rt

ple Ma

et re St

+ -



en Av


et tre

et tre lS Hil

amplify your senses.


Noyes Avenue

ke Street

ke Street


Adjusted Route Train ends at Belmont due to Maintenance

Hill Street

My Journey


Maple Street

Hill Street

My Places


Elm Street


Dashboard STATUS

US 55 S

Daily Routes Maple Street

3 Northwestern Avenue

Chicago Avenue



Pine Street

Ridge Road

US 55 S

Calument Avenue


+ -

Red Line



Noyes Avenue

amplify your senses.

Elm Street

Work Destination 1739 Ninth Street

Ventra Ticket Machines

App Features Object Sonar Sensor Daily Route Tracker Train System Assistance iBeacon Radio Frequency ID Tags Turn-by-Turn Directions Points of Interests Optional Watch Interface

Northwestern Avenue



Belmont Avenue


Pine Street

Ridge Road

+ -

Calument Avenue

Work Destination 1739 Ninth Street


Manage Routes

Daily Routes


Merchandising and Packaging

AMPLIFY’s tactile cues (braille, chamfer, base texture) is important to it’s packaging in order to create a intuitive experience when opening the package.

The merchandising display allows the user to experience the product at its full capacity with a working model and phone on display. In addition, the product introduction and tutorials can be listened through the headset provided.

AMPLIFY amplify your senses.

THANK YOU jpalma_design (219) 455-1261

Jesse Palma, 2018

2018 Portfolio - Industrial Design v1  
2018 Portfolio - Industrial Design v1