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Dear Friends, Summer may be winding down, but preparations are well underway to make this the most exciting fall at PBS39, EVER! September marks the one year anniversary of our move to the PBS39 Public Media and Education Center (PMEC) on the SteelStacks Campus. Thanks to the support of viewers like you, our new PMEC allows us to serve the community in many meaningful ways---from engaging conversation following a live Tempo InDepth taping to hosting local students for an electronic field trip session about the War of 1812 to inspiring the next generation of filmmakers with PBS39 Production U.

We will celebrate our anniversary by hosting an Open House September 8th from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. The day will be filled with kid-friendly activities, live music, and tours of the PBS39 studios. Please make plans to bring the family and join us!

will challenge you to think, feel, and learn something new every day. We are still the PBS39 you watch and love---only better. We hope you enjoy this new schedule and truly value your feedback. Please feel free to email us at or call Member Services at 610-984-8100.

I also want to share the fabulous lineup coming to PBS39 this fall. We revamped our schedule to include more of the programming you love— Kind regards, series like Doc Martin and Sherlock. We will continue to showcase PBS favorites like Antiques Roadshow and Timothy S. Fallon Masterpiece Theater, but we are de- CEO, PBS39 lighted to offer new and exciting programs you just won’t find anywhere else on your dial. Our programming

SEPTEMBER 2012 Weeknights on PBS39

6:00pm BBC World Ne

PBS39 High Definition (HD) is available on Service Electric 512 and RCN 1008. For complete TV list

SEPT. 1 SATURDAY 7:00 Lawrence Welk: Premiere Show 8:00 Keeping Up Appearances 9:00 As Time Goes By 10:00 Are You Being Served 11:00 Waiting for God 12:00 Johnny Cash Music Festival 2 SUNDAY 8:00 Manifest Destiny: To Conquer or Redeem Focusing on the Spanish-American War of 1898 when the United States set out to free colonial Cuba from the cruelty of imperial Spain. 9:00 Manifest Destiny: Making The World Safe for Democracy Considers the consequences of Woodrow Wilson’s call for a world shaped by American style democracy. 10:00 Manifest Destiny: Monsters to Destroy As the sole superpower, the U. S. under George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush finds itself in a series of small but unpredictable and deadly military actions. 11:00 EastEnders 3 MONDAY 8:00 Life of Mammals: Life in Trees The tree dwellers - mammals which have adapted to a life at height. 9:00 Globe Trekker: Papua New Guinea 10:00 Richard Bang’s Adventures With A Purpose: Hong Kong Quest for the Dragon Bang’s ventures into the heart of Hong Kong to discover what forces drive a city in which the spiritual concept of chi and the worldly concept of wealth coexist. 4 TUESDAY 8:00 Tempo InDepth 9:00 Collision Course: Teen Addiction Epidemic Experts explain why young people are so susceptible to addiction. They present practical advice on identifying symptoms and offer resources for getting help. 9:30 Erasing ED Three brave and determined people tell their stories of how they managed to erase ED (Eating Disorders) from their lives.



Dissed-Respect: Impact of Bullying Reveals the relationship between bullying and dysfunctional aspects of diversity. Going on 13 An unflinching look into the face of modern-day puberty through the eyes of four urban girls of color living in California's Bay Area.

5 WEDNESDAY 8:00 Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Foot Sherlock Holmes is on holiday, against his will, but on the advice of his physi-


PROHIBITION: A Nation of Scofflaws In 1920, Prohibition goes into effect

and millions of law-abiding Americans become lawbreakers overnight. (part 2 of 3) 8/31 - part 1 Special PBS39 Programming September 8th - 16th EastEnders airs Sundays at 11:00pm



cian. He and Watson have traveled to the countryside in Cornwall. Suddenly, one morning, his healthy routine is violently interrupted by an extraordinary affair that has occurred during the night. Masterpiece MYSTERY!: Wallander, Series 1: Sidetracked. An unknown young woman sets herself on fire in a field, leading to a search for her identity. Masterpiece MYSTERY! Wallander, Series 1: Firewall Three disparate strands are woven into a fiendish plot: Two teenage girls commit murder, a man drops dead and the local power grid is on the blink.

6 THURSDAY 8:00 Doc Martin: On The Edge Having failed to restart his relationship with Louisa Glasson, Martin is forced out of the picture. (part 1) 9:00 Doc Martin: On The Edge Martin is taken hostage by a paranoid villager who is planning a robbery with secret explosives. (part 2) 10:00 EastEnders 7 FRIDAY 8:00 Antiques Roadshow: Philadelphia, PA A pair of Kensett paintings; a dazzling yellow diamond ring; a trio of autographed baseballs. 9:00 British Antiques Roadshow: Royal Halloway A collection of miniature paintings of West Indian planters and a pair of Delft plates. 9:30 British Antiques Roadshow: Ottawa

17 MONDAY 8:00 Life of Mammals: Social Climbers A look at monkeys from all over the world. 9:00 Globe Trekker: Food Hour - Brazil 10:00 Richard Bang’s Adventures With A Purpose: Costa Rica: Quest for Pura Vida Explore the ecological nexus of North and South America — Costa Rica. 18 TUESDAY 8:00 Tempo InDepth 9:00 NOVA: Mt. St. Helens Back From The Dead Stunning cinematography and timelapse photography trace the dramatic story of how life returned after one of the most violent natural disasters of our time. 10:00 Krakatoa Using dramatic recreations to bring the May 20, 1883 eruption back to life. 19 WEDNESDAY 8:00 Sherlock Holmes: Silver Blaze The most remarkable racehorse in England is missing and his trainer has been murdered. The local constabulary has made an arrest but the whereabouts of Silver Blaze remain a mystery. 9:00 Masterpiece MYSTERY!: Wallander, Series III: An Event in Autumn Follow two increasingly entangled investigations — the death of a pregnant woman and a decade-old murder. 10:00 Masterpiece MYSTERY! Wallander, Series 1: One Step Behind Three young people celebrating Midsummer's Eve in a secluded meadow are ritually gunned down — and the murders have only just begun.

ews America

6:30pm Nightly Business Report

12:00am Charlie Rose

stings, visit our website and select “TV Schedules.” Programming is subject to change.

20 THURSDAY 8:00 Doc Martin: The Apple Doesn’t Fall Louisa may be anaemic, hyperactive girl is discovered to be taking her Mum's diet pills, and PC Joe Penhale arrives in Portwenn, arousing attention from the doc. 9:00 Doc Martin: Movement The doctor's office is inundated with patients with symptoms of food poisoning, all claiming to have eaten at Bert Large’s restaurant. 10:00 EastEnders 21 FRIDAY 8:00 Antiques Roadshow: Tucson, AZ A vibrant 19th-century Navajo chief’s blanket; a silver brooch made in the 1940s; and a 1776 French harp. 9:00 British Antiques Roadshow: Whitchurch This week's program is from Whitchurch in Shropshire. Finds include a pair of wooden peat buckets, silver claret jugs, a collection of snuffboxes & candlesticks. 9:30 British Antiques Roadshow: Knightshaye Court 10:00 Prohibition: A Nation of Hypocrites By the late 1920s, many Americans believe that Prohibition — the “Noble Experiment” — has failed. After the election of FDR in 1932, Prohibition is repealed. (Conclusion) Special PBS39 Programming September 22nd & September 23rd EastEnders airs Sunday at 11:00pm 24 MONDAY 8:00 Life of Mammals: Food for Thought A look into the similarities and differences between humans and mammals. 9:00 Globe Trekker: Panama and Columbia Two countries that are refreshingly untouched by mass tourism. 10:00 Mexico: The Royal Tour A personal tour led by President Felipe Calderón journies deep inside Mexico. 25 TUESDAY 8:00 Tempo InDepth 9:00 NOVA: What Are Dreams? Find out what dreams are and why we have them. Scientists delve deep into the thoughts and brains of a variety of dreamers. 10:00 The Jewish People: A Story Of Survival This history of the Jewish people explores how a small group of desert nomads overcame countless obstacles to survive to the present day.

26 WEDNESDAY 8:00 Sherlock Holmes: Wisteria Lodge Mr. Scott Eccles has been invited for dinner at Wisteria Lodge, but a shock is in store when, the following morning, he can find no trace of his host, the footman or cook. 9:00 Masterpiece MYSTERY! Wallander, Series III: The Dogs of Riga Accompany Wallander to Riga, where he investigates the disappearance of a police major who was involved in a torture case. 10:30 Masterpiece MYSTERY! Wallander, Series II: Faceless Killers An elderly couple is brutally assaulted in their rural farmhouse. As Swedish inspector (Kenneth Branagh) arrives at the horrific scene, he holds the old woman as she dies, shouting to her one final, urgent question — "Who did this?" 27 THURSDAY 8:00 Doc Martin: City Slickers A family of city slickers seeking a new life by the sea look set to disrupt the tranquillity of Portwenn. 9:00 Doc Martin: The Admirer Portwenn is becoming a hotbed of passion. Louisa is furious to discover she has a rival for Dr. Martin Ellingham's affections. Can Louisa claim Martin as her man? 10:00 EastEnders 28 FRIDAY 8:00 Antiques Roadshow: Tucson, AZ A rare collection of 1956 Olympics memorabilia; a striking collection of World War II American propaganda posters; and a trio of paintings by 20th-century “outsider” artist Gaston Chaissac. 9:00 British Antiques Roadshow: Knightshaye Court Special A copy of a play with Royalty on the cast list; a suite of jewelry which was probably worn at the court of Napolean and a 17th century jewelery box. 9:30 British Antiques Roadshow: Witney 10:00 The National Parks: America’s Best Idea: The Scripture of Nature 1851-1890 In 1851, word spreads across the country of a beautiful area of California's Yosemite Valley, In 1864, Congress passes an act that protects Yosemite from commercial development. In 1872, Congress passes an act creating America's first national park: Yellowstone.

29 SATURDAY 7:00 Lawrence Welk: Salute to the U.S.A. 8:00 Keeping Up Appearances 9:00 As Time Goes By 10:00 Are You Being Served 11:00 Waiting for God 12:00 Austin City Limits: Arcade Fire 30 SUNDAY 8:00 NATURE: My Life as a Turkey Experience the true story of writer and naturalist Joe Hutto as he raises a family of turkey chicks. 9:00 American Experience: Death and the Civil War Contending with death on an unprecedented scale posed challenges for which there were no ready answers


when the war began. Americans worked to improvise new solutions, new institutions, and new ways of coping with death on an unimaginable scale. EastEnders


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September 2012 TV Guide

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