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NEW & ENCORE PROGRAMS Dear Friends, I hope you’ve enjoyed the summer lineup on PBS39. The excitement continues this month as we feature a diverse array of new and encore programming. Solve intriguing mysteries on SHERLOCK HOLMES, examine “moments of impact” on NATURE, journey the planet with GLOBE TREKKER, and discover fascinating documentaries like Ken Burns’ PROHIBITION. It’s all coming this month — keep this guide close to your television so you don’t miss a minute of captivating programming! From August 3 – 11, we’ll bring you additional thought-provoking programs and concerts (with great ticket offers for some of your favorite artists.) Check out for the latest scheduling and ticket information. Mark your calendars! The PBS39 Family Fun Day is slated for Saturday, September 7th from 10am - 1pm and features station tours, storytelling, an Elmo scavenger hunt, moon bounces, and a LIVE concert by Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Band at noon. All of this is FREE, so bring the whole family! Enjoy these last few weeks of summer, and stay tuned as we launch more new programming next month. Kindest regards, Timothy S. Fallon


Weeknight News 6:00pm BBC World News America 6:30pm Nightly Business Report 12:00am Charlie Rose PBS39 High Definition (HD) is available on Service Electric 512 and RCN 1008. For complete TV listings, visit our website and select “TV Schedules.” *Programming Subject to Change. 13 TUESDAY 7:00 NOVA: Dogs Decoded New genetic discoveries shed light on the origin of dogs as well as the evolution of human culture. 8:00 Globe Trekker: Mid-Atlantic States Atlantic City, New Jersey, the Chesapeake Bay, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and more are visited. 1 THURSDAY 9:00 Himalaya with Michael Palin: North by 7:00 Antiques Roadshow: Vintage Hartford Northwest A 1915 Coca-Cola® jigsaw puzzle and a wonderful Tiffany aquamarine glass vase 10:00 Prohibition: Nation of Drunkards Discover the true story of America’s are revisited. “Great Experiment.” Go beyond the oft9:00 Death In Paradise — The owner of a sugar told tales of gangsters, rum-runners, plantation, Roger Seymour, is discovered flappers and speakeasies to experience in broad daylight in his mill with a machete the rise, rule and fall of the 18th Amendin his back. ment to the U.S. Constitution. 10:00 Eastenders (2 episodes) (part 1 of 3) 11:00 Sherlock Holmes: The Master Blackmailer — Holmes and Watson attempt to break the grip of a ruthless blackmailer of 14 WEDNESDAY 7:00 Death in Paradise — What seems like a their clients. (Part 1 of 2) tragic accident when a young novice nun is discovered dead in her locked 2 FRIDAY smoke-filled bedroom appears to be 7:00 Nature - An Original Duckumentary murder to DI Poole, who believes the 8:00 Antiques Roadshow (see 8/1, 7pm) room was locked from the inside. 9:00 British Antiques Roadshow: Harrogate 8:00 Sherlock Holmes: The Master Black9:30 British Antiques Roadshow: Royal Yacht mailer — Holmes and Watson attempt to Brittania Special break the grip of a ruthless blackmailer 10:00 American Masters: Troubadours: Carol of their clients. (part 2 of 2) King/James Taylor and the Rise of the 9:00 Masterpiece Classic: The 39 Steps Singer-Songwriter: A musical journey 10:30 The Queens Palaces: Holyrood House tracing the lives and careers of James 11:30 British Antiques Roadshow: ShugborTaylor and Carole King, pillars of the Caliough (Repeats 8/16, 9:30pm) fornia singer/songwriter scene. 11:30 Anthem — Tells the story behind Francis Scott Key's "The Star-Spangled Banner," 15 THURSDAY 7:00 Antiques Roadshow: Chattanooga, TN the song famously penned after the reMovie memorabilia from the 1920s to the lentless bombardment by the British of 1980s and a Confederate soldier's sword Fort McHenry during The War of 1812. are appraised. (Repeats 8/16, 8pm) 8:00 Doc Martin: Happily Ever After Watch for additional programs and encore 9:00 Death In Paradise — Poole and his team performances of your favorite shows have a complex case when Valerie August 3rd through August 11th. Dupree is discovered floating in the Ticket offers available for various artists. pool of a luxury cosmetics clinic. *Programming subject to change. 10:00 Eastenders (2 episodes) 12 MONDAY 11:00 Sherlock Holmes (see 8/14, 8pm) 7:00 Call the Midwife — Sister Monica Joan is found wandering near the docks and 16 FRIDAY soon after is accused of theft. 7:00 Nature: Moment of Impact: Herds — (Conclusion Season I - Repeats 8/16, 11:30pm) From Africa's Serengeti to California's 8:00 Lark Rise To Candleford grasslands, some of nature's most dramatic moments are caught, examined Relationships are tested when relatives and fractured into their unique parts. and friends arrive and all are not what 8:00 Antiques Roadshow: Chattanooga, TN they appear to be. (see 8/15, 7pm) 9:00 Inspector Morse: Deadly Slumber — Avril 9:00 British Antiques Roadshow: Chichester Steppings is permanently brain damaged Cathedral following a minor operation that went 9:30 British Antiques Roadshow: Shugtragically wrong. (part 2 of 2) borough (Part 1) 10:00 Scott & Bailey - Rachel investigates 10:00 Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey when a drug addict who was thought to When the Titanic sinks, Lord Grantham be dead is brought in for questioning. loses his immediate heirs throwing Downton Abbey into turmoil. 11:30 British Antiques Roadshow: Chichester Cathedral (Repeats 8/16, 9pm)


17 SATURDAY 7:00 Lawrence Welk: Can’t Help Singing 8:00 Keeping Up Appearances (2 episodes) 9:00 As Time Goes By (2 episodes) 10:00 Are You Being Served? (2 episodes) 11:00 Waiting For God (2 episodes) 12:00 Austin City Limits: Alejandro Escovedo/Trombone Shorty 18 SUNDAY 8:00 The Appalachians — The program fills the void in information about the region, offering a rich portrait of its history and its legacy in music, literature, and film. (Parts 1 - 3) 11:00 Eastenders (2 episodes) 19 MONDAY 7:00 Call The Midwife — Nurse Jenny Lee has a new patient, Molly Brignall, and is worried because her due date is imminent. (Season 2 - part 1) 8:00 Lark Rise To Candleford — A budding young love might be thwarted by an animosity between Lark Rise and Fordlow that has been simmering for three generations. 9:00 Inspector Morse: Day of the Devil: A serial rapist and Satanist escapes from a mental hospital and demands that his therapist be turned over to him. A master of disguise, he sets up an elaborate and deadly battle of wits with Morse. (Part 1 of 2) 10:00 Scott & Bailey — Janet moves closer to finding Veronica's killer and Rachel learns Nick had an affair with a juror. 20 TUESDAY 7:00 NOVA: Building Pharoah’s Chariot Archaeologists, engineers and wood workers test highly accurate replicas of Egyptian royal chariots. 8:00 Globe Trekker: Food Hour: Spice Trails 9:00 Himalaya with Michael Palin: A Passage to India 10:00 Prohibition: Nation of Drunkards (part 2 of 3)

21 WEDNESDAY 8:00 Sherlock Holmes: The Last Vampyre — Holmes investigates strange and tragic happenings in a village that appear linked to a man who seems to be like a vampire. (Part 1 of 2) 9:00 The Lady Vanishes: Masterpiece Mys tery! — A young socialite (Tuppence

25 SUNDAY Middleton) suspects foul play when a 8:00 A Ripple of Hope — Filmmakers Larry woman inexplicably disappears from Shore and Tami Gold tell the littlea train. known story of Senator Robert 10:00 Masterpiece Contemporary: Framed — Kennedy’s influential June 1966 visit to A gentle comedy about the curious enSouth Africa during the worst years of counters between eccentric Welsh vilApartheid. lagers and an urbane, lovelorn art 9:00 The Reconstruction of Asa Carter curator. Explore the life and legacy of the bestselling author of The Outlaw Josey 22 THURSDAY Wales and The Education of Little Tree. 7:00 Antiques Roadshow: Chattanooga, TN An "8-ball" presented to Harry Truman 10:00 The Clinton 12 — The compelling story of the integration of the first public high in 1948 and a pristine 1930 Lionel train school in the South two years after the set are showcased. historic 1954 U.S. Supreme Court deci8:00 Doc Martin: Better The Devil — Louisa sion, Brown vs. the Board of Education. returns to Portwenn with big news. 9:00 Death In Paradise — A seemingly harm26 MONDAY less group of treasure hunters are shocked when geologist Dr. Ian Parks is 7:00 Call the Midwife —The community is rocked when the Kelly family's newborn brutally killed in the tent of the expedison dies in unexplained circumstances. tion's leader. 8:00 Lark Rise to Candleford — As the Har10:00 Eastenders (2 episodes) vest Show comes around, Constable 11:00 Sherlock Holmes (see 8/21, 8pm) Patterson is used to his wife taking to her bed with a mysterious illness. 23 FRIDAY 9:00 Inspector Morse: Day of the Devil 7:00 NATURE: Moment of Impact: Jungle John Barie, a serial rapist and Satanist, The science and engineering of some sets up an elaborate and deadly battle of wits with Morse. (Part 2 of 2) 10:00 Scott & Bailey — When two corpses are found, the detectives discover that the victims were tortured and murdered.


amazing animals hidden deep in the jungle is revealed. Antiques Roadshow: Chattanooga, TN (see 8/22, 7pm)


27 TUESDAY 7:00 NOVA: Ghosts of Machu Picchu — Archeologists probe the ruins of this "Lost City of the Incas" and unearth sacred burial grounds. 8:00 Globe Trekker: Scotland 9:00 Himalaya with Michael Palin: Annapurna to Everest 10:00 Prohibition: Nation of Hypocrites

British Antiques Roadshow: Shugborough (Part 2 of 2) (Part 3 of 3) 10:00 Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey The shocking former life of Carson, the 28 WEDNESDAY butler, is unmasked. 8:00 Sherlock Holmes: The Last Vampyre 24 SATURDAY 9:00 7:00 Lawrence Welk: Rhythm Is Our Business 8:00 See August 17th Lineup 12:00 Austin City Limits: Wilco


Masterpiece Classic: South Riding — A lively teacher arrives in Depression-era Yorkshire to shake up education at a school for girls. (Part 1 of 3)

29 THURSDAY 7:00 Antiques Roadshow: Biloxi, Mississippi An 1899 Buffalo Bill poster; bronze sculpture of dancers from the Russian Ballet are discovered. 8:00 Doc Martin: Uneasy Lies the Head- The Doc struggles to cope with Louisa's surprise news. 9:00 Death in Paradise — Camille is devastated when her best friend collapses while on stage during a night of music and cocktails, and dies in her arms from being poisoned. 10:00 EastEnders (2 Episodes) 11:00 Sherlock Holmes: The Last Vampyre (See 8/28, 8pm)

30 FRIDAY 7:00 Nature: White Lions — Follow two white lion cubs as they struggle to survive the dangers in South Africa's Kruger National Park. 8:00 Antiques Roadshow: Biloxi, Mississippi (See 8/29, 7pm)

9:00 British Antiques Roadshow: Oban 9:30 British Antiques Roadshow: Leeds 10:00 Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey Growing into his role as heir, Matthew brings out the bitter rivalry between sisters Mary and Edith. 31 SATURDAY 7:00 Lawrence Welk: Carnival 8:00 See August 17th Lineup 12:00 Austin City Limits: Mumford and Sons/ Flogging Molly

(Part 2 of 2)

Masterpiece Mystery: Silk — This legal drama focuses on two rival barristers and the passions and intrigues of criminal law.

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