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De Ruijter

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since 1883

De Ruyter Chocolate Sprinkles Perfect chocolate experience for everyone, with the many different available flavors there is a perfect match for everyone. Since the 19th century, the Ruyter makes delicious spreads for everyone. Through the years, many different types and flavors are introduced on the market. One of those types is the chocolate sprinkles. The chocolate sprinkles of de Ruyter are the perfect start of every day. With the cheerful colors and flavor's we want to make a difference for our customers. Because of our experience through the years on the Dutch market we developed a great product were we and our Dutch customers are very proud of. At this time we ship our products over more than 40 countries, and the United Kingdom would be a great compliment. In all the countries we introduced chocolate sprinkles it has been a great success, as well for us as for the companies we

If you decide to add the Ruyter sprinkles to your assortment, We would like to give you a discount up to 30% of the purchase amount at your first order. In addition, you will also get a try-out package with all the other products we have. To raise awareness of the de Ruyter sprinkles in the UK, we offer free advertising tools, for example in shop tasting sessions and radio/TV commercials. These tools will increase the sales by at least 25% according to research. After all this is an offer you can't refuse. If you make an appointment today you will not only get a 30% discount but also free shipping to all of the Tesla stores. Do not miss this opportunity to improve the assortment of Tesla!

C:ontact us Westkanaaldijk 9 3542 DA Utrecht 030 248 4444 Account managers: Jesse Bruinsma Raimo Streefkerk

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Brochure De Ruijter  
Brochure De Ruijter  

Brochure De Ruijter Jesse Bruinsma Raimo Streefkerk