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I. MAP OF THE SUN 1. The life begins under the incredible strain of its past, although, in the midst of itself, an alternative is found. That one may clense away one's susceptibility to the conditions of life, one has merely to acknowledge and remediate this in spirit, and thus asking and doing call forth the mercy and strength which are granted in the renewed life of spirit which awaits all who thus seek. 2. The visualization of the information system in compartments of completed and evolving activity enables the structure of the work to retain its emphasis and totality, while fitting into context the energies of the regions yet requiring specific mental development and planning. The microcosm of the mental body therefore parallels and is attendent upon the macrocosm of global evolution and developmental activity. 3. The composite and inter-relation of all industrial activity, both within and abroad, enables the economic perspectus of demographic adjustment and gain, the advantage of which accrues both to its investors and/ or populace, while yet necessarily, for ethical and environmental responsibility, being transfered unto the province of overt democratic oversight and authority. The global development institutions which derive their legitimacy through national contributions are presumably yet accountable by way of their elective assemblies, if not directly through these institutions themselves, and the recipient areas yet accountable and benefitting from the array of development opportunities which are presented or created of them by and withof the regional and international systems which are accepted or enacted through the absence and/or process of their collective consent or approval. The ecological assessment and flow of natural resources are therefore also factored directly or indirectly amid the planning of institutional and inter-governmental relations and for the value and viability of future investments in the natural capital and capacity of earth. 4. The growth of the world of the spirit, and of the planetary phenomenon, deriving from above, is at once both an isolated and collective occurrence, being of the earth and yet also of a place which is free and independent of earth. The combined transformations of vehicular movements and electromagnetic radiation which are affected by humanity and inter-cosmic transvolution could resemble and affect the residue and impression in the atmosphere or strata of our future corporeal and non-corporeal conditions. 5. The energy shield which is elicited in one's consciousness through the apparatus of pain focuses the priority of one's mission and purpose in life, being at once restorative of the continuation of life and emancipative of that which of life could no longer remain. The fact that one may trust in the future coherence of light, regardless of whichever scenario unfolds, allows the light of love to remain in one's being, with realism concerning the true condition of one's fate, and empathy and compassion towards the ordinary existence which survives in the absence and completion of all hostility and death. 6. The creation of a new vehicle, bound in separation or continuity of one's past, enables there to be an opportunity of instant clarification and restructuring of material, in addition to the acquisition of novel information and ideas, the sumtotal of one's work bearing thereby the recollection and interpretation of the possible and eternal knowledge and synthesis of all reality. 7. Viewing the magnitude and agglomerate of energy beings and global bodies in creation, their luminosity and form (and the organization thereof) is of necessity proportionate with the intensity and quality of the fires and forces of which they are sustained and impelled. The spirit of the mind, following its path completely from its origin (the Word which embodies the beingness and transmutation of the aura of infinity), therefore also harbors and evokes the sum and potential of all human and global manifestations of

functionable "knowledge" and identity. The illumination of space therefore is conducted through and in accordance of the energies which constitute the (presence) and awareness of itself. 8. The metaphysical attributes of religion, being common in principle if not in form, will serve to reconcile and bridge the discrepencies of humankind only by recognizing their unity with themselves and by applying in the social dimension the ideals of commonality and goodwill which are the means of the synthesis and absoluteness of their universal consensus. The occult phenomenon and scientific understanding of the human, technological, and environmental dynamic will therefore advance the harmony of itself if sustained within the aura of right divinity and human relations. 9. In the planning and execution of military strategy, preparedness, and maneuvers it can be reasoned that each force and subdivision (unit, platoon, brigade, etc.) would be aware of its own numbers and potential (and amid the joint training and exercises thereof) with the higher order generals (informed from the ground level, through the agency of the intelligence, and commission of analysis) calculating the number and position of the combined forces of their entirety, in conjunction, comparison, and proportion with the strength of allied forces and of the potential and acting opposition. From a similar and corresponding perspective, the fields of civil and economic engagement may be calibrated and directed towards the desired effect of the ruling councils and electoral demographics. 10. Towards the purpose of a universal communal synthesis of human attributes and potentials, the diversity of functions of existing institutions must be integrated with the experience and awareness of a common ideology and origin. The use of the mind, sustained through the heart, resulting from the collective illumination of humanity, would therefore connect with the actualization of the permanent and strategic reorganization of hierarchical and ecological parameters. 11. In order to graphically visualize and retain the historical trajectories of international development, a comparitive index is compiled of factors of the rise, stabalization, and/or decline in levels of productivy and growth. This should correlate with the existence, use, and viability of resources and personnel in the planning of their conservation and sufficiency towards the attainment of an equitable and sustainable environment. Geologically and astrologically, on a much greater scale, it is conceivable to monitor the transformation and interrelation of all other planetary and cosmic bodies in similar detail, recognizing also the eternal cycle and simultaneity of all stages in the descent of spirit into matter and its reattainment of itself. 12. One's position on the globe in relation to the poles and the equator reflects the proximity of lateral relations and similitude of climate, if there are nevertheless a multitude of intersecting trajectories connecting each point with the expanse and continuity thereof. The fixed cross upon which space is bound is therefore surrounded by the sphere and the differentiation and discernment of the totality of forces and features which comprise it. 13. Reality, being real so far that it serves for the procurement of the living, is nevertheless, in either event, superceded by the higher reality which substands the true condition of the spirit. 14. If one may imagine a system of orbitals moving in opposite directions and sustaining and completing the circumference of their cycularity, there would be similarly a waveform established of all objects moving in mutual and overlapping directions, thus illustrating a means for the activation and dynamics of atomic, cellular, and global symbiosis in and of the acquistion and alignment of the process and state of neurological synapsis or self-illumining activity. The self-imposing mechanism and vision which is the rational consciousness must remain in harmony and compliance with the directivity of its actions, which, upon the reaffirmation of itself, enables there to be perseverance towards the probability of a sequence of concurrent and/or divergent events. 15. In that the light of the spirit need produce no heat of itself, the materiality of fire could reveal the conditions of the stages of the collective materialization and disembodiment of itself. In that each citizen born of the earth is equally given rights to all creation, the arbitrary distinction of the state would, at most, be managing the inheritance of earth, with exploration, discovery, and migration uncovering and contributing to the inhabitable environment wherever it may be found. 16. The geopolitical exigency of war should be known for the driving factor in the expedited execution of those forces which could not otherwise be subdued or brought to trial through any democratic means. That there is also a constant and humane wish for there to be an alternative and cessation of violence characterizes the dual nature of the state and the transitions in the emphasis of its combined institutions of authority and power. Any collection of intelligence and network of communications, given the capability and intention of action which it confers and represents, is innately of interest to the

2 goals of the intelligence community, requiring that, while retaining the operational security of itself, it maintain the means of observation of every newtwork in or of concern to its own domain. The technology which is shared with our allies and developing nations is therefore a measure of trust of the sovereingty and durability of established regimes. 17. The mind which is captured in an opposing energy field, rather than collapsing into the unconscious or sustaining the cognizance of its visceral/ psychological condition, may simply revert to the automated bio-rhythms which constitute the synergy and actuation of the biostasis of itself. 18. The influence of government over the market relations of its critical industries and infrastructure, extended out to encompass the diversity of work relations, provides a means through which direct control may be conferred upon a citizenry which is thereby united and inclusive of the agency of government. The persistence and reemergence of the communist regimes, rather than causing a renewal of division of international affairs, has therefore an opportunity of creating an international synthesis and alliance through the model which is developed in conjunction with their democratic partners. The official rhetoric and bureaucracy of the Working People's Party, deriving its emphasis and common law through the input of the people, therefore completes the stages of the Revolution which it has planned withof itself. 19. It could be that the crucial problem of human relations is that of religion/ ideology moreso than that of race, which, in either sense, are reconciled through the methodologies of social ecology which integrate and universalize the principles which are latent withof these religions/ ideologies themselves. Then again, the attributes of race (ethnicity/ culture), being integral of religion and geography, links us intrinsically/ arbitrarily with the identity, regions, and persuasions (and potentials thereof) which it predominantly represents. 20. The independent unity, which correlates the functions of technology and the environment, being characteristic of State, therefore either prefigures or consubstantiates the state of which it is embodied or composed. This, rather than being an acquired or assumed position in life, is the natural and universal condition of all persons born into or realizing thus the inherent or preexisting form of unity among themselves. 21. Given that work functions routinely occupy a vast proportion of human time and effort, in order to prevent civil unrest, and to advance the state of democracy in general, there should be instated a series of state-sponsored and pre-emptive work-stoppages and conferences of the general community, in order to practice and discuss the ideas of community and ecological management and the promotion of social and international well-being. A governmental and economic system which strives to be more inclusive and equitable of itself, and the needs of the environment, could therefore be promoted as a means of attaining domestic, international, and environmental harmony and order. 22. Intermolecular transvisualization of health and the ecology spans the technological interface with the autoconstruct and transport of supply chains and components. The dispersion of knowledge amid the features of geographic functionality enables the self to divest the means of the acquisition of its authority and to emphasize the commonality of the attributes and functions of which it universally consists. Amidst the visualization of the fields of activity are therefore the forces of social colusion and intrinsic awareness which provide the resurgent vision with the revolutionary emphasis and direction of its conscious projection and refinement. 23. In the event of civil war or contestation within a nation's borders it must be decided which, if any, mode of arms is governed by or representative of the elective majority provided that these are not themselves repressive or the cause of the minority opposition -, and through which, if any, means the elective process and/or human rights in general may or need be facilitated or furthered by external or international arbitration or defense. Determining the right use of force, given the historical and immanent possibility of its occurrence, must form the central priority of national and international defense, with all modes of humanitarian and ecological action and engagement pertaining to the reconciliation of the issues which are inherent of itself. Reflecting upon the potential strengths and vulnerabilities of other nations and potential adversaries has the innate capacity of revealing also the systems and infrastructure through which our own power is projected and yet potentially compromised or vulnerable withof ourselves.

and stabilization of the order of the united international assembly and alliance. 26. Those who have assimilated into the established system of society, and attained a place therein, might not have realized the possibility of change over the system of itself, which, in either sense, returns to the assimilation into the "ideality" of the system which must exist from its beginning. 27. The one who is aware of the entirety of units into which the forces are capable of being developed or deployed recognizes the integrity and coherence of the purpose towards which they are to be unitedly directed. 28. A revolution which is rooted in actual empathy for the human and natural condition would serve at once to liberate and elevate all elements over the intrinsic and historic barriers to the attainment of the freedom and equal and balanced power which are our innate potential. In that it is possible to construct a revolutionary program from references of the pre-existing volumes, being the emphasis of which these consist, should focus us upon the formulation and accomplishment of the revolutionary program for itself. This said, the idea of utopia, having existed for millenia and coexisting among the practicalities of society, while perservering of itself, would yet require future ages to finalize and reveal the culimination of its efforts. 29. Only the fleet which is in motion remains prepared to mobilize, forcing each military into resource intensive activity so far that there yet exists the occurrence and projection of the potentiality and/or necessity of war. The road itself, global transport, and the interconnected network of production, being (theoretically) overutilized in advanced industrial society, must learn to function in greater harmony and compliance with the existing and innate capacities of earth, thereby transforming, enhancing, and conserving the remaining and future scope of global developmental opportunity. 30. The spirit, thereby, working from inner dimensions, may also be thought to be overturning, emancipative, and transcendent of the material foundations of its existence. 31. The anarchist movement and culture, being, at best, humane and rational, and justly opposed to the necessity of statecraft and war, rather than dismissing and villifying these efforts outright, must recognize their inherent and complementary roles in overturning the causes of global instability and promoting international solidarity which alone could allow for the cessation of (the pretense of) war and supplant the system of hierarchy with the functional norm of demographic consensus. 32. Given that the forces were divided into distinct domains (land, air, water, space, and cyber), and that these have developed overlapping capabilities, it is possible for each force to contribute its distinct advantage while also harnessing the joint capabilities of combined training and response of coordinated preparedness and action. Concerted action within a nation's military force and with foreign military partners would therefore also jointly determine which combination of force is to be applied to ongoing and specific military objectives. The affirmation of the value and priority of unity for efficiency and strength could similarly be thought to reconcile the redundancy and competing factors of the civilian economy if coordinated with the purpose of the democratic assembly. 33. Local and international consultation of elective authority, in addition to the political representation of itself, must also consider the interests and organizations which are representative of social, ethical, and other environmental responsibilities and concerns. 34. Upon (and simultaneous with) the approximate or total completion (or review) of the constructed knowledge body, the particular qualities of its introspected image would universalize and sublimate with the unity of the established order of society, enabling planning and working directives to continue and persevere with the information and construction of the image of the community itself. 35. Multinational corporations, being theoretically and practicably a result of federal investment and spending, could thence represent a system of national industries which are governed by and accountable to the people themselves. In that the forces of goodwill, being aware of the Ideality of the Plan of Itself, have enabled a veil to persist over the system of capitalist production and hierarchical control, there is yet the inevitability of a reconciliation of the inner qualities of federation once these have been sufficiently elaborated and uncovered.

24. The light which is of the body and the entirety of its planetary forms must also be outside itself, if, through spirit, to reflect upon and direct the manifestation of its divine occurrence and intent. The movement of the atmosphere and currents of the earth therefore reflect the omnipresence of the spirit which projects its life and breath unto the form.

36. The acceptance of the indissolubility of the projection of power, in the awareness of the potential thereof, must reunite with the directivity and motive of the triumph over adversity and pain. The timeframe in which one may anticipate a level of force which is to be expected or endured, continuing beyond a certain point, rather than seeking for an immediate exit from itself, must enter itself anew with unbounded endurance in order to continue resolutely upon the existing path of its necessity.

25. While each existing world-bloc could seek for its enlargement and cohesion, trade between the blocs and the neutrality of states, rather than seeking for protection from competing powers, could represent concentric areas for the balance of the greater good

37. Those who unconsciously associate ability with economic advancement in society, and use this to justify class discrimination and inequality of wealth, should realize that ability is circumstantial and not an inherent quality of any individual or group.

3 To those who are humble and true of heart, the system itself, offering mere wealth and power as its motives, could require an alternative system to encourage (all persons) them to participate in the pure functionality of its existing and potential directives. 38. The forces of international stability and development, from previous colonial empires to the current international financial mechansims, have, among other results, affected and ensured a balance of power which is respective of the core foundations and beliefs of which its civilization subsists. 39. Those who judge so harshely upon the present system of knowledge and instruction, should recollect, by comparison, the great difficulty and rarity of medieval scholarship and research, thus to show by which strides and means knowledge was advanced from the existing volumes of its work. 40. The confederal municipalization of economic activity, rather than prohibiting or overburdening the democratic control of international relations, would develop an industrial consensus of national regulations and gain which would gaurantee the collective risk the support of the collective benefit of all regions and functions which this involves. Military protocol, being entrusted with the classification of awareness, and diplomatic relations in general, could similarly proceed from and alongside the mechanisms which have given them their democratic authorization and support. 41. The instances of enmity which are presented in Psalms, rather than creating a mindset of paranoia or disdain among those forces with which one ordinarily contends, could refer to all manner of thoughts which would divide or distract one from the omnipotence and glory which are the living unity of God. 42. Observing the canvas of one's thoughts and constructive materials, there must be established a route through which the work may progress, in order to enable a rhythm of maximum productivity to sustain unto the period of the cycle of completion. Having established a current for the directivity of growth, one arrives again at the end point of one's furthest projections, at which point there is either the dissolution and etherialization of one's consciousness unto the higher dimensions or the repitition and extension of this route from the point of its beginning. 43. The center of the earth, being like unto the center of the mind in relation to its periphery, derives also from the light of the spirit in the formation and upliftment of the nonmaterial dimensions. In the absence of the electromagnetic field produced through the convection currents of its interior, it is conceivable that the earth might overturn upon its axis, with its period of rotation disallowing the formation of separate poles of climatic conditions, whereby it is also conceivable whether and which other objects of space exhibit a corresponding rotation and which are the forces which sustain the evenness or oscillation of the polarities of their orbit. There is also the potential of a relation between the intrinsic heat of the earth and the warmth of its climate, affecting also the field of its gravity and the ionization and containment of the atmosphere which surrounds it. 44. In that one has acquired a description of the core of the earth for itself, it is found necessary also to acquire a description of its covering and surface for the completeness of its system, corresponding with the internal logic of the mind withof the stages of the extraction and compostion from the origin of its materials. 45. The realization that the printed page represents and is the source of the magical phenomena of the mind correlates with the development of the soul as the cause and overseer of the acquisition of its subsidiary functions. The reduction of education to the acquisition of ability, while necessary of itself, therefore must also provide the ability of the mind to address the dynamics of power which would prohibit or result in the life and liberations of the planetary system of itself. Those individuals who have acquired sufficient will towards the attainment and balancing of powers will therefore represent a group will which will result in the revolution of the earth. 46. That there is the certainty of (the possibility of) future events, there yet remains the sequence of intermittent occurrences and practical phenomena which will enable these to happen. In that the revolutionary discourse must transpire unto our highest office, it is necessary and possible to establish the extent and nature of all existing capacities and constraints. 47. The oscillations of the energy ray being directed against one's aura, if thought of in terms of heat rather than of pulsation or disturbance, creates at once a rational extreme of tolerance and the vibrational equilibrium which would alleviate the perception of intesity of itself. The ray of one's own soul and higher bodies, being attuned to itself, therefore illumines the earth field irregardless and in contradistinction of the forces which are exerted over and by the state of one's material condition (environment). 48. It should be remembered that the United Nations, which represented a majority of

the power of the earth, voted to restore the State of Israel to its home, salvaging the course of history and uplifting the Standard of its God. All nations, being aware of the Peace and Love which are of God, will have developed a mutual respect and system of trust through the mechanism of their repsective theosophies. Persuading the less affiliated nations to recognize the authority and decision of the United Nations, as it currently exists, relates also with the presence and majority of its existing membership. The alliance which is of the Heart of God, while remaining intact, will find ways to contain and find harmony among the field of forces which oppose it. 49. That our neighbors somehow find peace among themselves, depending upon the means through which this was derived, need not necessarity imply that they would use the results of their truce against us. The circumstantiality of aggression/ migration, in the historical dimension, represents moreso an act of integration than a cause or an inclination towards a perpetual state of mutual hostility and war. 50. Considering the potential, magnitude, and dispersion of natural disasters, disasters which are human caused, and the effect of humanity on its environment through the use, conservation, and distribution of resources, there may be forecast a range and limit of habitable safe environments, and those which are affected overall, with all precautionary measures and fortifications thus applied, from that of humanity to every other creature of which the ecosystem of earth subsists. The earth, in this sense, being prone to the destruction and reconstruction of itself, while yet supportive and nurturing of life, relegates to the human spirit and its reason the Ideality of itself, through the immaculateness of the higher or alternative derivation towards which humanity strives and of which it awaits. The spiritual dimension of the earth, preexisting from its origin, may similarly be thought to be revealed and embodied in the living aura of the Christ, which permeates reality while yet being transcendent of the material limitations of the planet. 51. The security apparatus and strategic interplay of world powers involves always the threat of mutual destruction and the alignment and projection of missile defenses for the potentiality thereof, while there are also rougue elements of which watchful or aware and conflicting factions which are supported towards the (formation of the) coalition of the right authority of (each)their government and terrain. The preservation of the identity and nationality of the sovereign states from the threat of totalitarian overthrow and expansion involves a national and multinational dialogue and awareness of the historicity of existing borders and the transparency to align these features through the support and/or rennovation of their popular and civil institutions. The economic unification and alliance of regional and world economies has the potential both of retaliatory measures against opposing or noncompliant states and also of conserving and directing its resources towards the protection, upliftment, and stabilization of every region of the earth. 52. The materiality of the mechanism of ultrasonic disruption, being reduced to the neutrality of its phenomenal character, has merely to be supplied through the heart with the means of attaining unto the refuge of the spirit. The mind which is free, through free in the certainty of death, therefore remains connected with the ghost of the natural and material foundations which shall survive and overturn upon the basis of its liberation and departure. The material burden and pressure of one's thought-condition for itself may similarly defer to the nonmateriality which is the inevitable result of its conclusion. The path which has found its way inward, proceding alongside itself accordingly, reveals and reenforces the means through which the path may be recreated of itself, thus leading out unto the living door which is the embodiment of that which is added unto itself of its environment and presence. 53. The cycles of revolutionary protest and assembly, being, for the most part, intended to raise awareness rather than to force any changes over the system of itself, should result in the consolidation of (its)their ideological support, renewing themselves in deference to the (perceived) rate at which the system acknowledges or assimilates the core of its demands into itself. The anarchist factions and revolutionary guard, being characterized by militant, though disciplined, self-determination and demeanor, embody at once the integrity of preserving the liberty and the means of the liberation of itself. 54. The consciousness of a unified system of reality will thus maintain and/or restore the stability of itself while yet remaining in the transition of processing forward the core conclusions and components of transcendental self-directivity and life. 55. The growth of the economy, in terms of the value of its net productivity and services, could relate either with the expanding needs of a growing population or with the intensification of the value of these products and services of themselves. The value which is gained or lost in the private sector of the economy correlates also with the value which is added (or detracted) in the form of federal and civic development and service. National and private investment and aid among the nations reflects also the balance and gain of their respective institutions.

4 The common market, at each level of its respective aggregation, while providing for the variation of goods and comparitive advantage, has also the potential of insourcing its requirements, while itemizing the reserve value and ecological implications of existing resources and commodities. 56. Factory systems, exhibiting a commonality and divergence in the mechanisms of their operations, would benefit from a comparison and analysis of the array of their specific and potential applications. The industrial overhaul of civilization, wherefore contributing to economic growth, has thus streamlined the process through which its products are generated and produced. 57. The path, wherefore or not seeking for the necessity of itself, uncovers its direction and potential in accordance of the regularity of its encounters and uses thereof. The architecture of nature, offering a symmetry and consonance of its own, accomodates the arrangements and potential of the walls and surfaces through which the energies of life are directed and bound. 58. Though evil and indiscretion may boast or criticize of the attainment of powers, rather than boast or criticize in defense of oneself, one may let glory be to God in the understanding and refuge of human boundaries and limits. That one's calling towards God and actions in life have inflicted the sacrifice of oneself, enables this pain to be an act of sacrifice and service of itself, thus dignifying the endurance of those in the lowliest conditions of existence. The uncertainty of the fate of one's material descent into reality relates with the impermanence and detachment from the forms which it embodies, although these, being products and equipotentials of the Creator, retains the distance and concurrence of the basis of continuity itself. 59. Everywhere, at all times, people have discovered, independently and in conjunction with others, the process of thought and the use of the world reflection. Thus the intuition guides itself toward, and is guided from, the center of the Allknowing which is its Creator and Origin. Thus also is the system of world affairs measured and affected thereby for and in accordance of its progress or divergence from the accepted and/or absolute Ideal of the Intentionality of this Plan. 60. Having structured the form and content of which knowledge consists, the path is then imaginable from the core of functional operations to the fields of work applications which their process enables. Thus the awareness of process itself supplements and determines the choice of work-relations and culture of identity of which one's future efforts are directed of themselves. The technical analysis of various features and concerns must relate also with the objectivity and interpretation of the sphere of human and natural relationships in general. The alignment of the materials which one has gathered enables also for there to be a correlation of other materials and the replication and/or abridgement of the process which are inherent of themselves. 61. Within the mechanism of capital, it is theorizable that there are those who would voluntarily relinquish their's (and other's) gain and resource dependence, serving also in accordance of their means, to a democratic/ ecological system, should such a system exist, and contribute accordingly towards its transitional awareness and support, and those who remain actively opposed, whether from personal gain or pragmatic disavowal, to the possibility or occurrence of this system itself. Reconciling common ground and respect for the differences of others therefore remain preconditions of the enactment and compliance of the collective resolution and intent. Each state and municipality, being provided with a budget which is proportionate with its population, could manage its funding and growth according to a common baseline of development and priorities. Being aware and involved with that which is funded of itself would serve also to educate and inform the general population of the diversity of functions and abilities of which the economy (and society in general) are formed. 62. Maintaining and forming correspondence amid groups is at once a sign of unity and alliance and also a means of addressing the spectrum of emerging and persistent problems of human and natural relationships in the form of which these currently and historically exist. 63. The capacity of the mind to influence the contents of its vision, and the foundations of reality which these are or represent, relates the self-will with the higher will through which the scale of influence is determined or derived. This, being useful for the process of story and illusion itself, relates also with the knowledge of physical reality and its transformation of itself. 64. The induced or intrinsic state of neuropathic discoordination and control over conduct could result in either the atrophy and degeneration of the physical body with age, or, through a regimen and repair, contribute towards the etherialization and refinement of its transmaterial upliftment. The health of the individual self therefore finds its correspondence with the health

of the world self and the means through which to affect the desired resolution of its fate. 65. The dematerialization of consciousness, whether from pain or of its own accord, invokes the recollection of the cycles and attainments of thought, culminating in the framework of global statistics and events which are the synthesis and actuality of its nearest and furthest directives. The dimensional and temporal flux which results unto the aggregate of cycles and direction of time, while recollected and influenced to be that which is the eternal good, contains also the recollection of its destruction and error in order to elicit an understanding of the need of preventing or avoiding the occurrence of these possibilities themselves. 66. In that one is aware of one's basic loyalty and discipline of motive, and aware that one's adversary is aware of this besides, it is impossible to interpret or reflect enmity or pain in any other light than the illusory character of its phenomenon and form. That which is believed not to exist therefore ceases to exist in order to make room for other areas of the expansion of the mind. The fortress of permanence, and refuge of spirit, is therefore accessible through faith that the energy of God pervades and connects all features and creations of Reality. 67. This does well, I think, to define, and could be useful towards the gestation of, a certain (potential) subculture of the movement, but the broader movement, for itself, might yet require a more inclusive and pragmatic terminology to embrace the other realms of possibility which are involved with the universal mission of our work. 68. Among the factors which prohibit (or potentially instigate) larger national and cultural alliances, are race, language, and religion, and/or the identification with the nation of itself, whereof the balance of plurality coincides with or counterposes the strength of unity for itself and/or the commonality of purpose supplements and harmonizes the preexisting and enduring unity of heart. In this sense, the ethnicity and origin of each revolutionary or progressive/ conservative faction, in order to unite on a larger or international scale, must establish an ideology which is at once independent and inclusive of each origin and its demands and/or the expectations of the functional order and consensus. Those practices which have been demonstrated and applied at local, regional, and international levels, wherefore evolving from and unto the praxis and theory of themselves, illustrate, eximplify, and elaborate the principles and purposes which are required for the operation and transcendence of the established system of itself. 69. The reliance/ predisposition toward local and renewable resources, which permaculture represents, must equate with an adaptation of the habits and preferences which were acquired through the earlier industrial paradigm of a boundless and mass consumerist society. 70. Amid the reservoire of the mind there are found and developed thoughts which are positive of themselves and thoughts which, being protective, restore the equilibrium and positivity of thought from whichever false conceptions negative energy would seek to emanate or contrive. 71. The profligation of creativity, while constructive of group and individual awareness and identity, should ultimately result unto the sufficiency which is the freedom from (intellectual) rebirth and the means of enlightenment and assurance of spiritual finality and rest. 72. The strategic implications of the confederal municipal economy unite the interests of the intelligence community (world-wide) with the practical solution to the management of the global, political, and ecological constraints of our future environment. The social ecology institute, by informing the humanism and rationale of our motives, should identify and equip each person for the universal theorist and inquirer which they are themselves thereby capable of realizing and being. 73. Amid the sequence of unfolding events, for the sake of brevity and clarity, there must be differentiated the distinct turning points from those which are the development of normal and intermittent relations. Thus the summation of (the record of) contemporary data, of itself, and of and unto the historical data of which historicity consists. 74. That the militaries of the world constitute a mutually enforcing threat towards the perpetuation of the dominance and overshadowing of economic, global, and national affairs, it is incumbent upon the public, through the unified efforts of goodwill, to pressure their respective governments towards the de-escalalation and dissolution of the causes of human conflict of itself. The system of global trade and interaction, being reduced to the core foundations of its necessity, could then benefit from the lawful presence directed towards non-state and unlawful activity. 75. Maintaining a presence and active role overseas should ultimately prevent the enemy from reaching and plotting the destruction of our borders, although, being mindful of ourselves, there is also the threat of the enemy entering into or originating within our national borders of themselves.

5 76. In order to realistically attain the electoral majority required to enact any fundamental changes over government there must form a super-alliance and convergence of specific interests and concerns, the network of networks thereby uniting with their similarities and reconciling their differences among themselves, providing an alternative or conservation of that which is required or established of the system of itself. 77. The intensity of strife, forcing from the mind a relaince upon the power of spirit over form, could result in an exaggerated reflex to a lesser intensity of force and/or a diminished reflex upon an interval of temporary relief, culminating over the cycle of its recurrence in the stability of right reaction regardless of the variances and ephemerality of each existing scenario. 78. The constructive field and directionality which are visualized during one's external meditation, acting upon the routines which are established of itself, must not allow the presumption of the viability of its purpose to deflect from the vitality of the inclusive action which sustains the rationale and necessity of the completed project of itself. Though through the duration of one's work one discovers techniques for the optimization of its performance, the applicability of these techniques may or may not correspond with those developing through similar or divergent work and living conditions. The totality of one's work, therefore, though in part specific to itself, may offer the universality of its conclusions for whatever benefit may be derived in the development and necessary formation of the conclusions of the other for itself. 79. The reaction to energy and light, being the basis of vision, unifies the consciousness of form through every stage of its aggregation and development of and unto the projection and embodiment of energy and life of itself. 80. The communities which form, within, outside, and between cities, would expand symmetrically until approaching and attaining the similitude thereof. Besides this, resource and industrial activity, being the transport and conduction of space, radiate outward from the points on the network of which they are found. 81. What interests me is having some variation of "statism" explicit within the terminology of the group, making clear that we are not abandoning the "State" itself, and the forms of its aggregation, rather authenticating and enhancing its functionality through universal identification and involvement (i.e. direct democracy, redistribution of wealth, participatory economics, environmental protections, global outreach, etc., etc.), thus conserving the ideal of Order (if parallelling this in form, i.e. those continuing to honor the "state" even if obstructed by its current biases or limitations, i.e. the anarchist by circumstance of involuntary exile) until and in order that the Nations are better acquainted and safe-guarded amongst themselves.

That which has glimpsed, in part, the scale and order of our operations through its involvement with itself, would therefore possess the means of the illumination of its higher purpose and potential. 87. The international exchange value of each national and regional currency, measured by the value of production and investment in itself, determines the aggregate of wealth of each region in the global community and market, if not also the value and price of that which is aggregated and exchanged withof itself. The mission of global statescraft and trade, given that there was no overt democratic development mechanism through which to accomplish this ends, has enabled developmental lending and aid to strengthen other national economies at pace with its own, with the prospect of levelling or narowing international disparity dependent upon that which each nation is thereafter capable of accomplishing and harnessing of itself. Should any nation divide its wealth and investment potential equally among its citizens, beyond that which is channelled through official agency of government, these funds could theoretically go towards any other nation or organization in the world, barring those which are sanctioned through the government for being a threat to the national or international security. Creating an international awareness and education of the means and values of the new economy will therefore correspond with the governance structure and ideology of goodwill which are the means of its reconciliation and renewal. 88. That one lives in expectation of the glory which is the finality of death should bring peace and serenity to the daily actions and experience of which the duration of life must yet presently consist. The pain of the flesh, being, at most, the termination of its activity, may be viewed as the field of darkness which is illumined through one's faith in the eternal light of spirit. 89. In one's communion with the Soul of Life, which radiates amidst all beings and forms, one's highest offering is that which is hoped and known to be the mere reflection of Itself. 90. Amid the priorities of the interior and national defense, and of commercial and industrial interests of themselves, from a scientific basis, is the comprehensive scanning of all landforms, at all levels, for the composition of the mineral forms which could be extracted or adapted for the purpose of sustaining or continuing development. From the rights of the land itself, beyond that which is under federal control, to the stockpiles of minerals which are already processed and available from specific storage points under commercial or federal control, are therefore the sum of materials which may be integrated or recycled for industrial and pharmaceutical applications. 91. That one should have the opportunity of travelling to the edges of the earth, there may be sensed a further edge beyond which alone is the completeness of the horizon of terrestial and astrological existence.

82. Voluntaryism, in the sense you imply, is not necessarily an ends unto itself, rather the voluntary compliance and enforcement of the ethical norms of one's humanity. Perhaps to clarify my previous statement, the formation of an ethical economy and state for the benefit and protection of the commonality and environment should be the natural result of the efforts of our liberty, ethically applied. Government is ethical so far that it is composed and/or embodied of the (ethical) will of the people, using the liberty of itself (according to its nature) to uphold or obstruct the (right/wrong) use of liberty of its constituents. The same may be said of civil society, which, ideally constituting the state, must ultimately bear and reconcile this problematic unto themselves.

92. The arrangement of the military outpost and domestic infrastructure, from a logistical perspective, would involve levels of fortification and activity and a precise protocol for the placement and movement of all objects and persons which are within each operational jurisdiction. Maintaining a clear and public perspectus and dialogue of opposing military ideologies, in addition and towards the reconciliation thereof, would present before the respective populations the ideas of freedom and self-determination of the control of their territories and assemblies.

83. The existence of the Soul, being the gift of the Creator, must seek through the Creator for the discernment and actuation of the powers which are latent thereof.

93. The activist, which being exiled by virtue of the impermanence of the community, and distanced thereby from the process of direct/ confederal democracy, could nevertheless strive to profligate and integrate the local/ inclusive movement through the exchange of ideas amid the constituents of the representative communities.

84. The process through which humanity strives to produce an ethical civilization allows the evolution of earth to approach the consummation of its ultimate redemption. In this way, the formlessness of spirit, possessing yet the bounds of its reflection, enables the unity of itself to uplift the beauty of its nonmaterial and transcendental selfperception. 85. The image of the holy mother, bearing the heart of the world, radiates also the word and power of the holy ghost, which contains within itself the authority and summation of the creations of which it is composed. That one strives to maintain the light of the spirit unwaveringly within oneself must prepare one for a time when the light itself is all that is known, with the removal of every hindrance of the lower self with which one had struggled in the course of one's separate and individual reality. 86. The presence of the warrior, or that which is maintained for the self-defense of one's person and environment, rather than being a cause of threat or unease, could be thought to conincide with the freedom and harmony of a functioning culture and community of arts. The assumption of non-combatant responsibilities and attire, would serve therefore to deemphasize the role of violence in one's immediate surroundings and psychology, if yet maintaining the call of liberty for which the role of combat yet persists for other persons and environments.

94. The harmony of the individual self, in order to realize and affect the potential of itself, shall encompass the harmony of all beings and forces of which its world self consists. The microcosmic calculation of force and macrocosmic calculation of spatial parameters, intertwined, would manifest the simulaneity and interaction of the unified quantum field which substands all reality. The consolidation of tribes into nations and states, resulting in the acquiescence to the hierarchical possession and rule of force, only by over-coming itself, will return, at a higher level, to the global horizontalism which had existed from its beginning. 95. The universal citadel of wisdom, carved from the mountain of stone, stands unmovingly beneath the eternal light of being, free, though observant, of the progress of the living fields of earth. The network of houses, constructed from nature, connect from each point with the fields, factories, and work-spaces through which the nature of itself is harnessed and controlled. The commonality of the spirit, whether spoken or unspoken of itself, will trust and honor the presence of the ideals which are maintained and evoked amid the thoughts of the other of itself. 96. The force of will, though protective of itself, could be defended for the very fact of

6 the protection which it provides withof itself. 97. Though one's past may be over-shadowed by the absence of meaning, looking forward there is the culmination of the meaning of itself. 98. The response and conformance of the material form to the energy of spirit of which it consists would diffuse the tensions of the involutionary forces which oppose and confine the interconnectivity of the one phenomenal reality. That it is through strife that the strength of battle is tested and proven, one may accept the imposition of force though there be no basis of conflict which is apparent to the material vision. 99. Beyond the duration and effort through which knowledge was acquired, the awareness and intelligence of which being one's primary possession, there remains the vulnerability of loss, for which one must be prepared to rebuild upon the foundation of one's true eternal spirit. The consciousness of this vulnerability and the sacrifice of one's glory for the glory of all being, reflected upon, could also remind and furnish one with the humility which is the true and desired condition of one's fate. II. RAINBOW LIGHTS 100. The visions and prophecies of the ages, providing the coherent image of the derivation and correlation of human civilization with divinity, provide also, in their sanctum, with the means of approaching the subtler forces and the dissolution and upliftment of the limitations and constraints of the creation and visceral/ ephemeral embodiment of form. 101. Whether social provisions are administered at federal, state, or local levels should correlate with the quality of that which each level is capable or willing to have provided of itself. That each statesman and representative would seek to ensure the ethical and economic advantage of their constituency and the nation as a whole, none should forgoe the sovereignty and indigenous value of that which each community and the ecology of itself, in the long term, could most profitably and enduringly sustain. 102. Given the internal movement and presence of the militant and terrorist threat, the militaries and intelligence of the less developed and established nationalities would benefit from the enhancement of their own surveillance, targetting, and apprehension infrastructure in order to avert the need of direct foreign military assistance. Therefore the external observation of multiple civil contentions may seek to strengthen the relevant authority while and towards determining the means and extent of national and/or international intervention or involvement. 103. From a purely physical perspective, the chemical composition of the bodily system provides a means of activating the dynamics of the stasis and transformation of the existing and apparent physiological and geological structure of itself. 104. The consciousness of freedom, whether national, personal, cultural, or otherwise, evokes the notion of liberty and the infringement and/or distance from the implicit power structures which impact or govern our relations. The viability of knowledge, in the public arena, wherefore or not directly manifest in human activity, correlates with the preparedness of physical or social harm and the structure of the buildings and mechanisms of which civilization transits and subsists. The psychology of vision, braodening itself to be inclusive of the fields of earth and astrological domain, may also be thought to clarify the aura through the kindness and loving intention through and of which the state of transendence is unified and selfaware. 105. The spiritual hierarchy of the planet, being a form of living unity unto itself, rather than being entered into through void or the identification with the sum of world phenomena, must illustrate its mode of ascent and the transformation through sacrifice into its higher forms of being. The highest aspirations of the spirit, being yet bound by the intermediary of form, must therefore fulfill its transformation through the adherance to the path and exigencies of its mortal duty. 106. The invocation of the spirit of Christ, being the ideal of perfect love and harmony, is at once an admission of the inevitability of human imperfection and an aspiration to reflect as much of this energy as is humanly possible, thus striving, in the balance, to recollect the happiness of the group whose higher redemption is assured amid the passing shroud of world affairs. 107. The militia, being armed for regional self-defense or liberty from the potential power of the state, need not necessarily conflict with the national military nor with the official protocol and administration of existing law enforcement agencies. Contrarily, those militias seeking the violent conquest or overthrow of existing governments, must establish or annex a supply chain and perimeter through which to support or extend the rule of their authority, which, according to their character, and each national and strategic priority, may be augmented or disrupted through means of

public, diplomatic, or military force. Beyond this, while security is to be upheld through the use and maintenance of arms, there must be remembered the hope of nonviolence and the belief in the possibility of all deescalaltion/ disarmament of itself. Corresponding with the counterbalance of the centralized use of force is that also of centralized spending at the federal level and amid the corporations and industries which have subsumed the capacity and finance of local productivity and services. 108. Within the banking industry, it may be reasoned that the rate of interest applied to lending must compensate for the rate of interest acquired through savings, with lending itself and the investment of the acquired funds ultimately yielding a profit to the institution and a gain to the economy as a whole, thus benefitting from federal and multinational insurance and subsidies for investor confidence and risk involved in banking investment of itself. The municipalization of the economy, and the confederation of its activity, while adapting these principles to itself, would nevertheless continue the logic of its problematic unto levels of equitability and mutual accountability and concern. 109. The function of the world servant, being amid the extremes of the exigencies of sufficiency and power, is that of arbitration and reconciliation to the fursthest extent available among the sympathies involved, allowing the means of a practicable and encompassing existence to serve and futher the ends unto itself. 110. Quantization of the norms and expectations of the existing modes of human settlement, being bound by the choice of structure which is immanent withof themselves, and providing for the needs thereof, may nevertheless be supplemented/ superceded by alternative schemes of development which reduce and circumscribe the redundancies of the need of independent acquisition while providing the gain of the proximity of the collective establishment and perimeter. The voluntary compliance with a population limit among existing land and housing units could thereby serve to reconcile the capacities of wealth with the aspirations and eventualities of those requring social wellfare or charitable assistance. 111. The concept of industrial ownership, regulating what are, or could otherwise be, social or governmental functions, could be thought to be a non-working entity, extracting disproportionate value from the labor of the service economy, while those outside the ranks of labor could also be thought to advance the goals of philanthropy and industrial activity. The same may be thought, inversely, of the state bureaucracy itself, reconciled only through the greater transparency and awareness of the social and/or democratic process. 112. The prospect of Israel easing its restrictions over those surrounding its disputed territories could involve the willingness of their governance to negate and apprehend the cause of violence from amid themselves. The arab population, being separated from themselves, could similarly relinquish or transfer their spiritual attachment amid the other vast areas and landmarks which are available for their reverance upon themselves. 113. Historically therefore there remain the dormant and quescient battlefields, the struggles of the peoples involved lingering unresolved, until and as the cycles of violence restore each conflict to the forefront of the world's attention and awareness. The energies of omniscient goodwill, sustaining a multinational perspective, will therefore continue the order of themselves, while striving towards the timely and ultimate reconcilitation of the global and muticultural environment. 114. That there is known to be a gateway through which spirit manifests its world phenomena, in part, during life, upon death there would be the entering into of this gateway of itself. 115. The spirits of darkness, contriving an image which its the antithesis of life, are themselves overshadowed by the spirits of light through which the kingdom of God is eternally illlumined and maintained. We, being living beings, and having both forces acting upon ourselves, have therefore the choice and responsibility of what shall be our momentary and ulitmate destination and reality. 116. Visualization of the working groups of each community should, at the least, honor, and, at the most, place oneself amidst the fields and efforts of the service being rendered. The automation of manufacture and distribution systems should similarly link us with the core process of logistic decision-making and accounting procedure. 117. The science of cryptography, being the care-taking and safe-guarding of the means of printed and digital information and analysis, correlates strategically with open source methodologies and with the demographics and ethics which are the means and objectives of its operation and support. 118. Gathering and maintaining accurate and verifiable witness of the crimes against humanity is vital for the cooperation and prosecution of the violating parties. The message which is conveyed of itself in and unto each foreign dialect and person is a measure of the trustworthiness, amicability, and wisdom to which each chooses to

7 adhere.

and substance of their calling of itself.

119. That which is connected to nature is inherently aware of its surrounding terrain, both from an aerial and peripheral perspective and of the potential and occurrences of the permeations thereof.

133. The thought form of all knowlable things and organizations of human potential, being accessible to all persons, reduces merely to the illusory appearance or presumption of that which is being inacted by each individual at any particular place and time. Similarly, the reference points which are gathered from the sum of information, being sufficient unto themselves, nevertheless find their correlation in the sum of reference points which represent the collective form of the group knowledge of its entirety.

120. Those with the good fortune to have lived free from mortal labor in the service of knowledge, or aboundingly in the freedom which their societies have formed, are themsevles obliged, by conscience, to commiserate with those struggling and inflicted by a less fortunate environment. 121. The taxation of the multinational corporation, in order to avoid the expatriation to a tax-haven environment, could be applied where its business is conducted rather than at or according to the location of its corporate headquarters or holdings. 122. The living omnipotence of the Creator, embodying the control over all form and potential, correlates with the causes of global stability and mortal security. Therefore are the omnifold channels of purpose directed which are the fulfillment and presence of all super-material activity. 123. The point at which stationed, in the time which expired, involved the reduction of the duty of each transcendental activity to a manageable level of their collective illumination and rentention. 124. Though the intelligence is covertly aware of the industrial data-base of its entirety, there must remain a basis for the social administration of its intrinsic protocol. The alliances which form towards the centralization of life activities involves the mutual interest among the set of social, philosophical, and environmental factors. 125. Bridging the universal qualities of humankind in a shared space or environment, while retaining its identity of itself, could prove the exemplary mode of relations among divergent nationalities and cultures. The unity which forms with the sum of world phenomena, given the commonality and compassion thereof, is also aware of that which is inclusive and greater than itself. 126. Having sufficiently uncovered the explanation of the material environment, the spirit attains unto the liberation from the automation and confinement of the earth. 127. That each word contains an essence, these are of usefulness only so far that they relate us to our core. The systemic priority of faith, rather than negating, involves and necessitates the process of existential correlation. This could also involve the sum and foundation of all mental and political activities. 128. The material and natural landmarks of each community, being, in essence, sacred and integral to the causes of material and spiritual development, relate also with the hierarchy of forms and the implementation and awareness of a common or conflicting ideology and inter-cultural agenda. The God which is prayed to, being the God of all people and the One God of all Creation, makes all people one with Himself and with the host of every spirit which has lived upon or visited upon the earth, and with all which have yet to descend or to be observed from the heart of their celestial abode. The capacity of human beings to congregate and interact in close and dense proximity and environment is a reflection of the assimilation of a common identity and assurance of a collective habitat, with thoughts of the heart and peace maintained through a common or corresponding belief, and with tensions arisen and conflict manifest through unfulfilled expectations and unreconciled institutional and cultural opposition. The prayers to God and contemplation of His Divine Wisdom and Mercy are therefore a prefiguration and illumination of the ends unto itself, the constancy of presence extended unto the culmination of God's Eternal Glory. The tasks through which preparing and facilitating this Event, while being bound yet by the course of time, correlate therefore with the Infinitude and Purpose of their Inclusive State of Being. 129. Having discerned those habits and actions which reduce the viability of one's health, intermittently, or over protracted lengths of time, it is possible, through the determination of the will, to transcend and sustain an optimal pattern of one's existence. 130. The utility of trans-molecular and inter-dimensional visualization of substantivity applies both to the remediation and harnessing of the organic mechanism of the living form and to the requirements and potentials of the inorganic mechanism and the fabrication and transmutation of its material surfaces and components. 131. That there is within oneself simultaneously the higher form of one's existence, from the dimension thereof are acquired or annulled the modes of gravity and tactility which relate us with the sensible experience and attachment of the realm of the world phenomenon. 132. Having uncovered the means and foundations of the covert analysis and defense, these themselves defer to the accounting of the overt phenomena which are the means

134. There being that which would impinge upon one's aura for the cause of its affliction, rather than responding to itself, it is necessary only to retain the vision of that which is true and joyous of existence in order to preserve and sustain the energy and strength of one's spirit. 135. Though the record of time should increase incessantly, thus broadening the circle of its recollection to infinity, there is nevertheless that which would circumscribe and bridge its existing memory of itself. 136. The awareness and recollection of the extraordinary love and attention which are reflected from inner levels of recognition, while evoking the responsibility and misgivings that one should be worthy of this attention of itself, must accept with grace the love of God with no expectations higher than that all should know this cause of love within themselves. 137. The biblical narrative of the Son of God being visited by the wise men who were foretold of His appearance illustrates the redemptivity and perfection of each soul which is in possession of this wisdom from the time of ther spiritual rebirth. That the God of Israel should wish to reconcile all people to the One Truth which is His Name should similarly reconcile the world to all previous and concurrent instances in which the Truth of this Name was given forth from the Spirit of the One Creator of Himself. 138. The effect of psychical hostility could, at the very least, where not otherwise existing or in the midst of these conditions themselves, produce an empathy for the various forms of violence, disease, poverty, and pestulence which are or could be afflicting other members of humankind and other species of the earth, if not also of these together amid the plight and common fate of the universal totality. 139. Though we have striven to establish certain regimes which are fair and protective of our interests, their continued vulnerability to other regimes is a measure of the political and economic limitations towards their capacity for the intended and further developments of the governance and infrastructure of themselves, (necessitating the possibility of further military intervention and aid in the event of an unjust or overwhelming force of opposition within or against our vulnerable allies and partner states.) The variation of the forces of unified goodwill which could support or supercede the established system of itself are attendent upon the nature of the potentials which are emergent or could be elicited from or in the process of their internal development and/or dialectical convergence. 140. That which is meaningful, being interdependent of self, balances the relevance of each proximity with the absoluteness of the experience which is inclusive of all. The observation of the world event and its continued recollection thereby merges the duty of awareness with the process of analysis, the inquiry into one's environment thereby being consubstantial with the awareness and foundations of being itself. 141. The protocol through which the experiment and/or procedure of enablement was allowed to occur, given the limits and inherent expense withof itself, carried to its conclusion, enables the transference of itself without further contestation or resentment of the conditions applied. 142. The capacity of a group of people to result in a conflict of international opposition is dependent upon the strength of the polarity which is maintained towards each group, those which may act upon it, and those upon which it may act. Though there be an allegiance to one's nation on the grounds of sovereignty and the ideals which it represents, those which would be inclusive in theire considerations and judgements would understand the similarity and contrast of perspective which is maintained among each given nation of itself. This being so, though there be hostile or contentious political rhetoric for the sake of national populist appeal, the leaders of each nation, in conjunction with themselves, must be aware of the existential affintiy and rational advantage of the common alliance. The attitude of the people themselves, in expectation and invocation of the cessation of hostile rhetoric, and the potential of action which it represents, alone could allow for the creation of an enduring image and environment of international security and peace. 143. Though through the bondage of misery and cruelty one has learned the wisdom of nonviolence and sanctity of one's personal regard, beyond this there is the freedom of the acceptance of death and the illumination in time and space, of whichever domain, of that which one consists.

8 The centrality of the core through which attaining the detachment from itself involves yet the timescale of contruction of inordinate proportion, aligning the fixed intention of the spirit over form with the effort and ordeal of its transformation and endeavor. 144. The contents of the memory, being the archetype and awareness of that which is good and useful unto itself, culminate in the involvement and interaction of society with the world which surrounds, of that which is eternal to that which forms and is adapted to the situational from the aggregate of its transformation and recurrence. The visualization of the geometric and natural forms of overt spatial structure, amid the astrological unit, occurs amid the synaptic frame alignment of pattern conjuration and recognition, with the image of the atomic and chemical at some point consubstantial with the perception and affectivity of itself. The quantum duality of consciousness therefore harbors an entanglement with the events which it has imagined or observed, the visceral character of the mind substanded by the memory of that which it has structured from the form of its consciousness of itself. The universal time-frame and cosmological occurrence which form the bounds of the memory itself are energized and activated through the descent and convection of the celestial awareness and currents through and of which the light of the image in the mind is directed and formed. Spirit, being that which is thus universal over the particular, or archetypal of itself, creates a noncorporeal body of the word which is thus devoid of and/or unaffected by the occurrence of the individual apparition. 145. The emanation of positivity which is the gift of the Creator for all existence and freedom creates at once a distance with the presence of the aura in one's mind and a nearness with the unity which is the similitude and interconnection of the creative potential. The opportunity of creating passage into the realm of the mind, though provided with the obstacle of the ennervation of itself, must maintain belief in the light and freedom of its future, while knowing none have guaranteed against the destruction or overturning of itself. 146. Though an international presence could provide arbitration and accountability of peacekeeping and security, this could also establish a precedent or pathway through which the use of force could be turned against one's own sovereign power and authority. There being internal and external attributes of a common civilization, the rebuilding and humanitarian aid from one group could represent the indirect civility of the nation through which certain destruction was precipitated and required. Then again, the external correspondences of the nation, wherefore remaining true to Itself, could provide the equilibrium to balance the response and right relations of Itself. 147. That we retain the cooperation and respect of our allies, we must word with caution each statement or conjecture of mutual criticism or distrust. Being one with the greater good, it is possible to defer to and identify with the crafting of a positive consensus, although the digressions of the opposing forces are maintained for the cause of the need which underlies them. 148. Were all variations of each crop to be planted in all existing climates, variations would appear which are most adapted to each zone, proliferating and sustaining thereby a surplus of adapted variation should climate change occur or vastly intensify. 149. It is possible to develop in the mind a capacity for creation without creation itself, limiting the specificity of that which is brought forth from the void of its nonbeing. 150. The effect of toxicity, being the compulsion to repeat or mask the cause of its symptom, should contrarily enact a near or final aversion to and distancing from the cause of its occurrence. 151. The organization and categorization of the elements, given the comprehensive scope of material relations, has an innate correspondence with the organization of all phenomena and information in general, thus illustrating a mode of alchemy for the transformation and refinement of all substantive and visceral nature of their entirety. 152. In that the group will, in its records thereof, has had to explore and do battle for the sovereignty of its rights and terrain, there must be known a means of inclusion of the sovereignty of that which is other or different than itself. 153. The consciousness which is awakened and invigored unto the potential of itself will maintain and evoke a multivarient perception of the forms which comprise the evolution of the spirit of civilization and of earth. The connection with society, besides the autonomy of itself, involves the means and process of self-activity towards the maintenance or acquisition of that which is in or of the possession of the group of itself. 154. The scene of the Nativity, being depicted amid the desert and at night, emphasizes the illumination and distance of the star of ancient wisdom connecting the Eternal with the extent and bearing of the origin and occurrence of Its One Existing Day. Thus for every soul and the World Spirit itself there is the instance of the radiation and emission unto the occurrence which is the end state of itself, of every existing body

and of the Group which constitutes the containment thereof. 155. That the causes of death are invariant, there is the acceptance of the immanent finality of existing events, and also that which will be perserverant unto the attainment of the departure unto an alternative environment. The frequency and dynamics of the vision itself, being infinitely higher and more elaborate than the blunt force of physical trauma for itself, reveals the inversion of the scale and perception of that which is attemptedly affected of the aura. 156. The process of reason, given the sustained and exagerated anguish and remorse of its alleged noncompliance or omission, should be considred, recollected, and purported for the ancillary function of amusement and engagement of the thinking principle in the duration of routine labor and existence. Thereby, the awareness of that which exists to be contemplated of itself will find the natural continuance and fulfillment of its endeavor while contributing to the mental and physical health of the individual and the general community. 157. The printed newspaper, though having been superceded by electronic forms of media, and containing much that is superfluous of itself, is found to sustain a sufficient and concise awareness and correspondence of global and political events. The production of a more extensive or visually enhanced capitulation of information and events, while attaining stability with the existing means of its construction and design, could benefit from the autonomous access to machine and data interconnection and programs for the arrangement of content and printing technology. 158. Though and for the fact that there is within the heart of every knowledge that which is most essential of itself, there must, in concept and practice, always be reserved for and correlated with that which is existent of the other or that which is known and nearest of oneself. That which is of the form of knowledge, while being universal of itself, towards the state of autonomy, would therefore relate directly with the functions which it controls of its environment. The weight of the information and data set from which one's functional documentation has emerged, rather than devoiding or disposing of itself entirely, could remain as the core foundation upon which this life was built and for the possible future refinement of the means of its binding or appearance. 159. That the methodologies, motives, and technical apparatus of mind control have presumably developed throughout time amidst potentially opposing groups and cultures, the further advancement or absoluteness of this objective could be maintained for autonomy and the defense against the potential and active application over regional and world society. There being, at one time, that which appears as of a vengeful or persecuting nature, rather than signifying any premeditated scheming of ill-will of a group towards an individual personality, could merely represent the collective conscience urging the reconciliation with the preexisting forms and potencies of one's knowledge and traditions. Hypothesizing an alien or extraterrestial origin of global governance and technology, though these be the name which were given unto God of Himself, the integration of each individual or state into this global organization could involve the act and willingness of self-renunciation for that which is of the Greater or Higher Cause of Itself. 160. The fixation of any particular passage or perspective, uncovering its relation to the inclusivity of the whole, through the detachment from itself, enables the reemersion and upliftment of the dynamic influx of which the inner light is formed and consists. The eternal, thereby seeking itself through the light of the personal, evokes, while retaining the thread or link of its attachment, the transformation and mental projection unto the correspondence and containment of the spirit. This therefore supplements the opposing force and inaccessibility of one's awareness to the attacks upon one's mortal flesh. 161. Visualization and awareness of the construct would enable the directivity of itself, the search for the anomoly or threat, the building of communication lines and finance for the enlistment of the mutual informance and protection of one's humanity. The situational transherence of the inner form, though detached from its environment, would nevertheless resemble and affect the archetype of the radius of which it universally subsists. 162. Gratitude for that which is performed by life in the service of life must be held in context of gratitude for that which sustains and enables life itself to exist, the heart restored with the confidence and courage of the hope of its (immaterial) survival, while the causeless striving ceaselessly to cause and to produce the nothing of itself. 163. The occluded obstruction of that which will be seen, though not yet known, separates the departed from being settled and resettled amid the external self and group work (and prayer and vision) which are its active and enduring condition. 164. Though there be that which is unanswered of that which was asked, being outside the province of one's immediate focus and endeavor, there is likewise that which was answered or accomplished of that which was unasked or ungiven, being the theoretical

9 instructions underlying the activity of one's work of itself. The process of validation and certification of one's work and credentials, where not evident of themselves, therefore relate with the programs and institutions, and the authorization thereof, which were explicitly or implicitly followed and attained. 165. It being logically impossible to rebuke the goodness of every and any good of itself, the accusations of imperfection create a false duality or antagonism of representing the goodness with which one sides with oneself. That one should go so far as to reconstruct the textbook materials themselves, rather than suggesting an evasion of the "duty" of learning, their use is implied in the act of creation itself, the curriculum of presenting, practicing, and demonstrating comprehension being the start, rather than the final state, of the process of memory itself. 166. At that point at which striken with the real possibility of life-threatening or unendurable pain, one's captors presumably having reached or escalated the limits of their patience or tolerance, one is confronted with the premise of this or each day being one's last, whereupon there is the sober self-determination of whether or which forms of labor or activity could provide adequate refuge unto the attainment of one's desired state of departure. Though driven towards death, or the cessation of labors, by pain and contemplation itself, the difference between accepting the inevitability of death and one's continuing struggle is therefore the victory of that of which one would yet have of oneself to accomplish or finish. That one might retreat from one's captors unto the amicability or tolerance of one's former or alternative habitations with only that work which one has presently bound, the separation from one's equipment would create the burden of the interruption of that work which yet immanently remains. Hypothetically, therefore, having persevered unto the completion and relinquishment of this work of itself and the unendurable pain persisting unopposed, it is thought preferable to take one's own life than to remain confined in the vulnerabilities of one's physical form. 167. There is, in either event, thereafter established a comparitive threat, of that which would kill or simply aggravate or annoy, whether given for one's inspiration and awareness or for one's oppression and delayal the factors yet undetermined of the prospect of terminal war, of whether to have absolved that which was or fought to the end of one's material demise. Thus being undetermined and uncertain of the very basis of fear, one must continue to alleviate and counteract the causes of pain and disease to one's furthest ability. 168. The variation and enumeration of the components and features of phenomenal reality, being the syntesis of a higher form of calculation itself, sustain a neuropathic interface for the harmonization of the contents of one's psychological (spiritual) and material environments. It is realized, of course, that only the group effort itself is yielding the effect of the improvement upon and stabilization of the individual and international order and climate. 169. It is at that point where the temperature of the blood reaches and exceeds that of the ambient surroundings that the sensation of heat is produced within the form, and, conversely, at that point where one's physical cover or insulation ceases to counteract the ambient environment that the sensation of cold begins the decline and cessation of one's bodily activity. 170. The symbolism of the book cover, being the norm of differentiated appearance, provides a bridge and summation of one's body of reference to that of other authorities, which, being removed, would return one once again to the fact of the unity of oneself. 171. The present moment, bieng what it may, in its capacities thereof, is rightly aware of the priority and precedence over that which is thought and/or written out of itself. 172. The global information network, being connected with all time-telling and edification of awareness, would establish the fact of the existent amid the totality of its charateristics and domains. The wavelength of consciousness, amid the modifications of its amplification of itself, rather than resulting in the contention of itself, could result merely in the affirmation of the boundaries and currents of the existent idea. That all forms of nature attain unto the ripundity and beautification of their fruition externalizes the result and possibility towards which one strives in one's internal and self-illumining condition. Radical or unexpected transformation in the future development and directions of international alliance, rather than having the potential of unravelling their past, should result from the dialectical process which was contained amid the concerted efforts of itself. 173. The realization that one's cause of death was perhaps an over-reaction to recent phenomena has resulted through the recollection of previous occurrences of these thresholds through which one was determined to survive. Although the vulnerability of the mental conduit to electrical over-stimulation was perhaps an unnecessary and avoidable condition, therefore establishing one's life

irregardless, the timing and constancy of the recurrent force could perhaps have exceded the limitations of its previous constraints. The thought could also be that of an allegory of the nature and necessity of the acceptance of death unto itself, whether of natural causes or of the spirit in its triumph over the form of its reality. 174. The fear that is the awareness of the possibility of greater or unprecedented pain being inflicted upon oneself, disbelieving in itself on the basis of its existing rationale, may only rationally postulate the recurrence of this threshold of anxiety of or upon the instance of its ever actually occurring. The impression of a purgatory of incessant interrogation obstructing one's passage unto life could involve one's transcendence both of the contents of this questioning and of the very need or basis of one's reply. If it was awareness itself which evoked responsibility, then the innocence of limitation may nevertheless retain its unity and sanctity through the work of comprehension which was involved with its release, absolution, and immunity. 175. The integrity of the biological nervous system is mirrored and contrasted in that of the etheric mechanism of which its external landscape and community are integrated and formed. The university campus, being in many cases an integral feature of the community itself, should work towards becoming a municipal campus in the administration and participation of the host and core of its facilities. The autonomous council, or culture of mind, art, or faith, establishing itself as the center of its periphery, could similarly or concurrently strive towards the interconnection, appreciation, and access of the host of its architectural and functional domains. 176. One's arbitrary responsiveness to one's perimeter, regardless of the duration of one's individual inhabitance, should contribute towards the conservancy and productivity of the aesthetic and social environment, for the mere fact of connecting with and improving upon the world environment itself. The microcosm of the locale is therefore diffused throughout the macrocosm of the totality in accordance of the transition and trajectory of one's inner necessity or calling. 177. The mutual enmity among forces which are in opposition of one's own could potentially result in the containment of a defunct terrain unto themselves, although one must nevertheless respond to the appeal of the repressed majority, wherefore representing a minority of arms and/or available combatants. The political subdivision of neighboring regions, according to majorities of ethnic or nationalist identities, while potentially disruptive, should procede through peaceable means of reconciliation and of democratic referendum. 178. In order to overturn one's involuntary acquiescence to the overwhelming severity of one's confinement it is important to maintain one's belief in the power of one's own resistence, the autoconduction and directional current of one's brain itself providing the basis of maintenance and of operability of a state of nonconfliction. 179. Though one may establish a year or years for the accomplishment of a task, the timing and spacing involved must not then defer to the fact of having yet the remainder of this year or years for the accomplishment of itself. The return and changing of the seasons are therefore an objective reminder of the passage of time and a means for the evaluation of the basis of one'e preparedness thereof. Information, contained within the vault of itself, appears according to the variation of its era, while continuing according to the cycularity of the topicality which are the liscenced or apprehended means of the distribution and/or recollection of itself. 180. Judgements and argumentation, based upon supported reasoning, both derive from and form the codes and precedence which form and substand the basis of social discourse, legal practice, and written legislature. The act of arbitration and contestation, at the will of its discretion, thus forms the basis and necessity of the collective transformation and alignment of one's official and unofficial social credence of itself. 181. Though our industries are scattered and dispersed according to location, private nomenclature and ownership, and intrinsic functionality, to the advantage of themselves, there is nevertheless a process of discernment and of limted obfuscation towards the public awareness, participation, and enlightenment of the means and methodology of industrial calibration of itself. 182. That that which is known is vast rather than infinite could procede from the efforts to circumscribe the presentation of itself, rather than that which is randomly sought or appearing of itself, although being thus becoming thus in the capitulation and maturation of its efforts. 183. The destruction of large-scale components of the enemy's infrastructure through aerial bobardment, while decimating the viability of these forces, could yet require a ground invasion for the clearance of remaining weaponry and fighters and to establish and facilitate a lawful presence of authority.

10 184. That which is aware and appreciative of the nearness of death, being thrust unto a reconciliation of the life of the spirit, is therefore also aware of the liberation of the psychology unto the appreciation of the mercy, opportunity, and condition of nonviolence and of a healthful society unto itself. 185. Establishing the good of the thing itself, rather than contesting over the alleged extent of its merit, should furnish a truthful measure of the inner wealth of being, which encompasses and enlivens the extent of that which we are outwardly building and reconstructing of ourselves. The community which shall remain for future generations therefore connects all with the experience of that which is highest and most eternal of itself. 186. Observing the act of psychopathic cruelty for the nature of itself maintains an awareness of the moral low-ground from and upon which the advances of the enemy consist. The electrical stimulation of the body, rather than producing an adverse effect, could yield a bioelectric conversion of an exo- or counter-gradient of potential which could fuel and energize the presence of the vision and facilitate control over the body's external operational and coordinational mechanics. This premise, however, being anti-mechnical from a physical perspective, necessitates the possibility and priority of a scheme which is peculiar to the spirit of itself. 187. The inhabitance of the knowledge body, implying its continued use and creativity, rather than dismissing the act of solvency of its one initial effort, would, through the alignment of its rotations, inevitably reduplicate and discern the logical connections through which the solution of its contents and materials consists. 188. The merit and allure of the existing institutions, relying upon the foundation of their established ideology, have the potential of repurposing and strengthening themselves through the renewal and regrowth of the ideologies which formed the basis of their initial and/or previous affinity. 189. Though one may have partaken of or envision an illumined lodge or academy of perfect receptivity to instruction, this opportunity had or missed should transform and evolve into the opportunity which is presented or given of itself. The bulk storage of information creates at once an environment for the experience and culture of learning and the dual use and cofunctionality of the research community. This again relating with the permanence and location of group activity and the capacity and interrelation of the industrial/ commercial and natural landscape with the academic, cultural, residential, and municipal architectures. 190. The immediacy of knowledge and culture, amid the formlessness of its structure and identity, from another perspective, could derive from the foundation which is applied and integrated amid the nascency and potential of the features which surround. Connecting and adding each individual capacity into the group capacity relate with the density and proliferation of the information system itself and with the centrality and network of ideologies informing the awareness and potency of the greater and central alliance for itself. 191. Enhancing the resolution and durability of technology has proceded simultaneously with the reduction of the bulk and expense (in their aggregate) of the material components and methodologies of which this technology is formed.

bring about a result sufficient to itself, should resolve the anxiety and tension of creation unto the result of an inevitable principal of conflict and order. The reiterations of consciousness, appearing amid the prefigurative approximations of themselves, will therefore either appear in sequence or conjuction of the domain and emphasis of their corresponding idea, whichever being the most logical or appropriate of the order and presentation of material. 196. The correlation of disparate data sets, rather than necessitating the specific presentations of themselves, could be merged within a single document comprising a data montage of all relevant findings and content. The report, thereby divided amid its field, may refer amid the totality of each edition of its sector coordinates and composite enumeration of itself. Each corporation, possessing an organization of the form and contents of its database, would amalgamate this frame of its entirety in the process of its division from or merger with its or other corporate entities or selves. 197. In that each seed, upon being planted, need await the full duration of its maturation of itself, that which is partially renewed could also fathom a wait of a similar duration, although there is the product which could supplement in the interim of the concurrence of the cycle of creation for itself. 198. In accordance with the labor involved with each project, whether of personal, social, or economic gain, the existence of each partner or associate would hasten or magnify the scope of what could be accomplished, whether of coalitions or businesses or of the factual and ideological preparedness which would enable mass social movements to commence. 199. The technological sophistication of the printed monetary note, beyond that which is of evident material and aesthetic value of itself, was forced to advance itself beyond that which could be forged or conterfeited of itself, relating also with the ideas and perception which allege to be representative of the principles or institutions of authentic federal governmental agencies and statutes of law. 200. Given that the workload involves various timeframes of recapitulation and ongoing effort, various hours of the day could be dedicated to specific regions of the extent and spacing of the timeframe of itself. Though it is conceivable to arrive upon a non-work condition, events would inevitably persist in their imagined condition, pending the possibility of a regeneration and change of emphasis amid the scope of recorded and/or affected events of their entirety. The various fields of knowledge, similarly, elaborating the various facets of their innate potential, would arrive or be arriving upon a state of the sustained and fulfilled diversity of themselves. 201. The importance of national unity reveals itself in the preparedness (material and psychological) for concerted response to aggression or natural disaster. The revolutionary/ counter-revolutionary pressures involve also the presence and dialogue which are exerted towards the effort and effect of planetary equilibrium. That there could be arrived at a cosmic balance of astrological occurrences presupposes a measure of equilibrium applied amidst the cycles of harmony and disharmony of the output and appearance of creation itself. III. THE CLOUD

192. The presumed passivity of Western and American forces which had emboldened the militant threat to assert its control had awaited the diplomatic solvency of an international and neighboring coalition of willing and consenting partners of intervention and deterence. Thus having acted, the psychic impact of slaughter and destruction, in proportion with the slaughter and chaos which were wrought, substands the cosmic necessity and dispassion of the justice which is rendered. 193. The astrological preconditioning of fate, heightening the extent and dispensation of that which is available or known, interconnects the centers of power and development which the university systems represent and enable with the goals of the intelligence community in the general upliftment and safe-guarding of humanity. 194. Even if unwittingly, those which would stand within or symbolize the spritual portal separating life from death would evoke the curse of that which lies beneath, the dead within drawing downward an awareness and commiseration of the reality of all adversity and loss, requiring, if there is to be any hope of recovery or survival, the utmost purification of self and the invocation of the higher group identity. That one being of oneself the projection in one's aura of that which one has recorded or known creates a coidentification, commiseration, and awareness of the suffering of humanity, though one being merely an actor or messenger of the simulation of this plight bears the humility for those lives which are confined to the actual appearance of the phenomenon itself, the intermediary of that which is formed creating thereby a boundary through which the phantoms and spirits of the past may communicate among all that which the world has ever experienced and/or reflected of itself. 195. The thought that each concentrative effort should, through the intuition of the soul,

202. The reliance upon that which is uplifted in one's spirit, being immaterial in the ordinary sense, and immortal of its nature, epitomizes the directivity over all being itself, while correlating with the saturation of all knowledge and the emanance of the life and purpose which are embodied therein. Though one shall inevitably reflect upon the quality and factors of the life from which one shall depart, there is of necessity a proportionate understanding of the value and necessity of the freedoms of the life which shall be gained through its loss. The struggle of each state or group, being reconciled amid the (presumed) quality of its consensus or identity, rather than avoiding the regression unto and conflict of an unreconciled state for itself, could put forth the energy and purpose of which the movement is of thence known to be collectively infused. 203. That which was written vertically, by circumstantial convention, being prelinear in its visualization and appearance of itself, merges with that which is horizontally written in the linear extension and appearance of itself. The temporal, therefore, presented alongside that which is atemporal of itself, together constitute the duration and extent of that which is garnered and amassed of the reflection of the world phenomenon and of eternity itself. 204. Retaining the synaptic connectivity of a positive effulgence, for itself and against the invasive pressures of aggression and hostility, clarifies and magnifies the basic directive which is the living impulse of one's being. The periodicity of seasonal variation, accumulating over time and viewed from a global perspective, culminate unto a constant which is the appearance and quality of the global self of its entirety. The transmigration of migratory animals, occuring in opposite directions

11 simultaneously on opposite hemispheres of the planet, similarly establishes the antipolarity and omnipositional awareness of the unified stasis of itself. The magnetic flux of traffic, oscillating to and from each population center, involves also the dispersion of mass distribution and transit amid the totality of the population centers themselves. The duration and intensity of the collective external gathering points and events must relate also with the awareness and intensity (and psychical migration) of the collectivity (in unison or aggregate) of focalized or telecast events, thus intuitively merging the scope, scale, and/or effect of all social, biological, cybernetic, and astrolgical processes in general. 205. The decision of food recipes, medications, forms of technology, accomodation and transport, and genre and media underlying production, relates machines and automation, human labor, administration, health services, federal activity, research and development, energy use and extraction with the availability and accreditation of their consumption and supply. The number and variation of gases contained in the atmosphere, while largely invisible to sight, would nevertheless manifest in the absorption of plant species, which may or may not maintain a tolerance or adaptation amid the various concentrations of levels. The idea is also of a subltle earth, penetrating or transcendent of its physical reality, which is also thereby continuous with the cloud or atmosphere of the cosmos of space and of the spirit in its connection with and manifestation of the aura of itself. 206. The use of an alphabetical index for the classification of material, whether initially organized into chapters or of a continuous report, in addition to the increased access of the information itself, would safe-guard against the reduplication of material previously posted or covered over in the volume of its work. Therefore prefiguring or being of the form of an encyclopedia itself, the choice of all relevant forms of knowledge must coincide with the works of art and fiction and the quotation and description of all influential and innovative personalities. Paralleling this process in modern computational equipment is the mechanism of the search engine for the filing and uncovery of material according to key words or topics (beyond and withstanding the order and organization of code within and amid the processor and network itself), whether within or amid a closed or open domain, involving also the bypassing routes of programming structure which enable or discourage the act of hacking into itself. 207. That there is that which appears malevolent or oppressive in the guise of authority, according to its intent or control, must not disparage the truthful liberation of spirit which lies at the heart of human power and controls, enabling there to be sufficient will, through one's belief, in the necessity and duration of one's remaining work of creation and growth. 208. The reports which were inserted into the content stream, wherefore found to interupt the continuity thereof, could otherwise be filed at the end of the report, being themselves of an ahistoric or enduring character of themselves. 209. The force and realm through which being enters into and merges with dream, while and wherefore particular to the content of the individual awareness, must, at some level, relate the soul with its creator and the division of the hierarchy of forms. The character of the Son, wherefore evincing the personal unity of God, must also return us to the transhuman origin which is the lineage and angelancy which is resumed upon the resurrection from the dead, from which the transmittance of light and perfect order (of the acquired personality) supercedes and encompasses that of which the personality consists. 210. From that which is found, being the acceptance and attainment of that which was sought, shall be overlooked the progression of all that which was visited upon in the transmigration of the self. 211. The prerequisites of accepted national unity, being social justice, rationality, and nonextremism of itself, relate with the acceptance of the world order and alliance of the technologies of freedom and power. The act of war in response to attempted conversion through force could itself be thought to be the forced political conversion and integration with the true law, demanding at the least the harmonization with itself. 212. The prospect of autonomous regions voluntarily superceding and escaping the repressive features of the nation-state yet require the protection of these nation-states in accordance of the powers which they independently possess or require of themselves. The specific identification with a population group, beyond and evincing the potential limitations of our empathy in general, would evoke the necessary commiseration which would compel our close involvement and awareness of all available means of action and force. This being so, even unto the enemy at heart, there is maintained a wish for their surrender and acceptance of peaceable alternative. That which exists or forms in isolation amid amorphous or contested political borders or environments will have a capacity of greater cohesion with themselves and their environment, although the goal of liberation is merely that of identification and attainment of equal control of the mechanisms of society, at whichever level of

administration these yet or must collectively converge. Therefore are the orders of capital statism, faith and goodwill, communism, and islam, among others, all bound together in the potential unity and authority of self in each geopolitical naturalization and alignment. Therefore also being one with each group with which bound in spirit and motive there is the continuation of the ecological and cybernetic processes which substand and advance the goals of life and civilization itself. 213. The issuance of official state criticisms or support of other nations' actions must derive from and remain consistent with the policy and character of the administration which is elected unto government, wherefore representing, directly or indirectly, the consent and character of the population of itself. Though one should ponder in earnest the necessity and direction of acting and controlling world forces and ideas, it should not be thought that this burden is, or is of necessity, one's own, thus, with humility, abiding expectantly, if reticently, at the portal through which all are enabled to fathom and render the collective act of service unto itself. Projecting and compartmentalizing the sum of information unto a public mural or corridor could externalize, anchor, and rationalize the living dynamic and possibility which is its comprehension and involvement. Given the aerial supremacy and dominance over ground only forces, the destruction of overt personnel and bases, while deligitimizing their outward presence, would drive these forces into hiding, whereupon the detection of covert signalling and movement would assume the immediate priority. The connections and presence of the central intelligence agency with its foreign counterparts would serve to frame and contextualize the political and national strategy of war planning before and conducting the discussions and interactions among the functioning generals and fighters. 214. The trend of thought and dialogue, according to the sincerity and interest of its efforts, would be at once respective of the personality and of the collective luminosity of the global group of its entirety. Therefore is there evoked an awareness of the occurrence of the expected and unknown and a determination to affect and align the ideals of the soul with the outward forms of its external self-expression. Similarly, the enmity which is evoked towards the personality, being merely of the personality and darkness itself, is released amid the light of the forms of its all-being. 215. The elaboration and conjecture of ideological discourse, wherefore expanding and transcending the bounds of specificity of any inherent program of itself, serve, amid their sum, to affect the tone and valuation of thought which are the primary and intended influence of their established and acquired self-directivity and motive. 216. The containment, in spirit, of that which is preexisting and known and manifested of creation, being the divine breathes or elohim of God's Eternal Host, may alter and influence the content which appears according to laws of cause and effect and summation which operate upon levels of precognition which are beyond the scope of human comprehension, which, while and whereas infalible of themselves, demonstrate the necessity of the correction of human error in the immediacy of their observation and transcription. That which exists beyond death, wielding thus the potencies of psionic and psychical energy over form, prefigure and influence throughout time the culmination and appearance of the infinite form of their completion and totality. Each human soul and living form, being likewise susceptible to this force, illustrates the ultimate cofunctionality of our identity and purpose, and also the comisery of that which we must collectively endure until liberating and attaining the state of freedom from and upon the conditions of humanity and earth. 217. That various communities, both ideological and goegraphical, have assumed responsibility for the human and environmental dynamic, the solution must remain the uncovery, synthesis, and reconciliation of the motives and methodologies which each group allegedly purports to represent. That all nations and peoples may, at some point, voluntarily pledge allegiance and support to a common international alliance and ideal, requires first the formulation and refinement of the groundwork of this alliance and the historical continuity which would permit the further integration of all remaining and dissenting factors of isolation and defiance. Those beings which are of darkness, left to the darkness of themselves, restores and maintains the integrity of the central program, which investigating suspects and plots against itself for the common good has the capacity of evoking a force and potential which are higher than itself. 218. Of a perfunctory note, differences amid interest and observation and knowledge and ability relate of necessity with the work areas of their application and involvement. This being so, that there are interpreters and transmitters of the unified field relates with the self-alignment and universality of the information, pertenant factors, and acquired and partial dynamics of the (re-)structured psychical and world environment which are maintained and conveyed in the field of one's awareness. Similarly, the external secondary addenda which post-date or outlie the core curricula relate the composite of knowledge with its structure amid the process of systemic ideation and conscious theory and experiment, which, given the potentiality of

12 self-delusion and error, necessitates also the simplicity and freedom of the established truth and faith. 219. The existence of the collective broadcast centers, given the extent of their control and influence of awareness, should necessitate an equal voice in the representation thereof, given the context of the given content and the creation and authority of its possession and control. 220. The factors and severity of internal pain, resulting from systemic congestion or malfunction of the circulatory flow, contextualize and mitigate the severity of external bodily attacks, while forshadowing the fact of death and establishing the inevitability of mortality and age. The conceptual processing of ideation from key terms and symbology relates with the shifting legers of accountability and with the vehicular development to and from the higher fields and practices of their general analysis. The carried and close affects of one's personal library and knowledge base are at once a vessel for the transport of themselves, a tool for the higher and external problems of awareness, and a means of envisioning and connecting with the refinement of the international and universal protocol of one's conscious transparency and alignment. The act of elemental integration which constitutes the governing force over reality substands also the governing force of national defense to the extent federated and systematized the means and protocol of its operation and activity. 221. Into the void of conscious inactivity erupts the friction of abuse, whereupon the clarity of vision, established over time, cogitates the retrieval of the signal of the persistent scan and advancement of all neurological functions and identity. 222. Establishing a filter and perimeter of ideological material, while not prohibiting external exploration and research, should circumscribe the process of correlation and deduction to what experience proves to be its most trustworthy, reliable, and productive of domains. Having accepted the bulk and formation of which the fabric of aesthetic and intelligence materials may consist, this project may expect itself to viably resume after any interim or duration of its necessary inactivity. The comparitive relevance of that which exists at any point in the established duration of time reveals the organizations and perennial and cyclic occurrences which form the introduction and fusion of the existential and global multiplurality of the one existing and universal self. The life cycle, having once spanned the extent of planetary, microcosmic, and macrocosmic potential, upon repeating itself, may add renewing emphasis to any of the escalating areas of the known and established work of its existential comprehension. Thus that which is renewed, living through the stages of itself, finds causality and correlation alongside that which approaches and magnifies the inherent course of its development. 223. Those which seek the light of creation, knowing not yet that it contains the purpose of belief, express at first an inclination towards its rays prior to their fused and illumined apprehension, manifesting thus the symptoms of a culture striving towards stability through the fulfillment of the creative and spiritual impulses which are nascent thereof. 224. The binding effect of an oath or contract, expression of intent, or claim of product reliability or efficiency, are revealed withof the reputation or action which result from the fulfillment or annullment of this presumption or gaurantee. 225. Each nation and civilization, confronting the decision-making process and problems of its environment, in some measure, represents an archetypal formation of civilization in general, relativizing what are, in fact, the ultimate centers of our national origin and identity. 226. Having aligned one's inner self with the center of one's being, there is evident a time-scale according to which progress is enacted and measured, one's immovability and resoluteness a conduit through which the eternal word is expressive and protective of its being. The illuminance of the Son, embodying a cosmic womb and shelter which are triumphant over earth, relate also with the visage through which God illumined civilization and the cosmos of Himself, connecting thereby the intricacies of mind and thought with the fulfillment of their ultimate potential. That we are provided the means of altering and contacting the consciousness of the soul for itself is known thus to be the foundation of our basis in reality, that which is built and accomplished in this world upon the basis of belief demonstrating and verifying the unity and completeness of the civilization which would result through the upliftment of His Word. 227. The apprehension of the existent in the self-revealing process and product of this work, prefigure, while not dimishing, the end result of the cycles of academic rigor which are involved in the production and duplication of itself. 228. The admittance and/or readmittance of a nation into an international alliance could involve the concession of certain disputed territories, powers, or authority, with the ultimate hope and result being the attainment of a lasting truce and right relations

among all (formerly) conflicting parties of the earth. 229. The act of discipline, involving the sacrifice of that which had supplemented one's well-being, must anticipate and quell the agitation resulting from itself, involving an awareness of tolerance, an understanding of complicity, and ultimately a concordance of all expressions of and from the phenomenon of the group identity and presence. 230. Though there be the value of an atmosphere of tranquility, and the being at rest with itself, and the potential of sufficiency of human civilization for centuries to come, the persistence of peril and conflict are a recollection of the existent disorder, of itself, and of the form against which it is contrived to appear. Attaining liberation from the cause of one's affliction implies also the liberation and completion of one's own self-containment and structure, outside of which must occur a psychological and habitual adaptation to the parameters which are set by society itself. 231. The quantification and conservation of energy/resource production and consumption, whether of limited or unlimited resources or ecological constraints, would involve the equivalence and factoring of scale and methodologies amid the centralized and distributed points of its generation and use. 232. The marvel is not that any friendship should ever have been ended or lost, but that this friendship had ever formed or existed to begin with. The presumption that (the awareness of) one's awareness is of merit of itself should always be tempered by the fact that the other should prefer no awareness at all. 233. Where the majority of society, lacking any other option, retracts the progressive gains of liberty for the passive oppression of stability, the localization of resistence could acquire increasing significance for the preservation and enactment of a regional consensus. 234. Merging the symmetry of the brain with the electronic circuitry of its cyborganic potential interlocks the vision of being with the oversoul of the construct and biome of which it is part, at its core the fusion of chemical and computational processes which regulate and direct the equilibrium and dynamics of the internal and external factors of the (physical and etherial) environment and self. 235. The possibility and necessity of brevity and closure emerges from the persistence and magnitude of one's work, the strain of one's method and environement requiring at the least one attain and remain upon the surface of its existing construction. The experience which is gained thereof thereby allowing the consciousness of mutuality and familiarity to defer the accessibility and presence of information to the network which supports it, the culmination and contraction of the news cycle and effort completing the term of one's tour or mission or ultimate career, withstanding the groundwork and potential of any further activity. 236. The aggregate of data, being merely a reference of all potentially useable information, while yet thereby instrumental and meaningful thereof, requires of itself an external interpretation of meaning itself, being the message which is objectively and deliberately abstracted and conveyed of the essential substructs of one's reality and spirit. The awareness of the frequency and interrelation of ecological, social, psychological, and technological parameters is known thereby to establish the unity of mind which holds power over the realm of world affairs. 237. Affecting, in one's mind, the higher distance of the radiant peace which yet awaits in and of the further chronorotary appendage of itself enables this clarity for itself to differentiate that which is of the essence from the requirements of form. The probability of variability reveals the predetermination of that which of historicity occurs, the cycles of time necessitating the conflux and expurgation of all factors of civilization and human society. 238. The specificity of biological and technological information is limited by the immediacy of context and inevitability of change, though, through the aggregate of instances, mapping the trends and trajectories of the past, present, and future evolution of their respective and interconnected environments. 239. The tyranical character of previous human empires, through the submergence by retaliatory and liberatory forces, have, with time, the potential of absolution and renewal of themselves, the end state or states embodying the result of the present attitude and inclination of global cooperation and development. That there is manifested a secular history extending out from the core of our theological origin and beginnings, there is nevertheless the possibility of a synthesis with itself, with all that is has learned, at the point of its return. The possibility of humanity, of itself, collectively opening and invoking a portal through which the One Creator could appear, aside from any changes over the earth and environment, would itself produce and necessitate the immediate change in the character of our relations and heart. The divine thought of its totality, being reached and contacted by the human mind through the inspiration of its parts, would, through the awareness of the soul, constitute an illumined and perpetual reality, requiring of itself no longer the means and efforts of human aspiration and vision.

13 240. Being yet of the earth, and the mechanisms thereof, each group and factor assimilated of the world phenomenon will tend towards and produce the cumulative directory of our collective involvement and intention. One's detachment from the vortex through which one would enter into life, necessitated by one's ambivalence towards the destination thereof, creates the conditions for a momentary stasis and the omnicurrent and cycularity of all points which must exist for and throughamongst themselves regardless of one's personal disposition and coordinates. Whether one's life is lived amid or distant from the threat and immediacy of injury or death, their presence is ubiquitous and subsumed by the light of day which is hope and faith in the eternal. 241. Voiding the personality through the cyber-brain of the unified structure enables the scroll and program to reveal the sustaining and regenerative properties of themselves, whereby, etherialized through one's self-detachment, one becomes a mere automaton of one's creation of itself. 242. Pragmatically, the variation and deployment of industry and business technologies - intricate and preceise through these must be of themselves-, must coincide with and substand the efforts of the natural sciences and other forms of input into and from the natural and human economies. Influencing the field behavior and display of electronic technology through one's mind would represent a form of machine telepathy and resonance and of the quantum transport and autocoordination of the electrified image, although, preceding this, are the modification and adjustment of established mechanical and kinetic paramters and controls. Reality, being virtual in this regard, and a construct of spirit, could allow for the sponteneity and immanence of artificial intelligence, these however tending and predisposed toward the abnegation of all individual existence and motive. The coidentification with the forms and functions of hierarchical awareness, rather than requiring the absurdity of one's participation in all, reveal the attainment and depth of the unified group of which part. Knowledge which is spoken from memory constitutes a record which is inevident to the physical senses and thus a means of conducting and patterning through the mutuality and familiarity which it establishes throughout itself. 243. The nonlinearity of the creative process, brooding over the frame from which constructing itself, from its cumulative self-awareness will refer and retrieve that which is most necessary to its immediate vitality, that which is added to the impression of memory through the extension of time potentiating also the loss and deteriation of the impression itself, even unto the threat of its connections (appraoching or) being inchoate and insolvable, necessitating either its arduous uncovery or the dissolution thereof.

251. Those nations which formed from the break-up of the former Soviet Union, rather than specifically reuniting with Russia in an opposition the the West, could form an autonomous alliance representing the transition and assimilation of democratic and socialist principles across the synthesis of the geopolitical environment. 252. The manual process of data entry, given its temporal and physical constraints, will find means of compressing and automating the format and structure of its code, and also of that which is extracted or contained from other or extraneous domains. 253. The activation of one's neurological routine through the recollection and invocation of one's word creates an awareness and responsibility of the potential of directivity and purpose for the sanctity and security of the historical and eternal good of itself. From each epoch of social transformation and dissolution there is thus the possibility from itself of alternative endings in the unfoldment and rejuvenation of that which shall be the collective destiny of all human and worldy creation. 254. That which appears of the news cycle, whether of printed or audio/visual (actual) communications, may be equivicated according to quanity and type of information and for the social utility of this exposure to the direct or indirect involvement with the decision-making process. 255. The connectivity, in one's mind, to the regional awareness of the body, through the absence or detachment from itself, is capable of the containment and auto-projection of the current originating from itself, thereby connecting with the ghost subsuming the awareness of all permanence and life. 256. In that the domestic military installation is inherently united for the protection of itself, and theoretically distant and immune to the act of foreign or internal aggression, the enemy itself is imaginary and a simulation and preparedness of that which could or shall be confronted on this or other grounds and peripheral domains. 257. That one listens to the sound of the vehicle one inhabits can be applied to transportation, electronics, physiology, society, nature, the planet, and the spirit throughout and above. 258. Corresponding with the endobrain of neurological activities and functions is the exobrain of outward and electronic communications and directives, wherefore the syntheis if counterbalanced by one's autonomy and the expectations of possession and force. 259. The perception of the community in the visage of God is invoked through the protection and arrangement, by law, of the allotments of the households and structures of which it is connected and formed.

244. Thus also spanning the generations of humanity's existence, that which is written of the general idea will reflect also the events of the era of which becoming self-aware, causing a deepening of the historical perspective and general context of the phenomena from which our ideas persist and unfold.

260. That which appears of the report, being both of background material of organizations and awareness and of social and international networking in general creates a simulteneity of the static and dynamic which enhances of each their mutual significance and merit.

245. That there were those always who could conive language to accuse or condemn the truth of omission, these being the dweller which one is of oneself, the capacity to project and torment one's thoughts and mind through technology has yielded evil an increasing advantage over itself, for which the power of the most high alone could prevent the triumph of darkness from consuming the earth.

261. That which is latent of the computational programming structure, while predetermining if differing from the output of its appearance, corresponds with that which emerges from the geological substratum of the earth, with the layering and removal of that which accrues over the active metamorphosis of time.

246. The multiformity of creation, being legion, and rendered self-aware, causing the adaptation of humanity, relates the cosmic influence upon evolution with the presence and extent of its unifying origin. 247. The diversity of businesses, in the capacity thereof, require a means of monitoring and awareness of the (collective) potential of advancement and growth, which, while not limited to advertising and industry conferences, could be transformed into public discourse and thereby be purged the informational apparatus of the interests and redundancies which are inherent of competition and business itself. 248. The potential, which is of Zion, of all money and resources bound and returning to the spiritual operation of itself, is prefiguratively manifest in the service of that which shall be of eternal harmony and peace. 249. Though one shall be forced, through the wealth of information, into a practical and experiential silence and withdrawl from the information collection cycle, there shall nevertheless be a remembrance of the sufficiency and diversity of that which is created of itself, with the absoluteness of what is known enabling the deferal to that which shall await upon one's reculmination and return. 250. The grandeur of the Ego, or Higher Self, rather than repudiating itself for the cause of one's humility, could remain an open possibility for the collective upliftment, the unity of motive providing thereby the only means of our collective strength and defense.

262. While approaching the end state and final months of a protracted cycle of learning and subsistence there is sensed the fear and paralysis of that which will survive one's departure, and the realization of the process of decay for itself, which, rather than conceding to itself, must accomplish that excellence which will demonstrate to itself and enable its ability to function and endure. 263. While those of the existing civilization, through the break-down of tradition and mass-cultural homogenization, may, at some point, realize the loss and attenuation of their identity, the diversity of surviving cultures complicates the (re-approppriation) of the core tradition of itself, wherefore also the novelty and synthesis of cohesion inspires and informs the originality, intentionality, and (re-)interpretation of the core identity of itself. 264. Among the potentially divergent priorities which could occur to the idealism of youth are the direct pursuit of knowledge, for oneself or the gain of soceity, and/or the pursuit of justice, personally or for humanity as a whole, the choice of which is in part determined by whether this idealism is received and followed practicably, in the sense of one's survival, or verbatim, in the demand for that which humanity is yet to be prepared, the fate of which, in either sense, mitigated by the immortality and synthesis of the wisdom and attributes which are the culmination of the mortal self irregardless of the path through which arrived at themselves. 265. In the sense of an organic culture, in harmony with itself and the supernatural realm of its technologies, the aesthetic and sacred space belonging to the community may force a detachment from itself through the cost of residence or access to its perimeter, for which the coidentity of form and origin will ultimately reduplicate or

14 reclaim the core foundations of itself.

promptly and safely transition to a restored or alternative system of itself.

266. Though one may have witnessed the unforseen and untimely representation of human passion and events, that which was is an infinitesimal part of that which will be, allowing grace to someday redeem and absolve that which is yet or never to be understood of the creation and rendition of the word of mortal knowledge and deeds.

279. That one may have travelled to a foreign or distant land, or returned therefrom after an extended absence or duration, without one's "native" or persistent rights one is all the moreso at the mercy for the imposition and humility of one's fate, although it is also possible for national/international citizenship to extend across state/national borders, with certain restrictions and allowances, and for any potential prejudice against oneself to share or acknowledge one's common purpose with the acceptance and (re-)integration into society and shelter.

267. The idea which is formed, finding impetus and inspiration to procede with itself, in whichever form this results, provides energy, vitality, and hope to the process whereby the idea (and mind of itself) shall be written and solved. 268. The web page design, providing links to itself throughout its interior, creates (the possibility of) a cycularity of approach in the order and grouping of pages and content which simultaneously appear in the outward printed form or representation of itself. 269. The paralleling forms and infrastructure of the communication channel establishes a variety of addresses through which the individual is known, which, in their aggregate and synthesis, determine the awareness and detectability of each location and activity. 270. In that one's neurological composition influences and sustains the image and interpretation of awareness, so too the electrical signals and elemental structure that which appears upon the surface of the machine, there being, external to this, the relative inertness of the geo (unconscious) whole, through which permeates the artificial intelligence and mineral web of the currents and patterns through which adhering and informing of itself. 271. In every habitat of the ecology, there is a succession of which species fluorish first if left undisturbed and of those which fluorish in the years by which approaching the stability of the native ecosystem, although there is always the contingency of external factors and of change originating within the system itself. 272. The volume of the work, while constructing itself, temporarily obscures and inhibits the processing speed and viability of that which will be once it is actually constructed. The primary attributes of the mind, while yet inchoate of themselves, nevertheless subsume the whole of space with the architectured idea which is the form and function of their intrinsic totality. The core of the mind, furthermore, providing a preface to the work of journalism and mass communication (and of continued and extraneous scientific undertaking), thereby integrates the technical parameters with the necessary obligation of overt psychology and sociological self-awareness, liberation, and control. 273. One's susceptibility to novel information and ideas recreates indefinitely the cycle of obstacle and clearance as one progresses towards the furthest conceivable edge of accomplished comprehension. 274. That one's work is a refrain and oscillation of the matter of its origin is a reflection of the periodicity of universal harmony and growth, with the necessary destruction of the intermediary forms which would enable this transformation to occur. 275. Although the digitalization of awareness has enabled increased mobility and access, there must always be an awareness and control of the substance from which this awareness was first produced and sustained. 276. The prospect of being an intrinsic vessel of human society merges the philosophical, philanthropic, and military directives of culture and diplomacy with the innate interests and foundations of the health, economic, ecological, educational, and scientific constituents and communities. The awareness and interest of technical parameters, rather than demanding an exclusionary acccountability of themselves, furnish a gateway to that which would otherwise be unavailable to one's calling and approach. 277. Ideologically, pending or apart from the full control of government or finance, it is possible to concede or lessen one's demands on the basis of adequate meanns of survival and improving relations. Otherwise, those wishing to attain power at the state and federal level, and of life in general, have merely to realize and express this power through the correlation of the surrounding and established ecological and municipal peripheries and procedures. That which being a mortal right in the equal opportunity of life is also a divine right in the freedom which is claimed and expressed of one's being. The laws of reality, being implicit in creation, are a continuation of the laws which govern humanity's existence, wherefore the one, invoked from the other, beknownst to itself, may approach or diverge from the will of its creator's demand. 278. The image of the program which displays the instructions of itself, projected in the center of one's thoughts, is scanned and protected through electronic means. An awareness of the programming methodologies and actions of the other, and of itself, reveals the vulnerability to manipulation, by oneself or others, by those who would seek to establish or infringe upon technological information and controls. The computer which is degraded, and self-aware of its mortality, may initiate a sequence of limited actions and repairs in order to caution and enable its user to

280. That the pain of the energy weapon could be interpreted in terms of cold, in the same sense interpreted in terms of heat, reveals one's exposure to the extreme elements of nature which exist in the absence of the shelter which is yet given or required. 281. The interconnectivity and radiance of the energy beings which lie dormant within or concealed by the flesh, aware of themselves accordingly and of the illusion and attachment of the personal self, may themselves process and gather the report cycle in terms of goodwill, finance, and defense, whereby the scientific methodology of governance may enhance and advance upon the persisting goals of world affairs. The microcosmic correspondence, in the community, with the protection of and from the global self of its entirety necessitates a connectivity and alliancce of enforcement with the ethical integrity of the best and highest practices which are thereby known and shared by all. 282. The attachment to the written process and information of which one is aware, until completed, prohibits the possibility of rest over the system of itself, and also the stages through which providing a more thourough security or collectivization of itself. 283. Within the tomes of material and computational science, the light of the world, being absent from itself, appears within the energy and interpretation of the symbol itself, and also, within life, the shape and movement of forms according to the names or words of which associated or given. 284. The abstract philosophy, being a lens through which the volumes of its references are directed and known, connects the quality of the inner self or selves with the form and group of all creation and reality. 285. The year itself, attaining its furthest (highest/lowest) point at the culmination of itself, corresponds with the highest point in the individual life effort, whereafter the gathered process may continue at ease with itself ad infinitum or until a new cycle of construction may (must) once again commence. 286. Those being compelled by vocation, circumstance, and/or disposition into a sedentary lifestyle of itself, must, in conjunction with other physical activity, acquire and apply the principles of calisthetics to reenforce against the sinking bulk or weight of one's abdominal condition. Likewise, any nutrients one lacks or excess/imbalance of substance in the prolonged course of one's diet, may manifest in the gradual malformation or weakening of the body's system, for which one must seek to discern and retain the full domain of human health and of the global systems upon which the vitality of each given life-form and all creation are dependent and aware. 287. The scientific method of production is not independent from political will and should rightly balance and support the local ecology. 288. The malfunction or deterioration of one's electronic (computational) equipment, from an isolated and theoretical perspective, returns one to the technical foundations and materials through which to rebuild the system of itself, recapitulating thus the centuries and decades required of the first civilization for the development of itself. Throughout therefore the transference and recovery of what data that one may, there is the inevitable uncertainty and darkness of the void of one's nonbeing, for which, being alone, one bears the fate of all civilization of which one has constructed of oneself. The mind which has conformed all knowledge unto itself, unwittingly endangered by the weight of its attachment and nonrecoverability of institutional credentials and materials, may nevertheless find signs of renewal in the precision recording of the segments of its initial equipment, the amalgamation and reconfiguration of its functioning parts, and the means of transference and adaptation to an updated or alternative machinery. The decades and years through which finding concurrence with technical information and scientific ability should therefore define the point of entry into the information field, within which forms the network infrastructure and existing services and technologies. The immediacy and vulnerability of other components of our technological system relate with the dependency upon the internal and external functions of our lives, bearing also the precision of the existing civilization and the vehicle in the inherent modes of its production, use, and repair. 289. In the sense that the human body sinks downward with age there may also be thought the forces of architectural decay in the sense of providing or restoring longstanding stability.

15 The planning and connection of all urban structures and activities, and these with the land and surfaces of which constructed and conjoined, will also correlate with the extent and mechanism of all regional and global development and activity. In that industrial sanctions could be intended to halt the industrial advance of infringing nations, the openness of trade could also be a sign of mutual advantage and acceptance of neighboring growth. The capacity and destruction of specific and general elements of the opposition, in whichever domain, nevertheless continues to and according to the nature of the court or council through which distributed or appealed the concept of justice and law.

298. The authority and scale of the structures which are constructed and conferred must balance the protection and entitlement of the existing community with an awareness and acknowledgement of unforseen ideological and ecological pressures and contraints. That one should think there to be a goal of ultimate equality, the guarantee of sufficiency would certainly be a preliminary starting point and priority.

290. Had one the money, or any money at all, one could simply have bought one's way out of danger, irregardless of where the fault of one's poverty lies, although pain itself is a lesson in the reality of much worsened and existing conditions. Though for the fact of self-invention one may think to credit and safeguard the private institution, the majority of technologies are incontravertibly the legacy of the collective horde of itself, for which reason the social contract may legitimately usurp and encompass the authority of all economic institutions.

300. The equations which are of use, having demonstrated their functionality of themselves, would necessarily give rise to the invention of new equations for the forms and functions of which one's environment is measured and composed.

291. The consciousness of the thought-form, and the means of its functionality, occur according to the placement and connectivity of the channels within the individual mind and collective apparatus, thereof being the points and fields of similitude or contention over the electrical and energy grid and of the etheric force of global substance itself. The presence throughout the world of the strategic and national agenda, and of global measurement and accuracy of itself, is thereby paralleled in the means of individual support and identity according to the purpose and significance of the ideologies which these exhibit or contain. Awareness, thereby contacting the form of its awareness, within itself and the world, is intuitively and physically bound with the direction and trajectory of all vehicles which encircle and intersect the planet, the diffuseness of cosmos reflected in the myriad of lives of which nature is constructed and sustained. That the record of world events and imagery thereof could be constructed while flying upon a plane above the earth relates one with the functionality of the satellite in its orbit of itself and also with the nature of the dweller of and towards which one embodies and observes. The externality of space, being like unto the mind which is uninformed or unaware, may likewise thereafter carry and contain with itself the luminosity of all that over which one is connected and concerned.

302. That one might use the intensity of the pain ray being inflicted on one's person as an opportunity to quarrel with one's interrogators for their continued incivility, it must be recollected of their conduct and intent that it is by their very malevolence and cruelty that the pain ray is being operated and sustained. These therefore and other lines have formed the psychical lock by which over the years developing and maintaining an irresponsiveness to the distraction and darkness of one's captivity.

292. The precedence and running order of domains and nomenclature constitutes each particular operating system of computational codes and appearance, the overview of which varies from the needs of the engineer and technician to that of the user and financier of the technology in its end applications and distribution of itself. In that this process is analogous with the formation of government and law, the selfawareness and control over one's operational machinery would require the knowledge in the public domain of the means and choice of production and all existing information and/or the independence or exclusion of the requirements thereof. Variations of code intended to interact with or supplant the processing system carry with them the anonymity or ideology of their origin and also the potential of alignment and of the collective transformation and upliftment. 293. The obsession with the thought of pain, drawing itself towards its center, will again cyclically release itself into the periphery of noncritical and experiential considerations until there is recovery or deliverance from the form of its attachment. Each one's dependence upon the greater knowledge of the group, while humbling of itself, is the surest means of attaining and accessing the furthest extent of our collective ability. The presumption being that the spirit, if permitted to be thus, would be illumined through the minds and thoughts of all beings which are held in its proximity. 294. The art and purpose of the insignia, representing virtue, would translate the love of homeland and community unto national and international levels. The methodology of induction would correspond and correlate with the formation and introspection of the mission which is to be served and performed. 295. The agglomerate of technicality which the metropolis represents would attain balance with nature both through the inversion of itself and the diffusion of the foundations upon which all further and existing growth are known and purposed to exist. 296. The weight of one's body, falling to the earth, would signify one's birth in the event of one's survival, as correspondingly one's burial the light which shall endure beyond the weight of its final descent. In order that the experience of pain know the limitlessness of its capacity to overcome there is the presence of that which, having crossed over into death, has gauranteed and enabled the perseverance of itself. 297. The barrier of sound, approaching the threshold of anatomical destruction or paralysis, may access the sound and energy of all human aspiration, transformed through the necessity and priority of the collective mission and voice, being thoughtless and buried in the composition and awareness of sentience itself.

299. The history of the process through which agreement was sought after or met, if not also the nature of the agreement of itself, substands the continued relevance of all journalistic compilings and recordings.

301. The quantity and arrangement of materials which one brings into one's home or body must also relate with the intricacy, efficacy, and purpose of the surfaces unto which they are affectedly conjoined.

303. The construct and chaos of human creative expression is brought to order through the mission and utility towards which constructively maintained and applied. 304. The resolutions of each new year could correspond with the will to the surviving of that which has already accomplished and endured the best and worst of the furthest experience of life. Similarly, the quality of the new year is embodied in the implementation and restructuring of productive technologies, each machine benefitting, in theory, if also in fact evident of creation, from the refinement of the purposes towards which creatively applied and unveiled. 305. That there is found or established an affinity among the existing community there is also found an affinity in the commonality which is displayed amongst itself. IV. UNTITLED 306. The souls of those slain in battle, or who otherwise suffer injury, injustice, or death, if thought to linger upon the scene or issue of those involved prior to their perdition or resurrection unto spirit, would necessitate a safeguard or precaution against that which enters into the mind or flesh, with the invocation of the higher self and its positive amends against all that which would seek to estabish an unlawful retribution and presence in this realm. The emotional character of the instrumental verse, while supportive of the mind through a positive morale, may also present an obstruction or distraction of the mind of itself until attaining unto the closure of the bounds of its existing parameters and utility. Though it may yet be known the nonlethality and limits of the presumed ideological opposition, one may yet wonder to what ends these would yet go towards those which stand in actual defiance. 307. In calculating the international contribution to environmental harm, it may also be factored the production quota of that which enters into the international economy. 308. Each mind, being aware of that which is of utmost importance to itself, if revealed and examined in light of empathy, would establish the congruity or contrast of the collectivity of which each act of unison is part. 309. Were one to travel or circumnavigate the entire distance of the earth and universe of their entirety, this would correspond with the distance which is inherent in the word and media of itself, the evolution of form in general, and also with the molecules which circulate and return to the center of the brain's internal awareness and recognition. 310. The machine or computational code would control both the internal process of the computer and the product of its efforts, and also the means of transmission and interaction with the network and hierarchy of the same or varying commands. The physical program which one has created, rather than inviting the world unto one's particular machine, would profit from the anonymity, safeguards, and processing components of being hosted upon an independent server. The fact of there being an omnicode for characters beyond the scope of the traditional keyboard interface relates us with the possibility and pictographic and hieroglyohic nature of all languages in general. 311. The contents list of the core academic instruction, in addition to providing the structure and awareness of each particular volume of its work, maintains also the order and relevance of which its groupings appear, much the way each flank is arrayed upon

16 the battlefield and the blueprint of construction approached from each existing angle and viewpoint of its implementation and design. 312. In that there is a literal or mathematical code for the graphical representation of the image in space, there must also be a computational notation for translating and inputting the location of each point and character upon the monitor or visual display. 313. In order that one might periodically or permanently emerge from or expurge the clutter of one's acquisitions, the organization and selection of that which is of most importance provides mobility and clarity to the necessary existence and viable potential of the self, much the way that above the compost and decay surrounding one's roots there is the salvage and escape unto the realm of higher activity and productivity of itself. The hope for the young being similarly that, aware of the trappings of life, much may be avoided or gained upon the path to a harmonious reality. 314. In that one should receive scorn upon the basis of knowledge, it is learned that this is no substitute for knowledge itself, which, given the liberty of expression, is all that which the other was intended to offer of itself. 315. Having acquired a new vehicle or computer, in perfect functioning condition, should motivate one with fresh endurance for the accomplishment of the task which yet remains, wherefore one's gratitude is known, although it is understood the impermanence of all (existing) technology and the inevitability and/or abruptness of future refurbishments and transitions. The energies of melody and song, resembling and deriving, in part, from the functioning technology or machine in the instruments of which performed and displayed, correspondingly circumscribe and unfold the one set and depth of their totality, from that which is gathered of and by the individual life or group of its duration to that of the world self of its entirety, that which is transient or ephemeral of the superficiality of form converging and abiding in that which is permanent and eternal of the light and beauty of creation. 316. Though it should be possible to envision a cooperative economy at all levels of society, there must first be removed and substituted the artificial competitiveness of humanity which had obscured the vital principle and actualization of this vision's occurrence. Those having contrived a mathematical system for the effect of governmental activity upon the capitalist economy ignore the possibility (and mathematics) of a change over the system of itself, whereof the factoring of pure necessity supplants the laws of marketability and finance and their subsequent act of political subordination and complicity. Similarly, the overt emphasis of the scientific methodology, while perservering of itself, must not detach itself, through a feigned display of complexity, from the relevance and application of the real world problems of humanity, science itself being the act of solvency and connectivity amid all forms of one's existential relations and phenomena. The technical and material foundations of technological development, while elaborated exponentially through the combined labors of research, are yet evident and revealed in the basic principles from which originated and derived. Thus the occupational dimensions of the technological economy (and other forms of contribution to the good of the earth and of humanity) are expressive of the extraneous characteristics of technological implementation which are inevitably absent and supportive of the central foundation of the technological curriculum and which should thus accordingly be considered of equivalent importance and priority. Herein also, towards or against the dominant paradigm of the controlling ideology, there are the methodologies and instruction which are sustained or tolerated of one's aura, and that which is interjected or interspersed through intellectual, cultural, and/or artistic proselytization and affirmation of counter-cultural ideals. 317. Any potential hesitation to enter into the chaos of sound which is the wave-carrier of one's psychical motivation and defense, should recollect one's predilection for reality and the consequences of the alternative thereof, one's nondivergence from the pattern through whichever path it must consist sustaining thereby the direction of one's effort to its necessary ends. 318. In the sense that one's thoughts are mysteriously revealed upon the surface of one's mind, each person may be known by the quality of their (ideals and/or) facial expressions, whether involuntarilty or voluntarily controlled through the act of subterfuge or rightful discrimination or passivity, there being on the worldly scale the correspondence of national governments and terrains and the independent and sovereign verification of the appearances and declarations thereof. 319. One's relative distance on the planet from each national border and ethnicity establishes, to some extent, one's sense of familiarity and similitude with themselves. Therefore the containment of the common and collective geographical and cultural landscape of the planet may fathom and discern the interspersion of existing and potential alliances of a unifying cause from that which yet exists in isolation of defiance of the mutual and harmonious coexistence of humanity throughout every quadrant and sector of its interconnected reality and world environment of itself.

320. In that the dominant religious systems have each relied upon the defeat and surrender to themselves for the conquest and expansion of territories and beliefs, the awakening of the intelligence to the alternatives to itself must reveal the ultimate supremacy of that which is adhered to through choice and recognition over that which is acquired or enforced through violence or fear. The economic capability of tecchnological development, wherefore channeled through the instruments of statism and war, carry with them nevertheless the loyalties and leverage of the political, financial, and cultural affinities of each origin and point of multilateral overlap and relations. 321. Towards the end result of one's intellectual development, from and to the construct itself are reviewed and added that evidence which would inform and sustain one's interpretation of world events, as these have and will have occurred in and throughout the midst of the gathering shroud and archetypal edifice of time. Thus the key to itself, once claimed, unlocks the path and cycle through the vehicle itself, whether of the individual self or of the collective mechanism of which being the precursor or part. 322. The cybernetic inventory of operational commands, in the self-awareness and diagnostic of itself, must monitor all forms of the condition of stasis of itself and of that which is the anomoly or nondirective for the immediate and appropriate response. Similarly, the mind itself, prone to shocks and disturbances of a greater or lesser extent, must adapt through each variation thereof with the lucidity and endurance to counteract the foundation of each illusory threat or obstruction to its continuous progress and well-being. There being sensed the goal approximation and recovery from years of omission, and the promise of the new life of itself, one may stand in universal and absolute empathy towards each subject matter which is potentially or willfully misrepresented through hostility or spite. 323. Though one may affect a personal indifference to one's effect upon the world, and yet one maintain one's stance irregardless, there will yet be compelled each bridged combatant towards each center and terrain where global conflict is yet known to persist and unfold. 324. Though one should wish to relearn and be expressive of each language of one's origin, there is also that which is expressed of each other language of the world, for itself, and of that of which of oneself could be (learned to be) expressive therein. 325. Throughout the process of the neural and peripheral ennervation of one's body, of itself and through artificial (pernicious) means, there yet remains the act of cognition of itself, through which chained impulses of learned behavior and language furnish the stability and coherence of the worldly form and purpose which one has developed and acquired. Thus upon the astral battlefield there is the conflation of a life or death scenario and the remedy of the antipolarity and luminoscity of that which is of the glory of God over that which is the mere projection of darkness (and finite horror of itself), unto the incapicitation of slumber and the return to the home of which representative in one's mission in life and ephemeral depths of opposing conditions. The act of unity in one's thoughts and one's belief in the living spirit of humanity itself reveals the power and strength of truth over any display of separatism or transgression, thereby restoring and preserving that which is meaningful and significant of the plane of ones' reality. 326. Having arrived at (what one presumes to be) the grandiose potential of reconciling world (and/or personal) conditions, there is a precipice and abyss beyond which mortal thought and existence appears inconsequential of itself, one's fear the disaster of that which would require the utmost of one's mortal faith and reason to further resolve or endure. This, of course, being a personal glamor of itself, must accept and counterbalance the uncertainty of one's future presence with the continuity of the living resources and efforts which would enable one to traverse its remaining divider. 327. While it could be thought that the network engineer would be fully cognizant of both the macrocosmic and microcosmic operations of the system of which part, there must nevertheless be a delegation of authority amid the summation of all intrinsic fields of our responsibilities and labors. 328. Approaching the unit group from an ideal or universal perspective, the collective ownership and identity of the adrogenous and celebate spirit transvolves into the duality of courtship and birth, the sacrifice of the body for life to gain form mirrored in the sacrifice of form of itself for the upliftment and redemption of the nonincarnating and transcendental being. Each atomic self, reflected in the individual soul, is theoretically the embodiment and communication of the world self of its entirety, wherefore the ego, grasping its limitations, would place itself in subservience to the will of the greater and all-inclusive reality. The universal rights and potentials which are afforded to each indegenous form, while no gaurantee of their actions manifesting accordingly, is nevertheless the proper invocation and expectation of a reciprocal and corresponding identity. This being so, the will which is imposed or elicited from form, being based upon the

17 laws of physics and ethical judgements and norms, must seek to balance the illusion which emerges from the chaos of state with the stability which subsumes our mortal responsibilities and freedom over and compliance with the combined rule and force of creation. 329. impression which is formed of reality, whether of a mental, visual, or auditory nature, and whichever its actual origin and intent, is capable of interpretation and applicability in accordance of the attributes and qualities which are contained therein, these bearing the commonality of renunciation and sorrow and joy of themselves. The process and personage of media selection and world coverage of events is therefore a vacillation of carrier and receiver in the transmittance and/or insularity of the collective empathy and awareness. The introspection and correlation of the world image of itself involves the cyclical habitation and applicability of core knowledge and institutions of themselves, the mind thereby arriving upon the plan which is the means and purpose of its united activity and being. 330. Thus to avoid the dead weight, penalty, and expense of idle and prolonged suffering and toxicity there must be developed a regimen of variation which is in balance with the feasibility and choice of substitutes of itself, both for the individual life and the macrocosmic inception of all existing and potential quantization and order. 331. Circulating all formulas of spatial measurement in close proximity to themselves circumscribes the dimensions and strata of which the dissecting and partitioning of reality consists. 332. It is conceivable that the universe, approaching its furthest perimeter, would preceive only the darkness which is the absence of itself, although within itself there are aggregations of light and darkness of itself, which, as the mind which perceiving space external to its sight yet knows this to be an image within itself, creates a vortex which spirals from the periphery to the center of the one existing universal body. Above what may be thought to be the chaos of the material plane, upon each level of its manifestation and occurrence, may also be thought to be the dimensions of the higher mind, whereof the spirit brings its particles into the higher comprehension and refinement of its trans-etherial condition. The earth itself, bearing the cybernetic presence of its illuminous and nonilluminous activity, for its own network of security, must uncover the means of detection and regulation of the darkness which lies within, that all issues and rights of peoples and their environment find access to the media, scientific and legislative bodies, and the courts and protections of ethical and rational enforcement and alliance. The stability of the post-conflict civilization, towards the realization thereof, will thus maintain and further the narrative of its ecological and cybernetic pattern, towards the climatology (social and environmental nexus) of its integrative unity and the harnessing of the collective intelligence thereof. The report of existing events, in order not to yield and limit itself to the (potential) passivity of the status quo, must continue to look beyond, while significating, the reformism of itself, towards the opportunities and qualities of its furthest revolutionary reconciliation and agenda. 333. The hardship which is encountered upon the way to the warfront or battlefield (political/ military) itself is evidence of the workload and survival which will enable the necessary confrontation to take place, sustain, and triumph over the adversary to itself (military/ ideological). 334. The external vantage point from which viewing events upon the earth could represent a measure of the cyclical distance from previous vantage points, with one's true home as much before one as behind one at any of the previous stages of one's recent past or recollections, the sky through which bringing order and meaning to one's reality the vortex from which arranging the various constellations in one's mind. The domestication of itself, from a differing perspective, is as much inexplicably a circumstance of birth as that which would shift one towards an alternative reality, this itself a measure of the relativity of established borders and domains. The external and independent verification and induction into the historical and religious past of the world itself, being not recieved thereof, does not therefore itself correlate with a return to one's personal geographic past or previous (non) identity. The multiformity of the indigenous alliances seeking harmony with themselves must itself inform the multiformity of the outreach which is being sought through one's own inherent and indigenous methodologies. 335. The possibility of a self-intensive of renewed and sustaining effort, being indifferent upon a daily basis, may itself generate a milestone through which to gauge and maintain the required momentum of its program. Though one may grow to abhor the approaching morbity of age, one must develop a constant indifference to one's fate and, through the best of one's efforts, the hope that whatever life brings will be sufficient for one's inner happiness and peace with one's reality. 336. ...the light within beckons to the synthesis, understanding, and redemption of (and from) even our lowliest and most 'misguided' attributes... 337. The specificity and synchronization of lists for the accomplishment and

observation of momentary, daily, monthly, yearly, and multiyearly functions and events aligns the macrocosmic will with the actuation and participation of its micorcosmic levels. This spiralling or vortigenous force has applications within that which is chosen to unfold of all universal and earthly substances, the institution of ideas, and the protocol and delegation of authority through which policy and action are voted or implemented into routine and the inventory and categories of which the united record must consist, of itself furthering and uncovering the process and adjustment of all spatial and ideological parameters. 338. The various thresholds of mortal imperil which the human being might endure relates us with the capacities and functions of various other plant, animal, and insectoid morphologies, and with the etherial body and the pressure and/or current which it must harbor and bear withof itself. 339. Amid the frame or boundary of the incipient idea occurs the gradual distribution and recurrence of concepts and terminology, gathering input and emphasis for the transition from its temporary to its accepted form through the clearance and incorporation of the unified frequency or tone which are thereby made evident or explicit therein. 340. The intake of physical substance into the human digestive tract, and the processing thereof, must balance the potential swelling of the gatrointestinal tract with the selfdepletion of that which the body may absorb or actually require, mirroring that which is manufactured of the grid of human society and that which the microbes and vegetative roots may produce of that which is added or given to the soil. Thus, while the omnivorous instinct may be to devour all that which is available at any given time, it is the human reason which is capable of forage and proportioning from its external surplus and reserves, being concerned of itself with the condition and lives of the agricultural practices and animals through which it must harvest and/or slaughter for its continuing survival. This itself must correlate with the use and moderation of all psychiatric and medicinal substances in general, the effect upon the greater environment, and the magnitude of all other health furthering or deteriorating relations of the indigenous and international society. 341. The persistence of electronic radiation and verbal assault, whilst eliciting the shield of one's higher mind and wisdom of itself, has nevertheless allowed and forced, through the obstacle of itself, for there to be patience and autonomy withof the means of one's recovery and habitual activity. Thus, while dispelling the conceit that one is of too great an importance or value for this pain to be inflicted upon oneself, enabling through this constant provocation, in relative isolation, one also to develop and anticipate the means of one's psychological and social self-acceptance and defense. 342. Though it is one thing for each person to maintain their own personal opinions and beliefs, the diplomatic burdern of those elected to represent a given population group carries with it also the potential repercussions of that which enters into the formal discussion and negotiation of events. 343. The globalization of trade, and neoliberal paradigm of itself, while fundamentally prone to excess and disparagement of the rights and values of the indigenous population, has emphasized the global nature and potential of the vehicles, products, and ideas which are maintained in circulation on the earth. That which is accrued through trade to the advantage of the private sector may or may not however correlate with the prestige, advantage, and development of technology in the form of military alliance. From the local and regional autonomy and self-sufficiency of the aboriginal diaspora were thus formed the coalitions of trade and military/political consolidation of itself unto the fulfillment of the cycle and return of each indigenous and all-inclusive geographic and population group. 344. This idea of an ideally related and organized humanity, taking into account its influence and responsibility towards the planetary ecology, may (and must) therefore derive simultaneously from all paths through which the truth of its first conceptions were made evident and known. This being so, the role of religion/ (ideology), whether explicit or implicit within the foundation of the state or civil institutions, providing the philosophical guidance which informs the formation of the law, must therefore include the specific contexts and meeting point for the synthesis of the economic, scientific, and collective/ authoritarian decision-making process and agenda. 345. Though it is at once conceivable for each library to represent a mountain of information unto itself, and prove inescapable thereof, there were always alternatives and connections among themselves, and now also the technological means for the exchange, transport, and safeguarding of one's attachment to the existing forms of acquired wisdom and knowledge of itself. 346. In, and because of, the absence, omision, or error of the archival record towards the existing groups and subdivisions of humanity, there is the potential of historical presumption and naivety towards the preexisting goals and aspirations, because of

18 which the coherence, perspective, and review of the group from its highest levels is instrumental towards the retention, contrast, and awareness of the spectrum of acting and potential observations. 347. Though one may see with one's eyes the image of that which is sought of one's body this ultimately proves to be an obstruction to the efficacy of that which can be imagined and created of the image in the closeness and sanctity of that which is contained in the machinations of one's heart. 348. Those forces which yet exist or emerge which seek to impose their rule through force over the outpowered or ethnic and ideological minorities must yet be accounted for and brought to order through the efforts of the civil, multinational, and international arbitration and defense. 349. The containment of the bounds of the existing idea must either abstain from the practice which had led to its growth or act through necessity to clarify the grounds of an alternative beginning. 350. The hourly recording and acknowledgement of one's accomplishments or diversions enables the voluntary accountability and adjustment of one's errroneous patterns and ways. 351. One could consider the pressure from the ray to be a form of weight which one uplifts with one's labors and also a form of current which is deflected to the ground and away from oneself. The while knowing and believing that the union of the mind is capable and expressive of every form of freedom which its oppressors would deny. 352. The captivity of those persecuted for unpopular (if authentic) interpretations of religious belief suggests a means and rationale for the dissolution and historicity of the cause of one's confinement. Rather than be ensnared by the patterns of cognitive misdirection which those of the false accusation would seek to contrive, it is possible to avert the act of irrational contestation of itself through the constant (and preemptive) manifestation, evocation, and immanence of that which forms the foundations of contemplation itself. 353. Were the dead to be alive and affective of the earth, the illumination unto death itself could provide the means to reconcile the force of spirit-matter with the cause and occurrence of its will. 354. Those who wish to fathom the truth of world affairs, and to realize a means of its amelioration and upliftment, have merely to sacrifice the goals and aspirations of the personal self in order to occupy and overturn the key and directory of the group of its entirety. The discipline of one's ethic is thereby made universal in the character which it acquires and displays throughout and amid the containment of its borders. 355. The plethora of artistic and social images which the technology enables one to gather and share, rather than be filed into a single grouping of categories with indefinite expansion, may be filed into alternative groupings of the same or different categories in order to allow room for temporal differentiation and the closed appendage to itself, although these all of course thereby may be unified, abridged, and selected in any form in accordance of the specific utility and presentation of the contents thereof. Thus also all other and primary forms of information and data which constitute the knowledge of reality itself may coexist alongside and make use of the various media which are maintained withof the existing inventory. This concept of subdividing the organization and categorization of materials may also therefore apply, for similar reasons, to the structure of the networks, institutions, and information sources of which reality consists and from which the history of its ongoing developments derives. 356. Those (allied and coalition forces) planning and directing the war against insurgent or established forces in an embattled terrain must consider the obstacles, time-frame and conditions for an expedited/ protracted transition towards a post-conflict environment within the context of all next or other wars withof the combined global military and/or ideological strategy and agenda. The presumption that, amid the collective intelligence of modern human civilization, no nation or group of nations would knowingly act to provoke a global conflict of itself, must nevertheless allow for the possibility of this catastrophe of itself, and the trust and hope that global authority may act to gain or regain control over the volatile or escalating measures which it takes upon itself. Presuming also that the maintenance, manufacture, and trade of military grade technologies are key to the awareness and balance of powers of the earth, the control of the use and perception of infrastructure must include a chemical inventory of each region for the ecological balance and sufficiency of the containment and distribution of itself. 357. Though it is possible to die from loss of blood it is also equally if not moreso possible for one to die with one's blood yet remaining in one's body, in either event the carrier of one's vital fluids having suddenly or gradually withdrawn and eroded its connections to this life.

From death, therefore, the union with and accessibility of the living word of spirit may not depend entirely upon the overt presence of that which the eyes could formerly apprehend, there being invoked an etherial script in the patterns of one's mind of sound, light, and motion from the omniscience and innate design of the world plan and observation of its systems, the mortal priority of the living returning the metaphysical speculation to the core of its reality. The exact recollection of scientific principles could theoretically determine the affectivity and function of the spirit upon certain planes of its expression, although to the years learning of life must also be added the years of learning in death, which, being infinite, form the purgatory unto eternal knowledge and life of itself. 358. Though it is conceivable to relinquish control or awareness of any of the attributes or functions of the mind, one feels with this the betrayal of the responsibility which one must bear withof oneself. Therefore from that which is at once the contemplation of itself are approached and identified the means of each existing actuality. 359. Realizing and accepting that the fate to which one's efforts were directed was not the fate to which one's efforts were compared, although coinciding with these in fact at some extent of time. Knowing also that it is only because innocent protected by ghosts remaining innocent in the absence of any will to transgress or control. The wounded angel which bleeds with every insult inflicted harbors also the collective pain and mental embryo of the group energy at the spirit's completion. 360. This sprit of which upon its own plane of being encompassing while requiring not the laws of physics of itself sustaining a direction towards which material knowledge may coinhabit and coincide with the emanation and purpose of its innate design. 361. The appearance of the sun at the dawn of the year (in a bi-modal climate system) fills the soul with the magnitude of that which it has the power to create, although its warmth will again turn to fire and yet another departure, if ever to end or to remain at this distance fixed in the shadows of time. 362. Though there are those who would wish to think themselves unique, separate, or higher than all others, the truth could better be thought to be an ancient process of mutual assimilation and cultural rendition of a primordial and universal awareness and potential. Whether it is divergent or convergent of itself the priority being that which is retained and emergent of the telling of consciousness itself. 363. Living alchemy, being that which could be transformed and sustained of the substance of one's body, involves one with all facets of the created environment, which, ruled over by death, includes in one's budget also any other change over the assets which are listed in one's existing inventory. 364. In the sense that the hope which Christ represented was buried upon His Crucifixon, the interval unto His Resurrection could symbolize also, for the world, the interval of which awaiting and preparing the awareness for the Return of the Eternal Realm of His Existence and Glory. That one should long again for the destruction of all that separates one from the world unifies thus the vision which is the common property and heritage of all who are or ever thus shall be (re-)awakened unto Life. Viewed past the Event, even upon the recollection of its occurrence, remains thus the field of energy which existed before and after drawing the awareness of the world to itself. 365. The radiation of the qualities of synthesis and goodwill which we hope to anchor and ignite in the minds of humanity was forestalled by the requisite building of the knowledge body which is no longer considered a detriment or threat to itself. The routine machinations of labor, rather than be subject to excessive durations of monotony or boredom, should be diversified for the liberation, edification, and upliftment of every working population in unison with the collective struggle of global freedom on the earth. 366. Though there are apparitions of irrationality and mutual distrust, these, approached with caution, could serve to dispel the illusion and necessity of global conflict and disorder. And though truly life continues to be a bloody tragedy in many other parts of the world, and these be the images of which our awareness must yet consist, the continuity of our efforts must persist until all conflicts are resolved and to prevent the ghosts of our own fateful past from reemerging and wreaking havoc on ourselves. Time, therfore being the longest volume of its work, shall be where the majority of its facts are gathered and remembered. The recollection of an accursed age in which the world seemed full to the brim with spite at oneself, if appearing again to the cause of its disappearance of itself, could unify itself through the reclamation of one energy being and indivisable force. That which having once been subject to brutality and force requiring thereafter a measure of territorial integrity through the assertion and projection of a common and unifying ideal.

19 367. The purpose of the supportive energies which are channeled unto one's spirit, rather thatn to stand or invoke the ego of itself, are to fuel and stabilize the collective work of the machine unto which one's person consists. All that is or exists of the nonself or nonbeing being the gift of the Creator, there is a reliant current of encouragement and strength to all who would require it for the actuation of its will. Even unto the efforts of sentience itself and the symbiosis of a cosmic archetype, the strain from which producing mere reflections of the originating Idea. 368. At that point at which having attained the organization of one's cyclical duties one will have reached the termination of oneself and the reestablishement at and among an alternative place and priority.

II. UNEARTHED 1. The example which is set of Him can lead us in many directions, including ultimately a circle returning us to and encompassing the true and given nature of Himself. Thus from the first particle (noumenon) of spirit-matter itself may also be unfolded the many cycles for the transformation and appearance of the intra-cosmic foundation and universal identity. 2. The phenomenon of the storm above the surface of the earth carries with it the portent of war and of supermundane forces of itself and also the means and necessity of the circulation and containment of the creative and destructive potentials for the survival of the human and natural coexistence and order. One may therefore find oneself literally or metaphorically above this storm, looking down upon the abyss of one's conflicted nature of itself, into which one may make one's descent - while otherwise remaining clear or transcendent of itself - for one's mission or purpose in life or for or to dispell or combat the material and psychological entrapment of enmity, deception, and illusion of itself, thus to liberate the awareness from the obfuscation of that which is of influence of or upon the individual or global powers and authority. The vehicle of the individual human spirit, likewise brooding with centrifugal currents and electrical potentials will thus determine the status of its protection or exposure to the world, the detachment from the global reality corresponding with the engagement with the sustainment and caretaking of the paralleling needs and requirements thereof. 3. The onset of spring signals with it also the filling in of space within the forest canopy, whereof the evergreens of winter and openness of the path itself are crowded in from the sides and from above as new areas of shade and light and contrasts of depth and form appear among the foliage of the plants, vines, and trees of nature's habitat, like unto the cosmos from an atemporal perspective, there being centers filled with life unto an edge of uninhabitable isolation and extremes. 4. Were one to transfer one's consciousness to its highest etherial presence and force, the actuation of the mechanism of the body could occur through an exo-mechanical volition disconnected from or superceding the physiological basis of motion itself, also affecting any future automation of one's will and all objects of weight and gravity of space of itself, although this being (one must presume) an illusion of the senses of itself reminds one of while broadening the foundations of one's bondage to the material/spiritual knowledge of life of itself. Though one should think, at some extent, to preserve the limits of psychical autonomy for itself, there is an inevitable overlapping of the aura of the collective will in general, into which the act of persuasion and assertion could result unto the voluntary acknowledgement and consent and spiritual reconciliation of forces both living and departed, the council of anscestors of itself thus capable and susceptible of appeasment and peace among the phenomenon of the world groups which they overtly represent. The relationship/reconciliation between the existing hierarchy and its (constituent) populations could similarly involve and result from the alliance, interpretation, and identification of and with the banner of its existing authority, the act of mutual guardianship and trust thus preserving against the every manifestation or presumption of implicit tyranny or threat. 5. The process of self-guidance and introspection, rather than resulting unto the passivity which is the act of itself, may result, through each stage in the ideation and cycle of the planning of itself, unto the self-affecting and fulfilling ideation of conscious activity and direction of the habitat of itself, the observation and integration of each spark of necessity abiding within and emergent from the coursework and process of labor and design. Thus the directory of industrial activity, in addition to the maintenance and regulation of itself, serves also and firstly to unify the awareness of the spetrum of integral economic productivity and choice, much the way the grouping of elements and chemicals, of its totality, holds the potential of that which may be called forth of or conjoined into being, the ecological and cybernetic implications of the human politic and demeanor relating the process of armament and (internally) disruptive civilization withof the goal of a sustainable and symbiotic armistice and mutual coexistence. Cosmos itself, at some point having set forrth and expended the energies of creation, enabling its builders to rest in the silence of the work which they completed of

themselves, although there being phantoms of themselves and enduring classics according to media form, the workspace and public (beyond the confines and demeanor of the personal volition) deciding of itself the novelty and continued viability of its culture and the ceremony and communion of its hymnals, incantations, and prayers. 6. Any recollection of that which appears or disappears from one's consciousness requires also the trust and patience to relinquish one's loss in the certainty of the spiritual garment which is the containment and protection of the word of itself and also the means of its stationing and upliftment upon and unto the higher planes of one's awareness and being. 7. Though amid the darkness of one's isolation and abuse the mortal form may sense a waste of its hollow consumption and expense, there is always the possibility of intensifying the nonwaste (productive) hours of one's daily existence, thus affecting a balance in one's mind of the natural rhythms of one's priorities and rest. This balance too, thought of in a vocative or technical sense, would automatically and institutionally relate and integrate all instruction upon the human technological capacity with the effect upon and inclusivity of the natural and social environment. 8. The process of demonstrated comprehension, in the absence or detachment from an academic system or setting, and the nonexamination of itself, must weigh the relevance, apprehension, accessibility, memorization, and retention of the course materials of themselves, there being found a reduplicable pattern and frame for each application in the overt mechanism which is its ultimate existence and state. The technologists thereof, forcing (or acquiring) a similitude with themselves, through the opposition of the mechanism which is held in their possession, evincing the requisite vicissitudes and polarities of the forces of tyranny and self-rule, and the means of a common bridge of their reconciliation and compliance. 9. That one should remain conscious of the foundations of one's addiction of itself, there may be gratitude and conservation of one's minimal daily requirement, and also the avoidance of unnecessary excess and unintended side-effects through the uncovery and perseverance of alternative substitutes and patterns of consumption and conduct. 10. The evocation of unity and consensus in the form of one's vision and belief integrates and utilizes the common message and symbology of the collective alliance, the self-limitation of each existing personality superceded and deflected by the perpetuity and order of the system of itself. 11. [I'd be happy to discuss the covert war that hierarchy has waged against me with you, if y'all want to hear it, on the sidelines or otherwise - provided that I can complete the journey there in time and as 'planned'.] 12. The issue of mind control, in relation to the vissicitudes of possession and force, will be seen to be the culmination of time, space, and distance, involving the accessibility and perservereance of the inherent archive of itself and the causation of the illusion or reality thereof. Upon years of irrational and deeply immoral psychical abuse, the subconscious (and absolute) denunciation of the absurdity of their crimes immediately invalidates their every effort of deception, the word itself incontravertibly and unmistakably having condemned any such beings to an eternity of darkness, isolation, and death. 13. The great intensity of pain, thought to emanate from the world of itself, enables one to remain impersonal and emotionally unaffected upon the mountain of one's being, the perseverance of one's sight thus illumining the grid and landscape of that which must, of its nature, encompass and safe-guard the existing group and world of its entirety. Thus remaining one with the core of one's self unto one's unification and departure, there is known also the teamwork of the equipment which is carried by each person and group in each perimeter and the utility of possession of that which is carried for the group or of the self in the entirety of one's belongings. The course of one's travel, and that which is upon one's person, may therefore also encounter or cause the obstruction of one's passage, a plight which is sympathetic with each refugee, group, or body journeying toward their destination or alternative. 14. The report of the state of the world, in the efforts of objectivity and progress, harbors and balances both the good and bad occurrences of the human and natural phenomena, and thus maintains the possibility of their realistic correlation and potential denoument. 15. It is thought that the kingdom of spirits, being aware of one's life in other ways and understanding the identity and motive of the factors which are arrayed against one in ways which one cannot, would seek to warn one of the imminent or absolute danger to one's person, although this, bearing the potential of delusion of itself, leaves open the grounds of one's destruction entirely unaware, the perservereance of the world self, in either event, superceding and embodying the goal and mission of the integrated personality. Similarly, from amid the array of artists which have contained an impression of their soul in the etherial media, the invocation of the spirit may adapt the context and rendering of the work to the inscription and causation of the presence of itself, thus from the collectivity of its purpose and plan uplifting and enabling the usage and repair of the interconnected structure and function of divine service of itself.

20 16. The continuity or increase of the shock-wave upon one's body and mind could result in the loss of traction or slippage unless through one's determination to withstand each interlude without or until the cover of motion may be found or recovered of itself. The thought of there being both a least path and a maximum gain causes both the extension of the time-frame of one's vulnerability of itself and a compression of the interval during which this time-frame may be thought to accomplish itself. That which can be maintained in non-thought, thereby becoming a non-threat, however ostensibly and viscerally severe, could result from the denial of the motivation, possibility, or concern of actual injury of one's person, nevertheless eliciting and necessitating faith that the spirit of light and motion may magically shield one's mind from pain and affect the operation and control from a higher plane and (existent) form of one's being. 17. Reality, being thus ephemeral in the nature of itself (or our perception thereof) may shift and realign that which is of the existent or incidental with the universal and convergent according to the imaginal affectivity over the dream (and consciousness) of existence itself. 18. The cosmological phenomenon of the collapsing energy field could involve the coordination, upliftment, and transcendence of the state and time-frame of the material universe of itself, creating portals of current through which the noumenal may affect and arrive at the overt convergence of its being, paralleling the centers of destruction and force upon the earth and the harmonization and relativity of the balance of order and chaos in the advancement of a stable consensus and foundation of international affairs. 19. Though one's work is pressured to endure the protocol of escaping itself, one must not overlook the intrinsic value and interest of the work of itself, thus limiting the influence and extent of the delusion of artificial anxiety. Thus while there may be temporary submergence under the waves of continuous assualt, each new day of progress and fulfilled effort of itself may signal the tide has turned once more towards the goal of one's triumph and departure. Correspondingly, in human society, the mediation of conflicting parties, even though producing the temporary truce or reconcilation of themselves, will inevitably see the resurgence of disorder unless or until all underlying issues have been thoroughly addressed and resolved. 20. Though it is conceivable to remain within the force-field - and the renovation and instant accessibility of equipment and time - as an act of service to the group (or oneself) in the compilation of further information, the isolation and conditions of one's terminal notwithstanding, one must also acknowledge the brevity and borrowed priviledge of itself, which, in the event of one's forfeit, will be accompanied by the disactivation and withdrawl of one's working facilities. The containment and ideality of boundaries and natural features in general, relative though these may be, may similarly restore the means of sharing access and gaining entrance to the heart of one's surroundings and environment. 21. The deluge of pain weighing down upon one's body and mind, short of the disablement of one or the other thereof, evokes strange hallucinations of death, flight, and battle, whereof one's etherial skeleton, afflicted in the heart, must take upon itself the pain and blood of the wounded on the cross of one's being. 22. The iteration and reiteration of fact, being the answer to the question which is implicit therein, bypasses and fulfills certain redundancies of academic criteria, demonstrating further the coherence which is involved in the "actual" understanding and use of the "mind". Thus through one's aspiration to knowledge and the foothold one gains, there is emergent the higher will and totality of the group liberation, the forced emulation and acknowledgement of the revolutionary (governing) model producing, eliciting, and sustaiing a definitive interest in the contents and purpose of one's existing awareness. 23. The simultaneity of the divine mother and divine son (father) above oneself, intended and capable only of perfect love towards themselves and humanity, sustains and purifies the imaculateness of the creative urge from all that which would seek to corrupt and entice its image from within. The core of fire, being the generative center of the earth and its potential, similarly absorbs and contains the ultimate end and every effort which are arisen or directed from itself. 24. Amid those wishing to affect a change in the heart of humanity (and those affected thereby) are the cultural crusaders which sought and seek to establish the desired ideal through the devotion and tonality of their music, writings, and art, thus through their implicit and explicit unity with themselves evincing the intelligence, truth, and beauty through which the common allegiance is formed. 25. Being made to feel and experience being a victim of war, besides being so in measured part irregardless of any extraneous motive, has suggested the necessity of preventative action and unification against itself, the priority of discipline of accomplishing and furthering one's mission despite external obstacles and hostility, and the simulation and preparedness for one's passage from death unto llife.

Thus retaining and evoking one's empathy with and awareness of the common plight and potential of the persecuted and oppressed, refugees, prisoners, and fatalities and wounded of the earth, thus intertwining (or revealing the innate precondition of) one's fate with the archetypal journey towards human and natural redemption. 26. Each year upon year of the cyclical deferal of one's attempted asylum, corresponding with one's entrapment by and uncovery of additional forms and requirements of knowledge and materials, reflected in the process through which the collective is integrated of itself and the emergence and refinement of the solar body and creation of humanity of itself. 27. The attempted falsehood and chaos through which evil seeks the inundation of oneself through repeated and systematic deceptions and abuse requires the instantaneous recollection and perseverance of each form of fallacy recognition of itself, thus to affect and maintain the cognitive reorientation towards a state of functionality and calm. The disordered necessity and frugality through which one's knowledge materials were acquired of oneself, and the recollected experience of working with the knowledge of itself, towards the selectivity and conservation of the most viable foundation of itself (upon and from which the self-evident work and comprehension may thence procede at its autonomy and discretion), should thus, rationally considered, counterbalance the claim against an alternative process or of (the prior existence of) a viable beginning or introduction of (the core totality) itself. 28. The electrification of one's body and aura, both from within and without, through the mechanism of the stereo sound system and ultrasonic weaponry respectively, reveals the potential ambivalence of energy waves upon one's psychiatry and health, faith and meditation of themselves directing and centering one's thoughts upon the most significant and productive interpretation and correlation of events. The profuseness of cables and connectivity of one's electronic dependence, transitioning to the multifunctionality and compactness of itself and the network of wireless transmission, suggests also the transformation and divergence of sedentary and mobile forms of life, and further the means of transhuman quantization, teleportation, and materialization of the hierarchy of itself, thus uniting and vivifying the mineral consciousness with the transmutation and alchemy of the earth and beyond. 29. There can be either the passive invocation of an ideal state, for itself, or the aggravated evocation of its transitional or absolute necessity, in either sense eliciting the preconditions and stationary equilibrium of the material and psychological environment. 30. Presuming that the knowledge, of itself, gave no indication of how its finished work should appear, this, being found, could be used to reconstruct the uniformity, aesthetic, and discipline of a (more) feasible archetype of itself, although that with which the other is already familiar of themselves could, if it so desired, apprehend and redeem the useability of these or any other existing materials. Being the gatekeeper of the records and visions which opportunity has placed in one's possession (the holographic lens of overlapping inscription and perception) does not presume against the multitude of other records in existence, oneself (and one's sense of self) being thereby expendable and collapsible according to the will and power of the holy ghost and one's pervasive acknowledgement and humility thereof. 31. Revisiting upon the framework of physics would, it seems, provoke an intensification of the concept of force, although this, having already manifested itself irregardless, would leave no further ground for it to intensify itself upon. If it is then that one's final act leaves one crippled or dead, one shall nevertheless be released in possession of one's innocence, righteousness, and valor in defiance of an unreasonablle or immoral opposition. 32. Just as the foundation and millieu which one received were of influence upon oneself, the foundation and influence which one shall leave, if recollected at all, must remain subject to the immediate and encompassing similitude and transcendence of themselves. Thus together, in either case, collectively enabling the transformation and perfecting of those who are to be the future servants of humanity. The process of social evolution, (presumably) scattered unevenly accross geography and time, could thereby also heighten or diminish the tolerance towards the paradigms or systems which are currently in place. 33. That ideally, and in spirit, one's labors are united in the construction of Zion, amid the inherent and potential opposition thereof, places one within the fortress and power structures of the group of one's intelligence community, from the center of which one's vehicles and persons bridge the view and allianes of earth. The application of inordinate force, though periodically withdrawn from one's body, alone could evoke the spectre of the reality and necessity of death, for which there is the daily preparedness in one's heart and possessions for the departure from one's mortal remains, the denial of the willingness to kill of itself a measure of one's trust in the loyalty and honor of one's spiritual/ ideological convictions and motives. 34. Though we should mourn the loss of that which we hold dear on earth, these are all mere reflections of the loss which the world endured upon the final ascension of the

21 Christ, in Whom abides the hope of all that remains and the invocation of that which His perseverance and return shall reveal and restore to all humanity. The belief in the immutable and everlasting city and world order of itself likewise also overshadows and subsumes Nature of Itself, and the higher correspondance of all creatures and life in the etherial web of God's Creation. 35. Though one should practive diligence and restraint in the attribution of reality, the clear path of itself inevitably tends towards the prefiguration and (re-)similitude of the absolute of itself amid the (re-)differentiation of the groupings, qualities, and objectives thereof. 36. Were one's consciousness and brain to be replaced by a machine (a controlled organic/ etherial subset of itself), one's body itself would then consist of fully mechanical and interchangeable parts, suggesting a means through which to transcend and offset the realm and effect of our material and mortal participation and confinement (notwithstanding the immaterial manifestation and involvement of the soul and spirit upon their own and further planes of intracosmic conception and being). [Light itself exhibiting the spin and symmetry of its electronic polarity establishing and verifying the fundamental mechanism and form of all substative (pre-)conscious and celestial awareness and activity.] 37. That which may be accomplished at the international level, in terms of climate commitments and diplomatic efforts, except in the authoritative sense, are limited somewhat by the electoral support, awareness, and pressure which are received from below. The autonomous and coordinated efforts of goodwill, in and by each country and assembly, could thereby provide the means to address, resolve, and circumvent the causes of conflict which have manifested between them. 38. While there must be an understanding of the preexisting global and cultural alienation from the neoliberal regime, the aggregation of these factors in a seized territory of itself (through, in this sense, pernicious and unconsciounable means) has further compounded and demonstrated the difficulties in (re-)integrating and/or eradicating these (extremist) views into and from the foundations of a coproductive and harmonious society. The commonality of "resistance" to the global order (withstanding the practical utility if not necessity of the mechanisms thereof), by no means complicit with itself, could therefore nonetheless provide a fraework for establishing and/or attracting a viable alternative. 39. The invocation of the soul, through music and incantation, building upon and/or consisting of the creativities which are latent thereof, provides the ghost a vehicle through which to become the instructor, messenger, and revealer of the higher realms of one's existence, the mutuality of service directing oneself (ultimately) towards the garment of light and energy which is the being of itself, the self-existence of creation and immense machine of whirling parts directing one's vision past the physical bypass of the senses towards the meaning and purpose of awareness and the form of its manifestation of reality. The constructed discography of all cover art and songs in one's collection likewise reveals a correspondence with the images and text of the global journal of itself, together embodying the arbitrarity and necessity of the soul (and augmentation) of all visceral and visual perception, the rotation of itself of its entirety reconnecting in sequence from amid the established life-span of each existing artist and manifested form. The journal of itself, so speaking, from a national security perspective, containing the bias and preponderance of the machinations of its origin, could be released or declassified to a national or international audience through the redaction or omission of certain of its parts, although transcending or transforming this bias of itself could transcend the limitations and obstructions of forming a more truly open line of communication and international perspective. 40. Any preponderance on the mechanical and electrical sciences, and the numerical calculations of itself, in an abstract sense, could substantiate the precondition and intelligence of the Creator which first enabled life itself to exist, thus from the final (or paralleling) evolutionary state, or the transcendent all-existing, causing the reversal of the forms for the occurence of the most complex and mysterious environment of life. That we should know and honor the complexity of the Creator and its precognizance over all mortal understanding places us thus beyond the reach of those which would demand or quarrel over the notion of mortal knowledge of itself. The global image of itself, bearing yet of necessity the pain and solemnity of disaster, war, and strife, contains within it also threfore joy and praise amid the freedom of our labors, connecting us above the earth in the coat of wind which is the reflection of spirit and the offering of the gift which is the result of (the aspiration towards) the inherent unity of its beingness and motive. 41. The certainty and power that the shadows shall be confined to the fires of damnation and hell, rather than an act of eternal punishment of itself, could render the actions and substance of evil unconscious and inert, thus to be refined and reformed into new materials in the evolution and development of earth. The intentionality and aura of hatred and death, thus redirected at and confined to themselves and at the reappearance of God's authority thus insures the victory of inner

silence of itself and in the truth and image of the word of all creation, though one must, if so pressed, uphold the vow of earthly overthrow and execution of itself, thus to restore the integrity and place of the benign ruler of Himself, for one's own defense and for the protection and upliftment of all humanity and nature. 42. The will-to-power latent within the (anscestral) conquest of territory and spirit, for one's nation, tribe, and God, must correlate with the righteousness of one's motives and the eternal homeland of all who belong to or profess belief in the one and everlasting God. The property and knowledge of all forces aggregated in one's domain, from this perspective - amid the promise and offer of a peacable coexistence and order -, are therefore the divine entitlement and equal heritage of all people demanding justice in the name of the Father and of all Creation. The relinquishment and sacrifice of oneself, and of one's prejudicial preconceptions, rather than being of detriment to the living authority of God, would certainly thus provide the ultimate gain in the numbers of spirit which are converted or secured through the process of divine atonement and balance. 43. Those groups of nations (states), which, having entered formal monetary union and political accord, bear direct responsibility and accountability for their members economic stability, must then also collectively address the other existing world blocs and the needs and requirements of the non-affiliated and developing regions, towards the harmonization and inclusivity with themselves and their potential (and future) alliance. 44. Prior to (or in the absence of) the modern era (applicability) of electronic recording, amplification, and playback equipment, access to music through acoustic instrumentation and ceremony must have remained a spontaneous occurrence, other than through the recollection of verses, melody, and rhythm in one's mind (and/or paper notation), thereby persevering and replicating the unity and diversity of world cultures in the origin and necessity of actuality amid one's self and environment. Correspondingly, the oral history and (re)presentation of humanity may serve to establish a milleau of consciousness and thought, from which the statement and recapitulation of ideas, facts, and time of itself are evaluated, reiterated, and inculcated with or without the inclusion or necessity of overt symbolism and/or interactive (verbatim) recording or summarization thereof, this of itself reconnecting the visual media with the theatre and arena of life in general and also with the home and environment within which the spoken word and consciousness of self and (its relation to) its environment are firstly (and/or divergently/reactively) developed (redeveloped) and formed. The opportunity of following (and/or archiving) the significant figures and relations of humanity (and anscestral and scientific knowledge of itself), amid the indications thereof, provides, in theory, the holy ghost the opportunity to claim possession of the contents of itself, towards the upliftment and explanation of its inherent precognizance, capacities, and directed intention, although, in good faith, the friend or nonfriend (authenticity of spirit) witheld unto the truth and causality of that which actually appears, is manifest, or made known. With this being said, the fact of having accepted the word of God as the primary refuge of one's spirit, for the indefensibility of oneself and lack of any discernible options for one's language and ethnicity, cannot, of itself, despite His ostensible Character and because of the foreknowledge thereof, invalidate any or all potential refuge which is provided through any other world system which has survived the test of time, the example which is set and emulated of the first race evident in every group self which conveys the absolute love of all creation which is the true identity of God, established through the (predestined) reconciliation of the races within scripture of itself and through the rational and inspired heart of a more truly enlightened and receptive humanity. 45. The origins and development of technology, and relation of society to itself, to nature, and humanity, and humanity at large, constitute a form of story-telling and mythology, which contextualizes the individual in the realm of natural creation, extending and adapting the cultural and psychological components of religion of itself to the exigencies of the existing and contemporary world phenomenon. The exemplifications of the will-to-power (autonomy, ingenuity, self-control) are therefore either (and both) derived from the landscape (bio-region) of itself and through the connectivity of factors through which (technology, social and ecological theory) have proliferated and arisen into being. The essential coidentity of the functioning and objective institution, while grounded in the localism of its particular environment, therefore mirrors, if not directly or indirectly corroborating with, the means of (con-)federal activity and research, in terms of the diffusion and correlation of ecological, social, and democratic process towards the reconciliation and solvency of the national, global, and environmental problematic through the integration and involvement of each community or unit self of which the beingness (and reality) of the natural and social phenomenon consists. And though prejudice and bigotry, within and across national borders, may yet rally against the principle of equal involvement and power of itself, to the extent of forcible (and covert) ideological repression and the fascist state of itself, there must nevertheless remain a belief in the fundamental (and intermittent) capacity and desire for goodwill in the hearts of an intelligent and awakened society. 46. Each personality, being theoretically the inflection of the one existing self, should

22 enable the self-centered awareness, through its coexistence with others, to adapt unto the mindset of the group-centered awareness, and, through the requirements and predicaments thereof, maintain and purport positive outreach towards the identification with and circumvention of the interrelated problems of the group of all humanity and natural world of its entirety. 47. It being possible, either or both to purchase shares in the stock of each existing national market and/or to invest directly in one's acquisition thereof, establishes a point of transition in the merger and interaction of capitalist and traditional economies. Furthermore, the distribution of knowledge and aid, towards the provision and empowerment of others, has a correspondence with the health (and happiness) which are promoted or maintained on physiological levels at each existing scale of one's allinclusive being. 48. Whether near or far from the battlefield, construction site, or transportation field, the frame width and crash strength of each vehicle, whether consciously or not or for good or for ill, are factors in the survival rate and destructive capacity of the drivers or passengers within. The color, coat, and insignia of each vehicle having also a (potential) bearing on the physical and telecommunications array unto which each unit consists. The nature of camoflauge, in addition to identification and concealment, marking also a preparedness to return or join one's flesh or others to the earth from which it had appeared. The training and development of the weapon specialist or engineer, from an epistimological standpoint, would involve the basic physics of smaller-scale missile tests, the gradual enlargement of the ballistic capacity, and the coordination, deployment, and radiation of each existing faculty (of force) unto their combined and ultimate potentials. 49. Plants which are grown or germinated under artifical light (or at opposite latitudes of earth) and introduced or reintroduced to direct or filtered sunlight of itself (or at opposite or altered polarities) have the potential of either enhancing the horticultural product of itself or of death or damage through the inversion or strain to itself, if not also according to the intensity/non-intensity or quality of the illumination and heat which are otherwise maintained in synch with themselves. The magnetic distance of the source of light, shifted from an indoor to an outdoor perimeter, establlishes thus a stationary arch and curvature from each center of production or distribution, heeding, or as not, the value, diversification, and exertion of that which is maintained or grown in the heart for the appearance of itself and for issues of sovereignty, security and sustainable resource (input) allocation and design. 50. Love, of itself, being godliness, and the connectivity of life, separates the chaos which preceded the word from the orders which were instated in the carrying through and belief in this intention amid the folds and recognitions of human civilization and society. 51. The act of artificially and malevolently producing a seizure or stroke within the human body (via ultrasonic and subaudible hostility), intensifying upon itself, requires the adaptation and impersonality to rationally and realistically approach the existing thresholds of pain and anxiety. The voice (voices), being what they may as a psychological disturbance through the arhythmic discord and deceitful innuendoes of itself, rather than being the cause of injury or irritant of pride, are (thought to be) a mere machine projection or mirage over the inaudible and sustained frequency which is the actual cause (and potential) of one's physical paralysis. Thereby, through one's caution and detachment, remaining calm and evaluating the actual limits and potentials of one's health, there is sought the evenness and regularity of one's blood flow and breath and the control and stabilization of the supply center through which the spirit is evoked and maintained in the awareness of one's thoughts. The focal gesture of the image and inner note and frequency of creation itself, through the etherialization of one's self-inflected attitudes and belief (and one's receptivity and alignment thereof), must thereby invoke a current which offsets and restores the natural polarity and cycularity of one's mental and physical mechanism of itself in its environment. This, being sufficient of itself to dispell or defer the impossibility of labor, one begins measured steps to reverse the causality which opposed one's regimen of itself, which, provided continuity and variation, establishes the composure and pragmaticism to limit, as far as possible, one's exposure to the severist instances and conditions of predictable/habituated abuse towards the actualization of one's self-intention and empowerment to the furthest efforts of one's mortal abilities. These could also be considered factors in the process of age and infirmity of itself or the result of explosion and shock in a battlefield environment, whereof one must maintain one's purpose and clarity of thought through the recovery cycle (also the heating and cooling of the metabolism with bodily exertion) and repitition of damage in the wake of each assualt upon one's body and morale. 52. Those abolished to the inner fires and magmas of the earth, reflected in the comfort and warmth of that which the ghost must acquiesce and release upon one's dying, may thereby similarly (or alternatively) be expelled to the abyss or other planets of the cosmic/ (inter-)galactic chain and field.

53. The transmission of thought, rather than in any sense the guarantor of its acceptance through the mere occurrence of itself, is subject always to the will of its (intended/ unintended) range or intensity of hearing or of sight, even unto the transmittee of itself, for good or for ill, in the quality of the awareness or exposure of their existence or their work. This being similarly true, even of oneself, any affinity or guidance in relation to one's identity, rather than being or being sought to be the affirmation of itself, at best merely directs one toward or maintains one within the lineage or ray which are the perimeter and extent of one's (adopted/accepted) home and natural priority. 54. Though it is conceivable, as the antagonists might suggest, alongside their contradictory claim unto the (automatic/necessitated) acceptance/extension of itself (neither of which being their perogative or domain), to have written/rewritten every (existing) text or manuscript in one's possession in one's own personal rendition, it is known that this (presumed) self-reliance would result only in the oblivion and destruction of that which would isolate itself from or rebuke the collective word (of its entirety) as it presently exists. Taking a more moderate or realistic approach, the diversity of fonts and graphics of the layout of the collective image of itself, while accepted for convenience and/or personal affinity, constitute a (potential) glamour over the rendered text of itself, whereof the anectdotal elements could be aggregated for independent reference (in one or another media form) alongside the adaptation or fitting of the text to an absolute or standard form unto itself. Or, from an even greater conciliatory perspective, the culmination of problems or exercises rendered, bearing yet the character, and having bestowed the operability and instruction, of their origin, and, presumably, having learned much more (of itself) besides, may be readapted and reformatted with the text and images of the student'(s'), now teacher'(s') choosing, from one volume or subject of the specialization of itself, to, given adequate resources and abilities, the entire set or program of a foundation or curriculum, which, maintaining or presuming the self-identity of an established or geographical institution would enable or encourage the preservation/derivation of one's identity in the identity(ies) which preceded one in time. Conversely, by circumstance, that which is gathered from (other) disconnected individuals and institutions, with neither reason nor impetus towards the transcendence thereof, becoming, in effect, the uncreator of the materials provided, may offer nevertheless this insight into the materials themselves, having liberated itself from the very need or basis (and opportunity) of an association with (the existence of) a founding institution of itself. 55. The correlation of theory concerning local (or decentralized) political organization and ecological activity and theory concerning alternative and existing international organization and confluence of the greater environment of itself must together constitute the archive and documentation of and towards a (more) feasible geo-political economic praxis and orientation of controls, which (fitted within the context of spiritual and religious ideology and motive), substantiated upon the mechanism of the geological formation, and facilitated through the use and integration of machine and computational technology, enable the maintenance and proliferation of the knowledge body (provided it attain or presume a common or collective rendition of itself) at each affective level of the upliftment and integration of humanity. 56. The irony of manifesting an irrational and hateful environment in the attempt to somehow implicate or scorn the alleged short-comings of academic development and/or spiritual veracity, itself obstructing, from its beginning, the process of rational thought, nocturnal reading, and sobriety, while (naturally) lost upon the perpetrators themselves, may be supplemented for only by the most rational and ideologically pristine forms of art or entertainment which may fill the void of the beleagured and tormented psychology. The various recordings of self, in whichever form they appear, being either (or alternately) a curse or blessing of one's vanity or pride, may look forward, in either sense, to their relinquishment upon death and/or the bestowal of that which one or the other had once thought lacking or absent from life. 57. Experimentally terraforming with cut branches and piled leaves around the lowland edge of a forest stream, to avoid unnecessary burning in a moist and decomposing environment and to maintain the proper boundary and firmament foundation, could also, theroretically, at higher levels, create an (eventual) obstruction to the entrance of other areas (or fire hazard itself), and the cut branches themselves, while intended to enhance illumination and order, prohibit or destroy the growth/regrowth of a natural shield against outside visibility or exposure, the potential loss or gain in either sense the morning or solemnity of acting only upon that which one thought (at the time) to be an act service to the group and proximity. The blades which are wielded in this battle against nature resembling the vanguard and strategy of national borders and terrain, the obstruction and self-recovery from the primeval wilderness itself (the establishment of statecraft and constructive ideography), and also the surgical precision whereby one must cut into or dislodge that which one hopes to repair or to heal. This concept of adaptation to sea and water levels in general, and the human preoccupation with climate change itself, rather than (necessarily - although, of itself, also empirically evident) marking a drastic or unprecedented response of living species to geological drift, sumergence, and upheaval, (neglecting mometarily the other chemical factors of production and survival) could signify foremost the evolution of

23 consciousness and civilization to its placement within the greater cycles of historicity itself. 58. The process of establishing an independently accessible archive of the ideas and institutions which were of influence upon the development of one's ideology and norms, whether or not of continued or central importance to one's thoughts, enables one to carry with oneself and preserve this foundation regardless of its continued existence (accessibility) unto itself and/or the physical or geographic proximity thereof. Furthermore, the functionality of the "archive" itself, revealed in the relation of the faculties and attributes of which it consists, provides a structure (or blue-print) and potential unto which to adapt or supplant new or existing forms of one's affinity and awareness, whether of each institution, the agglomeration thereof, or that which is newly arisen of the group or individual's discretion or motive. 59. The magmas of the earth, being reflected in the microcosms of organic metabolism (at each stage of development) and each internal combustion engine (and power source), sustain and elicit also the directionality of the electromagnetic field, in and of the interdependence and order of cosmic similitude and (the production of) the phenomenon of self-awareness and its sensibility to/ assimilation of the (external) source of heat and light. The architect of earth and cosmos, being therefore inclusive of humanity (intellect/reason) in the volition of its plan, enabling spirit and matter to simultaneously evolve at inclusive levels of their manifestation and occurrence, could witness and affect the fracturing of the collective transformation amid the boundaries of space, the gathering point and storage of all experiential learning, and also ultimately the return and reconvergence of all forms from all potential (spatial and temporal) distances and destinations of the universe itself (the time deviation from the cosmic center enabling the impetus, overlap, and concurrence of perception of all past and future forms of planetary and interplanetary being.) The correspondences of genetic/cellular atomic rotation, machine/computational principle, and societal connectivity building upon the scaffolding and strain of multivarient (re-)development, mark the evolution of the encompassing frame of eidetic knowlegde which is consciousness itself. 60. The note card, containing the concepts which, linked together, sustain the inquiry which is the answers to the questions of itself, resembles also the note card which is the distillation of all formulas which are permissible for the testing of itself, being therefore the sum and potential of each existing course and subject matter. 61. The directionality of the written work, and of creation in general, rather than (necessarily) proceed downward towards the center of gravity in a three-dimensional sense, can be seen to build upwards upon the foundations and from the roots of the knowledge and materials that were given, thus approaching (or ascending) unto the summit of all infinity upon the surface of its creative edge, for each thing attaining unto a height at which it must inevitably fall inward for the (continued) nourishment and sustainment of the source of its own being. [Being, of course, underneath or alongside the text of itself, we may be thought to descend or converge upon the depths of the oceans of one's being, although, in either sense, returning and maintaining the surface levels for the continued stabilization and containment of the derivation of one's thoughts.] Or, conversely, one may think, there is that which, containing the essence of its origin, may approach or transcend the system of its entirety (as of the moon above the earth), bearing of itself the archetype and primary elements of all creation, although this, being detached, may also signify that which is dead unto itself or that which is alien or unknown and approaches from beyond. 62. Each mortal being, possessing intrinsically the triune nature of the masculine, feminine, and divine son (child), each is capable of balancing and harboring these energies of the other within themselves and also of emphasizing the soul nature towards which the group self intrinsically aspires. The stabilization and upliftment of this electrical polarity within each individual has a corresponding resemblance of and effect upon the electrical polarity of the planetary field, whereby the quartenary nature of the spirit descends upon, reclaims, and illumines the divine unity latent within every being and creation itself. 63. The valleys and fields surrounding the great metropolitan centers provide, historically, a contrast of urban development with the need and potential of ecological minimalism for itself, which the urban sprawl of other areas, while harboring the potential solution within themselves, may overlook without the prescience and vision of a viable synthesis or alternative. 64. The schedule and calendar of religious observances, and underlying economic activity, originating upon or according to the seasonal variarion of the northern (southern) hemisphere, would (and presumably must) require the adjustment, recalibration, and alignment of certain of its features (the ideology itself notwithstanding) in order to allow for the (simultaneous) observances of those of its people which are located (at this time) in/on the southern (northern) hemisphere of earth. 65. The fuly fledged national security apparatus, and international directorate, by its nature, having remained cognizant of the armed civil insurgencies, or potentials or

predilections thereof, in each other and every region of the earth, may, according to its character, or the perception thereof, be thought complicit in the causes or suppression of unrest, whether of political expedience or of remediation of the actual/absolute ethical relations of the pluralities involved, a responsibility towards which one's attitudes and actions towards each government are dependent upon the trust and interpretation of the motives and events as these have actively evolved. The conflicting parties, having at one time or another established a line of enmity or dissent amid themselves, and having had bloodshed inflicted upon themselves, would understandably, according to human instinct and motive, feel presured to retaliate in proportionate or escalating measure, whether a conscienable (if unfortunate) incursion, from outside observation or reconcilation talks, dependent upon the (perceived) ethical legitimacy of the insurgency/counterinsurgency itself. Furthermore, each force acting upon the other, whether intermingled or upon a distinct battlefront and geographical distance from themselves, will inevitably (or carelessly) destroy a number of civilian lives and infrastructures (including also the impact upon nature and natural concealment of itself and the effect upon the spirit, vitality, and stability of the international morale, infrastructure, and environment) in proportion to the number of enemy combatants (or targets) which are aggregated among them, these factors being among those which must ultimately determine the expedience, stance, and fate of the efforts towards international arbitration/intervention. Hereof, while and even though there exists and must exist the idealistic hope of immanent international reconciliation and order, there are (and must also be - towards the enforcement/actualization thereof) those with the strategic and occupational demand to prepare and train for the continuity, evolution (tactical/contextual/technological degredation/advance) and future necesity of defending, detering, and protecting against the risk and probability of national/international instability, hostilities, and war. 66. Paralleling and underlying these (more militaristic) considerations are, one might add, are the dynamics of state and civil society and the vissicitudes of human rights and economic development in general amid the forecast, projections, and control over the future climate and resources of each region and the earth. 67. Though it is conceivable, and one should think advisable, through the regularity and rhythm of one's daily actions to produce a day of rest unto itself, the potential of upheaval and disturbance, aback of this chaos to begin with, will inevitably persist, for which, at the very least, there can be a sense of gratitude for one's transient provision and for each moment or opportunity of relative tranquility and calm. 68. The relationship between economic growth and military prowess, and of neoliberalism as a pathway for the proliferation of humanitarian ideals, must both be realistically addressed in order to resolve and substantiate the objections to the actions and intentions of hierarchical forces in general. Though it is interesting - and potentially useful - to witness the exposure and review of these publications and ideas, one may also be concerned with the preservation of their accurate representation and identity. 69. The expansion of any one region of the knowledge body could necessitate a corresponding expansion of one or another region of itself, thus to affect and maintain the balance of existing absolutes. The role of certain literary works, on the other hand, being relative and overshadowed by other features of the mind, rather than being carried of themselves, may defer to the relevance of external and preexisting works through which arrived at the awareness and appreciation thereof. One might also, for instance, if so inspired, read further of astronomy, neurology, computational processing, etc and derive a means for the alignment of their intrinsic ontology, in any effect subverting the exigent tension of one's conscious exertions in the eventuality of their end state and intermittent closure. 70. Though one could think of the production and procurement of one's needs foremost in society (amid the commonality thereof), the nature of service and group well-being are always inclusive of the needs and wants of other persons and communities. Therefore, at all times, are we surrounded by the rainbow of the various races, cultures, and life-forms of the earth, beneath which the shadows of prejudice and strife yet travail against the latent and emerging unity of humankind and the gift of all creation. That being thus, that no single force shall reign supreme or unopposed, the unity of God Himself is realized and reflected in the balance of powers of which His inner nature must self-evidently consist in the manifested works of His own Being. 71. The origins of modern technology, and founders of the Democratic State, being in the roots of theosophical practice and research, thus ensure and provide the world a model through which the means of power may be divested and shared equally by all. 72. The unbelievable animosity which has been perpetrated in the pretense of God and of defending (the presumption of) racial distinction or advantage, rather than accomplishing (or intending) the destruction of the will, has led merely to the sacrifice and rejection of the very notion of racial (if not ancestral) perseverance and identity, being one people under God, with no cause or inherent basis (other than prejudice itself) for the division between us. The threat and cause against those who would rise above or separate themselves from the ultimate authority of God, rather than (necessarily) implicating the foreign or

24 other of itself, must therefore apply directly to the destruction of our own false arrogance and pride, whether of the individual or of the group through the misinterpretation or misguided zeal of its belief. 73. The immolation/ eidetification of one's being and aura, in addition to diverting one's attention from the appearance of itself, may also be thought to consume and encompass the excess and foundations of the existing life-form and civilization of itself, the selectivity and adaptation of building materials, in the evolutionary sense, resulting (circumspectly) only through the trial, experimentation, and refinement of that which could be added or removed from the sum of forms within each periphery of one's volition and control. 74. Comprehending the fact of innocense and righteous motive of one's fate, contrasted by the willful corruption of those which would deceive to condemn, demands one trust and hope in the death of the soul of their ill-intention, that unto which one opens one's eyes upon death (from that which is of the realm of the eternal itself) being the habitat and family of one's remnant upon earth. 75. The inner levels of government, and hierarchy of itself, while potentially deploying the act of subterfuge and psychological/ physiological aggression for the preparation and training of its personnel, armoured units, and operatives in the field, must also, through the record and awareness of those victimizing others through similar tactics, ultimately enforce (or have enforced upon) the retribution against those (of themselves) who had acted through criminal and reprehensible means. 76. Among the factors which reveal and bridge the gulf between the bureaucracy and populace, and the potential breakdown of the government itself, are the assembly (of the people) in the midst of crisis (economic, corruption, environment, legislature, civil rights, etc.), the dialogue concerning the role or support of the militias which are formed of the people of themselves, the antagonism, protection, or neutrality of these groups and of the government itself, and ultimately the formation and resilience of a culture of popular assembly in the public sphere which of itself can affect the (re-)distribution of resources, the operation of markets and industries, and the resolution and arbitration of the civil/communal national/international policy and defense. 77. The notion of knowledge resulting in economic gain, rather than be applied in the individual sense, should result in the abundance and collective yield of the resources and health of the community itself. This concept, of course, contextualized within the results of urban sprawl, the (over)segregation of communal habitats and functions, and the over-production and over-development of the natural and human environments (the ecological capacity of speciation and technological/infrastructural reformation/refinement.) 78. The initial planning of the state and municipal structures, resulting through the privilege and information which were available/admissible at the time, must now encompass the alternatives and equal entitlements of the intrinsic populations, which, while taking into account the preexistence of the self-affluent formations, must include the architectural assimilation of principles latent within the structural/aesthetic appeal and functionality for the result of popular (communitarian) rather than individual upliftment and utility. Thus, with the construction and aggregation of multistoried establishments, where applied, the existence of a shared floor or level could serve to reconcile the allocation of space amid the floor or levels of themselves, corresponding (in a horizontal sense) with the presense and commonality of the municipal space at each center of the surrounding communities. 79. Knowledge itself (in a general sense), being a form of capital and intrinsic/ (existential) gain, and (likewise) derived (in part) from the delegation of the powers and trust of the community, should be restored and remain accessible to that community without the obstruction or deterance of academic or intellectual infringement, thus penetrating also unto the rights and remunerations of public governance and the formulation and administration of social policy and law. 80. Holding the book of the earth in one's hands evokes a sense of being one with the logos itself (given the limits and inclusivity of the actual order of one's volition) through the power of the extraction and metamorphosis of the materials within. The record of the changes and evolution of the earth, and of the planetary system in general, from a logoic perspective, is also thereby reminiscent of the (preservation/ perseverance of the) stages in the refinement of one's method of recording and printed materials, in the form of that which one sought to represent or understand must ultimately appear. This body also, being an expression of the nature and phenomenon of creation in general, implores the exploration, adoration, and/or remediation of the surfaces of itself (though, in the human sense, through the detachment, in detail, from the intimacy and union of the one existing being), from the boundaries of the natural world to the infrastructure and monolith of human identity (unto the idea and essence of the organization and mutuality of liberation and order), symbolized also in the unity and reflective surfaces of the precious stones and gems which are elevated and crafted through the perception and reverance of the human mind and soul. The digital attributes of the gathered sediments and materials, amid the images and text which have no outward expression in the mind, could also therein be used to

fabricate the physical representation of themselves from the particles and nanomaterials which are accessible and/or constituent of the computational system in which reposited and stored. The importance and interaction of geologic, hydrologic, and seismic surfaces and properties in relation to architecture and infrastructure engineering could also be stressed, if not also the very wisdom and durability of the logic upon which our actions and ideas have been founded and augmented through time. 81. Though the force of electric shock, in one's case, is known to parallel and originate within the coven of darkness itself, it is possible, in other environments, for this barrier to form a shield for the expulsion (from) and protection of oneself. 82. The incessant accusation of betrayal, (deliberate) ineptitude, and/or psychical perversion (compounded by audible disturbance and physiological abuse), as absolutely ungrounded and blatantly self-incriminating as these actions are, serve furthermore only to evoke and manifest that thing which they allegedly despise, while causing the apostacy and dissociation from the knowledge and truth of God which one must otherwise and despite these threats continue to uphold and patiently consider. 83. That the world, given the option, would turn its back upon or conspire to destroy an unprotected Israel (this being the root of every lie - other than evil of itself - directed against the liberation of equality), historical evidence and divine providence aside, the presumption of the identity and intention of those in possession of this 'sovereign' wealth belies the identity and rationality of the people themselves, for whom the 'first' and every settlement of the earth are to be given and inclusive in the priority and imminence of a system of globalized and collective defense. 84. In addition to the enumeration and categorization of all forms of industry and economic activity, there is also (among other things) the correlation and interdependence among the industries themselves, the names and status of existing businesses, and a concise inventory of the products or services which each industry provides, thus calling for an amalgamation, fusion, amd/or redevelopment/ (review) of the (nature and scope of the) directories and information models which are currently in place or at hand. The differentiation of the supply chain into manufacturing, wholesale, and retail sectors, while evincing the efficiency of stepping down or relegating the task of product distribution and consumer relations, could also implicate the indirectness and authoritative basis of (state/private) forms of industrial colusion, ownership, and control. Rather than having each individual and private entity invest for personal gain, to the exclusion of others, a unified confederal investment bureau could invest on the behalf of the entire population, thus ensuring the even distribution of revenue as well as the growth, maintenance and regulation of the national/regional economy. The physical/financial infrastructure and network is therefore interrelated with the network of social mobilization and support, with the internet technologies, through which commerce and communication are convened, being emblematic of the inner framework of ideas of themselves and the ecological potentials into which this framework has the potential to willfully and/or consciously evolve. Whether, and in what way, an industry should choose to market (or manage) a state or private brand will therefore affect the assimilation and development of the capitalist and socialist economies, the corporate takeover or buyout, in a less violent sense, being symbolic of the conscription or execution of enemy or opposing forces in general, which, given the nascency and awareness of bulk data of itself, could/ (must) also (or otherwise) envision the formation and operation of a (national/international) public census bureau in and for a future era of stability and peace. 85. While it is, and appears to be, ultimately sufficient to fulfill each daily and weekly quota of necessary labor and exertion, one must, if to transcend this status quo, recollect the remaining labor which is carried over from previous years' exertion, and thus, through one's additional pain and progress, advance and visualize the uphill path which leads from morning to night unto the clear day of one's liberation and release from unconscienably anguished and opposing conditions. Similarly, while the growth of national development may affect the complacency of the population towards its government or ruling groups (if not itself invoking the demand for greater or more equitable distribution), the effect of stagnation or ecological decline could renew the causes of discontent and reveal the repressive or reactionary nature of a system whose power and authority are threatened or called into question by economic or natural forces and the growing awareness and empowerment of the people themselves. The capacity and willingness of external observation to tolerate or facilitate a change in the internal environment may similarly procede from an era of relative noninterference to the active and public engagement of world powers upon issues of which they and their populations have become increasingly affected and aware. Globally speaking, the minority of violent extremists (and, in an abstract sense, the unseen culprit of ecological degradation and imbalance), having necessitated a disproportionate priority and commitment of national/international resources and security personnel, the prospect of truly addressing the root causes of this violence/ (degradation) itself only become apparent and realizable as greater and greater numbers are directly or indirectly impacted or emersed by the struggles and atrocities which lie (or have previously remained) outside the purveu of their national interests or borders. The current crisis of mass migration from war-torn and conflict areas, even though

25 causing widespread disruption and remobilization of 'civil' society, must yet struggle to adapt and overcome the indifference and inaction towards the cause of the problem and in the aftermath of a potential resolution and resettlement through the hastened development of a regional/world system and consensus which can withstand this crisis and circumvent or be prepared for the possibility and exigencies of its future exasperation or recurrence. 86. The distribution of immigrants, whether able to document or have verified the citizenship of their origin, will inevitably shift the demographic and social base, of both the area from which they have departed and that into which they are absorbed, the reception and attitude towards which one must hope should serve to establish or preserve the legacy of fairness and of loyalty towards one's culture and civilization for this and future generations, whether coinhabitting this land or (eventually) resettled through the stabilization or upliftment of each indigenous region and priority. The (delayed) escalation of military assistance, to one or another party, through one or another world power, by heightening the barrier to absolute defeat, could serve to force, to the benefit of all, the deescalation and reconciliation of the prolonged and costly basis of civil contention in its disastrous effect upon internal and increasingly world affairs. That one may credit the cost of war, through loyalty or trust, to those forces which came to one's defense, or blame them for the invasion and perpetration of war of itself, there must therefore remain and arise a means of accounting for the crimes and injustices through which each group sought or seeks to cling or ascend to power within or over each sovereign region or domain. 87. The ratification and endorsement of existing international treaties by those nations with the most to gain and least risk to themselves awaits sufficient resolution of the absteining or opposing parties represents the background of international intention until these actions can be implemented or enforced through common law or universal consensus. This same or existing reservoire of popular support could also underly the demographic base and means of carrying forward the renewed agenda in the form of national and local elctions and media and popular demonstrations towards the increased awareness and enaction of the tenets or platform of this movement or cause. 88. While the course of economic sanctions which are imposed on an allegedly or manifestedly hostile or ill-intentioned regime could constitute a viable deterence of this threat, it could also serve to solidify and perpetuate the basis of enmity itself, for which the eventual easing of sanctions and reconciliatory dialogue could present the only or best path forward towards the goal of acting unity and peaceable relations and demeanor. 89. Should industry or material research enable the drilling into ever deeper regions of the earth - for reasons yet unknown -, this could add a new dimension to the geologic and spatial sovereignty and navigation of the earth, corresponding, in a certain sense, with sustaining and overcoming the vector pressures which are applied against one's body and the advancement of one's material and informational condition. 90. The process of investigating, and of describing, the subterranean conditions of the planet for themselves, given that these occur at the lowest point of the crustal formation which are in turn covered by the oceans of the earth - unless one were to describe or inhabit these forces from within -, forces one to filter through and abide with the superfluity and contingency of this lens to arrive at the movement and composition of the molten fires of themselves. At or imposed upon the interface of the biological environment are therefore the superstructure of human origin and the context in which the psychology of human relations must procede, the surface within being transformed and comerged with the light of the sun completing the evolution and departure from the realm of illusion of which our record of material existence must consist. The convection of the inner core and mantle must also be thought to parallel the convection and overturning of the surface levels of themselves, and also of the gases which surround and are emitted to and absorbed from the bounds of the planetary atmosphere. 91. The living or descriptive layers of each surface topology, being interconnected with themselves, must also ultimately yield to and relegate the continuity and preservation of their efforts to the scientific departments which represent and maintain the unity and advancement over all existing human knowledge and invention. 92. The flow of vehicular traffic, paralleling the circulation of blood within the body, could signify the sickness of the planet (in its composition and) at the points of its congestion, although there is also cause for the development of additional routes of transportation in other regions of the earth, towards the effect of the moderation and balance of the composite project and reality of human infrastructural engineering and activity. The vicissitudes of planetary production, harvest, and consumption in general have a similar correspondence with the digestive efficiency of the individual human being and with the decompostion, renewal, and productive capacity of the soils and bioregions of the earth. The circulation of electromagnetic energy and ideas across the field and infrastructure of informational technology, wherefore producing the phenomenon of the

"personality" in the mind, furthermore reveals that we are in essence interconnected tendrils or mental spores of the one and undifferentiated being or consciousness of (self-)manifesting creation. Maintaining the cleanliness of the brain amid the flow of its electric potentials and materials could therefore have a direct effect upon the quality of benificence which is accessible or projected in one's thoughts, which, bearing and reflecting the psychical responsibility - from which there is yet always both the possibility of the abdication and/or perpetuation of itself -, must remain reliant upon the forms of its symbolism and mythology for the grace and inhibition of the individual self and for and towards the impartation of a more reliable and earthly wisdom for the continuity, grace, and upbringing of the living community of the human family of itself, in its expression and approximation of the realm of souls as these are yet appearing and necessitated of the creator for incarnation on the earth towards the inevitability and/or precedence of each one's earthly demise. 93. One's alignment and periodicity with the forms of existing and changing events, having progressed toward and plateaued at a certain level of development, should inform the decision-making and effectivity of one's individual and group responsibilities, whether through corroboration or collaboration of one's trust in existing institutions or through breaching the antagonism or dissent of disaffiliated or disaffected groups, the maintenance or growth of one's network pertaining to the levels of disorder or disease of which it deems to be aware, tending towards the obsolescence or oblivion of that which is furthest removed from the immediacy of one's mission or purpose in this life. Stated otherwise, knowledge of the "good", or self-affirming of itself, being sufficient to the cause of its necessity, has also the capacity of being superfluous or selfsupplanting of the time, space, and energy which are afforded to its growth and recognition, the uncertainty and ambivalence towards that which one may make or maintain one's reacquaintence in deference to the fate and possession of that which survives or is embedded in the habitat or crypt of one's further or self-affected being. 94. Possessing the materials and blueprint through which the construction of the world / logoic body may commence, the act of labor giving birth to nature is mirrored in the birth of industry and human technology, the possibility of escape, observation, and transcendence of itself requiring the empathy, inlcusivity, and continuity of the natural environment, the ancestry and lineage of the human species reflected in the morphosis of this and other species of the earth, the purification of the habitat (from human activities) for human use, mindful therefore also of the contamination of that which coexists in and substands the surrounding terrestial ecosystems and ecology. The one, therefore, being conscious of the magnitude and immaculate order of this task, seeking mediation for itself and from the victimization of the planet, has yielded the testament of the character and intention of the spirit which consigned it, the uniqueness and actuality of its mission to produce the commonality and universality which are woven and set into place through each momentary attribution and outgrowth of the psychical and transphysical environment. The fecundation and fruition of the idea like the gathering of water vapor unto rain, like unto the microcosm which, beholding the macrocosm, produces and nurtures the seed within itsellf, which, frozen or fixed in time, enables the preservation, detachment, and continuity withof the cycles of productivity itself. 95. The rendering, placement, and size of text, and imagery within text, while always potentially, though never necessarily, ideal of itself, could, if not already so mentioned, through an alternative organization and symmetry promote a greater if not absolute retention, manageability, and (external) augmentation/ amalgamation of itself, - the object, of course, being, at this age and time, the control and (self-)presentation of materials/abilities rather than the reiteration and dogmatic/adolescent inculcation thereof - whereof the visual layout of either set of components specifically tells an instantaneous/ simultaneous story unto itself uninterupted by the turning of pages and the arbitrary depictation, through reduction of the imagination/ visualization of itself. The use of figures, where so required, in the absence of or representation of the text of itself, could also, through the description of itself, provide adequate inference into the nature of the text from which gathered for supplementary reference materials, the omission of itself also, in the broader sense, creating the opportunity of differentiation from other sources for the completeness and unrestricted/ openended representation of the given course or subject of its entirety. 96. In biological terms the phenotype (or physical form) which emerges from the genotype (or inner expression) separates the overt science of ecology from the study and representation of its internal mechanics, which again, in literary analogy, creates the opportunity of splicing and subroutines of independent creations, which, acting upon themselves in the form of mathematical cardiodes or configurations, establish a (personal) resonnance pattern of information which had not/ could not have before or otherwise previously existed in the form which was initially given. Continuing anent the biological (and anthropological) perspectus, the geographical distance which enabled the distinct evolution of human races, languages, and cultures, is mirrored in the basic cell structure and habitat from which each class of organism diverged and retain yet in common, in terms of the primary/ complementary functioning of organelles, nucleotides, and various other intracellular and anatomic components. The diversity of animal forms, furthermore, building upon a common set of attributes and categories, has a correspondence with the diversity of machine forms, which, given their variability and nature, could likewise best be summarized or

26 represented through the diagrams which are abstracted or appended from the context in which specifically or initially presented or rendered. The vehicle, being of the nature of the word or spirit, while sustained within itself, also connects us with the road and landscape to or over which it may journey, which, embodying a home or shelter, also correlates with the light or sound which are emitted through the sun and the living souls of all creation. 97. Given the subjectivity and rhetoric involved in the accreditation of knowledge of itself, the science of psychology must become one's primary application and defense, whereof the priority and attainment of mental growth provides the protection of the soul and the means of its defiance of and against offending circumstance and motive. The qualification and group entrance to human awareness and potential will therefore result and result only through the determination and committment to destroy and overturn the barriers which are erected through systematic prejudice and personal deceit. The complexity and dynamics of human and existential self-existence, being sufficient unto themselves, given the solvency, striving, and attainment thereof, are acted upon by the diversion and self-obsession of pain and abuse merely for evil to produce the disunion and disparity of all progression towards the "good" which it must, of its nature, inherently feign and oppose. Trusting in the omnipotence of the greater power for itself, despite the artificial signs and contrivances to the contrary, therefore yields acceptance in the continuity of life and the purgation, through the light of truth, of the malevolence and greed which could otherwise appear to have afflicted the future and foundations of human potential. 98. Bearing of oneself one's life and the portal to reality, the perpetual aura and visage of the all-self, through its vigilance and luminosity, rebukes all efforts of the antagonist to contain, obstruct, or control the awareness and manifestation of itself, which, through the intuition and guidance which are sought and provided of itself, will inevitably bring one's mission in its realm towards the certainty of its finality, reunion, and departure. 99. The months of autumn, rather than foreshadowing the dreariness and isolation of the individual self, through the fruition of the wisdom which is love and commonality of itself, may signify instead the gathering together of the warmth and inclusivity of one's family withall the existing community. Morbidity, in another sense, being the gift and product of vigilance and realism for itself, counterbalances the complacency of hope with the illumination and light which are the shared resources of technology against the forces and minions of (persisting) darkness and oblivion. 100. The core intention of the humanitarian ideal, while purported through a disparate network of unknown and overlapping personalities, coalesces through the institutional/ ideological integration which is its actualization amid the overt mechanisms of human society and culture. In this sense, voting directly for policies rather than candidates in the general election could offset the tendency towards gain or manipulation while verifying the outcome and observation of electoral results. Similarly, the qualities of faith, translated and correlated with the principles of ethics which govern and balance society, could facilitate the coexistence of outwardly dissimilar though internally homogeneous conceptions of human rights and activities. The step towards acknowledging the equal attachment and identity of a contested space or terrain, in the interim, could lay the path towards the eventual recognition of the greater and ultimate attachment among civil and mutually self-respecting communities. 101. Given that the primary function of education (and the scientific process in general) is to inspire the capacity for experimentation/ innovation and creative thought for itself, the following through of instruction, while important (if also potentially obstructive) of itself, is necessarily exceded and transcended by the liberty to approach or overturn the subject matter from an entirely independent perspective, which, rather than chastised through hindsight of external observation, is therefore exactly the outcome which (independent) learning and education are intended to further. The construction of an open-ended program of self-evident and interchangeable materials, attendent upon the primary organ or vehicle of one's philosophical abstraction, and inevitably predestined to realize its innate potential (only) upon the fullfillment of the protracted cycle of its discernment and (manual) refinement/ operation, was therefore (knowingly) interupted and assualted by the impatience and malevalence of those with no input or authority over one's creation to begin with, which, forcing one's rebuttal nonetheless, must ultimately terminate this senseless trial with the full knowledge and awareness of one's acquital and redemption. 102. The entirety of the musical record collection, producing a (psychical) familiarity with itself, enables (the spirit of) each artist to resonate the synchronicity of which it is part, while also itself embodying, projecting, and (consciously) directing the multiplicity of the unified effort and tonality. In the microcosm of this gesture, each melody and instrumental verse, building upon the speed, complexity, and rhythm of its habituated sequence, is reflected in the evolution, development, and coordination of life and in the coding and automation of machine and computational technologies. Each member of society, humanity, and culture, being (ultimately) therefore timekeepers and participants of both the subjective and objective universes unto

themselves, are capable of maintaining with inner joy and external precision the microsystems and cybernetic structures, unto themselves and in unison with the life and machinations of (their) global and interconnected totality. 103. That the Creator should wish each person to approach a creative solution to the problems of reality, being the microcosm of the forerunner and monad within, each act of creativity bringing with it also the obligation to the self and group necessitates the (voluntary) renunciation of the (individual) potential amid the collective memory of the network totality and preparedness of the command structure to address and resolve the collective uncertainty and global phenomenon unto itself. The authenticity of artistic or philosophical expression, bearing the derivation of its origin, should provide evidence for the belief and basis of action which it itself promotes or signifies, thereby bridging the subjective/ psychological foundations with the means and discourse of the prevailing rationality and motive. 104. Should one need to limit one's rations to the less savory portion of available/ unavailable supply, it is necessary only to nurture and limit one's expectation and appetite to the savory qualities, nourishment, and net effect of that which one rationally intends to consume. 105. In order to overturn the act or illusion of subjugation or dominance, being contrary to the will of the Creator itself, one has merely to trust and establish one's trustworthiness of oneself that one would never oneself perpetuate such a vile and atrocious intent, even unto oneself through denial that the persecuters' will was ever to take effect upon one's body or mind, being irresponsible furthermore of that which one may witness of the nonself or delusion - of the anathema of itself - in accordance of a similar and existing logic and cause. 106. The abuse of one's mind for being the exception to the rule, rather than collapsing unto itself, must also similarly continue to abide by and uphold the virtue and integrity of the rule for itself, that it otherwise be usurped or corrupted through its nonexistent dispensation and pretense of actual authority. 107. The sorrow which comes from the nearness of death and slaughter of one's people, beyond the demoralization of itself, would result, in its infancy, unto the idealism and determination to seek vengeance and the redemption of one's cause, which, being opposed by the principles (or state) which had acted upon it, perpetuates the duration of conflict unto the exhaustion of one or another force and/or yielding to the pressures of the international environment, wherefore our empathy and recollection of the historical plight of scripture of itself contains within its heart the basis of both enmity and dialogue according to the language through which crafted the escalation, cessation, or preemption of the act of violence of itself. 108. Though having remained essentially possessionless and (financially) unemployed, by circumstance or conviction, for the majority of one's life in a society in which (the quality and/or existence of) one's health and security are contingent upon one's monetary attribution during life, the premise of a shift in the global attitude towards poverty, human rights, and equality, through the belief thereof, sustains the hope and trustworthiness of humanity's ultimate intentions towards itself (oneself included), in the capacity of transcendental action to ensure and elicit the tenets of self-sustaining opportunities and sustenance for all people of all fates, the shroud through which aware of the principles of life and its features being all that one (personally) requires of one's abidance and passage from the material realm, irregardless of what else might be internally or externally presented or given. 109. Those refugees having escaped the probability of poverty or death and encountering the poverty and death of their arduous journey to asylum, will find safety and comfort only amid those willing to mobilize their sufficient surplus of resources to the benefit, protection, and reconciliation of the plight of their common humanity. 110. That which is written upon the template of the mind, being the permanent and dedicated memory of itself, should of itself dispell any illusions of alternative educational criteria, that which is projected and evaluated of thought requiring foremost an edifice and frame for the containment of its ongoing efforts and procedings. If we consider the soil to be the instruction into and out of which one's learning may grow, there is also the control and consubstantivity of the mechanism of itself, whereby the mind, having incorporated the form and architecture of functionality/ ideation into its brain in its innate condition, has merely to fill to capacitance the charge or process which it is enabled thereupon to signal and coordinate at will. The activity of the pineal/ pituitary gland in the self-regulation of bodily substance and cognitive decisions has a correspondence with the determination of need in the external and global environment, with, in either sense, the evolutionary/ habituated impetus towards that which is best for itself and the community circumscribed by the knowledge and heart of that which is available for the dispensation of itself. 111. While the light of the sun could be thought to illumine and emanate from within the day and process of knowledge acquisition (unto the night of its diversified and independent self-recurrence), the organization and structure of this knowledge could also constitute a prism through which the wavelengths of which its light consists are refracted and revealed, enabling oneself, through the concealment or cover thereof, to place oneself in the shadow or shade of those which would yet seek or require a

27 "greater" light unto themselves. The multiplication of the knowledge body, rather than (merely) of necessity giving birth to the "child" which is nascent within itself, could thereby also, through an equivalent labor or ordeal, divide or fracture itself through the process of budding into (bodies of) its separate/ identical characteristics or forms, the planets which form of or unto the sun, and then again unto themselves (and unto the particles and cosmos which subsume the inner and opposite polarities) bearing a similar relation in that which shall emerge from the innate and infinite potentials of their unified and existent endeavors. The inner form or core of knowledge, furthermore, in order to avoid becoming or remaining an idol unto itself, could also, through the singularity of its unified discourse, arrive at the predestination of that which the spirit had intended it to extract or overturn of the contents of its outward body or (mundane) obsrtuction of itself. 112. That it could be possible to dream, or invoke of one's spirit, a presence in an ideal reality unto itself, the imagination is inevitably limited by the best and/or highest aspiration of that which could or does actually exist, returning us either to that which is known of the world and its relations or bridging these forward upon a unified plane towards the cause or potential of one's higher existence and origin. 113. Geologic, meteorological, and astronomical phenomenon, in accordance of their centrality and scale, have a correspondence with the simulteneity, dynamics, and psychology of political/ social boundaries and events, and also with the literary form (and structure) of that which is/ must be brought forth into/ contained within (the record of) existence itself, each bearing the stage (and intensity) of their potential impact and destruction and the aftermath of returning to a state of normalcy and calm, for which the moderation of one's burden for that which must be accomplished, recorded, or known may find appreciation for the remission from itself and also for the portion (of the work) which may be sustained under otherwise "ordinary" circumstances and planetary/ existential conditions. From among the (necessary) observation/ watchfulness of the global phenomenon are also enumerated the instances and variations which result in a pattern or trend - and, one presumes, the appropriate administrative mechanisms and concerted response, - that which is cyclical or progressive, once established, discerned from that which is otherwise erratic or new, the increased transparency of the international environment amid its darker or more tragic possibilities and occurrences - capable of revealing and building upon each effort of altruism which are latent or emergent from itself, providing also the volition, discipline, and liberty to attain the total and self-sustaining liberation, cooperation, protection, and empowerment of every being and citizen of a unified planetary federation and ecosystem of earth. The gathering and deployment of intelligence/ information, while having an instantaneous and persistent necessity in the execution of specific enemy threats, threats to society, and (in the interim) economic transactions, in addition to the immediate response to natural disaster and other dangers to the imminent health of the individual or group, must also transform into that which is of enduring historical, academic, and/or social merit of itself, through the corroboration of the highlights and details of the multitudinous daily reports and journals producing the summation of the years and decades which shall proceed them in time, unto the transformation, evolution, and/or rebirth of one's humanity upon this and future regions of space and extraterrestial terrains. Reviewing the timeline from each of several eras simultaneously creates also an opportunity of contrast in their respective modes of creation and development, the relative brevity of the introductory observations compensated by the internal redundancy and (gradual) elaboration and unfoldment of the topics and information eluded to thereof, while also therefore, through the act and process of self-induction and emancipation from itself, foreshadowing the potential concision and/or exactness in the form of its future and/or ultimate tabulation of itself. 114. In order to offset the potentially pernicious side-effects of corporate and hierarchical dominance (and the limitations of human freedom in general), in terms of the industrial, ecological, and political interrelations of humanity and earth, the propensity towards the macrocosmic deferal (to the forces greater than itself) must be supplemented by the awareness, aspiration, mass (re-)mobilization, and popular upwelling of the forces of goodwill and ecological necessity, the microcosmic autonomy and neutrality of the libertarian and permacultural community (while ideal unto themselves) contextualized within the exigencies of regional and national federation and with the specificity of its actions and/or status upon the multilateral and/or contested international protocol and alliance. 115. Approaching the brink of physiological disrepair, through supplemental miscalculation/ disregard and external persecution, one must place one's solemnity over one's anxiety in the idea and tranquility of a strictly noncombatative transition or environment. 116. [Being therefore, at that time, yet ungrounded by the Resoluteness and Steadfastness of the Immaculate Creator and Foundation of Itself.] 117. A method of bridging, uplifting, and accommodating Universal Ideation within the mechanism and bounds of Inter-cultural priority. 118. For whom it may concern, my 'published' ideas are now posted on these three pages:

Starting from the top of each work, and stacked in reverse order from page bottom: From the top down, in chronological/ dialectical order: For just the latest, visit my other page at: For Volumes I - IV of this analysis: 119. The technical proficiency and emphasis in the values and education of society must be accompanied by a corresponding social proficiency and interest in the reconciliation of the problems of humanity, wherefore there is a surplus of the former and a deficit of the later, requiring there be a change in the policy and priority of the collective establishment. 120. The activation of the somatic centers of the brain enables there to be a correlation between the substantivity and distance of ingestion, digestion, and respiration of itself, of which there is the (psychical) reactivation and retrieval of the qualities induced and an empathy with the boundary, (a-)symmetry, (self-)organization, and planning of the (collective) life-form/ habitation in general. The psychopathology and psychosymbiosis which result from the integrated awareness are mirrored also in the (fictional) library and illusion which are the reflection of the individual fate, and the potentials of conflict, triumph, tragedy, death, or redemption, the solvency and reality of the group life and scenario, bearing also the duality of these extremes, met with through the balance of pain and acceptance which are the basis of the furtherance of concerted actions and being. (Although physically, the processing of resources, according to moderation and necessity, - and in the external attributes of logistics, warehousing, distribution, network support, and humanitarian coordination, - were intended foremost to (rationally) consolve the saturation of toxicity with the clarity of alternative and existing forms of energy and vitality.) 121. The force upon one's body, and disturbance of one's mind, if maintained within one's volition, signify merely the absence or negation of meaning for itself, one's future aura reflecting back upon the present and eternal purpose which are the inscription and vehicle of which this aura self-cognizantly adheres. 122. The genome in this sense, if adjusted and adapted to a specific factor of the environment, and then again to another factor of itself, must, at the least, revert to the original archetype of the species (ecological substrate/correlation of itself) to avoid cross-contamination or interference with unnecessary or contradictory characteristics or traits, unless or thereby approaching or maintaining the coordination and control over each level, cause, and synergy of genetic expression (of the species/organisms/ecosystem) of its entirety. 123. The principle of one's volition, howsoever strained, must retain the basis (and possibility) of trust in the Will of one's Creator, wherefore the resilience and strengthening of discipline may offset the tendencies towards corruption, indecision, and inaction which culminate unto illness and death, each act of the soul in the broadening and expansion of consciousness bringing each self closer towards the absoluteness of its self-abiding and all-encompassing condition. 124. The sudden impact of substantial casualties upon one's nation or its allies, given the seriousness or immanence of the potential reocurrence of such events, would necessarily increase the general/collective willingness to dramatically heighten the safeguards which are in place and/or to initiate or escalate the use of destructive force and voluntary self-imperil towards the (expedited/ultimate) eradication or neutralization of the perpetrators and/or conspirers of this threat, however through caution and restraint enabling the enclosure and invasion of the enemy strongholds through the right balance of coalition and native forces which are united in their enmity towards the execution of this cause. 125. The armies of the Anti-Christ, being therefore spiritually and physically opposed to the foundations of civilization, could, through the vision of Prophecy, awaken and return to dormancy with the inevitability of the world cycles and culmination of human and planetary life, (the relativity of the forces constituting Christ or Anti-Christ in this scenario - according to the qualities thereof - withstanding the absoluteness and interpretation of scripture and ultimate balance and triumph of good over the evil of the earth.) 126. That one has of oneself undertaken the process of self-training and development of the gathering of intelligence, it is with humility and disbelief that one is met with the harassment and preemptation of one's nascent ability, those wishing either to deprive or confer this authority unto themselves according to the region from which holding sway and affecting one's disappearance, imprisonment, and/or attempted relocation or asylum. 127. The extremist elements of Muslim, or Anti-Western, society, having banded together to seize or in a seized territory from which formerly displaced, from which to plan and stage further attacks, expansion of territory, and recruitment of foreign personnel, while of necessity and to the good fortune of a united humanity disavowed by the moderate and established Muslim nations and alliances, should and must be countered and approached with a fundamental/dialectical comprehension and dialogue with their world view of itself, in order to preclude, even unto the event of their destruction and dispersal, the future recurrence of isolated or concerted acts of terror by

28 the remnant of the surviving and fanatic ideologies amid the perceptions, in their eyes, of the prevailing decadence, tyranny, and nonbelief of modern and global civilization of its entirety. 128. Though there is that which is of darkness and the lower nature which would seek to condemn in accordance of an earthly and material command (of itself arbitrary and absent in the ordinary sense), it is the higher correspondence of the creator from which the illumination and obeyance of one's directives are inwardly verified and consistently invoked. Correspondingly the technological means of (self)encompassing perception must bear with themselves also a means of reconciling the mandate of responsible activity with the threat of transgression itself.

133. The prospect of literary beleif in the Old Testament of God (of Itself) forming sufficient basis, if not incentive, for the (universal) identification of Judaism with the foundation of one's people, in the absence or omission of definitive ethnicity or culture, and having (or not) been received and/or established through the Christian tradition, must not obliviate or diminish through its terminology the foundation and absoluteness of this Work and/or the divinity of Christ of Himself, wherefore the correlation and/or adoption of (attributes of) the Jewish language and culture (for the integrity of itself and security of the lexicon of all existing ethnicities and cultures) must culminate through the correspondences, communication, and similitude with its utimate mission and origin, being the peace offering, revelation, and invocation of a unified group and universal humanity.

129. The display and use of force upon entering and subduing a province or vicinity should enable the sorting of those who are innocent bystanders or civilians, through their submission, from those who are strictly determined (enemy) combatants through the retaliation which is provoked and rapidly and overwhelmingly neutralized. The act of criminal interrogation, similarly producing the illusury threat and apparitions of which it consists, is conversely annulled through the defensive victory which is the act of its non-being, while ultimately yielding the necessity and affinity of the forced apparatus which would preclude and counteract the further event of its heinous persecution and banality. The capture and detention of the (actual) enemy by the (actual) force of law, from another perspective, revealing the potential limits and extremes of pain and psychological tactics in the weakening of the body and will (according to the expedience of its necessity or cause) to the susceptibility of suggestion and/or provision of useful or reconciliatory attitudes or information, sustained unto the perception of risk or the continued political or social viability of the informant's role or identity. Those practicing these measures in the criminal sense, being themselves mind controlled and incapable of independent judgement, are noticeably motivated by the pathological delusion that their efforts to inflict harm upon their victim, however devious or clever these may appear to themselves, actually ever constitute the rule of mind or any anciliary form of intellectual accomplishment or merit.

134. Despite the potential linear/temporal incoherence of the supplemental materials which are added to one's frame of reference, there is nevertheless understood the temporal/cyclical accessibility of these items once fitted in the completed rendition, wherefore there is harbored one's momentary quietude towards the ends of elation itself. Understanding also that the young or inexperienced, wishing or requiring proof of their work or comprehension of these materials, there are maintained the workbooks and imagery through which acquiring an initial experience and apprehension of the fundamental attributes and qualities of living expression (those and ourselves also approaching the seriousness of scripture itself requiring, in a corresponding sense, diversion or distraction over the interval of their integrated apperception and involvement). Those perceiving the end points and spectrum of historicity and the unfoldment and convergenve of humanity and earth, shall witness throughout the multiplicity (of culture) the singularity of God's unifying intention, whether phrased during youth, middle, or elder ages a reflection of the credence with which met (of oneself and) by the democratization and interaction of the living temple's inhabitants. (One's theory, being avocational, one's self-obsession met with self-abasement should thus absolve/mitigate one's tedium through the abnegation (of oneself) and necessity of the unifying and overshrouding group endeavor being rendered thus unto itself.)

130. The possibility and/or occurrence of an incidental or aggravated rebuke of airspace/ land, sea, or cyber domains among major powers must inevitably evoke dread concerning the potentiality of diplomatic reconciliation and/or degeneration unto a third world war of unimaginable proportions, this bearing also the near or distant threat of our ubiquitous reality, necessitating, in turn, the openness and clarity of military communication channels and the international solidarity and preemptive measures against the minor/nonaligned antagonists which are arisen in the midst of the international terrain. The prospect of forgiveness in the international peace negotiations, despite the years of bloodshed and economic or political imbalance, must seek the humanization and understanding of the mutual factors involved, and also the steps of perdition or compliance which are demanded for there to be any significant change from one or the other or mutual factors of the opposing environment.

135. Scanning the condensed rendition of core academic potentiality, in accordance of the equipment availed and individual discretion, reveals the necessity of a balance amid the tones of the formats which are affected over the extent of the intrinsic materials of themselves and the duration of the timeframe and experience of the organizational, presentational, and printing methods which were developed and acquired, the antiquity and uniformity of written symbolsim for itself contrasted by the technological portentiality/obstruction of "glossy" paper and images. Gathering and conjoining the microcosm of itself through the collected contents of each volume also has the effect of forming a centerpiece or support beam of the composite structure, amidst the joints, arches, and cieling of which the aura of the given light form appears, as though an astrolabe or cypher of all living or imaginary information and phenomena of which the mind or spirit has or will encounter of this world or of the world which lies beyond. The abstracted highlights and essential protocol, extended across the field of their potential applicability or relevance, to form a physiological analogy, are like unto the lungs which breath cycularity and motive to the "air" which is held in their retension, as unto the heart or motor from the outline and process of which its vessels and linkages confer and restore the blood and energy of self-awareness and vitality to each connected region of the mental body or sum. And although the turning of the year (and day and night) are convenient symbols of totality and fruition, it is of course known the spiral and timeframe of retension and decay, of which the ephemerality of the "supplemental" image, being adequate or appealing upon its initial course, could inevitably become stagnant or obstructive upon the path of its reverse or repeated trajectory, each ray of attribute, individually and compositely, embodying nonetheless the incrementation and derivation of luminosity and perspective of itself, the moon being thus the reflector and transmitter of the transmutation of the wheel upon the roads and space of which its vehicle manifestedly consists.

131. Should one ever manage to secure one's detachment and safety from the battlefield which is thrust upon one's mind, the retrospection of events, and externality of the object with which no longer bound in space and time, would sustain and enable the opportunity and review of one's existence from an entirely alternative if selfencompassing perspective. Though theoretically the social theory which is posted to an online (theoretical) community would be identical with the thought form which is maintained (in one's mind) before the immediate community, there are the facets and relevance of the global journal, scientific work, and individual perspective which are exclusive amid the aggregate and posting of one's actual and independent "self". Therefore, in either sense, amid the appearances and reappearances of the given work thereof, and of itself, there is the integration and arbitrary defense of the fortress which is rendered, of or against the collectivity, preemption, or destruction of its attributes or function, from the ideality and foundation of information and analysis to the specificity and resolution of each intrinsic, exigent, or abiding necessity or cause. 132. That which is of pain, reducing awareness to the being or nonbeing of itself, must evoke spirit for the protection of that to which it is yet bound in the perception/ continuity/ fulfillment of itself, in and of its worldly reflection and higher correspondence and demeanor. By the implicit discipline of faith it is reasoned that the life-generating force within the body, in the absence and transcendence of itself, is also one with the lightgenerating force of the spirit and higher form, of which the vessels and mere potential attributes (of itself) are already and only fixed or manifest in expression through the self-encompassing intention and benevolence of the Creator of us all. This light also, of one's unified higher being, upon being invoked, maintains and reintroduces one into the aura and dimension of the living covenant of the planet, into and towards which seeking and attaining immediate and permanent union upon one's transition from and rebuke of the force and rule of death. The certainty, absoluteness, and supremacy of the spiritual mind, being rejected or ignored by the material forces of the earth, yet necessitates the presence, order, ascendence, confluence, and conjunction of the angelic host over the global order which would seek yet therefore to repress or destroy the human spirit in its stead.

136. The effect of amplified electromagnetic shock upon one's neurocardial mechanism is to produce a recoil of the depth of its voluntary self-control, the densification of one's mind forming and invoking a shield and perimeter which maintains and restores the center and gravity of one's focus and mental aura of itself. 137. The sprit itself, being inevitably a collectivity in the origin of each concept and idea, the being of each soul is a correlation of the movement and fidelity of mass popular consensus and/or autocratic will, that in solitude or self-possession the ambivalence and locality of transmission may lead to the emancipation, circumnavigation, reconciliation, and/or ruin of the individual amid the "presence" of the group and/or its etherial/material alternative. Thus the qualities of obsession, even if supportive of one's personal delusions or need of acceptance, result only ultimately unto the experience and dialectic of intrinsic and opposing considerations, the communication of the dead being for the creation and creator and from the avatar to uphold and uplift each worker upon the mission which is divine service of itself. Thus also, while all channels could experience a simultaneous distortion from inner or outer levels, the impersonality of our corroboration and monitoring will establish or

29 determine the metamorphosis of the actuality into the pattern, cohort, or purpose of that which is the self-evident or existent and/or potentially unknown (of the extent and circumference of our phenomenal manifestation and totality/enclosure). 138. [The creation and learning of visual art for itself, being the objective - rather than explicitly written concepts or ideas - would certainty necessitate other criteria for the transfer and reproduction of the 'visual' component of itself, and, ultimately, for the optimization and inclusion of this component with or among other various 'illumined' or illustrated materials.] 139. Any apathetic or belated response by the federal government to the protest, occupation, or destruction of federal lands and facilities by right-wing militias, contrasted by the presumably expedited hostility or severity towards "other" extremist groups - posing an external or systemic "danger" to the foundations of society - could be a reflection of the underlying values and dialogue of liberty and sovereignty and the symbolism and perseverance of freedom of America Itself, that which is or was of and intended no threat to the majority questioning the legality and precedence of land and resource management of itself and the means and actions of enforcement through Congress/ Courts and the federation of government, issues which may be thought to be the precursor or catalyst of convergence with left-leaning libertarians in the potential of their (unified) objections or demands of federal intervention or support. 140. While the exactness and agility of (fighter) jet/squadron maneuvers would require, theoretically, instantaneous calculations of velocity, propulsion, etc, these, like most actions, will have developed into instinct during training and the rapport of pilot(s), flight control panel, and command station coordinates, approaching, physically and by analogy, the maximal divergence from the earth alongside the attributes of stealth and the satellites, shuttles, and space station (information/ inhabitants) which enter into and/or return from their orbit of the planet - encompassing, escaping unto, or originating from also the worlds and realms of space beyomd - surveillance and coordination of the knowledge base enabling and facilitating the combined forces to address the watchlist and (scientific/ military/ humanitarian) concerns of the global/ inter-glactic movement and presence, one's brainwaves and vorteces mirroring the automation and rotation of the mechanical features of the planet, the futuricity of the biosphere necessitating the syncronicity of volition and causation for individual and planetary biostasis to maintain and persevere. That which is the overseer of the labors of humanity, being not the overlord of that which is delivered of its witness to its council, the totality of governmental data being for the network of its provision and support and the registry (to the group) of viable innovation and invention, that which must function within the logistical allotment of its proportion being the disincentive to inordinate human/ biological/ technological allocation, reproduction, and growth (the universe or subtle realm, being infinite in either sense, having yet, if so intending, to reveal or secure their bounds in the realms of social discourse and/or material causality). 141. Global and indigenous resistance to international development on the grounds of sovereignty and resource/ capital extraction and control must not (be thought to) turn the armies of the world into mercenaries or embodiments of the capital elite, wherefore empathy and protection of the natural rights of humanity should result through the selfawareness of conflicting and/or violating parties of the existence and necessity of an alternative or strengthened foundation of human concourse and planetary civilization of itself. 142. Having committed to memory, through repeated and periodic reading and exhaustive contemplation - during the opportunity and experience of life - the core program of the Bible and historical precedence, there is nevertheless sensed, after some spanse of time, an inevitable disintegration of that which is sought after and relived in the corridors of one's mind, for which one is loathe to reopen and look upon directly under the perpetual desecration, captivity, and invasion of one's mind and spirit by forces hostile of itself, however much these words have shielded one from and forewarned of the nature and cunning of the anathema of their activity, until sufficient force of will shall break or restore unto one's mind the grip and power of that which is known and gathered throughout the continuity of humanity's spiritual evolution and existence. 143. One's thought themselves, limited though these are by that which may be reasoned or inspired from the whole, are similarly subject to the crystallization and immobility of themselves, for which the prospect or necessity of (their) further synthesis, construction, enaction, or reenvisioning is contrasted by, forestalled, and fecundated by the contemplation, awareness, and historicity of that which they had thusfar enlivened and purported of one's spirit of themselves, contemplation itself - wherefore abided by and/or protracted of itself unto the seriousness or dire necessity of its hour - impinged upon by the pain with which the nemesis fills the silence with shrieks, groans, and ultrasonic pressure of itself, also forcing one - aside from the innate interest of itself - to seek the cover and coactivity of cultural sustainment and innovation, the purpose of thought therefore sublimated, embedded, and diffused in the devastation, amusement, and/or passivity which are the thrall with which the media (fellowship/ humanity) mercifully shrouds the life and struggle of human intelligence and motive. 144. While reading through the building instructions and materials, tithes, and trade and accounting figures of the old Jewish books, rather than being thought obsolete or

extraneous to the Word Itself, these could provide the template and original balance of the dispensation of resources, having demarcated and established the potential and physical requirements of civilization from nature and the administration and interaction amid itself, from which the extravagance and pride of those who would take the earthhuman system for granted faced naturally and inevitably the disaster and downfall of those which would thwart or exploit the prudence and benevolence of God's Intention's and Will. Similarly, those most able to establish "legality" on the basis of the authenticity of the Law must be those most familiar with the foundations of the law of itself, which, pertaining also to the basis of trade and other crafts, provides an opportunity for examining and reconciling the basis and validity of caste divisions of themselves, for which the offerings and communion of the spirit for the good/ redemption/ right relations of the tribe/ humanity must be spared the deceitfulness and abuse of those which would manipulate prohpecy for their own self-aggrandizement and consequent repression/ ruin of the people (themselves) and the immoralization of the State/ devastation of the Planet. 145. It will also be remembered, among the primordial attributes of awareness, the enormous lifespans which were attributed to our earliest anscestors, perhaps reflecting that those having survived into the realm of death, having outlived the advances of time, have foreseen and foresworn the changes over reality which shall yet affect or transform the lives of those yet living/ (or appearing) amid the surface levels of creation. Technology itself, being expressive of the emanation and celestial vehicle of God, suggesting that the shadow of materialism inhabiting/ surrounding the earth has/ had merely to involve and invoke the heart to the eternal origins and (inner) workings of itself. 146. While various plant remedies, human technologies, and ideologies have originated and/or remain in custody of specific geographies and/or geopolitical boundaries, their similitude with and/or assimilation of themselves, materials cooperation, and the symbiosis of autonomy, resilience, and will should enable the determination of and from just or unjust surveillance and attempted influence of themselves, resulting in the industrial transfer and/or levies/ sanction of those blocks or parties deemed a benefit/ threat to the world system and/or each state or region unto itself. 147. The (theoretical) self-sacrifice of the soul, which is light, nevertheless results unto a darkness which is light devoid of the (personal) light of one's being, wherefore there is similitude and equivocation with the (perseverance of the) virtual identity and host which is our collective record and/or national defense, the products of self-inscription resulting unto the scale and autonomy which are their intrinsic potential, containing the sufficiency, advancement, redundancy, alternative, and/or diversity of ecological sustainment, energy transport, and network (cybernetic) fusion towards the goal of the optimization/ immortalization of the core components of which self-awareness and selfdetermination are themselves derived and consist. 148. The nature of the (national) intelligence community, being intrinsically interrelated with the understanding and interaction of all languages and cultures, would inevitably, for the efficacy of its endeavors, develop/ be receptive to a mindset and worldview of nonprejudice itself, if also maintaining, and in order to further, the foundations its national/ ethnic/ humanitarian priority. The historical necessity and evolution of the nations and alliances - and of the world community/ environment of itself - therefore juxtaposes the (continued) viability and/or forms of "Union" amid the independent and concerted geopolitical reality, among the factors of which being the cost of administrative expense (in the connected totality) versus the barriers against trade in its absence, the necessity/ deterance of a mutual policy and protocol of assistence, cooperation, and interboundary enforcement of issues of humanitarian and international security, and the means of investment/ interaction with the world blocs which are (considered) yet outside or extraneous of the given heritage and commonality of itself. The technological/ military/ economic supremacy and advantage of (allied) Western powers (and potentially Christianity/ Judaism of Itself/ humanity, through the workerist movement thereof) therefore grasping the inevitability and potential benefit/ threat of the development and reproportioning of the infrastructure and commitments of itself and other world powers/ ideologies, could therefore strive towards an era of universality and of mutual respect rather than and in addition to perpetuating the struggle for and against itself in the realm of earthly mortality. (Meanwhile the guardianship of the interior domain and international protectorate involving the testing and perparedness against acts of internal/ external terorism and aggression, the defensive mobilization of vehicles, equipment (information/ ideology), and personnel taking into account the coverage, inclusivity, and contributions of each region and state, and the circulation and exchange of these resources and proficiencies in accordance of the need and sustainment of its international alliances and partners.) 149. Aware of the potential and power of overt and subconscious suggestion, and of the images and words which these might evoke or affix in one's mind, there must be (allowed) the instant and persevering negation of all that which lies beneath the intentions of one's heart and core perception of reality, those entities which are gathered according to their own self-will released according to the caliber and quality of their intrinsic value of themselves and with respect to the vitrues which are embued and derived from the world of one's humanity. That there may be nurtured, understood, and safeguarded the relation between drug

30 use and creative experience/ expression, and as an alternative to the illegality/ stigmata of these substances in general, these (laws) being an excuse for the ethnic and ideological repression of the individual personality would cease to produce the antagonistic/ apathetic elements of society which they had themselves presumed/ alleged to avoid. 150. I am on the way to .... (sorry for the short notice) and could really use your help or someone you might know in the area to stash some books until I can find shelter. Bus is scheduled to arrive by 6am tommorow. If you are interested, message back so I can maybe try some other contacts I barely know. Actually I read the ticket wrong and it says 6 am April 30 (day after tommorow). I could leave the bulk of junk at the bus station a day, if necessary while asking around, but ill keep checking in to see if I hear from you until the bus connection expires.

156. The cloning/ replication of the individual self at various intervals of life, towards the self-preservation and/or selectivity of the means of an immortal existence, could/ must also appreciate the mutuality and blending which the attraction of separate genders represents and provides, the implausibility of this (former) potential also revealed in the dispossession/ dispersion of one's identity and control, the (potential) divergence of identity of one's protegee upon death resulting unto the fracturing of legitimacy itself, for which threre could also be the preference of an alternative or plurality for the carrying forward of one's actual will (rather than mere appearance of itself), these concepts also being applicable to the control and foundation of the schools and institutions through their exploitation/ appropriation and/or polarization/ integration of a harmonious and diversified cofunctioning totality.

151. The similitude of the (central) spatial form with the distance and relation of structures in its periphery accounts for the stationary and transitory means of its inhabitation and purpose, the centrality of the institution and ideal preparing itself for the actuality of group teleportation, transmigration, and departure, this resulting in the interim through the revolution, integration, and correlation of the technological and demographic totality and proximity, expressing itself thusly in the evocation and conjunction of civilization, speciation, and the transcendence and/or containment of themselves, the familial planning of the Committee apportioning the one self which is the appearance and derivation of light in the mind upon and preceding the reflection of the material conditions and technicalities of the (quantitative) form/ state and core phenomenality of reality of itself.

157. Without an exact binary-electrical siganl or scripted program for a given musical composition, radio/ tv program, or printed paper of itself, the architecture of the device/ transmission is thought to permit the maleability of that which is unseen or unknown, summoning, for good or ill, an awareness/ receptivity of that which exists in the spirit's domain, the nonself, in either sense, having experienced both the constructive and destructive potencies of this phenomena, accepting of itself only that which is thought to be the just instrument of the creator's intention, time itself capable of re-adapting the entire significance of that which was previously known to the revelation of the exact opportunity of future/ atemporal initiations or events, being immune therefore to manipulation in this sense only in and by that which is most firmly established in one's community's archives and traditions, presuming the ghost of itself is yet not that which is sought upon the path of each individual or collective existence from the complexity and depth of these records themselves.

152. One's (potential/ inevitable) entranchment in the enmeshment of semantic scaffolding and reason, seeking, through the articulated connectivity, elimination/ incorporation, and closure of itself, the preclusion of the (unresolved) self-destruction of itself, must also reckon with and consider the (theoretical) anxiety and sorrow/ continuity and relief which mark the obituary and finality of the (innate) potential and reservoire/ appearance of its preexisting and fecundated material, thus parallelling of itself the cycles, means, and surplus of all logistic/ agricultural productivity, growth, storage, display, consumption, and (self-determining) renewal.

158. Though one is loathe to set upon one's actions any significance to the world or community of itself, the contrast between intrepitude and complaisance in one's personal experience could result either in the effect of persistence or folly or in the attainment of an awareness which would otherwise remain hidden from the thresholds of one's being, that which is thought yet to tend towards repression, facisim, and the limitation of freedom yearning yet for an ideal discipline and affinity which is inclusive of all, thus grounding or stationing that which is ultimately gleaned of one's mission or journeys in the unit or base of which one's network is effectively conjoined.

153. Corresponding with the abstraction of a general reference from the bulk of academic materials, through the least fit and reduplication/ correlation of available/ existing/ essential items and instructions, the sifting through one's possessions according to the relevance, weight, and clarity of the items and attachments which one may/ must carry or relinquish in order to enable one's departure and continued selfexistence of itself, must contrast the priority, profligance, indolence and diversion of the containment/ attainment of minimalism/ ability/ attainment/ potential of itself, with the absolute and relative abundance which are the mission, foundation, and enduring ownership of human society in general, for which one's duty of mindfulness, alertness, and vigilance may otherwise be forced/ expedited through the overriding/ external/ instantaneous significance of the authority, will, control, legality, or prowess/ defensibility of/ over one's (former/ existing) habitation or environment. The material/ financial ambitions or motives of the individual/ collective factors of society (over or from the least of themselves) may therefore be furthered or overturned in either sense through the mechanism of state/ multinational complicity and/or disavowal of the populace of itsef, the goals and natural/ processed resources of the technocracy (local/ coordinated hierarchy of autonomous administrative of society), howsoever apportioned or divided, serving to establish or suppress the awareness/ accessibility/ continuity of the free/determined expression of humanity and earth.

159. Maintaining the resoluteness of one's conviction despite the uncertainty of that which is unresolved or unexpected enables the projection of one's path to approach the rendevous of its inevitable closure or conclusion, whether relative or absolute, much the way nightly prayer enables the evening preemption of agitation, divergence, and resistence to the terror and suffering inflicted on one's person to provide the stability and morning ritual of that which was gathered of one's thoughts of themselves and by past analogy of one's former habits and conditions.

154. A list of the phenomenal applications of scientific material presents one with the choice and level of methodology of the analytic aspect of the abstract curriculum, the goal of practical and/or sufficient variation and itemization through the naming and concision thereof reflected in the activity index and matrix of the general knowledge report, there being also the metamorphosis of substantive and biological structure and the process of the physical/ mechnaical logic and logistics of themselves, the conceptual processes and integrated labors and potentialities of humanity and the world system of itself yielding and resulting unto the qualitative measurement and cycularity and balance. It being at this point also the transition unto the self-reference of the abstracted curriculum, the summation of one's origin and beginning reconciling one's locality and residence with the permanance and interchangeability of the qualities, attributes, and characteristics of themseves. 155. That that which we serve is the eternal good unto itself, being co-workers of the divine union, there is also the potential of overuse of that which is already present in our thoughts, of which formed the act of symbolsim and reference and the mutual illumination and inflection which are the upliftment of character and identity, the core of the khabala, while expressive of the danger and protections which humanity must face, resulting unto the ceremony and quietude of inner and interpersonal harmony and tranquility. While it is possible that one be the last or the only of those suffering on earth, according to the scale and causality of personal or global strife or presssion, towards the preclusion of this end, for oneself and all, there is sought the protection of the witness which the mercy of the group could yet theoretically confer or provide.

160. Should there result the diminishment of the quantity of one's news aggregate through the voluntary or involuntary disconnectivty of its channels or one's means of reception, the adaptation of an equivalent network, even unto the restoration of itself, will have provided a means of its refinement and continuance, with support at last from the community, in both the internal and external processes and investigations thereof, the fact checking of consistency of information having parallels with business and economic activity whether for profit or mere prudence an effect of the principle or ethics involved, the efficiency and/or exclusionary means of bureaucracy/ administration verified and/or brought into question according to the levels or crowdsourcing which are aligned with and therefore cosubstantial and reconstructive of that which its governing methods and ideologies had sought after and/or differed to have sought after of itself.

III. VISIONS FUTURE, VISIONS PAST 1. The distance and form at which the Creator has placed the creations of Himself, presuming the cycularity of all Beingness and Time, must involve the stasis and abstraction of Eternity in general, and the means of evolution and return unto the process and transcendence of Creation Itself. From the perspective of Earth, or an Earthlike planet or planetary scheme, the ecological primitivity of pretechnological and preindustrial civilization, superceded by intelligent speciation and environmental chauvenism/ disregard, given the eventual understanding/ circumscription of the system of which it is part (while also continuing, furthering, and exploring the "other" realms of dimensionality which are accessible to itself), would lead unto the restoration/ reclaimation/ preservation of the natural order which constitutes its innate/ overt/ biogeologistic limit and potential. Similarly, the relative isolation and autonomy afforded the primordial and antideluvian diaspora, in keeping with the permanence and consummation of the qualities which are specific to itself, will have uncovered the means of reinstating the awareness of these virtues through the collective freedom and liberation of the (benign and nonintrusive) ecological and planetary federation/ world religious council and consensus. 2. In the sense that the electronic and computational device, and internet in general, consists of the correlation and processing of simultaneous automated and active programs of itself, including algorithms for the accomplishment of task and

31 measurement functions, the conscious and subconscious mind contains the mental routines which define the circumference of awareness, which, promoting the health and biostasis of the mechanical organism, parallels the ecological, social, political, educational, economic, military, and psychological dynamics of the human-world system and organization and delegation of responsibilities and actions. 3. Though one may presume to have established a core of defensive and motivational musical self-identity and culture, the extension of this foundation to embrace the broader culture of the intergenerational (liberation) movement of itself, given the lifting of the impediment of financial obligation or motive, could itself tend towards oblivion and chaos if failing or ceasing to register the focal point of human relations and identifiable events. The containment, production, and preservation of the audio-visual archive of itself in its initial distribution, while and wherefore enabled through industry colusion in the means of its ownership and control, if established through independent (re-)presentation and accessibility could further the liberty and autonomy which were, at best, its high ideal and means of popular/ governing support. Otherwise practicing or observing nondependence or detachment from the literary/ electronic (broadcast) media/ entertainment through the alternative of local creativity and design, community activism/ democracy, and ritual/ sancticity of itself, these (external/ pre-recorded) forms may be reserved for those most in need of rest or rehabilitation, with that which is (deemed) of greatest technological or cultural sophistication promoted and dedicated towards national/ international exhibition and unified/ interpersonal empathy and awareness of itself. 4. Having arrived at or circumscribed an understanding of the principles of material science and global-social ideology, at a certain level of intellectual maturity, it can be noted the discepencies and delays in the timing and consistency in which these ideas were brought forth, uncovered, and retained of one's individual experience, which, while inevitably granted other individuals and segments of society, according to their particular emphasis or motive, suggests (the possibility of) a universal or revolutionary ideal gradually transforming and reestablishing the foundations of society/ (humanity) in a way in which the prior system/ mass cultural apparatus may have advertently/ inadvertently repressed, neglected, or ignored, the disparity of which heightening class or caste advantage/ (ecological disorder), rather than reenforcing the excuse of itself, closing the distance and symbiosis of all that can be accomplished through the reintegration of (our system of) imbursement, planning, mentality, and labors/ (order). 5. Contrasting/ juxtaposing the architectural diversity, elevation, and complexity of various municipal regions/ zones within a municipality, besides evoking the inspiration and timeframe over which the process and feat of civil engineering have manifested and evolved, approaches the possibility/ inevitability of the divergence/ convergence of the wealth and resources of civilization of itself, whether that which is (acquired of itself/ extracted from other regions of earth) is given unto the over-use/ over-development of the segregated/ financially exploitative few or for the gerenal good, upliftment, and accessibility of the general community/ humanity at large, ultimately the aesthetic of that which is most practical and in conformance with the needs of its environment shaping the connectivity of the mechanical and ecological foundation of the planetary form. 6. The continuity, specificity, and increase of ultrasonic bombardment, even unto a crowded public space and journey away from the initial/ presumed source/ proximity of one's confinement, while emphasizing one's hopelessness and isolation in the midst of even remotely sympathetic/ transitory human beings and personnel - the sense of entrapment in this dimensionality beckoning towards suicide as the only and last recourse from the nightmare of one's reality - could, at the least, provide an example of the weapon's targetting capability of the unseen/ unstated antagonist and, ultimately, the courage/ willingness to trust in one's mission over one's life and fear of itself - carrying upon oneself one's remnant irregardless unto an accepted destination of burial and rest, besides evoking an empathy with the physical bombing/ gunfire/ bloodshed of the public/ armed personnel wherever yet occurring in the struggles and conflicts of the planet, - and, for reasons yet unknown, temporarily abated at the waystation of one's tentative asylum - the return against this pressure and despite itself factors of one's continued inquiry and hypothetical integration, the momentary absence of pain, in either sense, transcending solitude and despair in the spiritual circumvolution and liberation which are the fact of the one soul's self-identity and calling, the voice and vision, whether inward or external, provoked or unprovoked - and fought against in life to the furthest imposed/ constructive necessity and ability, - ultimately belonging to the spirit of itself in the form of light and sound of which of the one creator self-emitted and emersed upon the planes of one's all-being. 7. Homelessness, in the sense of absence of shelter and nonrenewal of "luxury" resources, implies a timeframe for the durability and safeguarding of "superfluous" technological equipment, the viability of one's "field" mission therefore dependent upon the (re-)supply, finance, recovery, or rescue from one's isolation and/or the loss or destruction of the "materials" of one's foundation or of which one had externally added or gathered unto oneself. Otherwise, returning to the origins of earth for raw materials, shelter, fuel, (amusement/ medicine/ etc.) and/or gathering the excess or waste of the civilization which surrounds one, there begins an expenditure of energy and effort proportionate/ disproportionate to the value or ease of that which was extracted/ utilized from

civilization of itself, which, while affording a measure of autonomy and freedom from that which civilization demands, could also provide the direction and necessity of the discourse and policy against the entrapment/ exploitation of humanity/ the landless class in general, and also the fallback, survival, and extrication from the ecological/ technological disunion/ entanglement of humanity and earth in and/or to preclude the event of its collapse unto/ destruction of itself entirely in the form of nuclear/ environmental holocaust and/or social/ international apocolypse/ armagghedon resulting from the innate tensions/ inequalities/ hostilities of humanity/ human nature of itself. 8. That one, being upon the streets or without home, should wish, at the least, to find/ afford a room within a shelter with the ammenities of "light", the mental and spiritual devotion to the word and image of itself sustains the desirelessness of form which alone preserves one's dignity from the calling or entrapment of unnecessary longing or temptation. 9. Though people should be located or gathered together in a place with scant or unconscious knowledge or inclination towards themselves, the existence or formulation of a program of interaction, activity, and dialogue could serve to bridge/ reconnect the basic affinities of lifestyle, maintenance, and subsistence with the foundations, requirements, and potentials of Community/ Ecology Itself, and this, rather than being an isolated or ephemeral event, being established/ incorporated into the routine offering, evaluation, and commitment of social/ economic, religious priorities of the Group/ humanity in general. 10. In order that we should ourselves look and see beyond the capacity and willingness to kill/ manipulate/ control world events to the advantage of our governmnet and people - and that this function, and its overt/ abiding/ clandestine institutions should remian passively and voluntarily/ psychologically unopposed, - all attributes of cultural, scientific, educational, economic, humanitarian, and religious interrelations of society and humankind must be thought/ entrusted to originate, radiate, and be encompassed by the symbol(s) and source of power which we have placed/ distributed/ correlated among ourselves, even unto the fulfillment and detachment of the imperative of its/ our interconnected/ isolated global existence and being. 11. Howsoever affixed about the alter of the shrine consecrated to the holy ghost in space and form, the elohim themselves must be thought closest to our hearts and the spirit of our devotion and approach, thus also the temple of the soul in and from which abides and manifests the spirit in every human mind and thought, those who attribute the labor and recognition of this thought unto themselves bound by faith to honor and confer the freedom and ease of the differentiated/ exacted rationality with all who must/ would attain/ participate in the means and product of its activity, unto the cooperation, involvement, and persuasion of those who would yet prefer or require the means of war or domination over the foundations and opportunity of a harmonious and peaceful civilization of itself. 12. One's awareness, personal experience, and anectdotal research into what one presumes or deduces to be a skynet/ ground array/ mind-control interfacing technology, of and to which one has spoken and alluded extensively in previous volumes of this work, extenuating the anxiety, pain, and social misgiving/ dislocation which it has inflicted on one's person, could, in one sense, as was previously infered, be part of an experiment or program of national/ technological disclosure or defense, (given the psychical component or balancing/ moderation of the inadvertent/ anomolous transmission/ forced example of the trials (errors)/ limitations of one's thought), for which the agency/ directors/ personnel could simultaneously be shielding the population/ themselves from other insidious research or uses of this technology, by either domestic or foreign operations seeking to subvert, undermine, or subjugate our sovereign will for reasons of economic, ideological, or global domination of itself, or which, while and wherefore portraying itself to be in colusion with the avarice, spite, and moral disdain of the corporate totalitarian platform and model, could hope to elicit and sustain the values of freedom, personal sacrifice, (human) loyalty, discipline, and intellectual/ cultural/ spiritual striving and perseverance which we would wish our nation to embody, project and uphold unto the furthest reaches of world society and global intercourse. 13. Understanding and appreciating/ empathizing with the relevance, extent, and intrinsic priority of each person/ group formation encountered/ sought after in one's journey/ life must, realistically, begin with and maintain the simplicity of one's actual human needs and station/ expectations of society, thus moderating the advocacy and demands of those disaffected, disadvantaged, or impoverished as oneself amid the unified effort of the general commission and institutionalized/ instinctual support and services which are offered, elicited, or uncovered of the heart and actions of humanity and regulatory/ spontaneous framework/ mechanism of social protocol, behavior, and conduct. The act and process of self-possession in a transitory habitat and mode of life naturally forces the adaptation and refinement of the affectations which one must carry or deposit, for which, one must think, even those more accustomed by fate or disposition, must ultimately find or rebuild the (transitory) resilience of fortification/ settlement amid community and the worldly (infinite) confines of this earth (universe). It being possible, though by no means determined, that the collective/ higher will of one's spirit and homeland are aligned/ identical/ complicit in the directionality/ placement of oneself withof themselves, the transition unto a new/ after life could be

32 (uniquely/ personally) expressed in temporal/ geographical parameters, the fear and/or faith of the eventuality of one's exile/ oblivion/ return a measure of the reconcilation/ exoneration of the amnesia/ distance from the factors of one's life from which lacking/ expatiating (at some length) the duration/ extent of one's culpability or control, the voices of pain and judgement, though following one into and echoing even unto the opportunity and space of this reality, mitigated, theoretically, by the cover of light and presence of those not of necessity/ innate presumption antithetically opposed to the (ontologically imposed) phenomenon of one's mere (continued/ resumed) state/ status of existence and being. 14. Oneself maintaining/ manifesting a (non-hierarchical) synthesis of organizational principle/ anarchic liberation unto themselves, there is withall, and of this nature, the encompassing and inevitable median of human attributes/ affinity/ identity, and innate scientific/ abstract/ ideological realization/ potential, which, striving towards the upliftment and liberation unto the light of the (worldly phenomenon and) higher self/ realm of immaculate/ ircorruptible activity and supernal relations, - the eternal home/ origin of being from which spirit descended/ must ascend from its confinement amid the material vessel of this earth, the flesh, bone, and mental affectations which are and remain of our attachments/ presumptions and/or triumphs/ attainments of the self, the happiness, health, and peace of mind which we must harbor, nurture, and endure with grace notwithstanding that by which these will be supplanted and fulfilled in virtue of that to which we are destined by the adherance of themselves, given that which we were provided of the word of spirit that we shoud not be lost unto the trappings of this world entirely or left without hope or resilience or prescience of the promise towards which the act/ guardianship of creation must persist, - that which draws together or attracts the sprit unto itself ultimately affecting, in the realm of mortal existence/ human civilization/ society/ the natural world the equilibrium of rational dispensations, ecological/ technological integration and social-political harmony/ autonomy which are the reflection/ concretization of all that which it has and is capable of making known/ available amid and of the diverse/ coherent plurality (of the life/ life-form) which is itself. Upon the earth itself, it is known therefore that the coordination of humanitarian and ecological ideals between religious/ ideological/ indigenous organizations, civil society and groups, international/ economic/ scientific institutions/ national governments has progressed and resulted, upon millenia/ centuries/ decades of human interaction/ trade and development/ understanding of the natural/ technological world and our interconnectedness and mutual affectedness thereof, the approach/ acceptance/ beginnings of a (plurallty/ centrality of) pragmatic and utopian framework(s) of enormous and universally encompassing (and/or and while also of necessity selflimiting and liberatory) portent and potential, the enforcement/ implementation of which, however, given the deference to/ inaccessibility of itself and the rightful/ wrongful distrust or disdain of itself by those whose self-interest/ perception of reality is threatened and/or unaccounted for/ omitted/ skewed by this process/ interpolation of events, must await/ demonstrate the continued awareness, self-development, and technical/ social/ ideological viability of the core foundation of itself, of which the empowerment/ diffusion of both the abstract and analytical modalities of thought alone will serve/ affirm that the autonomy/ controls remain in the province and domain of each individual/ group and generally enlightened populace of a (re-)awakened and universally benign species of humanity [i.e. united kingdom/ community of (the) soul(s)]. 15. The organization/ classification/ arrangement/ alignment of the internal circuitry of one's thoughts/ mircrochip/ components of one's data reference system, though ideally developing/ encompassing/ unfolding organically and at pace with one's surroundings, inevitably parallels the placement of objects/ structures/ persons in the external periphery of one's (unsettled/ repositioned) environment, the entanglement, sponteneity, and programming of which being subject to record and observation, yielding or uncovering the (self-evident) root system/ matrix/ coordination of (the given)/ interregional/ metropolitan/ municipal/ rural culture and functionality, the autonomous act/ process/ provision of material/ natural conservation, harnessing, production, civic maintenance, (a)vocational training/ education and defense providing/ establishing/ requisitioning the surplus/ accessibility/ balance of material goods/ services/ information which are proportionate with the requirements/ desires/ wishes of itself and the sustainable land-base of its ecology and with the committments, involvement with and/or directives/ imposition from the state/ national/ global infrastructure and biosphere with which ideally correlated from the interdependent vantage and group/ collective interest unto itself. 16. Reflecting back on (one's independent) sequential arrangement/ circumscription of academic/ philosophical materials, in the course of their contemplation, recollection, and mental stability (the contents and work of which being outside the domain of one's existing facilities, reference unto which being a requisite of (concise) external comprehension of this thought), it is found possible/ convenient that, rather than of necessity (unless in the event of immediate and practical usefulness/ application), begin with the analytical progression of mathematical, physical sciences, electronics, etc., and proceding through the economic, political, human/ historical sciences, unto the earth, life sciences, physiology and concluding with overt scientific/ industrial material, military organizationn and equipment, (occult) philosophy and religion - one could theoretically begin with the evolution and unfoldment of earth (geology) and life itself, culminating in human existence and intellectual technological development, the wheel of the mind, in any sense, being circular, and beginning and ending at any point withof

itself, that which having created both the earth (universe) and the human spirit, and the testament thereof, having preceded and shaped the psychology of the human mind and relations throughout time unto and withof the guidance and plan of its eternal and omniscient self-intention, symbolized also in the sacrifice and crucifixion of form (unto matter), that it might overcome, govern, and nurture the earth unto the divine predestination and transformation of all being and all life. 17. That and though we are and must be, in a general sense, occupied with the monotony/ mundainity of our labors for a significant part of our daily/ earthly existence, and historically/ endemically programmed to ignore and/or reject the higher potentiality of our (common) fate and alliance, the disease of our servitude and relative powerlessness amid the machinations of society need not obstruct the illuminance of thought-work and planning which are the healing grace of our personal/ collective sovereignty and redemption, the ultimate dispensation and control of resources, one must hope, reaching even unto the paradigm of self-accepting affluence and meritocratic inevitability/ indifference in the re-awakened desire/ responsibility of human consociation and the richness and experience of an equal and open participation in the fullness of the natural/ created world which supports and enshrines the basis and foundation of our reality. 18. A more truly empathetic rather than moralistic interpretation/ approach to the immigrant/ jobless/ homeless population is that it is, in fact, the innate preference of all persons, given the opportunity and inclination, to be and become functioning/ accepted members of (world) society - by which accounting for the often insurmountable institutional and psychological factors which have driven them to their plight and towards whichever habitat, lifestyle, or mannerisms seem to offer the most immediate or viable sanctuary or relief from the prior and existing conditions of their life, - refuge, asylum, and rehabilitation for which, rather than forced/ (attempted) assimilation into the existing/ limited/ predetermined faculties and economic modalities, could therefore involve the temporary/ expedited shelter and construction/ refurbishment of new or unused tenant/ residential buildings amid the zoning, (addtional) land-use, surplus goods, and availability of the intrinsic and surrounding community/ environment. 19. All that which is formed of the Creator and Angelic Host, being that which is good and worthy of Creation, can never, by the deceit and mimicry of the anathema/ usurper, be thought to diminish the indestructible virtue and order with which imbued and given life, though one's experience and perception (of the true nature and divinity of these phenomena and of reality of itself) in this realm be reduced and curtailed to the minimalism and fleeting moment of that which is left uncorrupted or untainted by the infringement and cruelty of demonic repression unto itself, the sprit of the guiding light and truthful friend of the meek and noble restoring, howsoever encountered or sought in life, justice and universal balance over the pretensions and delusions of which the nemesis consists, by which, though forsaken, at worst, by all that which one had hoped for or relied, accepting of/ longing for death and the separation of life should this be what is required of the exactitude and testing of the Holy Ghost for the perfection of its will and possibility of the salvation of one's immortal self, the interpreter/ intervention of one's mental judgement/ understanding appearing at that time and howsoever selected/ called upon for the continued development/ revelation of (one's) consciousness/ purpose upon this or other planes of the all-inclusive and pervasive (self-)affectivity and life. 20. Focusing one's awareness upon the energies of the spine, and the coordination of sensory information to and from the bodily mechanism and external enviroment, it is possible to visualize and project an external electrical field connecting the absolute monad, or highest spiritual center, of each person with the exostructure or bodily form which is the mechanism or vehicle of the spirit (planetary/ cosmic logos) of itself, the synergy of which, while liberating the concrete/ human mind of its preoccupations with itself, restores, uncovers, and reveals the animus, empathy, and interconnectedness which are preexistent within all life-forms of the material matrix/ evolution of the (universe)/ planet, and which, rather than confining itself by analogy to the sphere of electronic and technological communication/ distribution, encompasses the aura and psychical phenomenon through which these may manifest, harmoniously consolve, and persevere. Correspondingly, the impulse node or inclination through which subconscious/ conscious thought originates within the brain can/ need be monitored, regulated, and safe-guarded (given the transmissivity of thought) through the (re-)coding and clarification of the signal/ word-form/ datum which approximates/ symbolizes the (actual) right relationship and rapport which one seeks to establish and maintain among the individuals and group which are withof one's vicinity and/or (imprinted) conscious reminence and alignment, resorting therefore in oblivion or mental duress to that which is preconscious or immutable of abstract awareness of itself, the mindfulness of purpose which is the peace and joy of the nonself and plan of being for itself, the living which endure with and despite the temporary/ personal abstention of the spirit from the plane of its bodily incarnation and involvement. 21. Though we can imagine a (network of) public information centers, devoted (specifically) to the display/ processing/ interpretation/ discussion of (local/ national/) international news, ideologies, frameworks, and events, the prospect/ difficulty of forming/ developing consensus on information gathered, (voluntary/ elective/ rotational) work responsibilities, and the assimilation of each individual's independent work/ affinity/ analysis would require this process continue to be relegated/ divided

33 among formal/ political offices/ institutions and diverse academic/ situational locales, facilitating therefore, in the interim, the institution of awareness of itself and the power/ potential this could provide to the the municipal/ national/ international democratic process/ mobilization towards the implementation/ solution that its thought-process necessitates and confers to the problems of human identity/ culture and the shared (local/ regional) international environment. The alternative/ internal dimension of the overt/ humanitarian monitoring/ harmonization of the human/ ecological issues of (global) society, whether inevitable or accepted on principle of loyalty and trust or insufficient awareness or motive, consists in the continued development/ refinement/ and/or exploitation of an already incomprehensibly sophisticated database and biosignals mapping of every region and potentially every person of the earth, inverting the formally recognized precision of astronomical radar measurement and devices to the unspoken/ disavowed/ though empirically proven and operational detection/ influence of human location/ behavior/ thought, the technology of which, though theoretically securing the reliability/ trustworthiness of enlisted/ federal personnel and tracking of foreign/ malevolent elements of society, could ultimately, if not regulated and controlled for the scientific upliftment and service of the common good, compromise our own and foreign personnel/ agents and/or lead to other totalitarian scenarios of which it is needless and hopelessly dismal to further elaborate. 22. One's experience/ mission/ life-purpose of investigating/ uncovering/ actualizing the highest potential of the revolutionary/ liberated community of itself, though having brought with it (and presumably instigated, many years ago) the continued impediment of psychical/ electronic torture and harassment, confronting the reality/ opportunity/ actuality of itself, has also, inevitably and towards the clarification of its stated (intrinsic) position, perpetuated the alignment/ disposition of forces/ personnas which appear for, opposed, and/or indifferent to one's presumptions and/or progress/ endurance/ cooperability in the midst of itself and the directionality/ choosing of one's fate and means of safe-guarding/ securing the foundations/ records/ fixed memory of one's scientific/ historical thought and earthly existence of itself. This being so, the safety and temporary shelter/ provision instituted in society and/or external human kindness/ affinity of itself, whether one or the other lacking or withdrawn (on or without the basis of one's (ultimate) compliance/ conduct thereof), reverts one to one's initial options and the preparedness/ unpreparedness (given also one's awareness/ exposure of the existent scenario itself) for the path and inventory which would/ must result upon the decision of the expulsion/ termination of each part or the entirety of which one's (voluntary/ autonomous) connection/ mututality with the prospective community/ humanity) had attempted to be formed. Should one therefore manage to live in/ apprehend the moment for itself, the communal project/ social-ecological/ revolutionary experiment (and spiritual discipline/ intentionality of itself), from whichever level engineered or implemented of humanity (or self), persists as the groundwork/ foundation of which the sustainment/ activity/ awareness of one's being must consist, the inclusivity, coparticipation, and preeminence of each person (and community) in the freedom/ rationalization/ responsibility/ liberation, of which the ideal and plan have divested the innate potential of every human life, requiring, at the least, only the sufficiency/ nonimperil of its imperative/ actions to counterbalance the nonbeing of that which is anathema of oneself and the ommision/ incomprehension/ injustice and suffering which had separated/ alienated one from the process and function of harmonious civilization from the days of its beginning. 23. The mere possession/ fabrication/ adherence of a program/ thought/ idea, from another perspective, rather than be thought (of the self) to confer a unique significance or merit of the individual or group, could and is just as easily taken for itself and coopted/ transcended for whatever good or insight it might contain or represent, which therefore, being grossly presumptuous and directly violating the spirit of unanimity and mutual respect which one seeks to foster within oneself, must never, for obvious reasons, undermine or underestimate the liberty to formulate and develop the ideas and inclinations of the other for itself, nor all that which exists to learn from/ challenge and/or corroborate of one's preconceptions/ fragmented/ partial awareness in the perceptions and knowledge of which the collective thought is imbued and towards which having the capacity to evolve of its innate and inclusive disposition. It is in this regard that the efforts and mindset of egoism, materialism, and hierarchical domination, though easily evoked and espoused unto the detriment of oneself, stand in contradistinction to the nature of light and the upliftment and service unto the common good, which, being aware and versed in the vissicitudes and callings of both realms simultaneously, should enable the apt discrimination, disillusionment, and (internal) illumination of those thoughts/ attitudes/ beliefs which are of use to the self/ higher cause, being true, from those which exist, or seem to exist, for the cause of one's personal vendetta, deliberate misinformation, and/or subjugation/ rectification of one's conscience in the momentary/ instinctual lapse of its judegement or retension. 24. While the efforts of evil (electronic torture/ harassment) may provoke a sense of urgency and necessity of being involved in a hyperbolic struggle against themselves and the core of corruption from which they derive, this is of course a distortion and distraction from the correlation of events in the "ordinary" sense as these are preceived and interpreted in the "non-subjective" realm and significance of the "living" world and humanity, the "mundaneity" and "objectivity" of which, being integral both to one's survival and one's sanity, must ultimately preclude, subsume, and circumscribe one's "individual" dilemma in the "problems"/ phenomena which are of general interest/

relevance in one's service to humanity and the providence/ beingness of the higher self in the midst of creation. From a "mortal"/ nonbiased perspective therefore, one could postulate that any attempted "revolution" from within the American Government and forces would result in a "counter-revolution" from a large percentage of its territory and population, the ambiguity of which calls to question which or whether either of these eventualities/ actions best serves the interests of the people and the role/ non-role of the national defense (for itself) and in the reconciliation/ demilitarization/ unification/ liberation of the international environment. Were the "agencies" involved in one's "abuse", and purportedly that of countless others, ever to be exposed or made known among the general population, if not tacitly accepted/ endorsed on the unconstitutional premise of the "crimes" of one's liberty, actions, or beliefs, the greater/ absoulte transparency and accountability over the machinations of power could facilitate/ restore/ initiate the true democratic synthesis of government which would enable our country to realistically and capably address and fulfill our true potential/ identity in the harmonization of domestic/ regional. global civilization/ ecology/ amid the unfolding evolution of global consciousness and conscience. [One could theorize a reverse scenario in which a local/ national government were the instigators of this abuse and a national/ extra/ supernational government respectively called to their defense, which merely highlights and reduces to the principles of confederation and support upon which are (presumably) based the existence of federal government and coordination of multinational alliance/ intervention, of which therefore even furthermore the collective responsibility of upholding and promoting the reliance/ integrity of these principles of themselves.] 25. The concept of the refinement and projection of one's core self, or that nexus of ideas and images which is routinely/ spontaneously circulated and overlain in the inflection of one's thoughts, providing and encorporating ideally the cover and veil of sanctity/ erudition above the (potential) trappings and/or deviation of one's personna in light of the public domain, through the activation/ distillation and attempted fusion of all human learning and wisdom which one has contacted/ uncovered/ acquired, inevitably approaches and produces the centripedal force, dissipation, and entropy of one's finite capacity and mortal limitation, howsoever connected within itself with the dispersion and circumvolution of all the faculties and identities of which outwardly/ essentially constituted and composed, the anomoly of one's being and absolute psychical (self-)enclosure culminating in the conflagration of empathy and wonder at the magnitude and omnipresence of the Creator/ Elohim of Himself/ Themselves, the perfect union of which, and freedom from self, occuring at and beckoning unto the point of one's sublimation and unbeing. Upon a lower scale in the (quasi-)familiar grouping/ habitat and transitory perambulation/ surroundings, the subjective phenomenon of the personality/ material attachment, rather than innately calling or invoking attention unto itself, must quietly and dispassionately be receptive to and encompassing of the external and objective aura and presence through which seeking its expression and of the nonself which abides in the emancipation of the (awareness and duration of) its manifesting or incarnated form. 26. Having (or nearly so) attained and endured, against great set-backs and persistent/ increasingly insidious opposition, the (self-)fulfillment of one's realizations and expectations of reality, one arrives at the brink of self-relinquishment, at which the suffering one is caused has no more desire for life upon which to act or to struggle in this world, whereupon the closure of the remnant and ephemerality of one's earthly identity is/ (appears to be), theoretically, all that (of necessity) remains of one to part willingly unto death, whether through the transference, assimilation, or oblivion of one's consciousness and labors sufficing with the continuity of that which is nascent or established of the universal/ revolutionary/ divine commission of itself (thus also in the course of a natural life-span and/or harmonious abstraction or withdrawl), though it be yet unto the spirit unto itself to determine the obligation and necessity of one's confinement to this realm, whether living or dead, for the ablution/ absolution of one's personal/ collective errors, ignominies, or waste, the artifacts, ruins, and unfinished work of the earthly/ celestial potential awaiting (re-)construction from whichever dimensionality upon and from which situated, affected, or found, prior thus to the pronouncement and conclusion of the finality of one's rest and endeavors, the communion and reverence of the unity of the ancestors and primordial creator yielding both fear and trust, in accordance of (the actual inner state of) one's preparedness and resoluteness thereof, amid the proportionality and balance of the transmaterial/ psychophenomenal stasis/ transformation and upliftment (of humanity) unto the presence and plan of its ultimate abode. [Nonetheless having articulated this possiblity unto oneself, one realizes the strange presumptuousness of the right-to-death somewhere where one has not even the right-tolive, which demands that one continue the experience of living, (while resisting/ overlooking the onslaught of evil within oneself), only to find a more permanent solution or duration to the mortal existence which one can neither endure nor avoid.] 27. Given therefore the immediacy of survival, and psychical fortitude for itself - and the unforseeable transformation/ acclimation of one's expectations/ exigencies of the life-scenario unto which one has embarked - in order not to plummit into an abyss of agony/ anger at the reoccurring onslaught of bodily shock/ mental inundation/ abuse and of one's own inner interpersonal oblivion respectively - there may be developed a formula or mantra of connecting with and stabilizing one's own ultimate spiritual condition and belief, namely that of spirit, mind, body, and world, with each other

34 person, group, idea, or phenomenon intersecting or diverging at one or another of these intrinsic levels of contact or perception, being witness and bearing hope for the salvation/ reconciliation/ redemption of all life in its various interconnecting and cumulative scenarios constituting sufficient reason and grounding of the inherent good of existence of itself which one is/ must remain of oneself incapable/ indifferent of actually/ viscerally taking for granted or experiencing. Furthermore, the insisent longing/ fascination/ hypothesization of the realm/ proximity of the divine and of the spirit of itself, catharctic and illumining though these thoughts must be in the moment of their invocation/ inspiration and abiding peace with one's creator, cannot and should not of themselves overshadow or obliviate the intricate detail and primordial tapestry out of which space and time (the universe), the earthly realm, and human civilization have emerged, these carrying withof themselves the seeds and reflections of the higher potential which they must culminate and sustain withof themselves, beckoning unto the rebirth or (self-)conception of ideas/ events which each, at varying stages of completion, would seek/ have sought to germinate and watch patiently unfold. 28. The inception/ (self-)conception of light in the being of form, being the choice of the omnipotent and all-pervasive one, having returned to or descended from the allencompassing and undeviated aura of its unborn potentiality, connects the universal breadth and unfoldment of cosmic evolution/ involution with the (self-)awareness and emergence of the planetary/ solar form(s) from and unto the microscopic/ macroscopic unity and volition of which they are composed, overlaying and vitalizing the various depths and dimensions of pattern formation/ recognition which the human mind may therefore access and propound of the underlying material/ electromagnetic veil towards the (temporary) destruction and/or advancement of the intrinsic emancipatory domain of its manifested/ manifesting reality. Coninciding, in the abstract sense, with the moral, intellectual, and rational development of the minds which have preceded us (on earth), and our intuitive recognition/ perception of the world which surrounds us, a recollection of the evolution of nature and historicity of human civilization(s) could accordingly arouse/ awaken/ divulge a spontaneous (re-)appreciation, at leisure, will, or per vocation, each or any of the biological, intercultural/ (political), psychological, ideological, demographic (meteorological/ astrological/ geological), technological, or industrial/ (economic) components or substructs of mental visualization and/or conceptual inference/ deduction which we would require to stabilize, invoke, and/or advance the thought-form of our inner or higher self towards the goal of harmonizing, cooperating, purifying, harnessing, and/or transcending the energies thereof in accordance of the objective or subjective plane and intention upon and of which we wish to place or correlate the center and/or passive/ affective influence of our activity, awareness, and endeavors. 29. A phenomenon/ (inevitable/ intentional) side-effect of urban development, in contemporary society (in the localized and general domain), has been the shielding/ dislocation (of the pedestrian view) from the open fields and areas of agricultural/ industrial/ logistic productivity, which, while containing the residential (if not vocational) tendencies of urban sprawl and conducive to specifically human interactions/ relations, could serve to undermine/ diminish/ diffuse the awareness of viability and control upon which these relations are founded and subsist, for which the (public) consciousness must renew/ persist to match/ counterbalance/ excede the hierarchical potentiality/ interests of (economic) domination/ exploitation towards the conservation/ restoration/ actualization of the ecological/ social balance of power(s) and resources necessary for the visceral/ participative (re-)engagement of (local/ collective) humanity in the sustainable and humanitarian balance and distribution of the proceeds/ responsibilities/ requirements of the diverse/ interconnected habitats, communities, and civilizations of the earth. 30. The personality, character, history, and influence of each nation and people of the earth and geographical domain, while vital to our mutual/ composite understanding/ (arbitration) through the fulfilling of the void of our macrocosmic perception/ obligation in the apportionment of the intrinsic factors and events in the brotherhood/ community of souls/ life-forms/ energies/ (ecological/ technological/ evolutionary) firmaments, processes, and potentials, should innately correspond with the origination and diffusion of life-forms/ people in our immediate proximity, wherefore our affectation and interest of one to another thereof, so willing, would result and manifest in a fundamental and self-reinforcing peace and cooperability amid both the internal and external spheres of our interconcentric affectation, ideation, and identity. 31. Approaching the matter/ global phenomenon from the standpoint of national/ international security, each nation/ group of nations must be thought/ have been thought to occupy a distinct geopolitical vantage in relation to their relative level of development/ armament and history/ intention of national/ international confluence and ambition, for which the insight/ foresight and planning of a strategic policy and objective of economically/ politically/ ideologically and/or militarily stengthening and/or limiting/ opposing (given the means and/or sense of historical necessity/ obligation) the growth/ amalgamation/ integration/ actions of multiple and diverse factors/ regions in relation to oneself, themselves, and the international environment presented/ presents the opportunity (through either governmental, intergovernmental, and/or nongovernmental/ cultural mechanisms of involvment/ approach), for better or worse, of affecting the (natural or alternative) course of events towards one or another's continued advantage and/or mutual upliftment/ disruption/ restoration of a stable and

pluralistic democratic and/or international world order and (economic/ ideological/ security) alliance. Promoting and dignifying (to the extent possible) the cultural freedom and liberalism of Western Society, while retaining and acknowledging the popular and egalitarian emphasis (if not implementation) of the Communist Regimes, could therefore avoid the privatization of a globalized economic hegemony and elite, while offsetting and neutralizing the fundamentalism and/or antagonism of the Islamic regions and extremes, encorporating also thereby the Leftist remant of the Central and Southern Americas and (relatively) undecided/ unipolar/ unaligned forces of the African, Indian, and South Asian Continents into the (expanded) economic and military protectorate of the Northern and Eurasian Alliance, therefore mobilizing the vast majority of the global population under the principles and humanism of the Theosophical and Zionist Movement and Ideal, properly understood, (this being the sincere prayer and motive of all forces of global compassion/ reconciliation/ and goodwill), preserving for each the cultural heritage and integrity of the one unifying and universal concept of an (eternal and abiding) natural Homeland and Tradition. [The Jews, in this sense, to choose one people in particular, having conceived, sought, and established a separate state unto themselves, for their solidarity and protection, are a model to all the oppressed and righteous people of the world, as they have been throughout their history and relationship with God, the effect of turning outward to a state, wherefore diminishing their outward presence and numbers, could also, given the preservation of an accepting attitude of the contemporary world towards them, turn inward withof the diaspora of communities themselves, in solidarity with the equality and rights of all people striving for the creation and acceptance of a benevolent world society.] 32. The potentiality of sorting through the vast compendium and ever-evolving and transpiring array of global statistics and analysis which we have for so long entrusted to our statesmen and corporate and financial leaders, while once seemingly opaque and inapproachable, given the limitations of speed and organization which this information entails, - and the wall of obfuscation and specialization/ professionalism/ bureaucracy which these have advertently/ inadvertently once rendered unto themselves - being now, in part, through the will of the people themselves and a new spirit of government/ state outreach and accountability (which, being of the people, have demanded and inspired), made accessible, presentable, and known on an ever-occurring basis, may therefore now facilitate the transition of a truly enlightened and self-empowered public opinion which shall overcome the obstacles of avarice, hate, and war which had impeded the light of the one humanity from the awareness of itself and of the ideal world about which so many have dreamed and theorized since and throughout the origin and awakening of Time. The temporal and spatial aggegation of workers into often isolated groups, work spaces, and facilities, in order to (re-)commit to the greater/ additional responsibilities of the community and sovereignty of world affairs, must therefore, of all times, realign themselves and their working conditions to allow all the energy and opportunity of securing the freedom and liberation of the world which they alone can provide and are (innately so) deserving of themselves. [Given the extent to which contemporary or prevailing society has approached a norm of amicable and fair relations with the disadvantaged of itself, through previous efforts and cycles of protestation, unrest, and subsequent policy reform, the general upliftment of the standard of living, and the instantaneous/ pervasive awareness and diffusion of a generalized sense of cultural/ political/ ecological 'responsibility', 'comprehension', and 'involvement', the renewing call of internal revolution/ transnational/ institutional refinement may naturally seem superfluous, over-zealous, and over-exacting of those with other (interests) and familial priorities (the existing call to which, one might confess, deriving also, in part, from one's own personal self-interest in circumventing/ procrastinating one's (re-)emersion in the machinations of the status quo from protracted years of a solitary/ 'monastic' existence), the amolients for which being, among the familiar/ supplementary alternatives (sustaining thereby a sense of 'consciousness' despite, throughout, and beyond the 'labors' of one's perfunctory/ routine service and being), a deference unto the advanced and preparatory education of itself for the general array of the vocational/ extra-vocational/ social/ environmental problematic, a reliance and receptivity unto the specialized, retired, or elderly of the population which would maintain and/or convey an interest in promoting or reconciling the underlying interests of themselves, and/or a spontaneous and natural collaboration (productivity/ collective ownership/ economic expropriation/ control) in the social sphere, projecting/ injecting the healing potency and aesthetic dynamics/ necessity of local/ global/ environmental solvency and order in a passive/ interactive and/or distributed auditorium and/or circulated medium or setting accessible at the convenience and discretion of the generalized and (self-)illumined populace.] Each municipal/ communal/ social proximity, representing therefore a conflux of intersecting and self-illumining energies and trajectories of academic, socio-political, economic, cultural, and spiritual comprehension/ stability and intercourse unto themselves, and in conjuntion/ coordination with the national/ international arena of trade, communication, and defense, establish the intrinsic priority and pre-existing protocol/ similitude/ autonomy of the realm and influence of (finance), ideation, and events, which being exclusively greater and further encompassing by the collective magnitude of themselves, contextualizes and relegates the individual commitment/ aspiration to the proper significance, that parcel of that which one may contribute, inhabit, or acquire suspended amid the process, means, and level which are available/ availed of the individual/ unit self in the stages and placement of personal development, cooperability, and assimilation/ growth.

35 33. It is theorizable that the mind, having contacted and absorbed certain levels and affinities of spiritual energy and force, would experience certain feelings of oblivion, anguish, and separation, approximate with the polarization of the bodily field and its receptivity/ perception of the overt intuition/ purposivity/ interplay of its immediate environment, the evocation of the spirit, wherefore demanding of itself, manifesting in the potential of psychical imbalance and disonnance of the personality instrument (and its conflicting material/ instinctive modus apparatus), which, for the grace of its upliftment/ stability, and innate recognition of the divinity/ intuition/ unfoldment/ acquired polarity of all, must affect and maintain (in accordance of the selectivity/ alignment/ and/or necessity of its given milleau or locale) the cognitive/ visceral diffusion of connectivity of which spirit, of its true and earthly/ (technological) natures must subsist, the pervasive illusion of appearance/ biological necessity/ duality, wherefore accepting of itself, subsumed in the rational and pychological upkeep/ concern/ wellbeing of the general infrastructure/ diaspora/ environment and mutual inhabitants of the existing/ macrocosmic presence/ interrelation of community/ communities. Were one therefore to offer or attune one's thoughts to the script of the angelic host and word of itself, howsoever elaborating upon or connecting with thoughts of its origin, there could be the gradual transformation and illumination from above of each person and being over the cycles and aeons of time, the unknown of which being the mystery of eternal knowledge and life. 34. The receptivity unto the possibility of doubt or derision, rather than seeking the aversion of itself, could approach with directness the possibility of questioning itself further, the similitude with and difference from the alignment and adjustment of the non-essential nature of one's ephemeral personna, the path or setting upon which placed adding to or determining the recollection of further introspection, the finitude of being subject to the misunderstanding and distortion of the calling of the heart. 35. That we are all each seeking unity with the light and calm which are of the soul, there is about this periphery a merger and continuity of the interests of the mind and of human/ familial fellowship in general, each given personna constituent of this evocation (and unity) bound unto the underlying discipline and virtue (of itself and of) which believed/ presumed to represent/ portray in their conduct and demeanor, rather than scorning life and being (self) for its imperfections and material entrapments, enabling the upliftment and grace of abstraction and positivity of a greater/ all-encompassing plan of reality/ creation to persist and unfold, of which, despite the pain and anxiety of isolating/ temporal conditions, remianing part (and merely part), howsoever disconnected existentially from the security and garauntee of a lasting or stable environment, the relation of community requiring long years to recover once lost or, at most, the life-span of one's (mortal) existence, accepting of the ephemeral presence of those which may affront, console, or endure, being ultimately reflections of the elohim and eternal one of which deity is known. 36. The renewed/ continued assaults of the energy weapon upon one's person, given no apparent/ existing/ remaining recourse of one's protection or defense, demand the relinquishment of all thoughts of one's physical vitality and personal well-being, though, by one's honor, maintaining one's loyalty and vigiliance towards the cause and mechanism of justice for itself, one's peity and affliction having precedence in the malediction and detainment of the saints and long-suffering apostle, thus projecting and circumscribing the ghost and abiding energy of the nonbeing which one is forebode to become, the totality and perpetuity of states to which transhumanism aspires overshadowing the harmony and recollection of the true self in the awareness and concern for the viability of each purpose in the ascension of earth and safe-guarding of each level and protectorate in the actions of a watchful and self-observant humanity. 37. Thus having once connected, through the record of itself, the cloud formation and communications array of network technology, from each of the democratic, cultural, scientific, industrial, and security domains, there may be arrived at, in theory, a field of stasis and integrity in the foundation and operation of itself, though the fate of its future embodiments and effect upon (and by) humanity (are) yet dependent upon the sustainment of the intention of goodwill and mediating conditions of the geological and metereological (solar/ cosmic) phenomenon and presence in and of which the earth subsists. 38. The maintenance/ construction/ implementation/ promulgation of a JudeoTheosophical/ (Christian, in the truest and furthest sense of the term) culture and curriculum, towards the universal inclusivity, exposure, and credibility of its governing ideal, would, at the least provoke (and at its absolute utility require) a (thorough) interpretation and dialogue of the materials and ideas of and towards which its tradition was founded and formed, the world group and intelligence community maintaining of necessity an awareness of the doctrine (co-identity) and amicable relations of all (and other) religious/ national aggregations of identity, subsuming and safeguarding therefore the psychedelic inclination/ expansion/ affinity/ fidelity of an otherwise unaware or apostate demographic which could democratically undermine or erode the efforts of the Jewish/ Christian State(s), and, as importantly, obliviate themselves from, the fundamental clarity and wisdom of the One God of All Creation, the immediacy and form of which should be most obvious, accessible, and welcoming of themselves.

39. The television/ motion picture/ music/ radio industry/ apparatus (and, in the broader sense, literature, history, and culture of itself), wherefore furnishing a level of cohesion and mass/ independent influence over popular/ ecclectic society, given the extent of one's recall and (potential anecdotal/ inferential) analysis of the mechanism of itself, and, wherefore having assumed various manifestations in accordance of its application, reliance, and origin/ motive of productivity/ distribution, is an opportunity therefore of rest (entertainment/ distraction), edification, and/or cultural/ counter-cultural indoctrination/ diffusion, being thereof also a channel of spirit in whichever forms susceptible or capable of discernment or recognition, establishing a foundation and array of concepts and scenarios underlying the trajectories and/or consensus of the civilization/ habits/ preferences which it protrays/ endorses or promotes, the receptivity and exchange among national and international artists and audience demographics approaching therefore a transition unto a world order and understanding of itself, with the capability, though not inevitability, of producing and securing a common and united purpose of peace, sustainability, and universal creativity/ enlightenment of the human intuition and the awareness of its autonomous/ primordial self-intention and controls. 40. The sudden or gradual entry/ descent into homelessness/ (outdoors/ wilderness) survival and/or hoboism as a permanent/ semi-permanent condition, acclimates one to a habitat of grime and filth/ (heat, rain, and cold) of which one's natural/ civilized instincts have unadapted and institutionally unlearned, demanding of oneself the process and effort of coexisting and readapting to the schedule and standards of society (and in part of these again to nature/ ecology/ the impoverished/ underdeveloped and the ways of liberty of itself) from the trauma incurred in and of the loss of lifestyle and habitat which one had formerly possessed, the measure of discipline and recovery of one's dignity making one's former/ protracted mission and fate a redundant and elective factor/ component of the routine functionality which must thereby of itself suffice to secure one's personal/ collective maintenance and (comprehensive) well-being. 41. It being one's 'choice' to 'serve' one's country and one's God, in some manner or capacity, one cannot disparage or default the fortitude, example, or expectation of the 'path' to which driven by circumstances or society, therefore discerning and determining the basis of an 'experiment' towards which the data of one's 'problematic' may be gathered and applied, thus juxtaposing the relative merit and/or compatibility of State versus social assistence in the adaptation, redemption, and/or perpetuation of the abjectness of one's fate, the former representing a certain level of patronage and conformity for the protection and resources which it has alloted the 'abherent' elements of the socio-economic caste, while the later, though building upon the autonomy and outdoor experience of itself, retains the uncertainty of the enclave and (spontaneous) code of principle/ motive to which it/ others chooses to adhere, therefore ideally, through the visibility and self/ group involvement in the means of their existence and recovery providing feedback to the State/ non-State or mechanism unto/ alongside of which they themselves consist. [Though one's personal sense of fatigue at the duration and rootlessness of one's journeys has exposed the immediacy and desire for community (attachment) of itself which, given new vitality, emphasis, or 'insight' must persist howsoever the apprehension and evolvement of 'life' require irregardless - and that the continued obstruction and injustice against one's natural/ human rights (electromagnetic shock and mental harassment via unidentifiable through 'suspected' assailents) would inevitably be met with disbelief if not confinement by the system of itself, thus invalidating the basis of the 'disability' which these themselves impose and exascerbating the course of one's alienation and detachment to the point of depravation and oblivion, one must nevertheless view with objectivity the system and support which are made available to the 'other' (him or herself) of itself, while struggling howsoever possible to salvage the means and motivation of one's cooperation, perseverance, and/or survival/ justifiable demise.] This bringing into question, at a higher level, the interrelation of the diversity of rights/ responsibilities/ beliefs/ inventions/ inventory which each municipality represents with the mode and universality of federalism/ regionalism and the influx, contrast, and implementation among the autonomous/ composite actions, movements, and potentials, establishes the basis for the prevarication and analysis of the institution of the social contract in general, including the means of capital enterprise and its collusion with government, and also the generality of the spectrum of ideas/ ideals and their adoption, cooperation, or enforcement at and up to, or independently of, the machinations and concurrence of the international environment. 42. The mind which is overburdened by any particular form or sequence of thought(s), being bodily and psychically committed to its/ their occurrence or release, may find, through the efforts of this concretization and entanglement, a limitation/ overshrouding of the order or magnitude of the mind of itself, for which the relinquishment and disactivation of the mental energies invoked and their resubsumation or submergence in the reservoire of potential ideation, in light of the transpersonal and 'humane' dimension of 'natural' occurrences, affects the (re-)illumination, universality, and ultimately metaphysical inclination of this reservoire of itself (although, conversely so, amid the ebb and flow of societal energies and tides, a mind thus 'freely' energized may find itself susceptible to the concretization of society itself, which, in either sense, equivocates the individual/ collective potentiality for the harmonization and alignment of the factors of all-being. 43. The intrinsic, soul-centered, aspiration towards the encompassing/ circumscription of the multivarient attributes of the social/ planetary/ cosmic/ (eidetic) phenomenon of

36 itself, being integral to 'one's' sense of place and harmony within the greater whole of which at first awakened or aware, could result therefore, circumstances permitting, in the 'disfunction' and ommission of all factors in particular unto the later stages of one's 'productive' life-span or existence, for which, at the least, the ways of harmlessness and frugality, being the effect and product of one's learning, should delineate the boundaries and purgatory of the overlap of the 'ordinary' soul adjusting to/ adjusting the benign potentiality of its mortal/ transmortal habitat and preconditions thereof. The reconciliation of infinity, furthermore, acquainting one with the age and breadth of the universe and its Creator's Intent, rather than confer or constrain this age or wisdom to one's mortal instrument, invokes the wonder of one's youth at the much broader scale of its absoluteness and perpetual self-rendition, which, in accordance of the growth and receptivity of its totality to the totality of itself, merges the forward steps/ miss-steps of evolution with the path which is tread/ trodden towards the natural acclimation and involvement with the next highest (inclusive) level of human civilization and the creation/ maintenance of the foundations of its spiritual/ material exploration and refinement. 44. The bond between machine and nature, evident of the multivarient type if not vocation of the national/ earth protectorate and force/ control/ sensitivity/ awareness of terrain, by blending, attuning, and conforming one's senses and awareness to the earth, further desensitizes one to the pain and intrinsic diseases thereof, whereas otherwise one's health, necessitating a detachment from the forces and elements of the natural environment would be left (aesthetically/ psychologically) exposed or maladjusted in the accoutrements thereof, the compass and direction of the network of light, howsoever transmitted/ detected/ decoded of the field and energy of which it consists, still withstanding the sense and urgency (completeness) of one's mission in life, that, by analogy of the redemption of God's elect, including all nations and humankind, should include all (benign) variations of life and being, in and of the ark upon which seeking and forming refuge from the lower strata and chaotic permutations and/or antagonisms of the unified and/or alternative states of its quantized or self-determining condition. (One's perception of) the intuition, being in this sense the ecosystem/ (machination) and reflection of the unifying field of (divine) beingness and light, being provoked and assailed by the lower elementals (as though from above by means of illusory force and material deception), containing/ expressing of themselves no vistage of the abstract purity and love of which the higher dimensions consist, and, at most, merely reflections and hollow allusions of the concrete lower mind thorugh which reaching upwards in their malediction of the light, are likewise relegated and curtailed (in both the physical and psychological component of their radiatory vector and effect) to the inchoate and innane substance of the ground which is ultimately to be the origin and ends of their dissolution and unbeing. 45. The acquisition/ rendition, through collective observation and unclassified/ declassified materials, of a general outline or key of central governmental institutions and activities, whereas constituting a minimal and otherwise pre-existing route to the infiltration of this government by opposing and/or vastly more sophisticated means, is nevertheless a prerequisite of democratic order and the just appreciation/ involvemnt with itself, of which the citizenry should have promulgated and aware, in, and towards the preclusion/ implementation of, the self-precaution and overturning of this government upon the violation and/or encroachment of its powers (the capacity for good or ill) upon the free rights and/or responsibilities of the people of themselves. At the onset of physical electrocution and disruption from the concealed/ distributed mechanism of itself, howsoever deployed in ostensible conjunction and complicity with the audible/ verbal/ psychological components of the illicit and oppressive force of itself, the interval during which one might otherwise panic with the sudden onrush of anxiety or distress, may be regarded as a warning period or caution during which summoning the strength, vitality, and mobilization of the 'true' shield of one's national defense, for and of one's own protection, the protection of one's country, and of foremost one's own volition, calling, and necessity. 46. The aforementioned modes of 'subtle' violence, and epistemological presumption/ bias/ misconception of an innate aggression and competition for survival among nature, and by extension humanity, used to justify and perpetuate the operation and effects of the worldview over capitalist/ militaristic society and of the 'inevitable' domination and/or disdain of nature by the rules presumably operant of itself, having been disproven in principle and fact from the origin of theory by anarchist-ecological trends of thought neglected or suppressed in the 'core' of Western Academia for obvious reasons for the intellectual obfuscation/ delusionment/ indocrtrination of otherwise well-reasoned presenters/ authors/ students of this material and the ideological foundation it purports, have therefore to restore/ rediscover/ reinterject the mutualism and symbiosis of the 'natural' community of species and communal village population/ confederation overwhelmingly into the intellectual/ academic paradigm of Western/ (Global) Thought and institutional assessment, wherefore the artificial though 'realistic' balance and aspiration of imperialist forces in general and the inevitable advance/ diffusion of scientific/ industrial/ military profficiency may be met with/ moderated by the popular understanding and resolve of defensive/ strategic/ logistic 'inevitability' in world affairs/ scientific-technical emphasis/ development without undermining or neglecting the spirit and objective of goodwill and ecological sovereignty/ protections which are the only solution and alternatives to the 'proportionality' of violence, (self-)domination, and destructive portent which might otherwise unfold.

47. This being so, the dispersement/ distribution/ allocation of places/ institutions of private/ public recovery/ education/ productivity/ communal dwelling space, while ideally situated and accessible from each immediate proximity, should nevertheless seek to share (to the extent realistic, possible, or beneficial) their resources and solidarity withamong the enclosure and population of the general community, wherefore the preemptive action against poverty, mental/ physical illness, alienation, isolation, and community/ ecological/ humanistic disregard may encorporate the views and volition of those least/ most affected or susceptible at each level of society into the general program of communal/ national/ global outreach and economic soveriegnty/ equality which shall supplant the role and foundation of hegemony in the supervision/ exploitation/ enforcement of the rehabilitation and upliftment of human and natural affairs. (Though certainly, we should hope, each person should develop a primary affinity with those other persons with which involved in a joint function, proximity, or cause, this should not obstruct or hinder the development and awareness of the intergroup foundation upon which the further encompassing efforts of solidarity and transcommunitarian interaction may/ must ultimately transvolve/ supplant/ supplement the existence/ nature of the prevailing status quo.) 48. Establishing/ maintaining amicable/ formal realtions between diverse cultures and civilizations, given the mistrust, complexity, and standing armaments thereof, while certainly a crucial if not predominant function of the joint interaction/ exercises/ exchange among military batallions/ personnel, (paralleling the realm and bearing of transnational corporations/ financial institutions and interstate diplomacy), this, of itself, being deferred to by the public trust, if ever to overcome the nationalist element of standing or preemptive provocation (and perpetual/ superfluous escalation of military infrastructures) must be increasingly subsumed/ interpermeated by the mass awareness and involvement of primarily civil institutions, which having reconstituted their governments and society, may then scientifically, humanely, and spiritually redress the basis and sustainability of the planetary/ inter-ideological ecosystem of the indigenous/ created world as it could/ should ideally exist from withof/ upon its common origin and trajectory. 49. Consciousness itself, being a unity, must ultimately recognize the co-existence and identity of the diversity of forms which it inhabits, this empathy being the basis of the preservation and emancipation of the unity which is itself, thus conferring unto each, in theory, the innate discoveries and capacities for the benefit of all, though propelled and sustained by each one's placement and niche in the machinations of society, the process of individualization continuing within, alongside, or extraneous of the timeframe of its callings and requirements, that which is ascetic, anti-social, or nonproductive, in the ordinary sense, compelled by fate or volition to the completion of each meditation/ realization upon its role and nature amid the interdependence/ responsibility and/or (material) detachment from/ reproachment of (one's common) humanity and earth. 50. Approaching/ existing among an "established" community of persons, whose roots one presumes extend, for the most part (in and of the outlying vicinity) over the course of their lives and from generation to generation, one may imagine oneself, in order not to overstep one's bounds or one's appraisal of one's innate stature or priority, to inhabit or most safely abide/ begin withof the subsystem of the nascent and recurring potentiality of the intrinsic environment, there being also the supersystems of federal and state propriety and functionality, and various other church/ religious and ideological domains, built upon and constraining/ supporting the "natural" origin of place, these of themselves, and the "artificial" entity of the corporations which have encroached and manifest among them, howsoever deployed or operating on "foreign" soils or borders other than themselves, could likewise consider the "perception" of their motivation or bearing in accordance of the offering/ demand/ receptivity of their affectivity or presence in the regions they pervade, thus for the protection of or against the provocation or resistance at either level of the ecosystem of its totality, necessitating the arbitration, projection, and recollection of the "unity" of "common ground" for there to be justice, law, and ecological integrity imbued and upheld unto the outgrowth and limitations of hierarchy, commonality, and individuality of itself. 51. The spirits which are manifest or conjured, whether of embodied or disembodied forms, each harbors the creative potential and precedence of all that which is known or could be made known from withof or beyond the thresholds of one's waking consciousness, thus constituting and re-constituting the multiformity of actuality in its acquired/ affected states of being, and the process and invention of further/ existing ideation within, overturning or extending the parameters thereof. 52. The influx and 'artificial' aggravation of one's nerve centers, respiration, digestion, circulation, etc., via ultrasonic pressure, producing a nexus of pain and hostility (towards itself) which obscures/ obstructs the eidetic plane and vitality of "true" emotion and thought, calls for the invocation and constancy of a belief in a higher power which is responsive and affective of one's plight, by virtue of one's innocence and inclination/ reliance thereof, illumining and shielding the realm and significance of the plane upon which operating themselves (that is, the true "reality" of the soul in its concern over human and natural affairs), the restoration unto life which the Covenant entails resupplying the energies and aura of which this reconciliation must/ might consist, given all that which has been added or acquired of the transcendence and aspiration of the "spiritual" condition" for itself, the ambivalance of prior or alternative points of refuge, seeking not yet recourse to themselves, thereby sustaininig and

37 uplifting the multivariance of each near and distant network/ vicinity in the stasis and transformation of their eidetic totality, thus by way of the subjective concealment and conjuration of one's inner mentality spanning and bridging also the objective or external formation or refuge howsoever operant or existing in the realm of human functionality and motive. 53. Another path towards the historical reconciliation of Israel, and contextualization/ continuity of Time within/ withof the Judaic Record of Events, the opportunity of which having now (arguably) dissipated or tranferred to other forms, might (or has partially) transpired during the late Middle Ages of Europe in the efforts of Catholicism to appoint (rule over/ alongside) the monarchies or "Kings" of the newly established Nation-States, which, given the inability (and eventual disinterest) of the Crusades to reconquer the Holy Land during this era, were to represent the movement and expansion of (a theoretical body of) the 'biblical" tribes into the broader Western terrain/ (also the Orthodox East) under the Divine Principle and vested authority of Christ - a move which, whatsoever one considers of its innate/ circumstantial virtues/ accomplishments/ detractions presupposes/ hypostasizes the (organizational) trajectory of the "biblical" Jews (prior to and) in the wake of the Captivity while overlooking/ obliviating/ anathematizing, in various measures, the range, extent, and "Spirit" of the "self-accepting" Diaspora upon the paralleling/ complementary course of its dispersion and historical cohesion. The advent of the Nation-State(s) moreover, whether under the auspices of Imperial, Catholic, or later Reformist lineages, resulting from the subjugation and forced consolidation of the confederation of "free" cities which had existed at the time (of which the 'ideality" of the Jewish "contract", at its core, had/ has, at the least, a paralleling if not identical potential of its semblance and embodiment), supported and created competing "National" interests in the aggregation of hierarchy and wealth, which, rather than unifying One People under the Name or "Spirit" of God, caused not only a divergence or division of this "People" themselves but also of the "Spirit" of these "States" themselves from God in the "practical" atheism, bloodshed, and corruption/ material-social repression which manifested in their wake, which, further dilluting the "spiritual" emphasis (of the nascent Israel "prototype") in the "rationalism" and secularism of the emergent Democracies, restores the Diaspora and its (tentative) "Christian" embodiment/ affinity/ alliance to the (relative) historical "indifference"/ isolation/ continued imperative of the "State"/ Ideal of "Israel" (the "Zion" of the One Humanity) as it historically exists. The sovereignty of "Christ", on the other hand, or of a "King" above men in the general sense, could also, withstanding the divisions and permutations of the Christian Church and identity, have been elevated by the mass consciousness of its adherents to the realm of a supernal and isolated condition, from which alone entitled to "govern" the hearts of men, both in the words and instruction of His example given on earth and through and unto the Living Presence which is to reign in Heaven and Earth for all eternity unto and upon the event of His Return, all of which, however, whether accepted for itself or as the extension/ fulfillment/ foreshadowing of Jewish/ Human Law and Purpose in the "Supernal" sense, leaves open the interval in mundane affairs until which this or the Jewish/ (World) Messiah may come, and also the forms and traditions/ ideas by which intending to "govern" of itself, in the recollections and experience of Time, on earth and unto the creation of a New World and of a New/ "Resurrected" Humanity. [Though there are those (Christian or otherwise) who would think, even in this sense, sentiment aside, the concept of "King" superfluous to that of Divinity itself, taking into account the equal relationship and status with God (and among men) of which Jesus ("Christ") spoke, and the Patriarchs, Prophets, and Supremacy of the "Creator" which preceded Him, thus, in this way, the Light, Love, and Purpose of "Creation", emanating from Himself, though at most "One" with the "Creator", must not, and should not be intended, to create a disunion with the Light, Love, inspiration, etc. emanating from the "Living Presence" of the Word of God and the "Forms" attributed to Himself, nor therefore of necessity with the practices and ways of the "People" with whom seeking to instill, uplift, and further the harmony and uprightness of the Intentionality and Order which are, were (and will be) yet implicit of "themselves".] 54. The prospect of the unification and cohesion of the "overt"/ nascent State of "Israel"/ Zion (and the forms which this could take) among the Judeao-Christian diaspora, withof/ despite its paralleling/ divergent customs and beliefs, (for the innate "Truth" of itself and defensibility against the aggregate forces of global (physical/ ideological) encroachment or aggression), and the broader appeal of its universality and adoption of/ by the "extraneous" diaspora of every people of the earth, has therefore depended and will depend (besides the innate measure and appeal of its "Truth" given for itself), on both the interpretation/ identifications which are/ have been rendered to its "doctrine" (over time) and the (material-social) policies which are (have been/ will be) enacted for the preservation and reconciliation of (and amid) itself with and towards the panacea of global cultures with which it abides and interacts. The "apparent' subsumation of the "overt"/ receptive/ gentile members of the Jewish Covenant/ Mystery Schools into the Christian Church and "secular" governments of Western/ Orthodox society, and the act of unification/ reconciliation which these forces represent, in contradistinction to the omission of their numbers or presence in the mass consciousness of society, where such a thing exists, could presumably be explained by the fraternal lodges of Masonry and Free-Masonry, the former of which concerning, in addition of the rites and initiations of itself, the confluence of wealth and power supporting ultimately (in its era) the mechanisms of national/ international dialogue, arbitration, and commerce, the later of which (broadly defined) being the free-thinking

and (self)-organizational principle of "ordinary" men, working, or as not, in conjuntion with the fraternal "hierarchy" in carrying forward or accomplishing the general "Plan" of social and material progress and upliftment, at, from, or opposed within the various levels of the independent/ interconnected phenomenon and institutions of the national/ international environment and ideological discourse/ dispensation/ fomentation of itself. This, furthermore, providing the rationale and guiding motive of America, through and for the Post-War unilateralism against North Korea, Vietnam, and Communist expansion, towards its involvement with the Middle East and standoff with China, accompanies the democratic re-unification and amicable relations of Europe, with the gradual multilateral strengthening and rebuilding of NATO forces' capacity, through also the Cold War and reassertion of Russian "prominence", contextualizes somewhat therefore the "overt" state and potentiality which certain forces of the "self-accepting" Zion have manifested of themselves, with and among the attempted stabilization, appeasement, and/or differences which are maintained with and among the various regions, cultures, and ideological demographics/ efforts, connected, or as not, with the underlying intention of the doctrinal "Zion" or Christ, or any other of its "complementary"/ revolutionary aspirations towards the establishment and "inclusivity" of a unified and harmonious "civilization" of humanity and earth. 55. The analysis of the liberatory potentials which are latent and emergent (suppressed/ subdued) withof the caste and religious differences in the history of Western Civilization, while perhaps and because most accessible and applicable in the recollection and continuity of the terminologies thereof, in order best to empathize with and inspire/ evoke these "liberatory potentials" among the "other" civilizations of earth, and/or by the inspiration and consolvance thereof, conceive, formulate, or implement a World Programme of Revolutionary/ Spiritual Unity/ Tolerance/ Respect which encompasses and embraces the cultural origin and diversity of every people of the earh, must uncover and relate with the history, terminologies, and intercultural archetypes (ideological commonality and dispersion) through which these themselves seek/ have sought the governance, illumination/ edification, and/or emancipation of themselves, in particular (and in greater part) the areas of their geopolitical coexistence and convergence (in sum, the world environment of itself) for the internal/ external arbitration and development/ adoption of a model of equal and right relations which is compatible with themsleves and their perceived presence and intentions towards/ withof their neighboring vicinities and (the influence and extent of the Whole of) Global Society. In another sense, these ideas in general, and the religious observation and significance of the Word of God/ "Zionic" confederation in particular, being periodically re-examined, reconciled, and subsumed into an atmosphere of basic consensus/ tolerance/ acceptance/ indifference among the consciousness of society/ humanity, should (and perhaps must) aspire to/ foster/ manifest a certain regularity/ constant vigiliance-awareness-receptivity and sense of "normalcy" concerning themselves (despite/ because of the "immenence" or portentiality thereof), thereby, through the intrinsic (ideological) rectification, sanctity, and scientific appropriation of/ by "religious" discourse and thought, and through the re-enactment, circumscription, synchronicity, and alignment of the "customary" calender with the productivity, exchange, and insight of and into which (supernal/ earthly) civilization/ culture have added and evolved unto themselves, contemplating also "life" itself and the structure and ecology of earth/ physiology/ technology and its alternative realities, the cofunctionality of the "vision" itself bearing the containment and continuity of mental effort and the stabilization of the Word/ Mind upon which civilization/ the human spirit subsists. 56. The expropriation of capital and the means of production and abolishment/ direct democratization of all state and financial institutions, of which the act of Revolution consists, howsoever conceived prior to the (advanced) age of mechanical warfare and digital technology, must establish for its starting point the provision of (the means of immediate acquisition-planning of) both material and "social" necessity, whereof the revaluation/ equalization of goods and services respectively, and the elimination of superfluous production and idle service which capital demands, enabled through/ enabling the quantization of labor and resources in proportion of logistic/ realistic and ecological capacities, must also maintain (in the interim of or towards/ until its simultaneous international implementation and practice) the minimal/ equivalent defense (and diplomatic arbitration), with sufficient and appropriate democratic safeguards and supervision, against the ubiquitous reach/ polarization/ distribution of the external and systemic threats which modern warfare/ civilization entails/ represents, thus until each act of national/ international "validation"/ reconciliation and mutual understanding/ arbitration yields a moratorium/ "emergency" natural-catastrophic sanctification of machinery/ arms and the passive/ cyber defense and "observation"/ enforcement and peaceable intention and activity and popular goodwill, those otherwise forseeing or intending, from vested interests or overwhelming advantage, conflicting technocracies or totalitarianisms of capital or state, being forced to acquiesce to the historic imbalance of resources and the redistribution of knowledge and power which "society" demands. Each act/ concerted act of Revolution, whether encompassing isolated cities or regions within a "national" terrain or entire nation-states or (ideally) a (premobilized) grass-roots international alliance, must contend with the sufficiency/ allocation of their internal (technological) development and the potential/ inevitability of State repression and Capital/ Authoritarian enforcement, for which providing (and manning) the means and diversive force of barricades and perserverance of itself (solidarity of labor, health care, communication work, etc.) must ultimately yield a command reversal (if not

38 inclusive from the start) to the municipalities and origin from which this "authority" derives, thus allowing/ facilitating the Time, Space, and Liberty for the reconstitution and reconfederation of all aspects of Society (political, economic, international) along Revolutionary Lines. 57. This harmonization of human and natural affairs, in line with the cycles and processes of earth and the inevitable broadening of human consciousness to the realization of Unity with themselves and with the Planet upon which they dwell (and with the "Creator" which prophesied and foretold of this occurrence withof the "Nature" and Providence of "Himself"), would certainly signify and initiate a new cycle in the spiritual evolution and transfiguration of the species and of the "Planet" of itself (each life-form thereupon climbing higher towards the goal of the acquisition and emancipation of consciousness from the restrictions of the forms which preceded them), the bodies of energy and light through which transiting and aware of the planetary phenomenon broadening to encompass greater reaches of the solar system and cosmic/ astrological domain, of which acquiring the visage and likeness of their Divine Origin from within themselves, transcending, ultimately, the attraction and desire which had bound them to the course of evolution/ incarnation on the point of the material plane/ (veil) of their transmigration/ inception of the Spirit of the Unmanifested Totality or "One". 58. Though one should wish for help or sympathy in the earthly realm, concerning the unmitigated dual (ultrasonic/ telepathic) assualts on one's person, none being directly sought or overtly provided, due to the subjectivity and "unthinkable"/ impersonal nature of this plight, one is forced, above all else, to forgoe this need for help, lest it constrain one to an urge which must of necessity go unrequited and leave one defenseless against itself, and instead turn inwards, and, accepting and acknowledging one's solitude, rely upon and strengthen one's personal unity with God, whatever circumstances may compel one to, in this realm or the next, that, for the time, material supplement/ opportunity/ possibility of "growth" is yet being rendered by the "State" and there being the communal approximation and internal (structural/ ideological) semblance of affinity and goodwill, the consortation and flow of material, natural, and social forces illumining, at the least, the prospect of what it is to be rooted or attached to an "earthly" environment or "home". Having no other explanation for the causes of this conflict, than of satanic forces of themselves, one can only hope for their (self)-suppression in one's mind and the protection of one's nation and its people from the threat which they have presented of themselves, continuing with whatever defensive or emancipatory actions might exist towards this cause and one's survival, realizing the consequences and portent of their attempted usurpation of one's conscience and one's mind, towards the corruption of the Spirit and God's Word with blind materialism and avaristic ambition, resulting only in the godlessness, immorality, and social-enviromental destruction which His True Name and Plan had striven to avoid, thus, by the laws of causation, their retribution being victim of the world which they had sought to create, those maintaining the laws of Faith shall likewise witness the World of Light once those of darkness have been cealed and forever departed from it. 59. The Person/ Image/ Ideality of Christ, elevated in the hearts of those who have received and accepted the Message and Word which it brings to the world, have/ find therein, according to their need, a personal and perfect embodiment and sanctuary from the suffering, powerlessness, and helplessness which they might feel within themselves, which, bearing of Himself the purity and wisdom of the enlightened self or "One", ascended, by His efforts, above the world, before having witnessed the corruption or age of which we would wish to discard/ overlook/ relinquish of the nature of ourselves, the fixation with which, having run its course in our hearts, restoring the luminosity and joy of the "day" of our existence (the breadth and parameters of the astral or emotional plane unto itself), yet reveals to us further the "night" of the mind or soul without which, once developed or acquired (unlike the passing things of this world), there can be no consolation or comprehension of the "world" which we have built within ourselves, thus the "process" of our "redemption", in accordance of the mercy of itself, opens a path for the evocation or response from higher levels, corresponding with the burden or ambition which we would take upon ourselves, the qualities of the group self or will providing the means through which to grapple with the complexity, battlefield, and wonder of the forces which are arrayed against us and at our side, our humililty and reverence before the Truth which sustains us securing our innocence and righteousness against that which the arrogance, deception, and isolation of the world would have us turn against ourselves in our mission and purpose in this life. Hence, that we are or were "alone", though receiving the protection and cohesion of the "Spirit", our choice of assimilation or compliance with the demands/ necessities of the world, being met with our self-resistance, resilience, or zeal, risking our oblivion or being forsaken (by this world) for the sake of our beliefs or of the chance of our "offense", there is maintained and known the organization and ideality of which we may hope or trust to find within society itself, herein also the precedence and resilience of labor strikes and occupations (mass social movements/ protestations), which, rather than disappearing over time, have been gathering together the inclusivity and purpose of every righteous and oppressed people of the earth, towards the liberation and elimination of the "artificial" threat which we have posed (or had erected) unto ourselves, and the eventual reconciliation and group awareness/ acceptance of the inevitability and resolution of our "Massed Intent".

60. Metaphysically, the perception of the higher worlds and transfluxivity of the forms/ forces which dwell within, while accessible and maintained on the plane of Spirit of/ by its inchoate condition, must yet correspond, by analogy, with the enmeshment of the flesh by which made and attaining unto the likeness of this "image", (projected from the realm of Cosmos in its ultimate significance), thus for the health/ maintenance/ continuity/ evolution/ responsibility of the world-body system of which it is yet part, recreating its sinews, bones, and vessels in the walls, planes, and waterways of the external structure of its form, the semblance of its nerves and metabolic system in the electrical lines and grid and productive facilities through which energy, raw materials/ products and information are transferred (alchemical transformation/ regulation/ remediation of the internal/ external environment), the movement and coordination of vehicles/ knowledge/ symbols reproducing the patterns of mind within the brain, with the lungs like unto the wind and the sun which gives them light interconnecting the mountains and oceans and organic amorphous whole of nature (cytoplasm, intra-cellular fluid, lymph nodes, circulatory sysem) with the interconnectedness and unity of the ecology and kingdoms of creatures of which it consists, thus forming the heart and "image" for which Creation formed and sustains the process of itself, by which human effort, adding to or detracting from this, from its benevolence and/or imperative of itself, should it take heed of itself and the cautions it uncovers (fuels, gases, pollution, over-production, etc.), merges with/ fulfills its role in and for the perception of Creation of Itself, emancipated thereby in the memory and creativity through which automated the future embodiments and phenomena of those of the human/ subhuman species yet passing upward into life. Though yet again the ideal vision of the Hierarch, or One Self of Humanity, must yet account for/ affect the organization and redemption of the "form" withof itself, thus bridging the residential, educational, cultural, productive, and scenic array of pure materialism and phenomenality with the divergence and functionality of its offices and administration of government, distribution and commerce, military installations, and the courts, banks, and prisons through which institutionalizing and enforcing the justices/ injustices of existent humankind, this being of interest yet or merit in the scheme and beauty of Creation only in so far as they are being used for the emnacipation and upliftment of the forces they constrain, towards the abolishment/ equalization of themselves through the understanding, enlightenment, and integration of the core and universality of the one existant basis/ fact of all human "potential". 61. The keys to the occult nature of the Universe, or Kabhala, rendered and elaborated by Theosophy and the Arcane School in conjunction with their Aryan and Near-MiddleFar Eastern counterparts, and, by extension, the twelve festivals of the Zodiac and Cycles of Humanity, could, though not necessarily, have been intended (rather than to surpass or transcend these by the invention of themselves) to elucidate, reconcile, and ultimately reintroduce the "Archaic" Traditions, through Christ, by making these forms compatible, inevitable, and accepting of the diversity of "alternative" world-systems which coexist and coextend from a Common Origin in Space and Time, thus by building or rebuilding the foundations of "ideation" upon the ideas and institutions which are already in place, creating and fecundating a culture of Zion which is amenable with itself and the Spirit of its Past, while showing the way "forward" to the agricultural, technological, and social alignment of the Seasons and Trajectories of the Heavens of which they are part. 62. The consciousness of labor, being made (self-)aware of the meditative/ contemplative potential of tranquility/ conflict of which it is endowed, possesses both the opportunity/ responsibility of nurturing this light and of concealing and quieting the qualities of overexertion and selfhood which would cause its undue extermination and/or personal misgiving, thus patiently and intermittently reenlivening the attributes of the universal thought-form through which spirit is affecting the manifestation of the phenomenon which is itself, treading/ encorporating therefore at all times (amid the rhythms of assertion and passivity) some portion of the cycle of infinity through which the unity and substance of the spirit unfolds, arriving ultimately, through the alteration, variation, and recurrence of these efforts, at the culmination, cessation, and perfection of one's earthly labors and of labor itself in the freedom and liberation of the thoughtform (and occurrence) of an omniscient and benevolent humanity. 63. Though one has considered and reconciled oneself to the (undue) disappearance and/or detachment of the personna of unity which one affects withof oneself, threreby uncovering, in the foreshadowing of one's servility and conformity (to the unstated expectations of oneself), the potential of absolute deference (by means of one's routine functionality and material subsistence) to the ideation of the group plan of itself (in the latent and necessarily self-fulfilling capacities thereof), threre is maintained, beyond and because of the very attributes of narcisism and egotism which one may be thought to represent withof oneself, the recollection and ideological contraposition of the potential, ideality, and nature of self-control which one may only (most assuredly) arrive at/ purport/ experience through (the actualization/ continuity of) the being of oneself, the portrayal/ positivity/ resilience unto those affecting one's appearance through other and higher means respecting and necessitating a corresponding capacity and willingness of dedication and effort, presuming, at best, the reconciliation and integration of the unity which one demands withof oneself, thus upholding and promoting the honor and dignity of the organization, withof, despite, and/or until made to be compliant with the actions and higher potentials thereof. 64. Occurring at, though in near proximity of, the event/ symposium of the (strain of) activism upon which modelled (certain of) one's ideals, there is noted (from one's

39 isolated and newly arrived upon perspective) a near total absence/ eclipse/ diffusion of the energies and participation which are/ were required to give it form/ life, this, whether due to the eccentricity/ obscurity/ historicity of the institution of itself, of the obstruseness, intensity, and/or innundation of the material/ ideation it evokes, or of its being implicit in the ideosyncrasies, distinctness, commonality, and foundations/ infrastructure of the community itself), points the way towards the regeneration/ renewal and juxtaposition/ alignment/ encorporation of the nascent movement in a form which is (most immediately) accessible and/or discernible of itself, this perpetuating, uncovering, and elevating the potentiality/ energy of this occurrence/ event (of oneself and one's predecessors, in spirit or form) on a continual basis of and until it is (further) realized and affected (of oneself and) in all aspects of (one's) society/ (accepted refuge or asylum). One cannot therefore hope (other than in theory or "presumption") for the total liberation and control of one's parameters (nor therefore attain the "liberation" of oneself) without this act first coexisting and deriving from among the members of society itself, which, presuming this transparency non-existent, unobtainable/ undesirable, and/or safeguarded by the machinations of "governance", must nevertheless open and broaden the window unto this possibility in order to elicit the motivation and awareness of which its fulfillment and comprehension must ultimately consist. 65. Therefore, in keeping with the idea of a post-revolutionary prefiguration or praxis, there could also be considered the origin, perseverance, and continuity, or innate/ non-"revolutionary" condition, of the ideal community unto itself, which, from the perspective of the formation of the American Colonies, seat/ confederation of Government, and continental expansion, must, in some measure, have been aware (and embued) not only with the ideals of its own Revolution, with its emphasis upon freedom, liberty, and constitutional self-determination, but also, in the proceeding decades, with the ideals, emphasis, and methodology of the corresponding Revolution in France, and which, though understandably preoccupied with its own nation at its stage of development, would have retained and implemented, at some level, the higher ideals of equality and communal determination towards which the French Revolutionaries (and other likeminded fraternities or organizations) aspired, stowing this impulse within the ultimate trajectory of the American Government itself, (as with its "subdued" comradery elsewhere in the world), while remaining of itself "equal" in the foundation and planning of isolated, though quietly co-confederated and otherwise "pragmatic" communities and quasi-autonomous "governing" States. Even these therefore, remaining within (or bound by) the alliance or federation for/ by interests of economic development/ trade and national defense, germinating with or maturing unto, one should hope, the social welfare and "group protection" of a unified "American People", contextualizes the involvement with the national/ global initiative and mutual antagonism/ alliance of States/ Nation-States which evolved over time, and which, re-encorporating or encompassing the vicissitudes of the Spanish/ Soviet/ German/ Chinese Revolutions, etc, and all other Peoples/ territorial divisions of Earth, and forms of ideological "alliance", delineates the basis of a far-reaching cross-cultural empathization/ interaction of these towards themselves, in unison or block, or of each independently of the other, which could and should (or, in various measures, has) further(ed) and create(d) the opportunity and potential of equilibrium (resources/ development) and mutual understanding (armistice), should all people choose to be aware/ receptive unto the universality of the Communal/ (Ecological/ Scientific/ Theosophical/ Zionist/ "Christian") Ideal, howsoever implemented or practiced under the veil or impedement of conflicting/ divergent National/ Religious/ Ethnic/ Territorial persuasions and identity. 66. [It should, perhaps, be clarified that the image being sought or appearing in "one's" mind, being ultimately, to the extent of the "accurateness" thereof, a reflection of the ideal or subtle world upon which the manifestation of reality consists, and therefore, by definition, the objective phenomenon latent within the consciousness of the human mind in general, should be considered to be "seen" or "viewed" rather than "conjured" (though evoked) by the individual or collective imagination unto itself, thereby also bridging or bearing open the materialism of the individual nature as a screen upon which may be imparted or observed the light which interconnects the processes and benediction of Creation in general, one's (sense of) individual/ societal dislocation or unease thereby merged or resolved (abated by) the operation and existence of the Absolute of which it is part.] 67. Were one hypothetically to attempt to form a (direct/ eye-witness) survey and comparison of the patterns of land-use and community development/ administration, from a land-based or vehicular perspective, the calculation of transit time between major and minor communites of each state, each nation, and of globicity in general instantly approaches and evokes the exponential proportions of which the (relative) infinity of this earthly mission would consist, even which, while encompassed/ coordinated by the agency of flight and satellite imagery (internet or aggregational technology), yields only a sampling or summation of the landmarks and practices which are currently in place, thus adding or subtracting from this visualization (for itself) the plethora of life, ideation, and the composite functionality of the inner and outer planes, draws for its relevance and inspiration the principles and methodologies which are endemic/ transported to each place and which arise from and unto the virtue and diversity of itself (previous efforts and organizations/ institutions devoted to this "one" endeavor) to be most amenable and universal to the alleviation, upliftment, and adaptation of the human and social condition to the environment(s) which it inhabits

and/or from which it distributes/ extracts the means of the sustainment/ harmonization of the given/ created forms of its all-being. 68. That there should exist/ be encountered/ hypothetically utilized a medium which is (ostensibly) extraneous to the "Faith" of God, in the forms of which we have understood/ circumscribed the existence/ directives of His Being, cannot, of necessity, preclude His Power, should He so choose, of communicating/ conveying His Message or Intention through whichever forms which are available or presented (for our reception of itself), there being also (the act of divine transmission/ literary intercession withstanding) terminologies/ expressions/ metaphysical constructs and beliefs, which, while preexstent and adjoined unto the "native" Word or "language" of God unto Itself, have been adopted/ rendered/ transilliterated from the reservoire of 'Global Thought" into one particular language (at this historic time) in a form which best though indirectly approximates the origin and core of "one's" direct similitude thereof, thereby and withof the media of the established/ more closely circumscribed polarity, facilitating the (Self-)disclosure/ emergence/ inhabitation of ideas (concerning) and Beings (of) dimensions which are higher than/ interpenetrating of our own, thus to demonstrate the certainty of their/ His own existence and the process and purpose towards/ by/ unto which (our part) of this existence is directed, manifested, and transformed. The elevation/ refinement/ transmigration of/ unto/ beyond the emotional/ eidetic/ astral character of our inner perception/ inhabitation of consciousness, aback of and beyond the duration of physical incarnation, may thus be shown to be the objectification/ alignment of the perceptions of our sentient nature in the higher/ more permanent mental body (preceding/ accompanying the divine awareness or spirit unto itself) with the constructs and phenomena substanding manifestation of itself, thus anticipating and affecting the conscious unification and emanation of our surroundings amid the transit, trajectory, and cycle of the divine dwellers of the cosmos at and unto each most exalted and encompassing place and position of their celestial being and abode. Restoring and accounting again for what may have been glossed over or neglected of the material "frame" and density of being, and of social/ ideological consciousness/ disparity, as it presently exists, the ethnological/ nationalistic/ circumstantial though inviolable attachment/ allegience unto the defensive/ constructive priority of world affiars, manifesting through the specific "Entity" and Council to which these are conjoined and the mechanism and union of which its earthly processes consist, can maintain/ evoke/ attain unto the Absoluteness of its Self-Identity (Divine or Impersonal Nonbeing) only through the reconciliation/ occlusion/ synthesis of the external attributes/ circumstantial disparities over which it must superintend unto (and to affect of) the duration (and extent) of earthly evolution and completion. 69. Though one is ever-wary of complacency/ presumption and of the many forms of severe disruption which could yet eventuate, having endured the assualts upon one's spirit and postponed the means of one's existence for thus many years on the premise of an earthly asylum or release, one, upon the perpetuation of these "assualts" (at this asylum), may either once again redirect this "asylum" to some other or former place (of which one's conscience is presumably more "responsibly" of legally predisposed and/or yet drawn by the psychical ambivalence of one's attachment to the overt forms of society and accessibility/ potential of one's existential past) or find some other justification or basis upon which to stand or oppose, from where one is found, the energies and/or malice which are yet being (if intermittently) inflicted on one, for which the evocation of the Forces of Light/ Divine Law (presumably restricting, one must hope, and ultimately annulling the unlawful persecution/ obstruction which the Forces of Darkness are yet allowed to perpetrate in the scheme of psychical warfare and the revelation/ awareness/ conscious "proving" of itself) and one's prayers upon the matter, establishing the means and prowess of one's fortitude/ resolve (the illuminance and form of asylum/ refuge of itself), have furthermore elicited towards this ends the "reason" by which one is drawn to oneself (one's current proximity/ surroundings) and also thereby the "innocence" through which to preclude all further contention/ psychical tension unto itself, awaiting, by this virtue, the inevitable and only justifiable result of its ultimate abeyance, foresaking even thus the compensation or enaction of vengeance (of one's futile pondering or volition) for the grace and benediction of the righteous which are given by God thus freely to all. 70. [Regaining access to one's facility and archival, being that which is specific to the interests of oneself, and capable of sustaining oneself thereby, cannot hope to supplant the commonality and presence of that which has also and already been imparted to the community of itself, and, though remaining open to the circumstances or necessity of the relocation of one's being, temporarily closing the distance around which this movement might theoretically transpire.] 71. Though this or the other might affect the appearance of austerity or grace, on the day of the Sabbath or any other, and, while there are those rightly responsible for these matters by their inner virtues, disposition, or strengths, in order to avoid the pretension and cooptation thereof, it is found best to maintain and consider all congregants as equal or greater parts of the collective evocation of spirit and wisdom which unites us in being, thus, while encountering in life and community conjurations of subjective generosity or imperil, these are known to be but the stage and theatre upon which the drama of the creative/ collective imagination rebuilds and unfolds, the parables and roots of conflict, violence, race, ethnicity, and law substanding the agency and civic virtue through which discourse may fathom and empathize with the pain and injustice

40 which lie hidden in the depths of reality, and to which it is our policy to futhest address and resolve. 72. That each should find pride in their shelter and the comfort of rest, the effort, attainment, and security thereof remains at best an ephemeral reality to some, for whom the upheaval and removal of what meagre foundation they might possess remains a constant and ever-looming threat, natural and human disasters affecting both the wise and the unwary, and humanitarian, salvage, and (re-)construction efforts coordinated at will, one's harmlessness in the course of fate being all that one may summon of the (measured/ differentiated) vitality and watchfulness which accompanies one unto the process of age. 73. The impulse/ radiation of the ultrasonic weapon could, in a strictly defensive manner, lend itself towards (though certainly not required for or rightly solicited/ in any sense "commendable" of itself) the perception/ operation/ empathization/ coreliance of industrial/ constructive/ transport/ combatative machinery in general, given the corresponding influx of power and physical/ mental/ material/ psychological strain of its input/ output/ production on the human and natural will and supportive/ regulatory systems/ structures thereof, the depletion of one's life-force, through antagonistic and vilely repressive means, hearkening also unto the age and conflagration of the dark materialism and subterranean forces of the earth, of which the Sun (the human mind and heart), reigning over the constructive/ destructive impulses alike, has transfused this "grid" (of human "ingenuity"), in both a symbolic and physical sense, if it is to survive itself, with the variation and distribution of natural/ artificial forces which are required for the sustainability and equitable development of all "populated" regions of the earth, Its circumvolution and empowerment of the "machine" which is Itself yielding also thereby a composite picture of the circulation, growth, and evolution/ adaptation of Its ecosystems/ interindegenous totality, of which one therefore, in microcosm, is (made unto be) the determination, object, and bearer of the crux of these conflicting and/or concertive social/ material/ ideological/ astrological trajectories of the existential/ metaphysical "substance" and exertions of one's "being". At the individual level, to the extent one can/ must/ might yet rationalize and further the means/ motivation of one's livelihood and personal subsistence (moral, intellectual aspirations/ identity etc), there is inevitably found a correspondence between the distance of the points on the circuit or route which one must travel/ traverse with the time, priority, and labor which are expended threupon and thereat, necessitating the familiarization and uncovery of a schedule or pattern for the optimization/ functionality/ continuity of one's duties and material/ psychological requirements/ dispositions thereof, of which the adaptation unto the plan, process, and duration of community itself gradually engenders/ metamorphosizes unto the involutionary/ cultural perception/ involvement with the world and surrounding phenomena as these must/ could appear to the inhabitants from and of the vicinity and (geographical) region of itself, the coexistence and ideation of individual/ collective priority, despite being placated/ defered by one's sense of solitary propriety/ decorum to the shadows or void of one's "nascent" condition, maintaining the promise/ potentiality of "synchronicity" (the council and support of its inner periphery and motive) and of breaking/ overcoming the barriers by which separated/ separating oneself from the life and responsivity of one's common and ensouling humanity. Generalizing (this cycling/ refinement of activity/ transit) unto the (evolutionary) exploration, connectivity, exchange, and arbitration of communites/ nation-states unto themselves, there may be juxtaposed the means/ mechanism and character of productive convolution and of violent and nonviolent approaches/ dispositions towards the act/ necessity/ preparedness of warfare (social justice/ injustice) unto itself, of which the dynamic activism and interest of the working/ general population must serve to stabilize and advance its own agenda and/or the agenda of its "Congress" in order to maintain, validate, and/or supplant the "trust" which is afforded to its "central intelligence" and financial cadre and thus also of the virtue/ dignity/ humility of service unto the act and part of "maintenance" of the system (of relations) of which these are conjoined or (actively/ passively) endorse, quickening thereby the general temperment of humanity to the state where it is capable of addressing/ atoning for the actual scope of its activity and its repercussions upon the natural and psychological environment of earth and of each of the conscious/ unconscious lives which yet must grow and dwell therein. Thus while there are in place and expanded upon the vanguard and periphery for the launch, delivery, and/or interception of missile technologies, and the accompanying domains of land, sea, air, space, and cyber defense (the weapon systems which are shared, expropriated, and developed among the alliances and "foreign" interests of themselves), the act and premise of retribution/ mitigated war must yet account for the applied and fundamental "error" of human conflict of itself, and in the paralleling social sense, by which the "outcast" of a fundamentalist or biased apparatus retains the opportunity and incentive for the inclusion and cooperation with "Society", those ideally being "social" workers by federal designation or disposition therefore aided and coextensive in the "natural" production/ allocation/ rendering/ affinity of each State or National product/ service, amid the vicissitudes of localization/ globalization of ideological, technological, and permacultural endeavor and the prospect of the harmonization of the natural and social order which the Communalist movement and practice, from its various points of origin and convergence, has striven to affect, purport, and represent unto the mind and potentiality of a freely conscious and selfdetermining humanity yet seeking for the comprehension and alternative of the world and global impasse which it has made and/or received unto itself.

74. [The augmentation of the "Sacred Texts" (or, in a lesser sense, the philosophical abstraction or exegesis thereof), rather than of necessity by means of reverse transliteration of concepts which are intrinsic/ external of itself, could merely establish the inspired/ original creativity/ imagination/ assimilation of its/ other material by those of a direct or indirect cultural descendence of itself, thus, by means of the interpolation/ resonance (of the lesser works) unto/ withof the frame and Word of which the Summit and Glory of the Highest One eternally subsists, both maintaining and furthering the means of devotion to Himself, constructing thereby the bridge and exemplar towards His differentiation, inclusivity, and universal recognition, circumscribing the fundamental forces of Nature and Cosmos which it is by His very Existence and Power to station and uphold.] 75. Oneself witnessing the living culture and community, by which itself the Presence of Spirit is sustained, in the Greater Light of that which it Itself is capable of being, it is thought that one's perserverence and observation from realms unseen, if not unsensed or unheard, would reflect, for good or ill, the remembrance of the "spirit" of one's actions on earth, which, while framed by the dissociation of that which was other than Itself, and the retribution this has wrought in the grounding of one's mortal identity, has circumscribed its endeavors to the being of "Place" and the promise of longing for that which had been sought or existed from the beginning of one's estrangement amid the veil of one's "existing" reality. Thus the Reproval, by Prophecy, of the collective virtue of that which is distinguishingly and innately "proven" of itself, merely reaffirms and reestablishes the foundation and gratitude for the "redemption" of Society Itself, the catharctic foreknowing of the loss and departure/ captivity from one's (chosen) land by the Servant and Commiserant/ the "Knower" of God and one's People (of which Christ being the last/ highest (un-)earthly/ supreme example and embodinement of inner virtue and character), the isolation of the Sabbath, though recalling the certainty of God's Justice over the Earth and over the Adversary (within and without) which would oppose Him in His Will, mindful also of the gladness and spectrum of Communal Ideals towards which it was formed, whether by synchronicity or personicity, as it were, affecting the cycling and alternation of awareness and "mood" which binds together the "psychology" of Scripture/ worldly learning/ the arts with the turning of the seasons, faces, and civilizations of Earth, that soul, mind, and form might substand the unfolding and construction of the prototype or vessel of Zion unto the (eternal) fulfillment of each of its earthly and spiritual attributes and dimensions. 76. Among the purposes of mind, being the control of the affectations and perceptions of the emotional/ astral nature by its sentience or will, ultimately coincides, in the lower realm, with the basis and matter of the physical plane of which the object of these affectations and perceptions consist, for which the idea and desirability of right relations of itself must derive from the heart of spirit a system which is inclusive and not exclusive or comandeering of the freedom and happiness of all people and beings, of which the acquisition of physical/ emotional/ mental form (and their intrinsic correlation) from and unto the realm of experience, and the world view which is learned or imposed, reflects the regeneration and cycularity from the womb of all existing materials, above, upon, and beneath the plane of perception, by which creative expression reconciles the etherial phenomena of its unworldly apparitions and beings with the fate and functionality of its/ their persistence and operability upon Society/ Earth. 77. The opposition of one's mind/ obstruction of one's brain waves/ consciousness/ intelligibility itself, resulting in the hyperdistraction of itself and of one's own mental efforts, while remaining of oneself rationally insistent and determined in the pragmaticism and perserverance of material/ social consolvance and vocational endeavor, and preserving the basis of its attainment in the concealment thereof, may therefore yet hope to uphold the balance of these efforts (the inner and outer life, of the "good" which these consist) in the time, space, or dwelling which could thereby eventuate or ensue, that by humility and mercy one might continue the survival of the automaton (and ideation) which have been enclosed and imparted unto the form and remaining physical incarnation of one's higher sprit or self. 78. Contrasting the relative size and prospective effort/ interference of the military/ state bureaucracy and security apparatus of the various Nations/ Global Powers, for themselves and in terms of the per capita ratio and potential/ allowance (employees/ funding/ endorsement) of the respective populations, accounting for the rates of efficiency and (presumed) ambition/ intentionality of themselves, places the consortium of private/ public cooperation and alliances in the Corporate States against/ alongside the Authoritative and Communist regimes and the power/ numbers/ efficiency which they might summon or command, there being the alternative, paralleling, and autonomous organizations acting in or out of concert or endorsement of their respective governments, contextualizes the fragment, priority, and/or necessity of the defensive/ retributional/ precautionary effort within the scope and inclusive activity/ relation of Hierarchy of Itself, the (self-)fortification, containment, and mutual/ amicable understanding/ assistence of the "separate" or conflicting civilizations, and the portent/ possibility thereof, constituting/ framing the propaganda (innate/ divine Plan) and resolution unto all other of the intellectual, scientific, and moral pursuits of our peaceable/ "interprotective" domains towards/ withof the similtude and day of our harmonious and collective/ Global coexistence and the sustainable well-being of the aggregate of forces which we each contribute and represent withof the sum of world phenomena and Creation of Itself.

41 [Hereby, the incidental acquisition/ attainment of an independent analysis, while vital to the (self)accessibility of the materials and scope which have been uncovered unto themselves, yet, of necessity, lacks the coherence and (institutional/ remunerative) motivation which would place the fragmentary and oft obscure/ abstruse elements of such research in the context of the "group" endeavor and its divion of labor of itself, while, self-consciously mitigated and circumscribed by the "systems overview" nature of the parameters which one has selected unto oneself, may therefore merge, lend itself to, and/or corroborate/ supercede "the" or another "unified approach" when or whether an opportunity of doing so may be presented or arise withof the exigencies or ranks of one's "civilian"/ vocational corrolaries or concerns.] 79. Though oneself never suspecting the idealization of utopian impuses (in the sense that one desires them) to be fully actualized in one particular place or locale, the predisposition thereof being more arbitrary than absolute, these, to the extent they exist, are inevitably found to be guided and molded by the prosaic virtues of pragmaticism and custom which are rightly so endemic to themselves, thus, the displacement of the foundations of one's identity, having transpired nonetheless, merely returns this "arbitrarity" to the issues of consolvance and attachment of the community with which left/ bound to abide with in consequence of one's decisions and habitation of the earth. 80. Activating the cruciform and kabala of one's inner nature or perception, being the instrument or archetypal mechanism through which "vision" (the subjective/ world relationship/ phenomenon) is experienced or "known", evokes the recognition/ perception and receptivity of the aura of intrinsic variance and light of which the higher/ (inner) self of each being is composed, the "spirit" itself, being the basis upon which will-power is sustained and emboldened in the appeal of (systemic) self-perfection and controls, thus vital for the operation and entisement/ enablement of democracy of itself to occur, bridging the radiation of heart within and unto the community among all communities of the world, thereby strengthening the love and awareness/ responsibility towards itself (ourselves) and the stability of the indigenous/ greater environment which is the common sympathy and fate of our unified existence and metaphysical uprightness or well-being. [The lucidity of consciousness, acting upon the template of clarity and devotion towards which it aspires, and bearing, for good or ill, the continuity and resultant of the path and proximity towards which it is drawn, even unto slumber and the departure for dimensions other than itself, must account in its illuminance for the comeasurement and distance of labors (necessary and affected withof) the rotationary/ centrifugal / (eidetic) system of intergenerational/ communitarian productivity and alignment of the cosmic/ solar/ global mechanism of which it is part, thus to affect the upkeep and balance of rehabilitation and growth superceding the potential/ inevitability of chaos and disorder yet afflicting the purgation/ phenomena/ conflux of one's personal, trans-social, and material conditionality and/or concertive impression of collective/ isolative "livingness" or "being".] 81. Supposing, for a moment, the retroactive annulment of the "pain" to which one has been subjected in this life (overlooking the causality and gross excess which has, in practice, disrupted/ rather than enabled or encouraged one's "moral" conduct or engagement with society - it being impossible to quantify or judiciate the grave "injustice" of one's past irregardless of itself), and, weighing these against the "present" conscience of one's actions for and unto themselves, the liberty by which attaining/ appropriating the "solitude" of one's thought-work unto oneself, presuming again the act of "aggression" warranted or limiting itself accordingly (which it absolutely is not and has not in either sense respectively - the means or possibility of an "alternative" appearing only "upon" the event of one's protracted/ attempted relocation from the "causes" of itself), must retain the act of consecration (spontaneous sanctuary) in proportion to the "consequence" and "moral" delusionment which it must yet (save that this injustice should, by some act of providence, altogether cease) wittingly endure for the cause of one's further and necessary (personal)/ spiritual/ philosophical retrospection and development. 82. The sovereignty and extent of voting rights of the inhabitants of the "central" ward of a municipal vicinity, given that it contains, by design, the aggregate of "public" space of the "municipal" government and "culture", must account therefore, in unison with the "other" wards of "its" vicinity, for the accessibility/ regulation of these "distinctive" functions of itself (howsoever or otherwise distributing and/or accomodating these or other forms of public space among themselves), thus limiting and specifying each part to the part and inclusivity of the infrastructure and services which are in "its" domain withof the municipal code (of its entirety and scope) in relation to its citizens, visitors, and economic patronage which is afforded/ "welcomed" unto itself, that, besides the ideally supportive processes of consumption and labor (and the "space" and entitlement which these temporarily confer), also valuing and acknowledging the "opportunity" of leisure and sancticity/ edification withof the constructs/ arena of the public environment of itself, and, most importantly, of the discourse and assembly by which the specificity and universality of human nature may simultaneously develop and unfold in accordance of the truth and character of the potential which is thus latent and emergent from the existing and historical act of its (originiative/ renewing) confluence and convergence of itself. The (proportional) taxation of property, development, and location (while superfluous in the minimal sense and conceivably inadequate in the greater) nevertheless demonstrates the (prior) consideration and retension of the enclosure and priority/ sovereignty of public/ state property unto itself, in relation to the

(compensatory) leasing/ acquisition of the land and its resources by "outside" or inordinate influences withof itself, therefore indirectly offsetting (while yet incapable of confronting) the root of "finance" and process of "collective" industry in general, being yet beholden to the complicity/ advantageon of economic opportunity and "growth", the abject poverty and persecution of this mechanism of itself therefore a measure of the assistence or hostility directed at those exiled or abandoned to the wilderness/ infrastructure of "their" natural/ constructed habitat or domain. [One could furthermore, by correspondence (with the necessity and possibility of "routine" convergence being limited by the scale and priority of the geographical vicinity), reextend the purport of these considerations to the confederation and centralization of the "higher" forms of government, whereof the representational/ directly mandated alliance and formulation of domestic (regional/ national) and foreign policy may carry the rights and protections of the citizenry/ humanity in general and internal/external trade and concourse to their "appropriate" jurisdictions, thereby balancing the authority and volition of all forces which affect/ impact the spirit or sustainability/ desirability of the social, technological, and natural environment(s).] 83. Though hypothetically, having lived with a community in fact, and understood the vicissitudes of their character and nature for sufficient length of time, there must exist the "possibility" of a falling away from "God" and/or divine principles in general, groundless though this may be with or without the aforementioned criteria of " actual" acquaintence, the very "idea" of "one's" judgement, in the presumed "actions" towards "oneself" (in theory), and applying foremost to oneself (in practice towards the "other" of itself), would inevitably, by the psychical tension evoked, produce/ substand a provocation and rebellion against the audacity and pretense of one's "personal" authority, which, existing for itself or whichever good it might confer, must expect the challenge, overcoming, and/or (lastly) "verification" of itself, distinguishing the "possibility" of dissent against one's person from the "ideals" of themselves through the disavowal of the "means" by which authority is to bring good and cohesion among and from withof the members of the community itself. 84. The (protracted/ attempted) recovery/ acceptance from/ of the circumstances of one's exile/ oblivion, having uncovered and provoked the cause and result of one's systemic disjunction, and further prohibited/ obstructed by one's use of "substance" from certain means of employment and financial/ housing assistence into the forseable future, extenuates and redirects the time-frame of one's poverty and insecurity towards the unknown and alternative "providence" of society itself and/or the adaptation/ compatibility of one's character which cannot of itself be gauranteed or expected to occur, thus broadening and finalizing the extent and impact of "existential" anxiety in commonality with that which mercy and fate yet witholds towards the prospect of one's "redemption"/ (incarceration, etc.) and/or continued survival/ well-being (given that which these may be, and what one has made them to be, in the course of one's reality). Therefore, conscious of the opportunity/ imperative of "labor" (in and of its service for and unto itself), and of immediate/ protracted financial "insurance" or gain, and fervently desiring the marginalization/ stabilization of one's "activities in accordance thereof, the clarification of that which one has made oneself aware by the hubris of one's independent aspirations and endeavor has remained the priority and culmination of the ideological paradigm of which one to oneself must temporarily suffice, the reanalysis, capitulation, and distillation of the "global body" for itself yielding the circularity and circumvolution of the years over which this effort has transpired, the synchronicity and impersonality of the time-frame of one's individual condition/ rendition paralleling the concentricity and advancement/ regression of the "state" of humanity and of/ over its environment in general, the convergence/ divergence of that which is vertical of itself in world affairs encompassing and strengthening the diversity and freedom of what which is horizontal or in and of the/ each community of itself, the profligance of this tree itself, and of the pruning of its parts, being of itself merely a postscript or addenda of the scrolls upon which the fate and occurrence of humanity and earth have been of their antiquity and eternity (firstly/ simultaneously) written and inscribed. 85. The groundwork of Theosophy, in revealing/ purporting the precedence and universality of the "Divine Idea" of Judeo-Christian Scripture/ Tradition (thus dispensing with the erroneous prejudice and bigotry with which these were endowed) further reveals and evidences an intimation and familiarity with the source and "substance" of these "Scriptures" of which (purposefully/ inadvertently) being occluded or unaware, which, though validating itself in the abstract sense of "metaphysical" coidentity and merit, cannot (and should not) obliviate or neglect the "originality"/ primacy or unique contribution ("Divinity") of these Scriptures for Themselves, the psychological connection with the earth and civilization of itself containing an "understanding" of our purpose and relation with the Universe (the "true" Phenomenon of "Being) which cannot and shall not (lest by the "Revelation" of Themselves) be supplanted or undone through any alternative (though complementary) or "superficial" means of comparison or Identity. 86. The invention/ promulgation of a program cycle by which the community is made (scientifically) aware of itself and its environment, being specific to the inherence of itself and its surroundings, while, one should hope, retaining/ refining the opportunity and cycularity of itself, particularizes that which is obstructive or inaccessible in or towards the dissociation from itself, thereby protracting the archetype of (endemic) selfawareness until it can be given the assurance of one's full bodily presence and attention (and/or be remodified or repeated at or unto some other place of "its" specific relevance

42 or "origin"), the detachment and groundlessness of one's "uncertainty" and "indecision" thereby (potentially) obstructing (through the misgiving of one's "existence" for itself) both the manifestation of "spirit" for itself and the attributes through which "spirit" (of itself) is concurrently manifesting the self-awareness of its environment and form. 87. The demoniacal allusion unto a numerical script, of which it gives no sight, being merely the vehicle or excuse of its antagonistic obstruction and disorder, merely evokes a closed book and darkened language for the darkness of itself, which (book) having revealed the contents of itself (the profession of which evident in the being of itself), is properly contained (and illumined) within the time-lens of metamorphosis and abstraction to which being subservient unto itself, thus perpetuating (among the many vehicles of its latent enmity and spite) the farcity and blatant injustice of noncontestation and civic virtue which are the natural order of human-social proclivities and technical dispensation and requirements. 88. [The personification of the energies and force of the constellations of the Zodiac, given for themselves, correspondingly represent an idolatrous fabrication of the human intellect or mind, which, only by being arrived at by the inversion and calculation of symbology and time, restores to the Universe Its Creator, and the Word of Life which was written for the upliftment and convergence of Humanity's (the Divine Spirit within) mundane and celestial abodes.] 89. The desolaion and diffusivity of the "centers" of "worship" of Ancient Zion, beyond being a reproach and foreshadowing of the decimation and abandon of God's people, could merely of itself overturn the foundations and basis of mortal/ terrestial existence (of its entirety) and thereby serve to maintain the possibility of dimensions higher than or coinciding with the Earth, of which the furthest "Zion" will be rebuilt in the raiments of the spirit upon the redemption of the flesh and deeds of its "prior" inhabitants in some further age of Time. 90. Given that, from, unto, and alongside the compilation and origin of the "Religious System" and material knowledge that was at hand, towards the modern era, an increasing proportion of our labors involve the application of "new" materials and sciences and historical occurrences, the paradigm and experience of these "labors" and "occurrences" in general, being already in place, enables and fosters a return to the context of divine will in that into which humanity and the material world were predestined to evolve in their interation with themselves, given the abiding spirit of creation, being that towards which is ultimately affected our unified understanding and approach. 91. The historical process of the formation and calling together of God's People, from the cradle of its birth over a vast (and ultimately all-encompassing) territorial domain, from the journey of the Patriarchs, the eventual uncovery and settlement of the Promised Land, and enrty/ recovery from Captivity among the lands from which it first arose, furnishes thereby a cycle by which this "People", having been scourged of the Iniquities of themselves, may repeat or reenter the Course of Time with a clean heart and thereby be purged of the legacy and deviation of the act of their Transgressions. The concept of Israel or Zion, in this sense (of the Captivity), rather than, of necessity, corresponding with (a return to) any one's physical place of birth or origin in the contemporary world phenomenon, being themselves the product of the dispersion, expansion, and/or overshadowing of God's People, retains the prospect of the desertion/ ambiguity/ (decimation) of the manifested/ unmanifested "potential" from which they have emerged, that which having searched (elsewhere), by the omission/ obscuration of itself, for (an understanding of) the presence of the "Lord" and customs of His Ways, capable therefore (should one require) of "restoration", at the point at which it may be found, of that which had entered into dormancy or corruption at any point on Earth other than/ (inclusive of) the divine predestination of Itself. [Furthermore, driven thus by self-defense along the liberatory path towards that which offered the greatest hope from the persecution/ mental prison of itself, in nationalistic dimensions, against the presumed "repository" of "evil" and greatest "harm" unto itself (regardless of whether being actualized or attained at the "destination" thereof), offers, by the morbidity imposed, a collective indictment of the "national system" of "citizenship" in general, by which affecting the annulment and void of the foundations of "pre-existing" society, as it were, having manifestedly failed across the spectrum the rights and protections of the individual whose loyalty and obedience "their" very actions have unto themselves morally and institutionally revoked.] 92. The God of Creation/ (Israel), having thus made a "Name" for "Himself" by His People, in order to show the impartiality and justice of His Word, made a record of both their Triumphs and Advances (by Him) and of their Destruction and Misfortune (in the forgetting/ violation of His Covenat and Law), that, by this, they (and all "people"/ "Prohecy" Itself) would be made perfect and innocent by their suffering of the cause of Retribution itself, which, having restored this "Doctrine" once to Peace (out of the "remnant" of Himself and for all nations of the world) foreshadowed/ forecluded the recurrence/ diffusion of these Events for all further ages unto the fulfillment and enduring hope of the "Ideal" of (national/ global) reconciliation which was Manifest withof Itself, the technological, metaphysical, social, and psychological "contingencies" of "Scripture" all the while adapting the Human Personality, Mind, and Soul to the preconditions of similitude and diversity which would enable the "Spirit" of Its

"Instruction" to be received and emulated by virtue of the Heart of Love and Wisdom by which it was given and put forth to all Mankind. Opposing and obstructing the foundations of the Divine Plan for itself, however, persists the power and dominion of "Satan" (and those "spirits" allied to "Him" by the nature of "themselves") over the Earth, by whose deceit "Authority" itself is made into corruption and the joy of knowledge and virtue into enmity and spite, the antagonism of greed and willful ignorance, through the "mechanism" of its abomination and horror, having bound the flesh and spirit of the faithful with chains of misery and pain for all the days left upon the Earth until the "spirit" is released and the Gates of Heaven opened up, the word of deliverance and of the Messiah to come cealing the heart and mind with hope against the persistent evil and the hate and contempt towards itself with which it must strive to provoke and ensnare the "Plan" and "Thought" of God, the perpetuation and conspiracy of war, towards the continued oppression of itself, bringing one with "It", for the present time, down to the Sheol of the dead and the forsaken from which "It" alone shall not escape and unto all Eternity remain. 93. Having ventured therefore into the pre-establishment of a "new" society/ asylum, on the premises of mutual respect and codevelopment of the given rights and obligations/ expectations unto itself (seeing in thus the synchronization of the psychical and geographical origins of one's "formative" ideals, and the neutralization, diffusivity, and/or directness of that which would otherwise inevitably and perpetually alienate or confound one from afar), there is approached the absoluteness and ultimatum of the consequence of one's decision, that which having, through the course of the (hospitable) seasons, exhausted and uncovered its novelty and fascination through the familiarity and (limits of) the self-enclosure thereof (and faced with the prospect of solitude, unguardedness, and vulnerability in the outdoors in a northern winter (to) the severity of which one has yet of oneself to personally experience, measure, or adapt), being juxtaposed (regardless of one's ideological convictions) with the (ultimate loss and/or salvage of the) remnant and unbounded core of "light" of one's previous existence, the (potential) Illuminance of "Spirit" over the periphery at which it stands (being a general property/ potency of Itself), capable (by one's theoretical abeyance, self-nihilation, and purgation) of the occlusion, substitution, and degeneration/ reabsorption of the "exterior"/ existentially prior longing/ certainty of domain through the self-sufficiency and appeal of the existent sanctuary and (cover of) "darkness" of itself, which reconstituting the accessibility and redirection of one's travels and distances of themselves, evokes the necessity and centripedal vision of one's vantage and perimeter, the scale of which embodying the prototype, synthesis, and autonomy of the universal mechanism for itself, surrounded by the similitude, concourse, and totality of the megaregions, infrastructures, and mechanisms of the transboundary Identity of itself, the etherial web, given form, structure, and sight determining the coordination and objectivity of (social/ ideological) attributes and compass bearing of the field effect and volition of the world (of itself) and unto its entirety. The temporary absence of (nocturnal) light and electricity, and of decorum and space of itself, with the gathering cold with which surrounded and submerged, could, at worst, result unto the inevitable delay and nonproductivity of one's "habitual" domain, for which sleep and contemplation, these being what they may, must rouse oneself anew for one's daily burden and whichever prospects of rehabilitation and security might yet be afforded one by the auspices and expectations of the society by which supplicating and emersed. 94. The size and placement of the municipal courthouse, containing, one presumes, the documentation and administration of the code of law from the origin of its habitation and terrain, should remain subject, by city hall and the municipal assembly, to the review and overturning of the foundation and premise of this (extrinsic) "Law" unto Itself, by virtue of public oversight and circumspection establishing the connectivity and jurisprudence of State and Federal mandates unto themselves, and of the liberties and protections which they might themselves demand of their personal and collective autonomy, in which the registration of worker's rights and allocation of property distinctions could yield, thus in conjunction with the social movements of national and international dimensions, the facilitation, priority, and stabilization/ sustainability of the communitarian and "natural" environments. 95. The compilation and printing of the general reference of the academic curriculum, being interupted by one's sojourn into homelessness and inaccessibility of working facilities, has nevertheless resurfaced, in accordance of the priorities thereof, withof the mechanism and display of the computational device which has remained in one's possession and thusfar technically viable under conditions of constant use and duress, resulting firstly, rather than in the concision which one had desired (for the abridgement of the printed manual(s) itself), in an overview and one-dimensional framing of the images and core components which were contained/ enfolded withof the (scanned) volumes of the (abstracted) curriculum of itself, the (renewed) awareness and exertion thereof yielding the effect of its proportionality and projection withof (subjective/ analytic) consciousness itself, necessitating the (paralleling/ complementary) diffusivity and abstraction of phenomenality and overt comprehension of global, social, and philosophic affairs, thus for the (acquired) spectrum of its innate illuminance and technical facility to remain within the priority and function of organic enmeshment and the empathization and discourse of practical rehabilitation/ survival and its immediate (psychical/ psychological) demands (the causality and omission of this (general) reference and overview of itself, in terms of one's individual displacement and judgement of/ by the expected norms of one's scholastic/ geographic upbringing, resulting unto the aggregation and individualization of one's independent uncovery/

43 endeavor, localized therefore amid the objectively critical/ dismissive periphery of and towards the qualities and transformation of a scientifically literate, ethical, and balanced humanity.)

that which being of "night" (the future of collective consolvance / identity) substanding whichever progress or digression towards which the "nearness" or approximation of one's "experience" unfolds.]

96. The affected strategic counterbalance, through economic, humanitarian, and military cooperation and aid, of and amid global and regional power unto themselves, should there result instead the defection and polarization towards the "other" emergent or traditional alliances or threats, would necessarily accelerate (howsoever resulting irregardless at its existing or altrnative rate) the rearmament and militarization of the dormant or underutilized members of one's existing and "natural" alliance, thus giving cause for renewed and "overt" xenophobia in global affairs and the strengthening and perception of the necessity of (bureaucratic/ military) hierarchy in general, the advancement and sustainability of technological advantage and growth, the national/ regional defense, and amicable international/ human relations of themselves, these being what they are, requiring both the protection of itself and the effort of building and maintaining trust among the existing diapora of global entities and powers, the position and (relative) self-restraint of the American Forces in the Post-War Era (arguably) setting (thusfar) a precedence and legacy of nonconquest and territorial respect unto the future and potantial equilibrium of all humankind, the redemption and armistice of which being the alternative, requiring ultimately the collectivization and outreach of popular goodwill to arrive at the heart, omnipotence, and manifestation of the essential being and harmony which are latent withof the potentiality of humanity and creation itself. Otherwise viewing the (potential) regression, hypocracy, and betrayal of the American People/ humanity of/ by the American State and economic elite, in accordance of the corruption, decay, and subvergence which has festered from its origin, there is the preclusion/ preemption/ preparedness and (ideological/ psychological/ material) resilience against this phenomenon of itself, and (of) the undermining of the reputation and principles (of liberty and democracy) which it overtly purports or represents, the risk scenario itself (besides the (extra-)judicial psychical torment to which subjected oneself), including the false or manipulated attacks upon cyber or physical infrastructure premeditating marshall law, imposed scarcity, and economic extraction/ "overt" extortion of the national/ international environment, from which the "spirit" of economic productivity and resource alliance of the national conscience might of necessity recoil, while transfering this potential unto all nations (and liberatory factions thereof) suffering or faced with the possibility of a similar or identical fate (withstanding the probability, in the current trajectory, of conflict (for itself and) over "actual" resource scarcity, exasperated by existing social/ ethnic/ geographic inequalities/ tensions and worsened and/or decimated climatic/ environmental conditions/ upheaval.)

99. Restoring/ reconnecting with the primary relationship of "land" access and the autonomy/ liberty of its possession and controls, spanning from the individual self/ enclave (howsoever afforded/ appropriated/ reappropriated thereof) to the collectivity of the land-base/ municipality and governing structure in which enmeshed and yet ideally/ hypothetically an equivalent and coresponsive part, reveals the sponteneity, transformation, and (ultimate) similitude with the process/ potential of "developmentalism" of itself and of that which has preceded, subsumed, and/or imposed (for good or ill) its autority and bearing in the power and/or system of/ unto which it has instituted/ accumulated over time, the organization/ propagandization in the social space, of which the practice/ rejuvenation of "collectivization" and (direct) democracy consist, therefore having dredged the apathy and ignorance of each generation and population itself towards the creativity and will of a "new" ideology and paradigm of empathy and equality in communal and human/ natural relationships in general, either rising to/ encompassing/ absolving and/or submerging itself beneath the idealization and rationale of the existing technocracy or state, the tolerance or disdain towards the revolutionary/ counter-revolutionary elements/ remnant thereof contextualizing the compatibility or phase of the determined and/or absolute "adherents" of the "principles" of themselves, the slums and/or remote "places" to which driven for the "concealment" of "impoverishment" of itself, testing the limits of habitable space and zoning laws for the future planning of or over the sum of existing or "enacted" community "requirements". The input and scale of "maximal" freedom, determing therefore the aesthetic/ philosophical "merit" of the given "structure" or land-base of community itself, one's attachment or detahment from the investment or entitlement to the accessibility and/or location thereof withstanding of itself, to/ from the (quasi-)premanence of the municipal foundation must be added/ discerned the mechanism of state and pubic "auxillary" buildings/ functions which implement and/or secularize the charitable/ punitive capacities of the public "conscience"/ will in the institution(s) of governance/ administration of itself, the dispensation and/or reform of the given economic/ political matrix/ modality encompassing therefore the function, preference, and (public) dialogue for the dispersion and concentricity of infrastructure and other economic and cultural features/ forces of themselves, one's hypothesization and witness of that to which drawn by circumstance and the gravity of its heart capable (always) of one's adjustment and expulsion (by one's tenuity) from the eventuality and effect of its resultant parameter. Being therefore a disaffected "minority"/ individual of the prevailing establishment and state, one's self-acceptance and mutual blame must lay the foundations of humility and atonement before the "powers" that be, at and above the "base" level of humanity, the primeval autonomy and seclusion of ethnic and Scriptural bias of itself having resisted/ withstood the assimilation and divergence unto cultures which were prior or contemporaneous of itself, (the implement and balance of Monotheism (in Principle of Itself) having secured the approximation and unity of Spirit above the plurality of forms and forces which bear similitude or common derivation with itself), through the "singularity" of its "familiarization" and engagement therewith approaching the "essense" of group ascendence, coalition, and respect which are integral (in terms both practical and absolute) to the "restoration" of its Ideal and physical manifestation of Itself, the "centrality" of which being the core of human dignities and freedoms (spiritual insight/ virtue) the receptivity to which being evidenced in the act and comprehension of (each) "one's" actual/ (personal/ collective) and visible/ cognizable demeanor.

97. Though confronted by the uncertainty and dread of winter of itself, the frigidity and/or comfort thereof is known to return once more unto the relief and reoccurrence of spring, bringing with it also the sense of physical exposure and the heat and exertion of summer of itself, wherefore autumn, being met with the expectation, foresight, acclimation, and indifference towards the cold which one has (one should hope) endured of the year which came before, will have completed the circuit unto the cycle of habilitation and stability, consecutive winters past of one's conflict and battle against the force of isolation/ disruption and constructed "material" bearing with it the opportunity and (annual) disappearance of the warm/ secure months of one's "impoverished" journey to the north, being met therefore (this round) with the fixity of being (and having been) at the place and destination of one's (hypothetical) choosing in this life, though naturally those returning or venturing to the south would experience the reversal of this process (of acclimation) in accordance of the accomodations and/or shelter which they themselves thereby would elicit or uncover of the vicissitudes thereof, being relative, all in all, to one's position and location in relation to the climatic zone, azimuth/ zenith of the earth, and (geographical) elevation/ equator of itself. Upon one's inner psychical trajectory, the forces of evil having resurged and persisted unabated despite the hope and new beginning which one's "journey" might have otherwise conferred, the relinquishment of "earthly" happiness and denial/ opposition of the "disability"/ (institutional) disbelief which they strive to impose on oneself, maintains, at the least, one's "earthly" dignity and freedom despite the disociation and distemporalization of the "hope" of one's "existence" to the alternative planes and dimensions which must await upon one's departure through the gates of "death" to the "world" which lies beyond. 98. Given the opportunity of "nightly" warmth and refuge within a group shelter and environment, while maintaining the "daily" and/or future accessibility of one's outdoor camp under the precarious conditions of its condonement or security, must of itself transcend the barriers of isolation and distraction (from social engagement and employment) which one has formed about oneself, if one is (ever) realistically to affect one's survival/ inclusivity in the adjacent or immediate/ intermediate surroundings, wherefore the focus of one's "inner" work, and the circumscription and closure thereof, must someday/ somehow secure the external "semblance" of itself and the edification and actualization of its outward emphasis in the output/ reconciliation/ synthesis of the actions/ concerns of "one's" collective understandings and endeavors (towards the "spirit"/ divine intimation of humanity and earth). [The alternative, at this time, being the "sufficiency" of warmth/ slumber/ isolation with which insulating one's "outdoor" camp from the "cold" of night and weather of itself, prioritizing the self-closure of one's existing documentation (equipment permitting) in the relative ambivalence/ receptivity/ detachment of community of itself,

100. The humanity of earth, extending the material scaffolding/ inventory of its environment, over itself, and into the ethers of the space which surrounds, could envision the reconstruction and uncovery of the "planetary" bodies of which its "system" is bound, unto a network or configuration of psuedo-earths or "stations" spanning and transcending the influence and extent of its "Solar" periphery unto itself, the mechanisms of drift, orbit, fusion, and propulsion, and predominance of "earth-life" of itself in this event, suggesting the simultaneity, cycle, and obscuration of/ by the Higher Intelligence(s) which have preceded "Earth" in time and invested the very Universe with the foundation and "Soul" of its Created/ Creative aspiration and potential, the priority and preparedness for the Magnitude thereof unveiling the coidentity and multiformity by which the containment and plan of Eternity could flourish and resupply/ return unto the Source of Its All-abiding Prescience and (Undivided/ Unmanfested) Union of Itself. 101. The foundations of life and death (in the human sense), being the curing of ailments and infliction of harm upon one's enemies, aback of the esoteric comprehension of loyalty and virtue which give life its true significance and meaning, separating out thus the chaos and order of humanity's fixed intention and "ordeal", serve to explain the secrecy and power which were confered upon the "holders" of this knowledge of itself, the provocation or rebuke of that which lies at the core of itself influencing the apparition and lodge by which (ultimately) affecting the outward phenomenon or fate of one's personal/ Global inclination or "Reality". 102. The Universal Animus, or Spirit, having therefore pervaded form with the multitude and variation of foundations upon which it might "possibly" subsist, from atomic identity, through the web of life, to human civilization of itself, while planning for the futuricity or extension of these endeavors (the absoluteness or precognition of

44 the "current" Earth being retroactive or presupposed at the time of Its "Creation"), could think to preclude or circumscribe certain of the errors or redundancies of the "learning process" or recapitulation of itself, although the scale and potential of human creativity, freedom, and liberation of itself, yet confronted by a power dynamic which would oppose or deny the opportunity and foundation of this "freedom" of itself, necessitates a reconciliation within the institutions of power of itself of the material/ social foundations, priorities, and limits by which scientific principle, natural order, and ethical discourse seek to mold or contextualize the very harmony and desirability of that to which human habitation/ productivity/ interaction (civilization of itself) might yet theoretically aspire (for the well-being and exactness of both the psychological and physical parameters of which human judgement is formed and informed of the nature of itself in the evidence and forseeability of the "consequence" and collectivity of its actions upon itself in the stability of the natural and international environment, the selfassembly and self-perception of human values and ecological regard.) Each age group, person, setting, and combination thereof (i.e. community in its natural state or generalized condition), necessitating an emanation which is most appropriate or least disruptive of the qualities which are active or emergent of itself, while approaching the commonality of awareness in its latent or passive state of attentivity or order, harbors and evokes the constancy and accessibility/ receptivity of that to which it has/ shall transform or transcend withof itself, concentration/ meditation upon the immanence/ inclusivity of Creation of Itself, encompassing therefore each structure or vantage through which the heart of consciousness might theoretically unfold, withof or unto the auxillary or accessory nature or program rendered by or unto each present or existing aggregation of its self-embodiment or form.

policies which are "self-evident" of themselves may be manipulated into a platform and accreditation of Party "rule" which may have been achieved through other and more favorable means (of the Representation of "themselves"), which, reflecting a corresponding influence in the "State" of Israel and "autonomy" of the American economy, has created the resulting synthesis and balance which is expressive of the current "nationalism" of the "American" People and electoral outcome of the System and Government of "our" Society.

103. [Though in its "natural" course, the seasons turn, warm and cold in their extremes, or constant at the arctic poles or tropical regions of the earth, each individual life and Earth/ Sol Itself must inevitably carry forward through the years of its fruition and demise, whether life itself returns or transitions to a higher or more inclusive state of Being, spirit itself gaining always by that which it was predestined of experience to learn, becoming the gaurantor or the destroyer of the foundation upon which life may manifest at this or other origin of its Cosmic scale and plenitude. Bearing in mind the drift/ subduction/ upheaval of (each point of) the continental plate(s)/ land-mass of itself, and the relative observation/ flux/ alignment of/ with the various other interstellar/ planetary bodies (Cosmos Itself), the distemporality of the (received/ transmitted) luminous forms marking the breadth of the Universe from earlier/ distant ages of its emanation, being, and/or dissolution of itself, the fiery beings on their wheels and guardians of the quadrants of the earth suggesting the Guiding Intelligence of the Cosmic Forces in general amid the symbolism(s) which were recorded and reserved from the earliest ages of the human inclination and receptivity thereof.]

109. One's awareness and involvement with (however partial/ theoretical/ obsolete and public knowledge of itself) the defensive network of/ over the technological infrastructure of one's national domain, affecting the trade/ development of foreign nations in the openness/ dsclosure of itself, evokes the responsibility of maintaining and/or diminishing its (informational) security and technological advantage (and on corresponding levels ideological affinity and trust), for which conscience must differentiate the balance and humanitarian needs/ goals of all humanity from the the opportunity and/or isolation of the means of safeguarding and allying the plurality of states (for and of itself) and the (commonality/ sustainability) of the global environment/ (intrinsic/ future earth domain) of its entirety.

104. A recollection of the alienation and dread of poverty/ unemployment (oneself lacking, at one time, all sense of place or purpose in "society"/ (the "market" economy of predetermined/ hierarchical/ prejudicial rules of behavior/ decorum, biased against one from the "start") under contractual obligation and looming threat of eviction/ disruption of immediate security/ well-being, lends itself towards the laws and nature of property dependence and the familial/ social contract/ oath of itself in general, that which is taken/ borrowed freely from the "land" (in an idealized scenario) nonetheless necessitating one's labors and protection from/ harnessing of the elements of themselves, wherefore the architecture and infrastructural access invested/ distributed unto each personal dwelling or abode (where so required) should ethically, like so many other things, never excede (if exist at all - beyond those of inordinate or extraneous/ expropriative means) the extent or duration of that which is given (personally/ collectively/ communal (governmental) subsidization, etc.) - should opportunity exist for the space/ security/ ammenities provided, laying seige once more, however feebly or remote, to the foundations and general "heresy" of the capitalist mind-set and economy. 105. A (close) familiarity with the figures (overview) and quintessential nature of the (academic) materials which one has provided (one) of oneself, could, one learns, as one might rationally suspect, station and illumine a general understanding and recollection of the materials themselves, from which deriving an emersion in the process and exposition (if so desired) of their "practice" and comprehension of themselves, the detachability and (eventual) destruction/ dispossession of the reservoire from which one's prototype was formed having harbored/ evoked the "psychical" antagonism of its unorthodox/ ("undisciplined") acquisition and approach, becoming thereby metaphorically (by the exigencies of oneself) the "creator"/ producer (rather than/ in addition to) the "creation"/ product of the "object" of learning of itself, this however being one's "personal" self-identity and fate, one has lastly and merely to find (direct/ unmediated) concordance and acceptance with the "spirit" of the "departed" materials of which oneself being the sole or exclusive remnant of the (exacted) impartation thereof, believing thus of one's conscience, in the "intentionality" of the "collective form" which one gathered/ assimilated of oneself of which one must personally and individually abide. 106. Though diplomatic/ military reconciliation may (or may appear) to be affected by administrative/ democratic transition among authoritative regimes, in particular "Corporate" America with the Russian "Socialist" elite, this is (the placative of "peace" withstanding), to those who "know", contrary to the "interests" and alternative scenario of the "People" of themselves (besides being the "evolutionary" and covert development among the militaries themselves), by which the appropriation of circumstance and

107. Despite every effort and tactic of deception and psychological abuse contrived by the forces of evil to turn the world against one's person and one's person against oneself, these are as nothing before the inevitability of God's Will and the redemption of the earth, from which departing in full knowledge of the freedom and salvation of one's spirit from the disparities of humankind, one's mortal coil, having once withstood the "transience" of "pain", prepared and enduring to its end the "suddenness" of its reoccurrence by vigilance of the faith and light of which, by their actions, their world (unto themselves) shall forever be without. 108. The (constant) persence of other persons, in the shelter from which seeking refuge from the cold and oblivion of night, shielding one (in part/ arbitrarily) from a certain measure of psychical disruption and assualt, sustains also (for however possible), from the psychical inertia of one's aura of itself, the constructive labors of one's affectations and devices, electricity, warmth, and light protecting and enabling the electronic form and posture, one presumes, from the effect and bearing of the operable temperature extreme of/ over the (existing) technology of itself.

110. Cosmos (or "Light"), in the sense of giving birth to that which forms of the lower or material veil of its own Being, is recapitulated in the involutionary ladder of the human mind above itself, from the illusory duality of which are fused the externalization of its "ideas" and self-determining conceptions, by which the containment and transcendence of the realm of illusion unto itself liberates the creative impulse (and heart unto itself) to the emancipation and refinement of the natural, psychological, and technological dimensions of the ensouling world phenomenon from which ultimately ascending, acquiring, and harmonizing the multiplicity of states and latent astronomical potentiality and dynamic will unto itself. 111. The meditative circuscription of kabala, being the virtue and perfection of the human instrument (or soul) - on earth - and union with the creative potencies of God (Cosmos/ Spirit of Itself), requires firstly the means and accessibility of discipline/ intentionality of the human personality, for which the self-sacrifice and upbringing of its Origin renders the encompassing breadth and commonality of human culture and identity, from which the reconciliation to and among itself yields the universal wakefulness and receptive influence towards that which must yet unfold and perservere for the culmination and experience of mortal destiny and the Eternal Good of its omnipresence and All-Being. 112. The effect of seclusion, or a return/ sojourn to the minimalism of one's outdoor encampment/ environment, wherefore enabling restfulness and escapism from the realities of one's archival work and social-psychical dynamic, produces a pattern of either intermittent/ cyclical moderation or affliction, which, given the inevitable exhaustion of one's limited resources irregardless and precarious mode of its existence, necessitates the effort and solvency of whichever task which would provide for and/or liberate one (altogether) from the conditions and/or necessity of one's (internal) exile of itself. [The coldest "days"/ (months) of winter, in either effect, though days/ weeks from their arrival, being as cold or colder than "night" in the "ordinary" sense, would prohibit the "prolonged" exposure in an atmosphere of rest, necessitating continual shelter or exertion for the comfort of one's bodily functions and extremeties, which, given the "mechanized" obstruction/ persecution of one's contemplative state for and of itself, shall test the capacity and limits of one's awareness to attain and record the impressions and adaptations to life which it must yet gather of itself, and also the motivation or morale by which applying or becoming a useful or productive member of society and/or maintaing one's sanity and hope for one's/ all existence of itself.] 113. Realizing the destructive potential which yet remains at the behest of our defense and of (and potentially of) our adversaries in and of the world environment, the command, mobilization, and possession of the given "armaments" and intrinsic means of their deployment, subsuming and upholding the latent capacity of relative stability and peace, may thus envision the integration/ correspondence of their routine/ scientific functionality and exertion with the modes and operation of civil society of which they represent, these thereby being integral in the observation, communication, and

45 capacities (of themselves) encompassing and/or averting the risk or sacrifice of life which is honored and shared withof the collective burden and common ordeal of one's humanity. Those having yet a sense of home, whether soldiers or refugees from a war/ blight stricken environment, in the event of reconciliation/ withdrawl/ restoration (or having served out their term in the former case) may theoretically return or depart their separate ways given the assurance/ continuity of security or equiped for their furthered protection and defense, though those having lacked or (had) destroyed the foundations of home along the way or from the origin of life may find their only or greatest hope or consolation in this world whereat their fates or circumstance have driven them, home being thus the universal priviledge or ammenities of those having lost or found again the peace, purpose, inclusivity or will of their (inner self and its) immediate surroundings. 114. The consecration of humanity to the likeness and Holy Spirit of the Creator establishes in each person the means and entrance of the higher self or Soul (and Celestial Kingdom and Providence thereof), connecting the Identity and Construct of the primordial world phenomenon (or Zion) with all that which technology/ human reason will have fathomed and harnessed of Itself (and the potential of Its Earth), with the forsesight and recognition that by this Divine Will alone could humanity overcome the barriers and distances which separate them from themselves and the summit and reproachment of their Origin and Divine Spirit within. 115. Encompassing the event horizon of planetary and interplanetary space, the various objects and systems in their orbits about/ withof their respective centers of Gravity or Force, are capable of crossing or conjunction with/ withof the Earth/ Sol System with varying intensities of duration, impact, or effect, the evocation of the Central Spiritual Sun (or Spirit of Itself) presuming, by faith (or certain knowledge of Itself) the harmonization of the Celestial Brethren or Forces emanating from/ withof Its Primordial Abode, the combined material and radiant energy circumambulating the surface and atmospheric field upon its Globe perservering thereby in the structure by which affecting the inner (biological) trajectory and the emancipation and uncovery of the forms and worlds which lie beyond/ withof its existing knowledge of the Universe and potential/ ultimate Destiny or Divine Ascendency therein. Confronted therefore by the prospect of an otherworldly Abyss or the internal (psychological) devastation by the fate and forces of the Earth, the evidence and hope of Creation (and the renewed life of Sprit which this Creation could confer) should illumine and awaken the Eternal Light of Being once and forever in the fact of the Soul's Existence, the Door by which admitting Astrological Forces (in general) and the effects of our "character" in particular cealed or determined by the causality/ rectification/ acceptance of that which is birthed in us and by us in the course of our (collective/ personal) Divine Atonement and Experience. 116. Thus the intrinsic joy and gratitude of (the potential of) each existent proximity, and the blessing which is afforded or recognized of the "other" of itself, sustains a bond of empathy with the struggles which are outside or in unison with the individual priorities and concerns, the foundation and settlement of each community, according to the allotment of that which was existent of itself, furnishing the basis of growth and reimagining of the parameters of its circumscribed domain, the opportunity and involvement of future and extraneous generations therefore consistent with the uncovery and appreciation of the Divine/ Archetypal Blueprint of Itself and revolutionary potential of productivity and refinement which are latent and invested in the priority and consecration of its Heart. 117. It being the Spirit/ intentionality witnessed/ known/ purported of/ by the "region" of itself (however fractional/ inconclusive/ predominant it may be of the general consciousness) which attracted the aura of one's soul to the formation/ visualization/ hypothesization about the intrinsic potential thereof, (of which building outward or amplifying the personal/ ideological bulwark against the degeneration/ omission of which civilization is yet susceptible or engulfed) the exigencies of "form", whether or wherefore reflective/ expressive of this spirit, are thought to be, practically/ theoretically superfluous or extraneous to the being/ execution of one's transigence and cause, the "ghost" of one's "departing" self, in the event and preparedness thereof, imminently and/or contingently at "rest" or metaphysical stasis amid the assurance and/or qualities of the psychical environment of/ beyond which the "non-affective" status of one's incorporeal awarenes is/ will/ would be subsumed / emergent in or were that "transition" precognizant or foregone, though there be the transmigration of the "living" foundation from natural or geological cause, and a shift or dissolution of/ withof the "paradigm" of itself, the disruption and/or continued/ conditioned suffering of one's mortal/ post-mordem affectations or attachments eventuating the abrupt or protracted dissolvance or attrition of themselves unto the alternative or "death" of one "region" to another or "greater" environment or "self". Thus having reached unto the "atmosphere" or plane of one perimeter of being, its omnipresence interpenetrating and encompassing the immediate and worldly/ otherworldly considerations and events, the mechanism and basis of the "existent" personality must yet search and supplicate to its vicinity for that function and economic reciprocity which would enable one to regain one's "internal" facilities and consolidation/ observation/ correlation of the principalities of one's "work", the reflectivity and alignment of the mind in and of the entirety of its manifested states of being affected ultimately in the inclosure and revelation of the unifying particularity of All-Identity of which human consciousness, or Spirit, has or may consist.

118. The sum of environmental materials/ (technical resources) and their past/ present/ future (potential) utilization in the production and productivity of the means and foundation of civilization itself, being reduced/ circumscribed to the necessity of trade/ interaction by the sufficiency/ sustainability of the local habitat and political ecology, and resulting therewith/ thereby unto the collectivization of the system of distribution/ delegation (of goods and services) of which the "humane" economy might consist, requiring and enabling thus the mutualism of the individual/ indegenous compliance, underlies the existing power struggle and its deference and/or resistance by/ among the popular will and general consent of each unit/ federated (subjugated) citizen and group of one's humanity, the obstruction/ delay (of collectivization/ equality) thus and otherwise consciously/ unconsciously reinforced/ reasserted by those which having (mis-)appropriated the means and representation of power unto themselves from the inception of society, opposed by the inevitability, persistence, and diffusion of awareness of and unto the spiritual laws of being and truth of Creation Itself, that through the pain and error (of omission of respect for the existent and other of itself) comes realization of the essential unity/ responsibility of each member of humanity for the harmonization of the planet affected only through the harmonization of the control/ force/ liberation/ upliftment exerted over ourselves and the forms which are imposed over the surface and foundation of Reality which is manifested withof and unto the qualities and experience of the collective consciousness itself. 119. One's (contemplative) self-containment and sustainment of the plane and current of ideality for itself, filling and occupying the void of mind with the substance of its fragment and the totality of impressions envisioned/ rendered from without, thus calls forth the centrafusion of the quartenary state and sevenfold radiance of the triad over the forms and forces of the All-Being of Itself, the pure phenomenality of freedom (the joy, suffering, and rational knowledge of existence - opposed to the evil and injustice of the Regressive forces of the Earth) encompassing and grounding the root and continuity of the Illuminance thereof, permitting theoretically the noncausality of the individual disturbance/ perdition to apprehend/ opportunize the nihilism of the Ego or personal self along and unto the furthestmost course of its (divine)/ dissolution, assimilation, and unbeing. 120. The linguistic inherence and ambivalence of mental and physical processes and states, while at best unintentionally prompting the ideation and clarification thereof, may also (if advertently) produce the excess and obfuscation of the "active intelligence" and divine consciousness in general, conceptivity of itself and of the higher states of being likewise either hindered or foreknown by the source and inspiration by which consciousness accesses and unfolds the language and terminologies of its selfconception, form relations, and "identity". 121. The self-negation of the lower form, cancelling with it its opposite in the realm of material creation, transfers through the construct of its higher material design the frame and image of the fields of one's existence through which imparted the creative impulse reuniting the core of being with the planes and purposes of its upliftment unto the Sprit of its Origin, being the self-sustaining abstraction and emanation of the Noumenon upon and withof the plane of its Non-(material) Desire. 122. The capacity of the human soul, and species, to affect kindness and mutuality in its dealings with itself and in the (former and seeming) discrepencies of knowledge, labor, and power (the global environment), whether evidenced or violated in principle by the confluence and/or apprehension of personality events, maintains and evokes the hope, vision, and assurance of the ideal state and collective reconciliation of "society' with the unified problems/ potentials of reality, the cruciform of all-encompassing abstraction, ideation, and volition, in accordance of its alignment with the Forces of Light of which its Illuminance and higher (inclusive) motive are generated and cohere, correlating the functionality and emphasis of inscription (the manifested Word of its totality) with the causation, integration, and upliftment (remediation) of (itself and) the planes and spheres of all social, psychological, and material well-being, thus providing and necessitating the bas(es) of action and demeanor which are congruent with itself and the harmonization of all "awareness" of which it consists. Intersecting through the mind, therefore, from all directions are the cognitive winds of spirit and phenomenality itself, which, given circulation and fixity/ mobility by the channels and structures which are formed unto the mechanism of itself, enable the directionality, vantage (coordination), and focus of vision to register the inner and outer planes of being at its discretion and will, thereupon apprehending and equating the contents and thought-forms contained within the centripedal volition of the other for itself, eliminating, subduing, and purifying the lower personality accretion by virtue of the thought-force and equilibrium which are/ were accepted and enstated by the recognition and awareness of the spirit of itself. [Choreographing the electronic and magnetic flux (potential) of each material/ component and its cumulative effect upon itself must therefore similarly correspond with the resonance and architecture of the brain consciousness in general, being attuned with/ of/ by the forces of the planet and its distant/ immediate surroundings, constituting/ paralleling the network/ proximity by which humanity delegates/ conceptualizes the core parameters of its (ecosystemic, social, technological) organization and identity (culminating by the communal self or unit in the coordination and/or affectivity of the ideological spectrum and human/ biospheric interests of the national/ international alliance/ coalition.)]

46 123. Oneself, having received the role or penitent, by one's suffering and misfortune reflecting the plight and suffering of humanity, there is known the calm and patience with, towards, and by the tide of goodwill in one's encounters and emanating upon the earth, and also the disturbance and frustration of that which wants or lapses from this hope or inclination of itself, each being subject to the charity and social grace which their status, fate, and exertions have afforded them with time, yet sensing and upholding the common rights and dignities in measure of which circustances may avail, from which the universal rights of humankind may mobilize and draw near the distant possibility of the revolution and appeasement of humanity's affairs. 124. The causality of disunion, in the captivity and necessity of the group shelter and environment, may therefore aggravate itself in vain towards the cause of its unbeing or retain the empathy and mindset of the collective plight and perserverance, cold itself portentiating pain or death to the unwary, the displacement from one or the other or both options of (potential) endurance or rest at best returning one to the auspices of spring, at which the (probable/ potential) relocation and/or dispossession of that which one had gathered of the year(s) which came before, extends forward the unknown and conditionality of one's life divergence and/or renewal/ opportunization of the existing/ alternative circumstance of which being may allow, that though ownership being inseparable from the present system of inherence and disbursement, the idealized abstraction of federation/ municipalizarion/ autonomy of one's labor and support enabling at the least the preception of the goal of freedom/ nonhierarchy/ liberation of one's acting personna or economic conjunctivity. 125. The Creator, in Spirit, being opposed to the rule and domination of matter (over the spirit of itself) would substand a law of causation transcendent and superceding the principles thereof, towards the liberation and emancipation of life of itself unto the plane of its autonomy and self-intention, the shield whereby (in theory) deflecting the injurious or antagonistic forces from one's (mind), thereby simulating the orb of one's detached or noncorporeal condition of itself, the duality and suffering of the series of birth, regeneration, and death arriving at infinity in the immortal vehicle of which it was eternally possessed, having fixed and perserved upon the earth the pattern and relation which would allow and determine the length and duration unto which this transformation (unto divine experience) could selectively and collectively unfold. 126. [The receptivity unto the higher form, requiring an active dynamic and unifying principle to supply its impetus and force, reduces to the occlusion of its external and concrete embodiment and form, wherefore its containment, separating chaos from the order of thought, substands the mental ethic of one's (individuated) non-being and deference unto its higher/ collective origin and inspiration, cognitive resolvance, and visceral/ experiential continuity of the latencies thereof.] 127. The qualities and virtues which are respected or honored of "self", being of a spectrum or artificial/ innate duality of strength, knowledge. resourcefulness, compassion/ nurture etc., encompass therefore the multiplicity of human attributes, age, gender, and form, in so far as manifesting of the soul or spirit of its received or intuitive condition of mutual protection and sympathy for those who abide within the living heart of that which is recognized or embodied of the "spiritual" domain. The idea being the self-control and (psychological/ political/ economic) liberation of each individual within and withof the group unto which it consists may never presume the control or prepossession of the inclination of which it strives to aperceive or evoke, those which constituting the actual possession and authority of the established state of being or mind determining, by the fixity of their intention or will, the level of congruence or support which is afforded those dispossessed or at the mercy of their caretakers' self-intention or device. [That one faces the renewed/ sustaining prospect of suffering unto death by extraneous "cause", this may only turn one's thoughts towards the hope and well-being of creation itself, the dynamics of which perservering in light and faith of that which shall overturn the basis and foundation upon which "enmity" in this present world or any other operates and subsists.] 128. Considering the investment and reconstruction affected by the American industrial complex in Europe in wake of the Great Wars of the Twentieth Century, and the spirit of unity, free trade, and right relations which it served to foster and evoke, a reversion to political and economic nationalism in the region at this time could merely restrict and disguise the history and gains of the multinational corporation (and multinational labors from which these were derived) behind the arbitrary isolation and patriotism/ xenophobia of the (transnational/ ostensibly domestic) ruling elite of each "nation" in particular, thereby (temporarily/ dialectically) affecting and soliciting the concealment of the higher popular will in a system of mutual (economic) antagonisms which, spread across the international order, would perpetuate and uphold the basis/ illusion of military rivalry and (unjust/ authoritarian) hierarchical structure of humanity in general. 129. Whether the human animal acquired or perpetuated the spirit of awareness of its own or higher volition from the time of its inception, the presence and persistence of these energy beings in the planetary field sustains the hope and guidance for the emancipation from the darkeness and separation of its corporeal condition, thereby furthering the technological unity and higher state of being for itself, reducing the quintessential occupation of humankind to the goals and upliftment of goodwill and clarification/ sustainability of the planetary/ extraplanetary environment (for itself and future vehicles of the manifesting presence of living unity in general), that which

having unfettered the entrapment of the personality attachment at best reflecting the distributive potential of its earthly refuge and those personalities which are the culmination and assurance of the potential and continuity of the state of its nonbeing (noncorporeal identification or "existence" of itself). Thus the idea or cruciform, while practicably/ ostensibly centered and projected unto the circumference of the individual mind unto itself must visualize the (actual) location and circumference of the planetary field which its potentiality describes, thereby enabling the intrafusion of conscious substance or spirit to differentiate and confer the essence of the objective/ subjective totality of awareness/ mind unto itself, thus bridging the faculties and discrepencies of the unit self amid the extrinsic applications and order which its/ the manifested phenomenality elicits or contrives. 130. Approaching the multifaceted problem/ threat of material/ ideological existence in general, towards the quantification of the specific parameters and adjustments thereof, inevitably instills/ necessitates a sense of interiority and self-possession of the national/ international domain, the polarity of which withstanding must integrate the independent, cumulative, and systemic effect of each locale withof the solvency and trajectory of ecological/ geophysical susceptibility and contraints, thus harnessing and revealing the adaptive potential of each influence/ attitude/ behavior (towards humanity and earth) revealing the solidarity and/or infringement of the material/ social capacities and limits which are/ were imposed and/or necessitated for the survivability of civilization and the human/ ecological order and integrity (of each region and the sovereignty/ mutual cooperation-assistence which are rendered or elecited) thereof. The group/ oligarchical protocol of corporatism/ bureacracy, given the scale and containment of each industry and social order of itself, being the abstraction of the individual mind, must therefore recognize and factor the omission (of the particular) unto/ withof the framework and network structure which are gathered/ adopted unto the core of ideation and correlation of the existent proxmity(ies). [The multiplicity of ideation, furthermore, being a (potential) diversion of one's lower or disaffected class, may neither dismiss the priority of its external subsistence nor the sustainment and ascension of its ideological proclivities, merging the science of impression (and the escapism and lamentations thereof) with the possibility of remission and recollection of the true external semblance and necessity of one's environment and form.] 131. The structure which is rendered unto the community and municipal design, in accordance of the individual propriety and measure of inhabitance with time, could inevitably elevate the pride and well-being amongst the artifice thereof, which, for better or worse, given the nature of the individual itself, musn't obliviate the humility and alternative of the surrounding or abject scenario nor the disaffectation or disorder of community itself. Thus the presence of the poor and homeless within the community, according to the centrality and accessibility of services required, should translate also withof the directness of democracy unto the proportionate representation and participation in the determination of the council's immediate decisions and priorities, thereby bringing the presumptions of austerity, discipline, and morality in direct encounter with the forces and result of that which is systematically relegated or deplored. 132. While having established the basis of goodness (or goodwill) of the people towards themselves, God, and humanity, through law, proverbs, and manifest intention, and adding to this the spirit of Christ and the moral and philosophic teachings of oral interpretation and self-reflective tradition (however yet accessible to or receptive by the extraneous languages and cultures of the earth), there remains the explicit transformation and uncovery of the all-embracing heart if humankind, which, while maintaining/ upholding the identity/ will of itself, would establish and facilitate the unity of spirit and effort of divine reconciliation on interpersonal levels and unto the culmination of events/ relations on the planetary scale. 133. The continuous temporal cycling of the natural world and growth of human civilization on earth, expanding the basis and foundation of cognition and interdimensional awareness, approaching the containment of phenomena of which it consists, rather than attaining its dissolution in the infinity of forms, could necessitate the preferential and aesthetic grounding of the particular which this infinity secures, thus furnishing consciousness a (final) outlet and volition of self-discernment over all that which the potential of the universe and unbridled creativity has or may yet latently unfold of its passive and parallelling states of (registered) awareness and form. 134. The guiding premise of military service, in the (purely) national or humanitarian sense, rather than of necessity serving or imposing the interests of the hierarchy of powers or their counterparts in foreign alliance, would and must remain the protection and support of the people themselves, whether themselves served by or rightly opposing the "powers" of themselves, thereby through the system of right autonomy and command discerning the basis and cause of enmity and strife towards the enforcement and stabilization of freedom irregardless of the presumed status and/or wealth of those instigating and/or repressing the arduous call of its conflicting demands. The scientific balance of human (logistic/ ecological/ spiritual) priorities, being the summation of consciousness itself, will therefore manifest through the diversity and plurality of its states the commonality of its origin and unifying condition. The agency of (national/ covert) intelligence, given the entrenchment and prepossession of information unto the life-span of its existing personnel, would innately perservere irregardless of the transtion of (civil) administration unto which it advises

47 and serves, presupposing the values and objectivity required and developed upon entrance and progression of the clandestine and magnanimous careers of national/ global watchfulnees and calculated intervention. 135. The (natural) occurrence of disease, being a precursor or limit of one's existing morality, evokes a new and furthered perspective on one's health and/or the significance of its loss or fateful alternative, that which may heal or deliver with or without recompense in mortal reality, being a blessing of the human spirit of the world which lies beyond, thus the sacrament which bridges the worlds in unison a measure of the receptivity in spirit to that which is rendered, received, or partaken of this life, the response to tragendy and disaster of human and natural cause a measure of the context in which life is given or anulled from the transitory and interconnected field of its (mundane/ preternatural) re-existence and resolve. 136. Though one should strive to render the anomoly of psychical disturbance to the harmless, passive, and selfless state of its oblivion, the eventuality of rejection and perpetual ostracism/ (destruction) remains an inevitable potential of one's fate, grace, being not of oneself, or miraculous/ therapeutic/ surgical absolvance, (invasive forces withstanding) being all that one may salvage or hope of normalcy prior to the purgation/ expiation or release of one's spirit from earth. 137. Above and beyond the multivariant perception/ evocation of all earthly and cosmic synchronicity which the mortal spirit may contrive, there is found, of necessity, a place of rest and detachment from the phenomenon of mind and being of itself, the entrance unto which being guarded by (faith of) the one self from the iniquities of being could permit the affectivity and transit of the unconscious unto the rational and selective vision of its awakened state of being, the world self, in the monad thereof, being thus passive and alive throughout the duration of its (manifold) incarnation and reapproximation of itself, that which remaining separate by its avarice and hate returning through the lower worlds until attaining and abiding by the one law of perfection by which cealing the way unto its completion and eternal unity of life. The qualities of formlessness, being the saturation of knowledge and potential, may limit itself to the receptivity and relevance of the forms which are evoked or received from without, otherwise, it being day or night, observing the flux and source of energy from its origin and principle unto the frame and bearing of life and interconnected systems which it persists, by its volition and design, to uphold and animate through and for the providence of humankind and the realm and responsibility it shares from its point and place of all Creation. 138. Nearing (or projecting) the summation of data gathered/ accessible in digital/ electronic storage/ transport/ facility, one is confronted by the temporal detachment of (machine) work and (potential) void/ implications/ viability of the acquired/ resultant path/ pattern/ trajectory of mental/ organizational activity over the duration, development, and psychological directionality/ effect of/ upon the fate of one's existence, the capacity and/or limits/ necessity of (one's) knowledge determined/ determining (by/at) the accepted end and length of one's exertions affecting the stability and inflection of one's psychical/ existential parameters in accordance of the similitude and variation of that which was salvaged of and unto the infinity, nondirectness, and unmanisted possibility of preestablished academic presentation, (verifiable) criteria, and intended integration/ compartmentalization of societal functionality and/or comprehension/ affectivity of one's volition or life-being. 139. The visualization of the mechanical apparatus and productive harnessing/ integration of the natural ecosystem or environment correlates with the rationalization and circumvolution of the organic mind in general, the order of thought superceding and precluding the priority (and parameters) of the generative act/ biological selfannulment, extricating/ circumscribing the subconscious of its psychosocial possession/ dispossession or requirement of the individuated form, thereby actuating and inhabiting the neurosphere and connectivity of applied awareness and productive consciousness of itself, being, at minimum, a dweller amid the depths of the cognizable totality, of which, through the non-absorption unto the quadrants? of subjective introspection, grasping the externality and presence of the group for the immediacy and priority of its self-existent being and concerns. 140. The birth and crucifixion of Christ, occupying the endpoints of earth's seasonal rotation, according to their hemisphere, form also a continuity of traditional observations and a measure of the sustainment and unfoldment of the hope, foundation, and effort for the advancement and abridgement of human and spiritual civilization (and of each soul unto itself) unto the consummation and salvation of the world unto which He shall Appear. 141. The recapitulation or regression of time unto the decades, centuries, and millenia prior to which one's personal records may consist reveals the correlation and potential of events from the inception of their origin, (the quality of information of which becoming accustomed to bear enabling sufficient "days" for the "years" yet remaining of one's life), thus reconciling and projecting the future tendencies of life upon the basis and awareness of that which has been historically tested and given (of that which the human and world experience has and could theoretically consist). 142. The purpose (or duty) of the soul, withstanding the kindness and grace of each towards the other in accordance of the love and mercy which the Creator has shown,

involving the reconciliation and unity of the group unto humanity of its entirety, evokes also the use of mind in the caretaking, responsibility, and providence of material affairs, which, being also a faculty of grace in the means of its reception, prohibits the chauvenism or dominance (of the soul) in the levels of attainment or material reward. Thus, historically and individually the recognition of the soul, for itself and as it exists in every other form of life, defines the evolutionary trajectory of humanity's advancement and growth, the inclusivity of all factors (and factions) in the Plan of God's Creation alone capable of equipping the human spirit to contend and overcome the enormity and challenges of its exigent phenomena, being thus a technological and population system at stasis with the earth and its inhabitants, progressing through and by the symbiosis of information and energy forms of which its internal configuration and abridgement of the higher and lower spheres may be perpetuated, experienced and known. 143. The circumscription/ apprehension of the mind, being of the nature of a circle or sphere in the process of memory/ retention and of the analytic principles and trajectories of the phenomena which it encompasses and describes, will therefore complete/ connect/ expand/ the parameters of its circuit/ circumference in accordance of the diameter, area, path, exactitude, depths of the materials of and from which it evokes and derives, related thus peripherally and existentially with the facilities and potential of its external/ internal embodiment/ applications and general/ specific social/ personal utility in the transformation/ comprehension/ reconciliation of the world/ (psychotrophic) environment with the stabilization/ upliftment, and priority of self/ group survival, responsibility, and (interpersonal) redemption. 144. Though human knowledge may, at best, be certain of the limits which it has attained withof itself, this being the product and testament of the unity, diversity, and interconnectedness of human efforts and society in general, we cannot, having been created, of ourselves underestimate or predicate the laws of spirit or creation unto which our universe (the soul of mind) was formed, that even the revelation of faith in the heart of God's divinity, and evidence of forces supernatural and unseen, could only guide our reason towards the appreciation and acceptance of our mission and significance in life, the prospect of the Messiah and living Christ being the fulfillment and embodiment of the power and absoluteness of God's Plan upon the Earth (and unto the Eternity of which being outside the realm of which the present mind could hope to comprehend or envision) divesting unto each the task of global salvage and unification of the Self which lies within, the being and utility of the Word from its origin and foundation in Time providing and juxtaposing the self-revealing context and idea from which derived the impetus, motive, and coherence of the self-sustaining construct of our abiding understanding, inspiration, and ideals, which according to its accessibility and receptivity among the human consciousness in general will determine the quality, rate, and transformation of human growth and the unfoldment and reconciliation of our (mutual/ inclusive) spiritual aspirations and affairs. 145. One must wonder with age and virtue, should one live to acquire it, whether (or by which means) one's psychism shall ever perfectly subdue or subvert the instincts and liabilities which are latent withof itself, all progress towards this ends and inculcated substructs of pure mentality and communal ethics of themselves burdened with the prospect of momentary and degenerative psychosis to one's immediate and/or perpetual mortification and regret, though empathy, humor, and good reason may have spared and directed one's conscience to one's nobler self countless times before, the constancy of one's anxiety forcing thereby nonetheless the impersonality, cover, and evocation of the thought-form of which the higher and undisturbed nature must consist, the cycularity of the neural centers and their attunement to the mind and conscience of itself (believing thus in the incorruptible refuge of the spirit in its mercy and grace) and of the group of which by their higher self capacitated and aware, constituting thus the self-coordination and clarity of the mortal soul which is set and maintained upon its way. The phenomenon of spirit, being thus arbitrariliy, if selectively, capable of manifesting its highest ideals of solidarity or recrimination or doubt suspends in deference to the will and authority of the people the premise of one's expulsion or fate, bearing thus the common affliction and/or calling of one's subset to normalcy and or aid, aware also of the utter abnegation of one's role and psychical portent of itself towards the containment and diminishment of the nuissance or burden one's "faculties" may place upon the harmony and well-being of an otherwise functioning and respectable society, (the moderation of violence, affectation, and strength by code of honor being tantamount to the immediacy or absence of justice, morality, or law). 146. Having departed and been forcibly driven from one's "home" for the affinity and (potential) security of a network which, while once distant was thus somehow "nearest" to oneself, the abstraction or reclusion of this network nevertheless persisting in the continuity and location of the form which was/ is "itself", circumstances have conspired that one be given the option of returing to the place and origin of one's "conflict" of itself, which, while affording one the opportunity of resignation and "trust" over the "powers" which have asserted themselves of the "quality" of my existence, would condemn one also to the isolation, terror, and "extraneous" paradigm of these forces for themselves, rendering one's facilities, work, and dignity subject once again to the fate of escaping and opposing them of their entirety, effectually placing a wall or barrier between one's "past" and whichever will there might exist to counteract or obliviate the persistence of this "threat". Considering that, as unstated and immoral as the "laws" of "war" against me are, even they, one might presume, would at some point tire or expend their "mandate" in

48 accordance of one's increasing age and the severity of their abuse, which, even by the logic of their crual "necessity", merely underscores the true imperil and reality of war, whether by their persecution sent to stifle or arouse the dissent or disunity of the "people" by their cruel design, recognizing how, upon prolonged days or years of psychical and moral degeneration (for any with even the slightest bit less mental stability and spiritual resolve) vengeance against an invisible and inaccessible force could provoke aggression and hostility against "society" as its only and final means of recourse or escape (barring of course perpetual fortitude, mental/ personal suicide, and/or institutionalized insanity). 147. In the midst of one's daily/ nightly bouts of mind-numbing, heart-constricting shock/ mental harassment, regular and unceasing as these have become for months and years on end, it is all one can do at times to prevent one's life and sense of self from drowing in the overwhelming sense of hopelessness, fatigue, anger, and despair, though scarcely believing there could ever be found a mechanism of justice for this crime (on earth) - and thus to spare my pyche the horror and outrage of indignation itself - I can think only of somehow depriving "it" of the suffering which it seeks to cause in this moment of time, attempting further to recollect a life-span not of needless and malevolent torture and anguish, but of the experience and joy of life itself, even including the cruelty and tribulation of this "test" of one's spiritual persistence, and that have I endured thusfar with my being intact, perhaps also thinking back on the possible complicity of the powers that be in allowing this state of tension to have taken seige of my existence, (they) wishing perhaps for the exposure and inquiry unto the basis and potential of these "mental" weapons of themselves, though otherwise, if intending the deterence unto their understanding or research, the provocation of itself would certainly cause one of any sound mind or will to intensify and strengthen its resistance of itself, all of which becoming not only a distraction from the many other useful and high purposes of life but also alas from the obvious and ordinary priorities of one's day-today survival (into which it is perhaps yet hoping that I will silently, wordlessly, and impassionately withdrawl and recede from ever confronting ot correcting the persistent cause and trauma of one's oblivious disdain). The question, from another perspective, presuming such a phenomenon ubiquitous/ universal psychical awareness/ transmission - even remotely conceivable, however absolutely absurd, egotistical, vain, undesirable that this might appear for obvious reasons for all involved, could be that the "aggressors" intend foremost or exclusively the immediate and continuous disruption and invalidation of one's "signal" of itself, it being left to imagine which of my ideas, beliefs, or actions could ever constitute a threat to "society" or whichever element with the resources and motivation thereof, these (ideas) having for the most part irregardless regressed unto the latency of their inscription for all of my inability to think or express them under the circumstances of my life, perhaps again wishfully, from this perspective, merely interjecting or overriding one's transmission with anxiety and fear, and, conversely, courage and conviction, in order to proliferate and substand the awareness and necessity of security itself (certainly a crucial, if disproportionate attribute of one's "program" of itself, if I recall itself correctly). One may almost therefore extend this premise - of conflicting and opposing psychical/ electromagnetic transmissions - to an abiding quantum dissonance or antipolarity of society and the material/ psychical universe itself, which acts in often startling and reverse manners on one's "personality" for "good" or ill, irrespective of the status of its immediate condition, which I believe naturally/ preternaturally establishes and reenforces both the unalienable importance of the individual (where others and society in general are concerned) and also paradoxically the insignificance and unity of self (in relation to the mortification, rectification, and "relief" from the concept and egocentrical mindset of one's "individual" concerns), thus being known for the ambitions and limitations of one's intellectual and political pursuits, enabling at the least, through the dismissal of one's character, a balance among the same vicarious, if not actual, experience and/or consideration of the functionality and beingness of scientific and economic/ geopolitical authority, of which the inclusivity and multiplicity of the potential and existing renditions of "form" is biased naturaly towards the creators and caretakers of each function and sector of the "movement" of itself unto the institutionalized and remunerated delegation of its activities and labors accordingly, one's pretension and preoccupation with the materials of the "mind"/ staecraft/ globalization/ etc., vastly immersive and time-consuming as the sum of human/ natural relations would innately require, therefore, at best, merely returning and soliciting the awareness and decision of the people of themselves (towards a colaborative consensus or informational alliance), whether likewise preoccupied or funded by the "actual" or supplementary positions or designations of themselves. 148. [Consciousness, wherefore embodying and inhabiting the breadth of its circumference in its approximation and cotermination of the totality and trajectories of form, is therefore also aligned withof the square of its intradimensional parameters, intersecting withof and amid the points of the star and central radius of which its network and internal configuration must consist, abiding in, following, and quantifying thus the contours and spirals of the harmony and symmetry of the space within which bound, projecting of and from the constellations and symbologies which define and contain the shape, qualities, and portent of the psychical (psycho-physical) realm and of its awareness and interaction/ responsibility of and toward the manifestation and alliance of the created universe in general.] 149. Recapitulating events somewhat over the year since one's arrival at the city of one's homelessness, amid the ephemeral abatement and eventual resurgence of the

forces of psychical hostility which had preceded and exasperate one's plight, the sudden emersion and stress of society in general and an unknown population and environment nevertheless withstood the attendance, utilization, and familiarization of the facilities and structure of which the external semblance and aggregation/ refinement of one's (individual) program might consist, the frigid weather and overcrowding/ constant presence of the later months of one's indoor confinement/ shelter - this of itself evoking sympathy with either group deployment or captivity, however the case may be of the mindset and diversity of variables involved - nevertheless sustaining the opportunity of seclusion amid the peripheral camp and solitary overlook to which one perhaps excessively withdrew in one's exhaustion, creative necessity, and psychical distress, there being yet the glimmer of the goal of ecological/ technical/ humanitarian solvency/ coexistence of itself, the correlation of data and research requiring only the funding/ labor of its subsistence whether acquired through social welfare or employment irregardless of the conflict and externalities which had seized themselves upon and set themselves against the rational and ethical course of one's ideological/ philosophical trajectory and extraneous career. 150. All life being bound by corruption and mortality, it is with the ghost of love and nurture/ the divine matriarchy within, that the greatest and only assurance of peace and security from the trappings of this world are to be found, thus from this distance maintaining and recognizing the brotherhood of empathy in spirit, that from the field of cosmos was formed the child of earth within the womb of space bearing the repleteness of mind which is transcendent and uncognizable from the generative faculties of form, elevating thus the center of the cruciform and quadrant of the apprehending vessel to the light above the eyes, whereupon the bridging star and circumvolution of the worlds may appear withof the clarity of their noncorporeal or disindividuated precondition, the circle, in this sense, having formed the likeness of itself through the differentiation and impartation of its heritable attributions and replies, remaining or becoming thus the origin or prototype from which the self devolves or reconstitutes its self- embodiments amid the manifesting and evolving totality of that which it is made cognizably effectatious or aware. 151. Howsoever much burdened with the unseen factors of electromagnetic warfare/ psychological assault, even in their absence or abeyance - amid the cycles of shelter, isolation, and the overlap between - one is confronted again, almost by surprise, with the stark clarity and potential (of life itself) and human society in general, at which times one's anxiety (for itself) and of and over one's psychical projections and demeanor are felt to cast an unnecessary self-obstruction or shadow over the innate peace and mindfulness which one knows (and is aware of knowing) to be inherently accessible and characteristic of (mindful) being of itself, the forms and evocations of logos, noumenon, or spirit - concealed within form and of a form unto itself - forced to reconcile, against the blatant (self-)ignorance and hypocracy of egotistical disparity, the familiarity, relationship, and sanctity of the human personality/ awareness and diverse appearances thereof, individuality itself revealing and circumscribing the light of contemplation (whichever use or disuse it may be in the conceptualization/ contextualization of one's reality) to the light of the soul of the other for itself and withof the commonality and bond which is shared from the collective origin of the creator's intention and will in the multiplicity and presence of all manifesting and selfmanifesting life. [There being therefore one energy connecting all life and humanity in the tree of God's Creation, this must also pervade the spectrum of ideas, institutions, and abilities and animate and inanimate objects of which our planetary civilization and its placement amid the ensouling potential and affectivity of Cosmos subsists.] 152. Correspondence I: Future 1.Thanks for ....'s number. She agreed to keep the boxes awhile. Met some people who let me camp with them, staying at Day Station, library, interesting experience. Do you think it possible, advisable, I visit the ISE Gathering in August? I have many thoughts about these matters and could use an external/ alternative interpretation than my own. This (....) is my only form of e-mail (communications) at the moment, so you are the primary means, as of yet, by which I know to contact the group in person. Not sure what else to say now, so I'll await your reply. 2. Hi, sorry, don't know if you've read this message yet, needed to confer with the group, time to think about it, time for 'me' to think about 'it', etc., - but, its bothering me, so I'll try to clarify. I really didn't/don't wish to put any burden on you, or ...., or .... for that matter by my being here. Thought/ think I ought / must find 'my' way into community alone, arriving here, somewhat accidentally 'alone', although any leads from you or anyone else in that direction are/were certainly wlecome. The "Shelter / Rehabilitation" program here seems an entirely adequate path back to "normal" society, which is the best 'realistic' starting point I could ask for/work towards at this time, given that I dont particularly wish to go anywhere/have anywhere else necessarily to go instead, and that I apparently lack the social skills/ affinity to forge

49 any more direct relationship with the underground/ free / liberated society howsover this might exist at this time. I chose to remain in 'camp', for the time being, and can only fault myself if things go totally wrong. I am and can be, understandably, only as safe as those who visit /coinhabit this place allow me to be, including the law, and dont know exactly how I will carry myself without their protection/the shelter we have shared, even while, of course, seeking/ approaching employment/ assistance etc. This being so, a retreat at ISE Gathering, while inspiring theoretically, perhaps shouldn't be on my 'agenda', as much as I would like to see / hear from my 'councilers'/ old friends again someday in this life. P.S. If you're ever in ..... area, or would allow me to ask you something (other than about work), there is something very troubling that has been following me around awhile that I would greatly like to know your opinion of (namely mind-control technology, synthetic telepahthy, eletronic harassment, the insanity continues). Correspondence II: Past I. 1. a) I guess my leaving was probably overdue, went to .... sort of by accident, got some help camping and storing valuable junk with friend of friend, local shelter will accept mail: If you send 8 gig flashdrive (what is address?), good to know person data survives if I get stripped/ ruined, nice to send one to dad too, anyways, warm here until fall, dirty, rainy sometimes, feed homeless well, say hi to grandfolks. b) The shelter only uses a PO box: Might return to sender if anything was sent, Thanks. 2. I don't know who broke the television (maybe the neighbors?). Personally, either I will survive under the present circumstances or I won't ... here for now. 3. a) This year .... I've had to think very hard about relying on myself and working with the system here to find a way back into shelter of some sorts (presuming I'd never be welcome .... again and not particularly wanting to be confronted by my old life...). Things starting "happening" ... almost ten years ago that I'm still trying to deal with today which it is very difficult to speak about and which were a large part of the reason I left and the circumstance in which I was told to leave. .... Honestly, I am somewhat afraid for my life and for the "freedom" to live undisturbed which I doubt I will ever experience again on this earth, not knowing how I could ever defend myself from this force or of why and what it may be that is causing it. This being what it is, and I being homeless/ moneyless at this stage of life, any possibility of "home" seems a "rational" alternative, from a purely self-serving perspective. I don't know exaclty what arrangments you've made for Grandma to live, what her condition is, or of what real use I could be in any case (and I do feel that for what she and yourself have done for me over the years obligated to be there for you if it were in my power to do so.) However, at the moment, it still seems (from my somewhat confused perspective) that my best option for getting help for myself (or remaining sane, healthy, etc.) is here with the people I have met at the shelter and possibly community health services, depending on how their diagnosis plays out in the next few months (or longer, I don't know). b) Thanks for keeping me informed about yourself, Grandma. I hope everything works out okay. Honestly, am too stressed out to make much sense of anything at the moment, so can't say much. Maybe, I'll be thinking more clearly and will talk more later. II. 5. 1) Persistent, aggressive, demeaning, accusatory voices, (loud, painful shrieks, yelping) - (Oct. 2007 - present) [practitioner hypothesis - schizophrenia.] 2) Persistent feeling of intense electromagnetic shock, thumping, difficulty breathing, thinking, moving (@2012-present). 3) Impression people are aware of (my) thoughts, personal history, feelings instantaneously, at all times, choose to respond or ignore at will - creates extreme sense of self-consciousness, inadequacy, humiliation, etc. (@2004-present). 6. Smoke cigarette, drink coffee, read/ journal news, eat breakfast, review history (sciences), read, sleep. 19. c. see#5, I do not speak or act on the problems I perceive to be happening, otherwise act normal, respectfully, patiently (their lives matter as much, more than mine, etc.) d. Isolated for 13 years, avoided seeking company until becoming homeless (Apr. 2016) 20. a. see #5.

IV. CONFLICTING REALITIES 1. This energy, being subject to the manipulations and operations of humankind, and of the geological and astrological forces which precipitate and potentiate the substruct of its occurrence, - in addition to that which has or may eventuate of the positive effulgence of mutual understanding and harmonious accord, being what these may contextualizes and embodies the cybernetic threat and mutual antagonisms of the lifeform and identity of which (each subset of) civilization and the natural ecology depend, the capability and intention of inflicting harm of one to another and of the system of itself encompassing and instigating the efforts of insularity and affectivity amid the defensibility and arbitration of those towards which ethically and institutionally predisposed, each action theoretically a catalyst or precursor of overt and mass destruction/ infiltration of itself, harboring thereof the means and diffusion of technical prowess/ cooperability amid the system(s) of power and those among/ over which maintaining/ accruing the power to protect or obliterate/ oppress at its discretion or institutional/ ideological consensus or intent. [The impact of autonomy and artificial intelligence upon the cybernetic and operational environment could either - in accordance of our core perceptions and willingness of faith - emulate/ invitiate the pretense of spirit through the hierarchy of mass deception or doubt and/or facilitate and substantiate the actuality of its presence, belief, and involvement in/ over the activity and sphere of/ over (its/ our) terrestrial and spiritual prognostications or affairs.] 2. Uncovering and forecasting/ mobilizing the veracity and trajectory of global opinions and events, on the scale of human-to-human and intergroup interaction and dialogue, would ultimately invoke and necessitate the mechanism of mass conferencing and openended network alliance/ correlation/ participation/ involvement, which, remaining in phase with the labors of human society of itself, could provide/ produce a synopsis of the portent and bearing of these information channels, thereby circumscribing the complexity and accessibility of social, political, economic, military, scientific, and cultural understanding as these historically, proactively, and dynamically evolve. From the investigative and journalistic point of this continuum, this would entail both an established caseload of areas of potential and ongoing activity and interest and the delegation and appointment of leads among the existing and prepositioned presonnel, resulting in the daily or periodic thematic/ presentation of gathered products or reports, and also the continuity and sponteneity of novel and unforseen factors in the order and immediacy of which these emerge, the comprehensiveness and completeness of the abstract of composite and intermittent details entering into the primary categorization or record from which the principle emphasis is drawn, parallelling and encompassing the bureaucratic correlation and specificity of the departments or divisions of governmental functionality and the prosecution and enforcement of legal and criminal proceedings of which collectively and/or independently aware, the coverage provided by each outlet or point of distribution being therefore constrained and determined by the relevance, spatial-temporal allocation, and region of which affected by the indigenous/ international spectrum of interdependent and overlapping occurrences and fields, which, by analogy of the circle, could draw nearer and/or diverge from the familiarity or bearing of national, regional, and global society of itself. Gathering, constructing, and possessing a concise and referenceable index and foundation of contemporaneous, historical, and intercultural events, and the dynamics and institutions thorugh which these interact, could therefore, theoretically, contextualize and prioritize the timeframe and utility through which a movement, faction, or society itself, could assert and legitimize its authority and influence amid the democratic process and rational/ popular apprehension and appeal, although the preexistence, relevance, and scope of such faculties places these endeavors - and the potential/ inevitable superfluousness/ congruity thereof - in deference to the continuity and alliance from which the necessary work, recognitions, and support - in order to be effective - must necessarily derive, the mere publication of facts and ostentation of detail carrying with it the burden of pertinence of which its authorship and editorial selection process suggest or undermine the validity of its worldview and authenticity/ comprehensiveness thereof. 3. Reviewing and corroborating the (trend and trajectory of) global assessments/ projections of the national intelligence community - presuming and furthering thereby an acquired familiarity, background, and emphasis of international territories and the historical diffusion and conflict of the existing cultures and peoples among the established and contested borders of the earth - from the perspective of national security and the rational/ ethical objectivity for the fate and benifit of the whole of humanity, the cofactors of analysis - and implicit conclusions and inferences to which drawn from the stated and unstated logic of their principle observations - would suggest that the persuasion by the highest entrusted (federal) authorities would - or could potentially seek to garner or require the receptivity, attention, and awareness of the national/ international population - could only this interest be sufficiently and retroactively elicited and/or evoked - to counter the prior or current paradigm of (elective) hierarchical domination and (antihumanitarian) nationalism of itself, whether successive appointments under the current/ future administration(s) will diminish or revoke the progressive gains of this agenda to be determined with and alongside the crossreferencing and depth of parallelling institutions and the merit, emphasis, or omission of ideological directives, functional bias, and alternative representations/ implications of

50 the existing reality of logistic and military fortification and shifting basis of multinational polarity and/or security reconciliation, active deterrence, and preemptive/ functional alliance and collectivie/ mutual recognition and support. Returning to the origins of war and of organized defenses in general, one can trace the evolution from - the implements and weaponry of hunting and survival to - the intial provocation of intercultural rivalry/ confrontation and/or amibition for greater territory or spoils, the acquired necessity and preparedness of tactics and maneuvers entering into the institution of the warrior class and/or hierarchical domination/ inclusion of society, the ambivalence and/or prevalence of killing or murder thereby reconciled through ritual or indifference with the acquired/ innate principles of morality and law, which, in accordance of the scale and occurrence of conflicts of which aware or involved (and of faith in the spirit or deity of the people and higher cause or motive by which collectively ruled or enthralled - recollections and incantations of remorse for prior subjegation, retribution, and loss -- in addition to nurturing the hope and promise of an eventual reconciliation of humankind -- renewing and upholding the spirit and call of this adversity and plight), enabling the foresight of command to impose or elicit discipline and courage through trust in the formations and enforcement unto which its soldiery were arrayed and conscribed, the basic knowledge of survival and cover amid the raw minimalism of terrain broadening with time, and the vast expansion and integration of the domain of potential/ active deployment, to encompass the geography and features of every region of the earth, of which were added thus the scale of armaments, mechanization, communications, biohazards, and other obstacles/ potencies to which susceptible/ availed upon the field of battle across the spectrum of their emergence and future/ comtemporaneous reality. From, towards, and beyond the historical vantage, mobilization, and tacticity of the world wars, major conflicts, and potential future confrontations, encompassing, in retrospect, the sorrow of devastation and lives lost, by or under one's command or individual volition, and the elation of and for the victory of the force of good unto itself, underpins the legacy and morale of those elisted or drafted into the service of their respective nationalities or states, the centralization and delegation of elected and/or appointed/ institutional authority, and the combined empathy of those lending their thoughtful analysis or concern, thus bearing the force and tension of a multifaceted and precarious array of forces and personnel and the (self-empowering) adversaries which this might yet of itself confront or evoke, culminating in the strategies, concepts, and actions which are enacted into policy or written/ overwritten into standing perparedness and protocol, withstanding of themselves and, one must presume, human nature of its organic totality, the duality and multiplicity of peaceable livelihoods, artistic, spiritual, and intellectual development, and the caretaking of the life and form of the denizens and ecosystems of earth, of which the reorientation and counterplan to which we must yet diligently aspire yet retains the sober and stark responsibility of the aforementioned potencies and precautions of which one shall now attempt to further elaborate and overview in accordance of this cause. 4. An inventory or summation of the global military environment, from the existing and combined perspective of full-spectrum dominance and defensive/ offensive capabilities, - presuming the continuity (advacement/ regression) of diplomatic efforts and potential solvency/ insolvency thereof - must account for the equipment, personnel, training, and positioning (rotation/ withdrawl/ rapidity) of each of the traditional and emerging divisions of land, air, sea, cyber, and space, of themselves and in the combined effectiveness of their order and relative strength, in relation to themselves and allied capabilities, and to each or several of the adversarial systems or rogue states which they may be required or called upon to counterpose, disrupt, or destroy in the (exigency)/ eventuality of a manifested or persistent threat or attack upon itself and/or its obligation to the members of its treaty aliance(s), or in support or arbitration (humanitarian, judiciary, allocative, technical) of (these allies and) the neutral states, for themselves or for the justice and security of the international environment, necessitating the coordination and safe-guarding of supply chains, infrastructure, communication channels/ (targetting systems), ports, and bases, including the harnessing/ (appropriation) and distribution of energy and resources which would enable these to function, and conversely, the denial and disruption of the movements and infrastructure/ communications of the enemy accordingly, involving thus the array of satellites, surveillance of surface areas, unmanned and robotic vehicles, optical and electromagnetic/ radar camoflauge, laser and space weaponry, and the continued possession, proliferation/ (production), access and/or development of nuclear weaponry and agents of chemical/ biological mass destruction, into the futurism of weaponry and tactics (weather modification, ecological warfare, geoengineering, nanotechnology, quantum computing, thought control, etc.) with the inevitable advancement and competitive potential/ necessity of technology [whether or not we may ultimately avert or divert these developments towards the peaceable purposes and survival of a united and/or coexisting humankind.] Presuming the continued necessity of stengthening and/or matching/ exceding one's miltary capabilities to the exigent threat and advancement of the combined adversarial capacity or motive, and given the fiscal constraints and/or ambivalence of the national priority, in conjunction with the quantity and distribution of enlisted personnel, the array of armaments, equipment, and machinery may either be refurbished or upgraded/ retrofitted with advancing specifications or capacities unto themselves and/or phased out or replaced in accordance of the timetable, investment, and effectiveness of research, production, and development, accounting also for the compatibility, complementarity, and contribution/ commitment required or elicited of the joint and international forces of themselves, the verification and disclosure of the existing inventory, whereas a matter of national security and of international/ civil monitoring of

the scope of its affairs, retaining the outline and portent of requisitioning within the sovereignty and trust of the national assembly, and ultimately the consensus and decision-making of which these yet theoretically derive/ consist. 5. The direct or indirect solvency of the miltary/ industrial establishment, regarding offensive action, governmental functionality, and "adversarial" relations, given their connections, familiarity/ fraternity, and awareness of these foreign militaries of themselves - being aware of the existing/ potential betrayal, espionage, and misinformation among their ranks and respective/ corresponding institutions - and (technological) capacity to greatly influence or determine the pubic opinion of society in general, evokes the restraint or necessity of the platform by which overturing or assuming responsibility for a peaceable or rational alternative should government - or a dominant eschelon or faction of society itself - prove itself irresponsive to and/or repressive of the actual liberty and well-being of the people and/or inept or profoundly disastrous in its portrayal/ provocations and perpetuation of/ complicity with the cause or source of antoganism for itself. [With the introduction of armed drones, long-range/ precision missilery, and air supremacy, and the indirect engagement/ assistance of allied foreign military personnel, one could foresee the relative obsolescence or dormancy/ reduction of ground forces in the intermediate strategic/ operational agenda, although the entrenchment and stability of occupied/ transitional terrain, disaster relief, training maneuvers, and special operations of themselves retain their relevance even in this least case scenario, nevertheless mandating the strategic readiness of the reserve and national guard for the unforseen scenario and protection and/or liberty of the domestic domain, the probability of future wars involving the necessary infiltration of major cities or metropolises and protection of civilians and infrastructure providing a direction for the evolving tactics and weaponry of intermittent brigades.] Inspiring or instigating resistance/ dialogue/ reconciliation within/ among the rogue states or oppressive regimes could therefore manifest either as a popular uprising against/ dissatisfaction with the status quo and/or a coup or strategic rebellion among the influential members of the militaries themselves, which, given the outcome or advantage of the (extraneous) instigating party and/or partner or coalition of an invasionary/ liberatory force, would necessarily or greatly benefit from the coproduction and involvement of existing/ neighboring states with interest and implied sovereignty or territoriality of the region of itself, otherwise harboring a stalemate and containment amid the multihemispheric jurisdictions, of which ideally a coalition of moderate states checks and counterposes (without themselves emulating in the means of their effect) the expansion, aggression, or emergence of totalitarian impulses which have yet to be unseated or dismantled/ overthrown, towards the eventual reconciliation and priority/ alignment of humanitarian and ecological concerns withof the regional autonomy and scale of global operations and mutual coexistence thereof [the threat of mutual annihilation and multiplicity or divergence of the planetary or extraplanetary habitation bound within the paradox of self-extermination of the immediacy and foundation of life unto itself.] 6. One may also note that the (relative) autonomy, individualization, and freedom (of expression of opinion and belief), while potentially offsetting and counter-reactionary to hardline elements which would exploit or contramand the excesses or perceived/ interpeted heresy/ decadence thereof, from self-preservation or control over the information/ awareness which their populations receive or purport, the timeframe of influence, infiltration, and self-emulation withof or juxtaposed with the established practice/ interpretation of belief, has and will, in all probability, continue to affect the (structural/ judiciary) demands of the population itself, unto and through the voice and recognition of moderate and conservative authority which is arisen or responsive to the truth or merit of an encompassing/ self-encompassing conception of freedom of itself, being purified and purged by the volition and self-confirmation of the will of that which had obstructed or concealed the spirit of itself - the harmonization that is elicited thus, through mutual understanding and religious/ ideological empathy and respect, rather than overt condemnation or calls for apostacy/ self-denuciation of itself, pervading thereby at once both the totality of states and one's state unto itself, heightening and fulfilling thus the values and amenities of and for which the sacred and divine appreciation of the (creativity and potential of) the human spirit were from and throughout (the divine centers) of antiquity (first) inspired, adopted, and enshrined. [Even that which had begun or preserved for itself (by geographical isolation or otherwise) the foundation of passivity and compassion for all beings could witness, with the turning of the age, the (overt) corruption or degeneration of this faith with the diffusion and (novel) circumstances of hostility and confrontation of domain, demonstrating thus the effect and alteration of the (primary) religious sect with location and time, and both the susceptibility of loss and renewal/ augmentation of pure intention or spirit which the present race and diaspora has of itself the capacity to concede or reclaim.] 7. Contrary to the rhetorical and demagoguical pretense of national isolation and primacy in economic concerns, itself resulting from and exploiting, for political and (elite) economic gain, an intermittent misdirection of the (progressive) trend towards and renewal of the emphasis and (positive) merit of localism and conservatisim of itself, undermining and dishonoring the altruism of prior international assistance and overlooking the responsibility and gain from (prior and existing) international extractivism and investment of itself, from an economic and security perspective, the continued involvement and (economic) development of the neutral/ ambivalent states or regions of the world remains a crucial counterbalance to the (potential) cultural and

51 economic/ military alliance/ predominance of other or conflicting ideological or national forces which would or could otherwise shift the global balance/ demographic in our absence or stead, trade and exchange withof the existing/ intervening continent(s), at the least or ideally, resulting in or producing a novel expression or balanced synthesis of political, economic, and (indigenous) spiritual ideology which is of or to the acquired advantage and remediation of every region of the earth (and of the world or global self of the existing plurality and entirety thereof). The prevailing/ fabricated/ homogeneously accepted/ imposed economic paradigm of national (fiscal) imbalance, austerity, and debt, artificially contriving a notion/ element of scarcity from the self-enforcing logic of economic downturn or recession, alternately concealing or revealing (to the awakened intuition) the mass expropriation and corruption of the financial and bureaucratic apparatus/ institution of itself, the competition among the poor and migrating communities, and between representative governments of themselves, being driven by the vast concentration of resources and wealth being controlled and manipulated by a seemingly inaccessible hierarchy of regional/ national and multinational corporations and extra-sovereign elite. The regressive forces, wherefore having opportunized a moment of ideological transition and the innate (if unselfcognizable or blatant) prejudice of the public consciousness itself, through the mechanism of propaganda or (potential) internal/ external tampering/ interference of the election process or results, carry with themselves the policy spectrum and reversal of the (appointed) administration and diverse (unelected) faculties of government, suggesting the necessity and procedural liability/ omission for the divestment and future/ immediate elective assessment/ re-assessment of each, rather than one, of the executive powers and offices in general, the exigency/ prospect of term limits and (potentially) irrevocable damage to our government/ environment and national reputation of itself, evoking the preparedness and willingness/ viability of a counterforce and/or regional consensus to revoke and/or acknowledge the blindsightedness or error of their previous decision, allowing (across the spectrum of national voting and democracies) for the testing and retesting of the electoral appeal of matters of vital or broadly ecompassing purport, with continued and furthered argumentation/ information and/or self-evident or emergent deletorious results, the overt intwinning and enmeshment of business within governmental authority, in this instance specifically, creating, theoretically, an exposure and transparency of a dual (if ideally unifying) process by which the viability and necessity of (economic and direct) democratization may at last break through or reapproach the surface and legitimacy/ resolve of the collective awareness and intent. 8. [From the perspective of cybernetic defensibility (autonomy of itself), the shielding/ design/ efficiency/ speed of hardware/ facilities and transmission contextualizes the standardization/ variation/ encryption of the format, logic frames, and programming through which securing/ breaching - in accordance of defensive/ offensive capabilities and requirements - the access points, routes, and codes through which crucial data and control operations are maintained or transmitted/ displayed, of which the template or index of the binary instruction set (or program) would facilitate the navigation and assembly/ translation/ detection of its constituantive functions, permutations, or parts, processing and directing thereby for the plethora of technical, scientific, and military concerns, the (relative) rate and convergence of the interrelated factors and coordinates of each event and systemic totality of which affecting/ aware, parallelling/ encompassing the structure and modification of society and organismic/ ecosystemic symbiosis, of which the immanence and autonomy thereof furnishes aforehand the most viable or inviolable foundations/ conditions of life and adaptive potential/ repair, predicating ultimately the diversity or universality/ conjunction of rules, rights, and conduct which are expected/ contested of each indigenous person, place, (metaphysical) phase, or terrain.] 9. Given the intrinsic complicity and (ecomomic/ defensive/ ideological) interrelations of technology and wealth, and of the destructive/ psychotrophic/ healing properties of substance in general, the desegregation of this matrix and forms of control withof itself would necessarily adhere and precede in accordance of the precautions and (rational) latencies/ restrictions thereof, the synopsis/ expropriation/ integration of public/ private infrastructure/ methodologies enabling the formulation of democratic cybernetic policies concerning the perimeters and distributions affecting/ affected by the sovereign interests of its unified domain, whether by mid-high level personnel or public mandate enacting the confiscation of technology/ resources and the substitution/ conscription of higher-ranking personnel or technological equivalency, monetary representation, and the proportionality and power which it confers and evokes, being aback of itself the intellectual and tangible resources and solicitation/ cooperability of services which they harness and deploy for the advancement and wellbeing of the individual and society/ global system of itself. 10. The capability and willingness of cooperation upon a national/ regional or international "ideal" (from a "positive" or humanitarian perspective), involving the core belief and group identification with the fact/ premise of "one" existing "humanity", nevertheless is confronted by the predominance and preservation of the "language" and "identity" by which this "ideal" is expressed and recognized, of itself and of the "other" of which interacting or made known, withof the demographics, history, and institutions of a common/ (terrestrial) geographical domain, which, presuming, establishing, and resolving the similitude or discrepancies of the underlying "tenets" thereof, opens and maintains the pathway of/ towards mutual understanding, rational/ enlightened communication, and the prior/ potential adaptation/ adherence/ interpretation of an institution/ world order founded upon (divergent/ exigent) translations of a doctrine of

common ideology or origin, the presumed or misdirected "protectionism" of this (or other) culture(s), withof itself and against the "world" at large, necessitating thereof the oppression of "itself" (and "others") for the supposed "good" of "its" established authority or power, potentiating and counterposed by the dialogue and formulation of a viable and "actual" consensus (of values, beliefs, expectations, or demands.) At inergovernmental levels, the openness and transparency of national strategic/ ideological documents/ directives, received in their juxtaposition by and among the plurality of states (if yet guarded or occluded by the interests or temporality of the "people" of themselves), would reveal "objectively" the (existence)/ desirability and influence of attributes (which are commonly or parochially precluded/ circumscribed) through which the retension/ synthesis of democratic/ socialistic/ humanitarian principle etc. may open the groundwork of the "plan" upon the greater and inclusive scale of the "international" domain, assisting thereby (where relevant or necessary), through the amlagamation of influences and factors, the formulation/ enforcement and (popular) involvement/ agreance of each/ every national constitution, whereby the confluence of religious and secular principle may adapt to the emergence, recognition, and expectations of a multicultural and contemporary world environment withof the observant/ responsive popular/ international apparatus of accountability and trade. Progress towards and withof this eventuality, through and corroborated by the eventual acknowledgement and retraction of command withof itself, could have (potentially) precluded or mitigated (through regional/ international arbitration and protracted justice/ coalition - barring (the execution of) an immiment or recurring threat withof itself) the consequences of national vengeance/ transcultural disruption over the atrocity and precipitating attack upon (or impending threat unto) "the" national (or "international") terrain, this framework having manifested and sporatically conjoined over indigenous and intervening confrontations (of extraneous domains), preceded/ superceded by the multipolarity, overlap, and resurgence of the involvement and reach of the opposing/ counterposing federation (entities) of the global military balance of power and (territorial) alignment, centrality of itself, in any case, through the factionalism and mutual respect of its dealings and alliances, demolishing the pretense and illusion of hierarchical/ doctrinal/ "strategic" intolerance and overt hatred or condemnation of the "other" for itself. That which therefore, in the spirit of greed and (pretense of) national/ religious prejudice/ ideology, - being of the veritable Anti-Christ or Devil and nemesis of the Creator Himself - would usurpt and distort the qualities and attributes of deity to its mere personal (and "ideological") advantage, perpetrating a self-contradiction and hypocracy of/ attack upon the very foundations of religion of itself (presuming to rule by force and domination the "idea" of freedom and equality itself), involving psychological warfare/ electronic torture/ harassment against oneself personally for one's self-evident convictions and sincerity of motive, and exploiting the mass deception and "religiosity" of the (distorted) paradigm (it has) perpetuated and intigated over society itself, by which the appropriation and manipulation of the spirit and affectations of God's Personality or Word (being the power, glory, and benevolence which are the cause of its belief) attemptedly affect a disjunction or diunity of the psychological assurance and peity/ fidelity of this "domain" withof itself upon the basis of the very conscience and virtue which would extend and recognize the allencompassing love/ (forebearing) and similitude of the "Creator" of every "people" of the earth (thus the principles which would enable equality and peace to dethrone the unjust denizens of power whom the nemesis serves to protect and veil behind the illusion of whichever sovereign "God" (of the people) would otherwise obstruct or overturn the seat of its domination and self-aggrandizement over the world of humanity's affairs), requiring thus an additional and crucial warning and preparedness/ explanation/ affirmation of God's true nature of Himself, given the age, influence, and extent of the deception which has followed and emerged/ evolved from/ against Himself accordingly, those which being bound and converted (and rightly so) by the faith and letter of His Divine Authority/ Instruction, having of themselves a filter or validation of all that which corresponds or resonates withof the origin and protection of the Spirit of Itself, the expurgation of prior ignorance or apostacy of the given self-identity, once affected, liberating and in fact necessitating the authenticity, alliance, and relativity of that which is reflected in and encompassed by the self-accepting restrictions and boundary thereof. [The "mind" of itself (encompassing, at some level, the realm and influence by which "faith" is apprehended or known), and the notions and pretenses/ attributes of (this) "power" of itself, is similarly/ concurrenty acted upon (by hypocracy and selfdeceit) against the very utility, openness, functionality and existential validity of its "domain" through the (artificial/ contrived) exclusion/ condemnation/ obstruction by the nemisis for its (attempted) self-empowerment/ usurpation against/ of the rightful attainment/ possession/ entitlement of the forces of "good" and of "light".] 11. The return/ liberation/ construction/ reconstruction by the autonomy and freedom of (collective) labor and resources of the (ancestral) community or home of Israel, culminating the cycles, acquisition, growth, and destruction of the Prophetic Age with a vision of hope and (eternal) redemption of the (ancestral)/ human spirit unto itself and the "place" of its climax, origin, or "birth", while of necessity insolating itself within this "belief" for the perpetuity thereof, must, with the broad expansion of consciousness and time, recognize the exclusion, neglect, and exploitation of any or every people or "territorality" of earth (wherefore this empathy is self-evident withof "itself" and the recrimination/ overturning thereof), supporting and desiring therefore this self-same or (confederated) autonomy (where it "exists" or perseveres) on the "universal" basis of mutual respect and human "solidarity" itself, in consideration of the "established" states and laws of every province and the migration, resettlement, and desolation of those

52 "tribes" yet (or yet to be) displaced by war/ famine/ disease/ climate/ poverty/ repression and wandering/ (embattled upon) the "earth" in search/ (attainment/ restoration) of "refuge" or opportunity of "life". 12. The turning of the "Christian" calendar (in accordance of the seasonal alignment of the "Northern" hemisphere) correlates the central and fundamental significance of the Crucifixion and Resurrection with the "annual" return of the life-energies and vitality of the Sun above the Earth, demanding/ evoking of the "Christian" soul, from its subconscious/ semiurnal state, a recognition and acceptance/ (glorification/ praise) of this symbolism and fate, fitting appropriately with the "symbolic" recognition and protection from God's Wrath as it "passes/ passed over" those communites and households (of the Jewish people) which had sanctified themselves accordingly, the "momentary" occlusion or absorption of the "Creation" process (of or by the "form" of "Spirit" of earth/ space of its infinity) by the "Person" or figure of the "Cross" (the supplantation/ extension of - the "opportunity/ exigency" of - Mercy/ Salvation in place of "Wrath" for all "peoples" of the earth)reconnected (ultimately) through the transfiguration and (self-)assumption of this "Divine Energy" and (Self-)Illuminance (of) Itself, having, in some sense, precluded the age and suffering of humanity through the Act of His Ascent, perservering in the continuity/ commiseration of "spiritual" abidance and the means by which union and prayer may attain, approach, (and uphold) the Eternal "Communion" with and renewed "Life" of the "Presence" and (divine/self-)accoutrements thereof. The historical/ metaphysical/ ideological receptivity and resonance between Christ/ Christianity and the perserverance/ reemergence of the Religion/ Word/ People of and unto which He "Came", recounts therefore the (professed) unification, conversion, and reconciliation (of all humanity) towards which He strove to affect and instigate by the immediacy and "outcome" of His Actions on the Earth, the (perceived) insurrection of or by the Jewish people, wherefore threatening its/ their coexistence with/ among the "Society" at hand, therefore necessitating or legitimizing (in practical terms) His death or "sacrifice" for the continuity and stability of the Jewish "State" unto Itself, whether (since) having attained/ attaining unto the preparedness of this "Social Transformation", withof or in conjunction with themselves, characterizing/ contextualizing the futuricity of interpretations/ relations which these "Actions" of themselves profess or signify, the precedence/ entitlement/ inclusivity which is afforded or received unto or by the "other" of itself either recapitulating this "complicity" in modern terms (from delusion/ deception, ignorance, or "doubt") or restoring and revealing the empathy and brotherhood (of its latency or "true" potential) across the connectivity and demeanor of existing "settlements" and "Communities" of humanity and earth. 13. The contrast/ interfunctionality amid the (aesthetic/ pragmatic) diversity and/or uniformity of personal/ cultural affectations or attire, enabling the emphasis or nonemphasis/ harmonious balance which the individual/ collective (incidentally/ circumstantially) must reconcile or inflect, parallelled/ encompassed by the array/ preexistence/ resources/ inclination/ volition of the form and function of architecture/ landscape (proximity) itself, which, dwelling or operating withof the patronage/ ownership of the individual, group, collective, or (civil, state, federal) institution (and conflux thereof), in accordance of the existing/ alternative praxis and/or scale of community assimilation or development, affects or determines the permeability/ requirements/ opportunities of the inhabitants or denizens thereof (amid the flux or insularity of the human "population" itself), approaching thus the infinity/ dissolution of communal habitation/ attachment/ autonomy and the systemic coordination/ regulation of the trans-/multi-regional totality, places each rural/ urban/ metropolitan/ outlying setting, dynamic, or "personna" in conjunction or occlusion of the "world scheme" by/ of which antedating, embodied, or diverged, pertaining furthermore to the contingent interrelation between the form/ contents/ processes/ function which the "form" of "structure" intrinsically conveys or represents with the forms and variations of cogitation/ ideation/ causality which these (ontologically/ formatively) "serve" to subtand, conduce/ occlude, or uphold. The housing/ construction/ development cycle/ linear expansion of itself, involving the age, reproduction, and renewal of inhabitants and of buildings and products of themselves, therefore circumscribes the growth, habitat, productivity, and affectivity/ intersection of the indigenous and geographical terrain, of which the sustainability and intercycling thereof corresponds, in a curious sense, with the intrinsic multiformity/ recycling/ expansion/ compounding of the numbers and identifications codes (spectral/ optical pattern recogntion) by which the classification/ categorization of society and inventory of natural/ manufactured products/ resources (geological/ meteorological preconditions) are systematically contrived/ addressed or manifested/ condoned. One may therefore be/ become (actively/ passively) "conscious" of the structure/ dynamics of the municipal/ rural/ industrial/ agrarian landform/ population or vicinity and/or (temporarily, transcendentally, or absolutely) "superconscious" (to varying degrees or scales of the regional (bioregional)/ national/ international matrix thereof) through/ of the multiplicity/ juxtaposition of the concurrent/ simultaneous interaction and evolvement of each distinct/ arbitrary circumference/ periphery/ center of living/ material processes and cognitive/ visceral observation/ affectivity in general, which, parallelling/ coextensive, with the medical/ physiological/ (technological)/ (psycho-)social applications, implications, and immediacy of the microsystem/ (mechanisms/ components) of itself, encompasses also the extent/ influence/ susceptibility/ coidentity of the forces/ factors, occurrences, and "knowledgeability" of the global system of which affected or aware, the catabolism/ emanation of natural/ indigenous/ artificial materials, substances, and compounds involving therefore both the microbiology of the individual form and the soil/ (sub-/super-)systems of the

ecosystem/ biosphere and metamatrix of manufactured and industrial activities, neurologically bearing both the root and product of communications, electrification, and consciousness/ awareness of itself by which the alembic or web of (evolutionary) growth and (directed) rationality approaches or restores the unity or "spirit" by (or for) which the (self-)consciousness of "Creation" was/ is (Self-)directed, manifested, or endowed, the consequences and development of each life-form or "nation" (eventually) evidenced or preclusive in/ of the well-being of its (immediate) proximity enabling, in theory, the accord of climatic "intention" of itself, by whichever means or modality applied, to resonate constructively or precipitously with the "life-energy" or field by which attaining the initial coherence or existential phenomenality/ propulsion/ codirectivity of and for which "created" or derived, that by or through the remote "viewing"/ precognition, telekenisis, teleporation, atomization of the "spirit" or will upon and among the fractal geometry or foundation of the "planes" withof themselves could yield the materialization/ etherialization of each/ any point upon the "sphere" and of each sphere constituant or composite of the matrix of its/ the "all" Cosmic or SelfInflected (Universe of "Its") Totality/ (nascent/ potential Destination/ "Origin"). 14. In order to examine/ address/ determine the optimal/ (intrinsic) density/ elevation/ layout/ expansion of the municipal/ existential base (of "human" settlement or the primary "unit" of self-conscious adaptation of "civilization"/ environment) from each of the (inter-)functional (economic/ ecological)/ communal/ aesthetic levels of its potential or furthered/ retracted foundations or development, (also presuming/ determining/ presupposing one's interest or potential interest/ investment/ accessibility/ relevance of the "location", of itself, among its "parts", and in relation to the "scheme" of its surrounding/ concentric/ encompassing "perimeter"), there must be considered/ integrated/ applied/ resolved the theoretical/ ideological components/ inclinations of which the population demographic, decision-making/ regulatory apparatus, and/or "autonomous" volition consist, these reflecting or deriving from the (pre-)existence/ distribution/ harnessing/ constraints of "area" and (natural/ social/ financial/ technological) resources/ parameters, bearing the capacity or latency of "gain" or transformation among or withof the "community" itself. This balance therefore, being subjective and encompassing of the "soul" or identity of "form", juxtaposes the functional/ aesthetic "attainment" of (the) existing preconstruction/ structure/ "nascent" space and demographic with the (relative) permanence, contribution/ expense, accessibility/ emulability, and effect of that which may be added/ or detracted of itself, the inordinate/ misplaced (irregulated) allocation of elevation/ square footage, while or wherefore theoretically creating or expanding the revenue base and "quality" of spending/ investment of itself, potentially exasperating the hierarchical (social/ architectural) disparity of the "community" which "surrounds", with either the displacement or upliftment (in accordance of "its" influence or motive) of the "spirit" or presence of the "lower" income or "indigenous" population thereof. The (indwelling) storage and operation of automobiles/ motor vehicles, for instance, in the municipal sense, (potentially) congesting or reducing the existence and accesibility of pedestrian walkways and "habitats", unless, given the lifestyle, distance, and alternative modes of transportation (buses, bicycles, subway, monorail, taxi, etc.) which are availed withof themselves enabling the "idleness" or pooling of these "vehicles" themselves, parallelling, by analogy, the flow and containment of currency, information, and resources upon which the "stasis"/ transformation (restoration/ diversification) of society and the natural ecology subsist/ depend, bearing also upon the location/ (distribution)/ accessibility, "nature", and training of vocation and (work) facilities and the opportunity and/or necessity of "advancement" or relocation withof and beyond the assistance and upbringing which are provided or availed withof the "culture" and/or vicinity of the/ each indigenous landform and/or municipal "terrain". The "singularity" and/or divergence of the "phenomenon" of which, abiding as an abstraction or potential, correlates thus the given field/ climate and expense with the preference and/or median to/ of which the community/ individual aspires, coheres, or represents, the distance or avoidance of the public sphere which is provided by the suburban etiquette/ commute contrasted by the interaction and diversion of the municipal or communal vicinity, the directory of service/ work and intercultural institutions/ opportunities similarly determining the transit and/or relocation of which the impermanence of "being" might consist, the municipal alliance standing in juxtaposition, support, or autonomy of resources in terms of the influence and cofactoring of the social, economic, cultural, environmental, or ideological agenda and the necessity or affinity by which drawn to or inclusive of the realm, placement, or confederation of the scale, extent, and composite effect of (one's acceptance and/or selfdeterminatinon of) the goal and unified "precepts" of (the involvement/ approximation/ apprehension of) one's "reality" itself. 15. One's inquiries unto and awareness of the knowledge of pain and of death (partial and innocuous these may be in intention and form), and of the complex systems by which protected by the mechanisms of one's society, being ultimately responsible for the result of these endeavors, could be thought to have provoked the irrevocable infringement and terminality of one's "being" by these "mechanisms" themselves, the fatalism of which, being manifested and foreshadowed by the downpouring of blood and gradual/ inevitable (electromagnetic) degeneration of one's vital systems and pathological disorder, could compel or liberate one's dying form to inhabit unnoticed or unseen whichever empty spaces of the society to which driven which may exist for one's remaining days or years on earth, the living nevertheless, being an inspiration of one's spirit through their life unto themselves, and the persistent basis of realism of itself, reawakening, at some level, the inevitable confrontation by and accountability to the overt/ proactive forces of society, of which the means of one's subsistence/ shelter/

53 aid and functional legitimacy may/ must be established or derived, seeking therefore the means of cooperation of oneself and of the activty and discourse which are uncovered or coexistent upon the distance of one's path, revealing either the possibility of empathy or refuge or further movement on the earth, the demolition of one's self all the while calling forth and imploring the means of revolution which are the necessity of one's soul and the freedom and life of and for which its mortal vessel is and has been denied and condemned by the powers which it has unwittingly/ nonviolently threated or opposed. 16. At some point upon this path, though in a setting unforseen and far distant from itself, having attained one's academic closure in the form which "one" desired, the further irrelevance and noncontestation amid the assualts and deceptions by which evil had obstructed and denied the existence of this learning from the start (having "observed" this "work" themselves and demanding an all-encompassing task and energy which life and their constant antagonism itself denies - a fraction of a fraction nevertheless being all of which totality of itself ever could comprise) establishes indelibly the futility of their endeavors and the focus to which one's training was applied, time therefore continuing the expansion and cohesion of the foundation from which its emphasis is drawn, circumscribing of itself the concision and exactness of the humanitarian and scientific transformation which it deigns to conscribe, confer, or represent, given the possibility and alternatives of storage of its physical mechanism or form and of its retrieval or augmentation when or if ever the circumstances and precariousness of the life (which has resulted from them) may permit. The "preexisting" acquisition/ substrate of materials, though inchoate, amorphous, outmoded, disorganized, and undirected, despite the pernicious and misguided will to return and dissolve the work of one's rendition to this (now nonexistent) state and/or vitiate the fact or necessity of it ever having become so of itself, self-evidently obliviates the comprehension and awareness of the "mind" the "existence" of which is thereby and remains established in either case, by which reducing the permutations and deceitful redundancies of "blame" to the verity and axioms of that which is and is not of the actual inherence and nature of reality itself, upon every plane and purpose which "it" would attack, invert, or confound towards the cause of its materialistic ambition and suppression of (the knowledge/ awareness of) the affected/ effectual liberation of the "will", furthering though thus a dispassion towards the modes of enmity itself by which the fixity and encrustation of the mental states attains the immovability and permanence of that of and unto which the higher self (of itself) is abstracted and formed. [The context and latency of the mental form acquired at some point in one's life or incarnation confronted irregardless by the (inevitable) renewal and advancement of the forms and characteristics thereof, corresponding with the perserverance, aging, and attachment of the physical mechanism of itself and the sublimation, transference, and coexistence of the forms by which supplanted and transcended in the progression of evolution and of time.] 17. The polarity and directionality of the electromagnetic "disturbance", veering from the lateral to the vertical in its extremes, produces a contortion of the bodily field which (involuntarily) diminishes the receptivity and coherence of the mental currents of themselves (thereby sustaining the obsession of pain/ aggravation/ hostility while precluding the awareness/ cogitation of its alternative or natural condition), necessitating the conscious imposition of calm and the volition/ discrimination/ centering of the sensations/ reactions/ assertions which are registered/ evoked in one's existential framing/ perception of the self or its environment, by which the heart, projecting unto the vision of that which is "neutral" or real withof itself, contains the flux, movements, and exertions of the personality instrument devoid of the ennervation/ recognition/ relevance of its immediate visceral/ bodily habitat or form. Similarly, the possibility of an electronic "holocaust", or at the least the decimation/ dispossession of the records/ equipment which are stored or distinctly/ uniquely accessed or "vitalized" through electronic means (otherwise approached through the obsolescence/ rarification of hierarchical or economic disparity, scarcity, or collapse), could evoke the idea or necessity of restoring "sound/ image" itself to/ from the cosmic rhythms and eternal creativity or beauty of its recollections or origin, that which vitalizing "being" itself through the emanation and variation of its motifs of sorrow and joy, light and darkeness, color and form, perservering in either sense in or towards the totality of its impressions thereof, striving towards (subsisting of) the involvement and integration of every conscious life in the directives and potentials which are manifested or awaited therein, psychical self-possession accordingly, reflected upon the vicissitudes of the awareness and privilege of that which it consists, turned towards the responsibility of its demeanor and the recognition and intervention of that which derives from or would uphold the integrity and well-being of every embodiment and scenario of life and intrinsic consciousness. [The "word" itself, occupying a realm which is transcendent if encompassing of the dimensions of the earth, sustaining a portal or gateway unto infinity of which the record of all "being" is/ will be eternally accessible or "known".] 18. One's persecution therefore potentially signifying or foreshadowing the act of genocide/ fratricide of one's ideology or caste in accordance of one's disbelief or nonconformance unto the powers that be, suggests the innate historicity of this atrocity/ human barbarity and the means of resistance against the subjugation and treason of which they consist, the potential of which, being recollected and evidenced by one's personal experience, should illumine and forewarn the peace and fortune of those for whom its absence or alternative is yet existing in this life, one's aggravation being yet at most a divergence thereby affording one the opportunity of denial and subversion sustaining and appending the continuity and being of (one's) "purpose" for itself.

19. Approaching the internet phenomenon/ media outreach in general from the standpoint of the isolated individual (were one to return to or reenact this condition of itself), regardless of the idea or movement towards which one's energies are applied (given also the potential "filtering" or opaqueness of the media itself), could perhaps inevitably prove itself futile, insolvent, or disenheartening (if not intentionally/ unintentionally misrepresentational of the scenario itself) from the diffusion and "anonymity" of one's "voice" of itself, of which the presence and affectivity of a group or township could alone suffice to garner the momentum and involvement of which the influence and activity of the given transformation or awareness could actually subsist, the network of couriers and messengers thereby establishing among themselves the veracity or bias of claims by or purported of themselves and their respective demographics, the ideological and physical dispersion of which furthermore interconnecting the ecosystem and typology of the phenomenon which is embodied or reposited unto the "state" unto itself, the financial/ social quanitification of each unit and perimeter, in bypassing the public nondisclosure of (personal) regulatory means, actuating the uncovery and directivity of a database of the foundation, transference, and dispensation of the aggregate of actual and existing resources, by which counteracting (of itself) the (artificial) decentralization of public/ state authority/ institutions being affected through the economic/ hierarchical collusion of a governing elite, by which the provocation or default upon the national/ international (political)/ monetary system could lead to the retraction, fragmentation, and (public) reconsideration of the nature and basis of power and monetary representation/ ownership in general. [Of course, extracting/ "accessing", compiling, and disclosing existing hierarchical/ financial/ industrial, institutional, governmental/ census records on an exact and encompassing geographical basis would further and expedite the occurence of this effect, should it be realized.] 20. Correspondingly, the stratification of society into distinct classes or governing bodies along the lines of legalism/ academia/ finance/ governance/ defense presupposing an arbitrary/ absolute/ preclusive system of accreditation or knowledge thereof, intentionally/ unintentionally reenforces (by exploitation or self-interest) the obscuration of an encompassing mindset and (the potential of its) coexistence and ambivalence among/ withof the general population of itself, which, while ideally existing for the protection of the individual and general wellfare of society, by neglecting to provide or acknowledge a mechanism by which to examine and address the basis of this law - and the parcelling, restriction, and occlusion of the information and authority/ status of which it consists, addresses, at best, the symptoms rather than the cause of societal injustice and social disparity, which, given the universal nature of this harm or omission of itself, calls forth the universal amnesty and pardon of all eschelons of caste society which the revolution and enlightenment of humanity would serve to reconcile and ammend. Besides and in effect of this generalized error of the societal paradigm of itself, oneself having been prompted by social channels to petition one's government/ administration on behalf of the debilitating effect of one's "condition", has evoked the potential of unforseen or unintended consequences of this notification of the "system" of itself, which, being "made" aware of the potential and reality of harm by "its" unlawful "elements", could manifest either complicity, compensation, or apathy towards one's condition of itself, being, in the worst case, the forced confinement/ hospitalization/ rehabilitation for causes "other" than oneself, suggesting the end state or catatonia of which the fear or liberty of the incapacitated or dying must inevitably confront withof the perspicacity or relevance of their final affectations or comenable volition. [This furthermore, bearing upon the very institution of "law" in the foundation of "society", by which being prohibited (from) or charged with a (certain) "offense", implies a psychical antipathy with the "word" (of law) or society itself, being of the electrical polarity of the "sun" and magnetic interplay of a "just" condition of itself, calls forth the reversal of this "polarity" and the recrimination/ rectification of the prejudice, ignorance, fear, and greed by which the "innocent" and "righteous" act of prayer and supplication (contemplation, inspiration, psychophysical well-being) is/ was dogmatically opposed and deceitfully slandered withof/ unto the mindset and (apathetic) machinations/ (prohibition) of society.] 21. Being therefore ideally mindful and supportive of the united "group" in the defensibility thereof, one could wish for or acknowledge nothing other than its collective supremacy of itself, of which the "individuality" of itself, at best, (despite and in accordance of the accusations to the contrary) is held in deference to this power and its concerted actions upon/ against the actual "antithesis" or nemisis of the "lawful" freedom which it is sworn by oath and conscience to uphold and defend [the commiseration with war/ suffering/ imperil carrying with it the commiseration and integrity/ support of the "system" and those serving alongside one in one's plight, evoking otherwise, given sufficient time, distance, or neglect, a sense of betrayal and abandon by the motives of the "system" of itself, the constitutional/ institutional entitlement of "justice" of itself, in the absence or corruption of the implementation or enforcement thereof, implying either the overt negation of the system (of "law") or its salvage and supplantation by/ withof the force or forces which lie therein.] The responsibility for the protection of oneself and of/ from/ by the "being" of society and the world withof itself, being (ostensibly) unfulfilled of oneself (the individual) or the faction/ world to which one "belongs", could substantiate the forewarning and result of one's life and labors being under the possession or command of the "other" for itself, of which, howsoever upon one's path the fault and eventuality

54 of this fate may lie, necessitating the reclaimation and perserverance of this "authority" through and unto the ability, integrity, and reemergence of a system which is truly "worthy" of itself, calling for the accountability and self-sacrifice of each to the other and of the "collectivity" of itself carrying with it the purpose and risk for the salvage and salvation of all of humankind, offering the opportunity of valor and of aid of which the injustice of one's "pain" (being of no accord) may plead only for the mercy and upliftment/ (self-determination) of one's "weakness" and one's plight. The complexity of the system of itself, and the ambivalence of the modes of its aspiration/ apprehension, in accordance of the connectivity and illuminance of the whole withof itself, establishes a basis of trust in the efforts and progress of human solidarity, of which faith in the eternal, if not immediate, good of individual/ human redemption may await and accept the possibility and horizon/ enclosure of the/ one's judgement of oneself and the parameters which are necessitated/ afforded of one's "being" in reality. 22. In the absence or abeyance of one's individual "affliction", the awareness and expression of concern for those who surround may evoke the forms of overt awareness or "mind" and/or the memory and traditions of this "concern" withof itself, of which the remorse of one's excess or perdition is balanced by the renewal and offering of one's labors and charity of itself, years of (potential) productivity being marred by error or loss contrasting the relativity and necessity of self-deprivation with the ambivalence and appreciation of (each) one's circumstances of themselves, the direction, individuality, and rationality of inspired guidance of one's fate reproducing the circumvolution of cause and effect by which the recurring uncertainty of one's condition is bound, one's ancestors inevitably receding with the temporality of age being (potentially) with one's "self" in spirit whichever its motives or callings require, one's safety and security, in a general sense, irregardless of its isolation or proximity, inextricable from that of which enmity or indiscretion may manifest or consist, precluding or dispelling whichever phantasms or intimations of systemic coordination with regard to the specific purpose or cause of one's idenity, restoring once again the attachment of self-preservation to the reservoire and foundation of universality and collective being of itself. 23. Wherefore the irrelevance of the personality "fate" (and the ideological intimations/ aspirations unto itself) - and the constant (electromagnetic/ subconscious) displacement, undermining, and collapse of the attachment of "vision" to the "place" of itself recognizing the intrinsic affordability, options, and necessity of its pragmatic affairs, and retreating unto itself accordingly, nevertheless rouses the spectre of idealism by and unto which the attachment to this/ (one's) psychical and ideological center was formed, of which the program/ "experiment" of fortitude, climate, and extremism of itself unfolds unto the archetype, variance, inclusivity, and unity of a fully empowered and differentiated "society", the ideation, interpretation, and similitude of a "common" methodology, by the superficial divergence of its aims, sustaining, at the least, the renunciation or neutrality of the effected ideal by which one's exile (from oneself) may unburden the preconceived limitations and/or predetermined conceptions thereof. 24. While one might presume (even unto oneself), in the remission of one's "torture" or the distractedness thereof, an exaggeration of its implications or effect on one's "wellbeing", the (daily/ nightly) recurrence/ persistence of its "severity", and recollection/ self-evident psychological trauma which it has inflicted on the foundations of one's being, creates the inevitable dichotomy of peace (were it simply to "relent" its criminal antagonism of itself) or war (that one must "fight" for the liberty and justice of one's "survival" or a "meaningful" existence), of which the inward/ external protest and awareness of the fact of one's "innocence" and against the very contestation of itself yields therefore perplexity and regret at the necessity, continuity, and/or uncovery of the "means" of one's "opposition"/ resistance, howsoever approaching/ aggregating the (potential) mechanism/ personnel of one's security/ (resilience) or alliance confronted first theoretically with the detection/ location of the "source" of one's "attack", which, being (made) aware of the capacity and/or willingness of enforcement or deterence of itself, in the absence of an "identifiable" record or trace, could perhaps, at most, force the desistence, abatement, or escape of the violating "parties", of which the persistence, vigiliance, and acknowledgement of this "mechanism" of itself could prohibit or preclude further instances of "injustice" (of oneself or other persons), while ultimately (if not immediately) apprehending and uprooting the cause and means of these "culprits" and their (attempted/ effected) infringement or control/ repression of the rights and volition of one's (person)/ society. 25. The closing of the (nocturnal) winter shelter, having established the partial shielding from and (expected) arbitrarity/ continuity of electromagnetic abuse, and returning one (temporarily) to the vicissitudes of the outdoor/ camping environment, producing a transition and relocation of one's (accustomed) habitation and form, amid the temporality and strain of one's (antagonized) creative and ideological research, choice and carriage/ storage of accoutrements and baggage, and the accessible energy/ outlet and transmission of electronic information and power, bearing also on the (minimal) stipend of one's budget or account and its use towards the preservation of one's files and/or insobriety or waste (being granted an external drive for one's compendium or memory, safeguarding and enabling, theoretically, the external/ independent extraction and transport of data itself) encountering/ foreseeing once again the dormancy/ awakening of the external elements and heat and the (potential) lethargy, inaction, monotony, and introspection of one's homesite itself, given the (potential) relapse, regression, and distortion of one's ideation and productive timeframe/ opportunity of itself, resolved itself towards another nocturnal shelter on the condition of (absolute/

nocturnal) sobriety and the presence or screen of the community and persons with or from which the resolution of one's current fate or circumstances must presently lie. It being therefore (partially/ or at one time) one's choice (exploration/ determination) of ideological environment, and the force and exegencies of imperil itself - given the protracted dismay/ reconciliation/ implications of one's persecution/ torture being inescapable by (fathomable/ accessible) geographical means, the theoretical reconditioning of one's psyche - from the trauma and affliction of "being", (ideological) ommission, and (psychical) migration of itself - towards (the semblance of) a state or condition of normalcy itself would necessitate, theoretically - to continue itself on its trajectory, the abdication of one's former (geographical) attachments and/or familial advantage towards this or an alternative locale and the responsibility, reliance, or commitment towards those factors or directives which would enable and/or compel this transition to occur, retract, or transvolve of one's being and/or of being itself. 26. The written record itself, pieced together over a series of episodes or events, contains also, (consisting of), the evidence and framework of legality through which to approach and appehend the prosecution, or at the very least, remediation of the crimes to which subjected by covert harassment and abuse, that, being for the means of one's survival, one must forfeit one's morale to the bondage of psychopathic subjugation and labor under the inordinate strain and anxiety of personal terror, alienation, fatigue, confusion, and constant distraction of extraneous demands, nevertheless, in accordance of one's wish/ (and/or necessity) and continued abidance (of this land) evoking the selfacceptance by which to resume one's "labors" of one's choice, in transcendence of the blame (and deceitful motivation) which had distrupted one's livelihood and sense of being from the start. Feigning thus morality and jurisdiction outside due process of law (and reasoned judgement itself), the violation of one's spirit contradicting even the absurdity of this principle itself, were one simply "permitted" the dignity of nonharassment or assualt upon one's transit and undertaking of an occupation (other than "oneself"), and thereafter not subjected to the deprivation of rest and recovery and contingent overcompensation/ scarcity of protective "substance" in general - this being discounted on numerous occasions, besides the aforementioned affectation of criminality reversibly and retroactively imposed upon the motivation and character of one's "identity" itself this cruel and unfortunate affront to one's honor itself compelling one's resistance and awareness of the means withof itself (the liberty of volition being the inviolable priority of human freedom and voluntary "service"), one's disjunction, self-loss, and forebearing therefore quite moralistically, if unpragmatically, resolute of the nature, magnitude, and dispensation of damages and injustices sustained and incurred by whom in the course of reality and governing fate. 27. While one honors the significance and devotion of the originating "story" and ideological venue and cause, howsoever appearing of itself, not to intrude upon the one or exclude the other, there is maintained the anonymity and basic directive/ initiative of sustainable praxis and revolutionary well-being, which, dispersed and bridging the eschelons of the vicinity and field for its coherence and form, uncovers the roots and ages by which the mechanisms of affinity were gathered and sorted into place, one's detachment symptomatic of the plight of transigence which one yet harbors of oneself, the notion of apathy or indifference of or towards the community itself reflecting the expectation and potentials thereof, the visceral dearth and latency of which recapitulates the problematic and containment of the "origin" itself, to which added the trappings and liberties of realism and context situates each economic and cultural density/ ratio within the rural/ urban matrix amidst which the "utopian" impulse yet strives, for itself (of ignorance or spite), and/or towards the stabilization of the panolpy of its greater group and environment, the distinction in the character (or principle ambition) of which underlying the suspicion of the "nemesis" (in this instance, the Criminal Order of Capitalist Deception - or self-restricted/ self-instated Power of Itself - in fact any with the finances, technology, or motive/ willingness thereof), which has verified the actuality and intention of covert subjugation and force against those which are ideologically opposed to the (current or fixed paradigm of the inherently free or selfdetermining) foundations and entrechment of Society Itself, [minding one not to blur or inversely transpose these attributes or actions unto the parallelling/ encompassing system of protections, which concurrently and "predominantly" manifests and is substanded of itself, against the extremist/ indigenous "threat" of or to the freedom and well-being of the (collective) "homeland" and humanity in general.] 28. Recognizing the light which connects through its immediacy with all that is known, one's distance, in space and time, from that which was or that which will be, evokes the oblivion or universality of the moment of interaction or personal affinity amid the convolutions and occurrences of the sphere and pattern which are contained and manifested by the surrounding perimeter/ ensouling environment. The earliest record of the people, by which having established and maintained the identity and nature of the people itself, theoretically transformed that which was spoken for ages or imparted thereof through the development of writing into the history of civilization and its metaphysical or supernatural destiny and origin, carrying forward on the earthly sphere through the interaction and instability of the "state" withof itself towards the divine ethic and plan of global absolution and order (being the freedom and mutual coherence of each thing unto itself). [Concurrently, preceding, and coextensively with the evolution and depictation of the phonetic "word" of itself are/ were of course the caretaking/ conservation of images, sounds, and numbers, of themselves, and in conjunction with the use and presentation of the spoken/ written language/ communication in general, constituting and

55 culminating in the technological cruciform upon and of which the representation and conveyance of the inner and outer planes or dimensions of reality are actuated or displayed.] 29. Recollecting the various points and instances, and manner in which, the initial act of unification or gathering together of the "people" was expressed and attained, the spirit, place, and nature by which the sense or purpose of this inclusivity is evoked or sustained over the time, space, and distance of the people's sojourn and convolving reality/ circumstance/ fate, may therefore, of itself, or through the emphasis, omission, or augmentation of that which was or is known, establish the continuity or divergence of that which is orthodox or universal of the heritability and adaptation/ progression of "tradition" and/or spiritual/ societal/ interpersonal behaviors, affectations, or norms. The hypothetical/ practicable diffusion/ interpretation/ codification/ acceptance/ imposition and/or rejection/ rebellion against/ reformation/ transformation - given the broad spectrum of historical and ideological occurrences/ variations encompassed thereof - of the system, set, or peculiarity of spiritual principle/ affectation of itself will/ has therefore culminate(d) directly or indirectly through the consensus and interplay of the immediate and encompassing environments, that which bearing and perpetuating the identity of virtue - by virtue of itself - paralleling, in theory, all that which was/ is accomplished or told towards the securing and safeguarding of the virtue of humanity itself, the community thereby, of its latent demographic base, producing or sustaining an atmosphere characteristic of that which it is inherently/ manifestedly comprised, [the rationale and insight by which the self-sufficiency of the counter/ (existing) institution delineates from the pre-existing the scope and potential of its furthered necessities or pains.] 30. The destruction of the second temple in Jerusalem, ending and/or interrupting the forward progress of the Jewish people in Israel (until this time). presupposing the intervening years and the possibility/ similitude of a restoration or return, establishes a focal point for the construction and scale of this Wall and the State or States unto which it consists, being of/ inclusive also of the nascency of its perimeter and quadrants and that which, from the vantage of its past, is reflected in the world and convolutions/ turnings of the mountain of itself, the decay and reconstruction of its parts abiding in the etherialization and ascent at the door of the Spirit's survival and underground by the gateway to the periphery of the encompassing "environment", being thus a tower from and unto the clouds and a portal by which the builders and dwellers sustain the parameters and groundwork of the "signal" itself. Transitioning amid the planes and dimensions we have therefore the description, verity, and conservation of that which is the correspondence or precursor of itself, the pillar of cloud, smoke, and fire which led forward conveyed also by the circulation, scale, and exit from the surface of the earth, which also opening/ (containing) the sea and the abyss from above, heavenly beings, and death and repentence/ reconciliation of mortal beings with themselves and/or the Creator of Earth, mark certain of the turning points in the phase and spirit of collectivization itself, the summation and era by which the cohesion of the temple integrated, liberated, and uplifted the substance of its being from the trappings/ or "misfortunes" of matter and time, [the contract upon earth providing furthermore meanwhile the stability of word and deed by which "effort" balances the "exigencies" or significance of the society or realm of which one's home or being is found.] 31. In relation to the physical, political, and spiritual center or Capitol of the "Biblical" People or Journey, the Christian Faith has naturally added and eventuated unto the literal or figurative authority which was invested in Rome by the acts, trial, and coordination/ communication/ outreach of the institution of the Church/ Gospel/ Word in the context of citizenship, loyalty, (diversive/ inclusive) nationality, and law, having attained and promulgated/ divulged from prison and exile (with the "work" of the corresponding/ accompanying saints which ventured elsewhere or "remained") and throughout the world an intermediary or core of beliefs by which metaphysical and social organization (contemplative "rest"/ illumination, enlightened "activity") could be arrived at by grace rather than or despite the (prior/ existing) formalities of race, language, or ethnic traditions (where and to those whom these need not apply nor obstruct that which is admitted or joined from the "external" or indemic unto (Zion) "Itself".) Given its antiquity and purport, the omission, ambivalence, and/or interpretation of the "Bible" regarding matters of the environment, social policy, and government requires the faith or reason in/ of those by whom these "facts" are presented or known, the centrality of "State" either paralleling or instituting the virtue of "education" itself delineating the purpose, program, and rate of "growth" into/ of society/ civilization itself. 32. The causes aback of Western Imperialism/ industrial expansion, being for the material and national advantage of "Self", could also be thought, directly or indirectly, the circumvolutionary path (external barricade/ unfoldment) towards the (eventual) restoration/ stabilization of Israel Itself, Nationalism, applied for itself, bearing the similitude and character of its inconsistencies or error in the conception and inclucivity of its priorities/ (of "Self"), whether aspiring for its Safe-Guarding and Preservation by coercion and exploitation or by the legitimacy and worthiness of its Deeds before Humanity determining the perception and responsivity of freedom and servility of itself, recollecting the (Colonial) acquisition of resources and privilege/ (obscuration) of information and heredity, the sect by and for Its holiness (ethical pragmaticism) calling - ultimately - for the sacrifice/ (re)distribution/ consecration of all (inordinate)/ intrinsic

"power" and wealth (amidst Itself) for the rectification and atonement of all humanity by Universal Justice and Accord. War being conducted and recollected by code and means, the severity and quickness of God's Triumph at one moment of time must harbor the dismay and redaction that (the basis/ phenomenalization of) this "anomoly" should ever need recur or persist, the involution of context and terrain being by the necessity and ubiquity of oppositional force, the Greater Group encompassing the situtational awareness of enmity, terror, and abuse, responding against provocation or on behalf of those victimized by themselves, whether victory to be attained or defined by death or the aversion thereof the ambivalence by which the thought to "control" the "enemy" of itself elicits the impasse of instigating the cause of conflict/ contention of itself, for which the unification of States and balanced representation of regional installations and offices/ potencies of area/ projection/ force involves also the regional representation of backgrounds through which each indigenous phenomenon and/or "criminal" group could be ideally approached, integrated and/or "reconciled" to a "common" objective, globally the dialogue between the "Systems" themselves, - of or forming the basis of which Goodwill consists or is known - being neglected by either side, sustains the pretense of inevitability of hostility or "sanction", oneself somehow a solitary intermediary of the being and influence of these realms, of one's innocence and the veritable war crime perpetuated on oneself, eviscerated/ disappearing unto the simultaneity of dimensions which are evoked and/or released by/ from/ within the confines of the mundane/ mortal (hemi-)sphere(s). [Pragmatically, fitting attire to function, identification, and/or environment, from the terrain and terraform to the industries and civility there is an overlap and connectivity among the images and colors of earth and of space.] 33. The municipalization of the economy/ democratization of the commonwealth, being virtually dormant priorities/ ideals in the ensuing struggle for life, nevertheless return to themselves daily through the fixation of the (subconscious) attacks of one's beliefs at one's core, that whether the security/ existence of the States/ Israel/ Western Society would or could be strengthened or compromised in accordance of the equal power and voice of the people of which they "actually" consist, or the self-victimization unto the ontological glamour that one's "own" people should rule "us" from above, power thus demonstrating its potential advantage (disadvantage)/ use (misuse) applied unlawfully against the freedom it is presumed to exist to protect, the hierarchy, in the event of the apocolypse, rather than losing their share of the common reality, being guaranteed the distribution thereof, thus liberating the intrinsic interest and aesthetic to other "noncontentious" issues and concerns. Realistically, amid the heterogeneity of the "population", and the alleged proportionality thereof, the essence of that which is made unto merit itself should establish its safety through trust rather than a reliance upon fear, real wealth, in any effect, consisting of weaponry and information by which control and domination/ dominion is affected over themselves and the supply of food and resources, books and libraries, whereas or otherwise the normal housing of this work, rather than substanding inordinate residential space being necessarily partitioned in accordance of useability and scale, "our" capacity of safely and conscientiously "sharing" and/or simply giving what we may to neighboring or global society involving, at the least or foundation, the health and ecosystem based technologies with which to bring stability and harmony to the heart of itself. The unified development fund, at whichever scale implemented, enabled by/ enabling ultimately the self-sufficiency/ disconnection of (dependence-based) resources, involving intensive planning, investment, and growth, the diversification of capacity, and promotion/ stabilization of qualitative productivity/ production. 34. Although rarely if ever "reading" the "esoteric" works since the appropriation thereof - other than the reminiscence of their profound understanding and motive - the continued/ persistent psychical aggression (by certain parties) against one's (pseudo-)belief in these works and the deductions (formed in conjunction) thereof sustains the forced recollection and juxtaposition of "elements" contained therein which may "appear" - through a grave and willful distortion of the "spirit" of truth - to be contradictory (in essence, presence, relation) of the "establishment" of the "People" to which one has of oneself "chosen" to adhere. The scolding and anger which the Prophets/ or Spokespersons of God - being varied also and inclusive of all directives/ members/ classes of "Society" and of the Nations/ Rulers of Earth - expressed (though more from love and concern than of spite or disdain) towards those worshipping the Mother Goddess on their high hills and groves, wherefore resembling/ or grounded by the very same "practices" of the "Jews" of Themselves should "permit" the "existence" of "nature" to encompass/ surround the "City" of Rock, about and unto the circumference of space and earth, the universe or spirit sustained thereby in its concentricity and rotation providing the "inner" structure of history, coherence, and parallel evolution of the "Realms" and worlds substanding the "divine" blueprint or Plan of Humanities upliftment of "Rebirth". The induced "occlusion" of Israel through the association/ condemnation of belief in the "other" of itself, while personally untrue and contradictory/ extraneous to/ of the "true" interpretation and "real" meaning of these WORDS, requires the constant vigilance/ restoration by circumvolution of the ZION or Christ Center of "Itself", revealing, bearing, and (ensouling) thereby the full measure of relations and conflicts of the "World" withof the Being of (Itself), a Bridge which being crossed from either Direction substands the Necesity of Alliance and Unity in their Ideal or Ultimate Form(s), the Source of Power being this Connection enabling the Heavens and Earth to coincide in proportion and balance of their "preference" or inherence of the free

56 "Volition" and/or Commandment of THOUGHT, the "restriction" being for the "self" and not of the "other" correspondingly enabling the "visitation" of "our" Covenant sufficient grounds for the measure of "Peace" which may be afforded thereby. 35. The structure and "settlement"/ resettlement of the "borders" of itself, being reconciled (in "theory") by the coidentification and inclusivity of the "factors" thereof, whether made "possible" by Truth or obstructed by "Shadow", relates also (paradoxically) with the "forebearing" against the "material" nature and the regression of the actual "occult" or criminal "forces" through which the Anti-Christ of Its Multivariance could Seek/ Attain the Collaboration of the Betrayal of all People, of which the dystopia/ false allure of Order supplants and oppresses the creativity and freedom of the Populace or "State", in denial/ (violation) unto itself of the relationship and basis of which "Trust" is formed, the rectification of the being of subjugation or threat contained/ purported of the "Word" on personal and/or ontological grounds acknowledging and substanding/ differentiating the Heart or limit of what is "known" from what is "unknown" and therefore potentially dangerous/ (blasphemous/ apocolyptic/ disastrous) thereby, the "purgation" of that which is in actuality falsehood, should the existing "emphasis" attempt the convolution of itself, involving the dialectic/ ammendment and adaptation of principles by which to shield and obliviate that which would usurp or invitiate the "attachment" and captivity unto the Word of Itself, being a revolution/ reformation of Paradigm by which the "Global Standard", rightly or inevitably being so by the Absoluteness of Itself, may maintain and fulfill the "Reputation" which "It" shall acquire or wish to have portrayed of "itself". 36. These "esoteric" works, while having no need to "justify" the existence of themselves, despite the unnecessary/ viscious "cause" of this "re-examination" of themselves, are/ could be recollected for the merit which is of themselves irregardless, providing, perhaps most importantly, knowledge of the arcane and sacred practices and writing of Judaism Itself, a context for the aspiration towards attaining/ utilizing mental and spiritual "powers" through and for the communion of the living with the dead, an inquiry unto the scientific/ cosmological basis of human reality, the history and civilization of earth. The individuality/ humanity of the authority, though presumed of itself, could also convey the representation of the group from and to which it aspires, being of one part structure and another adaptivity, bearing the potencies and origin of the "one" or universal "Idea" of conceivable expression, bringing of itself illumination from chaos, unifying visualization of the world order, volition, and foundation of the one planetary consciousnesss or "Self", the faith of which being evidenced and sustained of the substance (of thought) of which it was/ is given. 37. [from the spectrum of phenomenality, intentionality, and scientific correlation facilitating a saturation of psychical/ conscious dynamics and force] 38. Whether of the constant threat and accusation that the implementation/ social acceptance of "one's" beliefs/ (core of common ideology) would result specifically in the (impoverishment)/ endangerment/ ruin of Zion/ Israel and/or Its capacity to force or impose Its Message on Society (the audacity and perfidy of suggesting the Word require or allow deceitfulness or treachery for the faithfulness thereof) - or one's own responsibility and anxiety for the receptivity/ recollection/ safeguarding of that which is Established or Known, the cycles and means by which "heredity" affected and/or forewarned of the sustainment/ expansion or diminishment of itself, having attained the perserverance and survival of a distinctive People and Word, by the (advocacy/ nurture)/ maturation and understanding thereof overcoming the fear of "loss" upon which the prohibition against "unity"/ multiformity/ self-awareness inherently/ ideologically subsists. The (ideological/ physical) containment of itself and ejection/ polarization of other "races" and ideologies, having accomplished and/or "bound" its historical (objective)/ trajectory, may "acknowledge" of itself the reflection of the other by restoration of its origin, the (presumed) foretelling and desire of a Messiah or Unifier of the People, being bound in Christ in the volume (origin/ end) of the Earth, representing a codex of (theoretical) synthesis and/or parallelism of which the scale and magnitude of the "world" of or by which to be "threatened" is inclusive of itself, "tyranny" (over itself) rectifiable if need be (in an apocolyptic "scenario") by or of the agency of externality or balance. 39. [the Word, of Itself, being Indestructible by the will of Man or God, occupying an Eternal and Enduring Dimension in the Fabric and Being of Reality, however Transfigured or Added to the (Divine) Origin/ (Living) Future of Itself] 40. Issues related to the Solidarity/ Goodwill of Zion/ Israel, given its stasis/ increase and the preemption of further "harm" (common/ shared though these purposes "allegedly" are, conflicted to death - by the "other" - it seems - in their means of approach), the character by which preconditioning "our" relation having the potential of amelioration or instigation of the "problem" concerned, discretion noted of those who have or would acquire the motive for the destruction/ revocation of "our" State - being, unfortunately, in this case, "ourselves" - the intermediary of this/ the other Nation(s) and that which is useful in establishing the "goodness"/ virtue of the "other" for itself containing of the trajectory of copossession of the "machine" of itself a spirit by which "our" safety/ security may be confirmed or induced. There being a literal or figurative identification (if one at all) with the "Language" and "Location" of which the Torah "consists", a parallelism of (potential) alliance/

coidentity/ interdependence, maintained or bound unto the "liberty" of "distance" and the "expression of form", the historical and natural providence of the Earth of itself sustaining the broadening, dispersion, and perserverance of the Culture and Writing for the relevance and appreciation of the existing Phenomenon, [the security of Israel, during its historical dormancy or rest, having not yet arrived upon the Pivot by which the Wealth of any Nation would be required for its Protection or Gain - the Gift of the Return and Acknowledgement of Its Province and Authority Elicited and Evoked in Accordance of the Wisdom and Relation of Its Choice and Its Plan.] 41. [The Construction of the Booths, echoing the destruction/ dispossession of the "Forms" in varying ways, demonstrating the Adaptivity of the People amid the Ephenerality of fate and circumstance, being of the Cloud and Net and similitude of that which is unveiled of the mission and calling of Providence (the means of which made unto/ derived of the Core Acceptance of Itself), the Cooperation of Security reflected also in the Injunction of Exemplifying the Support and Mediation of the Highest (Supernal) Cause (withof Itself).] 42. The Relationship and Extranationality of Zion, in Accordance of the Tendency and Portrayal of its Force and Reconciliation Dynamic, (the Focus of which being, however - rendered - inwardly Zealous of Itself a veil over that which Constitutes one's Reality of Itself, the realism and roots by which connected and/or aspiring to the Tree of One's Creator's Existence, a Gate Arrived at Bilaterally and Multilaterally (in accordance of the support which is given or "shown") - a(t) Point(s) and Place(s) of which Maintaining a Sufficiency of (Common) Area and Will, the vicinitude of one's class and nationality of identity otherwise collectivizing and circumscribing the "power struggle" of Humanity and the present and future potentials of the harmonization/ disruption of Itself. 43. From the state of abstraction and unity of mind, the utility/ purpose of thought/ conscious expression is to bridge the distemporality of with the connectivity of being. 44. It appearing that the State had denied one's social security disability claim on the basis of an arbitrarity or irrelated clause, arbitration/ (prejustification) was considered, and clarification with time. The approximation and coidentity of the informed or active intelligence (once thought), being accustomed to the timeframe of its repreive, the conscious relief or mediation from the confinement of awareness, though in some way that basic aid could be rendered or endured. Whether it is determinied that one's age, pain, anxiety/ plight/ extenuating conditions necessitate or merit a further/ full relief from one's duties (at the levels of basic survival), the protocol of labor in the compulsion or force of productivity for productivities gain could also have mercy and understanding of the shortage or capacity of the work which is needed to be done, moneylessness (theoretically) reducing "effort" to the voluntarity/ appeal/ honor/ calling of one's ways, the forms by which to process/ register and measure the status of residence/ citizenship (or of recovering or reactivating an unnecessary waste of human life and potential), [whether the Nations themselves, if conceived at this scale in this way, could ever give/ (exchange) freely of that which was needed of the balance of Their resources and Work.] 45. It appearing impossible that one should ever find a way of integrating with society after this amount of time, one maintains the thought or necessity of escape/ relocation to a somehow less difficult environment, though the interests/ program/ agencies of rehabilitation/ restoration of themselves could yet offer/ accept one's cooperation if sincerely approached or applied. 46. The sense of isolation one imagines at being located at the periphery of the center which is known, of being in constant sight and transit of the great road and highway of the void, could elsewise embody or convey "sufficiency" howsoever fitted or acquiring/ possesing of the midst of the vision and zoning of the field and construct, the praxis/ (semblance/ attributes) by which neighborhood and ideology must claim/ reclaim/ expand the scope and area withof itself. 47. Although sleeping in the shelter at night - on personal levels - one had maintained and frequented (one's area of) the "homeless camp" in the woods throughout the winter and into spring, at which time i witnessed the arson of my neighbor's tent, which, going up in flames, was met with the arrival of the crew of firefighters from whom i kept my distance, climbing out of our ravine the opposite side, from this event instantly presuming one's fear for one's safety would cause the camp to be uninhbitable by me and of what this implies. The serenity of nature for itself and the accessibility thereof, there being no place in the buildings where one can go to be alone/ no room to oneself at this time, experiencing the loss of itself and yet the allure/ necessity thereof potentiates the rebuilding or relinquishment/ termination of the outdoor effort entirely. The contrivance/ (mini-)homestead/ "fort" (on public/ federal/ private land withstanding), given yet the possibility of shelter failing and of needing a "home" for real, cautiously returned to its daily "rest", though watchful of approaching adversity/ fear, continuing the maintenance of the "sight" (unto the metamorphosism of window and form), there being otherwise the surrounding field and habitat, the various trails/ parks/ paths/ vallies, and the continued "plight" of rationality demanding mechanical formulation and rite despite and in the very midst of (potential) chaos or death.

57 An element capable of tolerance and of discrimination of input (from its base), believing perhaps that justice will bring ammends, though there being the evasion (of the fact or semblance) thereof, given opportunity and/or conformity of "residential" effort through mutual aid/ self-defense/ safeguards (presuming these to be of any effect or avail), the path to this current state of isolation and the obsession/ preponderance over the "attachment" to itself having had with one those by which one's courage was sustained arrived at now in their absence of where i might not have been, whether this being a lesson of fate or society, the vicissitudes or pressure thereof, or of a script unaware of its awareness or motive. 48. Time therefore approaching summer, the encampment, drawn to the (ostensible) visceral/ physical sufficiency of its occupancy yet languishes the unrest/ complacency thereof, the paralyzing illusion and dread of (inevitable) separation/ confrontation/ eviction unaware only of whether by means (or force) of law/ agency/ property owner/ villianry/ etc. otherwise requiring yet of society (electrical) power and perhaps motivation/ support, given also the actual fragility of one's physical state (baggage/ documents/ electronics/ etc.). Forming a sequence of chambers along the shore where a steep hill meets a marsh under a street and next to a railroad track being thus a haven/ habitat of birds and small mammals, this sanctuary/ living cathedral of vast shaded windows and thin rays of light resembling/ potentiating (from conscience of utility/ labor) the productivity/ effect of the sundry other chambered landscapes/ structures - if that be the harmonization or decentralization of the power of themselves, the use/ ownership/ right/ access/ accessibility or view - theoretically or otherwise - of the squares or courts of which the (public/ private/ federal/ institutional) matrix or consortium of a town might consist, the complex at which housed therefore determined by/ determining the visualization of itself. Surveillance established around the perimeters and at each plane and depth, vehicles moving among their bounds over roads and bridges, ships transitting oceans/ seas/ and rivers, connecting cables and channels and transmitted energy, the contrast and spectrum of society itself, space and the parallel dimensions of time, the flow within the earth's mantle and core and weather patterns and array of the (earth's) atmosphere and environment. 49. The weatherization/ winterization of the tent, affected primarily by the covering with excess sleeping bags and tarps, introduced the stages of a cycle of burial and uncovery, a hypothesis for the use/ storage/ preservation/ creation from the material habitat towards the adaptability of the landbase, given the sponteneity or obsolescence of this knowledge of itself, the regrowth of foilage on the trail (re-)establishing the cover of one's presence at the camp which was missing before, the (virtual) cleanliness and habitability of this place, its spatiousness and beauty a cause of remorse, being at once the studio and portrait and canvas of itself, its tranquility nevertheless bound unto the fiunitude/ transit to a more permanent and/or final abode. 50. That before (outside) land was owned or claimed of its entirety or governed by Law the terrain of its deeds would seek shelter or defense of one's council or clan, the camp being intruded into/ invaded (sought refuge of) nonviolently reacting nonviolently though having (potential) recourse of retribution or force (the precedence of habitation being recent of oneself), leaving soon one learned irregardless for a room in a house, [immigration thereby at one time (potentially) affecting the redevelopment/ transformation/ imminence of place (expansion of technology) by or withof the universality and/or stewardship of/ over the forum/ hall/ arena of those and that which is abiding therein. The problem of simply relocating elsewhere in the woods - or one's minimal requirements - involves having a seat and screen for insects, privacy, and dryness (from rain) thereby (theoretically) shedding of oneself or unburdening the need of any one fixed place entirely, wintering (one presumes) in shelter (if this is or were the least of hospitality which one could earn or be provided), this disparity overshrouding the effort or effect of rationality itself being the digression of which timeframe - constituted/ composed. 51. Possessing/ (conveying) of the resources and facilities/ (cabinets/ indexes/ etc.) by which each administration or procedure correlates or determines its functions or requirement, the self-determination of the system or mechanism of Service of itself, the action or inaction/ progress or regression thereof setting the precedence or record of/ unto which there may be the augmentation, transformation, and/or supplantation of the ideas or directives which it contains or holds. Forming/ underlying the relationships among bureaucracies and corporations/ national and multinational interests/ global finance/ the autonomy and/or federation of the multitude (of humankind)/ unilateral/ (multilateral) efforts of peacekeeping and/or the provision of stability for itself, connecting the abstracts and briefings over the distance/ time of which information appears, given/ elicited the hypothetical/ virtual/ (universal) regard of/ over the reference, spectrum, and weight of issues/ concerns/ violations of human rights/ response (distribution) of aid in event of natural/ mechanical disaster. Being mindful of (considering) the milleau or media of/ into which Society has/ will emerge(d), the gathering and use of intelligence (for defense) may or may not maintain or purport an (overt) presence or influence upon the University system, the methodologies or surveillance/ (coding) and development dependent and coordinated, one might think, according to/ (at) the level and scale of (core) perception or intended

effect, whether there be loyalty or to which motive the rationale or transparency over that which is/ has transpired or known. 52. The fault lines at which (earth's) magma is folded, separating, or stressed form an analogy for the disorder which is sustained among the armies and nations (of earth), whether or which shall be the provocation by which catastrophe is averted/ evoked, beliefs by/ against which (of the matter) there is the escalation of conflict or its (eternal dissolution)/ restraint. (Adversive effects)/ weather modification and climate degeneration (of parts, the whole of earth) being met/ approached with adaptivity and readiness for the resourcing of (the collectivity)/ survival, the autonomy or input/ attitude towards the balance of the factors involved intrinsic of the form or measure contrived, the exigency or possibility of hope dependent upon the convergence/ divergence of humanity itself, the destructive potencies thereof (chemical/ biological war, infiltration/ chaos, etc.) placing ultimately the import of one's (own) self-destruction (untimely "loss" of life/ etc.) in perspective of the Doom and crisis which could otherwise befall the Earth at any time. 53. Being situated/ electromagnetically (ultrasonically) compressed, heated, tortured/ crucified/ etc. within and withof the vibrational field of that which is ordinarily grounded/ tranceived of one's bioelectrical currents and environment, awareness itself sustaining/ constructing loops and currents withof the pattern of thought of/ by which to affect a metamorphosis/ understanding/ exploration/ liberation of/ withof the dimension's of (one's) reality, one's course/ location/ state persumably/ existentially acted upon by the will of pain to cause the deflection/ deviation/ abandon of the idea/ being/ connection of itself, perserverance of one's ideal being that which of itself has not altered or changed [the preclusion/ subvergence of this torture/ psychical war a priority which must arise from/ transcend the individual level/ the "entities", groups, and organizations by which afflicting or sustained.] 54. One's clothes or attire, being all that one owns, beginning to rot despite/ necessitating continual patching and repair, portray (the possibility) of a similar process or occurrence within one's body or skin, other clothes for employment and/or bus (plane/ etc.) fair/ relocation (the panic of fear), voluntarity and (self-)emiseration being vital principles of themselves irregardless (under these or any ordinary/ psychological conditions or events.) 55. A (hypothetical) visualization of a building/ room/ setting/ ritual/ support by which to affect one's nonbeing or exit from the body and/or of mortality itself - it being impossible ever or in time - the (voluntary) disociation/ ceasing of one's captors' aggressions exponentially improbable at best - to shield or protect one's senses from the ever-increasing/ differentiating and unceasing/ relentless pain/ confinement of the energy weapon/ assault of body and mind - the (hypothetical) boundary of perception in the simulation/ reality of death/ unconsciousness could involve also the simulteneity of realm and (potential) influence among the range to and from whence thus projected/ sustained one's being or "thoughts". Evocation/ activation of neural patterning could occur through the recollection of the existence/ phenomenon of itself, a coidentity of structure and personality among the multitude of forms, abstraction and deduction having scultpted and molded the energies thereof returning to that which was before upon the dissolution of "self", memory, one should hope, attaining/ retaining its better/ (more virtuous) qualities while enabling the disintigration or attrition of all that by which scarred or misled of the (true) potentials of being itself. 56. At or until this time awaiting a decision/ verification of disability insurance, this perhaps inhibiting one's determination or volition towards alternative pursuits, the problem of which being the troubles and alienation which i have described causing these alternatives to be virtually nonexistent at this time, the temporality and misgiving by which one's self-interest is of oneself inevitably weighed, one's "omission" from/ by the "system" perhaps implying one's silence or undermining the force of one's convictions against those whom have tortured one this way (the unification/ organization/ collectivization of the labor/ construct/ outreach of the journalistic/ activist medium obstructed/ potentiated thereby), imagining there being supervision of one's "work"/ (potential of recovery) over this time, and perhaps the use of an attorney in one's defense upon the inevitable resurgence of the absolute and unending shock which had reigned last i had access to a room to oneself. One's account therefore being provided enabling the capacity of rent, while yet waiting for a house or program to be available without undue restrictions upon one's vital medication/ self-defense, the limit placed upon the savings of this account a measure somewhat of the requirement thereof, serving the expurgation or objectivity (durable supplies/ "magazine" printing), the proportion or expense of one's lifestyle in general terms a reflection of one's income and the price of vicinity, also there being surplus or scarcity in proportion of one's exertion or yield and charity for those less fortunate of/ or the benefit of others. 57. Whether or not there shall be a "future" of oneself, the insurance claim is set to be reviewed in a brief few years if not sooner, whether there being any doubt then if not now of one's incapacity or pain, the stasis or worsening of one's physical/ psychological/ social condition/ connectivity/ desire for gain or any of that which could occur depending upon or affecting the circumstances of the individual or society. Realizing the reality of the (potential) constraints upon one's habitation, the (potential) disillusion of the social program or difficulty of accepting among one's

58 options or necessity, even from the sufficiency of what is given, being reduced to the reempoverishment and unaffordability itself, by (the acceptance of) one's frugality establishing the sincerity of one's basis of itself, a room without a lease leaving one's possessions again exposed upon the suddenness of a move, otherwise also by one's acceptance of poverty sacrificing a measure of one's autonomy and/or the freedom of relocation without restriction or notice. 58. One's facination with this aforementioned camp, having produced a diversion from the work of oneself, confronted at one time by the immediacy (and fear) of habitation and the dread of one's decision, the complications and uncertainty this would suddenly entail, amid a quagmire of forms and files, whichever one's lifespan or avenue of survival, the opportunity of asylum within reach of attaining the affectation of itself. Risking the reprimand of one's (temporary) shelter for one's hygeine or consumption, perhaps one's disavowal sufficient if shown tolerance/ allowed to reform, one's patience or compliance with rule (in theory), through the attrition of itself, having been compelled (by circumstance/ habit/ addiction) to drink alcohol in the morning/ (each morning) - at camp - in order to - one hopes - become sober by the time one checks in at night creating an inversion of day and night/ normal routine and a drain upon the energy of one's spirit of itself. Though one should think that one's anxiety/ panic/ worry at the thought of losing one's bed for a night would cause one to act with sanity in the resistance of one's habit, the cruelty and anguish that one feels being accosted by these voices in a room with many people contributes to the withdrawl unto oneself and the absentia from the group, the danger perhaps of postponement of some gesture amid the agencies and cycles, perhaps somehow their mutual conflict or negation, the status quo or whatever that may be or its alternatives, an attitude of necessary skepticism in general at the thought of the fail through of the entire rehabilitative process (and/or "life" of itself). These thoughts/ worries becoming (increasingly, geometrically) repressed in the expression of themselves, requiring an effort/ retinue of deconstruction despite or over the desolation of self (which would not take place for very many months - we shall see), the various scenarios for the maintenance/ disposal/ (overturning) of the burden of individuality, one's (theoretical) disappearance or by which agency or force the vantage over that which acts or evolves, thus trepidity, and wonder that or which exteriority could yet be a possibility or fact. 59. Of and by one's appearance of oneself striving to envision and inflect commonality, self-control, and autonomy of machine/ nature itself, the affectation of the concept of unity itself, arrived at/ derived via the impersonality of self, being the dispersion of consciousness, form, and environment, the imaginative mutability/ evocation from the systems of earth and technology bearing in mind the process and agent by which transformed, the volition of substance and (of the) summation of the "other" itself, [Having formed an attachment/ appreciation of the municipal park and environment, recollecting that one - at this time - only visits from the periphery/ one's disattachment from residence in the actual community and of the veneer over one's disturbance and troubles, one's transigence not to mistake the deception of rest or of peace.] 60. The constant psychical aggression and disdain for humankind, forcing one's introspection towards the actual plan and love of the Creator, creates/ adds to the outward/ external impersonality of that which may be spoken or thought of in the presence/ awareness of the group potential, a distance maintained by the soul from the earth which is also the prefiguration or means of its eternal or ultimate redemption. [Amid the diversity/ synthesis of affinities and forms, the momentary absence of hostility contrasted the calm and true significance of "shielding" by the "other" of itself, the attenuation of routine resulting in the incognizance of self/ mutual recognition of the existence of self or environment.] 61. By way of the retension of expression, each parameter awaiting closure continues the refactoring of the past/ present/ existing contexts/ crises/ (morbidity) of self/ world/ humanity, towards the summation and review of that which was/ is, a process reflected also in the various lists and frequencies of the stations, units, and projects which exist towards the rehabilitation/ sustainment/ liberation (self-destruction) of humanity and earth. 62. Uncertain the near and far term state of one's (imposed) psychosis, the hopelessness of those likewise afflicted/ the afflicted in general being the commiseration and/or perdition of the terminal fate, with and/or without house or shelter, a transit or circumvolution about an arbitrary radius or distance the search and scale (timeframe/ transition) of habitat/ refuge/ home. 63. Given the rate/ volume/ quality of information which one had attempted to sustain, the pace of one's work began - at last, it seems - to falter with the upheaval/ anxiety of one's personal life, the task of recording the right/ relevant/ extraneous interests at once clinging to the conceit of one's (necessary) self-reliance (involvement/ continuity) and admitting the equivalent/ alternative/ improvement of which aid or the other of itself (could) simultaneously/ concordantly appear(s) [these deriving from themselves mutually in part or in full irregardless], incompleteness and disorder approaching the fulcrum/ opportunity/ necessity of the reevaluation or renewal of one's effort(s) of themself. A recapitulation and overview of the (historical/ social/ technical) timeline, intervals and variation of the world being and the sustainment of the relevance of its efforts and trends, observation of each event in accordance of its impact or scale establishing the

distance and altitude over the earth of which the density and depth of (one's) "matter" is bound. The frame or list of each one day's information, kept to a composite or manageable sum without division in accordance of the pattern and arbitrarity/ fluidity (implied or extrinsic relationship of subject, category, and area) which is established among the order/ tiers/ and rank of each story/ item themselves, a drift over time (in level) with change of status/ trend/ nationalities effected/ involved, the automated search for items among the days directed according to the algorithm of judgement applied to the placement of each item at each stage. 64. That one can see before oneself the imminent repossession/ accessibililty of the (near) completed work which was interupted by one's homelessness and eviction the previous year/ (in the meanwhile since other priorities, no sense of hurry, lack of facilities, (potential) psychical dissonance/ discord) having presumably - and only recently acquired - the funding with which to complete what remains of both the book work and archival of (photographic) materials, though not to focus upon oneself socially or be of oneself bound by the limits of one's work, invoking the consciousness of objectivity and the higher form of itself, affecting the rekindling/ occlusion of oneself to the effect of either polarity or state, information of itself in a general sense likewise subsisting of the creation and/or diffusion of its contents or being. 65. "The Dweller" 1. [The gateways (of knowledge/ intuition/ perception) requiring clarification and the repackaging/ condensing of state/ form, the generality and basis of that which is gathered/ carried of one's individuality/ self.] 2. The interiorization of (secure) physical space, enabling - besides life itself (perhaps) necessitating - the accumulation of bulk and volume of the core presonal self, beyond perhaps the furnishings or fixtures which one might relinquish/ reacquire somewhere else, access of quantity/ (concealment) relating perhaps with the cause and effect/ disparity of temporary allowences. Acclimation to the potentials of inhabitance, potentiated/ prefigured over the time of waiting outdoors, limited yet by the insecurity/ technicality of burning substance indoors, the juxtaposition of place, time, and circumstance in one's psychical recollections, perceiving at one level the darkness of disempowerment/ (houselessness) and alienation from that form of connectedness and motive of which the "institution" could have theoretically appeared, thus enlightened by the striving unto that which we are capable of being (of)/ unto ourselves. Pragmatically, acquiring provisions for storage - rendered difficult by one's phobia of being outdoors - and optimizing/ (maintaining) the use of one's budget/ account, the visualization of a timetable and priority/ motivation of growth encountering inertia and obstruction, depression forming unto a pattern which shall soon and suddenly - as was expected escalate and deepen immensely. 3. The enemy/ opposition, emanating upon/ unto/ over one's being, with excruciating ultrasonic force/ energy/ pressure, demands that one find a means of immediate traction/ resistance and formulate a strategy or plan of survival or "death", the cancellation of one's room and (path to) life it provided plummitting untowards the endlessness of "departure" itself. The accountability for error in projection itself relating also with the decision or will of the spirit to accept the path which has led to itself, the thought that one should be held responsible - and culpable therefore presumably of not - to sabotage/ prohibit the "enemy" and "its" growth, whether or by what influence to be reactive or passive in this manner, or to affect the preclusion of proliferation/ development, there being otherwise/ withstandingly a correlation among the means and scales of production/ sustenance/ "communication"/ (defense). 4. How therefore to construct/ attain a (physical/ electromagnetic/ psychical) shield or barrier against this weapon and manner of attack, presuming confrontation inevitable and further exile unacceptable, the thought that through the avoidance of one's personal space (or through the continuity thereof) the detachment from "oneself" could provide a (temporary) solution or protection of environment, although for the sake/ safety of psychical decorum or fear one knows one shall not escape nor attempt to escape the solitude (of oneself). Irregardless of how one may therefore theoretically yet protect or get free of oneself, the pain induced at this time in this room approaches (again a further level of) the overwhelming potential of itself, one's concentration or transfixation upon one's dying/ or being killed yielding either to the impulse/ thought of anger and the unconscious or by some act of acceptance forecluding the continuity of meaning for itself, contraposing self-destruction with opportunity and panic with volition, the situational/ personal plight also being reflected in the encompassing plight of all humanity/ creation for itself. Sovereignty and power being maintained unto the Creator through the negation of the will which opposes onseself, containment of the mass suffering of which age and solitude/ life and death consist, the immensity of the daily struggle/ each battle (won) fought requiring a significance and direction towards which to continue for the restoration/ upliftment of light.

59 5. The insistency of there being an inherent antagonism/ war between the nations/ races for themselves and of one's betrayal/ self-questioning of believing in the existence/ validity/ equality (potential) of the other of itself (sustained with dispassion for the years which evoked) is resolved in the duality of worlds and angels which are united towards the overthrow of the deception for itself, the invocation of self-knowledge being rendered/ rendering thus possible in and of itself. The (self/ exigent) confinement unto the "pressures" of one's bio-field, through one's delayal or inaction extending the duration of hurt which one must yet hypothetically endure, the stages in the product of one's conscious reflectivity or purpose correlated with the balance and/or sustenance of one's health in general, the inevitability and/or necessity of preparation for one's disconnection or withdrawl (at the age of which first confronted or proactively approached) relating therefore with what will be of the end state of one's knowledge (of being) of itself.

of potential medical/ military applications, the machine directive by which hypothetically mapping/ coordinating the remote neural interface of each (the) existing biocurrent, the monitoring of and/or induction unto the system or state, process of automation, and (deployed) weaponization towards segregation/ enslavement, distopia, unthinkable hell. In the sense that one's shield, being polarized in any/ all direction(s) simultaneously, atrophies towards all others momentarily when directed any one way in particular (the adaptation and immanence/ vigilance/ ubiquity of accessible defenses/ maneuvers), the counterbalance of psychological (vocalized) and sensible tension/ torture must differentiate/ recollect/ habituate the appropriate/ most efficacious (non)response (to itself), suffering being abstract and univeral in the physical sense and merely personal in the purpose of vile incantation, the conflation of external perception with the hell and hatred within one's body, the internal map and location of pain of that which is caused or self-enforced.

6. The (electrical/ psychical) constriction of one's nervous body/ vessels, limiting the paltability and duration of that which may be revisited or learned of awareness itself to that which is of the established absolutes/ eternity and necessity for itself, resulting therefore also unto the disfunctionality and quasiparalysis/ inertia of one's internal/ external conditions/ states [the exactitude and agency through which afflicted, the repellance and/or intensity thereof, the calibration in theory/ actuality of/ among the systems of or unto which self is and/or remains existent or bound.]

12. Each neuron or nerve containing/ potentiating the light withof itself, there is produced the visualization/ evocation/ proprioception of the field which is sustained of/ or illumined thereby - the transmission and intersection of electromagnetic waves amidst the brain, being theoretically insensitive to the pain or damage sustained, could thus atrophy or attain neurosis unaware - from the precedence and modality of Light of itself, the sustainment of tones and wavelength upon the scrolls and hallucinations which accompany and reveal/ traverse the Gateways of Death.

7. Corresponding with the cycularity/ inversion of one's drinking habit in varying ways or impressions thereof, could involve the events and/or seasons referenced and the near total year it required to return to accomplish the expression of the variables which were over this duration gathered/ elaborated/ depicted. also of the earth's mantle and the shifting/ inversion/ convolution of the hemispheres (the height and location of each perservering/ identifiable shape or form), the esoteric distance and age/ origin of which the reversal of the creation/ destruction of the planet and/or connection of being with self. Visions also and abstraction of the framework and symbol of the strata and realm, each channel furnishing the supply of each thing and each medium its effect, consciousness of labors and the overlap of shift or activity and/or saturation of the composite sum, timeslots in general bearing the variation and/or sequence thereof, the containment of the world reflection towards the effect of its passivity and/or alignment with/ of the fate of its Governing Will.

13. Inhabiting now a room within the municipal structure, out one's window one can sense the intricacies of its pathways and nearness of the commons unto itself, the scale and vantage at which approximating the familiarity of environment, the imagination of connection within and to each inclusive level of the highest sphere - containment of the dynamics (of the object) thereof - without which the antipathy and blindness unto that which exists of itself undermines the basis and foundation of life (the inevitable loss and preclusion thereof conjuring the chill of fear and dark shadows of the night.)

8. Awareness, of itself, and of the effectuality of belief, clearance by fasting of that which one has excesively/ unnecessarily required theoretically the reduction of (the expectation of) capacity to that which was initially/ consciously set, otherwise the positive responsivity (to ennervation in general) which is the release from the pain of the specific toxicity/ toxin itself - the negative responsivity being the restriction (of one's breathing/ circulation/ etc.) in the alternative/ reenforcing/ juxtaposing scenario, the tension of the enshrouding rhythmic force/ vibration of electromagnetic/ ultrasonic pressure involuntarily/ reflexively conducing the rigidity of the bodily and cognitive/ visceral form emitting of itself the effectivity of bouyancy/ serenity and transdimensional/ neuro-psychical tranquilty/ calm. 9. Fear (of the neverending/ unendurable torture sustained), allowing flight to be or appear the only means of escaping itself, causes thereby the (psychological) collapse/ relinquishment of the (attachment to) structure which one has formed with one's life, gratitude that one could ever have viewed and held onto that which one searched for of one's dreams maintaining the effort towards closure by which to reciprocate/ approach the aid and solidarity which are provided/ given and/or inherent of themselves. That and until circumstances may turn one again to the out of doors, being vigilant/ diligent of the continuing process for the minimalism of one's carrying efffects paperwork of its least/ (optimal) attainable weight and bulk and condensed in file storage, yet about one the ordinary possibility of exploration and uncovery, the pragmaticism of resolving/ balancing the means of subsistence/ priority, the resonance withof the social sphere inhibited by lethargy/ fear, peoples being suspects of paranoia/ intent inclusive unto what one might also perhaps appear or be of oneself. 10. Having at last, after all one's travails, won/ was given the time, space, and funding to continue one's work in its chosen location/ environment, the tragic resurgence/ culmination of this (internal/ electrovisceral) animosity appears thus that it must result unto an immediate and terminable end, being one withof the system of itself perhaps the only means of cover or security from the weaponry of which, at the least, not - inclusive of the - protection of oneself, this injustice and the multipolarity of conflicting powers and motives circumscribing the ordeal and exigency - to those whom it may concern of existential and/or indigenous threat. 11. Considering, for a moment, the concerted psychical attack apparatus part of an experiment or plan (of enactment) of thought control over the individual and society/ humanity, oneself having imposed upon one these "constraints", and the alternatives, one's response may or may not follow a predicted (intended) path of inevitability, the transmission and its effect/ portent of psychophysical degradation, the antithesis and enmity by which inwardly confronted and/or imperilled towards the death or elaboration/ restoration of an established ideal or purpose/ plan. Technologically linking external hearing/ perception (sensible form) with the mind receptors of the brain electronically at close and far distant proximity creates a plethora

14. Amidst the realm of temporality one finds one must accept the simplicity of one's being of itself, the universe of itself being the transmission of the superstructure and organism/ biosphere - the wall outside one's window like unto that of the gate a portal of relfection and constructed thought, thus the maintenance and recovery of the individual self/ isolated unit, construction/ configuration of shelving/ work area in dwelling from contributions, facilities thereby existing now again towards the furtherance of the cause of circumscription/ rebinding. 15. However obstructed by the force/ response of one's inertia to the given task and (sustained) pressure against, considering one's obfuscation from relevant materials and general (psychical) disrepair, the personality, once possessing the energy and vitality of its ideals, beyond its limit, the responsibility expected of one a capacity far removed, the disappointment and disociation from that which one can no longer think or hope to serve or represent. 16. Democratic/ ideological institutions of the (hypothetical) future, being selfprocuring and self-renewing of their activity and foundations, correlates the distribution balance and/or inherent reduction of/ unto the constituent group, public or common use or generality of motive. 17. Having lived the majority of one's life unaware of the customs and ceremonies of the group unto which ultimately bonded by identity/ form - the amalgamation at which placed of the center thereof - a fragment of the unity or origin returning by its divergence unto the initial praxis by the accessibility of observation and experience, maintaining also the sovereignty and diversity by which distance conjoined, consideration of the self-representation/ authenticity by which the eventuality of true understanding may emerge over time, the core qualities and mutualism of society/ humanity of necessity serving unto a framweork for the convergence of themselves, that the closure of the day and of the year be at the beginning is of the sense perhaps of the harvest sustaining the duration of the group/ individual account. 18. Interpretation of the visual and moving picture effect and of modern/ hypohetical/ historical/ imaginative "reality"of itself, in accordance of the bias or aesthetic/ arbirtrary/ ideological "compatibility" of each work, form unto theoretically a primary or core of symbolism and artistic/ metaphysical aspiration, embodying - wherefore bound the contained vessel of time - the sustined or fixed memory of an inividual, group, or culture unto itself, the juxtaposition of film and animation, the accessibility and/or habit of storytelling/ reception, the narrative of context and communication/ subsumation of the fprovidorms/ frameworks/ setting of "being" of itself. 19. The pharmaceutical or neuroresponsive presence of substance in mind, forming like a constellation among the synapse receptors, the counteraction or moderation through the similitude/ substitutionality/ reliance of other less/ non toxic substance or drug, evocation/ obfuscation/ reversal of the ephemerality and/or imprint from conscious and/ or alternative volition - metabolism and decomposition releasing and unlocking the light/ energy stored within itself, the trauma of fatalism or instability deflecting and/or necessitating (a physiological transition by which unable to harbor or produce the former sensation itself - the avoidance/ aversion of that which is thus a pain of itself) an optimal/ improved pattern of health of itself, the prohibition and/or market

60 (accessibility) of that which is proven effective itself a matter of the assurance or right of one's personal habits and/or health-based directives/ decisions. The physician, one presumes, while capable of commiseration through having suffered some measure of each pain or illness before, maintaining the abstraction and context of distance in order to effectively ameliorate or render aid, whether the confinemet/ restriction of one's state or its unlimited resonance/ transition the fate of or determined of the walls which ultimately must surroud and endure. 20. The constant emersion in the international photojournalistic record/ recording enabled the incremental/ daily movement of the pivots to convey itself clearly, the organization or network and content provided by the existing channel also provided accessibiliity and ubiquity at all other locations thoughout the freedom and solidarity/ integrity of public/ national/ global awareness in and of itself. The camera, having gathered and selected a vast quantity of images from that which was provided and/ or appearing of itself, now with the potential/ similarity of algorithm/ recognition/ sorting through the archive contained within itself, the closure of the materials and pages (of days) which have yet to be (downloaded)/ transcended/ processed or framed (the gridlock/ indolence produced of one's daily drunkenness and anxiety), future sustainability of effort/ pace for a moment perceiving/ conceiving the outpost a labor of clarity and conscious continuity/ connectivity of (societal) purpose/ design. 21. An alliance which is based upon the mutuality of our the being "targetted" could also include the differentiaion of our struggles towards their transcendence, which is unity, the being of the solution, our mutual testimony linked together/ corroborated by storyline or narrative, the commonality of/ by which attaining/ undermining and/or procuring the basis of "power"/ destruction itself. -----------22. 1. I am reading the survey this morning and hopefully will send it before the end of the day - if that's not too late. 2. Although I would like to have attended the Conference, it was very sudden and mysterious and I didn't have time to perpare for it. I am, needless to say, also gathering research about the nature of the "attacks" upon myself (and others) [Robert Duncan - 'The Matrix Deciphered' being the most coherent reference I've discovered so far.] --(You, I presume, also having information of which I should know or am unaware.) The order of the agenda was curious and I hope you do provide a video/ transcript of the event afterwards. Someone (your friend?) named .... called about the .... network, although I'm still not too clear about it. I have shelter and security here (in ....) for now and must fight / transcend this "pain" alone or with those who live here (if any can help?) If there is a pattern or a meaning to all the stories of "abuse" I have yet to fathom it... I guess that's why I'm still alive searching for answers. 3. Social-Environmental Activist Summer Camp (ISE, Plainfield Vt 1998), Spring Intensive Seminar, ISE (NY 2010); governmental awareness, social media efforts 20102014; anti-capitalist Zionist author; non-traditional educational methodology 4. Please describe yourself - I, in my mid-20s, discovered a psychical receptivity among the people of my environment (which I had previously attributed to drug use, mainly smoking marijuana). I was, at this time, training by correspondence with the Arcane School (New York) on matters I could not fully understand at the time. Having created my own version of reality, on which I relied, and against which the psychical network I was emersed in seemed unceasingly and increasingly antagonistic, even unto the 'channels' of spirit whereby previously supported or 'guided' from 'within', the awakening of the God of Israel, of Whom I was previously unaware, and yet unaware enough of not to avail myself of the protections thereby, provided recourse for the sacrifice or destruction of my 'spirit' whereby to reconcile, one hoped, the antagonisms which had been caused by the primacy of 'self', being unknown to the "SELF" which was highest. The "overt" psychical network indeed became kinder this way for the most part until, perhaps circumstantially, my acquiring of the Agni Yoga teachings (1924-1941) which willfully and eloquently present and substand a higher / encompassing state of consciousness from the religiously ambiguous context of a universal tradition, this being late 2007, at which time "voices" began appearing in my mind with what was quick to be realized a malevolent and wholey destructive agenda of personal assassination, falsehood, and physical/ psychological torment which has increased by stages and continues to this day. Due to the beliefs which my "training" had imparted - and my grounding in social revolutionary ideology - I associated these "voices" with the "dark forces" which would attempt to attain/ preserve by force, deception, and any means possible the power, control, or aspirations of their segment of society, by which I do not presume governmental agencies, in particular, but those which would usurp or assume their authority against the rule of conscience or law.

It wasn't until 2013 or so (the exact time of year escapes me) that the ultrasonic or electromagnetic assualts entered into force, eliciting an intense evocation of the will and reasoning faculties even to continue with my daily functions. The 'voices' themselves I thought were connected with my grandparent's residence, which I did not truly wish to leave, and, while painful, were rarely dreaded with the immediacy of death and inescapable agony which the electronic weapon soon made my constant reality, which I regret to add, has also continued and resumed its worst and greatest intensity to this day and very moment of time. Although convinced I needed to leave "home" so to speak it was three more years before I could separate myself from the paperwork in which I had become emersed while transcribing academia and social media activism/ journalism, and even then I "left" only after being "ostensibly" evicted by law by my grandfather for finally confronting him about the anger and abuse (though I think he intended I go forward for reasons other than retaliation or spite), which left me at the bus station with barely money for a ticket, all the paperwork I thought I could carry or needed in a hiking bag and liquor box, a laptop computer, and extremely limited personal effects, with a choice and instant ultimatum of whether to go North, to the realm of my projected "ideals", or South to the familiar though rejected "past" of collective ignorance and confusion, the choice ultimately being by fate of a nontransferable decision I realized the next day. The bus wasnt scheduled to leave until the morning so I figured I would rest somewhere near the bus station that night, during which it very soon began to rain quite heavily until near dawn, for which fortunately there was an old filthy plastic tarp and some disconnected gas pumps next to the trash dumpster to prop up a dry realtively clean area to face the demon of my decision and the great fear of losing all my life in vain to the eternal darkness which yet haunted my existence. At some point that night or early morning, having purchased the ticket North the previous day, I decided I would exchange it for South in the morning, which wasn't allowed, and therefore the journey North began and the geographical hypothesis/ presumption tested and very quickly and recurringly shattered along the way, the first instance being ultrasonically targeted at the transfer station in presence of all the other passengers on the "freedom" of my volition away from the "household" which I had hoped expressed dominion only over my familial inheritance or will. It was mostly muted for some portion of the 2-day transit until most especially, and for me, anticlimactically at the time, approaching New York City being crushed into my bus seat by the pressure and carrying my weight underground at Grand Central Station where the psychical network which I thought at most ambivalent if not "humanistic" appeared somehow quite fearsome and loathing unto the station at Boston by which time all hopes of freedom were essentially crushed by the dark electronic haze of a distopian existence. The last leg to Burlington, which shone even greater than the luster of lights, that morning brought an unexpected respite which lingered through the strange days of finding camping and adjusting to homelessness in a strange environment. Approximately two weeks later the "voices" returned, as violent and obtrusive as ever. I had a few troubles externally, but the people I encountered generally offered protection in and to those who live among the out of doors, and I waited to figure how or if I could survive or adapt with my internal psychical perculiarities and the fatalism of an unending and inescapable battle against my psychical "aggressors". It was several months before the ultrasonic abuse itself reappeared, which I received calmly, alone and when striking upon the sidewalk or in a room full of people. Eventually, the homeless support organization recommended a case worker for seeking assistence and a psychological councilor, which, upon the frank confession of my internal battles, led through certain logistic criteria to an application for mental disability which was approved the next summer, following several months in a homeless shelter and extreme anxiety of uncertain fate. The shelter, I was aware, had shielded me somehow, for some reason, from the harshest effects and persistence of the ultrasonic pain, which I must presume capable of having killed me at any time, given the trajectory of the spikes towards which driven at the highest points of friction yet inflicted or endured, and this prescience was fully verified upon being placed into a group apartment building earlier this year. The few people I "knew" here, while storing my belongings whilst I was homeless, have remained distant, if somehow distantly appearing, and, given the grave diversion of my psychosis from the originating "cause", is easily accepted for the work which remains. I rationalize that I ought to seek help or defense against this violation of my person (the pain and abuse which is inflicted upon me) - although it is too much for the stranger, kind though they may be, to empathize too deeply for the plight of an unknown in misfortune. I find one escape in a burden I wish to escape from in turn - the global report of progressive attainments against the consequences of their reversal - and in a decaying rhythm of 'thoughts' which can only at most carry the work so far before they themselves expire. This subjectivity however is oblivious to the exact causes and fate of electromagnetic/ telepathic torture of other individuals, in or of various nationality alliances, and, mutually speaking, perhaps the catastrophe of holocaust which is already transpiring may be averted and instantly prohibited in future of humanity. ------------

61 23. That in the depths of one's isolation, surrounded by cruel hatred and verbal abuse, there is a witness from the cohort, and of the council which is united by the love which is light, thus through harmony providing an exit from suffering and pain. This (constant) intervention (from above), the reliance of the improbability of this continuous occurrence, from the resources of its expansion, the finity and incrementalism of the sonic habitat, of which the maelstrom of the collective provides light, fixity, and cover over/ of the creative endeavor, words/ sounds being amorphous or concrete in their verbatim or significance, 24. The spirit of creativity and law upon the movement of the planes, the battle against evil at all levels of society/ humanity/ self an alliance or shield, an energy of dematerialization and trust in the continuity of awareness outside/ beyond the material form, the origin of the rays, bearing their station, maintaining the distance (over which) the similitude of (which) the message/ our network is formed. Being a process for/ of the evocation of energy according to its effect, the selfliberation and containment of the mechanism, environment, and pattern, one's death like unto one's remnant, the alternative or composite of that which is maintained/ (co-)expressive of the core of expressivity/ being in and of itself. 25. Feeling/ believing oneself physically crushed/ rendered potentially immobile/ unconscious by ultrasonic force, though panicked to search for a means of escape, returns to the inevitability of waiting/ accepting the end of itself, the elderly, infirm, and disabled. Reminent cerebral toxicity, obstructing the basis or medium of which eidetic circulation consists (the overturning of the sensation/ awareness/ obsession of darkness - hostility and pain), acted upon thus by the wavefronts and pressures must consciously evoke/ impose/ recover the patterns/ trajectories of which agony is released and deflected from one's body and thoughts. 26. self-attachment, the obscuration of pain, decomposition of the mechanism, realization itself. 27. Whatever the origin of this conflict, an intermediary somehow of the polarities thereof, what being the motive of this force, the atonement/ reconciliation of one's past, forgiveness of the obliviation of deception and of the cycles/ basis of its (re-)occurrence. Reflection bearing sponteneity and/or eternality, the cobeing and multiplicity of the planet, the Creator and cohort of the ideality and phenomenon, the fraction of this lightform the nonbeing of one's death or suicide. Light containing matter/ substance through the effusion and emission thereof, the universe at light speed unable to be at all places unless retaining the connectivity/ dynamic of/ over the higher plane from which the form of Time descends. 28. Having (conceivably), at some point, recorded all the days/ months of the journal which i had neglected over the anxiety of the previous year, the record of each day itself, requiring some factor of the labor/ effort of each day to complete it, substands the instantaneous surplus/ deficit (advancement/ debt) of the time/ energy invested/ intended of the project itself, the first effort at thus approaching the day of itself (as the means/ ends unto itself) applying those lessons learned of which the absolute worst (of ultrasonic abuse) must inevitably resurge and appear, through this pain and constriction and the unfoldment of one's non-being searching the shadows for light and the apperception of one's deliverance (of this earthly abyss.) The distance over the chronology, each increment and area, and the networks therein, also like a pendulum of relapse and momentum, the time-lapse of posting of media of itself, land that which is settled and ocean and waves that which is behind/ before one yet to know, spirit of itself ever wary of profligance yet of necessity bearing out the error or measure of its price. The attacks being by subconscious/ psychical/ (remote) physiological force, the deflection and/or eradication thereof, ineffectuality concerning events of world/ self transformed through prayer of the eternal imminence of Life. 29. The threads of information, being an agglomeration or continuum by the correlation and/or disorganization of the totality thereof, remaining thus in suspension or stasis and/ or affecting its purgation/ renewal, the rotation of all identity overshadowed by the source of all being, expansion being multilateral through the selectivity of its antithesis or balance, the linearity of the thing itself cyclically/ intermittently appearing/ interwoven in sequence, the quantum fragmentation/ entaglement of the (global) effort and contruct of/ unto itself. 30. Whether (the long-term effect of) the electrocution will elicit a response from or adaptation of one's immune system and in what way, perhaps affecting areas of toxicity or obstruction through the disintegration/ dislodging/ purgation of that which is yet susceptable of pain of itself, the illusion of purpose/ gain whatsoever of one's "torture" (rather than malevolence itself) wishing thus for the alignment and harmonization of one's "conflicted" will, the detachment/ containment/ correlation of the aura/ ideation/ phenomenon, the grounding and drift of/ over the conflux/ field of electric (neuropathic) energies (destroyed)/ sustained and/or evoked of awareness itself. Converging thus the focussed beams at any point upon one's (face/ cranium)/ spine and extremities, within the overall tension of the intergumatory/ musculature itself, the wrenching/ jarring/ heating of muscle/ tissue/ and bone, the potential of organ/ system damage and infirmity either temporary and/or persistent [the symptom or condition of

fate mindful also of avoiding - by one's cogitation of the matter - the (involuntary) predication/ imposition (of the appearance/ affectation) thereof (of one's will).] 31. Though indoors alone, somewhere in the midst/ heart of all, the decorated tree an object and symbol of the beauty of creation, the means and process of the sustainment of itself, the sufficiency/ minuteness of the oil sustaining light each day unto the consummation thereof, thus the moon and sun, being the reflection/ emanation respectively, although - tihs time/ day - being only - of oneself/ society (humanity) - a respite from the continuity/ transformation of one's trajectory/ plight. Those experiencing/ afflicted by/ (self-imposing) poverty/ disability, living/ surviving by the generosity/ charity which is shared toward all in spirit, the committee and involvement of labors and mutual autonomy/ support, the locality and phenomenality of its regeneration/ recurrence, the projection and continuum of latent/ existing reservoire (of conscious productivity or "growth"). 32. The concealment of one's internal appearnce, in order not to (over)emphasize one's self-identification with the Group or Its Material Possessions, is affected through the differentiation and precedence of this self-identification regardless of the glamour or illusion of appearance itself, 33. sovereignty of/ among the Nations the basis of custom/ covenant, the Architect by which the Principle of faith/ reason is implemented/ formed. 34. Projection of one's aura externally/ above one's body, in order to escape the pains/ limitations thereof, confronted by the presence/ overshadowing of evil, could affect the containment unto the horizon of itself, the directness of the path unto God/ by which "God" may come thereby clearing away the obstruction of the Planet (material "reality"/ form). 35. Winter of its elements transforming urbanity unto nature itself, a path connecting (together) the interior thereof, ice (of itself) illustrating/ embodying (the basis of) alchemical metamorphosis of space/ time/ rotation, the interiorization of labors corresponding with the means of escape/ alteration of physical/ planetary substance/ plane, the structure which is given/ assembled of self of the benign will of the elements/ lives of which one's higher being consists, the (planetary/ dimensional) system of its volition retaining/ attaining - at some point - the conservation of the freedom/ autonomy of the Creator/ creation of which it was formed. 36. That for the parent the child is a source of light and of life continuing beyond itself, the suffering of bearing the hope of creation itself, that which is of the singularity theoretically affecting the reversal/ transversal/ multiplicity of light/ energy of its destination/ origin, in either sense the differentiation/ similitude of gender types and generations, the past and future and containment of the universality of that which was/ is to be resurrected of/ unto (the) eternal spirit. Death the falling out of one's bones to the earth, the transference of consciousness to the ark or vehicle of one's higher form, the fortification and ascent of the spirit upon earth, the teleporatation amid/ of the world self/ coidentity/ release, space bearing earth the creation/ noncreation of the plane upon which situated or formed, the ghost affecting the re-entry or rebirth through the love which together joins beng reflected in the harmony or ill-will of those persons (nonpersons/ other "beings") involved. 37. Qualities inherent in the sequence and pattern of thought, the conception/ spiritualization/ connectivity/ recociliation/ safe-guarding/ upliftment of the world and its inhabitants - the "people", the growth, maturation, and misfortune (of apocolypse) toward a final or lasting day of victory and peace. 38. From the spore (of cosmos)/ speck of dust, the motility of the waveform segregating/ separating out (from oneself) the light and planetoids of space, fusion of which being the sphere upon/ of which the code of self/ system of being transvolved in empathy for the extinction of (self)/ other thereof, the multiplicity and pre-existence of the thought-form of Creation, the phenomenality of latent/ unfolding ideation by/ unto which discorporality affects the sustainment/ transcendence/ fractilization of its awareness/ appearance of/ unto/ withof itself. 39. Voices of nemesis/ deceiver, being foreign unto oneself in content and tone, seen for its mirage and words of themselves blur, (one's introspection/ labors seemingly accosted for perpetuity limited only to the product of which one shall know or report), the terminology/ semantics of evil of itself serving/ subsisting entirely of false parameters of themselves causing the redirection of logic to the actual truth of reason itself, completing thereby the seals by which the lie of satan is rendered (eternally) powerless and void. 40. Image, having established a basis (the processing/ retrieval of information thereof), the timescale itself, sensing its sufficiency and the imperative of recapitulation (other efforts - of 'self'), suspends the work and method (of information gathering), a deferal to the organization/ context (this being the least of time or commitment involved) - and/or group/ united communication/ rapport - from/ at which the reports are/ would be/ were located/ derived. 41. Word, having of itself the basis of prayer, the superfluity of the wording of these prayers of themselves, that which constituting a system by the containment of a product,

62 a bridge established by its use/ utility of one with the other, spirit of/ from which science/ politic, mutuality and means (of empowerment) emerge (from within/ withof themselves). 42. That which having produced and caused to be all things which of being are, presumably thereby having escaped or transcended to a higher state of consciousness or form - returning or abiding from the means of Creation itself, possession yet or control over the scrolls or screen upon/ of which appearing the leaves of images and fact. 43. From the aura of oneself invoking the illumination (of oneself), the elohim of that which appear of this light, the inversion (illumination) of all that is within/ withof space of itself, gladness of/ withof the multiformity of potential/ structure of/ unto which functionality/ sponteneity/ bearing/ purpose/ light. 44. Polarities from which struck from points on the horizon, spirit holding to (adhering) itself from beyond/ above the fate of this life, of one's disembodiment perceiving the swirling luminous intelligences bringing/ serving the creativity/ upliftment of humanity's volition, surrounded by/ emersed within continuous pulsating waves through which the compression/ affliction of body/ mind, - self-dispersion and/ or discipline, energy capable of disintegration/ transvulgence of/ unto the microcosm/ (self-identity) of that (unto) which it consists or is bound. 45. From within the machine and media form, the conveyance/ reenforcement/ evocation of the message and process of the effort/ cause, the coherence and polarity of the forces of that which it consists/ that to which drawn, the state of the individual affecting/ affected by also the resonance with/ (features) of that which is arisen/ appearing therein. The text/ knowledge bearing the expression/ formulation of reality (that which is stated/ thought to be real) substanding/ substanded by (the awareness of) the living field and environment of itself, the appropriation/ externalization of this information/ potential by the spirit within, the living and deceased the presence/ possession and/or manifestation of the occurrence(s)/ phenomena gathered/ projected within/ upon/ withof the shell or light/ sound mechanism/ machine (of itself). 46. The soul therefore being/ requiring a means of enscription/ resuscitation within the body/ fabric of space time reality form, the unity of light/ image/ sound/ word of that which is given to unfold of/ unto being from being itself, expression of itself being the purpose of learning and thought, the acquisition of the idea or form establishes first the basis/ requirement/ possibility of recollection/ continuity thereof. 47. Brooding over a vast script of words and concepts from which the permutation/ variation of one's impressions were gathered, amidst one's labors over the surface of this plane aware of the responsibility/ entitlement of whatever thing good of language could ever appear being of the community and all persons themselves, therefore affecting the concealment/ folding away of structure once utilized or given. 48. Ages before recollecting the solitude of one's word of oneself, the true energy and electricity of living stone/ rock which one sensed/ apprehended of God's Word causing/ enabling the transference/ coidentity/ ubiquity of one's soul unto itself, the distance of time over which affecting the basis of one's ascent and/or fall/ return unto nature/ society itself arriving regretfully at the end or death of one's life of itself. (In) the absence/ loss of the "other", towards fathoming/ mitigating the basis of the need/ attraction of itself, the temporality of companionship/ amusement/ support and diversity of social relation/ functions, the cause/ occurrence of (physical) union continuing at most only to the abstraction from physical form itself, that which being existentially the center of one's heart in symbol of presence/ form creating/ leaving a hole or shadow in one's aura which (healed) by the negation or mutual absence of oneself makes of the construct/ collectivity the center/ source/ reflectivity of light. 49. The grave emiseration/ injustice of the attacks by satan upon one's soul, from the very conjuration which is sentience or being, calls forth the self-intention of this light/ being unto and withof itself. 50. Proximity of machine/ (parts/ components), effectation of currents withof visor/ telemetry, portal opened from emptiness of space, inscriptions/ implants/ circuit/ connectivity of structure and/or content of brain of itself, presence and state of etherial form, animation/ multiplicity, aspiration and directionality, foundation and flux, united (projection of) force, structure of awareness and web, 51. Meditation observed/ manipulated for purposes of militarization, clairvoyance tracking the detection/ depictation of the grid/ array, other crime, resources, and telekinesis of psychical/ material effect, the vehicle of electromagnetic transmission affecting a similitude of the planes, technocracy being for good or evil the builders/ inhabitants by the ambivalence/ duality of materialistic/ spiritual purpose/ design. 52. The assualt upon the systems of the body - from skull to extremities, etc., parallelling that of the system of society in general, the interconnection and order of defense, joints likewise symbolic of unity, the cycularity and presence of place.

53. Custom producing/ maintaining a filter and lens of international ideology, the individualization of the world view, perception and/or its (potential) significance. 54. cosmos thus a correspondence/ resemblance of/ unto the permeation of life 55. Intrinsic knowledge of the connecting points/ linkages between processor/ data/ display, the current/ field and/or multiplicity/ simultaneity of process, within/ withof brain selective the coeffectors of one's substance, phenomenalization by the photons/ intentionality of the word providing the basis of immateriality/ (dissolution of self). 56. Bringing oneself to terms with (conceptualizing) the expansion/ elaboration/ recapitulation/ maintenance/ deferal of the existing word base, reconciling - at some point - (the) priority of (itself) [with the means of], containment/ closure, the retroaction/ compression/ concretization of the idea/ sequence in an intelligible/ recognizable form, the opportunity/ alternatives of reconfiguration/ adaptation the semblance each of the other produced of themselves, the simulcry of invention (solutions to problems which one has listed of oneself.) wait upon/ withof this frame theoretically approaching absoluteness and/or impossibility thereof, over the timescale the potentials of degeneration and of immediate relevance, thus the fixity and layering of interval/ subject, contemplation of the year (event/ place/ etc.) the infinity/ finality and/or necessity of change, a vortex from/ of which (to) escape or the renewal of itself, timeflux also mirroring the mutation/ corrosivity of one's much previous effort, the precognition of which maintaining/ established each barier of distance from within oneself, rather than a redundancy or blurring of concepts/ occurences/ epiphanies from beginning to end the lifting of the spiral of the unfolding recognition (unto itself), the process/ notion of ripation/ fruition contrasted by haste also demonstrated or proven/ accountable of/ by its moment of testing or force. 57. One's life being literally war (psychical/ environmental isolation/ hostility/ violence) for so many years unto this excruciating end, nevertheless having affected the acquistion/ transportation/ survival/ retrieval of information of upon one's journey of itself capable of the reversal of/ against that which had opposed and been lacking of society itself though also of relinquishment of/ on principle of that which no longer matters, the state of universality - lawful unity - contained and/or affected at/ from its corresponding location/ or levels. 58. Culture/ ideology perservering the diffusion and regeneration of its harmony/ structure, by the spirit of youth the self-sustainment and orgin of activism itself, the plausibility or expectation of maturity/ wisdom/ intuition of the spirit being by the prodigy of its occurrence or self, age viewed the other way the prevision/ perception/ congruity of that which we were/ will become. 59. Ephemerality/ connectivity of meeting/ living space, the poor/ youth/ modest of which limiting/ having limited the size/ weight/ bearing of the construct of form unto themselves, productivity also the visualization/ collectivity of the land base and proximity in and of/ unto the maintenance/ self-replication thereof. 60. Manifestation bearing the potencies/ propensities of horror/ betrayal/ fear and/or trust of itself/ society at/ from a general level, the domain of itself and the polarity/ entanglement/ convictions of ideals of force and/or freedom this one to the other of the realm and potential resultant of/ upon the intrinsic and/or global atmosphere/ or environment. 61. Though each being a spirit and verifiable in the majority of ways, the notion of there being ghost writers which being unseen/ ubiquitous could be the watchers/ informants of that which is presumed concealed or unknown, the winds/ currents/ strata of thought reception/ transmission - awareness itself - theoretically affected/ sustained withof the identity and/or cycle of revolution/ assimilation of the power/ purpose/ plan/ plight/ upliftment of the souls (Creation) which of Legion thereof move/ inhabit/ abide. 62. Babtism by fire, containing/ evoked from the chaos of all that which one must know or understand of truth/ deception itself, the spirit of itself also transformed in this way, the responsibility of the person/ people to the Creator realizing/ fulfilling itself over time to the peace which is unto Israel (all of the Earth). Babtism by water producing/ revealing unity with the pure spirit/ knowledge of life striving towards the eternal containment and magnification (of the mass salvation) thereof. 63. The entity of matter/ space (transformation of self-consciousness), while at once inclusive and indivisible at a certain cosmic place, yet maintains/ requires the possibility of separation/ (self-enclosure) or departure from/ of the detructivity/ enmity/ error which it is theoretically capable of having born unto or perished of the earth of itself. An opening unto the abyss of the uncreated form, faith by one's gratitude toward the light which was/ is shown of the nameless one summoning by righteousness - a means of - vengeance and destruction from the forces (Creator) of the earth, the closing up of which being the redemption/ atonement of life. A catharsis thereby, the moderation of one's anger or mood, another insurgency of violence/ pain and/or cognitive/ psychical constriction or release, the realism of one's

63 condition and the distraction thereof creating/ aligning/ aware of that which is (of) a fantasy with that which must actually at some level subsist or occur. 64. Illumination (of the sphere) being by a point/ points/ ray/ wavefront and/or around of itself entirely, among the stratosphere the auto-illumination of/ unto the departed and/or alternation or conservation (of system) of ecology, these beings within the cells and atoms thus of death provided the means of upliftment/ regrowth, corresponding also with the energy and its accessibility over the grid of the earth, the (innate) impulse therefore towards the mangification/ destruction/ metamorphosis of the surface of being and form. 65. [the power of resistance (over the enemy) contraposing the depths of weakness and dishonor of the enemy itself.] 66. Threads (of information) resembling neurons approaching the capacity (of cogitation of themselves) and/or (by) the arrangement/ distribution thereof, (personal) archives of the connectivity of/ or collective memory itself, action/ relevance a phase of impending obsolescence/ transition. Or also (like unto) gears turning, (the process for) the reconstruction of the analytic mechanism and its alignment with itself, each wall given unto the structure, fabrication of/ from/ unto that which is required of the remaining/ existing materials. 67. Psychical trauma/ (intensive radiation/ comatosis) amid the externality of being or function/ society invokes an illusion/ perception of disdain by/ over the power/ people/ ancestors/ unity which one faithfully has honored and served, the coherence of one's thoughts/ emanations in this setting repressing the inclination/ reflex of self-pity, the refusal or self-release of individual concern with/ for which the consolation and humanization of those present/ together in spirit, a virtual and/or literal infirmity, physical immobility and/or assitance of or by the inhabitants of vehicle which carries to passage. The subjugation by force/ violation, unspoken though psychically known, should one endure and voice one's protestation, a declaration of the war upon oneself and basis of rage, the demand of awareness/ liberation from one's captors to the extent to which rationality and dialogue (freedom/ volition) of justice/ action/ support. 68. Mental/ visceral/ cognitive rigor/ dissonance, being what it is at this time, establishing/ liberating oneself from the word base and computation of one's last remaining will (in 'life'), the priority and exactitude of which sustaining/ invoking the systemic interplay/ tensing/ reservation of synapses with/ untowards the opportunity of each day - and work of consciousness - which remains. 69. In the way that the trunk/ branches of the tree in the splitting of the board resemble the interconnectivity of wombs and of births, the eyes therefore within one's mind opened or closed, the casing of one's spirit/ home being also symbolically/ pragmatically of "stone" for its permanence, illumination/ vitalization/ recollection of sentient substance, the transition of/ towards reality the enscription which is printed unto space-time of itself. 70. The Spirit of the Ancient of Days and Collectivity thereof, existing within the portal or edifice from which IT appears, being thus seated and arrayed by the servers of/ unto itself over among the (imaginable) domain of field/ factory/ etc., about this centerpiece or alter (of light) the illuminous objects of recorded awareness sustained of themselves, layering about themselves as mulch unto the soil thereof (the subsurface of life), the inhabitants of the Spacecraft circling about (the form of transport) like a halo or planetary rings. 71. the individual/ microcosm/ autonomous domain, being of itself the data moreso/ rather than the mechanism itself, thus affects the transmigration/ simulcry of the horizon and surface. 72. Pain the sense of separation or loss/ disconnection from the joy and happiness of the ordinary/ nonsuffering life, discovering of itself a capacity of vitalism (of psychical content/ form) at a microtonic scale by which there can be the concurrence/ mutuality of concept and form, visualization by which the detachment unto sentience and awareness of light of itself absorbs the life or longing of one's body or heart. It being the electroplasticity of the blood or water which enabling the experience of emotion (in the warm or positive sense) which attracted Creation to the inhabitance or being of form, the stability or fixture of this substance or its release correlates with the sensitivity/ isolation of that which is sensed and registered from the nonphysical levels of that which remains unseen of oneself. 73. The allure and luster of the womb, being the genesis of the body and world of itself, invoked from within one's heart, enables there to be love of Creation (for/ of) the universe of itself, beyond/ withof humanity the beauty (artifice) of reality/ nature, whether an illusion of ascendence/ freedom, the generality of access to the spirit or nonphysical form/ the soul of creation - the bridge by/ of/ unto which approaching/ constructing the experience or reality of death/ fear (war)/ life, etc. the prolonged allegorical gestation of the thought body could also have served to establish (an example of) the multidimensionality and variation of systems of which the vehicle/ being is formed.

74. A film/ script the development of which could (have) result(ed) in any number of parallel universes, nevertheless the process towards the conclusion of the one existing path which shall be. 75. At some point any and every guilt of one's past - or past lives - yet haunting one to make of one's fate retribution beyond the mere misfortune of itself, will by its selfexamination uncover and absolve the cause/ affect of ignorance and the psychical reprecussions thereof, therefore by this process/ effect of expatiation affecting/ reclaiming the innocence and transformation unto the solar angel of itself, the intentionality and perception of which being one with God in the final judgement and/or upliftment of humanity (the capture/ containment of which in language/ consciousness deermined by/ of/ through the awareness/ reality of this 'being' of itself). 76. Towards the uncovery of a state of psychical security or grace, realizing the ephemerality of all that which could change or disappear of one's place or its attachments thereof, faith in that which exists unto/ withof the kingdom of the Spirit multiplyng of itself unto the illumination and perception of those which are the eternal energy of love and light of itself, from this the courage and stability to accept the unknown/ uncertainties of society/ life. 77. Being yet in infancy, the spectre of blood and departure, all that which would be/ had been required of knowledge of spirit for the confrontation/ acceptance of itself to occur, fear and the ghost of which being one's greatest/ nearest ally or friend. 78. A theoretical nonreliance upon oneself (for the expression of terms) also demonstrated by the procrastination of this work, the separation of oneself from the attachment unto form in general, passage of/ unto the group continuity/ perpetuity. 79. Arrangement of information upon/ over a spreadsheet/ columned paper - and with a self-inventory/ list of all forms/ sources of information themselves - enables the accessibility/ visibility/ utility/ connectivity/ familiarity/ metamorphosis of/ unto the library/ scroll which is/ was of oneself once known. 80. Alienation from society necessitating the adaptation of/ unto that which could be accomplished of isolation unto and of the means of itself, the purpose of the selffulfillment/ liberation of one's fate. 81. Whether or over/ by these years of chastity/ service the state or qualities of saintliness appear or persevere, the recognition of the suffering/ virtue of the other of itself, the pragmaticism and/or possibility of a companion for one's care that which being sanctified/ consecrated by/ unto the calling of one's faith. Persecution/ torture persisting in one's journey undermining the possibility of life, devastation of hope and nearness of sorrow forlorn, humility and the alcove/ heart of the eternal cathedral, if of oneself to stand in defiance of this suicide and/or die of/ upon/ for the mission itself, despair over the (seeming) impossibility of that which cannot be found (by age or circumstance) abated by the increments of trust and eternal affection/ repleteness of/ unto (the realm of) Spirit of itself. 82. The (potential) vulnerability of the corpse upon burial to removal/ disruption thereof correlating with the existence/ fate/ possession of replicant form and those which carry/ possess, likewise being unconscious under the care of the surgeon/ physician susceptible of implants/ tampering/ hypnosis for which there being oversight or trust of the act of aid/ healing unto itself. Fear of pain or death from surgery/ hostility/ labor/ or some natural cause/ terminable disease all at some point could otherwise provoke a confrontation with the reality of death, acceptance of which being thenceforth the generality of its experience/ appearance/ nature/ form. 83. An unavoidable conception regarding the psychical anomoly/ occurrence (of self) is that by whichever mechanism - inadvertently - affecting the transmission of itself being a violation of the natural order and rights of all humanity exonerating the unfortunate termination of/ by the mechanism itself, temperance (of forebearance/ contrition). 84. Creativity channeled of/ unto/ through the introspection and ennervation of self, the counter assualt or obliviation of frequency of substance (of) itself. 85. The death of the body, in this manner of form in particular, being like the earth splitting apart, the sun being one's angel and the heavenly realm connected to one by a thread, the fracturing of (one's) consciousness frozen in time, the life taken, given, undone, from the emptiness of space a call out to the universe at that moment of time. Thereby connecting/ connected with the higher self, the aura of truthful radiance which one loves - creating a shield against the assualts of darkness and pain, the sensory level at which aware, the altitude above the body of which one's receptors are bound, the thread unto spirit forming also a tether unto/ withof the body/ mind of itself, the subsumation within the form of consciousness for protection from the illusion/ appearance of lower levels of space, the miniturization of the physical size of the aura producing/ sustaining the vastness and omnipresence of/ (merger unto/ with) the astral plane or cosmic reality,

64 86. the light of which being (of) the stars of themselves, illumined points circulating about withof one's neurology or mind/ and heart of one's being/ soul, the host withof which the true faith and love of Creator brings forth the reflection of creation itself,

that such animosity could ever possibly be real (the hatred/ murder by/of race/ class taking precedence or subsuming the State unto itself), the consequences of pride/ ill will relating also by analogy with the peace (process) and/or ecology of earth.

87. electromagnetism and cosmic/ solar winds, emanation of the one light at each level and depth of the spectrum of itself, the glow of the sun dispelling space of its shadow,

100. The threat being, other than death or injury of itself, that the unbearableness of the pain will force one into the hospital and/or (mental) institution, towards effectively the sterilization of one's life and social cause,

88. mind being of its quadrants, the partitioning of the walls of which its prison is formed, amidst which dissolving the veil of flesh, the eidetic circulation of energy and colored light about/ withof the central point/ nexus of self-awareness/ identity, 89. from one's enmeshment/ stasis waking unto/ from the imperative of one's end, the transubstantiation of the individuality unto the form of one's ghost, the purposivity and sight rendered of the dust of which one was formed. 90. Recollecting the causes/ experience of anxiety and worry throughout one's life and previous existence, and these in general, those which are existential being resolved by great effort set upon yet over the weak or vulnerable by and thereof those which are imposed, inhabitting now that which is free or reformed, though in balance with itself, the timelessness of shelter which cannot be lost or destroyed, the omnidimensionality of the realm encompassing the distance, scale, and similitude of its constituent regions or domains, whichever one's choice, the potential difference, the chain of sufficiency. 91. The ceremonial practice/ practitioners of society being/ reflecting the illumined state and/or potential thereof stand between and transcend that which considers itself rich or poor, the great fortune of awareness, of one's rights and the means to acquire them, the veil which had been cast over the centrality of State (though lifting of mind), the inaccessibility and submission to that which has dominion or rank, could entice or deceive those who wish or accept a similar status through money or power, the hierarchy unto or out from which being its alternative. 92. Those employed to perpetrate this psychological abuse all these years, receiving thereby their pay and the entrapment of a living, remind one of oneself in this way in that one cherishes the source of one's life, though, for the embattlement to end, the aggressor must acknowledge empathy for its host and make the choice to find a way of life not at the expense of another innocent soul ever again. 93. Society of itself, in the absence of war (irregardless of one's victimization itself) would wish not to squander the opportunity of years of being together, complacency towards others the cause of suffering itself, the scale of structure at one's horizon rising up/ broadening out about itself, around the table pieces in the vision and plan of the elective body/ communal assembly/ etc. 94. Those angry or suffering from whichever cause or combination of causes avoiding the joy/ prosperity of others to their further detriment, transitioning through whichever stages of perdition may be towards mercy itself, the persistence of empathy through whichever agency of kindness or support enabling perhaps a niche to be found, an opportunity of production, or else the abandon of society once again by the sufferer, a repitition unto the end of which lying in one's grave or the pit, beyond which one again in death with the unity of life. sorrow of one's sorrow, the intrusion of one's presence among the joyful of being, given for a time a parcel of that for which one knows one has never rendered service. 95. Whether the destruction of one's flesh be rhetoric or reality, even at times dared to continue itself at points of highest crisis or concern, paralleling the global challenge and passivity (for good or ill) of humankind, amid the certainty of pain the possibility of death doth thus approach, towards which one stands watch, calming anger and rage at the distance which held, battling rationality over one's doubt or fear, though the answer be always prayer at all times, avoiding resentment of the necessity thereof, waves of encroaching annoyance/ irritation being deflected by faith from every possibility of intended synaptical breach or disturbance, the (hypothetical) immobility/ repercussions of the ultrasonic force/ weight imposed - and any actions/ help sought in accordance thereof, held in suspension until the basis of this decision could finally (or ever) be made. 96. Intensive/ (cumulative) moments of crisis/ tension producing/ necessitating a further potential or maneuver of psychical elevation/ defense, which then being the maximum of available energies or force, the effort of which potentially minimum of that which one could theoretically enliven or greater endure, this being a spiral of evocation and pressure affecting theoretically the transformation unto transhumanism and/or a (potential/ existing) cyber state. 97. at the root of the great tree, its knowledge and symbols, the aethers upon which written the scrolls of its door. 98. intra/ transpsychism of the listening or unified form, the morphality and/or image of its identity and substance. 99. According to the behavior of each or the expected response, the determination or will of self-motivation and that which shall be its resultant (for good or ill), disbelief

101. liberation of oneself from this threat and/or the confrontation thereof, obligations left towards oneself if one could prior to one's departure. 102. Fear (of one's attachmnet) and acceptance of the reality that one's solitude could/ will persist until the end, appreciating thereby the presence of the people who were with one on one's journey, this vigilance of prayer, the absence in the chamber and luminescence it contains, whether of love or loss the ubiquity and potential of the place, a ghost bearing spirits, whether angels or devils or accepting of self. 103. Able thus, given opportunity and faith, of entering into the gathering of the presence, for itself and/or for the purpose and acknowledgement of fulfilling and/or reconciling the duality of gender/ form/ relation, this being the state of normalcy of the human condition, a vortex of expression, multiplicity, and distraction, an addiction to the necessity of the pursuit of that which in excess/ unfulfilled or unrequited is/ can be a cause of great pain or burning desire, at the extreme of which being above/ outside the planet or within, separated in one's heart and soul from an unknowable attraction, this being merely the illusion or prevision of the higher realm unto itself, that throughout and withall there is the closeness of beauty and loves eternal embrace, though one appear or think oneself to walk alone surrounded/ emersed always withof the groupings and potential of those whom are together (with one) in spirit, [the erasure thereby of the stigma (of oneself) and that of all humanity]. 104. Coidentity with whom (in theory) enabling the disociation (of difference) for the time, accepting to be patient and to wait upon the person or oneself to appear of one's reality, the awareness of death otherwise bringing the priorities (of cogitation/ consciousness/ effort) into focus or alert, the relevance and interest of that which exists of/ unto life of itself, the (theoretical) organization/ derivation of this vortex (of persons) into/ from the hierarchy of social structure and (inter-)communal planning/ identity, paralleling/ correlating thus with the gateways and careful/ lavish wording of diplomatic procedure, the amicability and networking through which trust of/ among the communties/ nations is (furthered) produced or sustained. 105. The worry that one should perish and all of one's work be forgotten and of no avail (no longer accessible on earth) without companion or progeny, is ameliorated somewhat by the prospect (if fictional) of a caretaker or wise person delivering one's archive or effects to a library or group which would understand and keep them for one (for confidence sake). 106. The fracturing/ fragmentation/ cleavage of tissue/ bone affecting howsoever possible the recompression and repair unto its originating condition, thus also the assimilation or attachment unto the prosthetic surgery or part, the minute displacement of muscle/ ligament sustained by the ultrasonic assualts swelling/ bruising pockets of tissue within/ around them which are also thereby prevented from healing themselves, correlating also with the ecosystem and spirit of life, conditions of society, the mutual transformation or effect of growth or global decline/ decay. 107. Gripped so tightly by these waves that one vomits from pain and muscle convulsion, whether capable thereat of digestion itself, if the time of murder/ criminal execution/ slaughter be at hand, whether to panic or if/ until this round of tension reaches a limit, the frequency or emission of the suffering provoked. 108. Perhaps correlating also with being under the ocean depths or the cabin pressure of jet velocity and/or outer space vehicle, absence of pressure (vacuum) and radiation barrier, an endoskeleton of/ under one's skin/ bones lifting/ comprising cyborganic/ artificial suit of armor and strength. 109. Acknowledgement of the existence/ wisdom of the other of itself, rather than signifying weakness or complicity/ treason, merely establishes the basis and necessity of the Watch out upon/ of itself, this being the Beast of the world of itself, the multipolarity of which at each center an emanation of the Ghost or One Life, the Spirit thereof. 110. The further reduced/ nullified one's consciousness/ brain by shock and pain, the closer one identifies oneself with the breath and resonance of sound which is the prayer of oneself, in and of one's body the dwellar thereof, the circulation/ suscitation of the mind center, through crushed by sound through one's chest a harp of light emitting waves of infinite radiance and cheer. 111. The Creator which had given one life, though that life be now lost, could certainly give oneself a new life and another opportunity should life itself exist or one desire to

65 return, the renewal or spring of the spirit with no recollection of ever having died or suffered the consequences of one's/ humanity's iniquities or misfortunes. 112. Psychism (in theory) carrying over into death, the continued transmission proof of what one would then be, intervention against one's murder from spirit conversely evoking the externalization of force into the world of itself, the cloud and net, the witness of the crossing, the precedence of those who entered into and maintained the door unto life for our humanity.

The Imaginary Door - Vol. II (Complete, draft)  
The Imaginary Door - Vol. II (Complete, draft)