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DIAMETRICS OF INFINITY I. MEDITATIVE TRANSFORMATION II. CONSOCIATION OF ANALYSIS III. UNITY IV. CYBERNETIC PHARMACOLOGY V. ADJUNCTUS SEQUENTIA VI. GOAL-FITTING HUMANITY ............................................................................................................................. I. MEDITATIVE TRANSFORMATION 1. Consciousness stabilizes as collective thought gradually absorbs the basic pattern inherent to all life. 2. Several doors open in the sub-logical dream-house simultaneously, causing superimposed feelings from each of several rooms to vaguely direct the current of thought as it winds its way out to the bottom-most floor leading out into reality. 3. Being tends to make of itself a circumference of recognizable events. The selfstatement of consciousness would embody the phenomenal word of all knowable behaviors. 4. New civilization formed. Rebuilding rubble gardens. Stubborn flower blossoms. Splitting cement blocks. 5. Thermo-electric micro-conductive interstices actuating the nexus of etheric encryption. 6. The rapport generated between organic mind and its computational intermediary. 7. The course of civilization being wrought out among the oceans and continents of Earth. 8. The concepts that are presented constitute guide-posts intended to illumine and preserve the visibility of any and all acquired attributes and functions of conscious discernment and expression. 9. That basic trust and stability in and of the totality of organizational and operational attributes through which the mind is thus brought into a harmonious and productive state of conscious beingness, withof thus itself, with society, and with the spirit of the ages. 10. Any implicit discussion of the myriad purpose and function that the uniform and universal dispersion and representation of all and any conceivable idea might serve and have served in the development and ultimate destiny of human consciousness. 11. The forces and pressures characteristic of the spiritual and psycho-social phenomenon that is the mechanism of human language and communication, underlying thus the structure of our every behavior and response. 12. The ever-present and all-pervasive existence of the idea thus of itself, as it occurs in and is found through and withof thence to be thus of itself recorded thus of the countless bounds of time and space. 13. The search for an understanding and acceptance of the all-connecting truths which are known and believed to govern thus and sustain thus the motions of the earth and heavens and all that they contain. 14. Every word, phrase, symbol, sign, or image existing thus and conjured thus within and withof the contents of the information with whence one is and has thus of oneself thus of and through thence identified oneself thence. 15. An appreciation of and for the all-encompassing framework of conscious activity and awareness.

16. A reservoir of existing and prior consciousness through whence to diffuse thus and strengthen the current, future, and existing energies and potencies of self-awareness and expression. 17. Philosophical and conceptual artistic activity and endeavor arises out of the spiritual faith that our efforts to revive old memories of our homeland somehow projects us supra-consciously into a dimension of thought attainable by all who carry with them a token for the temples of life-worship. 18. That thus were and are thus - and yet must be - revised and redistributed the systems of industrial manufacture, throughamongst the conflux of interconnective and transactive service branches, in accordance with the given nature and effectivity of environmental and sociological demands, within thence thus the existing constructs of societal and governmental regulations, of whence thus and beyond the directive and prioritized utlization of local, state, and federal resources there is thus the theoretical redemptiveness of socio-cultural boundaries and existing and alternative structures and organizational designations. 19. How from ethnic and communal groupings of regional land-use and possession and geographical alignment the diffusion of technical knowledge and ideology affected the control systems of thus the thence established institutions of national and religious identity and thence thus the course and activity of human events, and how this pertains to the current world environment and ultimate shape and destiny of human civilization, God the Creator thus for and from the all of time conforming the earth unto the purposes of His Eternal Spirit, life thus granted throughamongst in accordance thus unto the judgement of His Ways. 20. Thus having spanned and retracted oneself from amongst the fields of all existing and potential self-realizations, which together constitute and withof thence phrase the awareness of the human mind and that which is created and informed unto the vital being and pattern that is given forth thus from withof that which is thence thus withof thus that which is thus the living soul, and obtained through thence an understanding and foundation of the framework of abstractive contemplation and substantive reconfiguration, for thus the unfolding observations of space and time, withof the conjunctivity of historical recollection and expressive biblical and experiential truth, while therefore likewise and thenceforth upholding and maintaining the inspired nature and essential divinity of God's witness, reserved and gathered thus for a record unto Himself throughout the ages. 21. Consecrated energy forms. Pathways of beingness mindfully honored. 22. A context for the revitalization of all existing information. 23. Intellectually determined to quantify the constructs of phenomenal activity. 24. Recognition of the roadmap to universal prosperity. 25. Used the data we collected to simulate, and the simulations to direct the course of our experiments. 26. Actuality of the multi-tiered conflux and the resynthesis of all directive temporal awareness. 27. Whether the self is in conflict or not, it becomes unified in the perception of transtemporal events. The reallocation of the parameters of inter-dimensional coincidence. 28. A fundamental description of the groundwork of international commerce. 29. The alignment of the soul with the spirit, the individual self with the all self; chemical, spiritual, mental, and biorhythmic synaptic residue and recalibration; nerve response; glandular secretions; serenity thus a concise neural transductive convergence, routed through the cerebral cortex, the mechanism of language, memory, and sensation being thus likewise contingent also upon the conditions of habitational insularity and conscientious consideration, having thus added and elaborated unto and withof itself towards thence thus these specific and existing purposes of retrieval and renewal. 30. An impartial interpretation of the ideals and purposes set forth in the interest of establishing the order and relationship thus existing amongst the attributes that are thenceforth of conscious manifestation discerned and progressed towards and withof thus those further and accurate of existing summations. The circulation and intuitive progression of all acquired impressions of visualized abstraction, withof and towards thus the accomplishment of the routine unfolding of the mundane details of existing reality, the rationalization that is brought thus about through trust and faith, of thus the variables that thus determine thus the qualities that thus affect and have thus affected thus the awareness and existence of the conscious mind and self. 31. Accept and honor thus the processes thus of living thus devoid and irregardless of any undo or untoward renunciation or resentment of the presence of that which would deny thus or call into question thus the life of that which is thus the presence of the being and purposes which are of oneself sustained thus in and of thus the existing thresholds of one's awareness.

2 Love the soul, that is above and beyond any mortal duties and affectations thus incurred, for the joy and happiness it need itself thus someday fulfill, and despise it not for the negativity it may have or has yet thus itself seemingly displayed. This because of and in conformance with the application of the divine directives, the inspired Word of its essence restricting our reactions against ourselves, to the effect of the eventual and ultimate establishment of our character, thereby for and of thus the all of time thus proven thus of and unto itself in all righteousness, truth, and faith.

44. The theoretical structure of contemporary physics, refined over several centuries of systemic investigation and review, stands as a boundary inside of which any idea concerning the nature of the universal substance is applied towards the outward demonstration of practicable results.

32. In the world of light there are no irrational fears, simply activity and purpose, knowledge and understanding, freedom of spirit and peace of mind.

46. All good things are also possible.

33. The knowledge of materials and chemicals that is used to produce and to engineer both physiological substances and remedies and observational and functional machineries, at and towards the scale of factory and cybernetic integration. 34. To limit the number of transformations in awareness to a repeatable and reversible pattern of interchange, that consciousness may restore and integrate from amongst the attributes of intrinsically diversified areas of abstractive and conceptual development, thus showing how each dynamic of existence as such impacts and is impacted by the other at any moment in time. 35. The mass of our inventions both demonstrates and harnesses these principles and potencies of analytic observation, withof the range and spectrum of sustained and elicited directive mechanical energy and force conversion behaviors. 36. It is the process of separating the phenomenon, even if into arbitrary divisions, which brings the phenomenon itself into view, establishing, if temporarily, the requisite mental pathways and trajectories of spontaneous configuration. Midway between the efforts of business and the active implementation of national security objectives stands the existence of government agency. Minimizing these events are artistry and culture, sublimating and transcending them is ceremonial expression, uplifting and adapting the population to the sum of its concerns is the goal of education. 37. The eternal shrine, the holy land as a dimension of redeemed spiritual existence, from and unto which the lordship of Christ is manifested and revealed. The soul is therefore seen to suffer where it has exiled and alienated itself from the ordained plan and foundation of ethical conduct and national accountability, as a people, and therefore as a sovereign and self-governing population, unto whom is entrusted the responsibility of dominion and guardianship of the world of Earth and passage to the world that lies beyond. 38. The elevative and coordinative differentiation of self-awareness, unto and throughout the trajectories and corridors of conscious growth and evolution, comprising thus vast sums of phenomenal behaviors and developments. The tendency being the sorting through, from amongst the various accumulations of categorical imperatives and transitional projections, from and for those items that are of immediate and practical relevance concerning the inter-relationships existing amongst each and any particular sphere of activity and spectrum of actual and theoretical realizations of transformational ideals and events affecting thus the qualities and dimensions of the contemporary world scenario. 39. The idea is to acquire an adequate foundation of knowledge, and maintaining its existence and the awareness despite anxieties and social pressures. 40. A theoretical and inter-directive strategy for the culmination of the resource materials required for the retracing and pictorial representation of the evolutionary pathways of architectural, electro-mechanical, and bio-systemic engineering, from the origins of scientific development, through each successive generation of divergent and convergent innovations, setting aside, or rather compartmentalizing, the historical context and paralleling influence of thence concurrent and existing transformations of society and civilization of itself. The decisions being made of which technologies to implement, from withof the variegated and separative interests, thereof towards one or another of the valuative promises or ideals for the eventual and further progress of humankind, towards and withof thus the possibilities considered and existing for its immediate and distant futures. 41. Instead of attempting to describe the depths of solitude, or of attempting to safeguard against the many causes of its indignation, it is often easier to await a new beginning, whereof some form of unconditional love might suddenly and unexpectedly appear. 42. No one is to blame for not having received the teaching earlier. Once it is received it will find its furthest edge with a minimum of guidance. 43. In order to thus facilitate, in all members, the desire and the capacity to integrate the functions and attributes of the municipal infrastructure, that all may participate and shoulder the responsibility for the equitable balance and conservation of total resources, towards and withof the task of a sustainable existence.

45. That there are so many diverse phenomena, the continued existence of the ordinary is cause enough for amazement and wonder.

47. I wanted to be where I understood myself to be a full and equal citizen of a responsible and productive fragment of the national and international community. There I could learn and labor without any undo restrictions on personal liberty or the expression of belief. I've pictured this place as a spiritual destination, an unformed ideal, to which I've clung and toward which I've projected all aspirations for so long that to abandon the course of action now would seem like an act of cowardice and of failure even to approach or to put to the test thereof one's conceptions of oneself in accordance with the actuality of the envisioned plan and path of being. Surely, disappointment could await, and reason enough to doubt, yet moving forward thence the focus of existence will have shifted, the strength of one's encounters and not the irreparable and irretrievable nostalgia for the familiar patterns of one's former self, determining and revealing thenceforth the location and conditions of one's belonging in society. 48. The gates are opened, people, products, and information entering and exiting for a variety of interests, daily, hourly, instantaneously, those who are stationed within solidifying for their duration the integrity of each accumulation and conglomeration of centralized and densified business and residential inter-trajectories. 49. There are many forms and causes of suffering, spiritual torment, seeming isolation, anguish, and despair, all of which are attributable either to separation or disobedience of God, the one source of Hell and architect of all eternity, which nevertheless are exempted for through faith in the absolute purity and congruity of one's actions and one's motives. All anger, frustration, and confusion, which could occur as a result of betrayal and offense, has its precedence and solution contained in one or another passage of the inspired word of truth. Therefore, realizing that all wrath and pain and feelings of hopelessness inflicted upon humanity throughout time for its wickedness and transgressions are testimonies to the power and purpose of the living God, it is evident that our redemption from the certainty of death is provided for through our acceptance of the commandments of righteous conduct that are implicit in the inner and furthestmost attainment of the merciful gift of divine grace in the certain knowledge of our salvation and resurrection unto Life, there being one who defeated through Himself once and for all the enmity of the world. 50. The democratization of the bulletin of illuminative factuality. 51. The organization, collation, and self-transductive rotational display of each item and concurrent system of item, object, group, sign, character, language applications from withof thus the bounded trajectories and frames of stored reference and newly appearing strands of thus contacted awareness-information, the consciousness of humanity processing, restructuring, and re-envisioning from its experiences the mechanisms of its interactions with reality. The magnetic and requisite operational displacement of conscious activity and purpose, the qualities and virtues that are consciously and subconsciously communicated with oneself from the resulting accessibility and patterns of habitual utilization of thus the existing chambers, booths, and corridors of the surrounding environmental infrastructure and interiorized dimensions of virtual thought and space convergence. 52. If it is known how global economics affects and influences the harmonization of world events, the connection of one's individual business and economic activities to the global economy will acquire further significance while approaching the absolute value of its possible implications. 53. The transition from man in his natural state to man in his laboratory condition presupposes the vast interconnections of civilization and development. 54. A contemporary understanding and historical appreciation of the emergence and organization of all existing and previously existing forms of national governance and an observation of the variegated trajectories of their mutual interaction. 55. The types of information which are consciously selected determine thus the immediate and enduring visibility of certain fundamental processes and understandings. The range of industrial activities and facilities integral to the commonality which are unseen or unnoticed in the routines of daily living and absent from the general content spectrum of media coverage and societal presentation may quite easily therefore escape the awareness of the existing population.

3 56. The building of that which is consecrated to the containment of the divine, a place for prayer, contemplation, and the recitation and interpretation of the laws of spiritual conduct and belief, the perfect order of which all outward action attempts to embody and convey.

promptings of intersynaptical transception, effulgence, and transveyance of cooperative living initiative and active conscious self-perception, of thence coexisting, concurrent, and convolving frames and interconnective streams of information and retransconfigurative psycho-physiological revaluations of existing phenomenal reconvergences and inter-subjective life-parameters.

57. The trans-dimensional coordination of inter-functional parameters. 58. The refusal to authenticate the existence of anathema. 59. The gathering and dispersal of the products and machineries essential for the accomplishment and furthering of each specific contribution of activity and awareness. 60. There are in existence certain treatises and textbooks which eximplify their corresponding subjects with such accuracy and resourcefulness that to bring them forth from the stockpiles of media exchange is the profound responsibility of individual and collective reasoning and reconsideration, relying greatly on the recommendations of those who have specialized themselves in each of these departments. 61. The abstract contemplation of scientific processes should illumine and find reference among the perimeters of one's actual corresponding habitation. The service and types of service each trade group represents can therefore be placed and integrated unto and from amongst the existing grid of one's immediate pathways of experiential observation. 62. Anticipate the abrupt scene change sending one's mind into and out after tangential lines of conscious energy and thought. Through thus the beingness of light that is the consciousness of self remains thus focused on the unveiling of the heart of the world's highest knowledge and ever-existing observation of, and where relevant and applicable, interactive involvement towards and among, the inter-dimensional attributes and transitions of self, within and without the constructs imposed and conveyed unto and withof thus the existing reality of the awareness and being of existence itself. 63. Agricultural productivity and transmutative extracted resource refinement are adjusted from the sustained and established patterns and requirements of the existing world market and intrasocietal domain. 64. The only evidence is in the balance of incidence. That is to say, nothing has developed out of silence and disregard. 65. It is the immersion in the dynamic and living energy of God the Spirit, invoked without malice, which has and will have thusforth liberated thus the earthly being from the every influence of despair. 66. The fewer things that occur to me, the less complicated is my existence. Nevertheless, what I conclude thus and say thence on my own behalf thus has and will always thenceforth have with certainty thence thus exonerated thus my condition completely. 67. The infringement of evil can only serve thus to affirm the necessary and furthestmost omnipotence of Good. Thus, through the transformative vision of the advent and restoration of Christ the voices of darkness are imprisoned and made thus irrelevant and still. Though cruel and senseless demons may corrupt and exploit the soul of thought, abusing the sacred privilege in the effort to unlawfully inflict damage to the heart of a fellow being, the day of sincerity and reckoning will inevitably prevail. 68. It need be remembered that it is God who spares, and that it is God who redeems, and never the individual through any contrary or external means, there being to oneself the requirement of reasoning through and conforming steadfastly to the attributes and qualities of constant obedience that are given to us through the Word of Truth for our salvation, the path that leads and connects us to Life setting the one foundation and basis of our harmonious interaction with Reality, both of the Earth and of the Divine. 69. When not being thus diverted by, or otherwise irreconciled amidst the multitudinous confluences of routine and circumstance, I, too, require intellectual invigoration and conscious reaffirmation of belief. Great thoughts about the universe do not thus of thence seem thus any further thence to occur thenceforth naturally thence of thus. It takes much effort to produce and of thence thus sustain thus a useful and motivational fusion of the active and existing energies of vision and awareness. 70. The world is animated by a variety of spirits. To them it is given to obstruct or to convey, and for oneself to differentiate from amongst them all the one path that weaves throughout. 71. The graphical categorization of the existing concentrations of monetary influence and accretion, should, through itself, reveal the logic, relative equilibrium, and corresponding disproportionality that are applied and have developed across the unified spectrum of human endeavor. 72. The suffering strains of irritability and imperil are thus traversed and contravailed from thus amongst the conceivably diverse trajectories and hypothetically convasive

73. I could either be reminded of how furious at these invaders I ought to be or attempt to further suppress the awareness of their activities enough to actually progress towards and withof the inclusivity and correspondence of existing mental faculties. 74. At this time, perhaps, it is once again imperative, for the self-intelligibility of the existing document, that I explain the course of events which has accompanied and interspersed the unfolding premises of transceptual reconcurrence. 75. There are voices of various beings here, who seem quite undeniably to listen amongst and speak directly into the interior of my consciousness, from thus through a certain wall of the building I inhabit, if not from the very atmosphere of the out of doors, enunciating a frequency and pattern of word codes of varying coherence and unmistakably disconcertive intentionality of origin and premeditated scheming to undermine and disorient the foundations of my thoughts and volitional control of selfawareness. 76. The existence of those rooms designated for the free and open exchange of public information. 77. They are ruining my life. I try to ignore them as much as possible, but they are the cause of such incessant grievances and pain. I do not want to live here because of them. 78. I have lived for several years in a house where I could not stay, although this, of itself, does not account for the loss of connection with society. 79. I was consumed by my own ideas, and sure that what I had written had gained for myself the trust and support of certain illustrious figures of international negotiation and development. 80. Around the circle I went, revisiting images I had conjured, discarding material I thought was unnecessary and inaccurate, reworking passages and changing words and phrases at the slightest sense of error or ill-omen. 81. The fact that most anyone and everyone could and does now appear to possess the ability to listen to and make reference to my thoughts and actions and to know the most intimate details of my existence and innermost memories of self was eventually acknowledged - it is they who are speaking hurtful things into my mind while I am trying to live inside the quiet space of my personal dwelling who are the problem. 82. The search for the joy and positivity which are revealed unto oneself through the invocative contemplation of the promise of a harmonious existence, the simultaneous belief in and awareness of the creative accomplishment of the human enterprise, through which the soul is nourished and enlivened, is constantly being disrupted and dismantled, and the personality subsequently deprived of all motivation and initiative, to the extent that it would seem futile to invest any further or unnecessary attention or expense in the existence of an environment which can neither flourish nor progress. 83. Learning spans beyond and outside each one specified field and function of coordinated activity and inter-societably regulated and equilibrated endeavor of freedom and necessity, in order to make accessible and understandable the interconnectedness and unity existing among and conferrable unto the acquired resources and reindividuated references created thus from withof the spectrum of collectivized knowledge and inquiry unto and concerning thus the various strata and existing foundations of conscious experience and expression, as or as not presented thus and structured in terms of a required competency towards the types and examples of problem-solving thence encountered. The absorption of information can proceed indefinitely and in determined intervals provided that there is a sufficient allocation and intensity of valuative interest and time, and either a normative absence or surpassing of the hindrances of heedless repression and unfounded socio-pathic or obsessive demonic opposition. 84. If I were to leave this dwelling now, where my living expenses are at present minimal due to an existing arrangement with the presiding members of the family and residential hierarchy of transference, before having accomplished and reinstated what I consider thus the primary features of a well-rounded curriculum, the requirements of gainful employment at the wages of the relatively unskilled labor force of which I remain and could quite possibly forever remain a part, may or may not disparage or differ the active participation and involvement with the concerns of the thence existing community of informed and functioning adults. 85. The concept that these voices I hear could and need necessarily thus be the sanctioned representatives and executioners of the will of the aforementioned family, is, of course, given thorough consideration. However, the outward semblance and demeanor that my family has recently presented of itself, and the calculation in my

4 thoughts of my intrinsic worthiness to them as a devoted and respectful individual, cause me to question the absolute validity of this claim. 86. If I do not speak to the voices I hear, then I avoid the destructive energies of emotional attachment. Applying this principle, it is found that the sickness and fiery tension which had arisen at their words were the result of the anger towards and objection to the mere fact of their existence, rather than any actual properties of the concepts that are thus signaled, however seemingly absurd or sinister these might at any one moment in time have thence appeared. I may, however, speak to myself about them, whenever necessary, thus redirecting the feeling sentient aura towards pathways of healthful energy and faithful perseverance. 87. Although determined to remain here, if necessary, the window to another place has itself opened and in a new light appeared. 88. Then again it seems that the constant destruction of my solitary quietude, for whatever purposes it may have originated, could be turned to my advantage for a furthered duration, if applied toward the absolute disciplining and continued refinement of my every thought and action. 89. It will remain to be seen then whether the move towards a more permanent location of residence will actually resolve or conclude any or all of the factors involved in the ultimate and thence current plight of my thence existing consciousness of spirit and self. 90. After having corrected every possible deficiency of character and rechanneled every conceivable absence of purposive societal ambition, and given that the assualts of darkness continue unabated, there was nothing else that I alone as an individual in this household could accomplish or endure. 91. No sooner is this said than that the scope of the conflict is brought back within the limits of tolerance, however subject to personal interpretation and thence transitory in scale and nature these limits are. 92. Creative expression takes form within and withof the intravailing aura of ideas and life-occurrences. Technological innovation is a form of this expression, as are ideological, historical, and legislative reconstruction and the types and transmogrifications of physical plane endeavor and bio-physical repair. 93. Industrialization, intensive agriculture, and the applied and cultivated efforts of the scientific research community multiplied the number of commodities convertible into currency and thus established the early advantage of western economic productivity. 94. The conceived ideal of the federal republic required the trust of its citizenry and the valor of those who would defend with their lives against all which threatens the causes of freedom and peaceful democracy, wherever and however far reaching throughout the world these threats should lie. 95. The alliances and strategic positioning arranged among and between the groups of nations have shifted and realigned themselves according to the pressures of national unity and intercultural understanding. 96. Unlike the human mind and body, the higher functions and intricacies of the electronic machinery can be charted and visualized with exacting precision and detail, these being subordinated to the inter-elemental operability of the thence reconstructed specifications and standards which are constituted and reconstituted thus from withof the existing mechanism and framework of self-instituted and self-instated human environmental alterations and controls, whereas the connectivity of the spirit with the brain and the location of the dwelling of the soul cannot be with certainty reduced to the exchange and transformation of mere particles of energy amidst chemical materials and thence translineated interstructural designs. The ecosystem of roads and power structures is therefore interwoven with the ecosystem of geological and biological development, the diversity of which contrasts, challenges, and inspires the human imagination, ingenuity, and intersocietal optimibility, resourcefulness, and quantifiable sustenance. 97. Prototypical abstraction will inevitably combine elements and attributes from existing technologies, extending and retracting the possible into either known or untried configurations of self-adaptive and inter-responsive capabilities and projective interfunctionality. 98. From established points each conglomeration of thence self-identifiable transitional centers of thence activated and existing substantive interests and concerns thereof thus radiates out its nebulous qualities and agendas, various systems of life propagating through and among the varying stages and cycles of order towards the intuited ideal of transvergent completion and thence convergence, transference, and at-onement within the divinely transfigured and apportioned firmament of universals and absolutes, beyond thus the every immediacy and requisitioning of temporal phenomenalistic exertion.

99. Uncovering thus the vortices, transdimensional attributes, and conjunctive pathways of intraplanetary and multi-national operability, constructivity, exchange distribution, product diffusion, and geosynchronous observation. 100. Display, in accordance thus towards and withof each delegated and designated occupational and inter-functional requirement and restive or extraneous recreational and existing democratically or intersocietably participatory propensity, from thus amongst any of the existing cycles and processes of temporal convergence, the intuited pathways and determinative practicalities of circuitous metabolic and inertial transmodulations of material and intersubjective responsivity and inflective transvergence of interdirective activity, instrumental reflexivity, and transoperational control, computational processing, informational awareness, and visceral and emotional experiential transmergence. 101. Various agencies, therefore, at varying depths of bureaucratization and corporatization, monitor, regulate, and deliberate amongst the various features of the economic and social environment. 102. A list of elements and compounds, derived thus from withof the differentiated attributes of naturally occurring forms, and thus the means and time-frames of the uncovered and existing functionality, environmental prevalence, integrative synthetic feasibility, and thence substantive inter-structural architectural applications, withof thence the abstractive principles of numerical and spatial measurement and intersystemic geometrical and organic distribution and arrangement, paralleling thus the existing convolutions of the apprehended word and thence inputed concept of thence the established interrelation of existing world phenomena and ideas, the motion and responsivity of electrons and subatomic forces which activates and quantifies thus the qualities of energetic containment and transmutative metamorphosis of which a given form of the universal foundation is thenceforth known and believed of thus to thus consist, withof thus the convergent spectrum of intuited and self-regulatory intersocietal obligations and humanitarian concerns. 103. The heart must realize at what not to look, and to what not to respond, if not to diminish the living vitality of God, through Whom, in the conception of all that is as far transcending of oneself, the eternal beginnings of each word are conjoined and the every variation of life and awareness is found. 104. The more extensive its accomplishments the more esoteric a group must seem of thus thence to appear of thus to those who are outside it. 105. The complex system derives its functionality from the group energy and presence through which it is invoked. 106. Wherever these voices are from, and however much darkness resides in them, the soul has never to forfeit the hope of their ultimate salvation. Their spirit may be seen as scattered points of light, through which shine and transmit the rays of love and awareness, regardless of the structure and content of what words there are presently spoken. With time, this approach may call forth from them the full nature of divine intercession. If I characterize the voices as being inherently misguided in their efforts to disrupt, suggesting to them and to myself the repeated fact that there is no source of conflict that stands between us, then our efforts may again be turned towards the purely constructive purposes and effects of our mutual existence. There is, of course, a time and cause for physical force and overt hostility. It is simply not here, and not amongst those who have, as of yet, produced and yielded no external damage or outward harm. 107. Rather than be subsumed by the diffuse tension of anxiety, and risk being drawn increasingly towards the error of aggravated resistence, it is necessary to remain subliminally reconciled to the certain and self-enabled recurrence of the light of faith and peace of joy for the existing opportunity of renewed and sustaining, if thus ever patient growth, in and of thus each existing spectra of knowledge and understanding that is thence of thus revealed, while likewise retaining, as far as is possible, one's sense of virtue and the unifying presence and purposes of our ultimate interconnective spiritual destiny and potential. 108. One possible approach to the comprehensive attainment and uncovery of a program of intrinsic abilities is for the logic of the pattern to precede the technics of the pattern, and, after the summation of thence the existing works of presumed intersubjective knowledgeability of developmental research, for the technics to be again thence structurally resolved, in accordance thus with the acquired and deduced familiarity with the intricacies exigent amongst the diversified, equilibrated, and phenomenologically interlinked, interbound, and transpersive representations of the various determinative systems of group measurement and reduction of matter and being to the foundational and characteristic levels of transvergence and inflective transponsive causality. 109. Someone has, through whatever means, elicited - from withof any of the various reoriented trajectories and conjunctions in the already existing and established framework of interconstitutional self-awareness - the suggestion that making liberty amidst the equitable implementation of vital services and ethically justifiable extensions

5 of intercultural autonomy and market consensus - the first priority of the economic and political sphere could originate the portrayal of a humanitarian and information-based society. 110. And then it was again that a further factor was called forth to our attention, resounding and reverberating thence amongst the resulting and reconstructed registrative statement, that the revitalization of the thence existing neighborhoods and perimeters, and their continuously transvolving reintegration into and withof the immediate proximities and community foundations, exemplifies thus, we have thence presumed, another relevant attribute and depth of inter-responsive self-directivity and transadjacent and intersymmetric familal reactivity and thence voluntarily and electively coordinative and retranspurposive abstraction and idealization of thence the theorizable and intrinsic levels and diversified groupings of retransconfigurative interaction and communicability amongst thence the existing constructs and structures of self-actuating conscious activity and retransversibilistic and retransvergistic awareness and transpersal of thence retransversive self-expression. 111. From these remarks it may be understood that the emotional intuitive organism desires foremost the physical approximation of love and interpersonal affection, whereas the spirit may theoretically maintain and thus comport itself exclusively towards the purely phenomenalistic diametrics of thence the interdimensional transformations of sentient causal beingness and mindfully projective interfunctional and thence sustaining life-exertion. 112. Furthermore, it is noted, and from withof thus deduced, that the concentration of the mind at molecular and infinitesimal levels of perception, although necessarily desirable and constructive in the duration and time-frame of their rotation and inculcative exposure, need retain the wherewithall and intrapsychical versatility to resolve and transvolve themselves, at the appropriate stages and intervals of intratemporal progression, out amidst thence the more qualitative features of the primary field of external events and intersubjective convolution. The inverse of this process was intrinsically at work, and can be now thus formally stated as a measure of truth, in the reduction of the mind from its macroscopic transveyances of transgeographical phenomena back through and unto the same rotational centers of thence primary and emotional sentient containment. 113. The groundwork of faith and civil society thence resolves itself towards the perception of thus the existing truths and realities of transpersive causality and actuative awareness, withof thence the concentrically self-reductive transmogrifications and consortiums of interfactual and transpondational currents of thence existing selfdirectivity and purpose, amidst the rationalized and equilibrated reconfiguration of forces that are thereof thus juxtaposed and interbounded throughamongst thence the interconvolving frame of existing events. 114. The transitional inevitability of some form or another of intersocietal organization and deliberative rationalization and checks and balances of entrenched historical institutions. 115. The power that is knowledge over the material environment represents and reflects the accumulated efforts of regional and international collaboration, and, although independent in space and time in theoretical consideration, nevertheless depends for its outward manifestation and practical demonstration on the resources and tools which individual sectors of society have conscripted unto themselves from the totality of observed and regulated societal interactions. 116. The relation of a notation to its graphical correspondence requires the sustained observation and corepresentation of any intermediate formulaic transformations that may take place within the bounds of the existing statement of logical occurrence. 117. In a similar sense, in order to address the problems of global stability, the history of all preceding resolutions and organized events and parameters need be maintained and evoked as a conscripted totality of cognitional portentiality and transposited awareness. It should be realized, however, that any concern over planetary existence is also a gateway towards the mere appreciation for the outward structure of human civilization, about and amidst which the tides of space unceasingly convolve. 118. Conversely, on a scale of decreasing absolutes, one could thus conjecture that the intermediary system requires a less extensive interval of expression in order to account for certain particularistic phenomena of exchange transveyance and accruity. 119. Machines, nature, and the balance and implementation of ideas and thoughtconceptions, which, through their interpretation and unfoldment, orient the soul within the body in its relation to the self-emergent awareness of the Creation of the Spirit, or that fraction of eternity of which the spirit has of itself thence thusly revealed of that which was and is thus inscribed and thereof thus spoken of itself. 120. The will is thus, at times, of course, the crucial factor, in that one's attention must remain directed towards the usefulness of a productive occupation, regardless of any contradictory impulses which may conspire towards the dissolution of the whole.

121. The transference of currency within and among the national boundaries illustrates the processes and valuative levels of prospective economic efficiency attained by each existing interdependent variation and demarcation of representative national and regional currency standards, each nation responsible for its own inner economic development while simultaneously engaging in that measure of foreign trade and multinational business and political integration, and thence requisite conversion of units of monetary expression, it deems appropriate in accordance with its national objectives and from amongst its supply of thence existing capital and developmental resources. 122. That the market was and is thus enabled to enhance both the quality and quantity of goods and services made available to the public and the means and purposes of their equitable distribution. 123. The human vision, inspired and guided thus, as it thus was, is, and ultimately and necessarily need thus be, through both subtle and drastic measures, from and withof thus the higher and highest centers of eternal sentience and divinity, has therefore to be trusted and relied upon through itself to accomplish and further the purposes of societal transformation, having reduced amongst itself the unnecessary and pernicious trends and added those which have tended towards the increasing livelihood of all existing inter-related groups and self-identifiable principalities, adapting thus to the gathering conscience and consensus of reality. 124. The dynamics of electronic machinery thus depicted, outside and withof its practical application and outward demonstration, represents thus a form of literature of avid interest to the mind, there being thus a poetical coherency amidst the abstractive channelling of derived material substantive directivity and transveyance. Further, the condensation of elemental forms about the fires of space and their refinement into planetary spheres and through the biological processes of earth are also evidence of the integrative artistry of scientific observation. 125. The processes operant in earth's central core, when examined in light of all conceptual surface parameters, establishes a neuropathic mechanism through which the individual may interdimensionalize the surface strata of planetary events. 126. Our magnetic orientation and point of rotation and formation within the gravitational radius of the existing solar system, revealed amidst the backdrop of all universal interstellar astronomical calculations, characterizes the illuminance and warmth and atmospheric conditions necessary to maintain the existing diversity of physical forms. 127. The simultaneous circulation and evocation of intuitive blood and energy and respiratory flows within and among the various tissues, organs, and systems of the human body, within and among also the various currents and circumferii of external macroscopic world events approaches the active transcendence of sensitivity and purpose. 128. The stationary operation of auxiliary factory, residential, and business machine units and intervective translational movement of motorized vehicles over land, water, and air, within specified patterns and perimeters of distributive alignment, delineates the realm and progression of humanity's development and dependence among the primary sequence and spectrum of self-adaptive behaviors and internally powered mechanical invention, allowing that the energy supplied likewise augments and harnesses the limitations and external variations of physical force and inferential self-transdirective intracentrical controls. 129. The variations of imagery and psychological transpersion, through and among which the consciousness of life interacts, bring forth through each series of frames a certain finite awareness of qualities, of which those of primary significance and moment need be redrawn from within thus the principal volumes and categorical parameters of their initial divulgence and transvailing perception. 130. The cause was the gathering of information in order to consolidate and strengthen the efforts of societal transformation, whenever the time should arrive that such facts would be of practical assistance and value in the collective reasoning and implementation of subjective considerations and manifest objective actuality. The process of reasoning, in turn, became a refuge against the causeless hatred that was encountered, the hope being that the distribution of ideas and interlinking institutions of shared participation that could ensue would serve to shield and to mobilize those isolated individuals and groups against the dangers and depths of sorrow and repression that were known of thus thence to occur amidst the darkened shadows of humankind, the law of man yet unwilling or unable to intervene against certain unseen forces of injustice, degradation, and abuse, and for which the all-powerful and allpervasive Lord of Hosts has for the present time and times allowed in the ultimate wisdom of His Eternal Plan the elect of less and unfortunate to endure. 131. It is necessary perhaps to retain in mind, withof thus the course of these discussions, the dialectical correlation and intercontingent observation that the underlying motive for the gradual and quasicontinuous exposure and unfoldment of academic core criteria, in the context of a viable trust in the active fulfillment of the shared responsibilities of one's society, may simply be for purposes of intellectual curiosity and expansion, the pattern of self-logic yielding thus and resulting in a

6 furthered ability to think and to contemplate the sciences of life for the mere illuminance and harmonious energy transveyed thus withof the existing awareness of thus the inherent boundaries, trajective intersubstantiality, numerical and conceptual transjuxtapositions, and transvolutionary convulgences which constitute the unified field and framework that is thus the existence of knowledge of itself. 132. The organization and transpersion of knowledge and awareness in the mind thus builds itself towards the comprehension of the interconnected attributes of social and ecological phenomena in order to idealize and materialize a virtual hypothesis and integrative solution for the sustainable alignment and harmonious transformation withof the creative interactive environment of planetary forces, spectrum of self-enabled human potential, and existing priorities of aggregate convergence and transmissive interculturality. 133. The institutions of labor within each municipal perimeter should be arranged so that all members of society may access and substantiate a portion of the money supply adequate to the minimum costs and standards of living and housing requirements. 134. The allocation and distribution of the existing supply and regional self-endowment of resources, negotiated over the duration of economical development and historical and technological metamorphosis, accounts for one of several levels of sociological and transcommunitarian activity. 135. The representative participation in centralized regional, state, and national federation, withof the balance of powers distributed accordingly, establishes a framework for diplomatic relations and enforceable authority. 136. The scientification of bureaucracy, through the department of the interior, represents a transitional domain in the state and collective ownership of property and resources. 137. The pressures applied within and upon the separate governments and societal institutions towards unified and multilateral action with regard to the array of suspect or reputed activities arises both from existing governmental self-interest and the concerned awareness of transgovernmental and organized transnational groups. 138. If one inquires unto the causes and frequencies of death and disease among various populations of earth one can begin to approximate the localized forms of disorder that may occur from any one point or region of spatial confluence and human-ecological demographics. 139. The architectural foundations and building materials through which the various types of living structures are and were constructed allow the floorplans of internal activities to be directed towards the roadways, walkways, airports, helipads, railways, spaceways, waterways, and sealanes, amongst which they are thusly interspersed and logically and jurisdictionally intervolved, withof the cultivation and conservation of the soil and land and animal livestock and wildlife populations and various sites and natures of active resource harnessing and extraction and distributive electrical generation and alignment, networks of system communications, the movement and treatment of the water supply, and waste reprocessing and reuse. The form of the building and arrangement of each property, lot, and field, will therefore reflect, primarily, its function in society, and also its place and location in the regrowth and expanse of the transurban community and inter-continental diffusion of cities and states. 140. Civilization progresses undisturbed so far as food and energy, and the means and use of their consumption, are produced and supplied at an affordable and obtainable rate and the process of cultural and ethnic integration remains politically convasive, barring any unforseen natural cataclysm or disaster, given that no active militia or military group is driven to contest through force of arms or mass of demonstration the practices and ways of any existing governmental institution.

II. CONSOCIATION OF ANALYSIS 141. The energy of societal renewal, among the traditions and cycles of the annual and seasonal course rotation, when and if harnessed and coordinated and purposefully directed among and at each and numerous levels of community involvement, could and is known to yield the immediate and widespread result and historical shift in consciousness and behavior. 142. Surrounding the idea of improving humanity's relationships, with itself and in the interaction of the human environment with the natural world, is the prospect of transcending the illusion of separation and hierarchical control through direct local community appropriation, across the planet, in the management of existing economic and political potentiality. The actualization of this process would necessarily usher in a new stage of civilization and rewrite the fundamental structure of the nation-state as it currently exists. The decision, in order to carry the spirit of its intention, is that of the population itself to make and implement, at its discretion, with careful deliberation and clear

understanding of the issues involved and the underlying reasons for the substantive actions to be undertaken. Ecological, agricultural, infrastructural, and manufactural stability can be thus accomplished at the municipal level through the direct decision-making of the local citizenry, which having reconstituted and confederated the system of regional and national alliance could formulate policy at the grass-roots level which would then be administered by recallable deputies of the elective assemblies. 143. The derivation of technology may originate with a specific mechanical or electrical function within an arbitrarily selected or otherwise predetermined or preconditioned volume of space, within and around which the remainder of functions are likewise arbitrarily interconnected and arranged in a preliminary form until further refined and engineered towards increasing precision and transpurposive intraspansion and, where relevant and necessary, reductive alignment or adjustment of spatial volume perimeters. 144. The chronological and contextual dispensation and arrangement of epistemological groupings and subject headings initializes a unique signature of technological introspection, withof the unfolding of civilization and mankind's spiritual development. The mind thereby steps through and branches out into the realm of spirit, unified in its heart and imagination, while remaining always conscious that the moral trajectory of the medium and the road upon which it travels converges towards and is conformed unto the actions and awareness that are communicated through the kingdom of souls to each intrinsic vessel from the mind of the Eternal Father. 145. The attempt to physically map the universe, from its earliest and earlier inception to its furthest conceivable edge, at and around the groupings of stars and various discernable planets and interstellar events, to and from the abiding features of the Earth and the observable periphery of the solar system of which it is part, relies upon the quantifiable instrumentation of detection, signal interpretation, and speculative conjecture, which may then envelop and often overwhelm the fractional aura of human existence that thence remains in the active precess of one's mentality, lest one allow oneself to merge intersubstantially with the cosmic breath of the word as it transvolves into and emerges amongst and unto the disparate planes and fields of intra-transversive awareness and being. It should be made clear, however, that the image of space alone is not the image of God, and does not account for the specific relationship and purpose for which humanity was formed. 146. The problem of human identity, it seems then, is that our separation of the ministerial, scientific, and political functions of awareness has created a disequilibrium of societal formation, because of which there is an ideological, institutional, and temporal dislocation and disjunction imposed unto the causal inclination towards the enlightenment of foundational interaction and sentient observation, and for which the light of synthesis has realigned itself with the realities of experience and practicalities of the living spirit, of which God Himself has consecrated unto His Name. 147. The primordial interpretation of nature as a conglomerate sum subject to the transsubstantiation of physical and crude matter into higher and more refined states of being has thenceforth thus engaged the human intellect from time immemorial in uncovering and invoking the precise mechanism and spectrum of potential of this evolvement. 148. Obtaining and discerning the variety of chemical specimens and the equipment and theoretical constructs necessary for their quantitative analysis and recombination into useable substances and material form components thus facilitates and elaborates the pharmaceutical and industrial applications of intrastructural technology. Living tissue, in the complex dynamic environment of the microcosmic organism and the ecosystem as a whole, is the sustained equilibrium amongst which our science interacts. The mechanical forces and interconnection of purely mechanical parts, along with the mathematical analysis and interpretation of their prospective behavior, allows the external structure of form to be constructed prior to and outside of its any internal reorganization. 149. The evil spirits, which conspire against the individual human mind and which culminate in the causes of warlike aggression and social brutality, represent the realm of chaos and confusion, against which civilization has striven and into which the Spirit of God has set forth the answer of our salvation and redemption from the flesh. The realm of mortality, conditioned as it is by the confining limitations of natural law, nevertheless allows for the operation of faith in the Holy Communion of the Soul and in the divine apportionment of miraculous transfiguration. 150. The planning and coordination of nationalistic patterns of sufficiency and purpose, involving the stable valuation of a unified monetary fund, returns each municipal center to the priorities of its contributions to its neighboring parts and to the combined sum of its quasi-extricable interdependencies. 151. Whenever tempted by the thoughts of the devil into searching out the ways of depression and doubt, it is then that one need most certainly rely upon and magnify one's immediate and established relationship and connection to God, to whom and from whom our hearts are entrusted and replenished with endless gratitude and everlasting praise.

7 Mercy and justice then radiate selflessly outward at, while thus displacing and disattentivating, those who persecute one without cause, the plight of solace, judgement, and redemption of purposive action and demeanor thus rendered and relinquished to the one who is capable and worthy above all things that ever thus were or are of this and the all of life intervolved. 152. The external alembic, that is the laboratory, technical, and theoretical apparatus, with its separative analysis of solid, liquid, and gaseous discharge and electrical conduction, reflects, at a much simplified level, the transmutation and containment of physical anatomy, the respiratory model of earth's atmospheric pressures, and the universal and panoramic breadth of force and energy redispersions, with and throughamongst the features and processes of the natural world connecting thus the industrial output of human endeavor and concerns, being also a thing unto itself, discreet from all phenomena, in the semblance of the system of actions thence performed, aside from the substantive materiality of its consumptivity and production, in the service of human rationality and invention. The chemical totality of the primary ecology and diversity of existing organisms and geologically foundational and derivational and thence transvolving interderivative and genetic, intra- and intermolecular arrangements of form - and symbiotic chemical and substantive environmental interactions, towards differentiated levels of complexity and intrinsic endowment of transpurposive structure and the progression of conscious awareness, the elements of matter integrated under various conditions and locales into the dynamic plethora of living hosts - and thence the correlative mechanisms of existing speciation and adaptive retransconfiguration of accumulated and redistributed physical and inter-particulate parameters, precedes thus the manipulation of fire and harnessing of the tools of agriculture and development which led to humanity's eventual alteration and understanding of the balance of relations of which it is part, the domination and bloodshed that is part of our nature transformed and conformed unto the higher causes and ideals of the Loving Creator, within and towards whose image our lives are continually redirected and reformed. 153. There is then the notion that a way is to be found of assembling the elements from the subatomic level, as from the quantum spatial field or as from the constituents of the elements themselves, and of thence assembling these elements into any self-evolved molecular configuration, such that any matter could be transformed into any other matter, though in what quantities and for what purposes is open to endless speculation. 154. Those changes which are of relevance, it should be emphasized, are those then which threaten human survival and the quality of life of that which we value in this world. 155. Once establishing and synchronizing the current international pattern and emerging trends of land and water use and productive resource distribution and renewal, notably an elusive task thus in and of itself, the optimization and refinement of the theoretical limits of material consumptivity and environmental tolerance can be addressed and partitioned among the areas and regions of intrinsic responsibility and populational involvement, differing thence, to the extent of one's individual and immediate group of relational endeavors, to the broader perspective and sequence of time of the compository sum of abiding concerns, requisite transvational processes, and further systematization of thence recurring and transproductive dispositions. 156. The simultaneous and integrative operation and visualized mental design configuration of various forms and directions of mechanical rotation - and networks of regulative and circulative valve and pressure interlinkages and conversional effects of intersystem requirements - begins the process of describing the production and transmission of power amidst the sustained observation of the principles applied - and exsisting parameters of the combined unit of each functioning output and practical accumulation of interdirective machineries. 157. The mind is an idea which may be reduced and circumscribed within a finite spectrum of attributes, all of which are necessary for the proper orientation and proportionate development of any particular trait of specific conscious undertaking. The forced and routine exposure to the various forms of knowledge may do as much harm as good in blurring the relevance of the unified expanse and rationalistic expression of their totality, although the benefits of the skills and ideas that are, if only incidentally, acquired may take root over consecutive years and give ground for enduring retrospection and renewal. The fundamental task of education, being itself the motivation to learn and fulfill the characteristics of one's individual identity in one's particular service to humanity, is something that must be accomplished and acquired prior to and alongside the participation in the primary, secondary, and collegiate sequence of classroom settings or otherwise productive learning environments. 158. The organization of information has served various interests throughout time, from the origins of state bureaucracy and the criminal justice system through the various private commercial ventures and inter-coordinative social functions, such as investment, banking and insurance, market analysis, and progressive forms of telecommunications and written and electronic correspondence. Those who reference each national database are permitted clearance according to designated jurisdiction, while themselves accountable for and watchful of unlawful activity and misrepresentation of intertextual

factuation and events. The public record and legitimacy of concerns spans the viability and validity of transconcertive documentation and inter-institutional endeavor. Pure science and phenomenological transvergence informs and transfuses the network of operations with the creativity and vitality to implement and repostulate the variation of services implicit to the foundations of the free market society, the resanctification of the spirit of human existence, and responsivity among the realms of material restoration, amidst the unfolding purposes of divinity, illuminous transcendentiality, transallocational influxivity, and interordinative transveyance. Returning and recirculating the idea amidst the organic totality of human relations is the mission and solidarity of group discipline and constant deportment and selfdeployment towards whichever opportunitites of service thus of thence that are presented. 159. The image lifts itself from the sum-total of framed impressions, overlapping and recoiling endlessly in the mind, during and among the patterned interplay of transitory human conversation. Being at peace with the harmonic intervals that are thus gathered and dispersed, without excessive recourse to written language to obstruct, is the creative balance of existential occupation. 160. The response of each nation to its geographical position, cultural heritage, and historical precedence serves to explain its resulting pathways and patterns of social and political development. Divisions among class relations arose from opportunity and predisposed ability and were perpetuated through formal structure of property caste and ideological tradition. The identity of each people carries the remnant of its past, in its dealings and influence with other societies, while always aware of and susceptible to what is new and universal to all lands. 161. In addition to the unintended consequences and drawbacks of peaceful development and trade, the historical continuum of military and paramilitary organization should be included as of vital relevance in the general issue of environmental degradation, each national border and intervening world power maintaining a discernible or surreptitious level of standing armaments and troops, at a moderate standard of preparedness and actively mobilizing towards an ever-present and ever-changing agenda, about which governmental and nongovernmental decisionmaking processes are evaluated and considered. Beyond and withunto the prospects of war, the complex of the military industrial apparatus and national surplus of productive totality and organizational ability may be and is turned towards and among the construction of infrastructure and distribution of aid and ultimately and potentially the redemption of health and the environment itself. 162. Of the many advantages of corporatized business activity, at the least to the corporation itself, possessing a centralized headquarters for purchasing and distribution amongst various widespread and far-reaching and disparate locations, are, of course, the economies of scale and standardized juxtapositions of product quality and enculturated symbols of trademark value and name recognition. The objectors of the contemporary competitive marketplace, as were also their historical and ideological predecessors in opposition to the hierarchical consolidation of the capitalist formation, could cite the exploitation and debasement of culture and ideas, irreconcilable stratifications of compensation and decisional authority, and the inability to cooperate beyond self-interest in the harmonization of the spirit of collective identity and purpose, the answer to this difficulty being that the range of products is thusways adequate of itself, in the balance of its features, if restricted unto and conformed towards the greater purposes and transformation of societal institutions, artistic forms, faith relations, and transcommunitarian endeavors. 163. While the human population is capable of individual consensus to an exacting number of priorities and concerns, the other kingdoms of nature, such as insects, microorganisms, and plant and animal life, may only be approximated in the diffuse multiplicity and proliferation of ecological connectivity and being, exempting the rare and endangered species and those crops and life-forms that are harvested by weight and number for purposes of human consumptivity and production. Exploring and choreographing the network of life requires both the comparative inventory of each immediate vicinity, extrapolating unto a transmogrificating eidetic template the concentration and boundary expanse of each existing variation of behavior and form, and the supra-regional perspective to collaborate and contrast the diversity of habitat and climate, life-form characteristics, mutual interactions, and the probable reasons and nature of any changes and developments which may occur unto and withof the indwelling preception of the fabric of time. 164. In the effective operation of the mechanical unit it is understood that each system must be described and reviewed in sequence and detail before and alongside being connected in mind as a demonstrable and interchangeable phenomenon of transmutative form. 165. For the sake of clarification of certain earlier and potential incongruities and misunderstandings which may have rigidly codified themselves along and withof the course of expository activity and theoretical speculation, there is the contention that standardized testing is an indispensable means of selecting and determining those candidates best-suited and most-highly motivated towards each of the specialized professions or careers, and of thus thence with institutional backing and formal training accomplished and attained demonstrating and verifying the levels and exactness of their

8 acquired qualifications and abilities. This is certainly true, if also experience itself being of immeasurable importance and informal learning separately tested for the institutions and independent accreditation, and as a means of resorting the varying degrees of mental and interphenomenal tabulation. 166. The expansion and reduction of inventory over the extended duration of shelf life and manufacturer continuation of replacement parts and services. 167. Visualization of the elemental constituents and characteristic properties and potencies of natural phenomena and artificial forms is key to the survivability and transmorphosis of one's immediate environment, notwithstanding what may be derived from the already existing modes of human civilization and society. All that we value or require of the tranception of being is brought forth from reality however were thus economized and afforded the factors and functions of intertransvasive existence and the response of self-knowledge and identity of the human condition. 168. Over the course and progression of each civilization, into the most recent of eras and epochs of time, social and economic structures have altered location and form, in relation to themselves, being thus rezoned and replotted with the movement and awareness of population requirements, building refurbishments, trade, and technological advance, various forms of business induced into and among areas of interest and concern through various regulations, incentives and varyingly justifiable arrangements of interdemonstrable cause. 169. The functions of government were acquired and reinstituted from the founding, liberation, and revolutionary reorientation of each organized nationality and concurrent world-bloc of transvergent inter-regionary alliances, the federation and consociation of provinces, states, and peoples maintaining and relinquishing those powers with which it is entrusted for the protection of the separate groups through the strength of a collective and established sense and presence of directivity and order. 170. Career and multifunctionally task related applications of specific knowledge sets each restricts and transmogrifies the frames of memory, from the unified grouping and demonstration of the potential host of developmentally and inter-intrinsically connected and related abilities, towards a definitive and responsive article of pages and files and programmatical modifications. At certain levels of being the becoming of one thing precludes the existence of another, while at others there is the necessary combination of disciplines and alternation among those parameters that are relevant and required at various frames and fields of momentary transoccurence and alignment. 171. Setting aside and transuming the fixation over the theoretical representation and conjunctive ensemble of the math and sciences is integral to the harmonization of the human heart, if yet our interests coincide in the accomplishment of economic productivity and rehabilitation and psychological maintenance and congrual. 172. Designing and constructing the frameworks of labor should make all forms of labor simultaneously accessible to the student of research, if there are yet, in periods of economic downturn and displacement, certain logistical and competitive obstacles to the participation among the systems of required and requisitionally inter-intrinsical working positions. 173. Temporarily suspending the host of other phenomenological and metaphysical relationships which may transpire in the consociation of reality, from, for example, the electro-mechanical to the socio-economic, industrial, infrastructural, and geophysical consignments, the identification of the chemical process of the living body, from molecular extraction and microscopic examination of tissue and intracellular organization and activity, and from surgical vivisection and the inferential and intravisible observation of systemic anatomical interactions, integrates the current and collective evidence of biological and biomedical undertaking, towards the regulated and prolonged embetterment and comprehension of the conditions of physical, neuropathic, and psychiatric responsivity, modification and repair, and metamorphical transvergence. Our shelter from the immediate environment and organization of community requirements externalizes the diversity of individual attributes and dispositions and reconceptualizes the potentiality and affectivity of our unified culturality, structural and technological acquisitivity and diffusivity, and interpersonal decisions, reflecting also the awareness and belief in the ordinances of salvation and the trans-substantiation of the soul towards and withamongst the plan and foundation of the one eternal spirit of all-creation and all-being. 174. The system of presentation of facts, including tables, figures, and illustrations, in its totality alone can suffice to portray the reality of events which are attemptedly summarized for the sake of registrative inter-logical convenience. The impression of terminological groupings and abstracted information of the field encountered may, at times, convey, however, a sense of the significance of its progession and unfoldment, if while also, in order to sublimate, maintain, and culminate the foundational directives and frameworks of analysis which may transpire and occupy any optimal and existing moment of set parametrical and introspective calculations, resulting in a synthetic transition into unexpected and established realms of furthered conscious and constructed realization and reaffirmation of the fundamental absoluteness of all existence.

175. The coordinate and polar axis grid may either represent the instrumental conflux of numerical relationships or the actual and abstract embodiment of objective spatial configuration. The symmetrical displacement of atomic and molecular arrangement unfolds according to the laws of substantive and material being unto the levels of physical force and overt mechanical conjunctivity and form. There are, needless to say, aspects of reality which are transcendent of these laws, given that they are the product and approximations of finite mortal understanding and conspective human rationality. 176. Exploration of the boundaries of space and the opening of all frontiers through the infrastructure of new technologies unified the efforts of humanity towards the ultimate liberation, awareness, and understanding of itself. Amidst the occultic phenomenon of unseen forces and collaborative mental observations are the abiding testimonies of the character and covenant of God, formed with one particular people, to be inclusive of all others through the actions of the one who is and was to be of and for them all the summation and revelation of His Word. 177. The knowledge and organization of process and observational awareness originated the behavioral grouping of active endeavors, while the understanding of the various regions of numerical and material measurement and experimental arrangement and discovery furthered the nature and variety of processes existing and constructed the systematic conformation of the emergent knowledge-base and interconvergent theoretical and formulaical structure of interdisciplinary and infrastructural parameters and intertransvergent socio-economic, biomedical, and industrial-technological potential of intercooperative and retransconfigurational interalignment and transveyance. 178. The intricate responsivity of the cells of the body and the diffusion of chemicals for structural arrangement and energetic transformation interconnects the microbial, plant, and animal kingdoms in the cycling of the energy and materials of the planetary environment and thence existing spectrum of interconsubstantial transdimensionality, involving the simultaneous and complementary reactions of proto-elemental and metabolical conversion and exchange. 179. The one reality of all phenomenal manifestation, and all the adornments and abstract interpurposive transceptivity of the mind, require a social context in order to emerge into the living expression of their totality and potential. Human bonds are formed from early childhood, working relationships, and through the input of the church, if not also through electronic and written correspondence and various other civil, rehabilitative, and cultural functions and deliberate encounters. Any perceived differences, which are the diversity and integrity of regional norms and personal characteristics and beliefs, and any ephemerality of location should not be a deterrent to the communication and equivocation of intrinsic values and understanding, whenever and however the opportunities of fellowship and communion are determined and decided from the foundations of the existing community and municipal infrastructure, given the time and effort and adjustments of faithfulness and devotion reciprocal to the expectations of any particular group of persons and established network of relationships and correlated customs of activity and transvolvement. 180. The living body is automated according to programmed instructions, as is the integration of the external environment our activities have engendered and produced, the oversight of the mind and the cooperation with the spirit of reality being the critical factors in the regulation and sustaining influence of forces introduced and the incremental adjustments and refinement of operational parameters. 181. The act of phenomenal synthesis and transvulgence, embedded amidst the cascading of neural transmitters, proprioceptive linkages, and external sensory awareness, channels the energy of the soul into its vital mechanism, until and as mortaility converges with its supermundane predestination. 182. The interdependent domains are interpenetrated by interwoven strands of paralleling and interconsolidative force, from intergovernmental authority and divested ownership and affinity of habitation and investment, the magneticism and dynamic reconstructional routine of living persons and events, objects, ideas, institutions, and directives defining the individual and group to the extent that, through the interactions and alterations among intrinsic values and life-experiences, the ideals of liberty and mutuality are consciously assessed, planned towards and amongst, realistically projected and transduced, and autonomously and voluntarily enacted and established, anent the rule and causal interpotentiality of transversive beingness and law and reason of transvolving interparticulate instrumentality of structural space and arrangement of form. 183. The first life restructured its molecules into single-celled organisms, incorporating matter and energy into reproducible pathways separated out into layers of interradiatory self-divergence. 184. From the transpersion amidst the varying levels and trajectories of mental visualization and transveyance, are transjectured among the socio-economic, cybernetic, and bio-organic orientation and choreographical alignment of positioned machineries, atmospheric, extraplanetary, interstellar, and ecosystemic groupings, and diverse

9 mechanisms of intercellular transception - and discerned throughamongst the networks of inanimate, amorphous, chaotic, and organizable and identifiable living communities and personages of emissive thought-behavior, transcriptural awareness, and conditioned transponsive analysis and causitive interpretation of existing phenomena and emergent events. The viscera of the blood, however, sustain and conserve the immediacy of concertive action and register the mind only in the context of the individual's spiritual responsibilities and evident peripheral systematization and priority of concerns. 185. Understanding of and involvement with the safe-relations, spectrum, and biospheric self-containment of other life-forms and living creatures of the Earth occurs amidst humanity's preoccupation with agriculture and machinery, the operation and coordination of the social and technological infrastructure, its own environment and health, and independent factoring of survival and inter-groupular redemption, the selfresulting human potentiation of reality pending the ultimate and furthestmost declarations and demonstrations of divine authority and control through the intervolving presence, radiant gift and light of truth, and reappearances among and of the one initiator of all life, lest that and whereas humanity has affected the various species of its domain for its own protection and improvement of intrinsic qualities and applied attributes of form and where humanity's rebelliousness, negligence, and absence of perfect knowledge and certain foresight of events may have brought forth among being the existence of those forces which are willfully contrary or extraneous to God's explicit purpose and designs. 186. The tapestry of wild animals in their habitat overlaps, surrounds, and intersperses yet those places designated for human residence and constructive activity, or more accurately, perhaps, it should be realized that we are, outside of the temporary and theoretical seclusion of independent biospheres, an inseparable part of the collective ground of spirit and nature which underlies and yet suffuses the diverse entirety and reach of surface and planetary interactions. 187. The major textbooks of science each contain a brief synopsis or congruent rendition of inclusive properties of the adjoining fields and frames of reference, narrowing the range of intrinsic self-reference and recapitulation among levels of basic, required, and complex formulae and relations and terminographic intricacy, phenomenal substructs of unified temporal-spatial dynamics conveying throughout the absoluteness of logic carried forward to the world's most infinite summits, however and whenever as possible elevating the unity of spirit above all irrational grievances and complaints that are evoked throughout and amongst the corruption and mortification of living endeavor. 188. Connecting the spectrum of nonliving and living phenomena, withamong the various systems of topographical and bio-organic interdependencies and intervolvement and the establishing electronic networks of protocols, and routing of addressed communications and architectural transveyances, approximates and correlates the physical development, recycling, and decomposition of living forms and routine circulatory directives, transvective packet and frequency inter-leaving, and interneurological transception of all information simultaneously transmitted and required, facets of numerous strands of particulate activity and energy of motion kept separate and varyingly utilized amongst the multiplicitous corridors of living memory and purpose, convulgent frame-awareness, and conjunctive interpolarity of all vital and living substance and diversive inter-correlated correspondence of intrinsic field-image radiation, magnification, and transmutational alignment of existing energies, vortextual constructs of ideation and events, and transvergent inter-ethical equivocation, concertive analysis, and conformation of resultant information and ideas. 189. Our appointed judges, congressional members, and executive department auxiliaries have evolved the constitution into its present status of cooperative authority and state governmental jurisdiction. 190. The variety and mixture of soil types, aqueous nutriments, climate and habitat conditions, and correct sequence and execution of organizational and operational procedures necessary and optimal for the existing microbial, plant, animal, and detrivorous life-species to flourish and regenerate, within, outside, and among the biosphere and respective ecosystemic functionality - the adaptation of species and of human civilization to the emerging confluence, transflux, and localization of the transvergent totality determining the shape and compatibility of symbiosis and attempted regulation and rechanneling of existing supply and resources towards novel forms of ideation and creative self-endowment and against the intrinsic threat of overwhelming self-deterioration, unmediated collapse, and disjunction of vital, industrial-technological, electronic, and mechanical form-components, infrastructural parameters, and foundations of planned sustainability and redirectivity of existing growth and trans-alignment. 191. From within the universe of one space and anent the foraging of cosmological demographics, amongst the intrinsic observational barriers of temporal light-wave separation and extrapolation into the past, present, and future potential trajectories and arrangements of all-being, are derived the inter-galactic and geopolar rotational and revolutionary, orbital, gravitational, and electro-magnetic energy spectra, temperature range, and elemental composition and transjectured the boundaried expanse of overlapping inter-concentric and cumulative fields of inter-radiatory subatomic emanation and transpersal, as on earth, if also of a differing and transvergent proto-

spherical arrangement of simultaneous geometrical dimensionality, the transvolution of photosynthetic, heat-producing, and gas-releasing objects, productive and transportational technologies of land, water, and flight and cartographical and navigational alignment, of varying densities of scale, type, and proportionality of global influence and effect. And within and among cells of living form and substance, the constructed environment, photographical, audio, alpha-numerical, and binary electronic microprocessing equipment, the transvergence of electrons and electricity among organelles and electrical components and parameters, the transport and exchange of various substances and ions among existing membranes, proton gradients, and intrinsic osmotic potentials, chemical processes, respiration and bio-synthesis, genetic replication, transcription, and cellular divisions, enzymatic and hormonal activity, blood, lymph, and nerve branch inter-linkages, sensory response, transceptive brain coordination and the directive amplification of conduction withamongst the pathways of framed electronic interactions, satellite, television, internet, broadband, microwave, telephone, and radio transmissions, the confined and interspersive output of the collective energies of bio-stasis, metabolic regeneration, and trans-industrial and inter-spatial intercurrence and endeavor of all thence thus relegated to and contingent among the existing adaptations of psycho-physiological transmorphosis and habitational requirements. 192. However were and much were diversified the earliest forms of life, it is fortunate, perhaps, to realize that the ecosystem itself does not depend on every species of every group for its survival. 193. Withof and among whence having gathered and abstracted from amongst the array and geographical dispersion of elemental substances, astronomical, meteorological, and geological events, existing organisms, theoretical contrivances, and the production and transduction of the combined output of existing human civilizations, and arranged them among thence into a continuous grouping of shared morphological and determinative phenomenalistic similarities and intercongruities, features of the simplest forms, which are, of all-causal necessity, the earliest, are attemptedly transvulged, convolved, and inter-diverged, in the manner of metabolic activity, structural organization and adaptation, and reproductive functionality, amongst unique branch points and interlinkages of geological, evolutionary, and historical transcurrence, throughamongst the inter-descendency and emergence of all life that forms and has formed, of either or both sustained belief or reputed observation, from and about the divine intent of one's Creator, from thus and throughamongst the every immediacy and exacted interdependence of humanity, among itself, the indwelling soul, and transultimate and inter-conjuctive presence, behavior, and inter-responsivity of self amongst the resulting transconceptualization and intersystematization of living environments. 194. Let it not be overlooked that humanity itself, nonetheless, may yet acquire furthered psychological, scientific, and medicinal benefits from the study and extraction of species yet unknown or yet not completely understood which may yet vanish as a result of existing development and activity or from some other variable of extraneous causality. 195. While either approaching or moving forth from the phenomenon of human physiology and development, from and throughof thence thus the existing perspectus of biology, it is reasoned and considered that humanity - being the most complex and divinely appointed of all the animals and other living and once living species of the earth, at least in reference to the virtual exclusivity and inevitability of self-knowledge, rationality, and exisitng revelation - is a conglomerate aggregation, benign preclusion, and transpersal of the many simpler and divergent forms of life, among which the spectrum and cooperative interdependencies of molecular and physical correspondences and dissimilarities are thence trans-temporally and trans-geomorphically expressed. 196. The hold and transfer, fractional influence, phase and distance of separation, and geometrical arrangement and confinement of wave-form properties of electrons and various other subatomic units, among the transvolving states and varying substantive fields, under various conditions of temperature and pressure, affect and determine the energies and inter-phenomenal transceptivitization of their mutual interactions. 197. There is withall the idea of securing, through the fulfillment of each one's individual ideological commitments and proclivities, all frameworks necessary for the movement towards continuing social and environmental progress, development, and renewal, through thus the furthered enlightenment of and by the intercongruent natures of all peoples and inter-consociative variations and constraints of phenomenal transfluxivity and transvergence. 198. Elaboration of substance and pathways of transpersive chemical reposition and exchange, within and among living forms, cycled through soil, water, and atmosphere, withof the inter-circulation and alignment of the planetary environment and transverse frame of reactions of stellar and interstellar concurrence, the sequence of atoms transvolving in light of the spatial amplification of constituitive fields and planes of reference. Externally, the convolution of all inter-connective phenomena may likewise be rationalized from the resolution of all forces acting on each and every particulate point of consolidative space.

10 199. Scientists, in all fields, socio-economists, architects, and engineers each relates observations and purposive controls through the appropriate numerical instrumentation developed for the correlation of data and intrinsic occurrence. 200. The types of motion induced and forms of energy encountered reflect the variation in the behavior of forces accumulated from the experimentation and perception of the natural and astronomical environments. 201. The selective cultivation of renewable resources and quantified extraction and reprocessing of existing and remaining mineral and non-renewable energy supplies, both reside within the power of economic authority and mass political and invested purchasing controls, withof, notwithstanding, the existing and emerging realities of inter-humanitarian considerations and endeavors. The nourishment and growth of living tissue throughout the duration of physical development and maturation, from hereditary disposition, environmental exposure, choice of foods and supplements, pre-emptive therapy and diagnosis, sanitation and hygiene, prosthetic and cyborganic augmentation, surgery and medication, spiritual, mental, and emotional affectivity, and regiment of exercise and physical exertion, reflects a similar process in the microcosm of the respective biological organism and individual human life. 202. The disembodied and trans-projective consciousness, consisting, as it would, of subtler grades of etheric and trans-etheric substance, could either develop unconsciously within the sheaths of form or move amongst them independently or inhabiting freely chosen conjurations according to higher or baser causal motives in the aligned deific consubstantiation of reality and rules the supernatural kingdoms have conscripted of eternity unto themselves, the dimension and circumstances whereof any particular soul is found reflecting the course of actions taken and response to the opportunities and directives that are given either for one's salvation and redemption or ultimate destruction and damnation of all existing forms of one's awareness and potential. 203. Each organism acquires energy, from either photoreactivity or the breaking of chemical bonds, and utilizes this energy to assemble the raw materials it has absorbed from its surroundings or digested from other forms of life into composite structures or further energy forms and to perform the variety of functions that are characteristic of its species and demeanor, the rate and quality of growth and maintenance and regulation of homeostasis, including the degradation, recycling, and repair of damaged and aging cellular materials and components, among the effects and interactions of the interconvergent populations, dependent among the limiting factors and adaptations of vital chemical sustenance and tolerance of the field and current of prevailing and variant externality and contrived artificiality and inter-directivity of transvected relations and biodesic structure. Conversely, contingent withof the understanding of the conditions optimal for an organism's health, there are the mechanisms of survival and defense, inferred deprivation, modification, and alteration of metabolic pathways, technological and physical transmorphosis, external separation, self-containment, and division, and various investigations and uncoveries unto the intended and unintended lethality and detrimental influence towards and among disease, superficial agitation, respiratory affliction, intrinsic disorder, acquired and existing agents and parameters of immunological transvection, and plant, animal, insect, and microbial eradication, intercausality, counter-activity, and prevention and alternative and organic methods of control among the poisonous contamination and infestation of natural and human origins and incidental and mutual effectuality. 204. Within the atmosphere the gases trapped by gravity segregate and attain a certain density at varying altitudes and perimeters. Among this, on earth, are water vapors, cloud formations, currents of wind convection, intermittent lightning, and variable interprecipitation. 205. In that our immune systems have evolved and diversified amongst exponential chemical and geometrical alternatives in order to recognize a complex multiplicity and enormous variation of foreign particles, those life-forms which successfully threaten our health, under normal circumstances, were made increasingly the exception rather than the rule of our general well-being and reduced amongst a viable range of workable research and identifiable options of treatment. 206. Realizing thence that there occurred a conceptual breakage amongst the harmonious unity of science and the discordant policies of human nature, it is thus interjected that the phenomena of natural order and intrinsic form of civilization should be retained in the universality of vision that is commensurate with the one soul and spirit of which we, of one blood and one God are formed, beyond any ephemerality of status and mundane preoccupations. 207. It is business leaders and legal representatives, however of their respective trades and organized capital and property holdings thence appointed, in conjunction with state and federal government and the combined awareness of the citizenry itself, of and from whence the former consist and are derived, who together regulate the ultimate authority of regional and trans-national considerations of productivity and exchange. Ethical and cultural values and issues of economic fairness are either disputed and resolved at local levels, whereas otherwise guaranteed of the constitution, or else

concurrently appealed to higher levels of jurisdiction until reconfirmed in general consensus and common practice and reconciled in bill of law. 208. The existence of the control centers increased the complexity, variety, and efficiency of the intake the living form could utilize. 209. The vertical aggregation and axial differentiation of functional groups permitted, preceded from, and coincided with the radial separation, elongation, and convolution of the circulatory currents of internal passages and cavities - and coordination of the sequence of molecular alterations and conversions among the physiological adaptations respective of speciary fixation, progression, and divergence among habitat and factors of environmental influence, biospheric and ecosystemic unity, inter-etheric connectivity, and divinely innate and originative trans-purposive directivity and causation withof the resulting and self-affecting cycles of elemental, biological, and transcendental incarnation. 210. Static electric potential and effects, once contained, and brought into conjunction with various metals, capable of producing electricity when connected together in battery form and applied amongst electro-magnetic rotation and force, winding motors, and wires of various distances and proportions, facilitated the dispersal of electric luminosity, telegraphy, telephony, and radio, and the progression of numerous other electrical devices and modern electronic equipment, into the present age of computational and developmental technologies. Optical, thermodynamic, kinetic, and various other areas of physics, coincided, of course, with the full spectrum and foundation of technological expression, withof the geological, bio-chemical, and socio-economic realities of scientific undertaking and civilizational unfoldment. 211. The development of the embryo of form, from the initial zygote through the diversive specialization and integration amongst the entirety of cells of the living body, is seen then with great simplicity to recapitulate the formation and differentiation of the unified totality of human and phenomenal existence, much the way the immaculate conception and birth, living sacrifice, and crucifixion of our savior, the Son of God, originates and harkens to the divine summation of the One Life and plan and purpose of God's creation. 212. Whereof, through the proceeding, the energies of conflict overwhelm the energies of reconciliation, again a further and additional linkage is required in order to conserve the unity of faith and eternal sanctity of vision. 213. Although the buying and selling of stocks and investment options and portfolios reflect insight and research into improvements of technology, market conditions, and prospective advancements of culture and health, the concentration of decision-making could facilitate the excess accumulation of wealth and geographical and populational segregation of influence and awareness, competition itself a factor in the stabilization of prices, enforcement of ethics, proportionalization of total and requisite endeavor, and the innovation of products and productive methodologies, while, it is true, for these very reasons perhaps, that there are those most capable of managing these affairs who are themselves capable also of a certain level of altruism and generosity of spirit and motive, recalling thus the alternative and concurrent foundations of inter-industrial alliance, regional decentralization, and concertive municipal self-directivity and involvement. Correspondingly, the federal government, at the discretion of divested authority and congressional constituency, and, akin to the collective privatized corporate finance structure, not at the individual liberty of the entrusted public domain, possesses thus the responsibility of exercising the market controls it has acquired, in order to regulate the growth and productivity of the economy itself, among the interactivity of legislature and commerce, lending and interest rates, currency circulation, tax directives, social programs, and the stimulation and invigoration of developmental and employment opportunities. 214. It could be that the soul requires the experience it gains from life within the body in order to learn to express itself among the luminous grades and extra-sensory realities, however withof the complexities and consequences of its actions projecting unto the abiding and ultimate realms of spirit it is intended to have realized and circumvolved in accord of voluntary service and progression. 215. At the point within the heart, controlled and regulated primarily, nevertheless, from the alternation of nerve signals originating in the brain, where all motion within the body has its start, there is a cyclical conversion of electrical potential which produces and sustains the rhythm and duration of muscular contraction and relaxation among the chambers of pulmonary and systemic circulation and return. The muscles and organs of the body are thereby supplied with and divested of the products of respiration and digestion, supported and protected by the various bones and tissues of the skeletal and integumentary systems, and coordinated by the actions of the effector and receptor nerves of the central and peripheral nervous systems along the cranium and spine. 216. The synchronizational transception of the current and rotational trajectories of space, time, and form, withof the circulatory motion of the heart and inhalation and exhalation of the lungs, however much further depth or breadth the body and present

11 directivity of consciousness elicits and requires, facilitates within the mind the contemplation, empathization, and responsivity of existing actuality, among the patterns of technological, physiological, psychological, religious, social, historical, and geotemporal fluxuations of the transformation and transvergence of reality. One sees that the spirit, of itself, need occupy a realm of awareness alternately independent of the flesh, where otherwise unconscious of itself in a normal state of health and routine of daily living, whereof the visualization and intervolvement of the phenomena of being assumes the stillness and luminosity of a higher phase and form of life. Let this neither conceal nor disguise the fact that the spectra of scientific causality and social inter-being, if mundane reflections and our nearest prefigurations and approximations of our understanding and appreciation of the form and purpose of creation, and while also responsibilities, necessities, and preconditions withof the proving ground of existing mortality, are yet integral attributes and divine intuitions of the myriad complexity and potentiality, among the transcendential motives and causal nature of all-being, of that which the celestial host will ultimately unveil of the One Kingdom and of God's Eternal Glory. 217. The sequences of time and space and represented numerical configurations are trajected among and summarized according to the common ratios and existing intervals of their occurrence. 218. As the mind progresses through the forms of existing information the quality and quantity of time that is required and expended among the types and variations of related problems gathered depends and relies upon the spectrum of interest yet remaining and considered, similar to the motion of a wave transmitted and refracted amongst the planes and surfaces of conscious recognition through which it travels withof and unto the conformation and circumvolution of the path withof itself. 219. The measurement of angles and of trigonometric relationships and properties, and other polygonal and circular transverse segments and intercissions, and conic, hyperbolic, parabolic, and elliptical forms, correlate among the spectrum of mathematical potential, finding particular reference, in conjunction with the redistribution of mechanical energy and force and practical machinery, in the architectural displacement, structural integrity, balance, support, and proportionality of design of material weight and purposive specificity of application and environment. Electricity and electronics, fiber optic cables, and microwave, radio, and satellite transmission, connect the attributes and priorities of local and widespread protocols for the routing and redistribution of information, however most efficaciously conferred among the group formation and functional organization of directives. 220. Mathematically, the number and arrangement of conceptual events are explained via combinatorics and the permutations and probabilities of the potential combinations of all existing alternatives and realization of results, while the fractal variation and iteration of the complex plane parallels the internal and external activities of the natural environment, sharing with the foundational coordinates the idea of limits and graphical asymptotes, according to whether a point or given set of points terminates within or escapes beyond the boundaries of the system. 221. Returning us, therefore, to the respiration and absorption of the chemical environment, social matrix of responsibilities, and the spiritual transception, metamorphosis, and eternal beingness of Light. 222. Or, if you prefer, amidst it all the stars were formed at various ages and expired, as elements and the tiniest fragments of space coalesced into magnificent structures and dissolved again unto the entropy of cosmic and universal night, the duration of existence and the memory of life contained within the spirit and liberated by the mind of God from the evident inevitability of all material demise. 223. The frequency distribution of statistical occurrences allows the data of comparative samples to be sorted according to the average, variance, and probability of characteristic events being the normal or uncovered value of a given group or population. 224. The early micro-organisms, it is surmised, spread from water unto land, covering certain areas of the primitive terrain, whereof the soil itself was transformed and the array of plants took root, while among the aquatic life the fishes diverged, and amphibians, reptiles, insects, birds, and mammalian life-forms emerged among the surface of the planet. 225. Conceding that the spiral of consciousness overlooks certain presentations and peculiarities of the idea in its initial circumvolutions, acquiring thereof the cognizance and foresight to observe the familiar patterns through which it thenceforth happens to converge at intervolving points of the existing circuit of contuitional self-transflection and alignment of the inter-transpersion of awareness. 226. Geographical, social, and infrastructural luminescence orient and connect the soul with its environment and immediate framework of existing personal responsibilities. That place and vantage from which all horizons extend is where the strongest calling of humanity directs us, being where opportunity and the force of spirit wills itself to fathom, likewise bridging and spanning the network of light and geophysical

transmorphosis which retains the purpose and coherence of our origins and abiding and ultimate foundations of all-being and all-life. 227. Understanding of the fundamental groups of elements and compounds involved in various systems and processes, however required of the tranfluxivity of mortal rationality and cosmological endeavor, involves the gradual super-imposition and segregation of the connected and inter-linking populations, micro-perceptual occurrences, and dispersed branch threads of symbolized atomic units - listed in order of prevalence, reactivity, and percentage - amongst the corresponding spatial fields and mutual and overlapping inter-morphic commonality and divergence of existing properties and potentials. 228. The scientific and biological engineering of independent sub-systems of the ecology, connected together in sequence and in conjunction with the greater whole, are and will be increasingly necessary in order to correct for environmental damage and to control the complex demands of the human and urban metropolitan populations. Sustaining the productivity and non-toxicity of the soil and water supply and the air we breathe requires the cooperation among the micro-organisms and dependent species which are responsible and instrumental for their vitality and renewal. 229. The rotation of the Earth, besides causing the alternation of day and night among the eastern and western hemispheres, being at an angle outside the perpendicular of its revolution, causes likewise thence for summer and winter in the northern and southern hemispheres to occur at opposite ends of the year, while the angle and directness of incident solar radiation at the poles and equator respectively establishes the vertical and horizontal currents of wind, evaporation, and precipitation and, including internal forces, biological transflux, human activity, and the existence of lunar tides, circulates the regularity and necessary conceptual framework for the consideration of past, present, and future changes in the patterns of temperature and weather, and the course and progression of the global climate of itself in its entirety. Viewed another way, and in the normal perception of life, earth is a much quieter place, each biome reflecting a limited array and expanse of advancing phenomena. 230. Quantifying the origin, concentration, and dispersion of radiant energy, gases, particles, forms of living and inanimate substance and responsivity, and the discernment and transvection of all potential and existing information and nascent awareness of reality, at every scale and level and relevance of organization and complexity, at each layer and location of the terrestrial atmosphere, from, unto, and throughout the proximity and furthest reaches of outer space, at every depth of the soil and water, into and from the earth's interior, technical, structural, ecological, and physiological habitation, and trans-neural, cognitive, and pathokinetic trans-juxtapositions and constructs of the natural, geo-spatial, social, and electro-mechanical environments and prospective totality of self-realizations and concurrent transflexivity and transflection, necessitates and presupposes the instrumentation to differentiate and choreograph the dimensional analysis and interpretation of observed and existing behaviors, determinations of purpose and causality, and probabilistic scenarios of pre-existing, continued, and resulting systemic transmodulation and immediate and distant intercorrelational transmorphosis and transvulgence. 231. With increase in the understanding of disease and contamination, the inspection, regulation, and enforcement of qualities and standards of agricultural, medicinal, industrial, social, and biological activities acquired an ever greater significance in relation to the protection of the public health from the centralized and inter-regional distribution of products of itemized and discernible origination and dispersal. Any attempt at localizing the production, supply, and waste reprocessing of a specific land region or social community, or of merely comprehending and cooperating more directly amongst the existing spectrum of human totality, in order to realistically be considered a viable alternative of human survival, without reverting exclusively to the primitive and primeval ways, which are, nevertheless, of renewed and redeeming value, need, therefore, retain the very same knowledge and watchfulness over itself, if also extended and adapted for the purposes of its self-resulting scenario, that is concurrently practiced by the collective group of humanity for its own safety, protection, trade relations, and independent quality of life. Integrating humanity towards determined social and environmental objectives is and can thus be accomplished and furthered through the existing regional, national, multinational, and independent political, educational, and religious institutions, howsoever liberated and reconsolidated thenceforth with changes in human expectations and awareness, provided that there is agreement and representation of the core centrality of values projecting us towards the governing ideals and future potential of human and planetary existence. 232. Genetic and proto-elemental self-assembly, replication of substance, and innate behavior preserved those organisms and material aggregations possessing the advantage and functional requirements respective of the ecosystemic pattern inhabited at the existing course and position of ancestral lineage and adaptive reorientation, and transfusion of inter-linking and compatible characteristics and forms. 233. At that point in the evolutionary scale where mind attained awareness of itself, the spirit within the form began revealing and conscribing the ultimate framework and destiny of creation, that God began leading humanity into a knowledge of His Nature and the Being of His Laws and Purposes and Plans, that Eternal Life could be

12 harmonized and perfected in the conscious recognition of the divine attributes of reality, that are reflected in the highest derivation of the every facet of inter-particulate convolving trans-circumstantiation and all-embracing radiance of joy and peace that are the foundation and ends and beginning of His Person and Representation of Himself. 234. There was an interaction between the total area, location, formation, and elevation of exposed land surfaces, relative to themselves in their positions on the globe, due to the shifting and subduction of the continental plates, volcanic activity, total oceanic volume, and quantity of water locked in glacial form, which affected the changes in climate and multiplicity of speciation over the course of geologic time. Geothermal expansion and contraction, thermal radiation into space, atmospheric containment and refraction, the proximity of the moon, bombardment of extra-planetary materials and debris, galactic and cosmic phenomena, and possible and eventual fluctuations of solar magnitude and gravity and relative position and alignment of the planets, besides radioactivity, toxic waste, elemental corrosion, and the various other furthest potentials for good or harm of which the human species may yet set forth and uncover, all likewise affect the ultimate duration and habitability of the Earth. Reality itself, and our experience thereof, nonetheless could certainly witness an entirely different transition of dimensionality in the intervening decades, centuries, and millennia it would require to culminate these experimental and theoretical forces and events, over which time our understanding, exploration, and travel into space may have unveiled a vastly different perception of the substantive and material foundations of our origin and universal destination. 235. While our solar system occupies a horizontal plane, there are star systems visible above and below our own, which are not necessarily rotating along a paralleling axis, which together define the actual curvature of space, themselves inter-galactically conjoined in a pattern of trajectories, each at a distance relative to themselves and from the center of cosmic expansion and intervolvement. 236. It is the idea of space from which form divulged and also that to which form returns, completing thence the greater and lesser cycles and progressions of incarnation and infinity. 237. Individuals and world groups contested and formed arrangements over the availability and dispensation of resources. Hereditary and jurisdictional possession of established wealth and existing institutions, alongside and preceding the independent economic livelihood of derivational offspring and respective constituents of origin and relocational habitation, provide also, in a free society, an equal opportunity for impoverished and disaffiliated individuals to acquire a just percentage and allotment in the foundation and productivity of the land, adjusting thence for the capacity and ultimate limiting boundaries of each society, province, state, and nation and convergent totality of Earth's domain, of itself and in its appropriations from and future ventures into space. 238. Not only the number and types of organisms present, but also the nature of their interactions with themselves and the environment determine the quality and diversity of the ecosystems and food webs amongst which humanity observes and attemptedly regulates for the drastic influence and harmonious potential and inter-causality of its abiding and sustaining presence and effect. 239. Levels of training required vary from the comprehension and recognition of the fundamental features of the process involved to the ability and prerogative of creating directly from the sum of available information and correlated endeavor, organization, and applied experimentation of preceding research. 240. The pattern of agricultural, fish, and animal productivity and consumptivity among the human species throughout time has varied with the balance of trade among groups and nations, relying preferentially on those crops and herds that could most easily survive prolonged storage and distribution over and among periods and regions of seasonal inactivity and intermittent drought, pestilence, and famine. Technological improvements in farming methods, pest control, refrigeration, sterilization, and preservation coincided with the advance in food processing facilities and supermarket distribution upon which the increasingly and predominantly urban and suburban populations were then dependent, while themselves freed of the necessary labor in order to accomplish various other technological and informational endeavors. 241. The cells of the body, likewise, receive and participate in the coordinated supply of vital substance, retained as an individual amidst a species and of all species conscious of its interdependence and the mental and physical ability to manipulate and dissect space to the collective advantage and towards and unto the greater causes and sympathetic and consecrational awareness and intervolvement of transformation and unfoldment. 242. Problems concerning chemical additives, environmental and toxic effects of pesticides and industrial pollution, genetic modification, and the quality and freshness of food consumption and supply, while meeting the needs of the existing human population, are issues thenceforth that the overall health of the community need and should continue to consider, towards and withof the sustainability of the individual human life and present and future generations of plant, animal, and human lives in every region of the world.

243. Ecological communities, being conscious of their environment, and with advances in scientific realization, could, therefore, again produce and reprocess locally and intraregionally many of the foods and manufactured items that were interveningly transported throughamongst, while municipalizing and confederating those facilities the location and scale of which would have caused greater ecological harm to have presently reconstructed or refurbished or thence abandoned and dismantled, respecting the occupational dispensation, requirements, and compensatory equilibrium of populational groups at varying densities and distances of scarcity and overlapping interselectivity of seasonal and habitational variation in and amongst the interspersion of the natural endowments of terrain, and reserving much among thence the pathways of trade for visitation, culture, and ideas, thereof and thereby having elucidated the conscious transceptivization of and transcended and reduced throughamongst thence, withof the complementarity of local and conservation efforts and refinements of methods, behaviors, and technologies, the need and causes for any further and unnecessary degradation of the earth. 244. The creation and development of technology, until learned by those who would maintain and utilize the results of existing procedures, has likewise served to form and enforce mutual and dependent relationships among those who would require additional resources or cooperative awareness and those who at one time lacked the means of bringing these resources into levels of effective and constructive productivity or of otherwise attaining the present defense and advance of health and living conditions. The fabrication, service, and repair of numerous items are facilitated through the possession and acquisition of chemical, pharmaceutical, and manufacturer specifications and the equipment, facilities, and scientific and technical basis to maintain, restore, and further the functioning order of intrinsic applications and designs. 245. Graph theory enables the most efficient pathway amongst an interconnected scattering of locations, points, and processes to be determined and theorized with the use of certain algorithms formulated for the programmed solution of each scenario and evolving system of events. 246. Simultaneous with and preceding the transceptualization of the actual chemical assemblages and dispersive confluence of space, and likewise contingent over the foundations, historical uncovery, periodic variations, and mechanisms of terminological differentiation and analysis, are rationalized the ideal and archetypal classification, progression, and types of structural and functional permutations and related and resulting properties, characteristics, and behaviors of each existing category and presentation of elemental groups and compounds, representative of the spectrum and relevance amongst the totality of our present knowledge and understanding, according to the potential applicability to the environment or however of thence encountered and extracted, bio-genetically cultivated, or of itself synthetically contained and resystematically trans-interflected and transfused. The future health of humankind requiring that the bio-medical, engineering, and geological sciences envision the entire frame of matter at every depth of being in order to realize and control the systemic influence and effect of each activity, withstanding the developmental implications and environmental and sociological considerations culminating from amongst the interplay of each respective field of inquiry and awareness. This should not, therefore, dissuade the therapeutic aspiration towards everincreasing and sustaining levels of perceptual synchronization and invocational alignment of scientific and planetary energies and consultational intervolvement withof the entrance and transmorphosis of indwelling spiritual connectivity and life. 247. Estimating the total capacity and existing distribution of autotrophic organisms of the earth, and of the survivablity of the remaining forms which are in turn dependent on them for nourishment, measures the fraction of solar radiation that is effectively absorbed and the cycling of nutrients through respiration, decomposition, mineral weathering, and the current and depth of the oceans and fresh-water circulation, involving detectable quantities of satellite telemetry and projection and extensive topographical, ecosystemic, and bio-chemical correlation. 248. The constellations, historically grouped in zodiacal formations, conveniently describe the regions of astrological visibility and influence at each stage and systemic proximity of the earth in its revolution about the sun, unobstructed by, auxiliary to, and complementary of the daily appearances of that radiant center within whose radius and visage our life is and was transformed in sustaining self-activity and perception. 249. The concise mechanism for the differentiation of a function and the integration of its area constitutes the inverse correlation of which the foundation of the calculus is formed. 250. From the overt recognition of substance and the intrinsic essence of energy and form the attempted control of nature gave form to the process of civilization. Inquiry into the basis of life and potential synthesis of new materials emerged among the multitude of applications resulting unto the balance of scientific and engineering procedures for the harnessing of and cooperation with the innate qualities and structural potential of the physical and material environment. Ideas, organizations, and interpretations of belief, have influenced human behavior and served to explain our individual and group placement and relation to the universe,

13 providing a purpose and direction towards which the suffering and irrationality of existence could reach a timely and ultimate resolution in the intuitive consumation and fulfillment of the origin and spirit of all-awareness and creation. 251. The satellites may, of course, see out into space at any time, or in at any altitude, trajectory, or configurational alignment thence required, together with microwave towers, radio antennae, the network grid and array of interconnective wires and cables, audio-visual amplification and projection, and, not least of which, the transceptive interiority of conscious mind and thought and the written and spoken word itself, linking the clearest path of global communications and transvergence. 252. Permitting nature to fuse together into one organic whole, while maintaining the flow and form of traffic, amidst the practical halting and partial dormancy of arctic and winter climatic interludes and variations, and the selective cultivation, extraction, and chemical, substantive, material, light, heat, and energy transfluxivity and exchange of forested, aquatic, oceanic, atmospheric, extra-planetary, agricultural, industrial, residential, and metropolitan areas of present and potential utilization and production involves the concern of humanity for the multiplicity of its actions and the willingness to participate in the process and results of the solutions it may thence collectively devise. 253. Monitoring communications within a jurisdiction should be the responsibility of that jurisdiction, however connected amongst the larger group it is thus from within its self-perimeter. 254. The word of spirit, entering into and remaining in the heart, purifies and clarifies all that existed before in the thoughts of the flesh and ignorant misconceptions of life, strengthening the love and knowledge of faith and responsibility for being in the world, in the secure wisdom of trust and reliance on the unified powers and presence of the One Creator above and among the forces and properties of our emotional intuitive experience and material and physical existence. In and through this certainty is the only true salvation of humanity to be found, the centeredness of self turned and unfolded towards the appreciation of and reverence for the great providence and interconnectedness that Divinity has thusly bestowed upon the world and us all throughamongst the preconditioning of the frameworks of all eternity and time. All may yet be accomplished, and every particular fact of reality understood, the universality of our labors placed in the context of the immediate duration and finite conclusion of existing mortality. 255. Chemicals, the nature of which, when introduced into the body, find their way to specific tissues and cells, whereat, having accomplished a useful or counter-active transformation, are themselves processed and removed, leaving the majority of the body unaffected. 256. There is a point, occuring at varying distances along the relative path of one's discipleship, at and from which the curriculum of the central sciences need diverge, each ray carrying forward the threads relevant to its chosen specialization, while reflecting and refracting towards the inter-productivity of social and organic technological derivations and designs. 257. The ability of the mind and external sensory mechanism to perceive and differentiate amongst the wavelengths of visible light and spectrum of colors, resulting from the absorption, reflection, and composite influence and effect of complementary hues and shades of varying intensity and brightness, evokes and reveals the sublime significance of phenomenal appearance and the qualitative visualization and imagination of the luminous intervection of reality and various other bandwidths, usages, and detectable responsivity of electro-magnetic energy and force. 258. Maintaining and contrasting the diversity of human languages and etymological transception and connection of sound and symbol with mental perception and activity interlinks the human population among national borders and the written, printed, audiovisual, and electronic intertranspersion and concurrence of existing knowledge and functional constructs of purpose, awareness, and self-identity. 259. Wherever having framed the variegation of attributes into a continuously woven and receptive codex of synthetically equivalent information and creativity, the substitutionality and interchangeability of self confers ever-increasing impersonality and objectivity unto the form and content of ideas that are being of thence transmitted and inter-reconversibly and representationally considered and displayed. 260. It is possible, likewise thenceforth, in theory, contrary to any earthly and physical attachments of form, to be, either collectively or individually, anywhere in the universe at any time, and there be sufficient unto oneself, and from one's spiritual source, in the immediacy and placement of one's unified activities, awareness, and spatial projections. 261. The approach towards the infinite, in metaphysical terms, involves the appropriation of world phenomena into the sensible mechanism of intuitive perception, rebuilding the foundation of all ideas as they occur and are acquired and contrasted amongst themselves, until and as any further progress and understanding works its way out into external levels of thought-transveyance, implementation, and expression.

262. Emergency response to physical trauma and the improvised and spontaneous usage of organized equipment, procedures, and substantive modification determine the life or death of potentially salvageable or fatal life-scenarios, emphasizing the immediate value of the existence of such knowledge in the awareness of the self and group accessibility of elicitive and resultive behaviors and demeanor. 263. Enabling the electronic device to accept instructions concerning display and internal operations prefigures the initial wiring and micro-processing configuration. Sound and light and motive force were channeled through instruments and structures of varying size and scale prior to and alongside the introduction of the present array and functionality of existing equipment and machinery. There are frames that are disassembled and reassembled in sequence, and patterns and cycles of memory and process which store, transfer, and register values that are reset and cleared or retained in field of reference or imprinted from and unto external files or of an encoded detachable medium of formatted and retrievable information. 264. Awareness of the living self encompasses the simulcra of its mechanisms and of those forms co-created among the purpose and foundations of reality and vast appearances of space. 265. Interest in foreign governments and civilizations require that one set aside the borders of one's existing nationality - if while also conserving of each the determinative interveyance of priority - and drift over the continents and waters of which each one may have been previously and before this time culturally and geographically indisposed or disinclined. The creative potential is universal in the conflux and instrumental alignment of the essence of the forms, the connectivity of the rural and urban landscapes and telecommunication networks with the communities of life conferring on each individual the responsivity and dynamics of situational consultivity and directive acclimation of the momentary and particular ensemble and evident perimeter of social and environmental influences and existing expanse and factoring of inter-concentric observations.

III. UNITY 266. The technology should carry all information necessary for its use and reconstruction and all the records and accomplishments of humanity's existence. It should also comprehend the requirements of biological existence and survey the inventory and projection of all useable materials. 267. The openness and connectivity of the network to civilian applications and nonemployment personnel constitutes an indispensible level and guarantee of the security and trust of the public domain. 268. Processing facilities could, therefore, be located centrally to their end markets, including the return of finished goods to the areas from which the source materials were initially derived. 269. Within civilization there were those who could sense and cooperate with the greater Plan, while knowing that they themselves and humanity would require great effort and time for the furthest commitment to the higher idealism to emerge. 270. For the individual the influx of extraneous ideologies could create the problem of placing difficult expectations and uncertain affinities on the group of one's associates and community, while directing one towards and dividing one amongst the source and living and functional expression of each existing body of given ideas and dispensations. 271. It is with the great depths of peace with all-eternity that the immense fields of knowledge are capable of entrance and of applicability amongst the finite planes of mortal life. The light that is gathered exists for the service of humanity and is trajected in mind in outline and convergent potential of its totality in order for each place and function to be illumined of and receive from amongst the radiance of all. The spirit and Person of God moves amongst and over the diverse forms of His Creation, revealing, informing, and unfolding the vortextual appearances of life, within and substanding the convolutionary apperception and interjection from withof the inclusive mechanisms of rationalistic consideration, idealization, and evocation from withof the sequence of all hoped for and realizable events. 272. Retaining the structure of the flesh in mind permits the immediate and sustaining modification and resolution of damaged and degraded systems to proceed toward and unto the existing and furthered methods of diagnosis and repair. 273. Reviewing, listening for, and uncovering reputed violations and statements of grievance and of lack, if also in the course of routine observation, interchange, positive achievement of humanity, and causal order of reality, from within one's nearest borders to the furthest regions of the earth and sky, in order to consolidate one's unified efforts towards progress, amelioration, and relief, relies on the persistence and reliability of

14 those channels through which information is and was of thus thencely transvected and availed. 274. The security of the unit self, or municipal center, contextualizes and proportionates the parameters of intracontinental unity and transoceanic intersimilitude of concurrence. That individuals, groups, and representatives, at and from the municipal level convene at regional and state assemblies allows there to be a common policy and protocol for the formulation, distribution, and alignment of available services and determined resources. While the perimeter and border establishes an integral area of consociation and mutual support and of national and transnational allotment of interstate considerations, in areas of continental partitioning the adjoining and adjacent relationships of rural, metropolitan, ethnic, and ideological communities present alternative self-conceptions of identity and inclusivity, from which form the resulting interconcentric regions and forums of compromise and theoretical and existing renegotiations of the transveyant procession of authoritative influence and framework of potentially mutual and divisive issues and concerns. 275. In the original metropolis the forms of architecture were often haphazardly conjoined, permitting nevertheless for the reconstruction of communities amongst the spirals of its existing peripheries and domains. 276. The potencies aggregate in and transperse from their separate wells of potential, sorting through themselves the attributes required for each particular problem introduced and reconfigured. 277. The core has each of several, if also every. 278. Prioritize and consecrate the fields of knowledge to the source of their divine inspiration and motive. 279. Were it that God created the flesh to administer pain to the accursed and pleasure and wealth to the virtuous and wise. 280. Faith is loving God. Reconciliation with Christ is the blessing that knowledge of the gospel brings. Our pain and our plight are made real in Him and in the Grand Work of His living and originative corepresentations and disciples. 281. Then there is a temple and divine sanctuary of human endeavor, a refuge first in the conscious self, of whence manifested unto and among the outer planes of organization and interpurposive reality. 282. Witnessing the reorientation of all local and regional guild parameters, the ageless wisdom retold among those who are setting light to the vast diverseness of its construction. 283. Where we the people are aware of the true logistics of our needs, and that of the planetary ecosystems on which we depend, then we are able to vote and act from the perspective of self-interest and production, and not as mere consumers at the discretion of market providence and unknown detriment of resources. 284. The elemental composition, soil, geology, minerology, climate, taxonomy, and intrinsic and acquired interdependencies of each rural and urban, aquatic and oceanic periphery, inclusive of the transflux and convergence of the geologic and astronomical interparticulate totality, the pharmaceutica and physiology of the human body and of every living creature, and alchemical indices of industrial-electronic equipment and applications, through and among which pass and consist vehicles and fumes from factory furnaces and fields, the transfer of materials, wildlife, agriculture, and fabricated goods, human excrement and waste, civilization and the rich and poor of its inhabitants, the existence of information and the behavior, regulation, and enforcement among and of the attributes of service and deployment, religious observation and reverence of God and for the abstract purity of nature and the purposive order of all-creation, the sciences, the humanities, engineering and technology, and mathematical calculations, the idea that is the accumulation of human knowledge and introspection of the earth and mind and of the universe in which we feel and think and live. 285. Having met with the Spirit in the house of Its making, the urge for the fulfillment of all those who are takes the place of all concern over one's personal existence. 286. It is from each here to there, throughout and throughamongst, that each greatest cause is pieced together. 287. Instead of hurt and anger one could train and discipline one's mind to respond with peace and light. 288. The further dispersed an ideology the more concise its core tenets and operational and organizational agendas need be defined, if ever it is the purpose to gain the strength that it requires to accomplish its objectives and secure the foundations of the next society. It should likewise be able to harmonize and ally itself accordingly with and

among the redeeming qualities of all concurrent and previously existing institutions and traditions. There could otherwise transpire a spontaneous act and independent recognition of certain principles and resulting confederation of equally dissimilar if unequivocal priorities and groups. 289. The intermediary steps between process and invention are required of each invention in order to actually explain its operation and the means of its manufacture and design. 290. The means whereby the mind attains awareness of itself are imprinted among the language and arrangement of psychological and philosophical transception. The self is placed in context of world organization, biological requirements, consciousness, and purposive incarnation, and here the material and social realms are arranged within the time-frame and omnipotence of cosmological deity and order. 291. Were the people to be replaced by other people always wherever they went. Of course the bonds that weaken and are destroyed. 292. Logically the foundation is secure, the dialectic driven towards an inevitable resynthesis and self-actualization of existing priorities. 293. The vision for the total transformation of society and the insistence of the practical ideals of human freedom and ecological integration, and their mutual interdependence, has forced me to reexamine and retain the only and most livid system of thought I have yet encountered which can actually address and provide a framework for the solution and implementation of that vision and those ideals. All those who have joined the existence of this group have knowledge of this framework and could provide direction through the example and living expression of their activities and thoughts. Which I presume to be a group of radical theorists committed to restoring agricultural and industrial practice into the hands of free and ecological communities. 294. There are understandably a limited number of ways of dividing our observations, and your information is one of countless pieces to consider, depending on the actual affinity, purpose, and limits of the existing group configuration. 295. The Signs encompass the Realm of Spirit in Action, unfolding among the every scale and dimension of the Divine Totality of Life. 296. There could be numerous others, with different spellings, capitalizations, words in phrase, etc., which, if encoded, could be difficult to locate indirectly. 297. We each maintain an interest in a common ideology, if there are nevertheless vast differences in our interpretation and understanding of its relevance and applicability among the practical dynamics of the social and political reality of our times. Each person who shares their information broadens the perspective of events and likewise heightens the awareness of the inner trajectories and causation of the system of instruction and intercoordinative transformation of social and ecological potential. 298. I wished to learn more about those who have expressed an interest in her writings and the organizations which have had their foundations in, or have otherwise drawn inspiration from, the existence of the work thereof. 299. According to what I could learn and piece together from my prior educational experience and without direct instruction, and for which the need for discussion was limited, with peer groups and academic advisors unavailable and underutilized, if nonetheless at once either mutually and remotely supportive or otherwise critically suggestive of the gradual progress of my intentions. I have halted adding any further volumes to the bookcase and am now attemptedly summarizing the vital facts and principles of each subject accumulated from and for the fundamental logic of the selected foundation. Until and if ever I make it through to the level of closure and transferrability required for quintessential and further understanding, I erstwhile exist in ongoing admiration of the elements of architecture and nature and endlessly contemplate the evolving potential and interconnectivities of human civilization - and all the workers who are together unifying and uplifting the banners of earthstewardship and goodwill and reaffirming and redefining the vital shields of our future and collective priorities of survival and defense. 300. I, myself, wish to envision and work toward the ideal recurrence of a controlled and electively organized society of freely interconnective states and municipal proprietaries. I am in a place where direct community discussion of these issues isn't entirely feasible at present, and therefore am looking into groups from the internet in order to gather insight of which way to proceed about the matter. The goal is to become an integral member of society, able to contribute at the appropriate level to the common welfare of the group. The hope is somewhere to be organized into a collective, which would allow oneself to coexist among its ranks, at the appropriate hegemonical context and balance of work and life priorities, whether this be

15 where I am now and have of myself to bring about or thence yet again differently and at yet some further distant time and place.

information and ideals, towards the upliftment of celebrated and ceremonious conviviality and the public recognition and cessation of unlawful practices and codes.

301. Our government has, of necessity, undertaken much of the theoretical work for the framework of this analysis. However, I have encountered only fragmentary constructs of the publication of this research in active circulation. It is not that the people are being intentionally excluded, but that the actual effort involved in each of these fields permits only the elected or selected or voluntarily self-enabled few the time and opportunity to attempt the reconstruction of a more transparent or refined pathway for the process and awareness of our collective integration. I welcome the prospect of your collaboration and further knowledge of your efforts and results, if that indeed is factored among your purpose and intentions. With humility, it is the very selflessness of the task that even allows one the basic clarity to consider it, above and beyond the immediate functionality and requisitioning in and of the established system of hierarchical endeavor.

315. Each individual, communicating through the network structure, ultimately reflects the origins and habitation of the activities and community with which he or she is directly intervolved. Together, this process of connectivity will reveal the map of culture and democratize the awareness and potential of resource utilization and collective decision-making apparatus. The cascading and dispersion effect among communities ensures and consolves the transflectivity and redistribution of each existing innovation and conjecture.

302. The average American Christian, believing themselves to be in the majority, conceive of the nation as a body similar to that of the Church, and, in that the framers of the constitution were themselves of the Christian faith, are resolved to work within the government to maintain and foster moral decency and the security of the people amidst the resurgent confluence of all national and international events. 303. The products that are gathered from the earth, processed and transformed, either accumulate in useful and aesthetic structures, are biodegraded into natural substance, are reshaped into other products, or represent pollution and synthetic compounds of unuseable or waste materials, from which potentially exude harmful by-products into and blockages of the native ecosystems. 304. Could anyone point the way toward the quantization of technological resources? Where do I go to find this information? Either message, repost, or comment to redirect the focus of the inquiry. 305. What have we: automobile factories, farms, processing and storage facilities, textiles, paper, computers, televisions, appliances, pharmaceuticals, aluminum, minerals, steel, petroleum refineries, natural gas, coal plants, nuclear. . .? 306. The action of the inner military is in the synthesis, upliftment, and protection of information and ability. 307. The independent observation of society, while contributing to proper governance, can never be dissolved or subsumed into authority, if it is to retain the proper representation of the people of themselves. 308. War is the spontaneous deployment of a national database over an occupied territory. The sum and result of such wars marks the course and creation of the history and revisionment of empires. 309. After and from withof whence the world is drawn out and around itself in conquest and containment of the sacred building sites and original covenants of devotion, law, and faith, the people at last enter into the sanctuary and refuge and Eternal Heart of God's Abode. 310. Proceeding from the known unto the unknown, the inner fabrics of the body are gradually unravelled and reconnected among the primary energy channels and selfintuitive form-sense configurations. 311. The measurement of one quality in relation to another or several other factors yields the dimensional analysis and rate of transfluxivty among the given points and systems of time and space, inter-coordinative structure, and technico-graphical instrumentation and device. 312. As a basic premise of ecological transition, levels of electricity, energy, and agricultural consumption and industrial activity over the entire population need necessarily be circumscribed and reapportioned among environmentally sustaining alternatives and pre-existing methods of production. 313. Although there was never necessarily any need for there to be a battle for this cause, it appears that I have had no choice except to fight my way through it with steadfastedness and endurance. 314. Local awareness and demonstration surrounding official international and intraregional business, political, and environmental summits and discussions are essential for the popularization of the inner framework of events. The migration and transit among the centers of activist consideration, however, are much more difficult for the non-professional and working-class individuals in outlying and subpolitical regions and townships to accomplish and sustain without the existence of external networks of motivational organization and concurrence. The people may, of course, in order to create and sustain a free society, draw attention to their cause on any occasion, and in any available space and existing civic forum and assembly, coicident among the routine exhibition and pronouncement of

316. The image of the Spirit, which is Light, reveals the conditions of the bodies, and evokes the process and meaning of their transfiguration during life, in conformance with the Plan, into Eternal Servitors of the evolving Glory, which is Life. 317. The condensing of relevant information into and from historical archives and news and media organizations is of vital importance for the practical work of the theoretical undertaking and foundation to emerge and present the results of its uncoveries to and among the acting consensus of society. 318. In order for the dialectic of opposition to truly and functionally supplant the status quo it must proceed directly alongside and answer for each contention of the established rationale and existing developmental objectives. Wherefore these principles go unstated or are dismissive as such, it leaves one to presume the worst of them and creates the uncomfortable illusion of there being a fundamental and insurmountable duality or incongruity of human natures. 319. Our form and flesh emerged from the earth a certain way, with an acquired spectrum and balance of nutrient, oxygen, and mineral dependencies and inter-cellular dispensations for the processing of our awareness and perceptions and the transmutation and metamorphosis of the soul and spirit amidst the energy patterns and established rhythms of behavior, consciousness, and thought. The planet itself, and the creator thereof, divided the foundation of matter and scheme of organisms for the particular purpose of its will, within and toward the higher unfoldment of the cosmic scheme of illuminous transflectivity and universal comprehension. 320. The focus as a united group of concerned citizens arises externally to economic and political profiteering in the true science of the values and materials which humanity possess. 321. The relation between fossil fuels and food production, and their inevitable depletion or disuse, further exacerbates the need for alternative methods of farming and societal reform. 322. The simplicity of nature and complex austerity of its forms defies the acquired human need for the multiplicity of consumption and superfluous artificiality. Technology and shelter, however of thence the sublimation of activity and awareness, obliviate the course materiality of the earth, bridging the rootedness and enmeshment of the forms, while striving toward and awaiting the higher dimension of reality and liberation from all existing suffering and planetary limitations. Withall the element of human sympathy and divine faith proportionates and moderates the consciousness and functional psychology of being. 323. The monetary system, without capitalism, could represent a standard sum, divided equally over age groups according to purchasing requirements, besides those services automatically provided without charge on institutional authority, with which the people could choose among a balance of commodities, the prices of which are determined and regulated according to industrial efficiency and via democratic means. New and existing businesses, organizations, and product innovations could either be decided from regional origins or through national and international conferences and confederation of infrastructural differentiation and geographical endowment, allowing that individuals and groups will exhibit their particular and acquired trades from the materials at hand to and among the people and benefactors who concern them. 324. The blood that leaves the arteries nearest to the heart should necessarily enter into the veins and return to the heart, thus completing its circuit, sooner than the blood that leaves the arteries at the further extremities, creating areas of interior, middle, and exterior simultaneous circulatory flow. 325. Formulas for the shape, total surface area, and volume of complex organic and mechanical forms should be capable of describing the proportional variance and divergence of all existing examples of their manifestation and contrivance. 326. Any account of global environmental conditions must take into consideration the differences among the output and forseeable influence of the developed and developing nations and some program for their eventual balance and equalization of right relations. 327. There are those instances and intervals where the policies and decisions of one's ruling party are in exact complicity with one's intentions, however far removed and

16 respective of the precise mechanisms and ideal controls at the community level of existence. 328. For the present time, in order to avoid any unnecessary resentment or antagonism over the irresolvable and existing inequities of human civilization, the people inevitably look beyond any differences of status and concentrate among the incremental provisions and basic joys and fellowship that are inclusive of and available to all. 329. Infinite mind corporealizes the universal diameter that is the infinity of heart. In this way the soul adorns and shields the spirit, wherever it is evoked from the infinite crisis that resides among the finite and fractured illusion of the enumerable disparate corporeal selves. 330. It is reasonable that prices, or barter exchange values, even in a communalistic based society, reflect the variation of quality in each particular commodity of good or service that is provided, the reallocation of excess capital among existing industries and infrastructure that dimension whereof community involvement redefines the process of the transformation of the economic environment and land-base of culturality. The prospect of individual accumulation of unspent wealth, either from frugality or towards large-scale purchases and retirement, should therefore be reduced in terms of maximum yield and calculable risk of impertinence and personal indiscretion. Credit, investment, and finance, being relegated among levels of intercommunitarian authority, could then be motivated from ecological and ethical considerations, and not from the exploitation of market dominance and extraneous control of consumer demand. 331. Again I caution (myself), for the proper balance of the polemic, not to obviate the just causality and qualitative independence of social capital and property acquisitions, retained from the mind-set of the work-ethic, financial stewardship, and divisional analysis of the productive capacity of inter-societal transformation and development, which had or has yet, perhaps, to be sufficiently conceptualized at or among any preexisting level or consortium of international collectivization and trans-societal integration. 332. Construction for the common good should in no way diminish any of humanity's past and future accomplishments and potentials, and there is the misconception that we can neither maintain nor achieve the greatest works of architecture and of form, and the hierarchical scheme of our perceptions, through any alternative or purely egalitarian process, which simply ignores the value and priority of the present and future reconstructive visions of municipal harmonization and inter-participatory redevelopment and reutilization of existing social structures and interconcentric approximations and collectivities of residential living space. 333. Prior to and preceding any radical over-haul of the economic system coincide and coexist those progressive forms of cooperative and eco-humanitarian endeavor, the pressure over which is furthered from the consciousness and clarity directed towards each facet of society that is drawn into conjunction with the final strategy of perfecting the civilization of earth's existence. 334. Whether and to what extent to establish, reprovision, and retain international, national, regional, and local currency standards and multiple utilization and simultaneous variations thereof contraposes the definition of wealth from one community to another and the basis and restrictions of trade and reallocation of the materials, funds, and products that pass throughamongst between them. 335. Although revolution, violent action, and subversionary tactics/ couter-revolution, i.e. war, in the worst case of political and economical offense, are reserved as strictly possible, it is with clear conscience of any damage or loss of life or livelihood of nonoffending groups that the exact measures of proportionate and unavoidable response are carried through, inclusive of the calculated confrontation of combative forces and the destruction and containment of enemy weaponry and strategic infrastructure. The people fight a separate battle, at diverse levels of organization and lawful property enforcement, either united for the common defense in a shared system of ethical resolution and dispute or opposed within the system on the grounds of its inadequacy or its contradiction of its stated purpose and objectives. 336. That every community world-wide perseveres and intensifies the effort of moving their government, themselves, and all affected populations in the direction of greater freedom, economic redispensation, international transparency and understanding, and environmental responsibility, will inevitably determine the time-frame and course that our collective future and experience unfolds. 337. Quantization of existing levels and trajectories of industrial manufacture correlates with the saturation of the earth's capacity to withstand any additional humanization of the natural cycles and processes of production and exchange. The new order that is established and elicited within and among nature will thenceforth be a reflection of the higher unity and diversity which are operant withof the beingness that is nature of itself. 338. The narrative of historical content defines the character of the human personality. Identification with particular struggles, changes of consciousness, and historical events

relates the individual among the continuum and transiteration of their espousal. Thus, the cultural unifies the outward sphere of social, familial, and political expressivity and alignment. 339. Given the connectivity of industry and the existing obligations of the State to private capital, each community separately cannot expropriate the corporate outlets without first collectively deciding to transvert the corporate infrastructure to the democratic process. Meanwhile specific regions, having collectivized themselves, or in the process of collectivization, may choose the manner and extent of integration with remaining capitalist society and which forms of business enterprise to reject and replace withof themselves. 340. Our inability to get beyond existing differences of ideological affiliation and ethnicity and see ourselves as one community thus obstructs our ability to confront and resolve the forces of exploitation which have spread throughout and affected the existence of each of our interdependent perimeters of group identity and purpose. Discreet geographical solutions to economic democratization require a new respect for the residents of one's communal vicinity and a schedule and location of planning events which does not conflict with established and simultaneous priorities. 341. Production strategies and distribution models, coordinated from regional councils, and at levels of national and international confederation, would prioritize and rationalize any absolute requirement and justification for globalization of its entirety. 342. Each discipline, viewed philosophically, should receive a proportionate and equivalent effort of contextual representation in the formation of the individual retranscription of the universal record and dispensation of existing knowledge and ideas. This retranscription, whence accomplished and fully realized, may then serve as an over-view back into the curriculum of itself, whereof the demonstration and degree of confidence in one's ability, or contrast among similar circumscriptions abstracted from alternative points of reference, conferring unto the existing academic population, with ceremonious placement, display, and reconformation of institutional traditions, the numerous pathways of comprehension of the acquired dimensions and functionality of the group attainment and implementation of civilizational imperatives, towards the liberation and harmonization of the existing order of humanity's self-awareness and response, among the existing structure, and according to the effect of the projected and resulting adaptations of ideography and behavior. 343. The logic of transformation, whence educed from society and incorporated into and thence retransflected of oneself, enables one to rejoice at each progressive occurrence thus evoked, even while directing one's remaining focus on those efforts and environments which have yet to be resolved. The improbability that any of us, in the midst of the people with whom we live and have actually met, forming any definite acquaintances and group solidarity of massed intent, mirrors the entrenchment of existing hierarchy and the resistence to any alternative mechanisms of geopolitical alignment and economic democratization. (Not that we are not daily inspired by the efforts and contributions of countless other people I intend this merely at the level of concrete organizational affinity.) This should not deny that the connectivity of the media, in its present form, is a relatively recent historical development, to offset and supplement the prior patterns of publicated information and hegemonically enabled routes of diplomatic and ambassadorial consultation, and that elaborate and alternative forms of unity have already, and for some time, taken place, at rates of gradual familiarization, partial affinities, and trust. 344. That the mind believes and can imagine the flesh to behave in certain ways could cause and influence the flesh to cohere about the spirit in specific ways, against, with, and beyond the existing tendencies of matter. Stated another way, knowledge of what the form is and what it is capable of permits the mind to conform its essence towards the highest potential of its contriving. 345. The problem of oceanic territorality and international waters emphasizes the ultimate proximity of all intercontinental governmental bodies. Mid-sea and oceanic policy, transport, shipping, and production, in so far as these resources are of any lasting value, inclusive of the cultivation, preservation, and study of marine ecosystems and diversity, while channeled through ports and coastal regions or through rivers and canals, being of no particular jurisdiction, need be equitably distributed among inland regions according to some system of participation and allowance. 346. While it is one thing to live under oppressed conditions, it is another for an existing people to sacrifice their sovereign right for the sake of the standing virtue of a higher national and ancestral cause. 347. The unification and intertwining of the elemental energy field under the direction of cosmic and solar evolution and of human physiological and technological intelligence summarizes the organization of matter and force, interdependence of existing phenomena, and purposive transvolution of alternate, parallel, and existing trajectories of the one reality of space, time, consciousness, and form.

17 The intricacies of mind, nevertheless, abide among the fluidity and time-frame of biorhythmic integration, unfolding toward and among the archetypal organization, experience, and perception of the inner attributes of deity and particular qualities and relationships of the world environment and self.

Psychologically, the various personnas of God, while retained for their historical context, are reconciled in the universality of any people of the earth and in the applicability of each ethics and cosmology among all cultural and geographical scenarios.

348. The balance of trade, foreign aid, and technological and military collaboration between nations operates on a level so far removed from each community that few besides the separate interests within each government and business can perceive the full extent of what is being negotiated, given up, or received from amongst the separate factors of the world community at large, although each has experienced the separate gain or loss of their resources and the acquired collective forces of development.

356. The story of natural history and revision of civilizational imperatives could be reintroduced and redeveloped alongside the archetypes of theological abstraction into a functional program of world service capable of reestablishing and restoring the political and material frameworks of equality, survivability, and salvation that are the basis of the spiritual containment of the earth and dimensional transmigration unto and among the consolvant abodes of distant space.

349. Having sufficiently contrasted among, reconciled with, and appropriated from all existing ideological systems, or relying thence firstly on the progress of one's own invention, liberates each member of the community from the preoccupation with and inurement of the directives and functionality of all extraneous and alternative frames of beingness and reference, if the process of adaptation must continue and repeat itself for the sake of sustaining the quality and independence of each associated perimeter and domain.

357. Conscious liberation and confederal integration of the municipal assembly trajects the individual mind around the sum of industrial and agricultural projects that are being conformed to ecological objectives within the framework of community and physiological remediation, fabrication and transveyance of artistic and social media, technological transfluxivity, and architectural and infrastructural rehabilitation and design.

350. When, by the infringement of the demonic presence into the aura of one's awareness, the energy and blood of the brain are drawn from the routine patterns established in the mind of prayer and contemplation, the truth increasingly tends towards the irrationality of the flesh and mindless violence and destruction. The idea of a certain place of refuge, sought somewhere in the midst of life, is forestalled for the immediate reality and practicalities of life, the salvation of one's spirit, and that of the demons of themselves, the hope that preserves the immediate integrity and priority of one's defense. 351. Those nations which acquired a dominance of the world market, and a favorable trade balance, would promote free trade so far as it was to their continued advantage, and could, among other things, use this advantage to strengthen their military infrastructure, making each world power reluctant to let any other world power gain any greater share over the market of the intervening regions of the globe. The proportion of the economy that each people invests into its military and the form which this investment takes, as well as the agreements and alliances of shared responsibilities, reflect the capacity of the nations to equilibrate the commonality of their purpose and relations. 352. Those downwind and downstream from and physically connected among any determinable cause of ecosystemic degradation, besides the pool of atmospheric and oceanic circulation and containment, have inevitably to investigate and seek preventative action, restoration, and remediation from the source of all which would diminish the productivity and quality of the resulting terrains and fields of existing living space. Similarly, the consumption patterns of society, at all levels of production, distribution, recycling, and disposal, need direct us towards ourselves and the sum of our individual and collective influence and responsibilities and decision of alternative and sustainable parameters. 353. Even while the ideal disassemblement into a network of small independent shops may seem to validate a certain end result of the capitalist system, the underlying inventory of social functions and capital investments made available to the entire pubic could represent a refined cultural awareness and mental integration of itself. 354. Radical and ecological communities require a dialectical system of philosophical and historical priorities, which frame the art of being in the context of the participation and fulfillment of the utopian process for the liberation and redemption of the organizational structure and every variable of our existence. We are, in effect, within our various working groups, creating a new definition of reality, which enables the re-education of society to confront the issues and awareness which hierarchy had previously neglected or attempted futilely to resolve without the direct and informed consent of the general population. This does not discredit the concentration and professionality of academic and technological innovation, nor the efforts of civilization to organize the quality of life for a diverse plurality of interests and abilities - it is merely that there are those within power who would work to relinquish it and turn its purposes to good and those who would perpetuate and heighten the system of inequalities for the furtherance of their personal advantage and delusions. 355. The diverseness of existing religions and the extent and influence of their practice amidst the world community should not be forgotten among the superficial phenomenality of secular events. Nor should the attempts at bridging and revealing the commonality of their features obliviate the uniqueness of their cultural expression and historical progression. The God we find, from the core centrality of each one's scriptural approach and evocation, reflects the highest qualities of our spirit and purest faith in and understanding of the revealed potential of reality and historical experience, inclusive of the vision of our origins and transformation among the eternal cycles of being unto and toward the abiding judgement and ultimate omnipotence of form.

358. The culmination and rotation of interests necessary for each person to address the connectivity of itself to the global phenomenon requires a schematic dispensation of world priorities and concertive matrix of central institutions. The people themselves confronting themselves, within and alongside the existing and alternative mechanisms of state and economic procedings and scientific and cultural events, will thereby discover the common ground of their humanity, which will make sharing and coooperation the inevitable alternative to all violence and war. 359. The political and financial will to abstain from world market competition, enabling the immediate and widespread reduction of resource devastation and hazardous emissions, requires each of the diversive populations of the world to reach and implement a general consensus of policies and behaviors, in order to simultaneously eliminate the risk to each nation of loss of market shares from the isolated efforts and independent relinquishment of potential and existing market gains. 360. The mind is one regardless of the position on earth or space and varying densities of geographical configurations. This is the true basis of universality, acquisivity, creativity, and transveyance, underlying the concrete objectification, outward and cumulative demonstration, and arbitrary concentration of power and force imposed and dispersed unto and among the concentric totality and trajected exteriority of constructed and existing terrains. The particularity of one phenomenal expression and life-way pattern is repeated and coordinated from place to place in the imagined structure of buildings, passageways, and perimeters, amongst and from which are dispersed the necessary distributive behaviors of autonomously confederated organization and production and integrative functionality of communal and municipal relations. Inclusivity, within oneself, of the sphere of possibility, sensitivity of inhabitance, and time-frame of occurrence, permits each microcosmic dispensation to attain balance among the sum of individual responsibilities and appropriations from and unto the conflux of the adjoining and surrounding fields of macrocosmic inter-polarity, totalization, stationarity, and transmigrational inter-directionality. 361. Economic categorization of industrial and agricultural totality would reveal the potential points of replication of regional production and alternative reliance on renewable resources and non-hazardous production, the current levels of waste, and trajectories of transitional, remaining, innovational, and sustainable resource allocation surrounding and resulting from each area and population demographic. This information, intelligibly presented to society, would enable the working class to confront the corporate, governmental, and financial institutions which currently make decisions on their behalf without the integral sovereignty of popular consent. Our entire system of law and social and private property distinctions will then, perhaps, be rewritten from a higher ethical standard of egalitarianism, environmental responsibilities, and universal human rights. 362. While the exacting engineering principles of mathematical, eco-logistical, and physical calculation were at some level superfluous to the construction and assembly of the craft, the precision of modern and future technology has since necessitated that all forms that are produced receive the furthest exposition of all appropriate and applicable expressions of analysis. This same idea likewise holds for the reduction of medicine to pharmaceutical and chemiological affectivity, and of food intake and production to the ultimate balance of physiological contamination and transmorphosis and nutritional requirements, the psychological influence of conscious patterns and events and the psychiatric moderation of selected substances contingently affecting the rhythm that is elicited from and imposed unto the mechanism of metabolism, self-awareness, and activity. 363. The capacity to care for other living beings, and in particular one's spouse, in the absence of this love, may be extended over oneself as the healing force and strength over the sum of all phenomena. The mercy of the creator is understood in that the living mind of every creature is endowed with the ability to be unconscious of every pain and that the self-knowledge of error in human existence alone created the confusion that was the capacity to suffer.

18 364. The joining together of separate structures and housing units and reduction or bypassing of vehicles and traffic from the core perimeter are processes which facilitate and foster the inhabitability of the central area or block-perimeter of a city or a town. Access to community gardens and shared land rights among the outlying and surrounding areas are crucial for re-establishing the sovereignty of food production and natural rights of the awareness of environment. 365. The multinational corporation has established its facilities on foreign soil to exploit lower wages, to avoid the cost or legality of existing national regulations, to cooperate in governmental, academic, or humanitarian projects, to assist in the extraction and export of foreign resources, or to distribute directly to the end markets of their services, fabricated components, and finished products. Vital industries could often be located outside of one's national borders or in the ownership of foreign nationalities, thereby complicating the connectivity and reclaimation of sovereign regional centrality, until and whereas the international community attains a standard level and practice of labor rights and opportunities, tariffs, production values, and environmental protections. 366. It is theoretically possible that a consortium of international investors could create a conglomeration of transnational institutions which would place the world economy under the rule of a global elite, provided that the many governments involved could consolidate and retain the approval of the functioning majority of their peoples. With the increase in the awareness of humanity, however, the democratic reconciliation of the economy would seem to preclude any passive acceptance of the centralization of world power, however benign the ultimate nature of the processes and solutions it may appropriate from general society and itself advocate and independently devise. 367. The potential threat of biological and military attacks on selected targets of existing infrastructure, calculated error or misdeed and endangerment practices, espionage and theft of intellectual property, and the prioritization and dissociation of temporal effort and awareness, all serve as reasons for the restrictions and regulations of material information and possession and for either occluding or strictly observing, depending on the nature and polarity of one's involvement, the phenomenon of total economic and governmental functionality. 368. National and international monitoring between organizations and nationalities has naturally continued to develop and unfold to varying degrees of comprehensiveness, speciality, accuracy, and extent of current information for purposes of military, diplomatic, financial, environmental, humanitarian, acedemic, cultural, and media concerns, acquiring legitimacy and coordinative functionality howsoever institutionalized and integrated into collective agencies, intergovernmental bodies, and instruments of organized inter-societal demonstration and appeal. 369. The base of operations is the critical starting point in each community, a place where sufficient means of livelihood is the maximum goal of each participant - bearing in mind the proportional and natural abundance and creativity of a sustainable civilization, which are among the intrinsic joys and promises of a free and harmonious existence - with all remaining resources and energy channeled towards the protection, upliftment, and inclusivity of the remaining members of society, unto the coordination, at all levels, of the actions and necessities deemed appropriate for salvaging and accomplishing the furthest revolutionary framework of humanity's potential. 370. Our mutual dependencies and the points of their extraction are the physical basis of the material mechanism which unites us, both continentally and in the inter-oceanic exchange of intrinsically unavailable and geologically unlocalizable materials and resources. The separate states are united within each of our national borders by the political will of our cultural inheritance, thereat arbitrarily divided from the geographical interiority that is the universal foundation of earth observation and existence. Besides the political and economic rationale of trade alliance there is also a balance to be reached among the modes of transportation between alternative distances and locations of connected and disconnected hemispheric productivity and the matter of choice in the form and content of auxiliary processing facilities and extent of interregional decentralization and alignment. 371. The rights of a people to self-assemble in a given terrain and retain the sovereignty of their constructed domain, and rights as citizens of naturalization and of birth, are not themselves the subject of dispute - it is the mutuality of our beingness as one humanity and the invitation to look beyond the limitations of self-identity and circumstantiality of the spirit of separation toward the interdependent phenomenon and cooperative potential of our collective inheritance of earth which are the ideas intended to be made reference of and presently established. Brotherhood, therefore, is seen to extend both from and toward increasing levels of inclusivity and purpose, from the microscopic unit to and from the cosmic unity of preexisting and pre-established interconnectivity and transcendence. 372. The origin of stone, rock, and metals in the metamorphosis and coalescence of the earth's interior and the weathering and degradation of materials and life into the soil enables both the inorganic structure of civilization and the organic forms of nature to

simultaneously coexist and coevolve, withof the array of manufactured and synthetic materials and products which are dispersed and adhere among the coherence of stable structures and the processing of inter-systemic and organizational transitions. The dynamics of our being did not, of course, commence outside of the composite forces of inter-cosmic precipitation, gravitation, and the energies of light, placing the location and coordinates of our relative conditions and position somewhere amidst the spectrum of all possible occurrences, withamong the trans-dimensional directionality and conscious evolution of all acquired or bestowed transconfigurations of awareness and ability. 373. The smaller the business unit and more localized its supply and distribution the greater the concentration of regional independence of the economy, reducing the number of centralized industries and corporations to greater areas of mutual reliance, municipal trade negotiations, and confederal political integration. Those within arbitrary geographical boundaries intending to avoid the excessive external forces of economic subjugation and the dispersion and deplenishment of resources or otherwise wishing not to owe their direct allegiance to the existing state and national government organizations, or to reunite these in a higher system or form of national and international configuration, have, therefore, with clear conscience and the majority of their people to make alternative arrangements of alliance or legislative regulations with those wishing to participate in their scheme or to remain in compliance with the existing system and controls of the established status quo. Heretofore the diversity and regional homogeneity of races, languages, and ethnicities and relative inertia of the general population have prevented this process from reaching a rapid acceleration and reidentification of international identity, although the present capacity and tendency of the blending together of cultural characteristics could result in numerous time-frames and trajectories for the reintegration of the world reality and international events. 374. Those territories and directives and all paralleling frequencies of space, which had structured and informed one's former self, may rationally emerge into a pre-existing if previously unknown or under-appreciated similitude of central qualities and attributes of existing society, or otherwise evolve into a perfect semblance of one's highest ideals and expectations, and yet the present world of one's existence reveal the unsensed variation of one's independent beingness and a new phase in one's cumulative experience of reality. Or it could be that the stark features and great differences are resolved and that the participation in the minute details of one's terrain is what brings the area closer to the unseen revelation and potential of the living phenomenon which is the thing unto itself, the permanence and duration of each foundation determining the comprehensiveness and complexity that are capable of functional introspection, direct observation, and involvement. Circumstantial translocation between any two randomly contrasted geographical viewpoints and configurations, or between more or less equally unfamiliar destinations, could, therefore, also be for simpler or arbitrarily individualistic motives, or economic, political, cultural, or psychological considerations, unrelated to or resolving little of the difficulties and completeness of total or absolute geomorphic or socio-political integration, symptoms which may distort or disguise the inner reality of one's basic calling and requirements. 375. To contain the minimum foundation of knowledge and theory necessary for a moral rational functional society. 376. The various levels and variations of accomplished unity with society will display and organize the results of their awareness through various activities and coordinated functions, at, according to, or without cost or expectations among the general community or for and from selected individuals and groups. The loyalty of local to state to federal institutions, and among the world community at large, or, conversely, of these organizations to the people of themselves, is the trust that is re-established from perimeter to perimeter, or that is oppositionally subverted by the passive or awakening counter-cultural interiority or infrastructural demographic proximation. Deviations between city governments and state and federal regulations, business and legal interests, and international agreements and disputes, are either left irreconciled or decided through the courts and congressional procedings, with the weight and resiliency of the military, trade, and cultural apparatus determining the ultimate solvency of any particular jurisdiction. The routine carrying and display of weaponry and coordination of security surveillance and maneuvers could either blend harmoniously among the internal perimeter and connective landscape of community, or arise in stark contrast with the will of the people and in incessant skirmishes amidst and withamongst conflicting bodies over a geographical interior and among the circumference of transcontinental nationalities and alliances. 377. Attaining and facilitating control, liberation, understanding, and conformance of the forces of the earth, technical and bio-physical consolvance, societal interactions, the unseen realm, and astrological proximity, while maintaining and upholding the sovereignty of each of our respective interdependent socio-political domains, together constitute the collective mutuality of our priorities and inevitable conflux of inherent consciousness and life, beyond and withof the pursuit and furtherance of health and happiness for all and the sustaining and providing of the primary modes of our

19 continuity and subsistence, that the institutions and environment we determine, and of which we consist, remain in balance with themselves, with and along the existing and future pathways and resulting confluence of their circumvolution and development.

IV. CYBERNETIC PHARMACOLOGY 378. The attributes of force and their controlled interaction, in the service of humanity, the planet, and other forms of life. 379. Fabricated goods, food supply, fuel production, and electricity transveyance could be recreated and inventoried locally according to variations and continuities of periodic expenditure and requirements or likewise remain bulked in and transited among organized department supply configurations, as of durable goods or from lack of immediate usefulness or quality, until phased into productive use or eventually disposed of as expired or efficiently obsolete packaging and material, the accessibility of emergency rations, equipment, and supplies nevertheless preferrable to starvation, scarcity, or deprivation in the event of sudden famine or catastrophe, if not for the mere quality and affluence of a productive and self-renewing civilization. Reprocessing and adjusting for some or all of the deficit, excess surplus, or waste that we produce, and the corresponding exploitation, over-, and misuse of earth's resources, are thus the inevitable consequence of existing logistic and ecological constraints. Reduction of energy demand and choice among available machineries and power supply for each existing application, including human activity, in conjunction with the form and quantity of products created and the procedure of their production and renewal, could likewise serve to adapt humanity to the exigent constraints of its environment. The products we avail ourselves of, in any effect, each follows a distinct geographical pathway and time-frame of replinishment and storage, the services that are performed thereupon at each sight being linked together through mutual enlistment and organizational directives. 380. Any gaps resulting from the publication of dated material can be thereof thenceforth adapted precisely for each threshold of ending trajectories so far thence acquired and retained. 381. The enemy strives to detract from the value of our labor, demeaning our construction to the point where we would relinquish the very purpose and idea of its totality being known. 382. I think not, during each interim and instance of regeneration and renewal, towards any specific observation and result, other than to exist in mind among the potencies and forms of all predetermining abstraction. 383. The technological forms which we are capable of utilizing, and the forces each employs, emerged from and elaborated the foundation of creativity and theory gathered over preceding years, decades, and intervening centuries of observation, experimentation, and research, impelled according to the necessities and potentials of organic life in its surroundings, and the drawing together in the conscious mind of great distances and parameters of awareness, instrumentation, and ability. 384. The adoption amongst society of alternative rates and intensities of learning could facilitate that level of trust and cooperability which would preclude the excess of time and effort in the estimation of core academic potentiality and avoid the coinciding marginalization of the individual from organized societal functionality. 385. The conceptualization and visualization of the basic properties and constituents of energy and matter have assumed various shapes and divisions throughout time in the differentiation of the world phenomenon, intrinsic phase, potentiality, relationships, and development, and inter-societal coordination of each particular field and frame of necessary and beneficial substantive analysis and exertion. The health and happiness of the human soul, whence enmeshed in the mind and brain, perceives and interprets reality in a scale inclusive of and transcending the organic requirements of its immediate form and harmonization of the plane of earth existence, receiving inevitably in life and death that measure and quality of light for which the creativity of experience was formed. 386. Insurance corporations must balance the rate of payment options, averaged over the entirety of the existing customer base, with the probability and cost of the various occurrences and needs of the range of services that are provided in their coverage. 387. Every action performed upon the earth and in the interactions of society derives its operational legitimacy from the force of arms which secures or initiates the cause of its activity. 388. Knowledge of divine authority, and the idea of intercession on humanity's behalf, inspire the forms and potencies of faith, which, when guided and instructed from the reality of a higher cause and motive, provide the surest refuge and defense and continuity and containment of the universal essence and unfolding awareness of the spiritual potentiality of Life.

Preparedness for the mysteries of consciousness and for the unknown of scientific and geopolitical organizational detail enables the currents of the foundation to circulate among and towards the transcendent inclusivity of our all-impending consummation and withdrawal, thus while conserving the practicalities of our consecrated service to the forms which shall remain and which have yet begun the experience of time. 389. Telepathic reformation of subatomic and molecular machineries, and telekinetic translocation and realignment, underly the force of will and cosmic motive, intervolitionment, and power, the refinement and transmutation of energy, and the vehicle of sentient experience and thought. 390. Microbial organisms prefigured the capacity of nanotechnology to purify and reshape the chemical environment, within chambers of containment and transmorphosis, towards material objectification, and, in conjuction with artificial intelligence programs and cybernetic structure, self-replicating and perpetuating functionality and design, over vaster planes of remediation and precipitative affectivity, and among fields of synthetic recomposition and regrowth and ecosystemic symbiosis. The robotic, mechanical, and structural husks of material technologies and computational and electronic processing, regulation, and communication naturally persist to reside and move amongst the worldly substances and beings with which they mutually coinhabit and coincide, amongst and from whence their purpose and existence were derived, lest the entirety of space and form be subsumed into an artificial object, or the fragmentery field somehow transume the need or cause of atmospheric shelter and the anthropomorphically scaled dimensions and requirements of planetary civilization and existing forms of complex and higher speciation. Relatively inert chemicals and inanimate substances continue to interact among the pre-programmed genetic mechanisms of life and pre-established interdependent biosphere and geological formations, our willingness, intention, and capacity to manipulate atomic self-assembly yet limited in the range of viable applications and extent of existing proliferation, the soul of form of the creation overtly affected from outward modifications, applied energies, and learned caution of observed systemic tolerances, determined specifications, and understood metabolic and bio-synthetic proportionality. 391. Self-diagnostic research, equitable access and investment in community-based laboratory equipment, and an honor and group-management assessed prescription procedure could make possible the participatory involvement in the treatment of many health-related concerns, liberating the more highly specialized medical personnel to address the most complicated of problems of which the community will thence naturally defer. Scientific and technological facilities could likewise be correlated with computational inquiry of publicly available schematics. 392. While the three-dimensional imaging of electrical patterns in the brain could reveal the transmutation and progression of irreconciled emotional energies and desires, the sub-audible guidance and direction of conscious abstract intelligence could be deduced from specific regions of permutation and formation of conscripted and absolute relationships of mind. The spirit of the word invokes and is evoked from the phenomenon amidst which the consciousness of self and identity are elevated towards the differentiated understanding of the myriad experience of light. 393. The network of distant and distinct group meditational alignment prefigures metaphorically the structure of global communications and coordinated activity, and further surpasses these forms through the cognizance and development of alternative pathways for the transit and communion among the higher planes of our existence, while suggesting a mechanism for the recalibration of the mental aura of humanity in congruence with divine impression and the cosmic evolution of planetary and interstellar phenomena. 394. Wherefore having accepted the ascent through the self-sacrifice of the Lord unto salvation, the remaining self and mind differentiates abstractly and analytically the viablility of the forms unto and over which the light of consciousness descends, thereby renewing and restoring the livingness and purpose of creation while enabling the higher intuition to unfold the contrivances of reason in conformity with divine authority and controls. 395. That there is a kingdom of spiritual beings who are the custodians of the next stage of evolution and knowers of the Plan coinciding with humanity and capable of invocation, entrance, and initiation, either through guarded ritual rites or the sequence of proven or inevitable actions, behaviors, and life-events, does not necessarily demonstrate whether the plans of the present rulers of this world and free members of society, who are themselves capable of alternate purposes and forms of initiation and approach, are in present or exact complicity with themselves or with this Plan or that there is not also a common enemy and opposing force against which the forces of order are aligning in conjunction with the greater purpose of and towards which chaos itself is being subjected and transformed. 396. If we climb the tower from our town far enough we will meet up with each of you in all directions, town by town over the surface and back to where we each ourselves aspire.

20 397. Each cultural group evolved according to its regional environment and also according to the wider context of international pressure and events, circumscribing the simultaneous and linear emergence and thence existing balance of world centers and population demographics in relation to themselves. 398. The correlation among blood vessel dilation and constriction, chemical and hormonal suffluence, immunological activity, nerve relay, and the types and variations of synaptic interconnectivity affects the sensitivity and response of the conscious and unconscious inhabitation of the flesh and the patterns of awareness impressed upon and evoked from the self-adapting and controlling mechanism of mental inventory, revealed intuitive abstraction, and higher sense configurations. The light of form derives from beyond the body itself in the health and structure of the world organism in and amongst the implements and policies of which the biological machinery fulfills and furthers the sustaining and redemptive purposes of its collective self-regeneration and renewal. 399. If a group were to reveal and make public knowledge the entirety of its records and practices withof itself, the unprepared could easily misapprehend and misrepresent the character of absolute authority, depriving themselves and others of the true connection of experienced instructors. On the other hand, partial knowledge, disseminated among and from withof the students of themselves, could only serve to interest other students and co-workers in the existence of the presiding institution, while introducing and affirming amongst society the existence of concepts and ideas of a more universal application and conferrment. 400. The freedom to communicate one's message in a publically accessible venue and appropriate and self-determining context of relevant discussion determines and reflects the resulting qualities and priorities of social and psychological equilibrium and convolvement. 401. In order to make a transition towards a new society, capable of representing the highest ideals of freedom and environmental sustainablity which humanity has historically uncovered and educed, it is necessary to foster and proliferate those forms of cultural expression which would most adequately embody and accomplish the understanding and achievement of these goals. To summarize and extend the problem factors and issues we have considered and must currently address, and our particular bias and stance towards the conclusions of our assessment and approach, we have, therefore, to determine and implement that mechanism for the harnessing, sharing, and distribution of the resources of our respective communities around the world which would best provide a sustainable and equanimitous pattern for present and future generations of the world population and numerically finite biotrophic carrying and supportive capacities of Earth. 402. Strategic analysis and planning, situated from each national interior and defense, collectively present the highest autonomous contexts for the consideration and implementation of environmental and human resource utilization and priorities, coordinating the institutional, academic, economic, media, cultural, and elective determinations of public opinion withof themselves and their counter-parts of international co-participation, cooperation, representation, alliances, and trade. 403. Religious denomenational assemblies consubstantiate national political affiliations and municipal authority, allowing popular legitimacy and financial contributions to defer the basis of democratic judgement to the hierarchical dispensation and representation of sanctifiable personnel and inculcative institutions. 404. The municipal assembly need necessarily be among the largest structures in each district and periphery, allowing room for the simultaneous convention of proportional delegations from each of the subsidiary organizations and collectives, if not also or otherwise reconstituted according to and from equivalent areas and neighboring population districts, and it should be non-hierarchical and non-authoritarian from the foundations of its organization and activity, enabling the people to address the public consciousness, origin, and impact of the idea without any institutional prejudice or bias towards any predetermined judgement or opinion of ethical, cultural, or ideological considerations and contingent and affective economic and socio-political effectuality which should necessarily result and derive from our existing freedom of awareness and expression. The protection and enforcement of a national bill of rights and constitution is the guarantee that the majority confers upon itself, and the social contract of the governing ideal which is voluntarily serviced and enacted. The daily actions of our appointed delegates and the general context of their procedings should be and remain absolutely transparent and accountable, at all times, to the public will of the constituency from which their authority derives. 405. While the spiritual hierarchy has manifested itself as an ideal in our imagination and awareness, the fact and form of its being in the Plan and Purpose of the Creator and trans-substantiation of the conscious self could remain intentionally indeterminate and inexact in the fulfillment of the personality and structure of its organizational parameters. Those who are in alignment with the Will of God and the unified field of consciousness could receive and reflect the power of a higher nature and form,

alongside those who represent the control and organization of the material forces of the earth, with the actual appearances and stature of those who inhabit the transcendent realm making their influence and effect known amongst humanity to the extent of our requirements and according to the consequences of our collective and individual causality. 406. The edibility and nutritional value of natural plant species in their habitat and receptivity to imported cultivation in sustainable soil cultures, and sparing and responsible harvesting and extraction of native materials and forms, along with the utilization of solar and natural power and available and replinishable water supply, enable the most efficient maximization of land use and renewable resources. This is, of course, with the understanding that all species, including humanity, are capable of sustaining themselves only on those segments and derivatives of nature which are appropriate for and corresponding with their specific biological and evolutionary constitution and endowment. 407. In the free market system the municipalized economy could negotiate among the sum of other municipalities in order for access to alternate producers and resources to ensure a fair balance of trade, equitable pricing levels, and values of exchange, and potentially to compensate for short-term shortages or surpluses of productivity and yield. Primarily, a shift from private and corporate capital and profits to public capital and public corporations is that which is being attemptedly affected towards the communal harmonization of society. 408. The connectivity of legal jurisprudence among international, federal, state, and municipal constitutions, codes and practices of law, and law and precedent formation contextualizes the ethical accountability of the members of society and citizenry among themselves and to their governmental bodies. 409. In the course of major world conflicts, those militaries which were overthrown and unseated, in the annexation of territory or through the concerted external response to their aggression, have had culturally and politically, with time, to restore the terms of their multilateral and individual relations with the world. 410. With the increase in the automation of industrial productivity, the delegation of the processes of labor among available skills, towards and withof the opportunity of advancement and informational equilibriation, gained greater significance in the provision of useful and remunerable social activity for all available personnel. In part this could involve increasing the cultural value of public works and landbased initiatives, while otherwise distributing the component structures of standardized equipment and production. 411. Court decisions, based within the law, determine the fairness and constitutionality of the execution of these laws and the possible revision of thier enactment. 412. Functioning communalist societies and representative ideologies should connect with themselves and send forth thier envoys and message to the remainder of world society, starting with and returning amongst thus, whenever possible, one's local community of residence. Maintaining the background of ideological development, scientific, technical, and economic conjunctivity, and juxtaposition with the status quo creates the unified field of information upon which the concurrent education and cooperation of the future society will be based. This involves the monitoring of current activities and practices and the explanation and extrapolation of alternative approaches and resulting pathways of our collective applied potentiality. 413. Similarly, established governmental and intergovernmental agencies should seek to contain and publicize the derivation of their purpose and identity, in order to examine and critically assess the rationale of their continued functionality and existence. 414. Circulation among the natural ecosystems of the planet reveals the diversity of life and food systems which emerged from their native habitat and natural environment. Our mechanical forms and their derivation and empowerment from available materials have of our understanding unto themselves to have attained the proper balance and relationship with respect to the web of life which sustains the spirit of their actuation and awareness. 415. The idealism and circumstantiality of the individual self, given the levels and possibilities of discourse presented and prevailing attitudes and predilections of effectual and majority opinion, should in no wise obscure the consciousness of the everand all-abiding love and respect for the innate spiritual entitlement and possession of every beingness and life, nor the opportunities and responsibilities for service, fellowship, communion, and cooperative consideration which may interveningly transpire upon the way, being each of oneself on a journey towards the reconciliation of the highest potentials of us all, howsoever thereof attained from the active synthesis and stasis of all redemptive and constructive methodologies.

21 416. The capacity of government and business to sustain security and pension payments over the duration of retirement age reflects the amount deducted, employment incentives, costs to future members of society, and expected economic earnings. A fixed income provided without the modifications of these incentives and from taxation to the level of absolute equality, determined and implemented from withof necessarily the communities themselves, would alter the fundamental nature of the labor market and commodification of useful activity. Education could then be entirely from calling and in excess of labor, at all levels of attainment and elected institutionalized departments. The ancient values of trust and goodwill, and frugality and charity, may then convey and find correspondence in the forms and structure of national and international governance and procedings. 417. The public will of a national objective is both negotiated from community and district representational assemblies and attemptedly implemented through national elections of promised policy and platform executive directives. Appointments and jurisdiction within bureacratic government positions could either remain within the providence of federal discretion or be redistributed rotationally on the basis of state and popular consent. The possibility of a national referendum on specific legislation would require the public awareness of the specific written context and the sponsorship and advocacy of those who had or had not had previously the authority to propose and vote on these issues in the pre-existing political environment. 418. In the recapitulation of world history and time, various sequences of events are selected from each region for each cycle and time-frame of historical progression, with all remaining events finding reference and context somewhere amidst the established points spanning the extent of connected totality. 419. From the one life emerged the many, through the various stages of individual consciousness and group identity, until again the one life could be understood in all its diversity and potential of transformational inter-substantiality and experiential awareness and ability. 420. It could be that God allowed the darkness to exist so that those who would live or find themselves without the light of human sympathy and purpose would understand the constancy and need for bringing forth and securing these qualities in the realm of absolute reality. It is then known that the darkness of one's own self is neither to be reasoned with nor fought against, but rather to be avoided and supplanted in the eventual course of one's determined eternality. 421. The elevated dense conglomeration is a crystalline structure of balanced lines around and within which the mind momentarily and theoretically transcends any external limitations and requirements. The diffusion of humanity throughout nature, and the sum of its extractions and exchanges thereof, could also serve to conciliate, station, and illumine the connectedness and vitality of its circumference and periphery. 422. According to the confederal prioritization of inter-communitarian taxation and a maximum income restriction the public trust will have effectively eliminated the foundations of separation and exploitation which had previously structured the capitalist economy. Those citizens wishing to expatriate with their excess of national or intra-municipal wealth intact would encounter new restrictions and government appropriations, corresponding with the reorientation and redirection of our involvement with transcommunitarian and international relations. All estates valued above a set limit of property standards should be converted into public land institutions and educational facilities, until reconstructed along egalitarian lines, with the occupants directed towards more communal forms of hospitality and residence. Individual and institutional freedoms of travel, interaction, and productive acquisition would continue undeterred and, to the contrary, be in many ways enhanced without these impediments of institutionalized competition for and inequality of necessary and available resources. 423. It is important to understand that the social cybernetic occurrence is a specific and restricted mode of expression with a content spectrum that is different from and outside of the primary modes of revised and written communications, if there are nevertheless places where the streams and fields of consciousness interweave and overlap. We not only parcel ourselves, individually and collectively, and the description of our observations and activities, articles of interest, and bulletins of news and group events, over discreet intervals of time, but also appear amidst the context of those who are connected together with us in the progession of our life and work and finite representation of itself. There is, correspondingly, a distinction to be made between the network domain and the separate group and individual domains, the network domain being the transient agglomeration of all connected individuals' contributions - if conceivably tracing back the history and pattern of the relationship established - and the group and individual domains a more fixed and permanent record built upon a discernible foundation.

Out of and unto the primary thread it is then possible to construe a diverse assortment of subsidiary threads according to topicality of presentation and differing contexts of emergent group considerations. 424. Scientific, socio-economic, and mathematical universality, besides depicting the unified potentiality of abstraction, find their relevance and application in the specific constitution of the forms we utilize, of which we subsist, and in reference to which we itemize for comparison and profession of interactive functionality and interformative transcription. Coinciding with and beyond the extent of knowledge and awareness, there persists the emotional intuitive connectivity of relationship, from and through which the empathic living vitality coheres the order and purposivity of creation, in reflection and summation of the elemental essence and impelling concern expressive of the nature and quality of all-totality. 425. On a theoretical basis, the operation of a world government could result from a direct extension of the principles of confederated participational democracy, with a number of delegates with equal voting power proportional to discreet units of the total population of each national identity, in addition to, or in conformity with the reformation of, the general assembly, with each nation possessing an equal vote or delegation irregardless, or in accordance with the approximate reproportionalization and conjunction, of its area and population size, in connection with the immediate and distant transitional nature and priorities of civilizational potentiality and concurrence. The more closely related the nations are, in terms of the scale of representation, exempting diversification among the delegates themselves, the less likely are the larger nations to impose the homogenizational formulations of autocratic rule, in contradistinction with the various sub-regional possibilities of cooperation and involvement. 426. The diversity of languages, socio-cultural, religious, political, and economic ideologies, and distrust and defiance amongst military organizations constitute initial major obstacles to the formulation of an international consensus and viable contractual organization of enforceable obligations and procedural authority. Ethnic and religious separatism and control of sovereign national identity will continue to trouble those who cannot identify with a central governmental ideology. Regional armies will continue to represent a counter-balancing force among themselves, whereas their services and legions are contributed to international efforts as required, while otherwise functioning within and gathered from the territories from which elicited their voluntary cooperation and consent. Those who have yet to accept or acknowledge the inevitable wisdom and convergence of the personhood and qualities of God therefore remain free to comprehend the nature of His Word from the character and works of those who convey His forms and practices in their being in this world. 427. Agreements among the users and suppliers of weapon systems, in the form and development of their manufacture, and the permissivity, gain, and counter-threat from their licit and illicit sales and distribution, reflect the capacity of diverse segments of society to protect and enforce through arms the scale and scope of their activities. 428. Movement with and against the gravitation of the planets, interstellar objects, and spatial pressures and inertia, withof the feasibility of fuel materials and forms, biological requirements, and instruments of detection and observation, defines the future useability of materials and travel, exploration, and inhabitability of space and the astronomical environment. 429. Applying human force, mobility, and sight in all directions of the four quadrants simultaneously transposes the robotic manipulation of structure and transdimensional pathways of biotic and abiotic inter-transmorphosis and transvergence. 430. The purchasing and acquisition of existing and remaining raw materials for electricity generation and equipment and infrastructural manufacture commodifies the zones of productivity and exchange of finished products, agricultural yield, and services of information and transveyance. A divergent or more uniform planetary surface, with varying crustal formations, mineral deposits, atmosphere, geologic time-span, biological accumulations, and patterns of climatic polarity, could represent similar or entirely different trajectories of world self transduction, civilizational configuration, and hierarchical stratification among the invergent and intervergent forms of confluxivity and life. 431. That Greatest of Cosmic Beings, the Creator of space and time, who positioned the stars in the heavens, and gave them light, having all-control over these phenomena, could necessarily rematerialize and transfigure their foundations in any accordance of His Will, and whom, having appeared among, witnessed, and instructed the upbringing of humanity, His Creation, could likewise uplift them into every potential of which His Glory has of all-eternity contrived. 432. Sensitivity to the machine, among the machines, and between the machine and its environment permits the precise modification and correlation of transport, transit, and transferrence construct potentialities.

22 433. Maintaining the comprehensive visibility and utility of the ideas and various media which we have anywhere enscripted and established in the frame of our awareness, howsoever we may have changed and emerged from the act of synthesis withof ourselves, enables the personality to conserve the creativity and versatility among the occurrences of our efforts, while strengthening those who exist alongside us in the corepresentation of group identity and purpose. 434. The processes of earth responsible for the formation and accessibility of various mineral strands and layers provide a limit of maximum excavation and productive reabsorption over the geologic time-frame of humanity's existence, and therefore those of greatest scarcity must necessarily be accurately inventoried and surveyed, utilized sparingly, and recycled accordingly, wherever non-consumed in principle of application, howsoever otherwise obtained through transmutation and controls, along with the ecological, biological, and psychological effects of the corresponding energies transvolved, and waste elimination and disposal among and withof those materials produced in greater supply and ecosystemic distributions. 435. Areas of flight and oceanic navigation, for civilian and military purposes, monitored and restricted from specific bases and procedures, correlate with the monitoring of migration across and among established borders, cyber technologies, vehicle launch and orbiting capacities, and land and space-based programs of missile detection and defense. 436. Essentially, the automobile combustion engine, and its electric and mechanical equivalents, are examples and conjunctions of the force, electro-mechanical, and chemical transmutational device, much like any factory system, resulting in the alteration of chemical and physical properties, factored with the augmentation and multiplication of directed pressure flow, force and electrical potentials, and mechanical gear ratios and advantage, transferred to the internal system and amidst the external environment and productivity objectives. 437. The biological and nutritional requirements and proper balance of human bodily intake, activity, and social and psychological relations, including specific supplemental and counter-active medications, form directives, and physical repair, determined from exhaustive and ongoing investigation and informed deduction of inventory and causality, extended out to the corresponding and converse mechanisms, food production systems, and atmosphere of earth, inclusive of the cumulative effect of chemical herbicides and pesticides, artifical fertilizers, soil and water management, biosystemic and constructive proportionality among industrial, residential, and municipal activities and development, and international cultural, academic, educational, economic, psychological, military, and diplomatic conjunctivity, constitute the substantive synthesis and totality of unified health-fulfilling and furthering practices and institutional demeanor. 438. Attempting to moralize or legislate the health-effect, upon the individual and society, of the spectrum of licit, illicit, and prescriptive substances, and, in the broader sense, withof the influence and application of all existing conduct and ideas, reflects the belief of whether each altered and induced mental and physiological state is deemed spiritually detrimental, beneficial, or normative to the ultimate and transitory condition of the individual, group, and inclusive humanity's progress and relations of existence, and also whether the immorality and errancy may consist in the actions of society to criminalize, stigmatize, and deprive members of society of their freedom to approach morality and spirit from the perspective of their own intelligence, experience, and religious and cultural understanding. Psychologically, the capacity of the individual to transmute and reconcile the selfexisting and induced forms and variations of anxiety and distress demonstrate the resiliency and sufficiency, withof the conjuction and unfoldment of practical rationality and reliance of spiritual wisdom and belief, in and through the crisis of adversity, to have enabled and accomplished the perserverance towards and unto the realization, attainment, and fulfillment of one's every worldly and transcendent self-identity and purpose. 439. Recalling the great variety of edible fruits, vegetables, flavors, recipes, animal derivatives and flesh, food supplements and products, from every region of the world, while quantifying and recontextualizing - through the cultivation, production, and admixture of similar species, crop variations, and traditional procedures - any absolute necessity and concurrent appropriation of global corporatization, shipment, and market distribution, selectively construes the omnifarious experience, nutritional value, and cumulative physiological effect of habitual usage, assembled palate, and cuisine. This same principle likewise is true of all architectures, art-forms, cultural practices, ideologies, scientific and technological innovations, economic productivity, and natural resources of themselves, howsoever given precedence and priority of practical subsistence and relevant trajectories of ecosystemic proportionality, reliant cultural historicity and unfoldment. The one truth and foundational reality thus emerges and endures throughout all external differentiation and superficial discrepencies of form. 440. The concern and care for every living creature of the earth, and for the earth itself, howsoever truly the motivating factor of the central government of the world, involves every nation with every other nation, and the recommendation, decision, and

verification of the health measures and collective agendas which are best for each community and for the whole of planetary existence and vital purpose of reality. Interest in the environment and diversity of ecosystems will manifest in the inclusivity and transfer of time and media resources towards the inventory, observation, and display of each area of existing habitats and terrain, coinciding with the democratic visualization and appropriation of industrial, economic, and agricultural activity, and infrastructural totality, proliferation of corresponding scientific and educational materials, and the political involvement and awareness of each local community, towards and unto the integration and confederation of national and international purposivity, inter-cotransparticipationality, and effort. 441. Knowledge should never be locked away behind the barriers of formality and monetary solicitude of services, if, inevitably, in order to correct for the existing imbalances of cultural priorities, and for the sake of financing the expense of one's investment and resources, those with the ability to pay, representative of the overflow and prospective reimbursement of quantitative opportunities, should be expected yet to give in accordance with their means. Communities should, correspondingly, find a way to make their information available so that those interested may qualify themselves through effort and pursuance of activity and involvement. The interaction among programs of urban and rural environments could then together benefit from the mutual exchange and understanding of societal functions and ecological dependencies. Cooperation among segments of land use and residence, and new methodologies of transit and walking path accessibility, will enable the local economy to distribute and maximize the self-sufficiency and flow of services, natural productivity, and resources, within and among the established peripheries of state and township municipalities, biozomes, and horizons of intercontinental perspectivity, transflux, and consortation of collectivized endeavor. 442. Instructions for cellular construction, differentiation, and activity preserved and altered the foundations of their repitition and transpersal, from and according to specific chemical, structural, and behavioral pathways and material environments, the internal microcosmic anatomy and subatomic particles reflecting the rhythmic intervals and circulation of the objects sustained in macrocosmic orbits and rotations. Consciousness, while established and physiologically preconditioned thereof, has etherialized the structures of form, of whence evoked from the mental environment and of thence determined of itself. It is the primordial cosmic dispensation of energies and force which enabled the occurrence of repitition to conserve itself in life, the infinity of variation educed from the evident eventuality and result of existing possibility. Previous and concurrent evolutions, resulting in and from the self-image and selfidentity of the Creator, could then abide and consolve the qualities of its being in Eternity, from which to guide and influence the course of events in accordance with its established and determined self-intention and convolvement of Reality. 443. The freedom of Christ occurs in that the capacity of the world itself for freedom remains the guiding motive of one's work, and that the hope and joy of all life replaces every need or concern for which the individual may be tempted through the confusion of life to suffer, wherefore the fate of life is certain in the eternal reconciliation of all temporal incongruities and disidentification of psychological intersubstantiality, material proportionality, connectedness, and unity of the one self, throughout all purposive arrangements, comprehensive dispensations and consubstituent priorities, and immaterial transvation unto the immanent inclusivity of vital livingness itself. 444. The overt organization of society occurs at the level where theoretical explanation and correspondence merges with the practical application of the pure information which pertains to each specific construct and endeavor. 445. The group of free idealists, requiring all information, would need to establish, preserve, revitalize, and extend the core of knowledge, among all of its members and of humanity itself, throughout the life-span of its functional duration. Interest in diverse specializations would then broaden the scope of group potential while conserving the connectedness of the whole of inter-phenomenal origination and transvergence. 446. Oneness with the energy field necessitates the proper sequence and setting for the progression and emancipation of consciousness from matter. 447. Variations of machine parts, metals, alloys, linkages, fasteners, welds, pressure hoses, tubes, and seals, belts, gears, pistons, and bearings, batteries, ignition, sparks, and wiring, all depend on specific tolerances, arbitrary and aesthetic differentiation, standardized units of measurement, and systemic purpose and functionality, for their size, shape, and application and thus predetermine the form and nature of the tools and instruments used for their placement, adjustment, replacement, removal, and repair. Earthen, waterous, fierous, airous, and carnal severance and transformations, wooden, plastic, stone, and synthetic structrures, environmental habitational systems, and the active convergence of automational facilities, likewise prefigure and conform the implements and processes of their transmorphosis, alteration, arrangement, operation, assembly, and constructed manufacture. The creativity and adaptivity that was of nature therefore is extended through the human mind in the functionality of the mechanisms through which the reshaping and

23 adaptation of the environment itself is affected, to the advantage of the species and in symbiosis with the interdependencies of biospheric limitations, the plethora of life, and the assumed responsibilities for the growth and maintenance thereof.

accomplishing and acquiring over each period of economic consortation and effectuated distribution.

448. Normal levels of chemical suffluence and anatomical procedings vary naturally from creature to creature and require, in the event of medicative and physiological intervention, supplemental action respective of each mechanism of systemic speciation, if there are, inevitably, commonalities consistent among the more closely related forms and among the generalized reactivity of all existing biological organization and activity.


449. Schematics of composite weaponry of various time-frames and scenarios of development and mobilized deployment juxtapose the factory systems and technologies which produced them and their parallelling and anciliary civilian machineries and productive applications. 450. The willingness of government and industry - and of the populations of selfdetermining members of society of which these institutions consist and from which they are derived - to acknowledge and adopt secure agricultural and ecological methodologies and equitable economic and political procedures depends exactly on the awareness of the public and authoritative institutions which implement and receive from the resulting efforts of transcommunitarian and international collaboration of confluent knowledge and research, howsoever of thence retaining the cultural information of all progressive gains and historical synthesis of biospheric and ideological transitions. The replinishment of the soil and ecosystems, generation and development of new areas of soil and alternate variations of food production, sustainable use and application of ground and surface water levels, drainage, and circulation, and corresponding maintenance of optimal ground-cover and forestation patterns, along with the purification and moderation of atmospheric concentrations, present humanity, independently and in connection with inter-govenmental cooperation and support, with the opportunity to revitalize the earth, with careful planning for, and in conjunction with, the efforts of future generations, and, thereby, to attain the equilibrium balance of its numbers in proportion to its per capita utilization and reliance of existing natural resources and agricultural terrains. Our cultural and political agendas, while having variously embodied the dialectical extremes of our highest understanding and intentions, will likewise thence continue to pursue the active consensus of facilitory and protective regulations wherever affecting the general population, proceding from the autonomous confederation and controls at the community level of existence.

456. The notion of the actual eye processes the visualization of physical spatial dimensions with a clarity which the abstract theoretical eye quite often inadvertently displaces from the frame of observation. The appearance of the thing itself, and the actuality of its being, at every conceivable level of its probable and determinable temporal and historical trajectories, so far as there exists an ultimate foundation to all phenomenal contrivance, therefore dispels any glamors or incongruities in the tendency toward the interpretation of causality at every extent of its cognizable manifestation and occurrence. There is also, one might add, in the interest of contriving alternative realities, the hypothetical projections of the imagination into paralleling scenarios which explore the realms of possibility and of creativity of itself. 457. In the international context, existing and preceding governmental, cultural, and educational identities constitute the historical potential and regional framework within and from which radical methodologies must contend, adapt themselves, and progressively emerge. 458. The cyclical phenomenon of repetitive suggestion, rather than reference the record of the reduplication of its efforts, could inform and maintain itself directly from the primary context and archetypal foundation and formation of purpose and identity, permitting the network itself to reconcile the pathways and distances of distemporalized and redundant permutations of fundamental actuality. 459. The telecommunications potential emerged via both passive and interactive technologies, from generalized to specific interests, and among diverse production, content binding, and directive apparatti of transveyance. Ceremonial and mass participatory events could then reflect and correlate with the immediacy of individual and collective group actualization and experience. 460. The program for the living existence of creation places the actions of the individual self in the context of the accomplishment of the Greater Good for the survival and perfectment of reality.

451. The products into which and rate at and manner in which the chemicals we apply or otherwise release into our bodies and the environment degrade and the consequenct effect and placement in the anatomy and ecosystem, at each of organismic, microbial, overt, and biospheric levels, are concepts according to which further and continued action among industries, institutions, individuals, and constituencies should necessarily be guided and proscribed in respect of informed consent and trans-societal regulation.

461. Uncovering the way of liberation amidst the inequalities of earth initiates, prefigures, and evokes the revealed conditions and eternal destiny of life. In this way all beings may find themselves among the continuum of cuncurrent dimensions, sustained according to the composite and cumulative attributes of selfexpression and awareness affected among the primoridal and concentric frames of progressive and inclusive incarnation.

452. We, therefore, affect at once the scale of the ecosystem, through our removals, erosion, and material deposition, and the vitality of its metabolic processes through the sum effect of our emanations and dispersals.

462. At the scale of municipal and confederated policy-making through the majority of the assembly, ideological groups or party structures will continue to influence the debate, with the policies enacted and delegates appointed being identifiable with the cause of the coalitions and majorities from which their endorsements were derived, being thence the actualization of public sovereignty rather than its vague and disconnected approximation. Committees for the analysis and investigation of phenomema, in order to avoid the result of beaurocratic obfuscation, could be established for set limits and durations, reviewed according to progress and interest in remaining and alternative priorities and expenditures of effort.

453. Recapitulating thus, we required initially an ethics of political, economic, and cultural endeavor which would enable and impel the scientific and egalitarian basis of the agenda to assume the prominent position in the public imagination and vision of societal, supermundane, and intraplanetary interactions. 454. While production follows consumption, if predetermining the array of its available decisions, the form and location of production, and the thing itself consumed, may thereby be altered and redistributed among more viable practices and sustainable alternatives. 455. The municipalization of labor would necessitate a mechanism for the determination of the quantity and dispersement of necessary services and productive requisitioning. Petition for entrance into each industry and the quality of labor required could likewise be effectively determined from administrative observation and evaluation of societal reactivity. To the extent that a community could, given adequate resources, provide, through its labors, the means of its own susbsistence and yet require the additional services of society - this being so far as the land itself could be set aside for the restricted use of any specific group of persons, and with consideration to the provisionment of adolescent, visiting, travelling, immigrant, unemployed, elderly, and disabled individuals -, there is necessarily a capacity for the contribution to the greater good proportional to the utilization and reliance of the needs thereof acquired. It is in this regard, and with respect to the cultural potentiality of the diversification of activity, that farm or agricultural labors, while at once intensified in measure and decentralized for purposes of regional autonomy and ecological methodologies, are balanced among the industrial and procedural functions which interconnect civilization throughamongst the established periphery of its environmental habitation and protectorate of conservational domain. The decision of which crops to grow, which technologies to produce, the form of infrastructure and allocation of services, programmatically define thus the administrative improvements and material gains which society believes itself capable of

463. While the provisions of economics may have, at most, secured the basis for the material sufficiency of residential goods and services, the cultural psychology of involvement with the determinations of the mechanisms of this sufficiency retains the prospect for the accomplishing and renewing of the revolutionary cultural agenda. 464. Were all providers of general goods municipally owned, the bartering among central and regional distribution could proceed under the auspices of mutual aggreement and accord. 465. If from fire emerged space, dense elemental spheres collected within the impelling aura of non-material conflagrations of energy and light. Gaseous permutations and atmospheric coalescence materialized the conditions for each field of cosmic-planetary interfluxivity and inter-radiatory self-concurrence of alignment. 466. The movement of aquatic creatures within oceanic currents and variations of seasonal water temperature and current depth charts the breadth of the ecosystem occurring at and below the surface of the oceanic water table, which, if thoroughly clensed and purged, could supply and restore its convulgence of sediments and nutrients in convergent measure with the active sysnthesis and unity of land-based activities and surface area requirements.

24 467. In the true path, what is outside of the center of being has no influence over what is inside the center of being, the actions and mindset of reality and concern transcending all irreconcilable limitations of non-self-identity and blatant disturbance. The ways of evil cannot, therefore, influence the mind to react in irrational and irresponsible discurssions. 468. Primarily, I search for socially conscious and intellectually creative persons with whom to fathom and reconstruct the present and future order and directives of humanity. 469. The existence of a theory and belief in the progress of humankind implies that the necessary actions will most probably be taken in a sufficient period of time, and not otherwise move or emerge in historically anti-thetical or contradictory directions, if there may yet inevitably be confrontations and occurrences prior and integral to the furthestmost integration and recognition of present historical and world understanding thus educed. 470. Tallying the list of terrorist organizations and activities, according to expressed ideological intention, should correspond with the investigation of those forces which act willfully toward the destruction of the earth and against the greater interests of humanity and egalitarian society. The reactions among conflicting ideologies and levels of agreement are thus forcefully and diplomatically interrelated. 471. Each neighborhood assembly, having convened over the issues addressed by the community, would appoint individuals to present the report of their ideas at the municipal assembly, which, viewed amongst the general public, would then return to the neighborhood assembly for final approval of general terms from all corresponding perimeters of municipal jurisdiction and authority, a process inclusive of and redundant with the deliberation of confederal and international appointments and corroboration amongst the autonomous centers of inter-municipal, communitarian, and geographical habitation and existence. 472. In the heart the spirits are united, and the energy is consecrated among the connectivity and concurrence of the abstract domains - in conjunction and correspondence with the direct independent phenomenal interpretation of causality and towards accomplishing the rational and ethical process and proportionality of their unfoldment and awareness in one's personal existence and human societal development. The word, together with its diagrams and corresponding illustrations, depicts thus the known parameters of the one of and from whom the world is formed, in the quantization of the planes and fields of mutual inclusivity and concurrent redispensations of itself. The aura and act of faith clarifies the mind of the anxieties of its humanity, diffusing the psychology among the humble expectation and fulfillment of its differentiated obligations and inter-constitutional differment of capacitative self-transception. 473. The files are connected through themselves to the sum of all other existing information capable of being included among similar and further constructs and material examples. The logic of each foundation extends among the settings and convergence of intercoordinated life-activity, differentiated according to the order and directives which society has elicited of itself for the arrangement of productivity and organizational behavior. 474. Without the requirement and realistic intention of utilizing further and furthermost technological abilities the process of development and comprehension of existing potential are partially or entirely inactivated in the productive frame of one's intentionality. Economic disproportionality and indifference, cultural separation, and procedural identity may correspondingly obscure the societal and personal implications and merit of the forms which are elsewhere and otherwise of thus employed. The motivation towards the public understanding among inter-governmental and industrial procedures correlates with the trust and awareness of the need and origins of existing and further regulations of the social, political, and environmental cost and effect of each activity. 475. The consciousness of transgression cannot elaborate itself any more than necessary for the consciousness of unity to stand resolutely in its stead. The perserverance of reason despite the furthest efforts of disturbance concludes the time-frame and priorities of transitional remediation and constitutional metamorphosis. 476. The ray of the one soul, departing from the form, is integrated among the host of vessels of which the world has, at that point and trajectory along the path of all eternity, sustained and elicited from the cosmic and historiological convolutions and particularistically universalized and inherent foundations of one's being and of beingness itself. The arrival at the soul occurs wherever the progress and intentionality of one's efforts are equivalent with the process and creation of the forms which the soul requires for its being to emerge.

477. Knowledge, withof the actual and hypothetical proximities of its application, retains and revitalizes the form of its procedures for use in its imminent duration and in conjunction with the contemplative synthesis of primary observations and the subjective foundations of phenomenal beingness, development, and order. 478. Municipalities within an established national or intra-regional currency, having stabilized the per capita value amongst themselves separately - in conformance with the principles of direct democracy and to avoid the instantaneous necessity of a national referendum and the mechanism of state control - could average these figures multilaterally in order to avoid any over-balance among each area or unit of the municipal confederation, enabling the economy as a whole to transition to a mutualistic system without the collapse or dismemberment of monetary rationality. 479. Besides and inclusive of unilateral action, the mechanism of international trade, aid, and development, howsoever constituted from and paralleling the activity of global civil society itself, was and is necessarily being converted and refigured, through the greater awareness and general consciousness of humanity, towards the promotion of equality among the nations, standards of human rights procedings, and the adoption of responsible parameters of ecological dependence and of appropriate and available sustainable technologies, given the opportunity and understanding amongst diverse historical trajectories and scenarios of development, growth, and condonement of transsocietal relations. 480. The factory system, without the need for profit, made possible through the societal dispensation of equal wages and employment opportunities, would not, of necessity, seek foreign markets and could produce only that which is voluntarily solicited from one's neighboring and regional requirements. 481. While our understanding of the ideology may proceed towards the articulation and individualization of the nuances of the reference works encountered, the record of our uncovery of these principles may not necessarily of itself represent the clearest introduction to the underlying theory, unless so far as our refutation and anullment of the points of contention and skepticism we harbor within ourselves embody our impressions of, and co-emergence from, the inherent paradigm and foundations of the contemporary society which we would have ourselves confront, persuade, and expose to the potential validity and development of our conscious perspective and representative ideals. The reorganization and representation of content, and inclusion and development of relevant material for various audiences and purposes, could define or redefine the character of the author or committee who are preparing and revising the article towards the intention of its final veracity, appearance, and effect. 482. Alternative technological systems simultaneously requisitioned among communities would nonetheless be subject to the areas of their production and could export their facilities only on the basis of relinquishing control and financing to the communities among which they are then located and dispersed. 483. Although the liberalization of trade may have, at some level, served to have reduced the barriers and mind-set of isolation and separatism among the nations and, circumspectly, mobilized the vehicle of active dialogue and cultural, scientific, and technological exchange, the positive attributes of this accomplishment, which should in all wise be furthered and maintained, if through explicitly popular and democratic selfawareness and involvement, could have, in many ways, at first avoided, and should now otherwise subvert and eliminate, those trends which are contrary and extraneous to these purposes, principally the environmentally, culturally, and democratically subversive activity and effectuality of global corporatization and the capitalist economy, the rationale against which, while involving exhaustive analysis elsewhere in this discussion for its demonstration and support, involves the opportunity and inescapable neccesity, in the absence of a non-competitive alternative, for the uneven distribution and management of what are essentially, in light of the objective and non-egoic consideration, the collective resources of humanity and every creature of the Earth. 484. Exemplifying the image and conceptivity of the one self in the form of our social structures and cultural relations will bring the artistic achievements and spiritual awareness of humanity into external perception and activity, thereby uniting the light within with the intentionality of its worldly substance and reflection. 485. The program of action suggested by the constructs of Libertarian Municipalism itself does not necessarily itself specify the extent of confederal and international regulations and authority which the people will choose to maintain and enforce among themselves, suspending the issue of the constitutionality of government until revised according to the founding process and consent of the existing states and regions over which there are the reenactment and adaptation of controls. The voluntary cooperation within and among communities towards the establishment and protection of the determined objectives of human and environmnetal rights and responsibilities will, therefore, correspond with the pressures and ideals which diverse individuals and organizations of society continue to project and correlate among themselves. 486. Within the context of the motivating ideology, the implications of current and alternative policies and eco-logistical procedures are integrated towards the synthesis

25 and resolution of the timely priorities of mutual and international stability and world harmonious understanding for the present and future ages of humanity's self-awareness and uncovery of its universal destiny and potential. 487. The infrastructure of internet upkeep and regulation, maintained through diverse servers and points of application, coordinated through the modes and formats of virtual and physical address, while currently operated through the conflux of private, commercial, academic, and governemental channels, could and should otherwise enter into the public domain and understanding in the form, location, and accessibility of the services provided, while enabling the protection and safe-guarding of information, with respect to issues of both security and the freedom of expression, - bearing in mind that in the communitarian society much of the financial and industrial records will have been transferred to public observation and controls with the corresponding reduction in the opportunity and motivation towards fraudulence, criminal activity, and theft according to the measures deemed appropriate for the protection of the individual and general interests of society. The dimension of correspondence is, therefore, correlated and co-extensive with the material and political dimensions of societal reform. 488. Configuring the machine to diagnose and remediate the spectrum of ailments of the physical form, as with all other parameters of material calculations and performance, parallels the system of instructions given to the human being for its perfunctory operations and routine and consultative actuality. 489. Although humanity is free to choose among its diverse interpretations of the absolute - reminding us of our dependence within and upon the decisions of collective authority - the fact of reality nevertheless predetermines the consequences and result of our individual and collective response to the given parameters and gradations of our material and spiritual foundation and environment. The experience and understanding of the causes of planetary suffering and death enable the species of the soul to correlate and reintegrate with the inhabitance and controls from the place and origins of supra-physical existence, from which there is the potential of light being reassembled from its reimaginings of form, according to a higher order of substantive inclusivity and alignment and the relationship of consciousness with its involvement with the phenomena of which it is constituted and with those beyond and corresponding with the established periphery of its internal selforganization of activity, self-emergence of cognitivity, and transvergent identification among and of the being of the one and universal self. 490. In the classification of analytical and mechanical ability, the sum-attributes of each expected collectivity of knowledge could be inventoried, averaged, and assessed, separately and collectively, according to the percentage of expected acquisition and conformance of psycho-physiological conditions at each stage of development and involvement with the attendent responsibilities, cumulative balance of requirements, and occupational demands. Education which would promote and further the health and responsibility of its citizenry would, therefore, seek to establish and recognize the general framework of relevant attributes towards functional equality and cooperability among the sign-posts of differentiated and convergent priorities of self-actualization and inter-societal endeavor. Any attempt, whether from conscious or unconscious motives, at manipulating the public consciousness towards the acquiescence and subjugation to the rule of an inaccessible elite constitutes the repressive tendencies of materialism and the destructive oppression of all existence and all life. In this regard, we may investigate and evaluate the forward progress of human civilization across the historical and contemporary spectrum of past, existing, and future permutations of nationalities and cultures. 491. The ideals we uplift and the alliances we form may thus spare humanity from much unnecessary suffering if maintained as the alternative to what may otherwise eventuate in the absence of this work. 492. A phenomenon I have observed anent the process of theosophical exposition is that the allotment of the intuition given to any individual author or personna to develop may self-consciously represent a certain and finite measure of limitation, when juxtaposed with the entirety of esoteric literature at hand, and yet retain particular attributes of contemplation which contribute and are then found integral to the collective understanding with which they are consistent and withof which thus they themselves consist. The items we encounter in the literature are not, therefore, accepted as matter of fact belief, but are maintained in this respect as hypothetical extensions of our consecrative imagination and approach until sufficient wisdom and experience have cleared away, penetrated, and circumvolved the veil of mystery towards and unto which they had striven to uncover from within the depths and thresholds of mortal realization and immortal recognitions. That which is known with certainty from the experience of faith - acceptable itself on principle of belief and trust of one's ancestry in the eventuality of its clarification and understanding, - and from the coherent foundations of societal morality and the corresponding effects of psycho-spatial and planetary transformation, - thereby retains the exclusive designation of spiritual Truth in one's reality, with all systems and momentary facets of transcendental observation qualified in principle and

instrumentality of application according to the existence of God and the all-embracing character and intentionality of His covenant and Word. 493. The zoning of the municipal perimeter could prove contentious in the effort of preventing isolated communities from retaining their financial and material exclusion from society. The aggregate of area, environmental impact, materials, resources, and services required for the construction and regulation of each domestic property and residence, irregardless of the amount and dispensation of labor required for the construction of itself, takes from and affects the proportionate and aesthetic balance of the collective and available inventory and endowment of every community in its vicinity. 494. The capacity of bringing forth the inner significance of the spiritual traditions, practices, and teachings of every people of the earth underlies the esoteric difficulty, problems of symbolism, interconnectivity, and translation, and reconciliation and resynthesis of the divine attributes and potentials in conformance with the intuition and revealed understanding of events. Without the context and origin of the people themselves the separative prospects of spiritual attainment and universal comprehension deprive the unified world theory of the personal development and rootedness of the qualities it was given to unfold among the coherent unity and upbringing which were intended, from the earliest age, for each particular region of the world to have abided and expressed, until such time that the one truth and common foundation could supercede, integrate, and transcend the common attributes from withof and according to the guiding impetus and spirit of goodwill latent within the potentiality of all. The political mechanism and culture of economic materialism which coevolve among the external expressions of mortal responsibility will likewise, from a similar logic, approach and benefit from the integral sovereignty and respect of the commonality of one humanity. 495. The acquisition of shelter and productive goods and services in and from the midst of the community necessitates a certain measure of contractual or laborious reimbursement for the work that transpired in this acquisition from society, and, so far as acquired freely from labors placed into the public trust, equilibrates one's labor with those who must requisition these or other items of naturally-occurring and productive inventories, the value of labor at once equalized and adjusted towards the fulfillment of nutritional, consociative, and habitational requirements, the scope, scale, and nature of maximal possession and utility reposited in accordance with the redistribution, fluctuational expense, and moratorium of extravagant egocentricity and waste. 496. The reactivity of psychic energy among various social contexts and dynamics reveals the capacity of the ego to retain the condition of harmonious equivalence, to itself, and howsoever reacted among those who are ephemerally trajected through and mutually involved in the psycho-materiality contained in each circumference and projection of the aura. The psychological adaptation and evolution of the individual in society from the confluence and interpretation of the inherited biological and cultural variations and relationships results in the conformance to that path most suited to one's proclivities and nature and in the aspiration towards a higher system of ideals, howsoever proportionating one's understanding and activity to the potentiality, purpose, and desires of those who coinhabit and are coinvolved in the objectification of this plan. 497. Meditation upon the mechanisms and possibility of constitutional and psychological remediation amidst the world and humanity sustains the being of the light, for itself, and against the inevitable recognition of the refiguration and demise of those who heedlessly attack, without cause or purpose, the vital sovereignty and givingness which are the motive of one's thought and guiding reason of one's inhabitance of form. 498. Over the electronic channel, specific tactile and photonic quantizations, intra-sonic and electro-magnetic radiation, and correlated frequencies activate specific circuits, which continue indefinitely, until each operation is completed, or until and as acted upon by the sequence of intercessory commands. The passage of electrons among the molecular assemblages of primal material and flesh correspondingly activate and culminate in the regulation of behaviors and response, according to the influx of environmental force, the cultivation of internal disposition, and the conscious self-directivity of intelligent speciation. The world soul itself could, therefore, be withof thus interpenetrated by and resonnate with and according to the consciousness and intention of its collective and transcendent observation. 499. Nature, under the rational dominion of humanity, will maintain both the balance of the earth and those structures necessary for the subsistence of civilization, life, and culture. 500. Having formulated the level of spending required from local, state, and national levels, including the sum required for the balance of distribution, the remaining sum divided equally among the people would then determine the level of resource utilization and control which each individual would independently possess.

26 501. The powers over matter which humanity possess are the concrete manifestation of intrinsic and organizational abilities which could someday transcend, however having not yet transcended, them and themselves of their entirety - this so far as the boundaries of death are crossed over into the purposes and reality of existing humanity -, measuring, therefore, the operation and construction of obsolete and non-existent relationships of time-space dimensionality, while constituting and conveying, in the existing event, the principle mechanisms responsible for the sensible production and quantification of each existing system and effect. Each place to, source from, and purpose for which each water is diverted has its influences thus among the variables in the equation for the continuum of life. 502. The unified systems approach to the sustainability of humanity's existence must integrate at once the political dimension of cultural relations, establishing the basis for cooperability and non-violent interaction, and the environmental variables of production and distribution methodologies, necessitating a universal ethics and symbolic depictation of events capable of harmonizing and mobilizing the energies of compassionate understanding towards the fulfillment and furtherance of the humanitarian and ecological obligations for the equilibrium of civilization and of Earth. 503. The mechanisms of administration required for the monitoring and correlation of data from diverse segments of the environment, in conjunction with military, industrial, civil, and university and collegiate-based programs of training and research, whereas already existing in society, if otherwise yet requiring enactment and reform from withof themselves, the intentions of the population, and other civil institutions, have further to involve the public in the findings and participation of their work, in order to fully accomplish the spectrum of necessary observations of locales, wherefore this knowledge is yet indigenous of itself, and in order to garner the effort and support required for the implementation of alternate and appropriate procedures withof the overall strategy of world survival, mass redemption, and repair. 504. Ultimately, while all resources and variations of goods and services are attemptedly procured from conservation and schedules of economic planning, the actual inventory of supply determines the resulting reality from which the options of sufficiency and purpose are and will be of necessity thence self-adapted, derived, and partitioned from withof the established and contingent framework and system of societal distribution and disbursement. 505. The utilization of diverse military, perimeter, vehicular, cultural, academic, and media establishments for the accomplishment of economic stabilization, transpersonal harmonization, civil order, and multilateral diplomatic consultation and differment amidst the outposts and occurrences of the furthest and innermost centers of worldly and extra-worldy transitivity and transvulgence. 506. The quantity of labor, property, productive materials and equipment, and aggregate and individual business locatedness and space, averaged from the total productive requirements and obligations of society, and with respect to the proportional redistribution of societal resources and the given rates of each imbursement, could represent a standard interval or quota of minimum and maximum remunerable effort and profitable use and application, affected according to periodic and annual calculations and adjustments of reallocations, reimbursements, and expense, towards and unto which the election of activity of the individual is determined and evaluated from, withof, and in accordance with the mechanisms of administrative compensation and compliance. 507. Total economic and census data for each nation according to quantities of populations in each area or region, each nation reflecting in upon itself through the representation of the spectrum of its self-avowed and official active intentions and concerns. Independent interpretations derived for the actual implications of the factors culminating from and according to each of these areas and occurrences. 508. Atomic fields and molecular arrangements could be consciously determined which exigently and could otherwise accomplish and further specific energy conformations and material conversions within each basic substance and organizational design. 509. The self-existence of each municipal community, - withof, beyond, and towards establishing the voluntary and international framework and system of humanitarian assistance and development, - in order to attain the unified balance of existing civilizations, should hypothetically and ideally maintain the capacity of transferring or procuring a quantity of services and products equal to that acquired and required from other groups. 510. Without the catalysis of complete and continuous information flow the momentum of socio-economic, technological, and physiological interpretations, if yet having resolved, howsoever possible, certain particularistics of each scenario, could yield to the inertia of indeterminate conclusions, otherwise suspending abstraction in the frame of values and the alternation of fundamental and intuited qualities of renewal, productivity, and growth. The context of group and collective mentorship and discussion therefore channels the mind towards the appropriate sequence and dispensation of societal objectives.

511. The social consciousness of the Absolute Reality contextualizes the individual consciousness of this Reality, until and whereby the community itself is enabled to reflect that which its highest potential has revealed and confirmed from the independent intuition and experience among and of the collective totality of all conscious awareness and expression. The abilities attributed to the highest adepts of each social and religious tradition and community constitute the emergent trust and belief in the power and legitimacy of the source for and from which their various purposes are derived. The prototypical differentiation, progression, and inter-relation of the forms of universal being and awareness create a framework in which the science of individual, cultural, and planetary transmutation, correlation, and alignment can verify and establish its hypotheses and conserve and promulgate the logic, foundation, and involvement of the self with world activity. 512. The involvement of the population with the choice of production, besides informing them of the evidence of alternative and new procedures and research, would prevent them from differing the responsibility for the effect of our activity to the formerly and presumably inapproachable factors of government and industrial society. Alteration of the balance of microbes, species, and chemical and physical parameters in each ecosystem from short and near term environmental goals to long and far term environmental goals presupposes the public authority over landscape use and the understanding and cooperability among the conflux of social and planetary transformation. 513. The practice of religion brings the community together for the contemplation of the virtues of the Higher Self until all members have attained and are united in the potentiality and Person of this Self. 514. In the midst of time, that portion of thought which does not consist in the planning of labor itself circulates the abstract foundations of activity, awareness, and psychological priorities towards the sustainment of harmony in the cycles of all being. 515. Wherever of the existing national constitutions, autonomous regions, authoritative governments, or of the present and future articles of international confederation, authority thus remains with the regions or communities, voting directly or independent action will resolve decisional requirements, with national and international issues resorting either to the majority decision of regional delegates or calculating the popular vote and independent activity regardless of regional partition, in the case of which elected delegates and priority advocates would serve the role of regional negotiation and representation of all community interests in proportion of their numbers in order that each area may appreciate of the other the existing multiformity of its ideological variation. 516. That collectivity of being and life in whom the Creator divested a portion of Its spirit, from which matter appeared according to planetary migration and solar unfoldment of cosmic potential, among whom emerged the foundations of civilization, self-awareness, and discernment of the way to the Higher Existence, and throughout which the particles of energy and record of time are transformed with the cycle of ages and evolution of the ultimate purpose of divinity's omnipotence of form.

VI. GOAL-FITTING HUMANITY 517. United concern between the nations for the quality of life shall reflect the concern within each community for the equality of well-being and of the means of its inhabitance. 518. At the time of national founding, those few with a vision of national order could establish themselves without excessive contestation, and, wherever permitting capital to accrue and function independently, entered into a dual condition and relationship with the public trust and institutional authority. Revenue from national land rights and wealth from prior territorial distinctions could either collaborate or contrast for the directivity and control of public society, reflecting the values and ambitions which the general population has acquired of itself towards the standards and purposes of its national identity. 519. The ecological and humanitarian investment in the developing world, and with the future efforts of the developed world itself, rather than the former economic and political incentives, will enable sustainable development options to promote global stability and to prevent and correct for the proportionate environmental degradation which had and could otherwise have occurred under the constraints of impoverishment and world market competition. 520. Where the migration and diffusion across existing frontiers has itself resulted in the development of relative regional networks and population densities, a finite number, should circumstances or disposition so require, may theoretically thus themselves return, without evoking counter-intuitive ecological conditions, to those regions which had concurrently attained a stable rate of growth and dynamic equilibrium. The issue does, however, evoke the conceptual basis for there being an ideal distribution of the human population among available and responsible ecological parameters, and the corresponding responsibility for the recognition and fulfillment of

27 each one's ethical obligations towards the greater good and regional requirements and for the sustainability and perseverence of human planetary civilization of itself. This is, of course, with the understanding that the distribution network has naturally interconnected productivity regions with the points of their consumption, while thus simultaneously, in the interests of conservation efforts, and with respect to the prior development of and expansion into the vast majority of inhabitable terrains, transferring future livelihood and employment possibilities among smaller scale and self-reliant regions of social and ecological integration. 521. Towards the international distribution of a common fund of transitional, reconstructive, and collectivized resources, contributed from each nation according to its surplus and ability, the existence of a central world institution will necessarily assume a prominent role in the transfer and correlation of a common policy and requirements, presuming that the world population itself in general, and the recipient nations in particular, retain the common interest and authority in the form and direction of the collective agendas which are of thence mutually considered and enacted. 522. Forming alliances and correspondences between community and municipal based sustainability and cooperability initiatives and the established international framework and ideals through which these may convene and interact could avoid and circumvent certain redundancies of effort in the accomplishment and furthering of the global movement towards universal equality, human rights, peace and security, and the protection of the environment. Legitimizing the radical agenda as an international ideal, as well as at each community level of existence, would enable this agenda to consolidate its regional basis and to acquire the physical means, equipment, and authority to infiltrate and address the more problematic nations, geographical regions, and transcultural persuasions. Participation in the formal and informal processes of international collaboration, with respect to the rotational positions of the established world councils and committees, will provide and strengthen the network of diplomatic pathways and channels among every people of the Earth. Information thusly gathered and disseminated in the spirit of goodwill, will return to each community the global perspective and awareness of its comparitive behavior and development and the potential and alternative influence and effect withof the framework and parameters of its independent and transnational cooperation and involvement. Therefore there is the possibility to deflect and correct for the patterns of distrust and destructiveness which are carried over from prior epochs of humanity's existence, unto the furthest voluntary and mutual disarmament of the armies of the Earth, and consecration of forceful weaponry and implements to the collective advantage and theoretical harnessing and transmorphosis of the mundane and astronomical environments. 523. Transforming the emphasis of the human mind from material possessions and worldly status towards the constructed and functional being of the spirit, augmented and facilitated through the technological and philosophical visualization and habitation of ideas, will permit the burdens and requirements of the flesh to diminish and transcend their impact on the environment of Earth and to focus its resources on curing and alleviating the physical ailments and suffering resulting from and among its remaining biological and psychological attachments. 524. Official and unofficial policy towards and among the governmental administrations of the world constitute a spectrum of covert activity and national propoganda about which each population should be and remain independently informed. The pursuance and verification of actual criminal activity and threat, and possible condonement and complicity within and by the institutions of contrasting governmental powers, should work towards a common and demonstrable cause of which popular awareness and support could only contribute to the accomplishment and validity of each resulting scheme and initiated effort. Retaining and establishing a military and intelligence service that is of and by the people is therefore the only pathway towards attaining and securing true freedom and abiding peace among the nations. 525. Determining the most appropriate usage and function of each existing area of terrain involves the understanding of the cumulative social and ecosystemic impacts and requirements and the admixture, dispersal, and preservation of species and material structures in habitats which are mutually beneficial and restorative of soil, water, and atmospheric concentrations and socio-economic dispensations. 526. Continued adaptation among species to emerging predators and changes of climate, in addition to the structural and chemical benefits and advantages yet uninventoried or applied which each species has acquired towards its environment, requires the continued genetic diversity within each species of itself, further elaborating the rationale of preserving and cataloguing biodiversity for future generations of biospheric life-forms, for themselves, and in their relation to the furthered activity and survival of humanity. 527. That we now, with the weapons we possess, in each of our governments and alliances, act always to avoid war or otherwise accomplish peace through each of our

initiatives reveals our capacity to conform ourselves to and maintain the ideals of unity and harmony which we would have ourselves universally embody and portray. 528. Elaborating specific innovative mechanisms within each abstract domain of constructed and observable events furthers the identity of each grouping and the reservoire of all humanity's understanding and achievement. 529. The organizational structure of the military forces and the hierarchical system of command, while necessary for the safe and efficient operation of mission and combat scenarios, places the individual willingness of those enlisted in the broader strategy of their government or unit, making the oversight of these decisions and the input of those involved vital factors in sustaining the democratic and liberational context of each objective and withof the general framework of operational and institutional policies and directives. 530. Adjusting pricing levels and policy regulations in order to preferentially conduce energy efficiency and renewable resource integration interconnects the monetary and administrative structures of governments with the realization of an attainable world order of society. This should not, however, manifest in any form which would allow private or social enterprise to continue inefficient and hazardous practices through the deferring of regulatory costs, financial ability, or political coercion. 531. Regional and transnational evaluation, monitoring, and regulation of chemical manufacture, sales, and distribution, given the subtlety and variation of their development, application, and containment, should contribute towards the informed consent or disallowal of the environments and communities towards which disposed and the range of products and practices among which each chemical substratum and emanation is ultimately and effectually infused. Continued extraction and processing of natural resources, mineral deposits, and remaining variations of fuel reserves, should be juxtaposed with the destruction of land forms and disruption of ecosystems which had often previously occurred without sufficient public consideration, in order that the true environmental and social costs and alternatives of each procedure, and potential solvency and enforcement of remediation efforts, may enter resolutely and unwaveringly into the democratic consciousness and consolvant framework of public opinion and decisional authority. Containing the growth and equilibrium of civilization, and the output of its efforts, requires therefore the balance and substitution of material and energy forms in conformance with the deployment and deportment of human capacities in a responsible and harmonious interdependence with the systems of the Earth, inclusive of and corresponding with, necessarily, all further dimensions and analysis of extra-planetary explorations and developments.. 532. Simultaneous super-imposed wavelengths of various amplitude and frequency forming vertical, horizontal, and transverse patterns among all space and form, the axis itself fractured among the framework of spherical rotation, polygonal arrays, dense organic circumvolution, and tranceptive, reflective, and projective intercurrence and inflection. 533. Avoiding deviations and regressions of human behavior into separative, aggressive, and materialistic attitudes requires continued goodwill and education in all circumstances, adequate and equitable infrastructure, the strength of protection of civil order, democratic process, and cooperative support, sympathetic rehabilitative institutions, ethical codes of law, and critical cultural analysis, until each of humanity realizes its responsibility and involvement with those who share and coinhabit the common life of the one reality. 534. Alternative pathways and priorities of societal development and types and scales of technological implementation have occurred within a time-frame of either mutually supportive or conflicting objectives, concerning the convergence, divergence, and distribution in the form of productive infrastructures in terms of the mutually inclusive or exclusive effect on the directionality of each region and of the social and planetary environment as a whole. Understanding that and how the greater interests of the common majority coincide was and is thus necessary for the most accurate and most ethical policy framework of regulations to emerge and acquire the functional legitimacy and strength of the general consensus. Cooperation and coordination within international agencies and between the national governments and non-governmental organizations which contribute towards and derive assistance from these policies should enable the solutions and data formulated to reach further agreement and accord over the duration and cycle of convention status and multilateral procedings. Contrary to these tendencies of furthering and conserving the social and ecological foundations of civilization, we should yet emphasize, could otherwise occur the continued depletion and disorganization of resources and eventual contestation over the scarce and remaining supply of what were potentially the collective and manageable inheritance of our natural abundance. Rationally, each group of persons, fully informed, would consider themselves to possess the same and equivalent developmental and indigenous rights, if under different circumstances, as every other group of persons, and would act concertedly to ensure a fair distribution and conservation of resources, invoking the need for proportional

28 utilization and a common standard and protocol of technological efficiency, cultural protections and awareness, and inter-regional systems integration.

society to accomodate this practice and to enforce the system of resulting laws and regulations.

535. Evaluating the forward progress of humanity, in relation to itself and its environment, illustrates the distribution and containment of all energies against the extinction of all species and all life.

544. It is only the constant gratitude towards and beingness with God, the Spirit, and the community which enables the soul to endure and withstand the harshest and hostile abuse and illusions of separation and disjunction from one's greater purpose and present environment which will, with mercy, diligence, righteousness, and faith, expire or abide in the inevitable and resulting course of one's unfolding eventuality.

536. Rupture of vessels and tissues and diffusion and congestion of noxious substances constitute the evident trauma of manifest disease occurrence. Deficiencies and additives of chemicals in the bloodstream contributing towards the regulation and maintenance of each observable effect. 537. The ratio of gases exchanged and contained among the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and geologic processes of Earth, according to the contribution over time of each group of species, natural process, cosmic and solar variation, and cumulative result of human activity, together measures the radiant energy pathways and immediate trajectory of Earth's existing climate. Where the majority of people have understood and accepted the reality and implications of these and other environmentally precarious relationships, no amount of industry control and collusion within government can prevent the public, through itself and the corresponding mechanisms of national and international legislature and legality, from demanding that the necessary actions be taken, with the corresponding restructuring of the economic and political relations necessary to secure their accomplishment at and unto all levels of world-wide collaboration, resolution, and participative effort. This idea, perhaps, should be understood in view of the fact that scientific solutions and alternative modes of living have long been available and that the population itself need adopt the necessary changes, with and beyond the placative and overdue efforts which industry and government interests may present, together from which we, collectively, and each according to the stages and requirements of national development, have progressed towards the integration and resolution of all factors of which civilization consists and which are of influence in sustaining the environment of Earth. 538. Obtaining an equitable perspective over international rights and responsibilities derives naturally from the concern for the expression of equality among one's nation and community, enabling each group the opportunity and capacity for informed decisions and fair relations in and of the mechanisms of trade, economic stabilization, and political activity. In the absence of this attitude, the permissivity for the exploitation and degradation of the resources of the separate groups by those with the willingness and ability has contributed towards the destruction of the Earth, the absence of peace, and uneven relations among those who would utilize each supply towards the mutual and collective advantage of the whole of humankind, of the ecosystem itself, and of every living creature abiding thereof and so required. 539. The proportion of factories, being global commodities in their effect, should distribute to their furthest ends sufficiently, in accordance with the diameters of their corresponding structures, bringing equivalent supply into equilibrium with itself and the accumulated factoring and processing of and by the conserves of the natural environment. Containing a structure of refined fuel, bio-fuel, natural power, photovoltaic, and electric battery materials capable of sustaining sufficient production for indefinite generations is a major task of engineering and concerted industrial effort of society. Conservation of resource and fuel consumption, in the greater interest of future generations, through methodological observations of per capita awareness, could enable the registration of the population to attain a unified perspectus of global concerns and issues of security. 540. Cells in each organ circulate a common fluid mixture characteristic of their placement, proximity, and function, in which are enmeshed the vessels of nerves, lymph, and blood and the intake, processing, containment, and expulsion of materials.

545. Realizing a standard for the quality of life inclusive of egalitarian, health, and sustainability objectives and criteria of a corresponding economic system capable of rationalizing and attaining equilibrium in terms of the aggregate value of the products and services introduced will require the education and orientation of all cultures towards the values and priorities of the highest of humanity's understanding and concern for the survivability of each people and the foundations for the perseverance of reality itself. 546. The realms of social concern and productivity and biospheric interactions contain, protect, and dimensionalize the plane of significance, outside of which solitary dispersion and psychological aggression could otherwise corrupt and vitiate the perceptivity of mind and visceral radiance of vital feelingness and thought. The truth may thus externalize itself from any level of community presence and involvement, integrating the separate and common attributes of the one reality of which each individual consists and of which each has of their various experience observed. 547. The coordination of municipal goods in a cooperative and non-competitive system of distribution and exchange could locate products within each area and community where immediately required, thus avoiding unnecessary transportational distances and infrastructures, unbalanced pricing levels, and exclusivity among existing inventories and alignment. 548. From the elements which emerged and of which life is composed, through the kingdoms of evolution, unto humanity's organization, confrontation, and control of the environment, the one life seeks the recognition of itself and the perfection of the civilization of the Earth, in the sharing and preservation of equitable ecosystems and technologies, whereof the new abilities of the races will be actualized and the whole of cosmic plenitude and purpose be considered and revealed. 549. Each municipality and community area will reflect different per capita resource requirements, depending upon the methodologies introduced, correlating with the common protocol and efficiency of production and distribution strategies. Herein consist the variations of demographics, culminating in the aggregate influence of humanity, which need be introduced and persuaded of the appropriate measures for each interrelated and unified involvement and activity in the transfer and exchange of materials, energies, and services. 550. Creating a compost blend and resulting soil mixture that is appropriate for each species delineates the local renewability and manufacture, transport, and purchase of the means of agricultural support. 551. Revenue from various taxes, entitlements, and public fees generate the ability of government to sustain itself and the array of its transbursements and procedings. That class of society which occupies administrative functions and facilities without expense and at the expense of one's society could parallel the independent functioning of those who would claim autonomous identity and complementary governmental capacities and involvement. Those activities and proximities which are free in nature, if regulated through the common law, could contribute directly to the budgetary allowances of society if factored into the reciprocal requirements of their maximal utility.

542. Within the civic forum, it seems, all places would be connected to themselves without any exposure to hazardous cross-walks, absence of nocturnal illumination, or incomplete or inadequate pedestrian routes of traffic and places of spontaneous gathering and assembly. Municipal culture should be the center of local industry and provide the foundation and support of governmental services and residential infrastructure. The road itself, and the places it most primarily connects, is therefore a paralleling extension of alternative forms of movement within the area itself.

552. In the issue of territorial representation, inhabitants of the smaller states need coidentify and consolidate themselves with sufficient neighboring vicinities in order to consubstantiate a region equivalent with the largest partitioning and perimeter of equal standing in the hierarchical stratification of proximity. Conversely and concurrently, the larger areas could divide and repartition into areas approximate with the mean or average of those areas involved - the emphasis is, of course, on there being some sort of balance attained among the physical and political groupings of geographical and populational dimensions and requirements, bearing in mind that, in the interim, coalitions, cultural heritage, and mutual support, including the established and further consideration of areas of common and collective jurisdiction and concern, should be capable of reconciling the vast majority of differences in the equity and endowment of each perimeter. Power is therefore correlated among state capitol and municipal infrastructures of varying population densities and intervening forms and qualities of terrain, directed towards the causes of regional unity and inter-regional approximation and transharmonization of national unity and international relations.

543. Ensuring that all necessary and relevant social and environmental factors are observed and included in economic and political activities requires their mutual consideration during policy formation and the possible restructuring of government and

553. Heating and cooling systems, at various latitudes of Earth, required for survival and for a comfortable existence, represent a complementarity of energy demands and proportional utilization among population densities at every level and extent in the

541. Each organism adapts itself to those environments in which each has maintained the most sufficiency of numbers, migrating with the waves of climate and from centers of terrain, or otherwise reabsorbed into different forms in the stratification of ecosystemic variation.

29 dispersion and evolving dynamics of emerging and developed human civilizational coinhabitance and concurrence. The requirements of industry and food and agricultural production could similarly derive comparitive energy advantage according to the methodologies employed and to the location and balance of natural climate and temperature variations, if interrelated with issues of regional autonomy and transportation, storage, and processing expense. 554. Containing and offsetting the further desertification of dry regions of the earth and mitigating the symptoms and emergence of drought, flooding, blight, or pestilence through a system of preparedness and alternative methodologies will require the informed cooperation of affected peoples for the conservation and reclamation of affected areas and for the pristine vitality and renewal of earth's condition of itself. The frozen climates of winter, beyond a certain latitude and duration, could likewise be thought to diminish and reduce, at its extremes, the unfolding diversity which is life, if necessary, of themselves, in the stabilization of oceanic and atmospheric currents, temperatures, and levels. 555. Each terrain requires its own precautions, factors realized and adapted to so far as ecological information was integrated and acquired. 556. Investigating the developmental receptivity and aspirations of those who inhabit adjoining plots of land in one's vicinity and municipal periphery - and likewise among and unto the larger groupings of society -, regardless and beyond any existing disparities or divergences of the present configuration, could establish the spirit of potentiality and intention through which to reconstruct and reconnect the community environment over further generations of investment, divestment, and inhabitance and essential beingness in time. 557. Towards the education of society, integrated through collective academic and university networks and demonstration programs, setting the example of communal and cooperative living and enabling sustainable decision-making in relation to environmental, labor, and agricultural requirements, reintroduces each generation to the participative process and furthers the culture of peace in the interests of all humanity and of the world, with which dependent on the fulfillment of the character and responsibility of the actions and motives it itself embodies and conveys. Awareness, acquired through measurement, results in the ability to influence and control the precise parameters of environmental and ecological transformation. Comprehending the numerical and conceptual basis and account of social and environmental reporting of each area and nation by itself and from alternative perspectives initiates each group of individuals into the comprehensive strategy of world remediation, towards and from which each particular directive, facet, and concern is necessarily connected for the coherency and solvency of purpose and meaningful activity to acquire and reflect its proper context in the balance of events. 558. Species native to each bio-region reveal the adaptive potential and functional characteristics of life, to and among each existing climate and purposive application, and the capacity and balance of ecosystemic plenitude, proportionality, and distribution, should biospheric conditions of themselves be radically altered or disturbed. 559. All that which humanity has consumed in its duration and at the height of its abundance, should it never return again and the conditions which produced it have expired, will be nothing more than a memory and experience of a vanished and nonexistent quality of life. 560. In a world of equivalent allowances, no one would require more than that which the system has produced, enabling the inventory to circulate freely towards all publically sanctioned destinations and recipients of its use, the fulfillment and determination of each one's calculated duty necessary for the actualization and determination of each one's equal status in society, choice determining the array of substitutes made available in equivalent proportion with the social instrumentality of their production and development. Until society has attained this level of organization and trust withof itself, monetary representation and expenditure - co-extensive with the barter, charitable, and gift economies, these being what they may - shall constitute the verification, measurement, and enforcement of societal compliance, reflecting, or as not, the equitable social and personal responsibilities involved in the accumulative occurrence and transferrence of general service and acquisitions. The value of products and materials exchanged directly or indirectly among domains could, correspondingly, be negotiated for the balance and priorities of each established cycle and methodology of trade and distribution, locating and investing the existence and proportion of production facilities according to sustainable parameters and regional contributions and requirements, in order to thus affirm the vital integrity of the mutualistic practice in the harmonization of human lives, species diversity, and ecological resources. 561. At that point where fossil fuels have been virtually exhausted, howsoever moderated and protracted through reductive variations and the application of emmision controls, regardless of the extent of climate change resulting or of the capacity of human civilization to adapt, further emissions would, of necessity, no longer be an issue, shifting the ultimate emphasis towards the prevention and remediation of

catstrophic change reulting from these and other causes of social and planetary disorder and imbalance. 562. Integrating complete technological systems, including electronic, programming, mechanical, structural, chemical, and biological functions and capacities, from the survey, customization, and reinnovation of usable materials and components, and withof and towards the source and supply of energy and metabolic requirements, constitutes the unified engineering, construction, and biological process and the adaptation of and to the parameters of social, planetary, and cognitive differentiation and creative optimization of reality. 563. In the land, amidst, surrounding, and between the cities, sufficient industrial and agricultural activities shall occur to provide employment and subsistence year round to each of their inhabitants, consistent with the appropriate cycles of each existing latitude and climate. 564. Anarchy, in its positive aspects, and as a historical phenomenon, rejects all oppressive features of government and social injustice, while retaining the foundations for the free and productive organization of society, and thus constitutes the rational starting point and ultimate objective of the continuous revolutionary modification of humanity towards the freedom, equality, upliftment, and preservation of its natural, technological, and ecological potentials. Those who have inherited the ideology of compliance and rule from above for the common interest or from prejudicial attitudes of cultural superiority have themselves perpetuated counter-productive views of human nature from which our economic, political, educational, and cultural institutions need actively emerge if to realize the future alternatives to wasteful behavior and self-destructive opposition. The regional and international confederation of municipal democracies and resulting mechanism of established scientific and ethical regulations and enforcement may thus derive from and remain consistent with anarchist principles so far as they are the voluntary expression and spontaneous actualization of humanity's common and acquired understanding and intention. 565. The inspiration for contemporary and mass audience television entertainment, while supported by corporate interests and maintained by governmental freedom of expression, may selectively reflect, amidst its various other substrata of cultural identification and appeasement, a higher condonement and priority of the essential characteristics and emerging values of which the ideal civilization should and shall consist. 566. While we trust the planet - in accordance with its life-span and the mercy and wisdom of the Creator thereof - to remain in its course and in a stable condition, there are factors of the physical and astronomic environments for which human calculation yet, of necessity, remains in the realm of theoretical possibility and extrapolative transjecture, if nonetheless immediate and distant causality requires our response to existing parameters and the observable influence of our intrinsic awareness and activity. 567. Functioning within a religious, social, or metaphysical ideology, and maintaining its validity for itself, while wishing to respect the beliefs of other people, beyond the sharing of one's interpretations for incidental value, there is the fulfillment of a world need in transcending the misconceptions towards oneself and bridging the understanding, instrumentality, vital purpose, and unification of world cultures and ideas. 568. The determination and itemization of all substances and practices known to be hazardous to human health and the environment, the methods of their elimination and reduction, and the associated costs and benefits analysis, should remain in the public awareness and authority, and all means be applied towards the informed involvement of concerns. The nature and quantity of solid wastes produced through industrial, housing, and domestic consumption should be reprocessed, recycled, and safely decomposed to the furthest extent possible and likewise remain strictly monitored through public awareness and participation programs, in order to avoid the unnecessary disposal, congestion, contamination, or incineration of all hazardous, raw, or reclaimable materials and products. Other relevant issues should be given similar treatment and concern, involving public awareness and cooperation, including waste water, sewage, pesticides, herbicides, farming methods, and energy production, thereby reconnecting the popular imagination with the natural world and with the spectrum of educational, social, political, economic, and diplomatic relations, with itself, and with the inclusive realm of human interactions and existence. 569. Although we, being informed of the foundations of Social Ecology, could now approximate (demonstrate) or stand independently of (alongside of, in spirit or otherwise) the preliminary work of its originative predecessors and proponents specifically, the resynthesis and display of the constituent ideas, and their precise implications, are, nonetheless, according to the logic itself, exactly the processes which would unite the features and embodiments of this philosophy into a more coherent and organic whole, consistent with the dialogue and comprehension of the global population.

30 If we intend to thus transform Social Ecology into an inclusive list of principles, then, as a consequence of the above, we should, of necessity, first enumerate, in a publically viable context, among diverse and appropriate groupings of affected and affective individuals, the basic concepts and objectives from which we are adapting and towards which we intend to consolvantly emerge. 570. While we should strive towards consensus and establish it as an ideal principle and basic methodology of the decision-making process, - this to remind us against the imposition of authority, - the choice among alternatives and the process of dissent, nevertheless, presuppose the exact operational implications as the conventional majority provisions. 571. From the original precepts of an institution, to the extent these are proportionately and properly applied and understood, the formal and informal networks and alliances which result may either fracture into divergent organizations, remain in contact to adapt the Institution, or otherwise contingently respond to its adaptation of itself. 572. The Revolution is the means through which to implement the practical mechanism of a non-hierarchical, humane, and ecological society, towards the purpose of which there needs to be awareness, involvement, and general consensus among the population, including the possible use of force, for the establishment and protection of human, economic, and environmental rights, in furthest conjunction with diplomatic efforts and alternatives, for which the Revolution must gather the necessary support from all formerly opposing groups and power structures, while securing, on a regional and interregional basis, the scientific and technical cooperation and participatory planning of sustainable and equitable agricultural, industrial, and developmental practices and the harmonization of social and cultural relations towards the future of our one collective and planetary life. 573. The Social Ecology tradition, by legitimizing anti-capitalism, social and environmental activism, community ownership, and confederal municipal democracy, enabled the prospect and practice of an utopian society to influence a vast array of people who were in contact with its organization and activity through the years, and for many of whom a comparable admixture of practical ideals was and remains absent from contemporary educational and cultural terminologies. Whether, in which manner, and to what extent, this Institution, or any group of persons, chooses to acknowledge or represent any variation of this Revolutionary praxis will therefore determine the compatibility and coherence among itself and with those who strive towards similar or differentiated priorities of social growth, logistic relations, and organizational correspondence. 574. While we should speak with those who are around us, and attempt to live accordingly - and this goes towards the comprehensive nature of social ecology in problem-solving the human-environmental world dynamic - there is no reason why we would not also unify and make known these ideas and practices among larger reaches of society, for the benefit of others, and in order that the general validity of the movement may permeate and reflect back into the immediate community, from and withof the culturally and ideologically transflective milieu and cumulative totality of biospheric and ecological influences which occur outside itself. If we agree that Social Ecology, in its broadest sense, is the process of adapting humanity to itself and its environment, and that Dialectical Naturalism establishes the historical and ethical necessity of Confederal Libertarian Municipalism, then the scientific and political details of the revolutionary agenda, besides accomplishing themselves, unite us with the practical work shared in common with all humanity. 575. If one deconstructs Dialectical Naturalism into its core components, it is simply the process of determining what is in the greatest interest of humanity's survival (i.e. what is "rational"), which we may ascertain from an evaluation of natural order and the selective determination from among the historical unfoldment of humanity's potential, of which I believe - for the simple fact that it alone allows for the equal status and participation of all members of humanity (i.e. "non-hierarchy" itself in general) Confederal Libertarian Municipalism (again, in terms of its core components, and not of the superficial construct of its terminological assignation) IS the highest expression yet attained (and perhaps the highest possible expression, in terms of the ultimate foundations of intelligent, conscious, consociative forms of planetary life, at least in respect of the secular and non-biased level of social, political, and economic organization and activity); and, while we remain insistent that there MAY BE other preferable or complementary ideological alternatives, (and, of course, I would never argue that we should close our minds to other possibilities) we, perhaps, have yet to demonstrate what these in fact ARE, or why we actually and honestly think these would improve upon the ideological foundations of Social Ecology, as they are expressed in this particular institution. 576. Beyond having established (and this, of course, if not rejected outright, will and should be subject to further speculation and debate) the theoretical validity and ideal which Libertarian Municipalism (or any other system, for that matter) represents, which would itself provide the necessary vision and inspiration with which to communicate the directionality and purpose of this movement to society, numerous problems and difficulties of human nature and understanding will first and accordingly need to be resolved, characterizing thus the course and trajectory of our transitional strategy and approach.

Foremost among these problems are employment opportunities and the willingness to share, without, I presume, the established system of power differentially regulating and demanding our adherence, and, for this, apart from the sustainability-conscious efforts of regional self-sufficiency, the free consociation of people could - should this prove necessary - certainly find equivalent ways of encouraging compliance with the ethical responsibilities towards surrounding human need and respect for sovereign rights. Our work, therefore, should be to promote cooperation and understanding, at all levels of society, towards attaining the critical number of active supporters and likeminded communities necessary to affect the redistribution of wealth and power into the full control of an egalitarian, educated, and ecologically responsible population of humanity. 577. We have here - with respect of our involvement with and awareness of former and existing social ecology projects and initiatives - an amazing opportunity and obligation to present society with the political alternative to the causes of its social and ecological imbalance, and I would not wish to see this endlessly wasted or postponed because of our inability or unwillingness, whether from authoritarian inflexibility or suppression of dissent, to resolve the superficial differences which pervade and obstruct our underlying commonality and the proper and appropriate modality (whichever this may be) for the free, harmonious, and sustainable development of diverse civilizations, in accordance with the present and future generations of the inhabitants of Earth. 578. The competitive development and distribution of health and environmental technologies, despite the best efforts of coordinated transfer and involvement, will inevitably delay or obstruct the cooperative innovation and implementation of viable procedures, and, given equivalent patterns and additional capacities of societal investment and research, further establishes the basis for the scientific and industrial democratization of the economic process. 579. The prevalence of social media forms have the capacity for the autonomous and democratic selection and circulation of news, entertainment, scientific, and educational materials, governmental participation and awareness, and demonstration of local products, occurrences, and initiatives, thus circumventing and supplementing established media proclivities and the mass cultural homogenization of controversial and dissenting observations. In this regard, each external link consciously formed with an established organization reenforces a mental bond with which to process the substance and quality of its stated relations and activity. 580. Excessive identification with the municipal community, if necessary for the current scale and mind-set of directly democratic organization, - and remaining so for future sustainable ecological productivity, - could, given advances in technology, extend outward to encompass democratic national and even planetary forms of libertarian socialism, which would obliviate the necessity, if not the priority, of communal selfdetermination, returning us to the foundations of autonomy and freedom which Libertarian Municipalism has, withstandingly, best constituted and portrayed. 581. Each community and nation, formulating its respective needs and capabilities, convening together in conference form, will therefore determine the method of implementation for the sharing and transfer of developmental possibilities and requirements, unto the balance and innovation of resources and technologies from every region of planetary creativity and transformative orientation and alignment.

Vol I Book II

THE PATH OF THE CLOUDS I. DIALECTICAL CONVERGENCE II. THE BATTLE FOR HARMONY III. AVERTING APOCOPLYPSE IV. THE WAY FORWARD, THE WAY AHEAD V. THE GHOST OF LIFE VI. REMOVING THE BLOCK VII. EXITING OUT .............................................................................................................................


I. DIALECTICAL CONVERGENCE I. 1. Having written and elaborated, or consciously verified, a given theory or ideal which one considers to be of general usefulness to society, even while having presented it of itself of its entirety in public view, could and will require its point by point presentation, assertion, and development in a variety of relevant venues and discussions, should one truly intend for its comprehension or to establish unity among those of a similar persuasion and identity. The response to one another's terminology and analysis, despite the modification and abstraction to conform with the process of one's individual expression, could and will require the discipline to regulate the progress of one's integration and disclosure at the rate and in the form most consistent with the purpose and foundations and conscious realization and uncovery of one's primary and originative resolution and intent. However much certain one is, at any one moment in time, limitations will inevitably emerge and progress and adaptation continue into much further levels of understanding and experience, and in response to the difference of perspective which all of humanity possess. 2. The chronological synchronization and evaluation of voting and election cycles, patterns, and results, and other non-democratic transitions of socio-pathology, ideography, and power, across all communities and nations, should reveal the ideologies which emerge and their comparability with and relevance to the movement with which one individually identifies, contributes towards, or is otherwise practicably involved. 3. Our municipalities, owning sufficient lands in their vicinity, could collectively recognize certain areas and resources as belonging to the regional confederation and to all humanity in general, enabling the cooperation and international harnessing and development of these common zones in respect of their reciprocal value and international need and distribution. 4. The natural and technological productivity and accrual, sovereign control, and resulting capacity for consumption should ultimately be distributed equally among units of equivalent reflective population densities, intersectors, and rates of distance processing transference. 5. With the covert intelligence agencies, legal instruments, banking and insurance, and corporate business interests controlling the value and availability of currency, the people must control these groups directly in order to regulate and distribute this authority evenly among themselves. Excess currency, deemed unnecessary, could therefore be reduced in its numbers and, proceding from the contextual adjustment of ethical transformation, enable direct acquisition codes to effectively parallel each one's credited allowances of inventoried supply, in accordance with the capacity, integrative and existing opportunity, and involvement of each one's minimal productivity requirements. 6. Towards the unity of nations we each agree to abide according to these principles and framework of jurisdiction, interdependence, and conduct. 7. Regions developing unique chemical substances result in the effect of the immediate environment, with far distributed applications and transference permeating and diffusing each effect in the entire ecology. 8. Changes in the patterns of temperature and rainfall have always throughout time influenced the viability of the structures intended to contain and harness the process and cycle conserved from previous adaptations of environment and form. 9. The centers of local, municipal, and confederal governance need not necessarily result from any one location or building at all times and on every occasion, and could therefore occur among the provinces in the form of sequential and interlinking summits. The decisional authority of the people could thereby retain the equilibrium to coordinate, support, and/or counter-balance the established forces of government and bureaucratic administration. 10. There are those principles according to which we would have ourselves act, and those to which we would expect the remainder of the world to adhere for our civil coexistence. Then again, those rights which we would demand for ourselves we would also wish for all people of the world to possess, even if they would voluntarily or unwittingly subject themselves to the machinations of statecraft and economic repression. The practical forms through and into which we organize our political movements and communities will differ according to circumstances, imagination, and freedom of expression - this is without question. The reason for contrasting these expressions is to generate a comparitive ideal from which all cultures could adapt themselves in order to reconcile our functionality and security in the world political environment. 11. The anxiety caused by the adversary is nullified through the actualization of faith in the true and eventual functionality of a harmonious order of multi-spatial and dimensional trans-inhabitance of form.

12. The relevance of political economy to ecological stability abides in the equal awareness and opportunity to formulate, implement, arbitrate, and authorize the spectrum of ethical, organizational, and scientific considerations and concerns. Creating time for an understanding of the problem and space for unified democracy to occur should therefore enable the majority to collectively reconstruct increasingly non-authoritarian, non-oppressive, non-violent, and non-destructive patterns of civilization and ecology. 13. The people create the state; the people create the economy; science should unify everyone; herein correlating the hypothesis that a condition of social justice, enabling rational public discourse, is integral to the furtherance of ecological stability, according to the very foundations of ecological thought, being the utilization of time and resources in a socially and environmentally responsible way, and thus that the liberation and rationalization of the political economy are necessarily vital precepts of social ecology itself. 14. That a free society would control the means of its own production, at and from the level of the individual citizen and community, is an idea which is perfectly obvious of itself, but which the majority of American Society appears to have largely rejected or ignored. The Institute provided the ideological validation and refuge from and around which was expected to be found the externalization and actualization of these practices in society. With this in mind, I shared these thoughts, presuming that the communities involved would recognize and differentiate the aspirations of those who would participate towards the fulfillment of a similar approach to societal endeavor. While the previous article may not have had the appearance of a discussion, I inevitably incorporated my response to the ideas I had encountered into the trend of thought as these occurred. However, the final analysis need necessarily be the product of the collective which would implement these goals, and, for this reason, I suspend the presentation of any futher conclusions which I may personally educe along these lines, with hope that the collective discussion may find and opportunize the context which this particular forum represents. In the meanwhile, I have attempted to post a link to the notes section of my profile, if you should wish to evaluate the futher progress and remainder of this article. 15. If you would care to argue or discuss any of these points, feel free to send your comments or criticisms or to suggest alternative contexts of corresponding or contrasting information. Also, if you would like to share any of your own ideas, there is obviously space here for these to be gathered and included. Between the whole of us we should illumine what each independently we lack. Let us all, therfore, keep at these issues until the work is done. 16. I have seen some of your older written work in the Communalism forum and your work with the Institute website - and these are quite motivated. There are, perhaps, similarities in our way of thought, and it could be useful for us to explore these together further. In my experience the Institute has, through the efforts of the individuals named, among others, served to anchor and further the true and rational basis of the Revolutionary cause, while there is doubtlessly work yet for us, in particular, to accomplish of ourselves, for the institutions of the future, with and for our own communities, and according to the remaining requirements and propensities of the existing levels of world social organization and activity. Yourself, and others, of course, have, and will have, already factored these considerations differently - in this context and elsewhere. I include this adjunct merely for the sake of persevering and reconciling the individual committment to and prior involvement in this discussion from this most recent point and place of its resurgence, manifestation, and contrivance. A further question perhaps: out of a network so vast, how, and for whom, are these groupings of names best determined? Unfortunately, not wanting something to be true is not enough to make it false, and, though you appear to rebuke me personally without consideration of the context or motive in which these ideas were offered, I shall attempt to maintain or re-establish the comradery and mutual respect we should be capable of manifesting despite any measure of criticism of the actual content of one another's attemptedly collaborative or heartfelt suggestions of logical directionality or humanitarian resolve. I do not think that there should be any difficulty in understanding the purpose of the concepts which anyone here has thusfar introduced into this discussion. Perhaps we should presume the best of one another, being of this majorly pre-selective ideological persuasion, until we have further reconciled the basic differences in our patterns of expression. Glad to be in contact with you. In reference to our brief encounter on the Institute blog, I think you were certainly right to disagree. I, myself, distrust my behavior in these discussions, although I value the conversation for itself. A more formal or less rigid collaboration would certainly yield a more definite and empathic group awareness and idea. II.

32 17. These points are abstracted from a previous effort to visualize and articulate the practical implementation of the libertarian potential. I make no claims of validity or of being anywhere near to the end of analysis; I merely wished to extend the opportunity to have refuted or further developed the conceptual foundations of which these ideas consist: "The Municipal Economy" 1. Surrounding the idea of improving humanity's relationships, with itself and in the interaction of the human environment with the natural world, is the prospect of transcending the illusion of separation and hierarchical control through direct local community appropriation, across the planet, in the management of existing economic and political potentiality. The actualization of this process would necessarily usher in a new stage of civilization and rewrite the fundamental structure of the nation-state as it currently exists. The decision, in order to carry the spirit of its intention, is that of the population itself to make and implement, at its discretion, with careful deliberation and clear understanding of the issues involved and the underlying reasons for the substantive actions to be undertaken. Ecological, agricultural, infrastructural, and manufactural stability can be thus accomplished at the municipal level through the direct decision-making of the local citizenry, which having reconstituted and confederated the system of regional and national alliance could formulate policy at the grass-roots level which would then be administered by recallable deputies of the elective assemblies. 2. Economic categorization of industrial and agricultural totality would reveal the potential points of replication of regional production and alternative reliance on renewable resources and nonhazardous production, current levels of waste, and trajectories of transitional, remaining, innovational, and sustainable resource allocation surrounding and resulting from each area and population demographic. This information, intelligibly presented to society, would enable the working class to confront the corporate, governmental, and financial institutions which currently make decisions on their behalf without the integral sovereignty of popular consent. Our entire system of law and social and private property distinctions will then, perhaps, be rewritten from a higher ethical standard of egalitarianism, environmental responsibilities, and universal human rights.

unto which the election of activity of the individual is determined and evaluated from, withof, and in accordance with the mechanisms of administrative compensation and compliance. 9. In the issue of territorial representation, inhabitants of the smaller states need coidentify and consolidate themselves with sufficient neighboring vicinities in order to consubstantiate a region equivalent with the largest partitioning and perimeter of equal standing in the hierarchical stratification of proximity. Conversely and concurrently, the larger areas could divide and repartition into areas approximate with the mean or average of those areas involved - the emphasis is, of course, on there being some sort of balance attained among the physical and political groupings of geographical and populational dimensions and requirements, bearing in mind that, in the interim, coalitions, cultural heritage, and mutual support, including the established and further consideration of areas of common and collective jurisdiction and concern, should be capable of reconciling the vast majority of differences in the equity and endowment of each perimeter. Power is therefore correlated among state capitol and municipal infrastructures of varying population densities and intervening forms and qualities of terrain directed towards the causes of regional unity and inter-regional approximation and trans-harmonization of national unity and international relations. 10. In a world of equivalent allowances, no one would require more than that which the system has produced, enabling the inventory to circulate freely towards all publically sanctioned destinations and recipients of its use, the fulfillment and determination of each one's calculated duty necessary for the actualization and determination of each one's equal status in society, choice determining the array of substitutes made available in equivalent proportion with the social instrumentality of their production and development. Until society has attained this level of organization and trust withof itself, monetary representation and expenditure - co-extensive with the barter, charitable, and gift economies, these being what they may - shall constitute the verification, measurement, and enforcement of societal compliance, reflecting, or as not, the equitable social and personal responsibilities involved in the accumulative occurrence and transferrence of general service and acquisitions. The value of products and materials exchanged directly or indirectly among domains could, correspondingly, be negotiated for the balance and priorities of each established cycle and methodology of trade and distribution, locating and investing the existence and proportion of production facilities according to sustainable parameters and regional contributions and requirements, in order to thus affirm the vital integrity of the mutualistic practice in the harmonization of human lives, species diversity, and ecological resources.

3. The municipal assembly need necessarily be among the largest structures in each district and periphery, allowing room for the simultaneous convention of proportional delegations from each of the subsidiary organizations and collectives, if not also or otherwise reconstituted according to and from equivalent areas and neighboring population districts, and it should be non-hierarchical and non-authoritarian from the foundations of its organization and activity, enabling the people to address the public consciousness, origin, and impact of the idea without any institutional prejudice or bias towards any predetermined judgement or opinion of ethical, cultural, or ideological considerations and contingent and affective economic and socio-political effectuality which should necessarily result and derive from our existing freedom of awareness and expression.

11. Each community and nation, formulating its respective needs and capabilities, convening together in conference form, will therefore determine the method of implementation for the sharing and transfer of developmental possibilities and requirements, unto the balance and innovation of resources and technologies from every region of planetary creativity and transformative orientation and alignment.

4. The municipalization of labor would necessitate a mechanism for the determination of the quantity and dispersement of necessary services and productive requisitioning. Petition for entrance into each industry and the quality of labor required could likewise be effectively determined from administrative observation and evaluation of societal reactivity. To the extent that a community could, given adequate resources, provide, through its labors, the means of its own susbsistence and yet require the additional services of society - this being so far as the land itself could be set aside for the restricted use of any specific group of persons, and with consideration to the provisionment of adolescent, visiting, travelling, immigrant, unemployed, elderly, and disabled individuals -, there is necessarily a capacity for the contribution to the greater good proportional to the utilization and reliance of the needs thereof acquired. It is in this regard, and with respect to the cultural potentiality of the diversification of activity, that farm or agricultural labors, while at once intensified in measure and decentralized for purposes of regional autonomy and ecological methodologies, are balanced among the industrial and procedural functions which interconnect civilization throughamongst the established periphery of its environmental habitation and protectorate of conservational domain. The decision of which crops to grow, which technologies to produce, the form of infrastructure and allocation of services, programmatically define thus the gains which society believes itself capable of acquiring over each period of economic consortation and effectuated distribution.

13. The centers of local, municipal, and confederal governance need not necessarily result from any one location or building at all times and on every occasion, and could therefore occur among the provinces in the form of sequential and interlinking summits. The decisional authority of the people could thereby retain the equilibrium to coordinate, support, and/or counter-balance the established forces of government and bureaucratic administration.

5. Each neighborhood assembly, having convened over the issues addressed by the community, would appoint individuals to present the report of their ideas at the municipal assembly, which, viewed amongst the general public, would then return to the neighborhood assembly for final approval of general terms from all corresponding perimeters of municipal jurisdiction and authority, a process inclusive of and redundant with the deliberation of confederal and international appointments and corroboration amongst the autonomous centers of inter-municipal, communitarian, and geographical habitation and existence. 6. Municipalities within an established national or intra-regional currency, having stabilized the per capita value amongst themselves separately - in conformance with the principles of direct democracy and to avoid the instantaneous necessity of a national referendum and the mechanism of state control - could average these figures multilaterally in order to avoid any over-balance among each area or unit of the municipal confederation, enabling the economy as a whole to transition to a mutualistic system without the collapse or dismemberment of monetary rationality. 7. Having formulated the level of spending required from local, state, and national levels, including the sum required for the balance of distribution, the remaining sum divided equally among the people would then determine the level of resource utilization and control which each individual would independently possess. 8. The quantity of labor, property, and productive materials and equipment, and aggregate and individual business locatedness and space, averaged from the total productive requirements and obligations of society, and with respect to the proportional redistribution of societal resources and the given rates of each imbursement, could represent a standard interval or quota of minimum and maximum remunerable effort and profitable use and application, affected according to periodic and annual calculations and adjustments of reallocations, reimbursements, and expense, towards and

12. The natural and technological productivity and accrual, sovereign control, and resulting capacity for consumption should ultimately be distributed equally among units of equivalent reflective population densities, intersectors, and rates of distance processing transference.

.... 18. With regard to my writing style, I believe I have adapted a style which enables me to make the numerous logical modifications necessary to depict complex phenomena and relationships in the form of condensed visible paragraphs, or logical sign-posts, which can easily be referenced and compared. I do not think anyone should have any particular difficulty in understanding the forms of information to which I refer, and it is the IDEA of these forms which I have intended to make accessible, to my mind, and to that of any potential readership or audience. 19. You are perhaps taking this moral relativism stance a bit too far, although I can somewhat appreciate the function of such criticism in furthering discussion of itself. 20. The notion of universal rights excludes prejudiciality in that they apply to everyone equally. These are not being imposed on anyone, and their enforcement would most certainly be universally welcomed among those who are being denied these rights in their daily living or according to the formal structure of their society. 21. The organization around the municipality is intended to create a sphere in which equality can be actualized and extended to and among the broader reaches of society. The implications of this process are that which the items included in "The Municipal Economy" were intended to specifically address. We cannot force the choice of freedom on ourselves or any other society, although there must be specific forms of freedom for us to inhabit if there is to be any alternative to or improvement over that which the status quo presents. 22. In numerous instances, the subject (of the written statement) is the conceptual operation within the mind and the object the theoretical correlations which are attendent to this process. Anyone theoretically coinvolved in this action, by entering into the frame of thought, is therefore coextensive with the mind involved in the analysis and observation of the causality and relation of accessory events. I do not think that it is necessary, or perhaps even possible, to be "more clear" in the wording of these particular types of statements. The difficulty, I feel, is not the form of

33 the idea, but rather the complexity of the issues themselves, which need be presented in a way which enables their simultaneous and progressive consideration and analysis. 23. I made no claim to be speaking as "the mind", exclusively, per se - I was merely explaining that the subject was a concept and the action the modification and extension of this concept. Different people see things differently - yes; and I may only presume that different audiences or individuals will choose to understand this article differently and hopefully perceive the actual nature of the liberatory struggle which is the nuanced problem of societal reorganization with which I am attempting deliberately to contend. 24. Your general skepticism towards my phraseology and content of these ideas is noted. These are differences of perspective which may never have occurred to me from within my own fixed conceptions. There are certainly other ideas, other opinions, of which, for most, there can be no ultimate proof, no matter how persuasive or prolonged one's argumentation may be towards the matter. At this point, I am more interested in what your ideas may be towards the resolution of the innate problems of human and environmental action, however they may align or disjunct with the theoretical possibilities which I have suggested and outlined in this greatly abridged abstraction of my collected personal observations. 25. If you are familiar with the archives of Social Ecology, in their existing form, you will have recognized to what extent I may have replicated their efforts and approach, and to what extent and in which direction I have attempted to further substantiate the concrete possibilities of this pathway of social evolution and development. There are numerous other questions and considerations, which this, or any other program of action, might evoke, some of which I, myself, have considered elsewhere, many of which I have not, with the majority of which requiring the collective decisionmaking of the groups involved, to which I am not at liberty and far lack the capacity to formulate from my much limited individual perspective. I hope we shall each have the opportunity, here and elsewhere in these discussions, to grapple with and develop that course of action, which would reconcile the furthest extent of our individual ideological requirements and proclivities, so that all may contribute towards and experience a world of ever-increasing harmony and endurance. 26. Envisioning a post-revolutionary society, or the ideal society itself, could both catalyze the occurrence of this revolution, in every region and extent where applicable in the world political environment, and ensure the survival of its objectives once this revolution has occurred. The connection of the local community with the mechanism of national and extranational activity establishes and maintains a bridge from sustainable local development to each frontline of trade, aid, diplomacy, and the potential conflict and oppostion thereof, however these present themselves over each area of time and historical progression of events. Our mutual community presence and involvement world-wide is thereof evaluated and affected for its capacity to accomplish that which is determined to be in the best interest of ourselves, and of the diverse consitituencies and totality of human civilizations and the natural environment. 27. Either we should control the economy, and the balance of resources, through direct municipal democracies, which should strive for equality within and among themselves, or permit corporate control, inequity of wealth, and authoritarian forms of state control to continue - this itself is a fairly specific contention, about which there may be difficulty in formulating one's opinion, but not in regards to discerning the basic premise about which to evaluate the basic structure of one's judgement or response. The municipality itself is an arbitrary unit of varying size, of pre-existing and determined jurisdiction and authority, which, collectively, under various terminologies, were formed from and incorporated into mutual territories, states, and nations according to the migration and settlement of peoples and political evolution of civilizations, continents, and cultures. This itself is a fairly generic and easily recognizable definition. In terms of reconciling the area, population, and level of political authority possessed by and accorded to each unit so existing or otherwise reconstrued, I have offered the beginning of what I condider to be the logical solution at previous points in this article, within which we are entering areas of admittedly abstruse ontological totality, about which our ability to compromise and form and negotiate principles of ethical consideration will contune to influence the course and trajectory of which the organization of society thus consists. 28. All of our judgements about reality, which are interpreted or categorized as truth by ourselves and our society, could recognize a common bond or qualitative independence among themselves or otherwise remain in or enter into conflict over the source and substance of their expression. Those relationships which are considered, from a certain perspective, to have caused disorder or to be otherwise beneficial to society, therefore motivate humanity to be of influence among itself, however having responded and adapted to the forces and results which it encounters in the furtherance of its predetermined resolution and activity. In my opinion, religion itself could be considered a form of knowledge, summarizing the boundaries of space and time, historical events, and the psychological dimensions and posssibilities which arise from our biological nature and phenomenal occurrence, in the case of which our beliefs result from the verification, from our

experience, of the contents of scripture, as such - if not from implicit trust, much the way all learning is inculcated without question until and in order that the capacity for critical thought will have developed -, from the symbolic nature of which are derived the progression of cognitive exactness and the eventuality of prospective cultural and scientific universality. The foundations of Social Ecology, if being formulated in such a way as to accomplish and further the causes of social justice and environmental protection, should be wary of needlessly alienating or dismissing the religious traditions and other ideologies, in which the foundations of morality and societal organization are already in place, if, perhaps, needing to be broadened yet to actualize their potential within themselves, to encompass the practice of cooperative social institutions, and to acknowledge the very real interdependence of existing organisms and physical contraints of Earth's environment. 29. First, let me start with the following assertion: religious beliefs/ formulations are not inferior to scientific understanding, nor are they a substitute for it, but rather the two are mutually complicit aspects of our spiritual reconciliation of reality. This being said, however, let me not leave the wrong impression of you or your ideas. I have so far only glanced at your website, and it appears well worth reading, which I intend to do more thoroughly, whenever time permits. Your work as an educator, theorist, and journalist are evident of themselves. My only problem, if you could call it that, being more of an issue unto itself, is that the articulation of the philosophy of Social Ecology could just as easily, among the alternatives and possibilities of its expression, facilitate and allow room for religious tolerance and understanding - in that these organizations, as you have statistically documented, are an already established and well-represented partition of the existing ecology of society - in order to remain consistent with itself and to widen, as far as possible, the forms of audience which are, or could be, receptive to the common principles of its information and ideals. 30. Perhaps we could use this opportunity to elaborate somewhat further the relationships between social ecology, military organization, and the movement towards peace, at and from all levels of world society. One view, which appears to my mind to bear at lest some measure of truth, is that the establishment of democratically-accountable militaries in the Middle East, and elsewhere, could be at least partially responsible for the freedom of security which has enabled or inspired the people in those regions to have demonstrated against their governments in recent months, and that it is this process and result, rather than oil interests, or simply the terrorist threat itself in general, which have motivated the United States military, in the far-reaching scheme of political evolution, to have entered into and sustained their involvement in these areas of conflict. For clarification: my argument here is not necessarily that you, or your community, should be forced to fund the action of a military with which you do not agree, but that, in this instance, perhaps, you should not necessarily be opposed outright to the entirety of its efforts. Even so, in the broader sense, a system of independent or voluntary taxation, while enabling each community to directly decide which programs to support, would, nevetheless, through the balance of resources, indirectly reimburse those communities which choose to contribute to the majority political decision. In offering my first comment, I had fully expected and intended for someone to rebuke the obviosuly dissenting nature of its claims. It need be stated that I do not wish, in any way, to silence or condemn the voices for peace - much to the contrary, these are instrumental and much needed factors of the democratic process and humanitarian ideal. This being so, what I am suggesting here is that there is a deeper reality to this agenda which should be brought forth and addressed in the interest of reconciling and acknowledging the actual mind-set and inner motives compelling these separate camps to their priorities of action and ultimate solution which each considers for its aims. With this in mind, I submit the follwing thoughts in regards to empathizing with and ultimately abolishing the function of war in the mediation of human relations and upliftment of global society: From the origins of the military, certain elements within the government have taken it upon themselves to control the force of arms, vital resources, and information. Those within the general population with the education and initiative to parallel these objectives of security and defense would typically seek to qualify or integrate themselves within the formal structure of these institutions, being consistent with the goal of unity among themselves and one's national purpose and identity, so far as there remains a threat and instability in the world and the population remains content with the source and form of the economy, the quality of social services, and general dispensation of mass media concerns. This military, working in conjunction with its allies to accomplish and maintain stability in the world and to avoid the spread of totalitarian regimes and the hoarding, blockages, and exploitation of resources, - while required to foster and maintain the technological and logistical supremacy over all potential threats - to the extent, and in the time-frame and trajectory in which, this remains a viable historical, economic, and developmental possibility - should, nonetheless, naturally strive to limit its maximum demands and to overturn or reconcile the causes and foundations of all adversity among the civilizations of the Earth. Wheresoever they may have failed or neglected to further this ambition of ultimate armistice, equitable distribution and development, and public accountability, it returns to the population to somehow fiscally or politically restrict or oppose the scope and

34 scale of military action, often to the extent of denying the primary and honorable, if unfortunate, function of its prior and initial motivation, for which those who are for peace and social freedom must carry their cause unanimously with and to every military of the world, along with the corresponding changes in societal consumption patterns and distribution policies and trends, in order to eliminate or minimize the threat these forces yet pose to themselves and to the survival of all humanity. 31. Creating and establishing a system of protocol and instruction which will enable the young or relatively inexperienced to safely, effectively, and concertedly execute and operate complex instrumentation and procedures predetermines the direction and effectiveness of the cumulative interactions of society. 32. Here are a few additional examples of the type of synthetic logic to which I am refering, which, in my mind, represent alternative variations of what could, nevertheless, be called, or grouped under the designation of, "social ecology", if certainly not its exclusive or most fundamental form, because of which it is vital and instructive to maintain and correlate distinctive and personalized ideological renditions, including, but not limited to myself, yourself, or anyone else, in particular, specifically: The philosophical religion, which is artistry, utilizes and expresses all scientific facts and methodologies in a form which amplifies and subsumes their practical and psychological effectivity and merit. The result is a purposeful existence which ceremoniously transfuses and transfixes itself throughout the effected metamorphosis of all eternity and time. The practical routines of health, productivity, organization, and security constitute the temporal perseverance and advancement of creativity and life, withof and from which are derived the divine unity of spirit which characterizes the fulfillment and furtherance of the potentiality of order and transcendence, towards which consciousness is preconditioned and predisposed in accordance with the collective record and uncovery of the present and future occurrence of its awareness and experience. The wording of your last statement reveals that you are evoking a reverence for the phenomenal experience and perception of reality, and not so much for the idea of a creator, an experience which religious adherents would otherwise or equivalently approach through the appellation of their deity, in accordance with all the phenomenal, social, and psychological relations which are ascribed to its identity. You have, in effect, presented an incidence of "your" spirituality, which is a nowexisting and potentialized component of an individualized religion and of a natural theology, which is both connected with and motivated from, I presume, the philosophical components of your particular conception of what were to be the exclusively materialistic foundations of social ecology, as a science. I neither expect nor intend for either of us to alter our theoretical stance towards this matter, at this time, and I hope I have not burdened you, or anyone, along the process of the recurrence and development of this contention, towards, beyond, and outside of which further progress and conclusions are entirely dependent in the fomentation of epiphany and ensuing consideration among the sum of individual and group recognitions and mentality. 33. The opening of this web portal has already thusfar proven itself to be useful in connecting and interacting with the distant associates and members of the Social Ecology community, and, with time, I hope sufficient people will choose to involve themselves with this process so that it remains a useful experience for everyone, for the progress of society, and for furthering and demonstrating the array of causes and activities which this Institute supports and represents. III. 34. I present this essay - "The Ecological Integration of Humanity" - in conjunction with "The Municipal Economy" because together they represent complementary and integral foundations of a common problem and approach to community reorganization and ecological concerns: Would you consider posting this article in your blog? Despite its possible shortcomings, I believe it contains some useful and interesting information. I enjoy reading the variety of pieces you have selected thusfar, and think that this could blend into the mixture without diminishing its effect. Let me know if there are any problems or compromises we could consider, and, as always, best of luck with your endeavors. Here is a further streamlined and focussed version of the essay I presented a few days ago. Perhaps it would make a better or more appropriate fit that could be considered relevant? "The Ecological Integration of Humanity" 1. The scientific and biological consideration and organization of independent sub-systems of the ecology, connected together in sequence and in conjunction with the greater whole, are and will be increasingly necessary in order to correct for environmental damage and to control the complex demands of the human and urban metropolitan populations. Sustaining the productivity and nontoxicity of the soil and water supply and the air we breathe requires the cooperation among the micro-organisms and dependent species which are responsible and instrumental for their vitality and renewal. 2. With increase in the understanding of disease and contamination, the inspection, regulation, and enforcement of qualities and standards of agricultural, medicinal, industrial, social, and biological

activities acquired an ever greater significance in relation to the protection of the public health from the centralized and inter-regional distribution of products of itemized and discernible origination and dispersal. Any attempt at localizing the production, supply, and waste reprocessing of a specific land region or social community, or of merely comprehending and cooperating more directly amongst the existing spectrum of human totality, in order to realistically be considered a viable alternative of human survival, without reverting exclusively to the primitive and primeval ways, which are, nevertheless, of renewed and redeeming value, need, therefore, retain the very same knowledge and watchfulness over itself, if also extended and adapted for the purposes of its self-resulting scenario, that is concurrently practiced by the collective group of humanity for its own safety, protection, trade relations, and independent quality of life. Integrating humanity towards determined social and environmental objectives is and can thus be accomplished and furthered through the existing regional, national, multinational, and independent political, educational, and religious institutions, howsoever liberated and reconsolidated thenceforth with changes in human expectations and awareness, provided that there is agreement and representation of the core centrality of values projecting us towards the governing ideals and future potential of human and planetary existence. 3. Ecological communities, being conscious of their environment, and with advances in scientific realization, could, therefore, again produce and reprocess locally and intra-regionally many of the foods and manufactured items that were interveningly transported throughamongst, while municipalizing and confederating those facilities the location and scale of which would have caused greater ecological harm to have presently reconstructed or refurbished or thence abandoned and dismantled, respecting the occupational dispensation, requirements, and compensatory equilibrium of populational groups at varying densities and distances of scarcity and overlapping inter-selectivity of seasonal and habitational variation in and amongst the interspersion of the natural endowments of terrain, and reserving much among thence the pathways of trade for visitation, culture, and ideas, thereof and thereby having elucidated the conscious transceptivization of, and transcended and reduced throughamongst thence, withof the complementarity of local and conservation efforts and refinements of methods, behaviors, and technologies, the need and causes for any further and unnecessary degradation of the earth. 4. The biological and nutritional requirements and proper balance of human bodily intake, activity, and social and psychological relations, including specific supplemental and counter-active medications, form directives, and physical repair, determined from exhaustive and ongoing investigation and informed deduction of inventory and causality, extended out to the corresponding and converse mechanisms, food production systems, and atmosphere of earth, inclusive of the cumulative effect of chemical herbicides and pesticides, artifical fertilizers, soil and water management, biosystemic and constructive proportionality among industrial, residential, and municipal activities and development, and international cultural, academic, educational, economic, psychological, military, and diplomatic conjunctivity, constitute the substantive synthesis and totality of unified health-fulfilling and furthering practices and institutional demeanor. 5. The concern and care for every living creature of the earth, and for the earth itself, howsoever truly the motivating factor of the central government of the world, involves every nation with every other nation, and the recommendation, decision, and verification of the health measures and collective agendas which are best for each community and for the whole of planetary existence and vital purpose of reality. Interest in the environment and diversity of ecosystems will manifest in the inclusivity and transfer of time and media resources towards the inventory, observation, and display of each area of existing habitats and terrain, coinciding with the democratic visualization and appropriation of industrial, economic, and agricultural activity, and infrastructural totality, proliferation of corresponding scientific and educational materials, and the political involvement and awareness of each local community, towards and unto the integration and confederation of national and international purposivity, inter-cotransparticipationality, and effort. 6. The willingness of government and industry - and of the populations of self-determining members of society of which these institutions consist and from which they are derived - to acknowledge and adopt secure agricultural and ecological methodologies and equitable economic and political procedures depends exactly on the awareness of the public and authoritative institutions which implement and receive from the resulting efforts of transcommunitarian and international collaboration of confluent knowledge and research, howsoever of thence retaining the cultural information of all progressive gains and historical synthesis of biospheric and ideological transitions. The replinishment of the soil and ecosystems, generation and development of new areas of soil and alternate variations of food production, sustainable use and application of ground and surface water levels, drainage, and circulation, and corresponding maintenance of optimal ground-cover and forestation patterns, along with the purification and moderation of atmospheric concentrations, present humanity, independently and in connection with inter-govenmental cooperation and support, with the opportunity to revitalize the earth, with careful planning for, and in conjunction with, the efforts of future generations, and, thereby, to attain the equilibrium balance of its numbers in proportion to its per capita utilization and reliance of existing natural resources and agricultural terrains. Our cultural and political agendas, while having variously embodied the dialectical extremes of our highest understanding and intentions, will likewise thence continue to pursue the active consensus of facilitative and protective regulations wherever affecting the general population, proceding from the autonomous confederation and controls at the community level of existence. 7. The mechanisms of administration required for the monitoring and correlation of data from diverse segments of the environment, in conjunction with military, industrial, civil, and university and collegiate-based programs of training and research, whereas already existing in society, if otherwise yet requiring enactment and reform from withof themselves, the intentions of the population, and other civil institutions, have further to involve the public in the findings and participation of their work, in order to fully accomplish the spectrum of necessary observations of locales, wherefore this knowledge is yet indigenous of itself, and in order to garner the effort and support required for the implementation of alternate and appropriate procedures withof the over-all strategy of world survival, mass redemption, and repair. 8. Alternative pathways and priorities of societal development and types and scales of technological implementation have occurred within a time-frame of either mutually supportive or conflicting objectives, concerning the convergence, divergence, and distribution in the form of productive infrastructures in terms of the mutually inclusive or exclusive effect on the directionality of each region and of the social and planetary environment as a whole.

35 Understanding that and how the greater interests of the common majority coincide was and is thus necessary for the most accurate and most ethical policy framework of regulations to emerge and acquire the functional legitimacy and strength of the general consensus. Cooperation and coordination within international agencies and between the national governments and non-governmental organizations which contribute towards and derive assistance from these policies should enable the solutions and data formulated to reach further agreement and accord over the duration and cycle of convention status and multilateral procedings. Contrary to these tendencies of furthering and conserving the social and ecological foundations of civilization, we should yet emphasize, could otherwise occur the continued depletion and disorganization of resources and eventual contestation over the scarce and remaining supply of what were potentially the collective and manageable inheritance of our natural abundance. Rationally, each group of persons, fully informed, would consider themselves to possess the same and equivalent developmental and indigenous rights, if under different circumstances, as every other group of persons, and would act concertedly to ensure a fair distribution and conservation of resources, invoking the need for proportional utilization and a common standard and protocol of technological efficiency, cultural protections and awareness, and inter-regional systems integration. 9. The ratio of gases exchanged and contained among the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and geologic processes of Earth, according to the contribution over time of each group of species, natural process, cosmic and solar variation, and cumulative result of human activity, together measures the radiant energy pathways and immediate trajectory of Earth's existing climate. Where the majority of people have understood and accepted the reality and implications of these and other environmentally precarious relationships, no amount of industry control and collusion within government can prevent the public, through itself and the corresponding mechanisms of national and international legislature and legality, from demanding that the necessary actions be taken, with the corresponding restructuring of the economic and political relations necessary to secure their accomplishment at and unto all levels of world-wide collaboration, resolution, and participative effort. This idea, perhaps, should be understood in view of the fact that scientific solutions and alternative modes of living have long been available and that the population itself need adopt the necessary changes, with and beyond the placative and overdue efforts which industry and government interests may present, together from which we, collectively, and each according to the stages and requirements of national development, have progressed towards the integration and resolution of all factors of which civilization consists and which are of influence in sustaining the environment of Earth. 10. Each municipality and community area will reflect different per capita resource requirements, depending upon the methodologies introduced, correlating with the common protocol and efficiency of production and distribution strategies. Herein consist the variations of demographics, culminating in the aggregate influence of humanity, which need be introduced and persuaded of the appropriate measures for each interrelated and unified involvement and activity in the transfer and exchange of materials, energies, and services. 11. Towards the education of society, integrated through collective academic and university networks and demonstration programs, setting the example of communal and cooperative living and enabling sustainable decision-making in relation to environmental, labor, and agricultural requirements, reintroduces each generation to the participative process and furthers the culture of peace in the interests of all humanity and of the world with which dependent on the fulfillment of the character and responsibility of the actions and motives it itself embodies and conveys. Comprehending the numerical and conceptual basis and account of social and environmental reporting of each area and nation by itself and from alternative perspectives initiates each group of individuals into the comprehensive strategy of world remediation, towards and from which each particular directive, facet, and concern is necessarily connected for the coherency and solvency of purpose and meaningful activity to acquire and reflect its proper context in the balance of events. 12. The determination and itemization of all substances and practices known to be hazardous to human health and the environment, the methods of their elimination and reduction, and the associated costs and benefits analysis, should remain in the public awareness and authority, and all means be applied towards the informed involvement of concerns. The nature and quantity of solid wastes produced through industrial, housing, and domestic consumption should be reprocessed, recycled, and safely decomposed to the furthest extent possible and likewise remain strictly monitored through public awareness and participation programs, in order to avoid the unnecessary disposal, congestion, contamination, or incineration of all hazardous, raw, or reclaimable materials and products. Other relevant issues should be given similar treatment and concern, involving public awareness and cooperation, including waste water, sewage, persticides, herbicides, farming methods, and energy production, thereby reconnecting the popular imagination with the natural world and with the spectrum of educational, social, political, economic, and diplomatic relations, with itself, and with the inclusive realm of human interactions and existence.

.... 35. Your abridgement of my essay and my essay itself are not entirely interchangeable, although, in the absence of the later, the former would still retain the same general outline, if diluting or distorting somewhat the character and insightfulness of its initial presentation. Unless you should wish to disagree with, elaborate, or contrast specific points of this article, or the article itself, a closer examination and articulation of these incongruities would simply be superfluous to the motivation, progression, and development of the explicit content of its theme. This withstanding, I would continue with the following assertions: Local ecological measurements provide the basis for productive and sustainable activity and also the reference point from which to exchange and correlate data from the sum of all communities in one's region and world-wide. If we are collectively focussed on harnessing, adapting, and sustaining our local environments, we shall no longer, in the absence of irrational ideologies or motives, have the purpose, ambition, opportunity, or tolerance for war, oppressive governance, consumerist production, or economic exploitation and imbalance.

In this regards, also, we must consider our technological infrastructure, and the empowered forms which inhabit it, to be an emergent form of this ecology, with repect to the safety, influence, complexity, adaptation, transformation, and continued viability of its omnifarious construction, maintenance, control, and continued operation and involvement. Ecology itself, beyond this, is a reflection and correlation of the physiological systems and psycho-social identifications of each individual life-form, of multi-varying levels of organization, functionality, potentiality, and awareness, and should be understood accordingly, in relation to the interdependent influence and effectuality withof and upon the sympathetic foundations, quality, parameters, and organization of the biological, social, political, economic, and technological attributes of one's greater environment and tranvergent reality. 36. From an epistemological standpoint, this is necessary and inevitable. I, however, question the usefulness and civility of a near-verbatim presentation of my work, in the manner that you have done, in this particular context. On the other hand, reframing certain passages or areas of thought could help to facilitate their analysis, in which case the reduced content, either for and of itself or in reference to its original context, could serve to clarify or make known the underlying idea, which, if valid, is the genuine motive of scientific and humanitarian communication and expression. 37. The electronic phenomenon originated among the outward spatial connectivity of electrical and radio transmission, while ultimately coordinating the transferrent and cooperative activities of this grid within the architecture of the self-containing unit and communicative process, dedicated initially to the furtherance of administrative functions and priorities and later extended into the spheres of individual, cultural, and accessory applications. 38. I was of the generation directly influenced by and proceding from the Peace Movement of the Sixties and was intuitively aware of and intrinsically antagonistic toward its subsequent criminalization and dispersion by the mainstream forces of society, evolving thus into, and vacillating with, from contemporary cultural influences, a homeless gutter punk, anti-establishment, nihilistic, self-defensive personna and mentality. My knowledge and theory were quite limited, and I drifted in a mystic anarchist individualism, enabled by family patronage, encountering little of interest in society, until discovering, by sheer chance, the existence of the Summer Program of the Institute for Social Ecology. I returned to my old life, immediately losing connection with, through my inability to assimilate, the theoretical foundations of the experience I had gained. Lacking the personal understanding to self-organize or appreciate my surroundings, I could only distantly remember the brief and contrived experience of community, and, during a court ordered Probation, found myself wishing for the imagined freedom which I believed to be somewhere "out there" in functioning reality. By the time I was free to travel, and finally made use of the computer, I learned that the Institute had suspended its Summer Program and that its co-founder was recently deceased. I continued delving into the concept of freedom, in isolation, and began teaching myself Science, from my primary school recollections, and from the books which I could gather, thereof beginning to recognize - besides being of interest of themselves - the centrality of these subjects in governmental and industrial concerns, to the extent of attemptedly enlisting in the United States Army, for the educational, political, humanitarian, and financial opportunity it could provide, and for what I thought could be of service to world society itself, for which I was denied according to my felony drug possession record (one psilocybe mushroom!), after which I could contine learning only on the basis of my own observations and research. In the end result, it is probably best that my idealism was enabled to develop along its separate course, although the temporary empathy with and for the status quo has furthered my capacity to integrate the conceptivity of its institutions into and towards the rational order and alternative which the problematic of their existence has demanded and required. During this interim, thusforth, while reading the archives of the Institute on its website, I realized, concordantly, that the more I learned of and contemplated the relationships among nature and society, towards and withof the purpose of a free, just, and ecological humanity, the greater the relevance and significance, in my estimation, which the ideologies expressed by the ISE acquired. Attending the Institute Intensive, and this time understanding somewhat further the rationale of its instructors and the capacity to organize one's own community, could have culminated any direct involvement or expectation from the Institute community itself. The theme of the Colloquium this year, however, has presented the opportunity to obtain and interact with a variety of perspectives concerning the central issue of Revolutionary reform which should be worthy of this one preliminary attempt and formative experience. My approach towards the eventuality of this Revolution has thusfar been primarily written and theoretical, needing first to uncover and reconcile of myself the basic purpose and feasibility of its objectives. I now think that there are indeed specific ideas and a concerted Plan of Action which human society needs to imminently and collectively address for its furthered well-being and continued survival on this planet. Integrating the efforts of the existing, alternative, and emerging social and environmental movements is thus of vital interest to everyone involved, in determining that common ground which would present a solid front to the remainder of world society, and, accordingly, the gathering of the Colloquium attendees and associated networks should enable us to further resolve, in this brief period of time, the proximity and further frameworks of our unified endeavor, for our own comprehension, and for

36 our contribution and awareness of the necessary work and opportunities which may exist towards the hastening and accomplishment of the Revolution of itself. If selected to attend, I would like to present a paper with the current, somewhat verbose or possibly over-ladden title of expression: "Incrementing Transcendence: Promoting Awareness, Education, Investment, and Research and Maintaining and Escalating Pressure towards Unanimous Personal and Global Economic and Political Liberation and Equality, Universal Health, Ecological Stability, Prosperity, Cultural Differentiation, and the Advancement and Optimization of Planetary and Autonomous Creativity and Freedom", in which I shall gather and quantify what data and rationale I may personally assimilate concerning the world political environment and biospheric calculations, and attempt to extrapolate the potential solvency of the strategy I may formulate or devise from my present understanding and resulting information. Within this context, I have thusfar contemplated the parallelling or subsidiary initiative, entitled: "Voluntary and Conscious Interconnectivity: Relocalizing Corporate and Administrative Functionality", in which I shall develop the hypothesis that authoritarian knowledge and institutions, in their most egalitarian and humanitarian expressions, are and were necessary for the formulation and implementation of transboundary solutions and awareness, and that decentralization efforts, rather than attempt to abandon and circumvent the existence and productive activity of these organizations on the basis of their former and present hierarchical systems of relations, should and must reclaim and resubstantiate the form and foundation of their identity, for the social and scientific functions which they currently and necessarily fulfill and occupy, thereby effecting the transition towards a universal libertarian municipalist political and ecological economy. In this sense, the Institute for Social Ecology represents a middle ground, prototypical archetype, and theoretical lens, from and through which each community may evaluate the veracity and validity of each one's regional, national, and international priorities, while retaining the qualitative independence, sovereignty, and objectivity of rational judgement and controls. Reconnecting this secondary theme with the primary topic of my presentation, I would therefore attempt to temporalize and actualize a means of motivating the public of diverse nationalities and cultures to collectively recognize and address the potentiality for peace, equality, and ecological sustainability which the unified networks of humanity have previously and concurrently thusforth fathomed and uncovered. 39. Perhaps there is a way in which several of us, being strong advocates of Libertarian Municipalism, could invite an equal number of ideological capitalists to participate in a group debate with established rules and procedures? Or are we more interested, at this point, only in further strengthening and reconciling a far-left majority for itself? Depending on how we (the participants of these discussions) define or portray Libertarian Municipalism in a public setting, with or against varying levels of potential opposition, could (or could not) answer both the objections of those who currently support the status quo, for whatever reasons, or from lack of an alternative, and of those who would maintain an alternative system, which has yet to be introduced, or which would simply be something other than "Libertarian Municipalism", whatever that might be. 40. Framing the nature and relevance of ethical, social, epistemological, and metaphysical polemics and causality confers unto the religious and philosophical systems, in conjunction with themselves, the instrumentality and functionality for the organization, directionality, and expression of social discourse, interactivity, and debate, and from thereof are acquired and deduced the commonality, universal character, and origins of the autonomous and interdependent attributes and relations of the primary self in world identity. 41. With much respect to everyone here (for being here), and setting aside any past grievances which language or indiscretion may have inadvertently provoked (an attitude which I hope we could each continue to maintain towards one another, individually and among our incidental or ideological factions and alliances), I have presented a fairly systematic and concise interpretation of Libertarian Municipalism in my article "The Municipal Economy" for which I have thusfar received no direct argumentation or refutation (other than to question the potential clarity of the written nature of my ideas). Beyond this, these corresponding networks have purported and maintained several articles from various perspectives which represent a similar and long-standing ideological commitment. Within this website itself, we could (and perhaps should) likewise dredge up and recirculate those articles which are of most critical relevance to this discussion, and to the contemporary involvement and reality of Social Ecology in general - the point being that these ideas, their modification, extension, and alternative must embody a concrete form that we can all collectively access and address in order more accurately to determine and assess our individual and collective position along the spectrum of their development and assertion. The key here, I contend, is quantitative and qualitative juxtaposition, for which, it appears, the format of presentation is of vital, while not paramount importance, while providing and involving each of several authors, both originative and contemporary, with equal and ample opportunity for expression alone would establish a sufficiency of content for us to corroborate and progress the genuine nature of our actual understanding and intentions. Allow me to add that I see no particular reason to argue against my article (I nearly wrote "myself", illustrating our personal attachment and identification with these

formulations) specifically, whether from tacit agreement or tolerance of inconsequential differences, this being true of all other articles in existence, but that, if we are to have a debate or critical discussion, there needs to be some sort of finite and determined rational starting point rather than mere references to a tradition with far-reaching inconsistencies and undeveloped aspects of itself. 42. With regards to your stated policy against personal attacks, I request that the following statements be taken down. In my opinion, these statements contributed nothing to the discussion and were merely negative for the sake of personal rhetoric. It would be besides the point to argue on this level in the Blog itself, and I think it should be understood that these comments are neither fair, mature, nor in the spirit of promoting reasonable discussion. I can see that you are attempting to evade discussion by pointing towards alleged faults, which are in fact virtues. Please seek to purify your own personality for the sake of the movements you would represent. Humanity needs more love, not hate, reasonable dialogue not disrespect. As a follow up to my previous letter, if you should choose to remove the posts to which I earlier referred, then, by all means, don't post my latest comment either. If, however, you should leave the offending comment posted, then I should expect the same opportunity to respond. Of course, the choice is yours to make entirely. My writing is no more unintelligible than yours. And besides, the point is that this person has taken the discussion way off topic by voicing that particular complaint, again, at that particular time. If your input means anything, you should honestly reconsider. I am, at this time, still quite convinced that, if viewed in context, this statement against me was indeed quite mean-spirited, unhelpful, untrue, and quite personal. Even so, in order not to cause any unnecessary conflict among the discussions themselves, I also withdraw my complaint against this person, and my request that the aforementioned post be removed. In this event, also kindly do not post the comment I have awaiting moderation - that persons's problem with me (as I perceive it) does not necessarily detract from the service he could provide to the movement and to other individuals. I apologize for any inconvenience and hope this matter may be resolved without any further aggravation from my part. 43. With regard to the recent talk about how allegedly terrible my writing is, this may prove to be a completely futile procedure. However, my intention is equally as much, if not moreso, to learn from others, for themselves and through our mutual interactions, while nevertheless continuing, as always, to strive towards being as informative, articulate, and enlightening, in my proper context, as I possibly can be. Or more to the point, I could say that the type of community I seek in life, unless something changes, is still best associated with the ideals and presence of Social Ecology, at some variation and proximity of involvement or departure which has yet to be determined. 44. The confidence and clarity to psychologically reconcile our individual approximations and group idea with a functional world order and semblance of eternity reflects and influences our involvement among ourselves and our capacity to remain connected with the qualities, insights, and intentions which we have from withall and throughamongst at first determined and possess. 45. I would modify your distillation of my idea above as: "we are the responsiveness and identification among the articles we circulate" - this nuance is important here. This simple statement would however mean very little without the "tortured" prose which preceded it, none of which would have existed or arisen had I attempted to limit or conform myself to your arbitrary and self-restrictive criteria of expository composition. Please, in the future, try to remain focussed on the content rather than the phraseology of expression, as you seem to have no problem doing with everyone else besides me in these discussions. Had you not thrown this wrench into the mesh, I would have written directly about professional politics, egalitarian involvement, and administrative reform, which I leave you to piece together, or not, however you see fit. 46. Collectively demonstrating and re-establishing in the consciousness of the general population the idea and awareness that property and wealth are social creations, and not unalterable or absolute foundations, and which, beyond the means of personal subsistence, are therefore subject of their entirety to democratic controls is a continued precondition of educational and paradigm realignment necessary for the immediate and ultimate empowerment and actualization of the revolutionary process, and to inaugurate the onset of the new working order of civilization and egalitarian society. Without an isolated group of financiers scheduling the variation of development and production, the general public will necessarily assume these functions of themselves, with the corresponding revaluation of corporate structure and material priorities. The centralization of industry and business may, at some level, have advanced the efficiency of civilization, prior to and in the absence of the consciousness and initiative of labor towards ultimate reform, while now forcibly abandoning the consociative infrastructure for popular decision-making and municipal and ecological reintegration to universally commence. Similarly, military installations should remain logistically and functionally transparent and act only according to instructions and protocol developed from and through the united assembly, wherefore the cooperation, conscience, and consent of

37 those enlisted are integral factors in the formulation and implementation of foreign and public policy both towards and of themselves. 47. Despite the furthest levels of disagreement with broader reaches of society, the next generation should be capable of learning and trusting those values which will enable them to function independently within the system and within their own communities, while opposing, on adequate grounds, in the course of their development, that which is irrational and unethical, howsoever presenting the least amount of harm and greatest responsibility for themselves and for the common purpose of the communities from which they are derived. 48. The ideas, terminologies, and idiosyncratic peculiarities which we incorporate into the originality of our writing, whatever the source, and whether acknowledged or unacknowledged for the sake of establishing and creating our individual identity, then stand independently in the context of the forums in which presented, and are judged and evaluated regardless or in continuance of the context of the movements or personalities with which previously associated or considered - this discursion unto the originative foundations of creativity, which was intended to help liberate the discussion from the entrenchment among factional and nominal polarizations. The coherency and contrast among the faculty and administration of all public and private institutions towards the interpretation and intentions of societal endeavor should provide the framework for social ideological interactions and involvement rather than merely excluding themselves among diverse and disconnected specializations with no direct relation with social policy and reform. Educators, therefore, have the collective responsibility to purport and embrace a social program, and all institutional obstacles and impediments towards this purpose should be abolished and removed, in order that the type of social activism embodied in the ISE may be reflected in the broader and more inclusive reaches of society necessary to affect the general upliftment and actualization of egalitarian concerns. 49. I have recently had a realization concerning your, and others', crticism of my writing style, which I wish to share with this discussion. What I have realized is that I have been presuming that the intellectualism and mannerisms of my initial audience would be pre-determinably consistent with my own, and, consequently, I have not attempted to address any more general audience until a collective dialogue with this imagined group had first been established and attained. It is not my intention to condescend towards those who may have lacked the opportunity or initiative to develop a fully diversified and focussed mental vehicle, such as the one I have described. Appropriately enough, while I believe that most people would have no trouble understanding, on intuitive levels, the basic contentions and purport of my articles and written manifesto, for the present age of society, the language of ordinary life is yet necessary to relate myself as a personality and to build upon the social context of my stated observations and objectives. Posting the progression of my written work in public view, connecting, through the internet, with diversely creative individuals and groups, and ultimately participating in these forums of discussion, have begun to culminate the collective unity and involvement withof the high ideal, from which practical action may and must now naturally and necessarily ensue. There could, therefore, result a paralleling extension of my undeviated thought-process for itself and the cooperation towards specific purposes of social communication and expression. Perhaps this conveys a response somewhat closer to the heart of the message which you had previously and thoughtfully presented? There is no real reason to respond to this specifically. I leave this out here merely for the sake of potentially ammending any misunderstanding or antipathy towards which I may have personally or inadvertently contributed through my immediate and, at the time, unavoidable reaction.

II. THE BATTLE FOR HARMONY 50. The process of reason, and the deductions of human liberation and adaptation within and withof the framework and foundation of ecological constraints, contextualizing the ethics of genuine Enlightenment behavior, are not exclusive to Eastern or Western, or Northern or Southern forms of dialogue, and, while other forms and rationalizations of political or apolitical behavior exist and should be considered, that which represents the highest form of freedom, according to the furthest of each one's acquired knowledge and understanding, should nevertheless continue to inform and motivate the basis of interaction and consolvement, if from and towards a revealed and reconstructed perspective derived from among the correlation of the emergent substructs of each society of itself towards the externalization and maximization of the differentiated choice uncovered within and adapted unto the protected and resurgent array of its own manifested and intercooperational social, cultural, educational, governmental, economic, and environmental practices and traditions. In this sense, the theory of Social Ecology, alongside and extenuating the proliferation of the Libertarian Municipalist praxis and ideal, could, and perhaps should, acquire this further nuance of intercultural and international sensibility, if this on a purely aesthetic or implementational level, which does not contradict that we should continue to emulate and aspire towards the fulfillment and furtherance of libertarian ecological responsibilities, for their enduring legacy and the further immediacy and imperative of their wide-spread public awareness, recognition, and development.

51. I wrote the idea which appeared in my mind, and, having written it, had no use for it except to share it with the discussion which produced it. Sometimes I am searching for something obscure which requires several lengthy permutations to locate in words. At other times, the idea is more straight-forward. I present these thoughts unchanged, for whatever your curiosity might find in them. Strangeness, I consider, is simply part of the diversified landscape. (It is not that I am not trying to make sense to you.) How should we talk of continuing the revolution of which Murray Bookchin was part? I wrote something in the aforementioned Blog, reading "I wrote. . .was part?" I am not happy with this comment and ask that you would not post it. Perhaps I will think of something I am more happy with at a later time. 52. I understand the nature of your complaint. I have reasons for the way I write, which I would be happy to talk with you about somewhere outside of the aforementioned discussion. I ask if you would kindly request that your comment directed toward me be removed from the Blog. That discussion is not about me, and it would both be unfair for me not to respond or to leave an honest criticism unanswered. Besides this, from my perspective, we have much in common, concerning politics, culture, etc., language and continental barriers aside. Let me know if this request is agreeable with you, or of what we could discuss to make it so. It will not be removed unless you ask it yourself. I just think that the criticism is external to the discussion about the merits/fualts of Murray Bookchin himself, rather than the individual contributors. Kindly reply to this problem, whenever you have given it sufficient consideration. I ask this, as a friend, and I repeat, I understand and accept your criticism. I simply would rather not answer your criticism within a public discussion, and I don't wish to leave a criticism of my work unanswered. That sounds somewhat ambiguous. I had hoped you would have expressed that YOU wanted to remove the comment for MY sake, because WE had/were addressing the issue elsewhere. It is, I think, almost entirely YOUR choice, unless I have to appeal to the SE Blog subcommittee, which may or may not bring results. 53. The connections between Ecology, Capitalism, and Libertarian Confederation, while elaborated extensively by Murray Bookchin himself, from a Marxist Revolutionary and Western Philosophical perspective, are not necessarily unique to him, even among his own tradition, and should open-mindedly be considered part of the One True Revolutionary Cause.

54. "Anarchy, in its positive aspects, and as a historical phenomenon, rejects all oppressive features of government and social injustice, while retaining the foundations for the free and productive organization of society, and thus constitutes the rational starting point and ultimate objective of the continuous revolutionary modification of humanity towards the freedom, equality, upliftment, and perseverance of its natural, technological, and ecological potentials. Those who have inherited the ideology of compliance and rule from above for the common interest or from prejudicial attitudes of cultural superiority have themselves perpetuated counterproductive views of human nature from which our economic, political, educational, and cultural institutions need actively emerge if to realize the future alternatives to wasteful behavior and selfdestructive opposition. The regional and international confederation of municipal democracies and resulting mechanism of established scientific and ethical regulations and enforcement may thus derive from and remain consistent with anarchist principles so far as they are the voluntary expression and spontaneous actualization of humanity's common and acquired understanding and intention."

55. Could it not also be that Murray Bookchin was being critical, yet not terminal, in his renunciation of Anarchism before the anarchist "youth" of his day?


"At the time of national founding, those few with a vision of national order could establish themselves without excessive contestation, and, wherever permitting capital to accrue and function independently, entered into a dual condition and relationship with the public trust and institutional authority. Revenue from national land rights and wealth from prior territorial distinctions could either collaborate or contrast for the directivity and control of public society, reflecting the values and ambitions which the general population has acquired of itself towards the standards and purposes of its national identity. Given the connectivity of industry and the existing obligations of the State to private capital, each community separately cannot expropriate the corporate outlets without first collectively deciding to transvert the corporate infrastructure to the democratic process. Meanwhile specific regions, having collectivized themselves, or in the process of collectivization, may choose the manner and extent of integration with remaining capitalist society and which forms of business enterprise to reject and replace withof themselves. That class of society which occupies administrative functions and facilities wihtout expense and at the expense of one's society could parallel the independent functioning of those who would claim autonomous identity and complementary governmental capacities and involvement. With the covert intelligence agencies, legal instruments, banking and insurance, and corporate business interests controlling the value and availability of currency, the people must control these groups directly in order to regulate and distribute this authority evenly among themselves. Excess currency, deemed unnecessary, could therefore be reduced in its numbers and, proceding from the contextual adjustment of ethical transformation, enable direct acquisition codes to effectively parallel each one's credited allowances of inventoried supply, in accordance with the capacity, integrative and existing opportunity, and involvement of each one's minimal productivity requirements. Collectively demonstrating and re-establishing in the consciousness of the general population the idea and awareness that property and wealth are social creations, and not unalterable or absolute foundations, and which, beyond the means of personal subsistence, are therefore subject of their

38 entirety to democratic controls is a continued precondition of educational and paradigm realignment necessary for the immediate and ultimate empowerment and actualization of the revolutionary process, and to inaugurate the onset of the new working order of civilization and egalitarian society. Without an isolated group of financiers scheduling the variation of development and production, the general public will necessarily assume these functions of themselves, with the corresponding revaluation of corporate structure and material priorities. The centralization of industry and business may, at some level, have advanced the efficiency of civilization, prior to and in the absence of the consciousness and initiative of labor towards ultimate reform, while now forcibly abandoning the consociative infrastructure for popular decision-making and municipal and ecological reintegration to universally commence. Similarly, military installations should remain logistically and functionally transparent and act only according to instructions and protocol developed from and through the united assembly, wherefore the cooperation, conscience, and consent of those enlisted are integral factors in the formulation and implementation of foreign and public policy both towards and of themselves. Our work, therefore, should be to promote cooperation and understanding, at all levels of society, towards attaining the critical number of active supporters and like-minded communities necessary to affect the redistribution of wealth and power into the full control of an egalitarian, educated, and ecologically responsible population of humanity."


"The unified systems approach to the sustainability of humanity's existence must integrate at once the political dimension of cultural relations, establishing the basis for cooperability and nonviolent interation, and the environmental variables of production and distribution methodologies, necessitating a universal ethics and symbolic depictation of events capable of harmonizing and mobilizing the energies of compassionate understanding towards the fulfillment and furtherance of the humanitarian and ecological obligations for the equilibrium of civilization and of Earth."

.... 58. Blog Post Comment Removal Request, Regarding my statement: ". . .", in the Blog Post ". . ."; please remove this comment from the discussion. In retrospect, it was out of context, misrepresentational, and should have attempted to develop through rational discussion. I thank you for allowing me the liberty to post this; however, please, also now allow me to remove it for further personal consideration and review. .... 59. The Earth we know, with its natural and national divisions, is that place where our responsibilities converge. Connecting together in the cause of truth and justice, and reflecting this work in our environment and conduct, shall determine the awareness and potential which our humanity awaits. 1. There does not exist a United Federation of Anarchists, and; 2. If there did, they could maintain and constitute a plurality and continuity of transitional ideological scenarios. 3. This being so, Social Ecology itself, in my opinion, should retain the form which is yet undefined and more inclusive than simply one potential variation of the localized and situational political approach towards Universal Comprehension, Liberation, and Equality. We are each, in our own way, in accordance of our enlightened rationality, striving to attain an accurate assessment of all potential threats and injustices known throughout the biosphere and to ensure that all appropriate alternative scenarios are being implemented and considered. Having dialectically reconciled and systematically correlated all preconceptions of national and cultural self-interest in the status quo (or, at the least, relegating these to the foundations of their core equivalence or neutrality), the radical tradition may move forward towards a system which replaces and defends against the forces of global tyranny and economic imperialism while conserving the unified distribution of the commonwealth among the sovereign and sufficient regions of ecological and democratic municipitarian participation and involvement. 60. Wisdom itself does not become less wise through its disuse, but rather culminates in the maturity to act through it. I believe the proper attitude for today would be one of encouragement and conciliation, rather than blame and condemnation for the inherent failings of the system. Planning precipitates purpose. 61. There is a most significant truth concerning our reality, yet beyond our recognition, which would bring purpose and freedom if recreated in our thoughts. 62. Municipal planning must have resulted effectively for each of these levels of civilization to have occurred, in these formations of active redevelopment, causality, and redirectivity of inter-transboundary intraspansion, orientation, and alignment. The system that is does not preclude its alternative and yet will continue with the established process for the provision of materials until and if opposed by economic, political, and ecological constraints. Productive facilities and service enable the trade value of all imported inventories and alliance. The sources of credit and maintenance of productive supply, for and among each community, can therefore be correlated for sufficiency of purpose and of number.


"The ecological and humanitarian investment in the developing world, and with the future efforts of the developed world itself, rather than the former economic and political incentives, will enable sustainable development options to promote global stability and to prevent and correct for the proportionate environmental degradation which had and could otherwise have occurred under the constraints of impoverishment and world market competition.

Obtaining an equitable perspective over international rights and responsibilities derives naturally from the concern for the expression of equality among one's nation and community, enabling each group the opportunity and capacity for informed decisions and fair relations in and of the mechanisms of trade, economic stabilization, and political activity. Realizing a standard for the quality of life inclusive of egalitarian, health, and sustainability objectives, and criteria of a corresponding economic system, capable of rationalizing and attaining equilibrium in terms of the aggregate value of the products and services introduced will require the education and orientation of all cultures towards the values and priorities of the highest of humanity's understanding and concern for the survivability of each people and the foundations for the perseverance of reality itself."

64. We should be willing and prepared to accept and opportunize on the most that circumstances have realistically to offer. This does not imply that we should abandon or neglect to develop our high ideals for themselves (whether of ecological or strictly human interactions), nor that we should underestimate the settings from and in which the transformative emphasis of these ideals could best be implemented and applied. 65. If we are to create and foster a world free of all international and regional injustice and hostility, with the resulting and contingent environmental cost and degradation, then each group will need to realize and trust that adequate ethical, equitable, and sustainable economic development strategies - and corresponding and conducive political frameworks and methodologies - are both possible and desirable, and that, with the gathering support and solidarity of each area and population demographic unto and of itself, the new spirit and consensus of the international community are actively and collectively mobilizing towards the accomplishment and protection of the reality of this potential for all peoples of the Earth, across and among all formerly separative and insular nationalities and cultures. 66. The difference here could be in the identification of this Person with the order of the universe, of which there is One, while we ourselves require much learning, introspection, comparison, and growth to contain and further these observations in our individual mentality. 67. The multinational institution could serve the purpose of international alliance, if only in a system in which the mechanism of extranational dominance and exploitation has been systematically uprooted and abolished. Free trade should therefore, with awareness, eventually determine and promote those efforts which are most altruistic in the foundation and organizational structure of their motives. 68. The view towards the culmination of the totality of projects, within the acceptance of forcible and immanent dislocation of inventory and perimeter, forestalls the obsessive disruption of hate and hostility, discriminating, in one's mind, the universal and permanent from the particularities of transience, habitat, and circumstance. 69. The Universal World Service Commission could derive its rationale from a logic withof and beyond the causes of immediate necessity, although (a) the present course could eventually, if continued in indefinite growth and lack of caution, result in our destruction of ourselves, by ourselves and through our devastation of the planetary life, and (b) the structural reorganization of society does also prove its urgency at certain other levels of prevailing actuality; rather, we are attempting to invigorate among ourselves the life-energy and creativity for the upliftment and enhancement of civilization, security, involvement, awareness, understanding, and equality towards the perrenial ideals of peace internally and of peace among the nations and the kingdoms of the Earth.

III. AVERTING APOCOLYPSE 70. Parallelling the response of the collective presence in one's mind, contrary to the futile expulsion and repolarization among the forces of one's energy and aura, reflects and disperses the awareness and consideration of their activity in a plane and trajectory corresponding with the field and origin of one's inter-transvergent self-intentionality and purpose, in and among the time-frame, schedules, plans, and purposes of geographical and humanitarian intervolvement and tranquility of context, culture, representational transveyance, intercession, alignment, and identity. 71. The inevitability of incessant labor should disregard instantly every misdirection towards not wishing one's work to continue itself. 72. I remain interested in attending the Colloquium this Summer. The event appears to offer a unique opportunity to challenge and rethink my basic assumptions concerning the priorities of Social Ecology and activist endeavor. In addition to, or in place of, the themes outlined in my application essay, I am attempting to work from the notes included in the attachment file, with the intention of outlining and transforming them into a more coherent and programmatic statement of direct community action and involvement. The notes which I sent in were not intended to substitute for the Colloquium paper itself. The abstract from my initial application essay, while most of one page in length, remains as a proper summary of my intentions in writing this paper, if not quite yet reducible or reduced to one single paragraph. I have clipped this portion of that essay

39 for review, if that will be of any interest to your program. The attachment file "New Structure for the Global Revolution" should not be circulated, and need not be considered. 73. Relinquishing the priority of the Personal Self for the coherence of the Group Identity could uplift the burden of which the Personality is formed.

82. Clearing the schedule of a deadline for labor should not prevent labor from applying a reasonable effort. 83. Examining and confronting the business of war is part of the inclusive struggle against war, capitalism, and hierarchy in general. 84. The answer to being prevented from Thinking is to continue to Think.

74. The list of projects cannot proceed directly, it seems, unless first brought together and observed in the appropriate intervals and order of time and expression. The construction and maintenance of the framework of knowledge, occurring in the context of community vitality, shifts the relevance of priorities towards the organization of societal concerns and the relation of the spirit, with and beyond the multiformity of external sense perceptions and culmination of world awareness and ontological potentiality. Activating, restructuring, and incorporating certain concepts, elements, and directives external from and intrinsic to one's system could provide a vehicle of extrasensory refuge, reference, cooperability, and withdrawl. The coherence of the higher attributes are therefore mobilized and invigorated in the service of the constant radiance, unfoldment, and interconnectivity of light. Remaining neuro-cognitively inductive and attached to the presense and purpose of self-transcendence, unto and inclusive of the immanent and cyclical actualization of psychological, cultural, socio-economic, political, and environmental rationality, in and among thus the spheres and realms of mortal life, could therefore either clarify or complicate the physiological mechanism, of and from the plethora of otherwise established logistical technicalities and psychical, habitational, and geographical occurrences of thence immutable, reconciliable, or illusory tensions, concerns, and disturbances of atmospheric, geological, and psycho-physical disorder. 75. The light material radiates towards the qualities with which it coinhabits in the imprintation of the aura. 76. Those factions within each nation which are themselves demanding legitimate reform should be systematically located and provided our mutual attention and support. All nations, correspondingly, should inform themselves of the revolutionary potentials which have simultaneously and concurrently transvolved within and withof the differentiated and inclusive perimeters of their respective politics and cultures. 77. If you and your committee lack the sincerity and forthrightness to appreciate or acknowledge the conceptuality of my work, then, no, I don't think there is any particular need, possiblity, or reason for yourselves and myself to further collaborate towards the preliminary work of the Global Revolution at this time. 78. Although I must respectfully disagree that my abstract "did not put forward a clear thesis or unified purpose", it is not altogether entirely most important whether I, myself, give any presentation at this particular event - this because I value and trust in the work and message of the community itself; so, yes, I would still come to the event just for the opportunity to listen, learn, and interact with other like-minded individuals with further and distinct experiences and ambitions towards the realization of these ideals. B.t.w. I have included the current status of my paper, on which I shall continue to work for personal causes, in case you might be interested. On second thought, there are several volumes of information which I have not yet sufficiently organized into my database, so it is probably best that I remain - connected with my equipment and work/ living space - for several additional months. I apologize for my poor relations and hope this does not preclude any future efforts of our continuing discussion.

85. Identities conversing over space and time. In other words, Self-Identity attained. (And no, I have not yet myself attained all-identity as one.) 86. Connecting the mind with the unity of Creation. 87. By accomplishing myself I will defeat that which attempted to oppose me. 88. The rational and democratic control over factory production and technological infrastructure will require the popular awareness and demand for a new system of municipal economic confederation, ecological compatibility and adjustment, and biospheric integration. 89. There are certainly going to be electronics and machinery produced out of and powered by some form of remaining materials and energy, if in potentially or increasingly limited supplies - in addition to eco-conscious agricultural methodologies continued into indefinite generations of future society, this unless we somehow collapse the biosphere of its entirety or catastrophe results in a new dark ages in oblivion of scientific accomplishment and thought. It is towards the positive effectuality of these trends which humanity will be reorganized according to the new systems of government and economics which the proponents of Social Ecology have set forth in their research, in and among all of their historical and terminological variations, these bearing the common themes of ethical and ecological rationality and peaceful and purposeful coexistence. 90. Heart energy contains the light of the soul within the mind, the willingness to sacrifice for the Glory of Creation evoked for itself and in defense against external irrational distractions of enmity and void. 91. New material. Also, I post a daily international editorial blog from newsfeed clippings, which you may wish to disable if there is too much activity. 92. The esoteric terminologies are useful for attaining comprehension. However, once this has occurred, we should be able to think, create, and apply in the context of that which we are aware. This goes to the very nature of what it means to be a Group, rather than a body receiving one-sided instructions from an inaccessible Supreme Intelligence or Personality Figure, which, despite all appearances to the contrary, A.A.B. and the Tibetan did not intend to represent.

80. Are these from the work the Tibetan undertook with Alice Bailey, or are these written somewhere else? I had developed an implicit trust of the published works of Alice Bailey which I could not automatically extend to works which I could not evaluate or read of their entirety.

93. We, the remainder of the Group, are now officially, although already being so until this became an issue, in the position of trusting your Administration with the powers of deletion and expulsion with which Facebook has legislated into the explicit format of Page and Group creation. In an ideal world, we would never find one another's postings too contentious or extraneous to our collective sense or explicit declaration of our central purpose in co-uniting in this way. If there are disagreements, these could either be discussed reasonably or degenerate into authoritative and anti-authoritative clamor and irreconciliable departure. - Bear in mind, these are generalities from my part, and not criticisms of any sort, for it is not entirely clear to me to which posts we are referring, if any, other than those which might yet theoretically occur. (I accidentally pressed enter before having composed the remainder of this response, so I shall be in the next block invisibly for a while until the remainder of the post is printed.) In respect of relating more directly to the Teaching of Alice Bailey - and again, we are not yet in any explicit disagreement on this point - I must respect and attempt to honor any inquiries into the relevance of anything I myself would happen to post - each thought shared with this Group having naturally culminated from esoteric meditation among the acquired mental references of Alice Bailey's recollection and verbatim actuality - which, although being the specific form of the work itself, and necessarily retained as such for its originality, could yet itself constitute a mirrored veil over the worldly purposes which its authors had perhaps intended it to further. - Again, I am being dialectical and merely responding to my incidental circumstance in this eventuality. The work could also be said to speak for itself quite lucidly and exclusively so, and I think the contributors thusfar have presented excellent examples of the qualitative features which the books of Alice Bailey exhibit within themselves. The question nevertheless remains of at what level we would wish to disassociate the sincere aspirations of those who would participate here from the works and references with which we could individually relate them and address.

81. The purpose of existence is to be self-conscious of existence - and emancipated thereof - of which there are composed these reactive tendencies and levels through which this existence is re-transformatively experienced, differentiated, self-affected, and observed.

94. While the various "Societies" exist primarily for the redistribution of the works of their respective authors, there are features of their personalities which have likewise interdependently evolved from the pre-existing and living source of all inspiration and endeavor.

79. Neighborhoods could be grouped into districts of conjoining municipal access and proximity. Expanding and integrating the municipal base and outlying assemblies could permaculturally unite and reorient each citizen with and towards the connective and productive transformation of ecologies, human technologies, and the indigenous, exogenous, and combined effects of human civilizations upon the Earth. International industries shall acquire the character of their locality, voluntarily codirected from among all available languages, nationalities, networks, systems, and technologies. Supply and distribution, coordinated through working communities, shall connect the town with industry through the mechanism of inter-state unity, regulation, and alliance. The state capitols consolve the command structure of government, and industries the consolidation and diversification of corporate influence and wealth.

40 I say this not to imply that the works of these individuals require special interpretation, but that the organizational synthesis and impact of their closest predecesors reveals much about the inner measure and true dynamics of their actual intentions. Although it is too much to presume the works be an exhaustive solution to every problem of reality, they provide a psychological and philosophical framework from which the structural and technological dimensions may find their outward correspondence. These books were, I think, intended therefore to establish a new foundation for the empirical coordination of the human faculties of developmental order and perception. The ideas which the books embody are thus illumined and revealed in the context of the exoteric phenomena which they have circumscribed and elicit from their reader and adherent. 95. There is an important distinction being made here that the foundations of the new, or revolutionary, society are not necessarily "new" of themselves, either in theory or in partial historical expression; rather they are "new" with respect to the extent of their implementation and in reference to the contemporary systems which they shall modify and replace into the new order and civilization of continuing humanity. 96. I had found this comment somewhat inconclusive and detached upon first posting, and, after having deleted it, lamented the misplaced accessiblity of its wording. So here it is again, for individual reference if nothing else, if given slightly out of sequence: "...." I shall now look through the books of Agni further in order to substantiate other transcendent, corresponding, and equivalent expressions. 97. The Seven Rays constitute an important intellectual instrument for differentiating and reconciling the primary tendencies of human civilization and Creative Attribution of the Cosmic-Planetary Life. That the human population represents each of these tendencies in varying proportion is doubtlessly true, although in the final event, I believe, it is intended that each individual possess the corresponding energies identically across the unified framework of human process and convention. Furthermore, it is theoretically possible to divide these energies into different qualities and categories, although their basic accuracy and profundity in the Alice Bailey books causes me to defer to and respect the unique presentation and elaboration of their identity and origin. 98. It is possible to approach the matter slowly, with apparent setbacks and regressions among the Group formation. - My concern is that, at some point, those here will and do actually Approach. 99. Global Integration Ecology seeks to examine the official and unofficial governmental and economic institutions worldwide in order to determine how these relate or could be made to relate to the causes of freedom and the conservation of Earth's resources. 100. Towards the purposes of bringing about peace and wisdom among the political, economic, and environmental relations of humanity, if also necessarily for itself precedingly, we will first require a universal philosophy of reality, developed from among the placement and interaction of various cultures and traditions, capable of bridging and bringing peace and comprehension to the human intellect and mind, without prejudice, and with highest respect for the sustained realities of our known spiritual foundations and potentials. 101. All life depends on the circumstantial value of the art which we display. 102. The content of Alice Bailey represents a finite set of esoteric principles, occurring in separate intervals across the entirety of her collection. The works could be circumscribed in this way in order to quantify and confer a basic introduction to the full extent of their accomplishment, although, even then, countless questions would remain which were not necessarily being answered so much so as they were simply being asked. 103. I am your friend. You are my friend. - So Saith God. 104. There is - as several participants here have stated - a clearly defined and explicit relationship between Alice Bailey and Theosophy. There are also very clear and important differences in their respective organizational methodologies and presentations of material, respecting the commonality which links them together in the historical emergence of a Western-Eastern synthesis and discussion of religious and philosophical traditions. Creating and constituting an inventory and methodology of universal spiritual potential, without forsaking or neglecting that which identifies the particular and principle accomplishment of each individual Group unto itself, correlates therefore with the applicability to general humanity of any system which we would attempt to set forth and establish in the general interest of human understanding and upliftment.

105. The controlled detachment from and manipulation of the aura creates a space within the mind capable of harmonizing at will with every energy field and level of which the morphogenesis of all time and space consists. 106. This statement, in light of recent revelations which these discussions have produced, clearly demonstrates a necessary recognition towards which A.B. and the Tibetan where striving to orient themselves and all humanity with their work, although you may have also arrived at this conclusion independently from personal introspection or from numerous other sources of Gnostic Christianity and Buddhist literature and thought. 107. Maintaining a sense of purpose and imaginative potential is the answer to all purposes which are attemptedly instigated to the contrary. The coordination of nerve centers throughout the body, howsoever discoordinated, may thereby consciously and forcibly retain and evoke the true mentality of one's natural rhythm and progression. 108. In the same way that the populations of the world must voluntarily select their political and economic constitutions, they must also choose and develop those spiritual ideas which grant them the highest truth of their autonomy. 109. In practice, the action of Harmony through Conflict quite often supersedes the perceived legitimacy of this claim. The thought I intended is that there are necessary disputes and confrontations which we should be able to resolve, and this to our collective advantage, rather than avoid our problems and ignore those whose message may strike us as "outside" our perceived unity among ourselves. And also, perhaps in a more subtle way, that Morya is not the perfect representative, even of himself, in every possible scenario and event, it being one possible function of a group dedicated to this work to reveal and humanize the existence of these limitations. We should not bring this garbage unto ourselves. 110. Those who are possessing a measure of spiritual understanding could serve to station this understanding among the disparate reaches of humankind, not for the immediacy of social transformation - this reflecting the pre-existing forms and qualities of social organization for itself, - but rather for the simple purpose of bringing peace and understanding to and among each separate individual and group for their personal and collective benefit, enlightenment, and redemption, from which the capacity for social transformation would grow naturally from within, from each individual's circumstances and abilities and according to the gradual realization that peace within requires also, and is coterminous with, the existence of a determined pathway and opportunity for the applied instrumentality and reconciliation of all world events of their entirety. 111. Nothing is beyond reproach. Rare are the Paths which contain all realities. Comprehending that a part may be inadequate or misleading when taken for itself in no way invalidates the coherence of this part, or of other parts, or of the Whole in its Representation of Itself. 112. The architecture of the universe resonates between the origin of light and the means of its reception. Being at both extremes, we, in the event of our complete and total receptivity to light, would then materialize the basis of our own Phenomenality, enabling of ourselves the over-riding constraints of Cosmic and Inter-Planetary Self-Intelligence and Will. 113. For creative artists who are familiar with these works. I have formed this page in order to carry forward the unifying work and mission of these philosophies and to create a space for the display of works of contemporary authors. 114. The scientific and ethical basis of policy decisions, within the appropriate administrative organization, should permit the coherent, transparent, and universal dispensation of societal functionality. 115. I have moved my writing to this page in order to establish an independent effort. Feel free to participate, or to visit, or to present contrasting ideological information and priorities. Either way, I shall continue to monitor the Institute for further progress and activity. - And thank you, sincerely, for all that your work has - and will continue to have accomplished and represented through the years. 116. We are wherever we are already irregardless. There is no division of energy necessary for this to be accomplished. 117. The responsibilty for unifying the differentiated fragments and currents of light into the One Idea and Plan of Life enables the transcendence and remediation over every absence and limitation of mortal affectations and occurrences. 118. Are there not yet also, and were there not always, active and potential sympathizers coexisting among the higher strata of controlled society, placating and deferring the

41 basis of our unified agenda to the moderate demands and expectations of an extremely patient, self-disciplined, and tolerant society? If these groups intend the unlawful destruction of public property or life, then indeed there exists and has arisen a state of fundamental conflict with society. The use of force and persuasion may be required to remove weapons and authority from those who would use these contrary to the stated purpose and authority of democratic public society, necessitating a certain clarity, accountability, and exactness in the content, wording, interpretation, and enforcement of the statutes which we would swear ourselves to uphold and protect in the greater interest of the public trust and in our relations and participation among the systems and interactions of the international community. 119. Protection of the spirit and protection of the law cannot coincide wherever the conscience of the community is effectively unaware or unopposed. 120. Attempting to achieve a world society which is free of the hierarchical dominance and ecocidal tendencies exhibited among these Institutions necessitates also an understanding and analysis of the fundamental basis of their primary and historical organization and potential. 121. Portraying ourselves in isolation could likewise convey a sense of unity and purpose which no amount of external pretense or close association could contrive. 122. Learning and relearning the productive capability of the local soil and machinery equipment will rely upon and establish the concerted effort of individual and community traditions, resulting in the ecological sensitivity and balance in the cyclic material inflows and outflows and accumulative effect of each procedure.

IV. THE WAY FORWARD, THE WAY AHEAD 123. With the number of networks one is connected with, the mind approaches the limits of its interpretive, organizational, and technological capability. 124. Inciting the energy and bidding of the spine into the higher rotations of all purposive realities, in the performance of either the intellect or intuition, could necessitate the recapitulation of an exact science of its grounding, if also allowing for the precise projection of the aura despite any untoward disturbances amid the occupation of trans-psycho-physical self-awareness and activity. 125. Knowing of, and having recorded, at and from all times, the locations and perceived or recurring qualities and influences of the planets amid the constellations (i.e. the science, study, and practice of astrology in general), for those of our present understanding, prior to and in the absence of a definitive esoteric comprehension, could, at minimum, provide us with and compartmentalize the systemic and cosmic reference points from which to further the basis of our continued inquiries and imaginings, without which we would otherwise self-consciously inhabit empty space and unmoving fixity of time, in the sense of the primary sequence of daily and seasonal illuminance amid the self-confining and restrictive field of projected solar radiation for and of itself. 126. It should be realized among those who would explore the open path of spiritual development that the efforts of unrighteous persecution which are directed at oneself will invariably bring forth the blessing from the Most High Lord of All Creation and should therefore be considered with gratitude despite, and for the very fact of, the momentary ephemerality of the causeless pain which one endures. 127. If the conditions on the surface of the planet reflect the intermingling of cosmic and extraplanetary influences over and throughout the span of time, the fate of our planet is also its unique contribution and response towards the higher attributes and centers, in and of the cyclical order of their assimilation, synthesis, and progression amidst the totality, movement, and summation of all cosmic transdimensional proximities and occurrences of the one self-manifested and manifesting Life. 128. I should caution you that in rejecting outright the every symbol of authority you deprive yourselves of the beauty and inspiration of the accomplishment of the existing world order of society, which these organizations could or would ultimately achieve with your intelligent and integral cooperation and support. 129. Ignorance, allied with nothing, accomplishes nothing, and has no power. We should trust nothing we have not determined ourselves, although the people are not to blame for that over which they have not and need not have controlled. 130. That which is written shall reveal that which is known. 131. By the way of extension and sublimation of written articles, observations, and correspondences of themselves, video footage and narrative of popular movements, governmental gatherings and announcements, and of the geographical and urban areas among which these occur, culled from public archives and from independent interpretation - i.e. the format of the refined documentary journalism - could facilitate and expedite - within the proper channels, under various subsidized media committes and independent authority, - for the constant edification of the enlightened

consciousness of public society in general, - the understanding of the events and contexts from every region of the globe. 132. Of most impotance here, perhaps, is the possibility of consolidation among the number of primary organizations through which we may all collectively converse. This is my ideological foundation. Let me know if these are of any interest or disuse to your particular locality. Although others will, I hope, help eventually to elaborate this science into a freeform interpretation to which this page may then defer. 133. If our joy is in truth, and the truth in humility, then we have increasingly nothing to fear from that which we love. Conflagration is not really a problem for the individual, unless there is pain in remaining in a transitory flux. 134. Intelligence is, of its essence, a collective property, gathered from the Common Good for the Common Good. All messages and messengers are part of an infinite sequence with neither beginning nor end to the substance and synthesis of their expression and totality. Thus the movement moves us and the program is assembled from the network of its parts. 135. At that point where the philanthropy of the masses and the philanthropy of the elite resonnates in right accord, the Plan will have little choice except to emerge and stand revealed from the nascent depths of its true priorities and vision. These are not necessarily my views, although I will naturally continue to monitor, report, and profess certain prerogatives of the opposition above and corresponding with the enduring and extenuating features of the status quo until the trust that is placed in them is absolutely and incontravertibly verified by all involved. 136. I wish to thank you for the page like, friendship, discussion, although articles get buried quite quickly in my profile wall, which I mainly use for collecting notes and creating sequential juxtapositions/images of the world reality from which to interpret, validate, and counterpose the underlying meaning of events. Perhaps we could continue this conversation at a more stable reference point? 137. The sustained attack of the mind with psychological annoyance requires a form of tolerance attained from the withdrawl of the causes of vengeance from one's heart. 138. Our love is not for the object of art, nor for the person which rendered it, rather for the unified cosmic intelligence of and unto which it gives light. 139. That these may bring the necessary rest from, and fruition of, the external being of oneself. 140. Is it possible to move forward from, without ever having transcended, the steps which preceded us? Is not the futuricity of these steps dependent from one's current vantage point? 141. I was searching for a comment you had made in the Agni Yoga group about a certain predecessor of occult knowledge (in reference to the H.P. Blavatsky and A.A.B. lineage) - and could not fiind it. This Powell appears to be a close contemporary, from the subjects of his published works. I had inquired of the Arcane School of similar coworkers, and understand how this multiformity may be difficult to practicably realize and acknowledge. 142. Everything which is Greatest will again reappear in time for the pure significance of its latent causality. 143. Humility is what balances gratitude with anger. 144. Without love, there is no Life. 145. Remaining free in our Minds is the Group Purpose of Conscious Evolution recognized and affirmed from among the sum of its varying enclosures. 146. The balancing out of the mental operations and abilities links together precisely the science and theory of applicability of and among the specific points and instances of its actual and active application. Each worker is therfore correlated among those forms of labor of which they observe and of which they take part. 147. The Enlightenment of human potential through science is by no means exclusive to Agni itself, although the theory of Cosmic Vision could certainly facilitate its further and fullest assimilation among the whole of humanity. Something not being exclusive and having something not be exclusive to itself are not identical concepts, so you are not in fact agreeing with an assertion I never made. Not exclusive, no; in this case, however, imho, highly preferable to its complementary alternative - i.e., no matter how intricate and compelling the geometry of thought may become, it nevertheless remains a mere physical representation incapable of conveying the subtle dynamics, grandeur, and purposivity of conscious Being itself.

42 That science is much more than numerical calculations. . .absolutely. No, this is definitely not an either/or situation. I shall certainly be glad to witness the necessary synthesis take place. 148. Reminding us of the constant need for co-measurement and service, the hand of light which lifts and sustains us from the chaos of our illusions and denial. 149. Our nation's interests, and that of other national governments, have often and should increasingly coincide with the greater interests of the world and Common Good. However, these are very immense organizations, difficult to visualize, manage, and coordinate perfectly among all instruments involved. Preventing the outbreak of total destruction from the forces which the core of human civilizations have unleashed upon themselves. Correcting the injustice, excess, and inadequacies of the administrative framework requires yet the full participation and compliance of every member at every level of society. 150. We describe and evoke the experiences and perceptions which our awareness confirms us as being truthful in origin and resulting expression. 151. Unless, of course, you could say, one's theory is one's calling. 152. With one's feet placed squarely upon the serpent's back, one's mind surveys the summits of one's unified intelligence of infinite reality. The most difficult thing of all could be to uphold the glory of one's furthest self without dispersing one's identity to the winds of foreign occupation and control. 153. The invocation and upliftment of the soul provides both a final refuge from hostility and also the directivity of sight and prospective cosmic force of world events, from those who have maintained life beyond death towards the redemption and fulfillment of the spirit of the world, in and of its particular place and function amidst the hierarchical procession of universal bodies of and among which it was formed, of which it has its being, and of which its beingness is known. 154. I think together we could construct a totality of data, in order to station this in the mind of the general population. 155. The pattern is most normally to allow for the one introducing a new aspect of philosophy to demonstrate its merits and not to question or demean those who would require that this validity be proved. 156. Happiness is virtue and progress, and never mindless confrontation with that which would cause our unhappiness to form. 157. Not many, no. Do you feel this way about yourself?

Thank you for your time and interest. I look forward to hearing from or about you, or those like you, into the indefinite future of our collective reality and concerns. 161. Neither of these groups provides a link to an external address - so you can use it or not. I am, however, sincerely interested in the reasons for your aversion of facebook, if that is what the problem is. I would like to see this information all in one place, although it will take time and work to verify it all - so I'll keep looking and maybe one of us will find and present something which will work for everyone involved. 162. The planning and history of concerted action is restricted from awareness wherever the interests of two groups are opposed in the results of their agendas. Maintaining the goal of unity is therefore vital in determining and enabling the point and channels at and through which this plurality of interests coincides. 163. Re-inhabiting and transfixing the network and vehicle of light in the precise correlation and projection of the aura invokes, constitutes, and is derivative of the inner guidance, self-alignment, and defensibility of the soul, and of those from soul levels, that the differentiation and emersion among the fields and practicalities of interpurposive causality may enable us to relinquish and transcend the illusory occurrences and foundations of needless antagonism and disorder which the conflux of opposing forces will have attemptedly contrived. 164. The forces of distraction are irrelevant to the mission of the light, other than to reveal the great animosity and indifference which institutional selfishness and prejudice has projected against the liberation of knowledge and humanity. 165. Knowledge of the freedom of the future, however this will result, creates the conditions for the freedom of today. Conversely, knowledge of the freedom of the present creates the conditions for the freedom of tommorow. 166. The personages of evil, in order to avoid contempt for their inner complicity and motive, may be seen to disappear along with the ultimate inadequacy of every dimension of which they had occurred. 167. Maintaining an accurate and accessible public record over all sectors of the economy is necessary both for establishing social equity and for demonstrating the constraints of ecological capacity and tolerance. 168. Perhaps we should be working towards an international spiritual agenda towards the perusal and common understanding of these works, none of which is complete except in reference to the others, while the existence of many subsidiary works could either distract or illumine the primacy of the source of these materials?

158. Practical freedom most often occurs through idle service to the opaque management of society. This is the fate of life which the revolution seeks to abolish and prevent.

169. The energy of the light invoked is transcendent and yet inclusive of the phases of its materialization and planetary evolutions. Fathoming the responsibility and need for determined action connects each duration and interem of service together in the effected cause of one's reality.

159. In order to maintain what one has in a stable condition, it is necessary to constantly replenish one's loss.

170. If we do not continue to evolve there will be nowhere left for us to be.

160. A brief letter from the page: Though this is central to me, being the page, you will each have a slightly peripheral interest, at most. Invitations were posted fleetingly over several facebook organizations, and you were the few who responded. Your participation at this site, if at the limits of occasional observation, will reflect your participation in the nearer groups of which you individually take part, enabling the potential transference of knowledge and experience of intelligence organization and priorities from among the networks intersecting at each particular connection. (This, of course, is rudimentary science, or mere personal theorization.) This page is not presently established for newsfeed purposes - I, however, do "post a daily international editorial blog from newsfeed clippings" at my personal profile page, averaging 10 - 20 posts daily (unless and until circumstances prevent or I retire from this voluntary effort), which you are welcome to read or have included in your newsfeed, if you do not mind forming a "friendship" link - this is, of course, optional, respective of each individual's issues of privacy, affinity, and security. If you will, please consider replying to any of the following questions: 1. Where - if you recall - did you encounter any reference to this page? 2. (a) Have you read - and do you think understood - any parts of my written manifesto? (b) Do you have any reactions, questions, or criticisms you would wish to share at this particular time? 3. Have you written or encountered anything personally which you believe could provide a proper contrast or alternative to this ideological formation? 4. Which are the current pages, websites, or institutions you interact with the most, or you think most accurate or revealing in the information and analysis which they provide?

171. The democratic integration of all available networks is enabling the evolution of global governance procedures to replicate freedom in the local environment. 172. Labor should increasingly be considered an external effect of human identity, with our true function being the equal democratic participation in the administration of society. 173. Capitalism has obstructed our capacity to balance and distribute the consequences of our actions. A new system is imperative for the future of our Earth. 174. It is understandable that the innocent should wish to uphold the integrity of their profession, if never to the detriment or endangerment of the society they serve. Nevermind that. I shall attempt to write a response to some other item from your page, at another time. Being well? 175. Enlightened minds, properly convened and situated, would act immediately to resolve the environmental and ideological threats of humanity, establishing ethical normality and consensus among the grassroots of the global systems which were unwittingly and unitedly destroying the world, and vastly limiting and undermining its potential, through mass delusions of hierarchical control or entitlement over the wealth, power, and resources of the peoples and ecologies of Earth. This, however, does not imply that there are not enlightened elements and personnel existing within the system, or that these could not or have not acted yet to combine with or enhance the existing potentials withof the general population, amid and against the artificial extremes of which the essence of enlightenment itself, as a social and scientific function, is derived. 176. This information is probably contained within the report, if we are to accept or understand the implications of these criteria.

43 177. Clarification of the written constitutions of the states will involve the transfer of the stature of existing documents into the democratic review and revisionment of their entirety. All nations must cease from economic imperialism, and the power and procedes be restored and distributed equally among the native inhabitants of each region. 178. Sorry, I didn't realize that these posts appeared on your wall whenever your name was emphasized. I will stop doing that now. 179. These levels of rage should not exist, and their culmination questions the recklessness of unlawful shouting and consequent expulsion. Sanity is the starting point. Regaining sanity is the first exercise of freedom. It is then that the pathways of alertness may reconcile each necessary action within the unified program of our agendas. 180. In every region there exist organizations sworn for the protection and defense of the human and natural environments. Uniting these forces, and conceding them proper authority, could awaken and reveal the great trust and liberation that should be accomplished among the people, concerning the great potential for self-destruction and injustice which they had unitedly opposed. The technology is moving in the right direction, even if the economic system and governmental will to support it are not yet accessible to direct public control of their authority, our ability to purchase, invest, and vote responsibly being limited by the constraints, distances, and obstructions which are imposed within the existing frameworks of class society. Our tolerance of oppression, infiltration, and advancement reflects our sense of cooperation against a common enemy and threat, which we can and should approach through all available mechanisms of reconciliation, civility, and caution. 181. The peace that is maintained throughout one's aura enables the mental image and activity of freedom to abide continuously in one's thoughts. 182. The dispersement of agricultural and industrial systems around the globe has the capacity to reflect the comparitive advantage for the whole of humankind and for the needs of each society. The highest quality technology produced by each nation could then be available among all on the basis of providing technical assistance and alternatives. In the alternative economy, the democratic integration of social pressures and collective negotiation, rather than the profit motive and competition for itself, could be employed to maintain fiscal discipline, innovation, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. 183. [Given in reference to much of the preceding observations] The capacity to create a new synthesis out of existing materials could either be of benefit to the group, if undertaken in the spirit of cooperation and analysis, or of disservice to the original integrity of the given idea or foundation, by way of misrepresentation, obscuration, or dilution of the organization, personality, or subject for itself. (More could be said, which shall not be...for now.) 184. I recently posted a comment in the "..." topic of the "..." group. This post did not appear in the discussion board, so I am not sure if it was entered or received correctly. There is more to learn from your work, certainly, and also of the others in the group you have gathered. 185. Certain features of military organization could be voluntarily expressed or enhanced among civil society, in order to integrate a network through which unity and true solidarity could be expressed among the people of which each of the service branches represents. 186. There is a middle ground here somewhere. Mostly an observer and impartial advocate of change. Something to awaken in the mind of the public the idea of the people taking control of the economy...this could be the start. A directly democratic and truly egalitarian administration could authentically produce these same results, which the current system may presently obscure or desensitize through the mirage of its bureaucratic solvency and efforts. 187. The liberation of the righteous from among the sentient fabric of the world could invoke the aid of a great number of identities and persons, in addition to that of the first creator of the worlds by and through which the production and trajectory of our energies are arranged. 188. The invasive forces, which are unable to separate the mind from its determination of totality, could simply emphasize and fulfill the urgency and effort of our steady and collective perserverance. 189. This was intended to be a somewhat oblique reference to the question of ownership and Israeli occupation of "Palestinian territiories". The science is, of course, of interest for itself, outside of the social consequences of its monetary grounding.

190. A thorough explanation and formulation of the practicalities of our counter-Plan to the status quo - these being the foundations of the Revolution of itself, withof the primary framework and consensus of global democratic, peace, and ecological agendas - will also prove important in reconciling the apathy and inertia of those who, by way of their inherent mindset, have not yet themselves determined nor forseen the absoluteness and necessity of Its possibility and occurrence. Control of the corporate ecology is an inter-municipal decision, with no center of power higher than the direct inhabitants of each region. 191. The pressures against and amongst the destructive and unjust hierarchies of capitalist and totalitarian societies, and towards the transcendent ideality of communalism for itself, were and are continuously affecting and reaffecting the general conscience and formality of each regional and inclusive sector of the global population, howsoever responding to the inevitable and resulting culmination amid the conflux of each self-expressive form and variation of communalist practice and demeanor.

V. THE GHOST OF LIFE 192. The excluded and disenfranchized members of the population, to begin with, lack the ability to organize themselves against the system, and may gather together in protest and assembly in order to establish and realize a system in which they are included. Retaining and optimizing the results of this activity only then will allow the practicalities of the new society to be inacted and implemented through the newly awakened authority and trust in the public will over itself. 193. The previous posts are from "New Structure for the Global Revolution: 49 - 70". I shall now start a new thread, as I believe this groundwork has now been adequately addressed. Instead, for now, I shall continue with a third part of this series. [For future reference: continued efforts and modifications will have altered the numerical position of this sequence, which contained ultimately both a third and a fourth (and perhaps a fifth or more) part(s) in the general outline and organization of the given contents of its form.] [Furthermore: "New Structure for the Global Revolution" returned and concluded into a three part series, consistent - in accordance with its initial frame of reference with the inclusion of only those materials continuous from the origin of that particular volume for itself.] 194. Those who survived in power rarely lacked vision, or the impetus to manipulate the population for personal gain. Although it is much enheartening to witness these networks of capitalist resistance awaken, prosper, and hopefully endure, if what we are looking for is mainstream appeal, perhaps we should consider taking a more mainstream approach, which will require us to patiently organize from within our own communities and then persuade, rather than upredictably destabilize, the general livelihoods and conscience of the majority of our nation? 195. The deceptions of capitalist reality, perpetuated through academia, could sustain a business out of an elseways honorable calling and profession. 196. ABSTRACTS, partial framework of Revolutionary objectives; free to read or exchange at "Global Integration Ecology". ++Message board for the United Assembly___ some thoughts on implementing the Party's demands. 197. A Future Potential of World Democracy Each neighborhood assembly, having convened over the issues addressed by the community, would appoint individuals to present the report of their ideas at the municipal assembly, which, viewed amongst the general public, would then return to the neighborhood assembly for final approval of general terms from all corresponding perimeters of municipal jurisdiction and authority, a process inclusive of and redundant with the deliberation of confederal and international appointments and corroboration amongst the autonomous centers of inter-municipal, communitarian, and geographical habitation and existence. Ecological, agricultural, infrastructural, and manufactural stability can be thus accomplished at the municipal level through the direct decision-making of the local citizenry, which, having reconstituted and confederated the system of regional and national alliance, could formulate policy at the grass-roots level which would then be administered by recallable deputies of the elective assemblies.

.... 198. If we could prove the ethical necessity and logical possibility of our Plan, we should sooner win over the majority of the middle class of our society. 199. Organization around the Wall St. Action has caused those discontented with society to surface. These, and others, should realize how and why a non-capitalist, directly democratic society could function, in order to overcome the mass ideological delusion and omission which generations of contemporary society have incurred.

44 We should check and modify each other's systems at each level of organization community, municipal, state, federal, etc. - for inspiration and ideas increasingly as this movement progresses. We should realize the full extent of what is humanly possible, individually and in our groups, from wherever this information is available. 200. Refusing to permit entrance to that which could harm, the network of light became the invulnerable protectors against the assualts of this world. 201. What each group is capable of is somewhat dependent on what the other groups decide. In addition to our local efforts, therefore, we should also develop a responsivity and mechanism among and for these inclusive levels of democratic interaction. 202. It is the ideas which should lead us, and these must come from the people. Those who may know, while not wishing to lead, are nevertheless obligated to offer their voice into the fray, no matter how predetermined or schematic these conceptions may seem. 203. Helena Roerich, at the time, wherever so quoted, simply did not herself understand the nature and importance of Alice Bailey's work. In other words, the writings are consistent, even if the personalities may differ. 204. Once the people have taken possession of their communal responsibilities and vicinity, we shall again trade in fairness and open knowledge of our structures. 205. You could simply state what you think is right, or you could glance through my page to see whether or not we are already in implicit agreement in our ideas. 206. We should prepare to end this Battle, once and for All. The end of Capitalism. The end of Tyranny. The time for Revolution against all oppressive Hierarchies is Now. 207. Could someone please explain this symbol? I don't know what it is called, or what it is for, just that it may be for inventory or something. Thank you for identifying this. Could someone please explain what the symbol in the picture is? I have never encountered it before directly in my work, unless I was unaware of it. Happens. It is okay now. A friend of mine explained it. 208. Indeed, this could turn out very bady for us, and yet the necessity of our freedom is certainly worth the risk. Whoever is carrying the guns has the power to shoot you. There is a profound underlying question here of where lies the "Soul" of a nation's Armed Forces and Intelligence Service, and that of the U.S. in particular, towards which I am inclined to trust on the basis of my awareness of certian esoteric philosophical traditions which I believe to be of influence upon the inner eschelons of governance. That being said, it is my opinion that directly democratic efforts must voluntarily, if forcibly, involve themselves with this process (of safe-guarding national and human civilization) without fundamentally disrupting or obliviating the inner coherence and unity of which it was formed. 209. Tribalism and an inclusive municipal government and economy would have much in common, would they not? 210. Admin(s): have you removed my post from yesterday, or has it simply vanished by itself? I am, in fact, a current resident of this area, and wished merely to have my view included in the general discussion. If so, I would like an explanation, so that perhaps in the future I could keep the nature of my posts within your given standards of acceptable content and expression. It appears to have unhidden itself. Thank you. Please keep us posted on the progress of and ideas developed by and among the resident Assembly. I, myself, live in the country-side and do not own a vehicle - besides, regretably, being an immigrant with no permanent ties to this, or any, community at the present time - although I hope very much that the group of you are sincere in the nature of your mobilization and support of this movement, however it is interpreted and organized among those actively involved. 211. I presume these were violent, aggressive, and highly disfunctional cultures to justify this sort of intervention. 212. An immense network of living beings and particle structures, each with specific boundaries, peripheries, and connections. 213. The awareness, actualization, and control of all activity is now also, where not already, the popularization and accountability of the awareness, actualization, and control of all activity. 214. Thoughts on the Perseverance, Emergence, and Synthesis of a Progressive Ideological Alliance At the scale of municipal and confederated policy-making through the majority of the assembly, ideological groups or party structures will continue to influence the debate, with the policies enacted and delegates appointed being identifiable with the cause of the coalitions and majorities from which their endorsements were derived, being thence the actualization of public sovereignty rather than its vague and disconnected approximation.

Committees for the analysis and investigation of phenomema, in order to avoid the result of bureaucratic obfuscation, could be established for set limits and durations, reviewed according to progress and interest in remaining and alternative priorities and expenditures of effort. The program of action suggested by the constructs of libertarian municipalism itself does not necessarily itself specify the extent of confederal and international regulations and authority which the people will choose to maintain and enforce among themselves, suspending the issue of the constitutionality of government until revised according to the founding process and consent of the existing states and regions over which there are the reenactment and adaptation of controls. The voluntary cooperation within and among communities towards the establishment and protection of the determined objectives of human and environmnetal rights and responsibilities will therefore correspond with the pressures and ideals which diverse individuals and organizations of society continue to project and correlate among themselves. The public will of a national objective is both negotiated from community and district representational assemblies and attemptedly implemented through national elections of promised policy and platform executive directives. Appointments and jurisdiction within bureaucratic government positions could either remain within the providence of federal discretion or be redistributed rotationally on the basis of state and popular consent. The possibility of a national referendum on specific legislation would require the public awareness of the specific written context and the sponsorship and advocacy of those who had or had not had previously the authority to propose and vote on these issues in the pre-existing political environment.

.... 215. The possiblity of drafting, conscripting, ratifying, and/or endorsing a collective piece of legislation or general framework of constitution, up to the most inclusive levels of society, dependent amongst the logistic constraints and obstructions against the actualization of this occurrence, should, no matter how exemplary the qualities and formulation of the existing declarations, according to the very attributes of definition, prove exponentially more cohesive than anything prepared or implemented by or among separate or external individuals or groups, dependent among the character and cultural propriety of the dispensation and allotment of public authority and trust. 216. My thought is that these actions represent an open, peaceful invitation to organize a New "People's" Economy, in which we shall all be realistically informed and empowered to manage the finances of our national industries and government. The appropriation of wealth by the wealthy was the original act of theft, not its redistribution among the society which produced it. Yes, this has almost happened before. The more they are with us, the more they shall become like us, in the knowledge and belief of all that we can possibly attain. This idea will require some work and attention. I shall return to it whenerver I have an opportunity. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 217. It shall all belong to everyone, once we have acquired the WILL to process it. Your messages could evoke certain of the necessary threads of comprehension, in and of the acquisition of an ABSOLUTE mentality. 218. I admin (one) of the page(s) "International Confederation of Libertarian Municipalities" and sent friend requests to most everyone who "like" the page. In this way, I had thought to gather a more diverse perspective of events. There is, of course, no pressure, and I apologize for any indiscretion. 219. The powers that be would necessarily either voluntarily enact the collective escalation of our demands or reject and act to immobilize us completely if we should attempt to apply increasing levels of social, political, or insurrectionary force. 220. Wealth, derived from infrastructure, must invest itself in infrastructure in order to survive. In this way, the needs of society have somewhat controlled and restricted the operability of the world's fortune and elite. 221. Perhaps it is we, and not congress or the wealthy elite, who should be deciding these actions? 222. Organizing the Awareness of our Informed Agenda will require us each to delegate and assume ever greater responsibilities, according to the progress and convergence of our interpersonal developments. (Thank you for adding perceptive insights into this inevitably fragmented puzzle of reconciling the world phenomena.) 223. Could it also be stated that the (perceived) balance of our interactions has evolved according to our collective understanding and development? (I state this, nonetheless, in feigned ignorance of the hazards and limitations involved in an unrestricted and unreformed global industrial production and distribution system.) 224. Unravelling the blood fued, whatever its origins, will require ideological synthesis of both populations and governments, and will never be accomplished through complete decimation of a given cultural foundation and ethnological imperative. 225. Are you suggesting that the US allowed itself to be attacked, or that it bombed itself that day?

45 Interesting juxtaposition of events, many persons will die either way on the basis of these decisions; how not to kill or be killed. We could have not fought in any of them and then who would have won? Our national guilt began at a fixed point in time? Not one generation or nationality of warrior was ever perfectly clear, although, in the hopes of all humankind, we should each presently strive to embetter ourselves for the good of the world. 226. Presumably, those being killed pose a violent threat to their own cultures and to global society, which, while tragic, is not something that is realistically applicable of our own government over itself. The stance you take is admirable; if only every other government, with unreconciled grievances or hostile intentions, could or would make this same decision, or could be trusted to follow suit and never again take advantage of our weakness or passivity. 227. The "global system", where it exists, is not the enemy; it simply lacks the forcefulness to control or subdue, of itself, the history of the aggressions among the nations of which it consists and, at least in theory, unitedly represents. At a certain level, capital is being arranged for the good of humankind, for no reason other than to promote global liberation and equality. The nations have nowhere collectively conspired to wage war upon themselves. We are just now approaching that phase of history where the increasing majority of us are all now willing, capable, and obligated to conspire towards the opposite of gain and opposition, which is peace. And yes I am naive, and somewhat transfixed by wishful thinking, so that, while I accept that the system needs to change, even in a drastically revolutionary way, there is, in my mind, no one left to blame except the greatest numbers of us who have allowed these distances and rifts to be created and endure. 228. "Good" work everyone would. The pressure WILL result. With the logical implication being...that we require a system through which to balance resource consumption in a more efficient way. 229. Directing the focus of the third eye...from the reality of Spirit. Or withof and beyond all arbitrary units and divisions of the one indescribable presence...of UNITY with all, and with the One from which all emerged and dynamically are. 230. Pondering the dynamics and effectiveness of multi-faceted, unilateral activity...along specifically and exclusively political agendas. 231. Before there was Occupy, and after there was Occupy, there was and will be...this. Contemporary ideology underlying and prefiguring the #OWS movement and events. 232. Being obstructed from paying with cash could, in any event, evoke some frightening scenarios of totalitatian regulation - or of mere compliance with a rational, just, and democratic system, however the case may be, or one chooses to perceive it. 233. The spiritualization of matter occurs from an understanding of the occult pathways and significance of improving human interactions. 234. Complete connectivity among the nations, and with itself, must begin anew with each community itself. 235. Under your "New webzine highlights global revolutions" blog post from Aug. 26, 2011, I commented "AGENDA OF INTERNATIONAL ACTIONS FROM . . .". Could you please delete that comment from the post? I feel that it is somehow obstructing the possibility of a fresh interpretation of events. If you see no problem there, then nevermind with it. 236. Securing the placement and direction of objects within one's perimeter correlates with the task of vital industries and service. From withof, and in accordance with, the containment and awareness of the constructed Self, the Soul communicates and operates withoamong the concerted pathways of world production and defense. Thus, the very same Creator which had enabled the reflection of Its Identity to form could also preserve and enliven the pattern and foundations of awareness withof and beyond the existing and remaining physical imprintations and attachments. 237. Those planned municipalities receiving extraordinary immigration may then legitimately appeal to other municipalities for their unbalanced share of civilizational equilibrium. 238. If there are others who would consider contributing (preferably original) artwork, (or links to artwork/ written, visual, etc.) in a gallery connected with this page (exact location or use of application yet to be determined) then either post your suggestion on this wall or contact me personally at my "personal" internet address.

239. Abilities may either be contained in one's imprinted mentality and/or corresponding attributes or conditions of the space which one inhabits. 240. We, the people of the separate nations, must collectively focus on directly befriending one another as populations in order to substantiate or circumvent the uncertain or failed diplomacy of our separate governments and states. 241. Of that which the demon is most guilty, obstructing the way of the path of development need not be included. 242. The desire and constant willingness for death could alone itself suffice to undermine and circumvent the futile imperatives of one's personal distraction and annoyance. The forms which sustain and uplift the life of spirit may thereby effortlessly consolve and thus repeat themselves without susceptibility of loss from withof the impediment of "being". 243. The love of good need simply overwhelm the hate of evil in every moment of one's life. 244. The connection with the community in spirit is vital for the remembrance of the reasons and potential towards which the true service of one's labors, in observance and humility, are and were thusly directed and enjoined. Towards and in accordance with those individuals, institutions, and functions, of which one consists, and of which oneself and others have and will most have relied, one should ultimately strive to accomplish, maintain, and further, of oneself and in unity, an equivalent, corresponding, or adapted conflux, interchange, and existing process of individual and collective foundation, structure, activity, and effort. Withall, nevertheless, intermittently, it is of course the sum of our independent and concerted efforts and intentions, as multifarious and inevitably partial these levels of integration, coordination, and compliance of and among our activities remain, which must be equivalent to the task of our interpersonal and collective perserverance and upliftment. 245. From the light of the upper room there is no enmity to speak of. 246. The will towards unification should effectively modify, discern, and balance all opposing and disruptive forces which co-exist in one's reality. 247. In the event that the established rules and/or majority decision of society have prohibited or obstructed the formation of a free society, the society must then either allow the restrictions of its liberty to persist, while pressing for alternatives, or consecrate an alternative space and group dynamic for the provision of one's environment. 248. The paper shall continue to speak kindly of itself, regardless of the illusory prevalence or motive of all extraneous hostility. 249. The willingness to overlook an offense should correlate with the given nature of the offense and with the duration, quality, and extent of one's subsequent abstinence from, perdition, and rejection of said offense, bearing in mind the credence of mercy and general character of those formerly convicted and accused. Else, where the law of man, (and in its interpretation of itself), has determined itself to be either superceded or in error, those guilty in appearance may then again, as they were always, have their innocence restored, in respect of the foundation and form of their actual identity and person. 250. Equally responsible for the given occurrence are all those who will have enabled or encouraged the links and access to the necessary information and resources. 251. Correction: I have decided to re-open "Cybersphere" for an indefinite interval of further growth. The next collection which was intended will likewise, it is thought, benefit from the protraction of the duration of this work. [Upon further review, with the inclusion of the additional intervening material, a viable transition has already taken place, and work shall continue under the new topic as was previously planned.] 252. I should perhaps clarify that I in no way intend to discourage or disdain - in the function of administrator or otherwise - the use and circulation of "old" or contemporary material, on this or other pages, from the founding authors or shared identities in general - nor am I intending to promote or elevate myself specifically above the fundamental context of the page in which these posts occur; I merely suggest that individuals may wish to express and display the influence and relevance which these founding works have had upon their own creative life and corresponding service activity in and of an established and accessible collectivity unto itself. 253. Integrating the clandestine with scientific social service should complete the task of securing a global force for good. The creation of a free, equal, and communal society is never something which should be acted against or attemptedly destroyed.

46 Those who maintain the architecture of the internet and infrastructure could all afford to halt from their activities for long enough to address the needs and concerns of the virtually autonomous assemblies out of which they are derived.


254. The conformance of electro-magnetic equipment and machinery with the principles and variances of the spatial environment shall determine the adaptability of technological systems to the locations and conditions of the planes and forms over and within which they shall operate and transit. Correspondingly, all organic activity and processing structure shall require and respond to that diversity of elements and forces which is approximate with the cognizance and motive of the environment of which it substantively subsists and quantitatively correlates, redirects, and reconfigures of itself.

265. The fracturing of destinies, for one thing, places the solitary person in extreme imperil of maintaining equal and impossible destinations for uncertain or undetermined principles or motives. The path of relinquishment directs itself towards that place where it must go to attain the surest refuge of its spirit. Individually, the circumstances of recognition and group experience shall determine the affinity and approximation of the underlying centers of universal and exemplary form identity and expression.

255. Those with minimum of possessions place their trust in the collective facilities and accomodations of the space which they enjoin.

266. There are those who thrive in the disruption of the body's electrical field towards whom total self-possession and immovability of one's faculties provide the only possible method of one's survival and defense.

256. The vehicles which circulate represent, inclusive of the base modality of transportation for itself, the preparedness and viability of enemy attacks and rescue attempts. Information which is recorded and transmitted, in order to be trusted, must transparently display and possess the means of the internal processing of the collective codes and structures withof and through which it interacts. 257. Those being deprived of life and liberty, against the best of their ability to resist or overturn the inherent cause of their oppression, if even and especially if of themselves or of an incidental fate, must learn and remain mindful to live without, towards, and transcendent of the eventuality and unalienable purpose of this life and liberty, and/or the expectation thereof, on a continued and sustaining basis, if they are or hope to have continued progress and endured through to the realization and accomplishment of liberation from those forces which had ever acted to oppose and obfuscate the true and ultimate foundations of existence. 258. The highest redeeming feature of a community or school will be its voluntary development of the personality of its students, including the presentation and availability of appropriate suggestions, practices, activities, and materials and, wherever possible, physical coordination, habitational structure, and an equitable means of contributing for each one's practical subsistence. 259. The transformation and conformance of city ordinance according to directly democratic pressures and agendas will necessarily reconfigure and consolidate the protocol and form of law enforcement and administrative process, with the resulting implications of inter-municipal economics, ecology, geo-politics, inhabitation, and development. 260. The intensity of solar radiation, in conjunction with atmospheric concentrations, density, circulation, permeability, and transluscence, rain, soil, and nutrient deposition, and geothermal processes and activity, at and according to the distances and axes of planetary orbit and rotation, should correlate thus with the photosynthetic activity and supported ecosystems of the various latitudes and climates of the earth. The extreme northern and southern latitudes, during the furthestmost occlusion of the winter cycle, being thence in the shadow of the planetary form, conversely, should receive a proportionately greater exposure to the darkness, intensity, and radiation of that which is the presence of surrounding space itself. The human construct and perception, into the divine priority of spirit, may, of course, supercede and cut across certain of the restricting parameters and foundational causality of these phenomena and relations, toward and withof the conscious structure, integration, and ultimate manifestation of and among the potential and existing forms of one's all-being. The purpose of activity, likewise, must remain specifically crucial to the immediate transition and occurrences of civilization, culture, technology, and health, given the ordained context and progression of the historical stages of group and individual identity. 261. A finite quantity of time, raw materials, and effort contains and conceals yet the good of the thing which is to be revealed, and this with all of community building and individual requirements, with and beyond which the public consciousness will have addressed the problems of reality and critical issues of community concern. 262. Those living at the scale of community which has not required great cities are nevertheless conscious of the interconnections among the larger of Earth's metropolitan areas and national borders. 263. Invoking the higher energies of the Plan should help to establish the collective atmosphere of Soul infusion and involvement. Activating the human consciousness of its entirety creates a fairly accurate composite sketch of every feature of the Earth and the environments beyond. 264. The expediting and allowances of the immigrationary process would, perhaps, present a more compassionate vision of national outreach and diplomacy. The integrated unit must never protect itself to the exclusion of its totality if the human family is to recognize the end to the possibility of war.

267. In the absence of money, everything could simply be given freely, according to the perceived need of the individual and the organized dispensation and administration of resources. The ethics of intervention which would establish the basis for this equality, however, require first the revolution of decision-making which the public must control. The equivalent "sum" each individual is allotted could, in effect, therefore be an invisible quantity of median production and living requirements. 268. Those who have maintained the current system of social and economic exclusivity, injustice, and hierarchical control through lack of comprehension of the need for and existence of an alternative process and foundation of society, once awakened, shall vastly overwhelm those few in power who had acted unavoidably, and in their own selfinterest of survival, to divert, restrict, conceal, and falsify the world's conception and attention from themselves. 269. Uniting for the creation of the social, technical, and natural environments. 270. It is the preservation of the soil and natural habitats, and not simply the promise of money for itself, which must feed us again each year for as many years as there are life. 271. The lesson that we are all EQUAL is, perhaps, the most difficult, and also most important, for humanity to learn. 272. The accomplishment of freedom within one's government, at the broadest territorial approximation of demographical support, should not necessarily preclude the capacity of this government to accomplish freedom for itself, from however the means are determined of its collective representation and group involvement, of and among itself and at the entirety of its conjunctive levels and explicit protocols. 273. Perhaps, by these actions, the people of the industrialized world may begin to regain the foundations of respect from these alleged terrorists, and thereby make the world a safer place for all? 274. The purposeful continuance of godly activity and purpose must become also the overwhelming power of God's defense only so far as evil continues the animosity and innane cruelty of its offense. The effectiveness of wisdom, properly displayed, could be the perception of itself and the hope that it contains for the alternative of those diversions which would lead into error or misdeed. The expression of dissent, despite the potential errors of its judgement, is necessary for there to be any vital improvements over the current system for itself. Those beings which are of hell, having brought retribution unto themselves, could seek to confine others to death in order to temporarily relieve themselves of the eternal darkness of their fate. 275. Revised...and possibly finished version and sequel to "Social Theses". How could one know?...Anyways, I think I have moved on and am now working on a new project irregardless. The dividing nodes of this text are now attempting to partition themselves more evenly (not that this would create necessarily, in all or any event, the most optimal or viable aesthetic condition to impose upon a written work), which will conflict with what I have already typed into distinct separate immovable locations, which potentially amounts to several hours of time-consuming realignment, presuming that acceptable stopping points within the text can be re-established within the intended equilateral range of volumetric content, as opposed to the number of items in the numerical listing. Perhaps now, because of the shere volatility of this concern, besides the dubious nature and origin of its inherent presupposition, I shall now leave this work exactly in the form it was entered? My apologies (to myself...and any others who might happen to read or encounter this idea) for the intense subjectivity of this posting, realizing myself, in the experience of this thought, that the idea of reality itself is infinitely more diverse and intriguing than the structural and jaded formality and expression among the external attributes of any of the much limited and confining renditions, occurrences, and attachments among

47 and of the variations and concurrences of the universal, separate, and personal self and world society. 276. Acknowledging the indissolubility of the military forces is paramount to the reconciliation of peace among the respective populations. That which separates us from the nations which exist obstructs the correlation of the totality of being. The sufficient, while goal-worthy, cannot avoid the confrontation among the connected dominions of the Earth. 277. The termination of the dwelling should remain incidental to the spirit of the inclusivity towards and from whom the enacted projects are directed. 278. The equalization of military capabilities - i.e. the force of law -, either towards the collective increase or decrease in the use or occurrence of existing powers and authority, should proceed according to the trust or defiance that is accomplished and demonstrated from themselves. It could be that they, like everyone else in the world, are looked upon with an attitude of tolerance and goodwill so far as their actions progress or are maintained in conformance with the Plan. 279. Events which cancel themselves, out of sequence, in right sequence are connected. In this way, the structure of the fields covered tends towards the reconciliation and alignment of those most central of its features. 280. If everyone in the world could simply learn to access the foundations of thought, the quantity of light in the world would certainly increase in exponential proportion. 281. The illusion of strife, being the exclusive tactic of darkness and oppression, against which the mechanism and intuition of the emerging and primordial solar thought-form will have fathomed and of itself revealed, is, therefore, in retrospect and forthgoing conclusivity of consideration and regard, that the obstruction of circulation, and imposition among the contrived or existing forms and potentialities of nervous or etheric tension and disorder, need ever or ultimately themselves constitute an obstruction or disruption of activity itself, at any level, howsoever retaining awareness of and conformance with the actual and undeviated centers and directives established thence among the self-immanent and universal trajectories of one's determined causality, projection, and transference withof the ways and patterns of neuro-pathic and geospatial containment and correlation of sustainable, productive, capacitive, and actualizable transvergence, identification, and reintegration of active parameters in and of the framework, foundations, and ontology of all consciousness and life. In other words, the efforts of chaos and irrational antagonism - or the phenomenality and cycularity of the world illusion for itself-, are, and should be, capable of nothing greater than the temporary occlusion of that originative and cumulative vision of absoluteness and totality, which having entered into the mind, could and should never again disappear from the awareness and yearnings of the imagination, spiritualization, and realignment of one's reality of itself. 282. Processing forward the constructs and prospects of the mental and spiritual agenda and environment, the conscious self has, at times, required the transition into and towards a more coherent and neutral dispensation of recognitions and development. This can occur through any means of repolarization and basic motive which are available to the conscious self for immediate inhabitation and withdrawal. Thus, the mind demonstrates and affirms its adaptivity and capacity to avoid being of hindrance to itself, in and of the inevitable permutations and anomolous formations which are characteristic and ensuant preconditions of its internal disposition and convolvement. In order, therefore, to begin this thought anew, I hereby relinquish again all attachment to every thought which had preceded it, until and in order that the attributes of pure reason may appear again resolutely and in proper balance in the current status and thence summation, progression, and interphenomenal reconfiguration of one's enduring consciousness and faculties of intuitive perception. 283. The significance of the creation is that it must be able to look through itself from beginning to end without repair in order to free itself for other purposes from the preliminary effort and conditions which were involved in its construction. 284. Meditation lowers the rate and frequency of mental and physical activity, to the point of one's non-being, in order to voluntarily select only those energy forms which are most applicable to one's continuance and cause.

288. The battle against evil is ubiquitous, and yet and thus also, therefore, inevitably, particular of each one's group and immediate environment. Uniting across the world for the creation of socially accessible and facilatory dwelling space and all-inclusive communities. 289. The determination to continue, despite all obstacles, for the duration of each set interval of time. 290. The spirit which inhabits the passageways of the brain should there select to activate only those frameworks and scenarios which are conducive to the acceptance and optimization of its being of itself. 291. Any adherents of the Old Testament and readers of Alice Bailey care to help me reconcile this casual dismissal of the Prophets' Vision? Jehovah should certainly be considered one, if not the exclusive, primary expression of the ultimate will and affectivity of the Planetary Logos. This attempt to break altogether with the continuity of an albeit dominant tradition, while elseways instrumental towards the formation and consideration of a universal theology, is itself, at some level, illogical, counter-productive, and irrespective of the needs of group development and the collective population. 292. The organization and activity of those who conceal and are concealed in their control and manipulation of material events shall ultimately be revealed and acquired for purposes of good through the force and devotion of those light-seekers which endure sufficient pain and self-transformation to penetrate into the heart and unseen mysteries of creation and differentiated power of its magical potentials and abilities. The art of calculation is also, therefore, at some extent, the magic of precision, enabling the refinement and drastic enhancement over the affectivity of space. The life of the ordinary is, from this vantage, likewise, revealed to be the containment and progression of phenomena which are in fact equally and, perhaps, preferentially identifiable as the expression and reality of spiritual energies and force. The individual should, of course, however, never lose sight that these arrangements and occurrences are always the result and expression of the group attainment and higher form and should therefore remain responsible and considerate of themselves accordingly. 293. The accumulation of monetary value, through whatever means, does not itself discredit the equal entitlement of those who were endowed with and pursued their alternative priorities. However, until and beyond which those who have or have not acquired have devised and finalized a means of this equilateral exchange, the method and extent of sharing should and must remain at each one's individual discretion. 294. All people have the right to encamp on public property, from need, and as a form of protest of their government. 295. The explicit ideals of direct democracy and equilateral group endeavor, defined in the place of "freedom and democracy", are inherently opposed to any authoritarian effort to suppress them, and therefore should be uncorruptable in the nature of the given ideal which is invoked and realized from the necessarily "heart" levels of its higher formulation. 296. At and from the point of one's infinity, the liberation of one's surroundings and one's planet for and towards the liberation of and from oneself. Being aware that one must relinquish these things on one's departure should not discourage or obliviate the joy which the knowledge of and gratitude for the presence of their eternal spirit could or would otherwise provide or represent. In the same sense, the simultaneous awareness of mutually exclusive destinations should recognize that these places are, and remain, in reality, connected distances or regions and integral pathways of themselves. 297. The ideal towards which we strive may change, through our interactions, in its form and understanding, and the means of its accomplishment, being that we are ultimately inclusive of ourselves in the totality of the source of its uncovery and the reality of the space which we inhabit and embody.

285. The awareness and relationship of supermundane and celestial events forestalls and precludes the reactivity and darkness through which evil or inertia could otherwise disassociate one from in one's thoughts.

298. True that this could be our first mass "Revolution" against ourselves and the inherent dream of our "infallible" authority. We, the entrusted "rational" community, must remain prepared for and pursuant of each scenario of war and economic-resource viability, with the hope that these events and provocations, and their underlying cause, may be avoided and surpassed through these like-minded efforts of socio-economic transformation, inter-cultural remediation, and international diplomacy.

286. Being critical and watchful of one's government and society does not necessarily equate with its outright condemnation or betrayal, and could likewise defend itself against acts of treasonous or foreign censure or the subversion of the priorities or infrastructure of one's national defense.

299. The art of evocation, from the perspective of the white magician, is, in reality, the invocation of the soul of those to whom one's energies are directed, and never an act of coercion or subjugation of the will, in clear contradistinction to the methods and effects of the practitioners of evil and their cohorts summoned in the subtle realms.

287. Infinite money with one's limited possessions?

48 300. The symbolism of the Crucifiction, (a consequence and correspondence of the attainment or innate quality of the Perfect(ed) and "Enlightened" Son of God), among the ethics and metaphysics of the Christ and His Society, involves the consecration of the Spirit of all Planetary forms to the actions and potentials of the individual human being, in and through the given Archtypal pattern of the Soul, as the intermediary and correspondence of divine omnipotence and concern for every living creature of the Earth, and for the worlds themselves in their Eternity. 301. Without regret, reclaiming the central trajectory of one's motive from the potential displacements of extraneous aggression or hostility. 302. Equal access to and participation in the formulation of a Global Block (NationState or economic confederation) seems to be the priority and responsibility of each "independent" citizen or state. This, however, could also be a great illusion, vieling the underlying imbalance and need for the use of force and political or economic integration. 303. The ritual of housing, orienting, and invoking the Divine in its Quadrants from amidst the mystery and chaos of Nature itself reveals and instructs the autonomy, potential, and origin of the human self and community; - a useful and concise introduction to any magical corpus and the occult field in general. 304. The excessive interlinking of nerves and resulting dispersion into the bloodstream of toxens and accellerants from the reaction to stress, in addition to one's passive transference, need be actively filtered and equilibrated through the conscious imposition of the idea and effusion of ultimate stability and peace. Removing the obstacles and impediments of self-isolation, fear, and opposing judgements from the path of one's environment reflects also the content and arrangement of our architectural designs and the organization of the codes and processes of their representative institutions. The formulation and concentration of eidetic activity should, therefore, likewise, correspond with the stages in the transintegration and controlled detachment from the form. 305. The government is vastly overwhelmed in trying to perform for everyone the work of the people. 306. The opportunity of envisioning first the basic shape of the totality will inevitably prove instrumental and pre-emptory for oneself and others in enabling stable growth, mental retention of the primary form, and the filling in completely of the accomplished, examinatory, and independent work-related frameworks in and of the sum of their perfunctory and more nuanced reasoning, expressions, and accurate results. In this sense it is known that the very existence of a "textbook" or course, with or without an institutionalized classroom setting or program, could not have occurred without the preliminary efforts of the students, teachers, or faculty which had first themselves produced it. 307. The less populous groups or regions must responsibly unite over a larger or less conglomerate area or terrain in order to process the equilvalent administrative complexity and dynamics of the metropolitan inhabitants, which, in turn, must search more intensely within and beyond themselves in order to appreciate the underlying ecological imprint of the rural or semi-rural habitations. 308. Containing and disuading against the sprawl and allure of separative luxurious housing is, correspondingly thus, of primary interest to the goal of urban and ecological development. 309. The Soul of a place includes all the fields of knowledge which enable it to function. The decision to live in a place - or to live itself - could be the consequence of friending this Soul directly, including all the people with whom the experience is shared.

VII. EXITING OUT 310. Environmental protections and carbon emmission reduction strategies, in order to be effective, must provide alternative forms and arrangements of security in order to regulate production levels from natural resource and fossil fuel holding states, this, of course, implying that the consumption of resources can be moderated according to the scales of "human" need and ecological capacity and not according to those of monetary interests or nationality concerns. 311. In accordance with the existence and pragmatism of a prevailing system of itself or in the absence thereof - either the system is repeated, a synthesis occurs, or a new or entirely independent system will emerge. In this way, therefore, either we return again to the same, or arrive at entirely different, conclusions, with, and in accordance of, the additional conformation and divergence of our individual identity. There are, nevertheless, concordantly, other integrable ways of describing the natural relation and of attaining awareness of and conformance with the nature and

derivation of the means of self-determination and active control over one's reality and environment. Whilst constantly being telepathically or sonically bombarded with verbal and voice manipulations and energy assualts, it is increasingly necessary never to acknowledge or reciprocate the destructive portentiality of this condition for itself, except, perhaps, to reenforce or re-examine the differed resolve of one's alliance with the eternal forces of creation, expressed, or as not yet, in the responsivity towards and from amongst the impermanent confines of one's external refuge in society. 312. The architecture of the social space is intended for the gathering of the public, through whom the control of finances is intended to be collectively partitioned and arranged. The residents of a space are each person who chooses to be there, with all the rights and responsibilities resulting from each one's fractional participation and alignment. Should things go for the worse, this place could always be directed somewhere else, whichever are the circumstances of group dynamics and individual identity, towards retaining the voluntary potential and equal capacity of each person to locate or relocate freely, here or elsewhere in this world. In order for each person to achieve their individual goal, there shall either be a need for struggle and reform against certain principles or motives, or things otherwise obtained or regulated through the ordinary means. 313. The consideration of the general properties of the mind, of itself, should be of equivalent utility and rightful correspondence with the consideration and application of any one of its parts or segments in greatest detail, and could therefore serve to awaken and expose the mind to the basic characteristics of its full extent and nature prior to and towards the pragmatic integration and alignment of each or any of its natural capacities and intrinsic capabilities. Standards and practices of right conduct, physical and ethical cleanliness, discipline, efficiency, and order, being for the improvement of others' lives and the functioning and reconciliation of the human community, withof itself and the natural world, while necessarily critical and punitive of noticeable or immanent harm or violation, either of persons, property, or the basic quality of the natural or inhabitive environments or forms, should recognize in passing its judgements of systemic intolerance and causality, the diverse responsibilities of self and the potential and inevitable inexactitude and ommission in the sense, derivation, or adherance of each one's given ensemble of personality, habitational, technical, cultural, or nationality directives. The responsibility of sustaining and developing the pattern for future generations, from the non-uniformity of its origin and content, rather than and beyond the necessary presumption of an absolute or universal foundation or introduction of all necessary correspondences, remains and must remain a property of the collective approximation and ensemble, correlated and further strengthened from among the sum of representational fields and programs which are available and considered. Each organization and faculty administration, at the community level, will, could, and should, nevertheless, therefore, have possessed the wherewithall and initiative to have created and adapted their own rendition and presentation of the universal framework and ethos and the particularity of its content, applied to and dervied from both local and world events, and their natural and rational interconnectivity and right potential, this constituting the modified judgement and selective field of reference from which each of the major orientations and functional groups are thereof determined and avowed. 314. The avoidance of every obstacle should reveal the clearest path to one's conclusion. 315. Maintaining a maximally/moderately productive work schedule, in order to hasten the summation and conclusion of the thought-construction process, presuming, of course, that each person will resume and continue with each approach at their own rate and speed, tending toward the ultimate or equivalent accountabililty of the "primary" group in its structure, in the intervals and forms which are considered most relevant and applicable from each one's determination of and over the intended effect of one's environment, need not itself then limit the level and extent of the interdependent pathways towards and of which each person should continue to fractionally contribute and interact. 316. The coherence of the energy body must project itself unwaveringly towards the accomplishment, in measured sequence, of the balanced list of its rotational activities. 317. The effect of exiting beyond the body is, to the mind, the activation of psychedelic properties emergent from the invocation of an awareness which is unlimited by life. The alignment with the Christ, the Soul, the Awakened - or with other beings of varied trans-evolutionary status - could enable certain actions on this earth to result directly from the powers over creation with which the Creator has entrusted to Himself. 318. What these demons are doing to me here is excedingly painful. I think I can escape them with the addition of ninety days, if I can avoid the distraction which is the result of the suffering they cause. 319. I am intersted in moving towards a community where Social Ecology and direct democracy (i.e. the entrenched forces and emergence of the "Occupy" movement for itself) are being practiced. I seriously cannot remain at my current address and choose

49 to attempt integration foremost with that place with which I have thought I have had at first the most in common, and with which consequently having formed various irreconciled psychical and psychological correspondences and imperatives. Towards, and in deference to, this purpose, I can accept any form of work and shelter which are available, provided that we are working together towards a higher social cause. The potential of my existence is contingent among the information that you few people can provide, and among the options we consider, so please tell me if you know of anyone or anywhere who can help or have any suggestions before the end of this event. If nothing else, note this address: and e-mail me in the next few months if you think of anything else by then. I also have a # profile if you would wish to contact me in that way. 320. You may remember I suggested visiting you in ____ this time this year. (We talked briefly at the January Seminar.) Those plans are indefinitely postponed, in part because my school work is taking longer than expected - and also that I remain generally uncertain of the direction life is taking. All said, I believe we share a similar objective in proliferating the ideas of Social Ecology and that I could benefit from news of your endeavors - and perhaps from the common sympathies of the effort, if we should happen to converse together personally somewhere in the course of time. 321. Rather than characterize this as a problem with the "Christian" ethic in particular, perhaps we could recognize this as either a multidenominational/multinational disregard of or opportunity for the improvement of human relationships in general? 322. Eliminating and dissolving the mental and psychological effects of shock and disorder are crucial to maintaining and re-establishing the connection of one's spirit with one's brain. 323. So far as there could be an inner realm aware of and capable of manipulating the "personal" signs of one's identity, these should progress towards and ultimately remain centered upon the impersonal qualities of the collective potential for itself. In other words, one's "honor" may be used for one or against one, although the machinations of "world society" should rarely, if ever, possess the opportunity or motive to highlight the "faults" of any one person or group for any excess or unwarranted duration or form. Those acting in the role of synthesis between distant or separate groups will therefore acquire to themselves the antagonism towards and/or the sympathies of all or every of those with whom there are interlocking mutual interests or concerns. The influence and occlusion of the inner government for itself, should one exist, would necessarily intend for the public to take the responsibilities for the foundations of its power seriously before relinquishing to them the basis of the mechanisms through which it was formerly controlled. 324. The inner field remains disinterested in and unaffected/undetrimented by the external force of one's reality through each determined act in the concentration of the will. The actual mind, differentiated in space, gathers, through each representation of itself, the transformation and correlation of each material and environment, connecting each immediate activity and routine within the cumulative transition and circulation of the atomistic, personal, social, and global planetary spheres. The relationship between industrial schematics and landscape topologies should correlate with and facilitate the harmonious control and awareness of an ecological democracy, reflecting, extending, and conjoining therefore the inhabitable architecture of the cultural and experienced environment for itself. 325. In response to the hostile or unintentional imposition of an outward rhythm, or drone, it could be necessary to super-impose a subaudible rhythm, in closer synchronization with the energy-matrix of one's heart, consciously aligned with the Soul in its Purpose, whatever the path and requirements may be, each day, for each individual reality. The activities of chaos, while avoidably yet the product of an individual psychosis, being issues of the will, may, nevertheless, find their correspondence in other elements of the human and natural environments, invoking the discipline of order, for itself, and against every injustice or disaster, great or small, which could arise throughout the Earth. 326. The collective work, howsoever affected or rendered through the process of each group or individual acquisition, is, nevertheless, so far as collectively advantageous and not restrictive of liberty, the property and providence of the collective decision, consolidating thus the access and reservoire of all work which the group has of itself thus indexed and accomplished. 327. The receptivity and transmission of the higher should stand in the place of the susceptibility of the lower, in order to preclude the opportunity and cause of abuse from the fields of one's perceptions. 328. The connection with the social space is the potential and registration of the being together of and for the whole community in person.

329. The Occupy Movement, if true to itself, should become a revolutionary force for good in our society. In this way, the various organizations of goodwill, inclusive of the established governmental and cultural institutions, have supported and enabled of themselves diverse missions and coordination among various regions and demographic groups. 330. Invoking and illumining the field of significance, expressing all depths of one's being, involves and requires the mechanism of experience through which to correlate, approach, and effect the corresponding transformations. The binding of philosophy, and of the inner form of civilizations and of worlds, may thus recoil upon itself and reintensify each area and relation most relevant to the activity spectrum and given matrix of one's reality. 331. The being of the planetary forms, for themselves, could reflect also the refuge and eternal purpose of the Spirit. 332. The exhibited power of representation and consensus, at and from each next most inclusive level of regional and community differentiation and authority, should ensure the highest concerns and reflect the highest ideal of each citizen in its union, according to and independently of the level and occurrence with which mutually conjoined. In this sense, the group will acquire the interest and involvement with all organizations and factions operating in its name or under the name of which operating itself. 333. This actually appears to be, from the link provided in the article, a renewal and modification of the Defense Productions Act of 1950, relating moreso to resource control than to the criminal investigation and detention of individual suspects within this nation, which I understood to be the emphasis of the Patriot Act itself. 334. The mind, retaining the will over itself, shall not allow dissent to undermine or violate the expression of unity which continuously occurs throughout the Person of the Universal Being and its forms. 335. What has been removed now remains to be sorted, which amounts to several thousand pages of near-completed construction. According to each one's responsibility for these purposes, each must themselves transcend the obstacles of conforming, adapting, and linking each one's thought and form gestures throughout the duration and extent of each of the necessary and inclusive routines. 336. Unless otherwise arranged, everyone must work for and with that amount of resources and authority that can be obtained by and for themselves and their organizations from themselves and in the form of their relationships with world society. The culture of unity will therefore act and resolve to proliferate the means of ecologically secure standards of freedom and equality throughout the interdependent units of the inhabitants of Earth. 337. Considering the circumstances, that I remain sane each moment can be considered nothing less than an act of God. At that moment when I had removed every attachment to this place, there was no further love or gratitude for one's environment to deflect the emotional pain of one's darkness and abuse. Stepping back into one's reality, enough to embrace its final thought, is therefore necessary to conserve the relationship with that which shall survive after one's departure.

Vol I Book III

ETERNAL REFUGE I. BEFORE THE BEGINNING II. STARTING OVER III. THE LONG NIGHT IV. STARTING OVER .............................................................................................................................

I. BEFORE THE BEGINNING 1. Hosting the summit of events at each of the independent centers of the world sequentially, or concurrently at each center through the sequential representation of

50 themselves, should connect together every object and living person equally over the infinitude of this occurrence. 2. The relationship between the transcription and condensing of a coursework, or program of courses, could either be for the purpose of carrying and reprocessing of the core materials for themselves, - in the event of which there will be, nevertheless, necessarily a "re-binding" and ongoing augmentation of approach, - and/or for the demagnetization and detachment of the extracted materials from the primary source entirely, in order for these to function and appear of themselves for individual or inclusive purposes in the demonstration and representation of the fundamental forms of one's reality. Having reasoned from the particular to the universal, those accomplished will have transcended the set of their instruction, and may or may not require this particular to reduplicate or acquire this condition for itself. 3. Those persons maintaining the ethnically Jewish conception of God, including later the Gospel of the Savior Jesus Christ, were prevented, for the duration of their growth, both for the sake of preserving the sanctity and integrity of the one true identity and according to certain false conceptions or interpretations of their own religion, from investigating and assimilating the occult phenomena and other religions of the Earth. Towards the purpose of destroying these false conceptions, Lucifer, the "Theosophist", presented, primarily to the Jews and Christians, for whom this would be the problem and the relevant personna, the "idea" of rejecting or limiting the absolute and all-exclusive authority of "God", - being that it was among this ethnicity and civilization that this work originated and towards which it was directed (that of the cultured and knowledgeable West at its contemporaneous stage of development), while consequently maintaining the association and influence of those first relations of cultural synthesis, for whom there is no direct attachment to God and a potential or inevitable differential urge to reject God literally in preference of themselves in their adoption of this outward tradition and in ignorance of the contexts and limits of these assertions, from which one hopes inspired toward the true and furthered ways of living unity, - in order that we would no longer fear, reject, or misapprehend the Love which binds us together with ourselves and Him together with us all. The exploration of the founding ideas of Theosophy, toward the "possibility" of the One True Religion, Universal Brotherhood, and the revealed potential of the human spirit, should neither therefore mistake themselves nor be mistaken for the "reality" of the true foundations of these potentials, and we should and must consequently remain of ourselves pursuant of these ideals - that we may honor, approach, and serve the basis of "our" God, for Himself, to the furthest extent of our faith, imagination, aspiration, and devotion, - regardless and capable of extenuating any circumstantial heretical convictions or authoritarian constraints which their earlier exponents may themselves previously have at one time espoused. 4. The connection of each citizen with the planetary phenomenon, through education and technology, should enable the levelling of all hierarchies and the furthered evolution of the species of human souls. For this reason, prayers of goodwill have continued and intensified through the ages towards the return and restoration of spiritual conditions above and beyond the Earth. Our minds, collectively ruling the elements in unison and harmony with creation could therefore suggest the origin and nature of the Will which holds reality in being. 5. Each administrative decision, howsoever empowered by the people or through autocratic means, enacts or over-turns the laws, policies, or actions which culminate in the organization and control over every feature of the "controlled" reality. It is necessary, and should not be surprising, that we should understand this reality sometime before we expire, given that all things are the creations of the simliar connected life-forces which preceded us in time. 6. The transition of the light body into the Realm of Light, for itself and against the combined destructive forces of reality, postulates the necessity and absoluteness of the Unified Energy Field which we attribute to the Living Creator and Eternal Destiny of Life. 7. The military organization, in the very nature of the institution it represents, shall constitute the first and final barrier against the infiltration of government and nationality concerns. The precautions against itself and its established national priorities must not itself then violate or contradict the stated principles and purpose of the people unto which sworn for their protection and defense. Achieving and maintaining a proper balance between the vicissitudes of this duality recalls therefore the necessity of shared sacrifice and trust which must be evoked and actualized between and amidst the diverse groupings of humanity and other species, in our relations with ourselves and in the summation of our intra- and extra-planetary transformations and activity. 8. In the interest of conserving and exploring the greater ideological alliance. Could you tell us please where this statement from the Tibetan is located? Yes. This was helpful. Thank you. It is being considered. B.t.w., to whom it may concern, the premise of Jesus Christ being the "only God" does not make Him, in any sense, irreconcilable with the works of Alice Bailey or Theosophy.

9. In this case, it appears again, that the moment I acknowledge the existence of the problem, I lose sight of the only possible solution to that problem, which is instant and absolute faith in the overwhelming goodness of Creation. 10. If there is room, I would like to attend the Colloquium this year - as a listener. I intend to be investigating or involved with Occupy "____" by this time, and think it would be instrumental to learn of similar (and your particular) efforts in the region - in addition of those efforts across the influence and extent of the ISE network and its connections. Of course, let me know if there is any additional information you would require for this level of application. (You may perhaps have kept my application from last year's Colloquium on file, which remains an accurate description of my interest in and relationship with the Institute and the ideas of social ecology.) (On an outside note, I have concluded my paper from previous years, which I now entitle simply "International Confederation of Libertarian Municipalities", @60 pages, which is available for reading should this be of any interest. I realize and accept aforehand that this article lacks the qualities of specificity which you would require for your academic or primarily activist presentations.) In the event that space has filled or my presence in deemed inappropriate at this particular event, I shall nevertheless have certain questions to ask of you, via alternative channels, besides that we should perhaps someday cross paths independently at some other happening in the area. 11. It can be difficult to avoid stepping on one another's toes in these matters, unless, (especially?), and even if, we remain in close association with the varied sources of our inspiration throughout the duration of our functional careers. I, for instance, have noticed, after the fact, certain redundancies in the titles of my few articles with the titles of your (----) written works (which, of those I read, were of definite influence in my writing at the time which I had read them). This said, in order for our works not to become marginalized or irrelevant, someone must continue to draw the connection between our ideas and the contemporary movemenets of society, as these occur, and this, of course, relates directly to our reception among the audience of public society and the generations which shall proceed us. There is, in effect, a continuum established between past and future efforts, which, while finalizing and restoring that which we had hoped to accomplish in the world through our ideas, must provide also the basis for that vision which had, we should also hope, outreached us in our time. 12. The guidance from the heart would suggest that the evolution of the mind, at some point, attain proportionality from and with the extent of its environmental distributions. 13. Greetings. I think I may have taken the wrong approach to this year's Colloquium with my preliminary letter. For one thing, I overlooked the fact that you are now a slightly different committee, which may or may not constitute a different interpretation and evaluation of the nature of my work. For another, the concluding chapter of this paper and the cuirrent trajectory of social events could have established a certain coherence and purpose which may have been previously unrecognized or unfulfilled. In reference to the previous letter, I should specify that the terms "available for reading" applied mainly to the electronic version of this paper and only among those persons who are evaluating or involved with this particular event. I am not entirely sure of the guidelines for paper length, although, at this time, these are exactly the number of statements I wish to have made, about which I may summarize without necessarily extending, and with all further or alternative examples influencing primarily, one must presume, the construction of the rejoinder which will proceed itself accordingly. With this said, I have included both the word processor rendition and the pdf version of the printed form (at this time, there is no pdf - I did not realize that I would require an additional program for this to function properly, which may take time to adequately configure), for purposes of group consideration. Authentic copies of the printed form shall be made available from the author, if anyone should wish to review them or consider adding them into or among the reference matrix of their printed collection. (Another thing I had not considered is that you are gathering applications until the deadline and would not consider these fully until all applications were at that time available.) And also, I reiterate that I do not consider the inclusion of my paper a prerequisite of my interest in the event - I merely thought that I should allow it to remain an option in case you thought that it could yet somehow contribute to or benefit from the process and activity of ongoing group development. 14. Although I do not necessarily think that this article, of itself, contains sufficient material to justify the logical presupposition of its title, the author has done well to have included and juxtaposed certain of the historical contexts, geopolitical settings, and possible ecological and economic forces among and because of which the basic yearnings of and for an open collective society have demostratedly emerged, unto and withof these unprecedented numbers and disparate international locations, amidst what were, presumably, formerly unmovably repressive empires and regimes, signalling, thus, we must also wonder, a new or final era of global consciousness and democratic revolution.

51 Then again, perhaps those who are themselves undertaking the Revolution, in the form of the movements they represent, could provide the only liveable examples and explanation of the ontological imperative of which the act and nature of Revolution of itself consists. That is, the stated form of those demanding change, besides paralleling and connecting together the framework and concertive trajectory of international relations in general, whether individually or in numbers, reveals the only "stated" case presented alongside or against the dominant forces and entrenched motivations of world society. The title of the work therefore lends itself to a much lengthier discussion centering around topics which the greatest numbers of humankind are now beginning to themselves realize, become aware of, and collectively address. ........ 15.

19. The law, whether perfectly given or determined by or among the human spirit, is necessarily renewed through the inherence of its intention. 20. Those municipalities within which the corporate architecture is developed, rather than reverting directly to municipal control, could retain a proportional propriety of the national delegation in equivalence with the extent of the architectural or administrative imbalance which is yet to be resolved. 21. In any effect, through these references to the books which you have read, you may have found a way of broaching a subject which is nearly impossible, and yet inevitable, for the human mind to comprehend. 22. The "Beast", in this context, represents the power to organize our own defense, and this, in effect, reflects our "higher nature" only to the extent infused inclusively for the security and upliftment of all life-forces of reality.

International Confederation of Libertarian Municipalities One Page Summary: This paper constitutes a collection of 461 principles, divided into three major groupings: Social Theses, New Structure for the Global Revolution, and Uniting for the Creation of the Social, Technical, and Natural Environments, of which the first of these, Social Theses contains the only named subdivisions, which are "Establishing Priorities", "Locating the Common Agenda", and "Hypothetical Framework and Ethics of a Living Planetary Civilization". In this progression of ideas, the various contexts of civilization within nature are figuratively balanced and restructured in order for the circumstantial hierarchy of human nature to recognize its "actual" and inherent equivalence with itself and the sum of the environments which sustain us. The process of Libertarian Municipalism, outlined in this book, is presented as the philosophical synthesis and ethical reconciliation of all that has transpired in the history of Earth. The reestablishment of the connection of local direct democracies with the soil and resources which are available to them should thereby enable the freely interdependent units of humanity to voluntarily restrict the excesses which technology has produced to a controllable abundance, provided only that the human will should decide to dedicate itself wholeheartedly towards the accomplishment of the vital purpose of this cause. Among the diverse constituencies these ideas are perhaps commonplace; what is unique to them, or at the very least a distinguishing characteristic, is the prefiguration of the dialogue through which the diverse perspectives of the social order must someday imminently convene in the collective interest of, and according to the escalating pressures towards, the perseverance and upliftment of our mutual survival and wellbeing. ............ 16. (And b.t.w., this is Jesse, and not xxxx, - xxxx is the name of the e-mail account in which I am registered. Jesse Benn, my name, is the person making correspondence with the Institute and the author of all written material, to my knowledge, which is sent from this address. One last thing, in the title of part III, listed in the contents at the preface of the article, I used the word "Human" instead of "Social", as in "Uniting for the Creation of the 'Social', Technical, and Natural Environments". Could you please make this change in the document for me so that it will read correctly if reviewed? 17. I realize now that the criticism I made at the beginning of this last comment was somewhat pointless and probably counter-productive. I was admittedly having trouble reconciling these potentially divergent fields of information and could have arrived at the entirely same conclusions without this unnecessary denigration, however slight or unintended this may be, of another author's work. Considering the context of the website in which this article was found, and even within the article itself, there is an obvious resonance and depth of perspective which merits, at the very least, an unbiased or more exhaustive interpretation. I should, therefore, in addition to all of this, wish to thank the administrator (et. al) for continuing to bring the mutuality of these efforts to our attention. There is certainly no shortage of misinformation and negative ideology "out there" for us to focus our "real" criticism on, although "we" shall also certainly reserve the right to repudiate or dismiss our own conclusions should the occasion warrant. Anyhow, this was my opinion again of "nothing" for the day. 18. In the following abstraction, I may have critically reconstructed your statement in a form near-identical to itself. If you should consider this necessary, I would be interested in hearing of your reaction, and apologize for, perhaps, straying somewhat from the primary topic of this thread. Shouldn't we attempt to work through these issues first, as human beings, enmeshed yet in the forms and designations according to which we have emerged, rather than bypassing them, in haste and logical presumption, for this "cyborganic" implication of a non-existent state of being (this in terms of the unification of the human psyche and not, of course, of the forms we have already created of our world and integrated into the operative functionality of our nature - forms which, in their totality, could be considered nevertheless plausible and intuitive trajectories of our futuristic and collective aspirations)?

23. Just to be clear, did the moderator decline to post this comment. And, if so, could you explain, briefly, why? "In any effect, through these references to the books which you have read, you may have found a way of broaching a subject which is nearly impossible, and yet inevitable, for the human mind to comprehend."

I'll be around here somewhere, if you need any help. I don't know how we shall ever heal this together, personally, now, although I, for one, shall continue to stand together with you, with an open mind, until the magic brings us greater knowledge and peace to our reality. 24. It could be a ploy, or a genuine act of kindness. Depends, somewhat, on the quality of information those telling the story have received. 25. Attn: SE Blog Administrator, Rather than moving forward, at this time, perhaps it would be best to step backward, in order to prevent, if possible, the "potential" of progress from being lost. Towards this purpose, I would recommend removing the following 2 comments from the following 2 posts: 1) "...." 2) "...." With this, I could add, that I was being, in all likelihood, far too open and proliferous in my communications with this group, and required some unexpected resistance in order to attain to that conclusion. 26. Instead of (my) applying to the Colloquium this year, and trying to gather together money which I do not possess, - and in place of reviewing or promoting these same established principles for themselves, - why don't I simply write a report on Occupy "____", if I should happen to endure there, and let you read about it then? 27. Also, in case this was of any possible interest or concern, the third paragraph of the one page summary of my paper, that reading: "The process of Libertarian Municipalism outlined in this book, which bears close resemblance with the works of Murray Bookchin and his Co-workers in the field of Social Ecology, is presented as the philosophical synthesis and ethical reconciliation of all that has transpired in the history of Earth."

which is then combined with the fourth paragraph, now reads: "The process of Libertarian Municipalism, outlined in this book, is presented as the philosophical synthesis and ethical reconciliation of all that has transpired in the history of Earth. The reestablishment of the connection of local direct democracies with the soil and resources which are available to them should thereby enable the freely interdependent units of humanity to voluntarily restrict the excesses which technology has produced to a controllable abundance, provided only that the human will should decide to dedicate itself wholeheartedly towards the accomplishment of the vital purpose of this cause."

I presume that you will understand and agree with the reasons for this change. ........ 28. Interpretations of the Developmental Order and Foundations of Reality, Consciousness, and Truth: This collection consists of two volumes, the first with the essays: "the path of world service", "Dispelling the Mythos of Secrecy", "web theory", "The Gateways to Theosophy", "Existential Substantivity", and "The Unification of Planetary and Cosmic Life" (with content arranged in obscured chronological order); and the second with the essays: "House of Shadows", "New Beginnings", "Returning Home", "Blood and Lights", "Cybersphere", "Final Utopia", and "An Introduction to Death" (with content arranged in normal chronological order). I have culled together in this text the occult, or esoteric, principles which I have derived from a study of the Holy Bible, Alice Bailey, Agni Yoga, and Theosophy. In no way are these ideas presented as the ultimate truths to anyone's reality. These are merely one person's particular method of personally circumscribing the mysteries of creation from this one person's particular perspective. They are not, and do not intend to be perceived or interpreted as being any greater or any lesser than your own. From out of these materials infinite souls have created their existence, and this, just one, orients itself thus towards the infinite others, at and beyond the time at which these words were relinquished from themselves.

52 ........ 29. Jesse Benn: Booklet Offering (Event post-poned indefinitely, until being established at a more reliable address, and towards the implicit purpose of ideological obsolescence.) Friends and Page Subscribers, At this time, I wish to offer you the limited time opportunity of acquiring the printed booklet(s) of my written works: International Confederation of Libertarian Municipalities (61 pgs); and Interpretations of the Developmental Order and Foundations of Reality, Consciousness, and Truth (39 pgs). (These are hand-sewn, hand-produced editions, which may or may not appear in any more highly produced form at a future date.) For those who are unaware of these, their summaries are as follows: International Confederation of Libertarian Municipalities "...." (see 15) Interpretations of the Developmental Order and Foundations of Reality, Consciousness, and Truth "...." (see 28) 30. (Anyone reading these two booklets together will inevitably observe a certain amount of content which is shared between them, amidst their wide divergence, intimating at once the existence of the source material from which both are derived, and the theoretical convergence of a universal type, capable of integrating these issues either separately, or more directly, in accordance with the complementarilty or dissonance of their mutual directives.) Links to the entirety of these articles remain posted on these pages ( ICLM International Confederation of Libertarian Municipalities, and Alice Bailey, Agni Yoga, and Theosophy repsectively) and in my profile, and shall continue to be so into the forseeable future. ....that perhaps the understanding of my work could survive in the records of these other living human beings. Jesse Benn; ........ 31. Are there any special criteria for this purpose? I have read 2 and 3. 1 is somewhat foggy, although, I think, perhaps, meritting review. I don't know what I was laughing about earlier. You had cancelled my request to join your group a first time, and then left it out a second time, at which point I cancelled it myself. I, personally, do not feel comfortable speaking about Blavatsky, not having read through the entirety of her major works since many years ago in early life, and would feel handicapped and blind-sighted in the discussions with your group. However, it could also be surmised, does one really need to know all facets of an author's personality in order to discuss their generality or the specific points of their occurrence? I shall, perhaps, read more about her, and then apply again, with this group, or elsewhere of whence the discussion and application of these particular subjects are maintained. 32. With this in mind, we could, perhaps, articulate the significance, relationship, and dynamics which our ideas possess in relation to the self-existence and extent of their ostensible content and visible presentation. Our description of and conception of the phenomenon inventories its components in accordance with the duration of our combined experiences of reality. 33. The protection and availability of information and resources, beyond and inclusive of what the individual may personally secure or apprehend, requires ultimately the organization, integrity, and alliance of the group of whom this information or resources are to be sourced and for whom these are to be of service. The individual attachment and rendition of the curriculum, while establishing the necessary value and relevance to the individual existence, itself creates the basis for subjective loss and immobility which does not necessarily exist in the social context in which these curricula remain otherwise independently secure, - thereby cautioning the individual preemptively, wherever possible, with or without the relevant system or context or inter-social productivity and growth, of the potential alienation, trauma, or temporal and logistic gridlock which could result, in and of the process of inadvertant or unpredicted independent self-realization of the importance of these works, from the extent of the volumes over which assuming voluntary or excessive responsibility of oneself. 34. I have many reasons to want to be at this event and very few reasons not to. Unfortunately, my inability to pay, even a reduced amount, is a particular problem at this time, which could not be compensated by my wishful thinking towards the matter.

I, therefore, with much personal misgiving, wish to withdrawl again my intention of attending the Colloquium, and stand aside from any personal interest or involvement with the Institute, despite our potential close proximity in future months. You are, of course, a proud feature of "____", and of the activist community in general. Would it have been possible to have worked out some kind of "deal' or another? My life (and work) suddenly seem much less relevant with the realization that you are not going to be a part of it. Nevermind this. I was having a panic attack, of sorts. I think I can (and need to) go my own way with this (legacy). Thanks though. 35. The affectations of the spirit correspond with the organization and distribution of the possessions of reality in that these exist to nourish and sustain the vital being of intracosmic evolution. The core of materials reconfigures itself in accordance of the inter-reactivity of the fields which surround it. 36. I.e., we are all, in our higest aspirations and attainments, one with this "only God" within ourselves. 37. Could someone help me find a place to store a couple of boxes, and, perhaps, a safe place to camp?

II. FROM HERE TO NOW 38. The forms which we possess from our acquisitions of the mind and the forms which we inhabit interchangeably from more accessible materials remain distinct phenomena in order not to inure the soul with the fact of its own reality. 39. The adamant rejection of all that is evil in the world requires also the rejection of all that is evil within oneself, in order to conserve and strengthen the firm link with the power of redemption of oneself. Agni Yoga, or any pure religious system realistically applied, in this sense, invokes the operations of the Black Lodge, in proportion of the fervency of one's interest and pursuit, until, it is hoped, by conscious or unconscious design of those overseeing or involved with the progress or obstruction of each adherent specifically and of the human race in general, one acquires of oneself the power and perspective to restore and substantiate the effectuality of this redemptive force in and of the formal structures of one's individual environment, and, potentially, thereby further increase and integrate the quota of planetary energy of which each self is part. 40. It is nevertheless possible, if not necessarily probable or most desirable, for us to sustain ourselves independently, each on the basis of our own technologies, provided that the causes and foundations of social and ecological cross-contamination and resource (inter-)dependence, with and beyond the circumstantial immediacy of our functional autonomy, have first been systematically both precluded from and resolved among the scientific and environmental methodologies of production and from the mass of humanity's operational mentality. The interconnectivity of the satellite, transportation, and communications array, and potential dispersion of extraplanetary outposts and acquisitions, could likewise necessitate and substantiate our direct involvement with and unification of the planetary mechanism, its dissolution, or its control and usurpation by forces external to, if nominally constituitive of, ourselves and our inter-indigenous domains. From the perspective of agricultural production, the choice between native ecological adaptation and acquisition and import-export distribution, in the form of land-use and genetic reproduction, will therefore also define the framework of interactions between individual, local, and regional autonomy and the international community. 41. It is Earth which gave us sustenance, and not those who would obscure or manipulate, for excess gain, our function in the process and means of its development. 42. Considering what forces would compell - or have compelled - this number of socially active and empowered and/or (weaponry- and) gun-owning citizens or military factions to act for or against this or other governments or (local) factions, including the further or consequent newly armamant and militarization of themselves, - unto the inception of the code of the law and judicial system for themselves-, in their current state, or in the event of their taking violent and repressive action upon their own or other peoples, should all democratic, "lawful", or non-violent means have proven ineffective, been rejected, or ignored. 43. Life without pre-emptive financial or contractual obligations, beyond, where applicable or relevant, the provision and involvement among the pre-ordained or theorizable opportunities of service, alone would guarantee the rights of shelter and of nourishment equally, and at the very least unalienably, among all existing members of society. [The principle of monetary exchange for rent, home finance, and living expense, in respect of a percentage of a guaranteed earnable or mutual austerity income, could similarly substantiate this idea, if redundantly, if eliminating the concept of "inordinate"

53 gain or unnecessary burden from those involved with the investing or lending end of these transactions.] Those inhabiting independent- and joint-housing facilities and work environments would, therefore, correspondingly, ultimately require some sort of compromise or arrangement among the scale, duration, prerequisites, functionality, and synergistic merit of the choice and acquisition of their respective commitments, property attachments, and forms and variance of the collective and potential array of structures, intrinsic living accommodations, and enduring affectations and remains. It is also therefore necessary to stipulate that any free public housing, autonomous shelter, or camping options, in addition to the provision of necessary products and subsistence, be provided through social or voluntary means, in order to secure the number and priority of residency, although the true democratic nature of these principles necessarily extends, according to the laws of ethics and through juridical means and process, into existing property measures and distinctions while accounting for the anarchic inevitability of pure transience in its momentary attribution. 44. The "Theosophist", therefore, having travelled to the remotest regions of the Earth, gathering knowledge of its peoples through these travels and research, could address the world as one community, or from and unto an extraneous environment, irregardless or transcendent, if inclusive and yet implicitly differential, of the origins and traditions of the point and place of their circumvolution about from the eternal root of enduring spiritual abidance. 45. Coinciding with the function of each government in the protection against and dominance of every conceivable threat and available force, there were inevitably, - in addition to the application of the established laws of physics to weaponry development and biological well-being (from the scientific perspective) and the (political) observation, alliance, and subversion of existing foreign nationalities, - ministries established or integrated into its mechanism which are explicitly devoted to the investigation and harnessing of the paranormal potentials of the human spirit and material reality, inclusive of the psychological foundations of human behavior and the projection of the will, which, according to the national morality and intention, in conjunction with its alliances, have (attemptedly) implemented the results and inherence of this research, for either the subjugation and destruction or the spiritual protection of its people, withamong its outreach and unification with the goals and purposes of existing world society. 46. In response to the correlation of (higher) education with the transformation of society, it is possible to establish a universal degree program, accessible to all, of highest precedence, towards the purpose of social equality for itself, consisting of a socio-eco-epistemological curriculum, which, by overviewing all economic, political, and scientific functionality would thereby keep each of these functions subservient to itself and to the emergent exigencies and inclusivity of the social and democratic process. 47. The consolidation of public, non-biased, or party-related news bureaus, enabled through the actuality and awareness of the mere idea of social media, could supplant, or at the very least supplement, in the near term, the independent, commercial, and governmental bureaus which have functioned in their stead. 48. The process of the knitting together of injured human flesh reflects the cyclic rejuvenation of nature during spring, suggesting the astral correspondnce and activity of the central spiritual sun in its connection with the vitalization and abstraction from the mechanism of the human consciousness and form. The electric current transecting the magnetic forces of space, in conjunction with their overt and underlying correspondences of gravitation and repulsion, likewise illustrates the circularity and affinty of the energies passing through and into being. Elemental substances and compounds, withstanding the supercession and directivity of a higher phase of being, are therefore related in their groupings to the health and functioning of the organism and in their and these organism's juxtaposition and determination of the ecosystem and living environment of itself. The psychology of human relations nevertheless implies a certain eloquence of subjective discernment, at this stage of our existence, in order to account for the necessary emphasis and variance in the vital order of phenomenal transformation and development. 49. Given that one of the primary advantages of national unity is the solidarity against both domestic aggression and foreign invasion, the world federation of itself could only strengthen this advantage, while likewise precluding the sense of difference and irregulation which had instigated or enabled the former causes of aggression and distrust. Population districts, or electoral bodies, howsoever partitioned, voting directly for international delegates and demands, could therefore contravene the imposition of authoritarian nationality apparatii, and, among the sum of population densities and resources, determine the most equitable means of trade and conservation of the planetary ecosystem and extraplanetary alliance. 50. In the process of the deduction of the specific attributes of science, across the course of time, the character and intuition of the universal must be retained in order to furnish and signify the coherence of the whole.

51. The architectural and structural expression of the independent habitation, while cherished for itself, exposes the ultimate limits and futility of attachment, transferring the beauty of accomplishment to the natural, social, and collective structures which sustain the virtue of the spirit and diffuse the liability of material and aesthetic avarice and indulgence. The attainment of the form, howsoever elaborating the individuality of the essence, must extend over the entirety of the human and earthly family in order to remain consecrated to the spirit of the one cause which clothed and sheltered us all out of the primordial sacrifice and givingness of its own being and intention. 52. The results of the expression of hostility, argumentation, panic, and despair, within the human spirit and nervous faculty, these being irrationality, blind-sightedness, and void, towards those spirits which would violate and pervade the private sanctity of one's awareness, each is adjusted, according to its measure, in the quieting and preclusion of every impulse towards the causation and instantaneous reactualization of these effects. The psyche, however, resetting itself to the parameters of the human personality, which attempts to force its will outward against any perceived threat to its existence, must constantly relearn this principle of self-resistance and spiritual containment, as often as necessary to instill the necessary alertness in the mind, if never again to be slumbering or deceived into acting or responding in ways contrary to its own vitality, until, it is hoped, every threat for itself is denied or averted through the re-establishment and perserverance of a viable connection with human society and of the world which lies beyond. 53. Although the prosperity of each nation should not necessarily depend upon the balance or supremacy of its interactions with world society, each nation capable of developing sufficient wealth from within itself and in the implied evenness of trade, there are those yet operating under the perceived inevitability of this conflict which would obscure and distort the true priorities of these purposes from the mass population of civil society which would accomplish of themselves the collective advantage without the necessity of gain or consentual abuse of the natural and human rights of all humanity. At most, we could contend, is that existing military forces, presumably paralleling one another in the stage and virtue of their development, would continue to obstruct or deter the full acquisition of these powers and technologies, among the remainder of nationality distinctions, for anything other than peaceful or politically constructive purposes, this independent of the activities and sum effect of the remainder of economic aid and trade relations, if merely and only towards the cause of ultimate economic sovereignty and independence, universal armistice, global scientific self-empowerment, and extraplanetary explorations. These military forces, in their turn, and in the combination of their mutual responsibilities world-wide, should require no greater wealth than each nation is capable of producing for itself, and this according to the direct supervision of the general population and the priorities and protocols which they have themselves, with full authority, popularly or democratically devised. Without the underlying motivation of unregulated economic forces driving the exploitation of the earth and of humanity, ecological and social factors, which are the only real source of lasting economic wealth and psychological well-being, given also the inherence of technology and scientific discovery for itself, would necessarily reacquire their original importance and significance in the culture and activity of human life. 54. Among the possible affected transitions of the spirit, those which are real shall be those which occur, each at its appointed hour, according, or not, to that which we have prepared, foreseen, or intended, given each level of connectivity and attachment with the sum and time-frame of environments and influences, real and imaginary, of which we are bound. Faith itself, which would enable perfect belief in God, or that which is transcendent of ourselves, would, accordingly, require that we suspend or subordinate the science of our expectations to the instantaneous or systematic modifications which He, in His omnipotence, would evoke from the foundations and substance of our materiality and being. 55. Approaching the World Goodwill organization from the time-frame of its origin, it is seen as a great advancement in the state of civilization and in the relations of humanity. Approaching it from the current potential of global civil society, being instrumental through its efforts of publicizing the spiritual and altruistic dimensions of the hierarchy and civil society itself, it could also be perceived as prefigurative and precursive in its estimation of that which human society may now realistically accomplish (and that to which Bailey herself hinted at in various parts of her work). The groundwork of universal spiritual practice and religious understanding, adapted from the theosophical tradition, and in its involvement with the United Nations, is certainly instrumental in bridging the divide of separate govenments and cultures, while the social politics and economic implications of these respective organizations should, perhaps, develop or incorporate a mechanism for supervening the neoliberal paradigm and of granting true authority to the people and ecological realism to world activity, in true continuance with the teachings of the Arcane School and the externalization of its efforts. 56. From my observations of social media, I would say that the members of the antiauthoritarian and ecological movements, rather than "taking for granted" the ideas

54 which Murray Bookchin independently devised, have themselves developed along paralleling lines from a common lineage of leftist traditions, while having not yet even had the opportunity, (to my knowledge) despite the decades by which his work has preceded them in time, of actually appreciating the "unique contributions" which Murray Bookchin made to this common lineage, these being the formulation of the synthesis of the underlying trajectory of these forces in the concretization of the science of Social Ecology and the politics of Libertarian Municipalism, terms which, contrary to that which any might suppose, have, evidently, even among the social ecologists themselves, yet to receive any rigorous and exhaustive defintion. 57. If one were to compile a history of a movement, (or of all movements, the sum of which being human time), it would primarily be to know whereof lie one's strengths, the factors without gains, and the points and singularity of those forces which resist or oppose the movement's aims, (whichever one may suggest of the course, trajectory, and purpose of the collective evolution), that for each of these, and over the sum of all intersecting domains, there may be maintained and developed a strategy of sustaining dialogue and of organizational realignment, renewing emphasis, and mobility. It is therefore necessary that we should each aspire to constitute the ideal form of government (or non-government) between ourselves, that in the example we set before others we find the same inclusivity and consideration that we would wish these others to portray. 58. Those nations in a position of providing military assistance, whether personally or through the provision of weaponry and resources, could consider this foreign aid a deduction from the balance of their world account, or be recompensed through trade relations from the voluntary beneficiaries of one's alliance, to the extent that the respective oversight and gains would remain with the population of civil society itself through its government and never a private element which would seek to exploit the growth or persistance of a war economy for itself. Similarly, each nation's averaged surplus of possessions and consumption should be distributed multilaterally in accordance of the production and restrictions of the ecological totality. 59. It is important to understand the possibility and potential of formulaic expressions in representing actual world phenomena, before elaborating and expanding the dual relationship of the interchangeability of this (written activity). Physical observations and experiments and sociological phenomena, moreover explicit within their own equations, provide also a limit and opposing complexity over which pure mathematics will have exceded its domain Numerical relationships and quantities will doubtlessly continue to describe the existing quality of events, however, if at all, from a referential perspective rather than forming the existential basis of the given correlative figuration for itself. 60. There can be no law prohibiting the spontaneous peaceful gathering of the civic body of any size, in any public arena, for any duration, wherefore the nature of civil law itself is a direct spontaneous derivative of the intentionality of this group. 61. As I understand it, the forum remains open should anyone wish to share or start a discussion of issues pertaining to these works. (The first forum is closed, as I do not wish to discuss its contents within the context of itself. The same privilege may also be extended to other authors upon request.) Furthermore, comments are always welcome within the adjoining framework of the page, while the page itself is mostly reserved as a listing of organizations which are directly related to these materials, although this itself is subject to change and should in no wise be considered an immutable feature of this page's continuing development. Items or comments posted in the comments section of the page shall, for the present time, be transferred to the central area of the page at the administrator's discretion. Comments posted to items on the page itself shall, of course, appear exactly where they are, and shall remain unhindered to the greatest extent of the administrator's tolerance. 62. In order to understand and appreciate the process through which the deductions of science were derived, it is necessary to re-experience and re-examine the time when there were no scientific solutions to these problems, (towards which inductive reasoning could seek to inversely correlate its own hypotheses), and observe how each discovery was thereafter integrated into the "completed" or current theory of its branches. 63. The factors according to which one may inhabit or cultivate a mind-set of nearabsolute transience or disembodiment from world society, in addition of the facility of access to or given patronage of one's environment, depend somewhat on the potencies, requirements, and disposition of the astral or sentient vehicle in its connection with the established or acquired mental polarity of one's psychology, in that however far emersed within or distant from the public assembly and urban environment there is always the continuity of souls, living organisms, and thought-conceptions populating and animating the immediate vicinity of one's aura, through and among which project and concentrate, unto and withof the operation and development of the physical mechanism for itself, the inner levels and frequencies of humanitarian and anti-humanitarian transvolvement. These psychical conditions, in their turn, substantiate, prefigure, and materialize the form of the physical connection with society towards which one conducts oneself among the living exigencies and immediacy of one's envisioned path of mortal being and trans-incarnative reality.

The multitude, which is God, is therefore always present in its pure potentiality, among which the soul integrates and reflects the diverse qualities which are its unified expression. 64. The various categories of spirits and demons, rather than or in addition to limiting and circumscribing distinct classes and evolutions of sentient or quasi-sentient life, could describe simply the affected behavior or influence of the phenomena themselves regardless of the cause or source from which these phenomena originate, with the purpose and intentionality likewise independent and external of that which the projected character of these "persons" would suggest or evoke from one's preconceived notions of supernatural transformations, destinations, and activity. 65. A current understanding of the principle organizations, forces, and events which are affecting world society, thereby enabling there to be influence and usefulness among these factors, may have been obtained from these organizations or collated in the memory from the information channels upon which they occur. 66. The densification (or rarefaction) of the aura, as a means of psychological preparedness for or against assualt, could register in the projection of consciousness towards the place and qualities of the spirit which animates the life within its form. 67. Rather than, or in addition of, the dismissal of the established political parties and electoral process, one could also strive to rewrite and reconcile the fundamental statutes of which each party represents. 68. Meditation, from the perspective of the clarification of the trajectories of the psychical awareness of one's aura, circulates through its knowledge of history the transitions and potentials which human civilization has revealed. Evoking, in the imagination, the visualization of the quarters of the moon in its orbit before and about the shadow of the earth, of the earth and the planets about the sun, and of the zodiacal formations in their seasons, establishes a rhythm through which to inflect harmony and light in one's aura and through which to guage the other circulations which are reflected within and around the surface of the sphere. Halting and adapting the energy and cycularity of one's thoughts according to the acquired momentum, circumstances, and encounters of one's journey involves the suppression of the light within in order to observe it properly among those inhabiting the pre-established conditions of a place. 69. In the global democratic federation, as with any democratic body, a coalition of the majority, or a cabal of the autocratic few, could always vote to limit or exploit the rights and liberties of its minority or overshadowed constituents according to the level of authority which it has maintained or acquired over itself. Setting aside the military protocol of the united world government, presuming it could never acquire this level of authority, or of any alliance ever gaining complete dominance or motive, the respective populations could, at the very least, democratically determine the form of the political and economic relationships which they maintain with the existing nation-states. 70. Those who travel unwary into the fields of thought do so merely to gather the signposts through which the necessary work is to be returned to and accomplished. 71. The character of the child reveals the fate through which the soul is to be reclaimed. 72. The sign which the one soul forms is the sign through which each is interacting with the circle of its established periphery and attachments. 73. The identification of Christ as the heart of humanity, by definition, must honor all Churches and civilizations, and only those, which are and have been true to the Spirit of His Word, creating the basis for a perception of Hierarchy which is independent and inclusive of all cultures and forms. Affording equal dignity to others should not, of course, however, discredit or disperse the equal virtue and priority of one's original beliefs. 74. Prior to the origin of all recorded history, before the differentiation into the established nationalities and religions, all people must be considered one and part of a common origin of humanity. The being of God which is for the redemption of the Spirit would therefore return each people to the state of unity which had previously existed. Beings which have passed beyond life since the beginning of time could concern themselves with continuously advancing the state of human knowledge and the condition of the earth. Synthesizing the pathways of one's being with the pathways of the environment should intuitively result in the invocation of these directives. 75. In the light of society, the impersonal and equal projects and correlates itself towards the means of harmony within itself and with the inclusive networks of global development and activity. Exercising the glamors of the mind for idle curiosity should, for the sake of conscience, recognize and acknowledge the conditions of labor and/or subordinate its station to the higher command of discipline for itself.

55 The military hierarchies, in this regard, could represent the diverse interest and cumulation of careers available to those involved with these increasing levels of organization and authority. 76. The self which has contacted too great an energy, returning into the personality of whose fate it was formed, will inevitably require readjustment if displaced among the perceptions of imbalance. Gratitude for the simplest things and humility for one's poverty should absolve the system of the basic indiscretion of one's state. 77. Ideal though this may be in spirit, the fate of the destruction of the flesh by the earth is that for which we must remain in our humanity prepared. The existence of our children would be considered a reminder of the enduring presence in the dimensions from which we will depart. 78. The word cannot exist of itself unless actively applied toward the survival and defense of one's humanity, and this, of course, implies the highest consultation among the statutes of which the unanimous beingness adheres. 79. According to a system in which the lowest incomes are exempted from taxation - or maintain a minimum requirement according to the circumstantuality of the means at their disposal. - these, together with the middle incomes and those relative few within the highest income brackets for themselves, must decide the means and extent of the redistribution of wealth through the agency of government. The size of the federal government would therefore remain inversely proportional to the capacity and willingness of civil society to affect cooperative and equitable distribution practices among itself. 80. It is not necesssarily that each person should receive an equal share of every thing towards which we strive, although, even so, this itself is practicably infallible in principle, should anyone care to verify this, if not in every remotest conceivable detail, but rather, in addition of this, the ideal that each person should receive an equal quality of all these things combined. 81. We perhaps ceased to be "gentiles" once we were aware of "our" culture. 82. It must not surprise one when any human organization, in which one has invested one's highest aspirations, cannot, for reasons of self-preservation, meet these expectations of itself, although remaining bound in principle to the furtherance of a common ideology and fullfillment of the existing demographic base. 83. The message of equality will be the fundamental expression of goodwill in the age of the one humanity. International relations, however, require that human rights issues precede the implementation of the final system of equilateral exchange. 84. Then again, the collection of files, for itself, could review itself entirely, if prioritizing and juxtaposing the existence and concerns of all life outside the bounds of its present rendition. 85. There is a difficult matter of wanting the system to change without blaming it for being, and thereby of persuading rather than alienating those who have tacitly accepted the inevitability of its actions. 86. Mapping the dimensional layers of the radial coating of the flesh resembles the behavior of the integrated calculus in the prediction of volume, location, and instantaneous effect, while also operating according to cycles which are implicit to themselves. 87. The number of personnel and quantity of resources requested for each administrative function is determined according to the variation of branches into which the government has divided itself, the level of authority which the public has given them, and the nature through which this authority is shared throughout itself. The number of jobs and allocation of expense in the economy - and the immediate environment - is determined according to a similar formula, if subject - from a macroscopic perspective - to the regulations of the former, and with or without the public or corporate regimentation of authority and control over the procedures or logistics of the accounting environment. The creation and flow of money and power is therefore directed from the established precedence of Social and Economic Utility and rule of Law, constructed within the context of national dominion and exigent transnational economic variation and alliances. The extent to which civil society controls that which is produced in excess of need, and consequently the control over production itself, could either be channeled into government or corporate activity or become part of the institution of government itself. Ensuring that all those who operate at the expense of the public trust, including both corporate and government officials, and from individual to individual, do so according to a strict set of principles and constraints, would involve oneself at every level with the agencies of health and of defense. The code for ecological and humanitarian stability will therefore acquire universal acceptance among all formerly disparate classes and eschelons of humanity.

88. We should be reaching "into" government, wherein our social functions coincide with the "goodwill" of the majority, and prove that these are not themselves opposed to reform nor fundamentally complicit with economic tyranny or unjust military force. I think there exists an "extra-liberal" element within #Occupy - and within the very framing of the movement - which understands this implicit relationship, functioning alongside and with the now radicalized "liberals" who "idealize" the practicality of our motives. A truly "civil" society should inspire nothing but good relations with the world. 89. Each construction and consecrative field is a monument to the applied skills of engineering and horticultural design, representing theoretically the strength and resolve of the public consciousness which inhabits it. The unseen destroyer and invisible fortress and protector are therefore the contained attributes of the mind which arise as the properties of the Spirit in its Ecology, in and of the manifested frame and narrative of all Being and Creation. 90. The adept is one who has fully aligned his centers with the centers of the planet. The fact of this unity, inquiring into itself, can only be attained through the official and precipitative lines of each community and governing material. Spirit, in this way, gradually familiarizes and equips itself with and for the omnifold and omnipotent planes of its activity. 91. Civil society, by contrasting among itself and the established bureaucracy, shall thereby, through its own initiative, revolutionize the role of government without disregarding or disdaining the principle unity of its efforts. 92. Our understanding of our religion influences our interpretation of our government, and could either reflect or contrast those characteristics which it perceives as being identical or dissimilar from itself. It is our belief that the government should be organized in different ways, of which government officials and the population should be made aware. We expect that the freedom of decision will be accepted among the intelligent majority of people and that the prefiguration of bureaucracy shall coordinate increasingly, if non-invasively, for the protection of the earth and of society. The force within our means need only withstand for as long as it takes for the popular will of the people to be united, although, with this, we carry these and other vehicles for continued peace and our prosperity. 93. The difference between "being of this world" and "belonging to Christ" is the separability of the living from their body on this earth. 94. From the beginning, there were those who understood, intuitively, despite their various languages and cultures, that all humanity is one. These, forming an inner Brotherhood, worked to further the esoteric fact of all religions, while striving to limit contraversy and contention among those who would inevitably cling to the exoteric form of their traditions. The heart of humanity, awakening to the unnameable reality of this union, will perhaps, only then, surpass the obstruction of mutually exclusive ideologies in the form of its relations with itself. Those features of our ancestry which have led us towards this conclusion, and which represent the universal character of life, thus disconnected from their arbitrary and ahistoric aggregation, must, however, persevere in our souls for the sake of the felicity and vitality towards the very foundations of our being. 95. The forms of knowledge are the veils of Spirit. 96. You are overlooking the essential point that blood and conquest are integral parts of the Christian Old Testament, originating among the Jews, and of life itself, which, only through universal consensus, could alter or ammend this work, or the history of the civilizations it represents, in any other way, in order to make its Truth, and truth itself, more universally accessible to and reconciliable with every region and religion of the earth. 97. The approach or onset of darkness or death, whether from living beasts or from the extreme forces of the earth and of the elements, may cast fear and terror into one's life, unconsciously, unless one is aware or believes that adequate means of cooperation and survival have or can be obtained from amidst the extremes of psycho-physical trauma and production and necessity. 98. Rather than gathering together in the unified assembly more often than necessary although this should remain a spontaneous decision and allowable event,- it should be possible to formulate a community voice which would speak only in accordance with the elective will and purpose. 99. The perception of global economics, in the form of numerical transactions, should reflect the nature of the products and resources for themselves and in their effect on the environment, within the relationship of each government and industries with its people, and among the interactions of each of these with the other governments and industries of the world.

56 Education should strive to enable this spectrum of actvities - in addition to the cultivation of spiritual qualities and virtues - to accomplish itself democratically, among all citizens, from each individual function to the coordinative level. 100. Ensuring that a population adheres to the Truth of a Society or code of law reflects the unanimity of the doctrines or practices of law which they explicitly espouse. The consideration that every other culture need be compatible and equivalent with one's own results from the inevitability of interaction among the regions of the world and through the mechanism of generalized or universal communications. 101. The contribution to and allegiance with the ultimate conditions of one's State remain the daily standard for determining the personal judgement of one's character and conscience. 102. What we need, more than anything, is the "spirit" of love, and this will only come through universal understanding. 103. [This system of thought] has a "role" to play in world affairs...these are very "real" issues, not simply ideological fantasies... I was quoting the article...and I think you are wrong to evade this discussion...(it is "real", but don't "discuss" it?) Sorry. I will post again...when my brain is working... 104. Self-defence and precaution against actual assualt could wrongly be interpreted as spite. It is nice to think that with you as admin so much of this [misunderstanding] would simply disappear... Yes, they were deleted. No, there was no hate in them. 105. The demonstration of ability is an inevitable factor in the coordination of those functions which will require of one these skills. Those feeling forced into demonstrating these against their will, or under an imposing authority, may, at first, feel therefore threatened or uncertain in their absence or remission. The actions of the intelligence, in full alignment with the spirit, would work inevitably to reconcile, or atone for, every discrepency which it has itself experienced and considered. 106. During one particular routine of disturbance - or of the one protracted effort of pathological displacement,- minute fragments of thought, easily processed individually, are interjected at a rate, or at random and unexpected episodes or moments, which, if the mind, at any duration, thinks insolvable, inponderable, or intolerable, feeling for itself sorrow, alienation, or doubt, could result in the immediate and sustained adverse physiological condition or the overt expression of anger and provocation and enactment of the forces of mortal retribution in oneself. Escaping therefore the very idea of its dissolution and confinement, the mind acquires and gravitates towards a higher order and ethics of discipline and of voluntary motive. 107. Money, the intrinsic product of creation, channeled through unity, may return to or remain with unity at every level. Unity, alone, is the force which should be trusted with development. All businesses, contributing equally to their employees and environment, may also then contribute equally to society and earth. 108. The energies within the aura of one's mind, and of creation, likewise therefore correlate themselves with and towards their collective purpose and intention, this being the coordination and expression of every attribute of the Higher Self in every facet of existence, this according to the emphasis and understanding of the Reality one serves. Uncovering every faith in humankind, and linking its comparitive advantage with one's own, should function towards resolving every obstacle between the separate governments and cultures. The construct which the one humanity projects could therefore stand in solidarity with the organization and actualization of its potential within the manifested framework of all conscious evolution and hierarchical expression. 109. The steps we take together cannot outpace the steps we attain in our own volition. 110. The currency of each people, reflecting its national policies and decisions, however integrated into a higher order or federation, is either a deterent or incentive in the medium of international relations. The role of government, implicit within the formerly autonomous councils of each industry for itself, in creating and determining the conditions of employment and security, is and remains the democratic responsibility of the people of which its union is comprised. 111. The cost of each child, in respect of the earnings of each parent, is contrasted against the budget which each household is alloted. The cumulative effect of home ownership and future effect of retirement are contrasted against a similar principle of utilizable constraints.

112. Everywhere that is is part of a municipal district which should be planning and integrating a future vision for the sustainable growth of its vicinity. It would be conceivably irresponsible, therefore, from the standpoint of creation, for us to produce in any environment conditions which did not improve or were thereafter less suitable for life. 113. We attempt to replicate Unity (the being of ourself) at the source of its inception (the being with the other). We have more in common than you care to realize. You can drop this act and be civil or live in hate. Either way, my heart will continue to bear the burden of your pride. 114. Those within the corporations would naturally be those most skilled in the trade of their commodities. The message of capital could either purchase or obey the popular will or the national interests of its government. Relations, among multinational corporations, with authoritative governments, the representative states, and with the general population reflect the dialogue and exchange of promises and demands between the idea of force and its inherent opposition. Those most concerned with the survival and unity of their people would seek to maintain, through purposeful service, an autonomous voice and clear reputation for the vital bureaucracy of administrative and coordinative measures. The capability and agenda of public action will therefore produce for itself the sum total of projects to which it is directed. 115. The invocation of the fires of destruction must be grounded themselves in the purest of motives, that to hold the enemy, the materialization of the causes of suffering and hate, in our compassion, this being the wisdom through which the substance of the one self is thought to be redeemed, contains therefore the greatest love for the entirety of forms. Thus death itself and the dying planet are confronted according to the levels and immedicay of their force of devastation, therefore that from which we also seek deliverance in the divine unity of fate, the will of light, from which are constructed every conceivable awareness, constituting the eternal portal and pathways for the imagining and reintegration of itself. Organizing the scheme of the planet involves a marvelous invention and attainment of thought, accomplished among the autonomous ziggaraut and its hierarchical connectivity, requiring also that we operate according to the known laws of science (the appointment and utilization of technical parameters) and of geographical dispersion (the authority, methodology, and logic according to which the constructions are inventoried and arrayed.) Bridging the inward and outward branches of one's national and international identity places the centers of power in closest proximity to themselves, the maintenance and growth of industries coinciding with the distribution, use, and display of the products, equipment, machinery, and weaponry for and in accordance of which they were created for themselves. Conforming and reliquishing the mystery to the field of its established customs and traditions maintains the rationale according to which civilization imparts and has inherited its structure. Without any connections, those respecting of justice and fate, will seek to secure the clearest oppportunity of reapproximating unity with the eternal community of State. 116. It is not unreasonable to presume that the works of Agni Yoga remain the primary focus of this group, if we should perhaps consider how the nature of this practice could be more universally applied. 117. During the invasion of a battlefield, specific targets are selected according to the placement of the enemy and according to the emphasis and order of the forces which are being deployed. Maintaining a defensive and offensively capable posture and readiness should not theoretically be necessary were there not actually a threat, so that fewer to none of these targeted weaponries and scenarios would prove necessary or ever actually or with great rarity take place. The solution to every problem could similarly be derived according to the resources and approach which one has prepared and set forward to each given task at hand. 118. We are in philosophical agreement thusfar, presuming that these "voids in manifestation" and "approach to divinity" are related to the awakening of the intelligence of all humanity and the spritual redistribution of all resources respective of this end, (and I speak only for myself, and according to the influences and limitations of the network I inhabit). However, to what extent of specificity must we (and are we willing to) continue if we intend to authentically establish a coherent image and methodology of this awakening and a full spectrum of national and international support? 119. Actual authority over collective resources, conference of mental or psychical abilities, and designation of function specificity, are each bestowed through various means for various purposes by those in actual possession or attendance of the inherent faculties of each network of governance, instruction, administration, and coordinated observation and activity.

57 That there is established within and alongside this organization and instruction a synthesis, understanding of, and regard for our common ideology and explicit purpose reflects and will result from and according to the values and agenda to which we are collectively motivated or ascribed.

administrative departments (or industries) which would secure and accomplish for ourselves, in accordance of our identifications with and of the world community, the organized production and control over these and all (constructed) inventories and procedures.

120. Accomplished leadership, in the various departments of life, will and must continue to direct the world towards a more harmonious condition. Bringing together the social and metaphysical spheres, in an acceptable form, is no easy task in any language, much less for the many separate groups of all humanity.

130. The image of the serpent standing on its tail with two heads facing left and right focuses the alertness of the mind and conceals the darkness of the form beneath the illumined triangle of the eye it uplifts and contains. Neural-chemical impressions of image and form are activated from certain areas of the brain, which, upon review, obtain a new and furthered impression in the same or other regions of the brain. Arithmetic computation similarly transposes the recollection of each formula with the intended transformations of the necessary and existing inputs and components.

III. THE LONG NIGHT 121. Regardless and inclusive of all that which is occuring in the field of one's consciousness, the mechanism of the "inner mind" should be capable of sustaining and inducing an alignment with the soul in its induction of the spirit. 122. Reflecting back on this statement, it could appear that I was being dismissive of all the unity and good work which the people of the ISE network (and its equivalent) have accomplished in the years of their existence (including the many articles and discussions with which having informed my own opinion). In order for this (unity) to prove effective, however, we each need to bind together our respective ideologies in a form which is (and remains) mutually accessible and expressive of our collective understanding and intention. 123. Could you possibly substitute this modified statement: "...." for the statement which I had previously made in the comments of the Blog post for: "....", or otherwise post the revised statement in a new segment and remove the previous remark? I think this would establish in the record a clearer impression of the mutually constructive potential towards which I was ultimately striving to convey. 124. The first part of item #12, starting with "The existence of all substances and practices...", now reads "The determination and itemization of all substances and practices..." in order to avoid the redundancy which occurred in the circumstantial abridgement of this essay. Furthermore, I welcome any discussion which the ISE may wish to voice about including this or any other of my essays (in their completed form) as part of the official or more permanent status of their organization and agenda. 125. If, again, the network is also defined according to the qualities of unity (expressed by itself) which it finds expressed in others, then, indeed, the diversity of forms will convey the singularity of our motives. 126. This distance is, in fact, arbitrary and imaginary, although our particular qualities and differences require first development and expression in order to be known. Ms. Besant is certainly an intelligent and inspired writer, as are many others, the fellowship of whom I would welcome to explore together the common ground of our alliance. 127. Unless there is an understanding of God's Plan for the earth and the forces of materialism which might hinder or oppose it, there is no basis for evaluating the conformance or divergence of one's government or of conventional society. 128. Arranging the books itemizes the contents of memory, which are used to evoke the preconditions of psychological well-being. The central eye, illumining the perception of its forms, encircles the containment of the human self among the patterns of nature, facilitating, thereby, the influence of the cosmic will upon the active behavior of the centers. The spirit, which is retained within the resurgent matrix of one's neural field, attains towards the qualities of inclusivity and purpose which determine the imagination and liberation from the influence and effect of one's environment. The consecration of service in the form of conscriptive awareness correlates with the modifications of physical activity and the channelling of the creative and aggressive forces of the earth and of humanity. Actual inclusivity within one's government involves, of course, the operation and continual provision of one's necessary functions, howsoever the security of each of one's beneficiaries, including or terminating with ourselves, however the case may be, may be, therefore, most comprehensively, universally, and responsibly conveyed. 129. From the curvature of the earth is determined its circumference, and from the volume of the sphere the composition of its mass. These exact measurements now enable and support satellite telemetry and various other forms of geospatial observation and aerospace activity. Travelling with the great velocity and momentum of the motorized vehicle produces and requires a high alertness of the mind and hand and eye coordination of one's vision. Power is distributed and circulated among the centers and systems of bodily intake and exchange, inclusive of the anatomical, mechanical, social, natural, and interplanetary environments and intrinsic domains. Internal proximity, similitude, and involvement with the military analysis and educational facility should orient itself (according to the self-evolving energy and intention of the core directives of centrality) among and towards the social and

131. The efforts of the righteous could never dread retaliation from an "enemy" which they would never seek to instill or create, otherwise being responsible or cautious to counteract, avoid, or undo the persistence or foundation of the "unwarranted" threat of its own and emergent potential, implying that there is a "rational" solution and alternative to any incidental or ostensible cause or occurrence of instantaneous resentment or aggression. (Ethically, the law of "justice" must prevail, although, in practical matters, mercy, diligence, and tolerance will predominate over the inherent detractions and violations of the system.) Integrating the phenomenal "activity" of those in one's surroundings with the combined "Purpose" of one's "Command" restricts and conforms the motivations and trajectories of the physical environment (i.e. the unit self) towards the highest or most atttainable of its "existing" priorities (individual expectations or protracted requirements of "being"), attained in accordance of the levels of self-discipline, harmony, or affinity established with or among the representative and inclusive groupings or attainments of the unified nature and community, the nature and formation of this perception itself bounded therefore and resulting, furthermore, according to the personality of the forces which coincide in the individual monad at any point in the connectivity of its collective manifestation and expression. 132. This part of "Palestine" is now provided for Israel. If you cannot recognize its right to exist and live in peace, then you can either relocate into some other "Arab" part of "Palestine" or be forcibly repelled, cautioned, or detained at and for the threat of your imperil. The choice is yours to make. This same Law, in a corresponding sense, also applies to "Israel" to the extent which it may itself "tresspass" beyond Its Appointed Bounds. 133. That vocational training incurs financial burden obstructs irrefutably the full acquisition of abilities, while co-representing and causing the false association of economic stratification according to the "quality" of one's work function or activity. Knowledge of permacultural practice must also include the means of technology and of comparitive geology, 134. The aversion to the culture and expression of the "free imagination" has a relation with the fields of vision from which these must first inherently emerge. Those who speak the word independently of written material could provide the organization the opportunity to rearrange or contrast the specific wording of each address. 135. The Light of the World, from which were expressed the purpose and direction of one's people, connects together all areas and time-frames which concern the enduring Cause of Its Reality. As was always the eternal character of God and of Divinity, His rage need extend no further than to prove and to establish the necessity and lasting certitude of peace. 136. Prior to the unfolding of the past, future, and present planes and potentials of human civilization for itself are those of the Cosmos, the Earth, and the species thereof, from the center of which all time is contained and could, if accessed and actuated from the remnant and origin of this latent spiritual causality and connection, maneuver and transform itself at will according to the resolution and totality of the existing fields of its perception. 137. The engineering foundation could contextualize the vocational or direct itself (exclusively) towards specific pre-determined technical parameters. An alliance of those who have bridged these extremes (from the will to the collectivity of labor), could/has make/made this information (the mechanism of instruction and the authority of its dispersal) available to itself, according to its existing self-conceptions of hierarchical and philosophical inductions, howsoever transveyed among the varying points of thence "its" (the sum of knowledge and resources) selfintrinsic maintenance, alignment, production, and renewal. 138. The nerve frequency of the pulse correlates with the sustained and periodic contraction of the integrated fibers, at and in accordance of the cellular level of concussive or abraded transmissivity and flux. Substances which catalyze or obstruct the behavior of the cells constitute the spectrum of rare or common materials which are routinely or purposefully infused into the form.

58 The controlled detachment from and influence within the enmeshment of the form would involve the coordination and transmutation of cellular functions and body energies from and towards the higher levels of quantum correspondence and containment. 139. The suspicion that the existence of the central government (the segregation or concentration of authority or power in any form) was ever to intentionally deceive or betray the population (rather than the isolated, misrepresentational efforts of disunity or fanatic extremes) necessitates a coherent and thorough investigation and introduction into the current principles of their operation and a consideration of the logistic formulation and distribution of and towards the inclusive and collective health, security, and provision of every individual and community through and beyond any emergent circumstance of environment or fate. At some level, the happiness of the individual human soul in its own community is the most which the world could hope for each of its citizens to attain. There are also, within and external to oneself, in addition of and in conjunction with municipal economic harmony and culture, the pre-eminent and consequential springboards for (revolutionary/counter-revolutionary/geo-political) action and activity, through which confrontations and alliances are arranged among the varying levels and organizations of humanity and the earth, which having created themselves determine the reflective or integrative qualities at and among each of the respective and convergent scenes and categories of their derivation and occurrence. The scientific legitimacy and credibility of this document must be viewed in the context of theoretical and experimental physics and (esoteric) psychology, contrasting and elevating itself into the domain of the "suspected" rulers of the "Earth", howsoever overturning or being overturned in and of the resulting framework and its existing judgement and revaluation of itself. 140. Activating and animating the sum of elements and forces involved with humankind's relationship with the Solar System and geothermal radius of Earth, inclusive of and concurrent with the empirical evolution and destiny of the totality, flux, and alignment of other galaxies or clusters of stars and planets for themselves, may highlight these hypothetical and drastic scenarios (and dialectical extremes), - including the means of their potential reconciliation or alternative, in order to envision and counteract (for itself) the highest risk and greatest threats to our "collective" survival, amid the continuing functioning of the interdependent units of one's greater and wholistic environment, through whichever phases, distances, and pressures occur the exacting and unified expression in the sustaining and operation of the mechanisms for the universal salvation and upliftment of all beingness and life. 141. The absolute control over agriculture and weather could simply involve protecting and conserving the "progressive" tendencies which are maintained on the Earth because of "Itself". Unlimited/unrestricted supplies of (fuel), electricity, and building materials may simply not be (or, in fact, never were) available to prior/future generations (intermediate stages) of humanity, although there will inevitably be an inclusive sum (and potential) of which the remainder is derived. The vehicle (and station) which is displayed on the wall reflects the orientation of the lenses which survey and are depicted of themselves, and also the portal through which teleportation would occur through to corresponding dimensions and occurrences of (light). The fabric of the mind, constituting the vision and alignment with the engine and energy of the "soul", therefore coats itself with and branches among the archetypes of the perserverance and establishment of the initial and final states of its being in the reality of this (earth). 142. The strength of unity must begin with oneself, in the sum of one's individual and connective responsibilities, and only thus may humankind pledge and maintain itself to the values of which the one community is formed. 143. Wherefore the actions of Israel reflect on the State of the God of our people, our basic loyalty must not prevent us from consistently encouraging objective arbitration among its "Arab" and international relations. Wherefore, all people may be brought to know and trust this God, in its representation in and by the people of the earth, all nations must similarly remain pressured toward mutual understanding and inclusivity among the actions of their respective governments and borders. 144. The investment of the multinational corporation in international development reflects also the contribution of each government towards aid and the efforts of international solidarity. The moon, by even partially reflecting the light of the sun, could shield the darkness of unbeing from the fact of one's existence. 145. Towards the extreme scenario of the absence of the sun, or of adverse solar conditions, the human will must imagine itself capable of simulating and containing similar or enhanced qualities and core conditions of reality and the all-being of itself. The lawfulness of the consideration of this power structure must itself remain expressive of the mutual dependencies, alliances, and faith in the specific will of one's Command.

146. Subdividing the consciousness into the alertness of pain and of mental activity should enable the understanding of the "pressured" environment to remain integrated with the controlled detachment from itself. That the central government would seek to dismantle or disestablish rogue operations of the intelligence - within the limits of justifiable cause and, in a "free" society, towards the just liscence and opportunity of "responsible" involvement and activity - simply reenforces the prior foundation of maintaining at least some form of connection with the "governance" of one's society, however, of one's life, this could be most practicably attained. 147. The transitory body, having fully constructed and extricated itself (from the materials of its origin), or howsoever thereof retaining or remaining with the core extension of itself, being one's root and connection with the unified will of (all) Causality, in addition to the conservation (and dispersion) of its being in form and the "renewed" participation in and involvement with the productive conflux of "reality", will also, with the tools it has made available and according to the adjunctivity and modification of its collective station and parameters, maintain and continue the dual responsibility and efforts of internal/ international outreach, global diplomacy, and foundations and awareness of epistemological, metaphysical, and ontological totality and being. 148. While the central network possess the funding and resources to enable its operations, the civil network must enable and aggregate the allowance and directory of its own provisions and support. Aerial and land enclosures and drone and missile coordination are both theoretical actualities and practiced (contingent) strategic (posturing) and maneuvers. The inevitability of this "will", given the sum of forces which would potentially or emprirically advance in its absence, could serve either to enable or restrict the population of its "liberty". 149. From a scientific, if not an ethical, perspective, the question might be: does the manure, meat, and effort which these animals produce justify the water, food, and effort which is required to raise them? Those animals which are allowed to graze, and the form and extent of this "grazing", must not then take precedence over or obstruct the other vital regions and purposes of the wholistic ecology. At most then we have a question of moderation and of means and, at minimum, the use of the animal by-products at the duration and the cause according to which the animal expires. 150. The land which was annexed in the act of self-defense against aggression should rightly extend the boundaries of Israel to the existing state of the occupied settlements of Palestinian terrain. It must be demonstrated, however, that the military suppression of a people was contingent only upon their acknowledgement of Israeli and International Authority. 151. Most responsibly we must always give precedence to the Truth and Brilliance of the material which preceded us in the path of our eternity. 152. The "final" word shall only accompany the complete separability/abstraction from/identification with the weight and measure which contain/contained the purpose and the origin of one's beginning. 153. The investment and technology which is loaned or shared between the developed or with the developing world necessitates, at some level, the continued support and profitability of the operation for itself, there being, as yet, no basis for the directly democratic appeal for mutually beneficial efforts to occur. Theoretically, a more prosperous nation could only continue to give (to the central organization) only to the extent that the other more prosperous nations have done, towards the purpose of bringing all nations to a similar standard and quality of life. Seen together it can be known in what way, according to what pressures, and to what extent each organization is contributed to and contributes to "its" and "other" people. 154. The possession of knowledge (and freedom of spirit) may either transcend, enable, or obstruct the possession of entertainment, wealth, and other material attachments. Application of the suffering which is inherent within the Word of God anchors and activates the illuminance and inevitable providence of the Law in the patience and righteousness of the eternal redemption of itself. Having sown the planes of thought with purposeful activity it is thence possible to witness that which is maintained in the occurrence of the field. 155. The nation and people of "God" must remain the nation and people which we are ourselves, with all historical and geographical correspondences becoming and remaining, we hope, allies amid the connective dominion of our determined Ideal and productive/defensive resolution and existing commonality. The highest example we set to the world is therefore set from across our nation's borders and unto and within our respective communities. Wherefore Christ, having answered for the Jews and for Israel (and for all of humanity), created a people for Himself, with which ultimately reconciled in the national and international unification of governments and cultures.

59 Similarly, within and "outside" of Israel or Christ are the various other denominations or divisions of which someday realized and affected the cause of their inherent and "actual" unity with themselves. (Christ, being, by definition, that which connects a people together with themselves and with God, is pre-existent within the qualities which are the expression of Truth, wherever these have occurred and howsoever will of the Origin of the future appear.) 156. The infringement of liberty and injurious act inevitably confers Authority and Command unto the one being violated, enabling there to be gratitude that, through one's suffering and death, one could (likewise) be of service towards the fulfillment of one's Cause. (Both forces, willing to die against each other, must also/alternately be willing to die/to sacrifice of themselves in the common interests of the Earth.) 157. The possibility of all people being one with God (independently and in sequence) may come through God (Himself and in Spirit) or through any of His (Divine) Intermediaries or Interpreters. [That Christ (literally - His Word), in His function of bridging the "Old" God with "free expression", could include not only Himself, but also any other active and living contemporaneous tradition.] 158. A global democracy which is limited in its functions to the determination of social, economic, and environmental policies among the nations would preempt or forestall that level of federation which could impose taxation and resource distribution upon itself, which would not necessarily, of itself, favor the more populous ethnic or national identities, as was previously supposed. 159. The actuality of Creation and its inherent Ideal are both necessary for the soul to appreciate and harness the Illumination of the Spirit, without which the form diminishes from the vital and enduring (intrinsic) purpose of its "being". 160. The (idea of) the capacity for super-human strength and endurance, if artificially induced, can, nevertheless and consequently, provide the courage and direction to accomplish the most difficult tasks in the natural or ordinary circumstances of one's life. Deep vibrations and sonic bombardment demand a corresponding muscle mass (and raiment of the spirit) in order to deflect or absorb the penetration and disruption of the vital organs and systems of one's body. Against the occurrence of these pressures, the normal physique is enabled to lift tremendous weight and fearlessly oppose and operate the heavy machineries of war. 161. The manifesto and curricula of the New Social Order, from one's cultural and national perspective to the effect of these in international relations, if framed selflessly and dutifully within the context of blatant and extraordinary persecution and offense, (besides proving and establishing the Power of which one is thus endowed), should reveal to all unmistakably, in the event that there were any doubt remaining towards this effect, (and were it not also inevitable according to the innate force of its own momentum and initiative), the primary goodness and desirability of its motives and foundation. 162. With regard to the exemption of the poorest workers from certain forms of taxation, this does not mean that they have not contributed to their government, but rather that their portion of the empire's wealth was received by others, enabling them and requiring that they be the ones to contribute this to their government. 163. In retrospect, the writings and exerpts from the Old Commentary which were given by Blavatsky (and others) could provide the clearest approximation and likeness of the inner and otherworldly traditions which we would encounter of this Earth with and beyond the efforts of her depictations thereof. The religious compass according to which we decide the course of our life actions inevitably remains the progenitor and Father thereafter of all that we produce of our lives. Understanding that everything good that is produced of this earth is part and the product of the Body of Christ should enable His Reign to bring peace to the nations of Earth. Those who call Christ Jesus, being that this is so, should bring us only the joy of knowing what it would be to greet God in His Person. (The Creator, whom we love and trust with our existence, could act only as Himself, if appearing again in the body which He resurrected from Himself.) 164. Those possessing a commodity did not necessarily purchase it of themselves, and could ask only for what they need out of life in exchange. Those wishing to expand would seek more, and having acquired it, would someday themselves be in control of all the rest of the earth. The nation, by breaking the role of monopoly, has gradually forced down the price of every commodity of which its union is formed. The central government, producing money for itself, could acquire for itself anything greater than what its wealthiest citizen might ever, by the laws of its market, accrue. (The measure of the accountability of this organization reflects its accountability of other organizations and of both of these by the people through the mechanism of their government and their perception of themselves.)

165. It could be that those, being born broken off from God, in addition or as a result of the "newness" or "primacy" of the qualities which they've since acquired of the faith tradition, also need recollect for themselves performing in the name of the practices of the original Covenant of the People. (This, of course, being because that, in order to condense the bureaucracy to a single volume, it must be capable of moving backwards as well as forwards upon itself in its essential beingness in time.) 166. The value system of mass production, while helping to ensure the availability and affordability of each product, could also preclude or disrupt an alternative economy built upon different priorities and an alternative system of exchange. 167. Those having killed or with the intention of killing could be targeted by the law for death, which, having been executed, could perpetuate the cycle of violence against itself, with one's entire population (both near and abroad) at risk for retaliation against the effect of one's activity. The concept that the enemy might wish to harm or murder a defenseless population reflects the nature of the grievances or hatred which someone might feel towards one's people or one's cause. Much of killing, besides this, is the result of lawlessness, short-tempered violence or hostility, animal butchery, or complete lack of concern for human life. The punishment for a crime/ or the means of its detterence, must not deny the root of the problem merely for the purposes of maintaining its facilities of mainpulation and control. (While we cannot necessarily spare the enemy from the outcome of their crime, it should likewise be possible to negotiate an end and the absolution of the form of their previous "transgressions".) [Those part of the enemy army could also be/have been unwitting participants in a regime which is outside of their control, making their deaths unfortunate casualties towards the instantaneous and ultimate imperative of their defection, surrender, or defeat.] 168. Unilateral action of one nation against another supplements the regularity and engagement of the multi-lateral alliance and support. The presence of the United States military within its borders and oversees is intended to be a continued detterence against all forms of terrorist and totalitarian aggression, through its deeds and partnerships ensuring the non-violent balancing out of (conventional/ non-conventional warfare) and the weapons of our mass destruction. Each new nation through which these weapons proliferate increases the area of trust in their responsible reservation and disposal, thus while protracted according to the invocation of the popular will against the ultimate causes and occurrences of international antagonsims, hostilities, and war. (Those whose functions it might be/ or include to presume this negative perspective of the human will and conscience must also cherish and value the ideals of Innocence and Virtue, upon the foundations of which the "trueness" of all civilizations must ultimately rest and abide.) 169. Should one with the attribute of psychical projection acquire knowledge of special intelligence operations, this could inadvertently betray to one's enemy one's cause. For this reason, specific knowledge of itself could remain hidden even from oneself in the event of one's close association or involvement. (Or, conversely, the spirit could otherwise conceal from the eyes of the enemy one's every movement in the light which is executed according to the righteousness and necessity of its immediate occurrence.) The utility of projection could similarly be reserved for the function of emphasizing or communicating specific information which would otherwise best serve in the government's interst being known. 170. From a historical perspective, the international economic and military functions acquired and assumed by the United States following its intervention in World War II have persisted in the national and world's interests of ensuring that there exists no gap of power through or into which any national body could seek to develop or extend its national reach unchecked or unopposed by the U.S. or its allied forces. Towards this purpose we have maintained or presumed the trust of the other nations in the fundamental altruism of our sovereign control, awaiting indefinitely that turn of human events which would definitively render these actions unnecessary in the absolute certainty of peaceful relations. That these efforts could serve to heighten the atmosphere of distrust in the world environment, we shall nevertheless, presumably, remain strategically positioned according to the premise that this state of tension will work only towards the ultimate reconciliation and advantage of our governing ideal and framework of policy alignment. 171. While your tolerance is appreciated, and is perhaps a step forward for yourself, the advanced understanding of Christianity, and the reason for Its acceptance by so many intelligent human beings, is perhaps the thing not yet accessible to your thoughts? 172. If one encounters a cause of routine suffering for which one has yet to uncover any viable means of relief or defense, this does not mean that there is no hope of uncovering such a means tommorow, enabling there to be endurance of pain without frustration over its present insolubility or the thought of its continued perpetuity.

60 173. "Neo-Theosophy"/ (Neo-Judaism/ Neo-Christianity/ Neo-Scientification/ etc.), rather than being deemed entirely wrong on principle, are conceivably true only when given in reference or continuance of the "Spirit" of their original "Theosophy". Therefore, all new "theosophies" must be judged in each case specifically only according to their merits, and not according to some absolutist standard of automatic or instantaneous error, self-deception, or omission. 174. The creation of a surplus economy, in which the average worker is only tangentially, if at all, involved with the means and overall strategy of production, must not lose sight of, or must otherwise gradually re-unite itself with, the foundations of the "true" economy in which the authority and sustainability of social wealth are given foremost public recognition and priority. The celebration of the gift-giving capacity of human nature at the height of winter reflects traditionally the continued joy of our transcendence over nature, which, being ecologically short-sighted, while retaining the pure trajectory of the human spirit and imagination of itself, should also now reflect our technical capacity and responsibility to care for this nature, for itself and in our patterns of consumption, in and towards the continuance and inevitability of its vitality and seasonal renewal. 175. Unification with Christ shall express itself as a constant appreciation of those things which are of the Life of the Spirit, and shall also will this constantly over all things of the flesh which act contrary to this Cause, that there shall remain peace in all places though there be the separation from one's body. [(The concern) for the existence of all other persons (and of life itself) because of their/(its) innate divine awareness and potential (the expression of the energies of "law"/love and of permanence) shall enable the belief in Christ to substitute this energy in place of the solitary condemnation (or occurrence) of one's/ (the separate individual's) personal trangressions or misgivings.] 176. While an entire population of gun-owning citizens could outnumber the force of an enlisted army, heavy machinery and rocketry could more quickly decimate their ranks. Retaining sovereignty in the immediate sense is therefore independent from and continuous with the location and authority over military equipment and personnel. 177. Constituting a uniform and continuous collection of volumes into a concise and coherent curricular body does not exclude other renditions of each particular volume or the areas over which other curriculums are unifiedly bound. In order for the "word" which one has acquired through one's work to survive one's death there must be someone to remember it in the exactness of its "state". The livelihood from each one's individual contributions involves the fields of labor with the application of one's "work". A doctrine of true humility should appreciate its intended service while enabling humanity to determine the time, rate, and intensity at which its many volumes are considered. (Being that, in the light, we are routinely aware of and involved with merely the surface of our wisdom, unless we are ourselves specifically addressing any of these particular "matters" of the spirit.) The function within "society" being the required calling through and alongside which the orders of world service are being fulfilled. 178. Overlapping a universal framework and timeline of all the world's religious writings would introduce these to one another (in an equivalent manner) and correlate the establishment of the "ritual" from its origin in time. The creation of rules for the attainment of a higher order of being must be received directly from the Creator Itself. Those who possess the Secret of the World will recognize intuitively the Pathways of Its Being. 179. The production and reception of chemicals in the brain matter somehow influences the cycularity of nervous signalling and motive. Those things which would cause euphoria in life cause also euphoria in the routines of their envisioned occurrence. The visualization and interconnection of Space thereby retains and evokes the existing Harmony of its Condition. 180. The correspondences among religions, rather than detracting from themselves, could strengthen the form and meaning of the existing ceremonies. The existence of the Creator, of Itself, is the energy through which one channels one's Highest Intentions. 181. A collection of "textbooks" with no purpose in time, unless provided with a key to themselves, does not suggest or enforce the nearest path to "their" consummated "activity". Esoteric consultation and exoteric "discipline" should not constitute mutually exclusive pathways towards the attainment of Control in one's Society. The residence and purchase of the independent "habitation" should not be considered or forced into being the preferential alternative to the collective or "integrative" environment. Whatever other religions we might elseways acquire, our highest truths must remain those foremost which we (collectively) have at first contained within ourselves.

182. The emphasis upon local agriculture does not underestimate the scale or distance of production, nor the opportunities of trade; it merely connects the local citizenry, to the furthest extent possible, with the existence and utility of the soil resources that are available to them. 183. The application of Consciousness is constant and cannot be interupted by the externalities of pain or diversion. [The act of intolerable/causeless abuse (or "evil"), being reduced to a mere phenomenon to be avoided and counter-acted on "worldly" levels, can therefore be responded to objectively, and not resonate on "personal" levels of stress reaction which merely compound the physical with unnecessary and self-destructive "emotional" complications. Substituting the positive potential and potency of the light (auto-regulated and adjusted through the sustainment and effusion of the upper triad of the bodily centers) therefore remains the secondary step (concurrent process) necessary in off-setting the disruptive advances of psychological antagonisms and disorder.] 184. The active recirculation (evocation) of the signs constitutes the means of accomplishing specific directives or trends. 185. Self-identification with the masses is key to the visualization and projection of the inter-constructive potentiality for itself in the fields and perception of one's "environment". [Therefore is this "environment" arisen from, and a manifestation of, the "soul nature" of the peoples encountered (in the lucid "reality" of one's waking "dream").] 186. Those having advanced unto God, being there and the cause of our beginning, could observe and affect us purposefully as we become unto themselves, as they were in their turn affected by the factors which preceded them. 187. Among any body of literature, or literature itself, there are a finite number of "concepts" or "ideas", which, extracted from themselves, would convey the "essence" of what is known and/or contained within itself. The boundaries of the information which is/ (was) unwritten or obscured results in proportion with the (componential) feasibility within the scope and Grand Design of the Greater Mind of "Itself", the number of attributes which are contained in "Expression" reflecting the finite constraints of mortal thought and collective memory (etherialization)/ acquisition. Providing a new foundation to the "program" also allows for the unification of qualities throughout the continuity of the implicit ("being") and pattern of "growth". 188. Persons with no conception of the need or basis of a permanent home or shelter, without the knowledge or opportunity of acquiring these for themselves, or othewise pusuant of the high (or "antiquated") ideals of poverty for itself, social justice, and communal wealth, could culminate in a life-time of homelessness and sorrow, unless these ideals are brought to fruition through the agency of steadfastness and community redemption. 189. Intelligence offices and military installations would theoretically recieve instructions from federal levels regardless of the states in which they are located, although, being independent in space and time, could resolve themselves into local agencies and, prior to their intervention, act contrary to the explicit Purpose of Command. 190. [Besides the theoretical underpinnings of an ideal federal government and national defense, there remain the violations of the spirit, because of which there can be no trust established between oneself and one's environment as it currently exists. Therefore this environment, at every level over which exercising this offense, is to be considered a forsaken habitat, which, while cooperating towards certain agendas, is of necessity avoided until, on some determinable foundation, proving itself inclusive and protective of one's beliefs in its alliance.] 191. That one has accomplished the work that one has is testament to the strength of resolve and vital importance of this mission. In the interests of the world federal democratic government, retaining the goodwill of the countries and continents would conceivably be necessary in order to prevent or avoid a hypothetical shift unto a tyrannical super-majority of the densely populated regions. Areas yet under the rule or threat of violent extremists reveal the scope and distance of the obstructions to the occurrence of this "ideal" state being fully visualized. [Enabling the majority to unify in a just and "friendly" national and international coalition is a prerequisite of the national groups beginning or being able to perceive themselves as such.] 192. That the atomic mass of the elements could be inferred from their diffraction relates with the classification of each substance from the unified substances which preceded it. The principles of physics could behave differently in different regions of the Cosmos, although one's "reason" may only approach those possibilities which it can theoretically contrive.

61 The quality of love in response to aggression is the light of the soul which has uplifted humanity and enabled its detachment from the laws of the "earth". 193. The beauty of the theosophical system is that its initiation should result in the enlightenment and tolerance of every "mind" it encounters. The commentaries, having substantiated themselves, could hyper-contextualize the scope and effect of the stanzas from which they were deduced. 194. The nervous system enables the brain to grasp and connect with every region of the body. This produces a gyration within the brain itself according to its function in automatically regulating and maintaining the cycularity of the body's rhythm, and also an emanation which is responsible for the synaptic viability of the "soul's" condition. 195. The mechanical forms animate the dense substrate of matter much the way the planetary surface and bodies represent the vehicles and dense outer shell of cosmic radiation and "will". The stage according to which the mind is investigating the phenomenon constitutes the initiatory boundary and phase of each level of substance in the monad's development.

a deferred responsibility] while (potentially) doing nothing to change, or affect (or themselves making worse) the system of societal values or expectations which had caused each of these "problems" to begin with. "Social services" and voluntary institutions could also argue that, with proper "rehabilitation", the labor/ rent economy is within sufficient grasp and a "justifiable" alternative and that none should overburden the extraordinarily wealthy (or the basis of the economic system which establishes them) for this particular cause or for any other "reason".] 202. It must/ (could perhaps?) therfore be determined if the central intelligence agency, or its (national)/ equivalent, (and) at the local level, will (continue to) endorse (comply with) this process of "awareness" or (continue to condone its misconception and/or those who would) act with violence to repress or destroy the "opportunity" of "growth". (For the very wealthy to "give" away their money on a more universal scale would certainly, nevertheless, create and allow for "great" and fundamental "changes" in "Society".)

197. The fact of one's being tortured is, at most, unto its very end, merely an illustration of the need to combat against the principle of torture for itself. The justification of one's labor, while or if wherefore not immediate of itself, will only become clearer in proportion that this labor increases and takes hold. One's very incredulity towards the idea of actual "inherent" malice towards oneself certifies the expectation of trust in the distant state of "one's" condition.

203. (Those who rent/ (lease) realizing, of course, that they themselves "own" the home which they have paid for through their efforts, howsoever contributing this "stipend" to the "community" itself.) That which could (theoretically) go towards creating for any other individual or group a "greater" sum of wealth (accounting, of course, for the cost of maintenance, improvement, and the original investment and the potential of municipal payment and independent reinvestment into other useful activity), in any effect, simply requiring that we, ourselves, also create a "greater"/ or equivalent sum of "wealth" and acknowledge (the illusory "condition" of) our indebted caste as a perpetual/ (circumstantial) consequence (in the mode) of (the expression of) "hierarchy" (as it currently exists). Those of moderate wealth (to those of most extreme fortune), having attained this pay grade through years of service (or other means) must consider themselves secure (and immune) to the (moratorium) and appropriattion of the inordinate sums which were acquired through exploitative and deceptive monetary practices for themselves (and/or themselves - the former (if not also the later) - determine (or address) [within and without the limits of corporate, trade, and national governance and "consorted" foundation] the maximum advantage of gain and that which should be redistributed throughout "society") [for or towards the direction or general upliftment thereof.]

198. Weaponry and intelligence are ultimately of equal importance in the cause of our defense, although the right use of the later, while supervening the former, should tend towards making the necessity of its function obsolete.

204. With (and towards) the reconciliation of these (political) issues, it must be recalled, are the knowledge of symbols (and "living" conditions) which at once enable (prioritize) and transcend the scale of their active causality.

199. It is possible for one, having acquired wisdom at a sufficient time, realizing that glory is no respect of one's profession in life, to work at any profession for modest means without craving the designation that goes along with being accredited with possessing "greater" information or ability. That is, if one has understood and approximated the system and nature of each "rank" and discipline, through the result of one's personal striving towards "achievement" itself, it matters not whether the "system" confers this status or privilege unto a life which has already accomplished itself as an "individual", enabling all others to perform and pursue the spectrum of duties which are best in the reach of their own fiery attainments and aspirations. (Of what advantage, one might contend, would it be to "learn", and of what incentive would it be to practice these abilities, as if those who "did" did not do so because of their innate preference towards these forms of activity and conscious exertion for themselves. This trend of thought inconsequently re-implicating the entire system of imbursement while answering, with the preceding, and with that which further follows, for the alleged unwillingness to labor without there being sufficient compensation or compulsion.)

205. The notion that all persons should strive to attain a "degree" in some manner of useful activity (wherefore ideally inclusive of each identity and person) should not distance the spectrum of work-place activities which should themselves relate directly with the knowledge and control of the production of the collective "yield" and divested surplus of "capital". The practitioners of "science" should likewise seek to share their system of responsibilities among the citizenry which must likewise seek to be thus unto themselves. (It is that all agencies of the "defense", whether garbed by private "functions", are connected in one person in the utility of one's "intention".) The ethics of the earth as a "creature" (or ecology) which requires our protection is something of which humanity is becoming "conscious" at every level of its world "awareness". (The "cyborganic" aspects of the one reality, are, of course, cumulative in the understanding (and expression) of their mutual influence and effect.)

200. Home/ (business) "ownership" (use of land/propery/capital) could be made a possibility for every poor person, if only the very wealthiest people could be forced (persuaded?) to show concern for their existence. They would not require the "grandest" of living estates and could, at the very least, according to the immediate need of each resident and established immigration process, collectively own and manage the "apartment" (housing) complexes/ work environments, (coinciding and co-extenuating the municipalization of all businesses in general) from and unto the sovereign level of the confederated system of states and towns constituting (constituant) of established municipal neighborhoods and population districts. These factors, taken together, would serve to educate and strengthen the trust of the most vulnerable "communities", which might otherwise think a life of crime preferable (to that of service) and thereby create, beyond the threat to life and property and the means of apprehension, an unfortunate and unnecessary population of "prisoners" (and felons). [From a democratic perspective, into the far distant future, the transformation of the inlying and outlying perimeters will therefore progress towards the symbiosis of intentional construction and utility at acceptable distances from, and in accordance of, each of one's "highest" attainable forms of accomodations and transit.]

206. The surface level of creation, rather than extracting and departing from the core of materials from which it was created, could serve to conserve and uplift the materials required for the further creation of itself. The focus on the "being" of the "word" of which we are "part" could otherwise simply remain "itself" if it had also in its possession an exact and reduplicable "copy". Containing sufficient "material" should enable "one" to function within the "Greater" program, if living conditions yet make this most probable at or from some other trajectory and confluence of space and time. Work upon a revised edition of the one edition of (one's) self is thus a near or distant priority in the productive sum of one's total activity.

196. The power of the Old Testament to reveal the strength and wisdom of ancestral containment enables the individual mind to acknowledge the one and prior attainment of the infinte and collective totality, sparing one's own "finite" word from the curse and deception of its own absolute law of authority and control. Faith in Christ likewise should enable His disciples to be, at most, merely follwing in the example that was set before them, besides gathering them in Spirit with that which is of the Creation of the Lord.

201. [The prison system could, of course, object that they are the safest means of providing public services and supervision, [besides this being true in many cases, this sort of "presence" within the community would be a continued requirement, if, perhaps,


207. The range and accuracy of the ballistic missile would require an amount (intensity) of fuel (or medium) in proportion with the payload, speed, and distance it must travel before completing its trajectory. This principle would likewise have a bearing on the location and method of delivery of the vehicles and weapon systems and the types and organization of the forces which deploy them. [Also, in this respect, are the varying (uses of) programming underlying the proliferation and instrumentality of cyber technology and guidance systems which provide the infrastructure and weapon systems with their core functionality and lethal precision.]

62 The biological contagion, whether naturally occurring or human caused, while difficult to consider, would require that the best means of artifical immunization remain consistently available. 208. [With regard to psychological assualt, it was learned that absolute personal refusal to speak (at inhuman levels - except in the least of terms to undo or dispel the false negative conjurations) or to project audio voice transmission of any kind (or any more than tolerable or instrumental for one's communication, illumination, or diversion) limited the number of suggestions through which the vehicles of persecution could act, although these could (if they so choose or within or in accordance of the established limits and duration of their intended "purpose" or terrain) certainly generate a corresponding intensity of sound and hypnotic dissonance with or without the materiality of any "existing" vehicle to act upon.] 209. A global economy in which all or the majority of nations feel free or open to trade with all other nations and to participate in multi-national institutions, while not prohibiting regional integration or priority, could, at the very least, stand in opposition to one in which separate groups trade in unequal or antagonistic terms. Such an attitude would allow the comparitive advantage of natural/capital resources and labor demographics to shift with and towards the existing trends and ideal scenario of the forseeable course of international development. 210. The various branches of mathematics and physical sciences culminate, from a certain perspective, in the "central" computer and electronic network of topology. Connecting suppliers with consumers, (contracting from among each existing agency of "government"), and monitoring of domestic and international realitions, exist for "federal" purposes and for the "organization" of economic distribution. The industrial "process" of a nation would perhaps resist infiltration of their designs by "foreign" nationalities, except where these exist in conformance with the established patterns of interaction and exchange. 211. The maturation of the average age of each nation's population, and of the world system as a whole, could reflect the acquired wisdom of stability in internal and international activity, which, while constrained by the decreasing numbers of the active labor force, could yet experience persistent youthful conflict demanding greater opportunities of advancement and reform. 212. One's response to a physical pressure or environment which approaches the intolerable could (short of complete dominance or decimation of the given "threat" itself) be the immediate withdrawl from this environment, should this option exist, the psychological expression of anger or despair (or the fatalistic retabulation of the contiued plight of one's "injustice"), or the (attempted) evocation of a (state of) superphysical ecstacy or bliss, however this state would manifest itself in one's "mental" awareness. From that form of irrational enmity which could be considered, at most, the mere absence of spirit, one could simply answer by (the becoming of) one's being (of) this spirit oneself. The visualization and appreciation of the rainbow colored lights, refracting through themselves out of the darkness of eternity, could serve to connect one somehow with the firm vision of cosmic "solidarity" and mortal "redemption" of earth. [Once (and to the extent that) one has made a decision to undertake (continue with) a mission (or objective) at perilous odds, it is necessary that one place all further possibility of injury or death to one's person undeviatingly out of one's "thoughts".] 213. In order to maintain (or accomplish) faith in the "solidarity" of one's union, it could be necessary to accept that, at any time, it could do no more than that which its "internal" population of itself had the opportunity to specifically prohibit or condone. The concept of "home" may then remain inclusive of all that came before without excessive rationalization or divergence from the existing or resulting form of one's "attachment". 214. The patterns formed within (withof) the "rainbow lights" could emerge within and because of the innate contours of the electrical and synaptic signalling of the brain. That there are the existence of these "lights" manifest within one's mind could also indicate the pathway and form through which consciousness is liberated from the "experience" of the body. 215. In order for Christianity to advance towards the ideal "moral" economy which was in fact envisioned by Christ, it must be realized that the association with "capitalism" and monetary investment was a false and misleading blind (hinting at the obstruction and work which must be accomplished prior to the "return" and fullfillment of His Mission) and not an unqualified endorsement of monetary and banking interests in general, which, while at their most altruistic, have conserved the collective will of one's society, have nevertheless distorted and precluded the true spirit of the doctrine of the Religion which He enstated on the earth. 216. Retaining the context according to which the "theosophical" literature unfolds, these being the origins of world culture and intra-cosmic evolution, facilitates a framework of mind through which to assimilate and process the existing remainder of its "doctrine".

That matter itself evolved and must continue to evolve into new elements and properties corrresponds with the evolving capacity of the human organism to direct and to perceive them. The turning point at which the descent of spirit into matter (the path of material evolution) is complete occurs at the midway point of the chain at which the evolution of the spirit begins once again to liberate itself from the physical manifestation of causality. 217. The "pure" form of the mathematical and physical equation, according to the epoch of its original use and understanding, could be obscured somewhat if presented firstly amid the context of their superficial or modern applications, if nevertheless conveying, in the secondary sense, the beauty and interconnectivity of life for itself and the contemporary sequence and evolution of their prevailing functionality. It could also be reasoned that each "novel" application is a unique phenomenon unto itself of infinite and independent merit, of which the variation, permutations, and subsets of formulaic problems and examples are merely the fundamental, developmental, and precursory foundations. Combining the various methodologies and approaches into a single volume or various subsets of instruction constitute yet one of a vast array of educational opportunities and possibilities available for personal use and institutional qualification, each, at some level, sufficiently equivalent and congruent with all others, being at the discretion and verification of organizational autonomy. A national or regional non-profit educational archetype or variation of archetypes could serve to make all forms of knowledge universally accessible among the respective populations, to the extent that there could ever be accomplished wide-spread corroboration or acceptance of the "official" status and composition of the one curriculum of itself. Corresponding with and complicating this potential are the frameworks and liberty of political, social, and religious ideologies which are, or as not, currently left to the differentiated choice of the individual or factionated citizen. 218. The Monad(s), projecting themselves into matter, must themselves remain "conscious" of the Absoluteness of their Condition, even until the dweller(s) within the lower form (including each infinitesimal microcosmic unit, being the reflection of themselves) attains through its experience the Principle of Unity through which this Absoluteness is derived. The cyclic creation and destruction of the universe (and the duality of the forces through which this process is composed) are mirrored at every level in the progressive and cyclic reconstruction of every tissue of the form. 219. The distribution of purely "electrical" components within the printed circuit contextualizes the enabled "electronic" potencies of central processing and network of systems integration. 220. The appearance of the "other", regardless of which form it chooses to display, should ultimately be involved with its own reality and performing some equal aspect of the united Cause. In the place of antagonism, therefore, there can be, from and surrounding this point of tension, the concentrated rotation and projection of all necessary and transcendent routine functions and interests. (A process which, rather than being interupted, would, regardless of its trajectory, remain consistent with the central goal of its Highest Ambition.) 221. Organizing the body of labor in a cooperative form could create a permanent culture of resistance against the corporate control of market rules and Identity. (Those "identities" which, it proves, are valid have merely then to further demonstrate the fundamental truth of their core intention.) As opposed to (or concurrent with) expecting the future and remainder of world society to attain toward the current and projected standards of western consumption and economic growth, perhaps it would be preferable if we (all - collectively) strove toward a reduced median threshold of per capita requirements. The quality of life and freedom must continue within reduced limits on the demand for greater and additional resources. (Increasing the ecological quality of those in the poorest of conditions - and therefore the balance of the planet overall - requires perhaps a readjustment of mindset and values moreso than of any actual abstract of arbitrary economic "spending" constraints.) There could therefore be a continued or even greater median abundance so far as this would consist only of the production and consumption of all things in a responsible and sustainable manner. 222. The discipline to labor within the lower quadrants of the mind could derive from and reflect the humility to trust and rely upon the higher guidance of authority within the given span of time. 223. If understood to be part of a concerted effort of limiting resource consumption overall, and of a strategy of strengthening the energy independence of the national economy, this could help to assuage the demonstration against (or at the least, the adament rejection of) the potentially hazardous effects of the new and existing forms of domestic resource extraction.

63 The quantity of growth of the national economy (and per capita utilization thereof), rather than continue to be measured in absolute terms, could reflect the "quality" of the sectors independently, emphasizing the continued stability of all that which is deemed of most vital individual and national importance. Adding value to the economy, in the sense of producing more and better things, would involve the dispensation and employment of those involved with this production, while abiding within the contraints of ecological renewability and spatial containment. As opposed to producing or acquiring new and refined machinery and equipment each year (or of otherwise actively and regularly adapting and upgrading the entire product line of "reusable" technology), and counting this an additional sum, there could be added or carried over the continued viability of all previous years' (net) productions. Accounting for the economic resilience of all decaying products or materials could serve to modify the criteria according to which are measured the directed focus of all (active or remaining forms of concurrent/contemporaneous) economic growth. The fact that a nation may have sold itself into debt to pay for its "services" could reflect the trust according to which those with the ability to pay were allowed to invest this sum towards other purposes or agendas. A nation or "federal" body which possesses its own resources would not require "taxation" except to redistribute or acquire the existing wealth which is (independently) held among the "people". 224. Any satellite stationed above a nation's borders, sophisticated enough to monitor all movement within the national periphery, would, I presume, be detectable from other military observations. The lawful detonation of rougue nuclear facilities would require international consensus in order to avoid the provocation of regional trespass and consequent global war. At some time or another, unto the present day, every civil society has/ (will have) maintained a similar (characteristically variated) or more universal (comprehensive) mode of dress and code of Order. One of the (primary) purposes of the military (rather than being themselves the cause of these things) could (also) be the protection and liberation of its citizens from the occurrence of any unjust control or detention facilities. 225. Radiation of the One Power can never allow its energies to be dissipated into matters of personal contention or strife. (The perception of) militarization, rather than provoking or necessitating conflict, could merely emphasize and illustrate the (fact of the) "sameness" of the side that we're on. The spirit which is "troubled" will project itself towards those alternatives which it thinks most "rational", while the perceptions of the lower self alternate with the unresolved conflicts and issues as these emerge. Continued goodwill and unity among the separate states, despite their differences, will continue to be hoped for, if understood that there is no gaurantee of the expression and occurrence of these qualities in our future unless worked toward and proven/ (caused) to exist. 226. Of that which one has gathered unto oneself one must be most protective, as all of one's work is then bound up in one object of which oneself is the only (producer) in the event of (its) accidental loss or destruction. It should always be possible to avoid this much of one's being occurring in any (one) separate or vulnerable "form", enabling the concentration of all "work" to be performed upon the pre-constructed material of the given or established institutions themselves (of which inevitably being of oneself/ or the reflection thereof because having become the creative sum over all existing display and arrangement of "content".) [The physical form of one's printed "mind" (involving the cost, labor, and uncertainty of the present mode of its production) - in the event of its expulsion or (permanent) departure from the (ostensibly fortified though assualted) refuge in which it was constructed and previously housed - cannot be left unattended out of doors, nor (in the context of the broader platform and curriculum itself) - besides that which, through training and exposure, the memory itself may functionally access and utilize at will carried frequently (in its entirety) on account of its bulk, and must seek for itself "walls" or protected space (should these "things" be of any certain or lasting value to oneself) until and in order to be/ or retain the potential of being (permanently) (re)connected with itself.] 227. The work of creating a framework of modified content (or "completed" instruction) begins with the most essential (the "notes" that one takes), and, if requiring additional "features", could transfer additional content (to the effect of becoming, with the clarification of the notes one has written, a transformed replica or abstraction of the previous volumes themselves), including each question with the work one has written, if bound and printed together in a clarified "form", one then not only having become "oneself" but also the path of becoming itself. (While it is instructive to defer to the textbook material during the course of one's instruction, the majority of the source material will have relocated somewhere more accessible, unless (in addition to the work that one's "work" then provides) one wishes to defer the course of instruction itself to one's "previous" materials.) [Control over the "form" of printed information/instruction parallels the control of the architecture and content selection of all other forms of media in general (these being likewise dedicated to the control and provisionment of the user demand.)]

228. Universal instruction in the way (intention) of harmlessness and purification would awaken the soul to its own nature and bridge the number of active workers necessary for world reform. The love to persevere towards the union with one's state is the only basis of the will through which this could ever be accomplished. (Anger towards any perceived cause of pain or aggression cannot obliviate the soul's capacity to maintain absolute unity with Life.) [At most, the electrified alertness of one's consciousness could simply reenforce the temporality of social forces, with which one is in perfect agreement regarding the manner through which drawing the situation towards its nearest possible conclusion and resuming functional activity.] 229. Interlinking one's mind toward the current efforts of material research indicates the uses toward which we are directing the basic tendencies of "substance". The geographical area of material activity could either relate the ecosystem with itself or impose a monolithic or mechanical order, depending on the uses through which the human population sources the means of its economic productivity. The forces which act between particles in the local environment are also surrounded by and and subsumed within the influence of any interpenetrating energy field. The illumination which permissed the creation of bodies would also persevere in the disappearance or reabsorption into the forms through which these perviously emerged. 230. The existing vehicles of communication and instruction, rather than being of conflicting interest, could sincerely wish only for the truth of the message to be known, regardless or especially because of by whom or for whom it is being spoken or conveyed. The priorities of discussion and communion with others are thus fulfilled through the social contexts which enable them to function. 231. Those books which one has compiled "in secret" from one's "hidden" Father (because of "His" absence) must remain in secret, in deference to the "Father" by which one's works were openly, though never explicitly, obeyed. The body of one's imperfections, though known to be this in one's heart, must continue to protect itself at the expense of one's own life, for however long it takes for the soul to liberate itself again from the confines of its "entrapment". (An exact digital replica, though compensating for the threat of loss, is yet incapable of duplicating the experience of actually "reading".) [That which of oneself which is "seen" or known by oneself or others in reference or application must then exist in mutual solidarity with that material which is of "official" use by the community itself.] 232. Our national institutions, rather than being centered in one location and derived from "central" authority, could derive from and be mirrored in each of the separate states over which their directives are encompassed and fulfilled. The existence of the "state" would then proclaim its own heritage while also proclaiming the heritage of unity with all peoples with which it remains historically and constitutionally "united". 233. The future of warfare, should there ever be the need to openly invade another country, would involve a spectrum of weaponry and tactics which had not existed during previous conflicts, if inclusive of all previous advancements and foundational prototypes. A non-lethal (or minimally destructive) approach to governmental reform is (simultaneously) the first priority of those nations which would seek to attain goodwill upon the earth. 234. Only at the point of knowing what one knows well will one actually need inquire of any additional research. Understanding that and how the "Plan" is a pre-existing (and concurrent) feature of Reality should remind oneself of the process and necessity through and according to which oneself was previously instructed and transformed. 235. The bridge between traditional and alternative "economies", rather than obscuring the issue, could enable all invovled to realize and to participate in the undertaking of this transition. The spirit of the world, while imaginative in its purpose, cannot itself function without becoming so through and of the presence of its actual community. (Unless, of course, in the sense of this "spirit" being itself the manifestation and emergence of the higher potential of its Origin.) 236. Preventing the transnational from infringing on the sovereign community should not (itself) cause the sovereign community to reject all efforts of enforcing an "international" agenda. A mass reduction in/ (stabilization of) the energy/resource expectation and demand of each sector of industry is (perhaps) at the root of the problem as much so as (if ultimately coterminal with) the (potential) contamination resulting from any particular source of domestically/ (geographically) available extraction and/or resource/energy supply. [Unless other economically viable options are considered the public will/ (must?) continue to consume (and produce) those forms of energy/resource-dependencies which

64 prior and existing industries have established over the "process"/ (and/or necessity) of all production and development.] (The "urbanization"/ (civilization) of humanity at some point lost sight of the (imminent)/ per capita requirements of the land which it had formely occupied (rather having gradually shifted the potency, if not the "vitality", of this awareness unto levels of economic responsibility, irrespective, if not systematically contrary, to the actual needs of either the human or the natural ecology), requiring that at some point it/ humanity (also) reassert the balance of which its actions had (formerly) served in the internal management and production of the soil (and aqueous and aerous components of the aggregate "biosphere".)) 237. The distance between the constructive focus of the Imagination and its Reality in Being should not surpass the capacity of the Human Judgement to Reason. [The willingness of one's "Community" to construct and maintain (the interconnectivity of) its network of "outposts" and "fortresses" worldwide does not itself presume thier present function nor the goal of those by which they will ultimately be reinhabited or restructured (both infrastructurally and as instrumental toward strengthening and relegating the "core" of intergovernmental/ (global) responsibility and Alliance.] 238. The government and existing geographical area of the (contemporaneous) state of (Isreal), if officially numbering only the established (Jewish) population as its "citizens" (otherwise maintaining a decisive majority in order not to "elect" the non-existence or secularity of the "state"), could expand (itself) lawfully only through the conversion and collective vision of the adjacent and non-adjacent demographics. Those wishing to remain neighbors must correspondingly recognize the coexistence and displacement from themselves and seek not to oppose the rule (simultaneity) of Authority through any unlawful and ultimately self-destructive means of force. Aligning the "culture" of God with itself and with the commonality would, by its nature, thus while remaining true to "itself", seek otherwise to be inclusive and compassionate towards the upliftment of all people, regardless of (the nature of) their given ethnicity or religion. 239. The frequency according to which the body naturally maintains itself, if interupted by an external field, could select or invoke a higher frequency independent of the physical matrix of causality. Confronted with the prospect of agony or death at the continuance of one's efforts, one can only trust the Creator to conserve that which is of the actuality and continuance of Its Will over one's Being. 240. If it is only through the concertive efforts of the states, or unity, that secuity can be maintained, then the purely "civil" society or autonomous militias, in the absence of a central state, would create a vacuum of power, or the absence of dominance, into which threat or contrary ideology could be enforced. [That which is of an "animal" nature within ourselves, being one with ourselves, is nevertheless known to be the reaction to its own environment, and is therefore at once "respected" and wary of (each) itself accordingly.] 241. In order for all people, considered in each case separately, to feel themselves sovereign and protected in their identity, there could either be maintained or sought after an exclusive domain or mutually agreed an "objective" set of values through which to recognize and accept the diversity among the inclusive control and inhabitance of each inter and trans regional perimeter. The state of "Israel"/ (or Zion) being "greater" in the sense of the idealization of one's National "Origin" (a global federation, in the spirit of God, being mutually protective and compliant - and considerate of others), does not however prohibit the necessity of evolving (the set of) one's national conduct in whichever nation this occurs. [The modern day Temple/ physical constituency/ esoteric base, being the prefiguration of the State, could likewise conserve this "identity" unto itself (the physical connection with and determination of the "Zion" of all peoples), if transsubstantiating and reconciling the realms of the historical and political with the natural and inter-dependent orders of (all) Creation for Itself.] 242. The efforts of the "Christ" to simplifiy and perfect the moral and philosophical code of the (one) religion/ (universal society), while greatly facilitating thereby, must not itself preclude the preexistence (or necessity) of the unified and convergent "Kingdom" of one's devout and observant "humanity". It is possible to prepare us (all) for freedom from this "world" while also making us responsible for the "freedom" and responsibility which must first also exist in others in order for this truth to be made manifest in and over the remainder of our "earthly" existence. 243. (The technique of) synchronization of the internal and external forms of "inner" perception (amid the Idea and evolving Awareness of Intention) is an instrumental catalyst towards the perception and reconciliation/ manifestation (of the Idea) from Its vantage and configuration of or upon the etherial planes. That the cells within one's body (culminating in and from one's conscious direction) abide within a universal rhythm reflects also the organization of all units of terrestial activity in accordance with the culmination and direction of a Higher form of Cosmic or Intelligent Life.

Contemplation of the laws of material reality, while retaining our High ideals for themselves, reveal the complexity and dynamics of the physical universe of which we are yet, for the majority, presently bound, (the fate of "believing" without having yet ourselves attained absolute certainty of the exact end result through which ultimately affecting our final redemption.) 244. A primary difference between civil law enforcement and the code of military justice is the opportunity and effort of apprehending the suspected individual(s) towards later criminal trial and sentence in the former without or notwithstanding the risk of life to the enforcement agent(s) or society. [Or rather, in either the military or the civil situation, the use of force, rather than apprehension or persuasion, is proportionate to the capacity or likelihood of harm which could result if action is not immediately taken, the difference in scale of which emphasizes the gradations towards the necessity of military tactics and order.] 245. That which is subject to the cycles of productivity may be monitored for progress, with gains applied from all previous encounters. Operational profitability could occur only once all productive fields have begun to be of useful service. The activities of business and guild consolidation parallel the cultural diffusion of economic life-potential, resulting in and determining the process which is maintained by our collective humanity. Proven soil practices, the product of generations, are valuable knowledge, and are only with much difficulty reclaimed if are relied upon the efforts of individual research. The same may be said of biomedical technology and pharmaceutical prescription, of environmental and urban planning and the constructs of electrification and mechanology. 246. The urge towards marriage reflects the desire for communion with all humanity and the building of all ideas in the mind of one fixed being of thought. The image of the mother of God conveys the birth of matter from spirit and is universally expressed according to the perimeter and immaculateness of the means of its self-conception. The soul entering into the union of life reflects and recapitulates the gift of the creator for consciousness itself and also (the transition) of light returning from its origin through the solar and electromagnetic embryio of earth. The infinite acquisition of forms from and for this shield unto the quantity of earth reflects also the sealed vessel of its ultimate and over-shadowing self-relinquishment and departure. (The image in the image box remains the most durable and transferrable mode of (one's) given self-expression.) [The living embodiment, being itself the living image, would, of course, remain connected at every level of its being, in preference of the opportunity of its actual and perpetual abidance.] 247. The expression of soul contact will involve the evident will of the one command unto the strategic fortification of all defensible positions necessary for the accomplishment of one's (total) objectives. The idea of power is, in each case, an expression of the qualties of integration over that of dominance, this being for the continued co-existence of a disruptive environment. 248. Definitely a dark reality underneath these grand ideals. Light refracting through of "Creator", God's Will. Whatever's best for the (international) body...but where is the 'head'/ heart. ...the foreign to 'itself'? 249. From the coalition of bankers, to the local colusion of wealth, the concentration of money could do no harm (to one's society or to the health of the global environment) if incapable of being directed towards anything other than (established) lawful purpose. The quadrants of civilization express the loyalties maintained towards each sovereignty and dominion and express also the struggle towards collective unity and growth. The political will of the people towards the uncovery of the world's fortune and elite would result in the resistance to one's government unless these were found themselves (or believed) to be sworn in or upon the (collective) loyalties of our alliance. 250. The sacrifice of one's last reserves in a cycle of loss parallels the divine folly of grace in the heroic struggle towards the future of a more perfect beginning. The calendar of culture, or the collective will, similarly (has) aligned itself with the (turning of) the seasons of the earth. 251. The down-ward pointing triangle of the six-pointed star, interlinking with the upward triangle, correspondingly translates the imaginative (and generative) process unto the plane of pure abstraction. Should therefore the mechanism of our cycularity (i.e. the encoded instructions of our body) be retained and transformed into the creation of a higher form of life, this could bridge the interaction and confinement between the physical and non-physical realms of the inter-luminous reality. The cosmic plane, interpenetrating the solar and terrestial planes (because of itself), could provide the impetus and direction towards which prior and future evolutions of

65 consciousness will unfold in accordance of the acquisition of the potential and nascent awareness of itself. 252. Circulation of the streams of thought, amid the currents of the brain, must not create a centrifugal force obstructing the direct path of concrete mental effort. The response of the subconscious brain to the awakening of the seasons could explain somewhat the zodiacal and environmental influences which surround us. Attaching one's nervous system to one's organs and appendages from above counterbalances the tendency of the "personality" to project and over-estimate the role of its significance in this world. 253. While the idea of goodwill and the one humanity are absolutely imperative for the future of humanity, the mechanism for conserving and reconciling the sovereignty of each regional identity must procede alongside its transformation and acquisition of the greater sum of unity in the inter-national plurity. 254. The state of one's remains, for itself, and at the time of one's departure, could be a reflection of one's preparedness for and the rate and cause of one's earthly transition. During life, the opportunity of keeping a bulk of one's possessions in storage with other people, enabling oneself to persevere externally without complete severance from one's active foundations, would remain a viable option only so long as these people were themselves living or on personable terms, requiring that, at some point, oneself assume responsibility for these possessions or transcend the need for them entirely. Ordinarily, those owning property would simply retain this until the end of their existence, shifting the burden of self-preservation of the living from the dead to the mere continuance of one's outworn (or dependent) earthly attachments in posterity. It could be necessary, also, in order to salvage oneself from those who have caused one great pain in life, despite the efficacy of mortal convenience, to remove oneself entirely from the memory of having ever once existed in this place. Should oneself have never needed to travel with only the weight which one could carry, being economically equipped to transport oneself from one secure location to another, the need for a viable access point to knowledge itself to travel with may never have occured, creating an understanding of the difference between (and ultimate similitude with) the emphasis of the knowledge which is to be retained and the mere technical demonstration of the qualification process which was otherwise implicit to itself. The technical formulas and vital information from among the various fields, abstracted from the subsets of instruction and reference materials, then constitute the condensed framework of all utilizable ideas which cover the body of the collected work in a neatly transportable volume. The infinitude of concrete fact and knowledge, bearing the tension of years of mental processing and development, and given the finitude of mortal consciousness itself, must, at some point, at any rate, simply attain a state of closure or finality, and, besides the work of one's continued purpose or arbitrary growth, maintain a capacity for passive reflection for and over the remainder of the cycle of one's individual existence. Returning the heart of the Word to the essentials of wisdom, and likewise one's spirit to its final place of rest, therefore culminates the path of destiny through which the goal of all experience was at first set forth and divulged.

Vol I Book IV

THE IMAGINARY DOOR I. FOUR PUZZLES II. ALIEN HOMEWORLDS III. A THOUSAND LIVES IV. THE ANNIHILATION OF SELF V. UNDER THE GROUND VI. LITERARY METAMORPHOSIS VII. GATEWAYS OF LIGHT ............................................................................................................................. I. FOUR PUZZLES 1. The balance/ distribution/ arrangement of nutrients/ cicuitry/ (life-energies) / material resilience available to a crop or species/ component or tissue (of the organic/ cybernetic whole) would limit (or facilitate) its capacity for activity or growth in the directions

towards which pre-conditioned by nature or programmed or directed by subconscious or physiological intention. The transmigration unto the "illuminous" plane would certainly preclude/ (resolve/ supercede) these limitations/ vulnerabilities from life, if nevertheless this must never, in the interim of mortal understanding and expectancy of life, cause us to become oblivious to the exigencies of overt and blatant causality, (these being, in turn, the foundations of all material and non-material possibility, substantiating, in each trajectory, the inherence and insistence (of one's belief) in the continuance and furtherance of (the preconditions of) one's "actual" reality.) This concept (of transcendental absoluteness or "totality") has reference to the framework of "physics" knowledge, in the interrelation of overt, subatormic, and macrocosmic forces, in relation to both its technical applications and to the key to understanding all natural and living processes in general, paralleling and correlating the "theosophical" conception of mind, and also (the availability/ accessibility of) the network of human beings and observations through which verifying and demonstrating the "absoluteness" and operability of this Being of Itself. 2. The presence of the noble ancestor or righteous affiliate (and brother) in the power of divine protection and authority (in addition of one's relationship with God directly, through one's understanding and knowledge of His Character and Word) could provide the basis for emulation of strength and evocation of aid and wisdom in the time of one's imperil, (supplementing, wherever possible, the manifestation of power and cooperation in the "living" group of one's existing unity and body), and rationally grounds the need for a sense of connection with one's past, one's present, and with the Eternal Host, whether expressed independently through the Christ or through any other of the religious and historical figures (and Legions) which have preceded or which shall accompany Him in Time. There is, just the same, a (profound) capacity for prayer and (trans-mortal) cooperation/ mobilization/ or affinity in and towards a time of peace, in accordance with His Will, towards the unfolding and expression of the innate beauty and knowledge of all Creation and future destiny of "Earth", in and of the emergence and evolving Nature of the (Eternal) Kingdom of the Soul, (being itself the expression of the All-Pervading Archetype and Living Embodiment of Spirit.) 3. In and towards the event of a world catastrophe (or towards a sustainable civilization for itself), the role of central government, rather than merely preparing to be defensible of itself and maintaining central order, should also, while conserving the hope of unity for itself, prepare for and to relinquish its authority (in the last vestige of human sovereignty) to the autonomous communities, which would then, in the most part, beyond the overt threat of military mobilization and defense, be responsible irregardless for maintaining the role of civil authority and protection of themselves. Civil society, by taking a similar or paralleling approach to individual and national/ global preparedness and "order", (besides where themselves ideally responsible for the integration and formulation of the policies and operation of the central state in the present form of its existence), could thereby avert the role or threat of catastrophe in creating this critical and inevitable transition to a sustainable ecology. 4. [Note: this article applears to have been intended as an 'April Fool's' joke and not realistic policy discussion.] [The "I" of that which is "me" is something entirely different from (and moreso than) the meagre quality of its "outward" appearance (or origin).] (I don't think either/any of "us" has had the final say upon the (ultimate) "appearance" of this "work".) 5. The containment and proper handling/ treatment of (the potential sources of) contamination (in reference to the analogy of the individual and macroscopic "body") could prevent the unnecessary exposure to (or "spread") of carcinogeous or detrimental influences which could otherwise serve or be applied towards useful purposes of "matter". 6. ...lest 'they' should close their minds (eternally) to the Great Friend which God has provided for us through 'Himself'. 7. The ecosystem (of its entirety) must remain alive in our thoughts, which requires an intricacy and interest of perception and presence of (mental) light which, individually and culturally, proves difficult to foster or sustain at a contemplative level on a consistent and ongoing basis. The repeated kindling of the fires is therefore awakening us all to the majesty of the earth, with hope in time to spare us all from the event of its unnecessary and untimely destruction. 8. [The conclusion of the previous volume, rather than suggesting that the end has already been accomplished, highlights and foreshadows the significance and nearness of this possibility for itself.] 9. Between the light of the world(s) and the light of the body is the image of the "word", which is a reflection of the One True Word which connects all Reality with Being. Attuning oneself with this Light through uninterupted faith in (and diligence towards) its destiny and motives, attunes oneself also with the Light (and potential of Light) in all others through which the attributes of this Plan are being (simultaneously) developed in the Spirit of its emergent expression.

66 10. That which by its nature must remain of the spirit would, according to this nature, express the invisibility and transparency of the material form. 11. The "work" which one could theoretically have simply carried of oneself (in this case, in terms of the acquisition and refinement of a "centralized" set of instruction) simply forestalls the benefit and inevitable task of its completed reconstruction and alignment (into an "otherwise" more accessible and "useable" form.) 12. The material over which one is tested, or expected to have learned, and the correctness and validity of the types of answers which are provided, are logically predetermined by the content of the books and instruction through which this learning is presumed to be imparted and received. 13. The narrative which the "bureaucracy" publicizes about the ideology and stability of the global environment, and that which is publicized about itself through the universities, religious institutions, and general population, establish the organization of the Plan / or State towards which humanity is (ultimately) striving to attain. It is possible for the actual rulers of government/ (the intelligence council) to centralize the instruments of destruction/ (the overt means of force) for the citizens' protection, while also endeavoring to create an atmosphere of global disarmament and peace/ (truce). (The Plan of municipal ecological reconstruction and confederal environmental legislation [ICLM] also involves the perception of the automation, interconnectedness, and transformation of the given "vehicles" of Earth.) [Preparing for, and potentially off-setting the occurrence of, severe climate change and the extreme weather event, and the protection and rehabilitation of the public in the event thereof, is, nevertheless, a concertive effort of the federal, local, international, and scientific communities, which communicate/ interact with themselves and monitor the conditions of the planet via the emerging science and technological infrastructure.] 14. The journey of the apostles in the Acts parallels/ (corresponds with) the efforts of the Jews (and other People) to establish the mortal redemption and eternal salvation of humanity through the revealing and understanding of the inner character of the Creative Word and the civilization of Its People. The Church therefore has the capacity of becoming something entirely new through Christ, while inheriting and benefitting from the explicit moral wisdom of the Father which gathered together/ (and attracted, through His Love and Might) the very nature of the People which produced Him. 15. Our first experience of Teaching was the Teaching of ourselves. The critical nature of our remaining true to the Spirit of the Lord reminds us to this very day of our close dependence on the (Being of the) Word. The possibility of the Jewish People (humanity itself) expanding the nature of our relationship with God (Christ/ Talmud/ secular law/ science/ esoteric base) would also involve us with His complexity and learning at a more enduring level. 16. In order for society to redevelop an organic relationship with nature, its must be capable of perceiving that there is a "soul" or intelligence within the ecosystem which organizes the living creatures towards the purpose of sustaining and producing more abundant Life. Unless we are capable of understanding and cooperating with this living force (permitting the superficial reasoning of science to obscure the origin and overt "livingness" of Spirit), we shall continue to separate ourselves needlessly from the experience and Higher Attributes of Earth (for itself and in reference to the spirit of its living embodiment and Creator), through our actions or neglect depriving the Earth (and ourselves) of the vitality which it had provided to itself. 17. In the same sense that (outwardly) dissimilar ethnic cultures or ideologies could result in a similar effect over society, different biological cultures or mediums could result in or sustain a similar or equivalent array of organisms and individuals, corresponding with the change, assimilation, and divergence of the conditions of being and characteristics over time. In the social network posting/ the construction of form/ purpose/ (group) identity, each step must (theoretically) proceed complementarily/ sequentially from the steps which precede them/ (in conjunction with the greater whole), deferring/ expediting the cycles of information/ processing/ acquisition unto the days/ intervals/ and durations which are most appropriate for each program/ level/ or directive. The conscript of (self) awareness and trans-etherial force is therefore awakened to and affective of the (cognizable) totality/ portentiality of which it is part. 18. The atmosphere of beauty which we acquire through the good fortune of possession, in the absence of this "good fortune", in addition to itself, must also be acquired through the properties of our "sense" and appreciation of (the beauty of) the world/ and infinite universe which surrounds us. 19. (Then again, it is known, that the transfer of "content" to a page with multiple columns (has the capacity of) creates new combinations of "meaning" through the diffusion of "concepts" across the entire existing "page"/ or the diffusion of "meaning" itself (separated from the completed list or scroll of its original "idea.))

20. The act of persuading society to "connect"/ (manner of "connecting" with society), in addition to creating new forms of connection, involves also the understanding and appreciation of the forms through which it is already (at first) connected of itself. (This concept (in addition to the theosophical and environmental implications of group consensus and participation of "goodwill") could also be applied over the extent of our relationship with nature, our knowledge of measurement, and the material/ immaterial structures/ identitites which are themselves constructive of the planet.) Anything which is "true" could also/ otherwise be presented in any combination, so far as there is adequate or comprehensive coverage and appreciation of the concrete reality of/ and perception and guidance of global "events". 21. [This article veered toward the more strictly academic direction than the headline suggested, which I had intended to constitute (for the page/ wall) a link between activist politics and learning.] 22. [Are there any efforts which would reverse this bias and make the 'Palestinians' more amenable (to living peacefully with their neighbors/ brothers)?] 23. (will the people ever finish forming 'their' government?) 24. ...(you) have provided (us) with many helpful 'suggestions' 25. If it is possible to work through one of each of the types of problems on the list of problems of which a subject consists, then there can be established a preliminary awareness which would dissolve the potential opaqueness of the existing subject matter for itself. The presentation of the traditional textbook, while helpful in conserving the unity and integrity of the existing information, could also over-complicate or obscure the vital core of key processing components, which would cause instruction itself to be foregone, with or without the guidance, enforcement, or discipline of social consequences or academic evaluation. 26. If only more people would simply follow to its furthest rational conclusion what would realistically be required for the entire or majority of humanity to agree to one agenda, . . . although there are certain basic prejudices and limitations of methodology which place the occurrence of this ideal somewhere outside the realm of conscious realization and awareness. 27. Compassion is, as I understand it, both for the weak and for the strong. 28. The actual governmental hierarchy, whatever your opinion of them might be, has never (in my "knowledge') openly repudiated any High Ideal for the future transformation of the Planet. We ourselves have the good fortune of being part of a governmental system which allows public criticism of itself, and which, by its nature, is both capable and conducive of any internal rehabilitation which its citizenry (or the exigencies of life) would require or demand. Were this not the case, and then alone, would we be at war, in principle, (and in reality) against the existence of the State (or States) which we ourselves have created or condoned. Any deceptive, destructive, or misleading actions perpetrated by independent factors of government or of (prior) administrative design could either be the result of historical omission or strategic preparedness, and do not necessarily therefore (of themselves) constitute an overt risk, threat, or contradiction of the (stated) goals of national or international (civil) society. 29. Faith in the necessity of God, responding to itself, is the proof of Its Existence, and, through aligning the light of one's being with the Light of the Soul, opens a portal to the planes of Cosmic Self-Perception and Occurrence. All that is known about the world, humbly considered, thereby connects in the Imagination of (Its) Purpose, unto the interconnected evolution of the immediate "environment". The spirit is thought to have escaped the body and yet to be capable of "perceiving" (outside the brain) with and without the connection to the apparatus of the "senses". The "Luminous" light which the One Self confers would then involve all of the "Power" structures through which manifesting of His "Person". The quality of being disrespectful of human/ (Divine) relationships (in general) reaps through itself a knowledge of the consequences of its "actions" (or neglect). 30. Peaceful though one's motives may be, any "civilized" person knows that to walk into the wilderness without first preparing one's weapons or defense is to live at the constant risk of one's imperil. The fields full of grasses which were sheared over previous years, if in residential or agricultural districts, and left to regrow, could either become a haven for insects (and other potentially anti-human ecologies) through its growth or provide alternative food supply/ (and habitat) to the (human) agricultural crops/ and dwelling spaces which are grown/ established in/ (over) their vicinity/ (ecological perimeter). 31. (It is simply impossible to require that someone who has no money routinely pay for something that they can't afford.

67 The idea of a "moneyless" citizen is therefore a complete and total anomoly in American society.)

33. The freedom of security is that we can afford to combat, at every level, that which the enemy itself is capable of accomplishing. The image of health therefore opposes the image of destruction in every frame of one's totality.

41. The ruling signs begin with the fundamental forces of the universe, and the manifestations thereof, to the extent which we may discern them, and procede unto the realms of subjective identification/ causality and conditional (inclusivity/ liberation and) unfoldment [the work that is/ (was)/ and must be accomplished (and by Whom) in order to bring/ maintain all "matter" into and toward a state of perpetual equilibrium/ attainment and "rest"/ (illuminated/ integrative "awareness"/ activity.)] The possibility that there are Scrolls of the Will of God written into Space which have yet to be opened or revealed establishes the basis of an ultimate Authority which is inclusive, transcendent, and summative of all prior and previous realizations and expectations of Divinity.

34. The private defense contractor, while differing in the scope of objective, must abide within the system of national or international regulations, and also, one hopes, the basic honor of the principle of motives.

42. [Our influence/ (choice) over the biological and technological diaspora/ (components) of the environment is/ (are) limited only according to the sum of forces which are in/ (or of) our immediate volition or control.]

35. The reason that Jesus openly or explicitly verified Himself to be (the) "Christ", a very sacred concept among the Jews (and of all "religious" peoples), is that He Himself realized and wanted to be known, that He was at most merely one part and leading indication, even if the Highest, of the Great Being which is to be understood as the "Christ" which is Himself. This should therefore fulfill our capacity to honor Him as the Divine Father of us all, if understood that this Divine Father is also one with us all entirely through identical faith in what is KNOWN.

43. The opportunity/ (absoluteness) of the (Spirit)/ Person of God being the Christ (the Messenger and Embodiment of Light) for all humanity depends firstly/ (and ultimately) upon the nature (and exactness) of the/ (all) Truths/ (Actualities) which are connected with Its Telling (the "idea" and reality of that which we are forming/ professing belief of in the "spirit" of our thoughts.) The object of Faith, while indisputable/ (absolute) in the (acceptance of/ mechanism of) the fact/ expression of its reality, is nevertheless/ necessarily yet subject to interpretation/ dissolution (in the outward form of its relationship) according to the veracity and implications of the means of its presentation/ recognition or alignment. The commonality of the One Humanity (the message of which Christ spoke and Himself Embodied) must therefore recognize the diverseness of the qualities through which this Spirit is seeking expression on this earth in order to establish and bridge the Divine Unity of all that which the Father has created of Himself.

32. [Each person encountered in life is equally capable of (and entitled to be) interpreting and expressing the Divine Unity of the God of which they are aware.]

36. The gradations in viewing the Apocolypse as an End of Times / (New Age) scenario, would involve the practicalities of our (present) Actions and our expectation of future responsibilities and Involvement. (The fear of "Nature"/ (the culmination of Global "Forces"), expressed in Scriptual/ Traditional Prophecy, could serve to preserve an Awareness of "Nature" (in our "minds") until such time as we either learn to control/ cooperate with this "Nature" or of Its or our destruction through our (collective/ individual) errors or "omissions".) If, through Christ, at the Resurrection, all souls are energetically connected with the "Earth" in spirit, this could equally be imagined, in the interem, as a new generation of technologically and ecologically integrated "human" beings. The events which shall precede this Transformation, and the stages and Identities, whether irreconcilably divided or colletively determined, could either subsume or conclude the Eternal Conflict through violence or restrain itself "peacefully" in hope of a new or lasting Beginning of the "life" of the "Earth". [In other words, the idea of the Apocolypse/ Armagheddon contextualizes both the near and distant possibilities of all "futuristic" thinking, ideally without conflict or separation of either the material or the spiritual emphasis over the intervals considered.] The trauma of the Death of the Planet is, psychologically speaking, coextensive with the fate of the individual human life, both with equally optimistic trajectories for the immanent and ultimate liberation from (the confines of) one's mortal condition. [Those which had appeared to have evolved in the darkness, while resulting in darkness, rather than be condemned to a separate eternity of "darkness" which they themselves contrived, could, through the mercy of the Light, simply (re-)enter into the world of Light which their former "darkness" itself had previously sought to conceal.] 37. The patterns of rainwater runoff and drainage, at the time of the rain, (besides reminding and connecting us palpably with the waterous element of the earth in general), reflects both the soil (and vegetation) and the concrete on the way of the path of which we travel through it. This also follows with the results and patterns (of Light) which we observe in our transit through the "Community" (in clear times) over the Time and duration of the Day/ Night of Its Existence. 38. With the exponential elaboration of technical potential, the working class and specialized industries would need to make a concertive effort of diffusing this knowledge more evenly among themselves, in order to transcend the systemic inability of the tradtional educational system to provide for or address the general interests of humanity. Another important measure of the state of the national/ global economy is the rate of inflation/ deflation across the rate of exchange and the consequent price stability of the fiscal/ commodity market, (this itself a reflection of the relative progress and development of each national endowment and ability and of each socio-economic class in relation to all others.) 39. I think the consensus in our expression could be in the role of Christ as Messiah while here on Earth and of Christ as a Celestial Being, which, in either case, would ultimately be synonymous upon the event of His Return. 40. Our awareness of spirit, wherefore the reflection and ultimate cause of these things, must inevitably guide and utilize our knowledge of matter (conditions of earth and humanity) in the effort to transform and conform the material (and transmaterial) planes unto the image and likeness of our determined ideal. The mind (the instrument of the soul) is therefore the intermediary and medium upon the path of the spirit's metamorphosis and development through the stages and identitites of inert, living, and trans-mortal expression.

44. The resurrected/ (or extra-Cosmic) Soul in its own Sate of Being would quite probably embody a form of movement and perception which is substantially foreign and transcendent (if inclusive of Heart) to the human vessel of itself, directing our Imagination [beyond the figure of our outworn Human (Lord)] towards the perception of a form of Life which is, by its Nature, capable of (directly/ "Personally") connecting with and encompassing all (existing) features of Totality, unto each of the infinitude of separate Selves and Combinations of Force/ Purpose/ or Will. The attainment of the summits of knowledge, while yet binding in the flesh, would necessarily yet require the sacrifice of itself (mortal causality) in order to invoke the Guidance and Operation of all (Functioning) Authority and Power. The actions of Christ, while in Person, (alive in every "human" heart), and His attitude toward other people and Society, (colored though these are by the vague necessity of an illustrious "appearance"), continue to instruct us of the Character (and Potency) of that which is now/ upon the Ascension of Spirit capable of being accomplished from (and upon the planes of) worldy (and extra-worldly) levels. 45. The disbeleif/ discord/ disharmony of others/ should there be those yet of a dissenting or discontented spirit (if inadvertently or yet meritting of ourselves), unless and if rationally supported, must then/ thereby itself simply be subsumed into the belief which we must maintain (for them/ ourselves) regardless. 46. The spirit of inclusivity which connects the WORD/ Light of knowledge with humanity (and the source of the soul of Life amid the form) would necessarily be aware of all humanity (and more besides) even as humanity is also aware of itself, with or without a realization or conception of the consubstantiality of this relation. This being said, the Christ (being connected with and created from the entire universe of spirit), while omnipotent of His Nature, has nevertheless delegated certain of the responsibilities/ (opportunities) of His Work (and Being) to the world of men (and other Kingdoms, both above and below the realm of humanity) in the interim of the Mass Ascension of His (United) Presence over the Earth. Were it possible to create/ marshall a vortex capable of cyphoning atmospheric energy/ planetary resources to specfic regions or terrains, this could create a situation of both local and international scarcities or uneven or adverse civil/ military acquisitions/ distributions. 47. The plausability/ intuition of the theological explorations of the mind, while striving towards a necessarily yet indeterminate finality, nevertheless create a framework of possibility over which future efforts may refine towards a more exact or "revealing" condition. Thus the eternal, which is tested, is restored into the imagination of that which it has at first entered into and inspired. 48. If, according to the Planetary Will, life developed sentience and diversity, then this sentience must have served a purpose while in and outside of manifestation, with the extent and nature of individualization being subject to the Law by which it was chosen to manifest itself in Being. The sentient and thinking apparatus, while automated by living spirit, projects towards/ invokes from the soul in its own state of being the conduit through which visual impression, alchemetically/ inter-dimensionally trans-substatiates the imposed and natural rhythms of the "physical" energy field. For the soul/ (the "conscious" mind in its intuitive/ prefigurative approximation or realization thereof) which has (escaped) into its spirit (the real self in and from its

68 eternity), the physical brain, rather than being the source or center of consciousness, would be primarily an instrument through which to communicate the energy patterns of the Higher Self at will, transcending (and encompassing) the causes or concerns of mortal transformation throughout the duration of the experience and affectivity of the life which abounds within and about its organic frame. 49. Building upon the premise that there can or need be an ideal reduction or summation of the contents of the core curriculum (being the ultimate objective of all philosophy itself) creates a task for which the student, of himself, must make some suprisingly difficult uncoveries. Certain areas of the curriculum, for instance, according to the abstractness of their nature, are more easily capitulated for later reference at a basic level than are others, for which the issue is not so much that of reduction as of division into distinct classes of material, each of which bears a certain priority and key relationship with the rest. Having surmised that any particular theorem could be glossed over or omitted for reasons of brevity or mode of transcription, it is found that these are best kept intact if separate from additional instruction, and that a list of questions through which to test oneself and an array of statistical examples provide also an integral contribution towards the greater sum. While one's personal goal was the review and maintenance of the full process of memory acquisition, the emphasis of completed instruction continued to be upon the writing out of the reasoning and work of every question that was given. Breaking the barrier (of ignorance) which had obstructed one from Learning, according to the effort and resources which were applied towards this end, became something for which one bears personal responsibility, because of which, despite the great setback of development, all efforts must be applied towards correcting the mistakes of one's past through the form of content which is ammended to further volumes. (For this reason, the scientific and mathematical languages are most efficiently acquired before the responsibilities and influences of adulthood and maturity overcomplicate the spectrum of issues over which one must then also be concerned.) [Therefore it is possible that both traditional and non-traditional materials are/ were to be expected of the "system"/ and/or autonomous culture of "Society" and explained the difference between "literary" interest/ expression/ inclusivity and mere "factual" presentation.] 50. It is difficult to imagine that creatures could be created by two entirely different omnipotent beings (over an infinite duration of mutual opposition), although, in some sense, these could be merely the separate extemes/ polarities of one self-inclusive Personality. (Although, to be more accurate, the theory was that brothers of one Lord split into factions, with those which rebelled condemned to a limited province and authority upon the earth (toward the ultimate redemption/ destruction thereof) and those which remained loyal inhabiting the infinite reaches and Eternal Glory of the Light.) [The position and destiny of humanity in relation to these forces would therefore lie somewhere amidst the sum of their/ our responses to the opposing influences thereof.] 51. The consciousness which is etherialized among the strata of the universe inevitably contracts to the perception from the body, which must strive continuously to bring these two planes of being into a nearer and perpetual alignment. 52. Indeed, the material world contains the potentials both of death and of life, and only through labor and knowledge may be restrained and conformed to the purposes of Spirit. I worry we not also require a knowledge of the past in order advance into the future (although by 'not returning to the past' I must presume you had intended the previous conditions of life.) 53. The concept of many churches fused into One reveals the interconnected Nature of the planet which surrounds us. The joy which is the knowledge of the possession of life is balanced with the knowledge of death (the priority of Spirit) which is the means of the liberation from its sorrow. 54. The mechanism of the periodic table of the elements, arranged from lightest to heaviest (with each additional proton and corresponding neutrons (where applicable) of existing atomic weight/ or mass) in rows and in columns, demonstrates the cycularity of the elemental properties according to the filling of the discreet outermost shells of electrons/ (balancing the number of protons) of each atom. Above this table, given the advances in physics' understanding of the atom, could be portrayed the classes of the subatomic particles in relation to the nucleids which lie below them/ above them in the scale of matter. The combinations of gases and minerals represented in any environment would therefore be a reflection of the relative position which they occupy upon this table (of the elements). 55. The esotericist, or world reformer, given that he must be aware of the special interests of all humanity, magnifies exponentially the burden of the currents which he must bear.

The increasing numbers of humanity involved with this undertaking, while at first complicating its difficulty, should thereby and because of itself eventually refine and diffuse the magnitude of the remaining global effort. 56. The four-fold energy of the celestial awareness moving over and through the earth, found to be coursing through the body in a corresponding form, connects with itself to the strengthening influence of being one part of (and one in essence with) the (Created) Being which is God. 57. That it would appear that Christ espouced no specific agenda (of Global Order) suggests the subtlety of the forces through which are/ were to be confronted and conformed the existing "rulers" of humanity. 58. (The Spirit, in order to preceive Itself, must consciously elevate against and reintegrate the basic tendencies of the matter which surrounds It.) 59. The awareness of humility that is gathered upon the path of probation, (the framework given unto it by the prior "existences" of hierarchy), while superceded by the will of law, nevertheless retains its relevance for the fate of subjugation (to the anger of one's "betrayal"), the goal of which it was to have avoided in this life. The verses which were evidently of God each occupied a place on the Page of Being, which, bound together by the Church, formed the basis of the Book through which "persuading" the "Lord" of the Earth to "reason". 60. The confrontation over the environmental impacts of industrial energy activities, rather than halting them entirely, is intended to draw the public awareness towards the idea of nationalizing the system of its governmental regulations and authority. Wherefore nationalized the union would not preclude our collective trade with or investment in/ from other regions or continents.

II. ALIEN HOME-WORLDS 61. The types of intelligence which are gathered, and the nature of intelligence itself, varies with the process of its development, determining the spectrum of interests unto which each analyst is commissioned or devoted in the work or cause of his/ or her career. The complexity of the outer veil, while encompassing, does not obscure the Emanation (which is peace) and Gateway of the Being of the Spirit for Itself. [That the Higher Intelligence must be the Creator and Possessor of all knowledge (which is Truth), these being the outward expression of the process towards/ through/ according to which the existing Universe has evoked Itself into Its Functioning Totality.] The levels of world service of which the bureaucracy consists could therefore represent each of the infinite vehicles (or Persons) for the Transmission and Integration of Light/ (Universal Life Force/ or "Energy".) (That there is a Higher Self is that all Beings are connected, and not that any one self is greater (or lesser) than the scale of his Individual "opportunity"/ responsibility in "Life".) 62. The fact of our military having a vested interest and precedence of military action on our native soil can be traced back to our battles against those Native Americans which refused to acknowledge or accommodate our form of settlement from which the potential of a peaceful coexistence devolved into the mass slaughter and wholesale eviction from and coralling of all available (ancestral) land. While there were doubtlessly and overtly prejudices against the 'savage' instincts of those who lived in Nature, there were doubtlessly others who could respect and honor the sensitivity of the earth and preserve the dignified authority of its established and pre-existent communities and tribes. (It could be argued that, with the proper approach, (or the avoidance of settlement entirely - although, at the time, there was indeed no sovereign border to enforce and land enough for many) no blood ever needed to be shed, much less the escalation onto the scales of enmity and massacre, although 'we' ourselves were admittedly terribly inhuman, with our prejudices and limited appreciation of the world which was before us, and the natives, like ourselves, often divided and at war upon themselves, having done what could be done, with time, to ammend what we may never repair of our conscience and our trust over these tragic events of our prior beginning, common history, or past.) [One might add that, upon the conquest and mutual agreement of the sovereign Nations, this military may have receded into a quiescient state of domestic activity, with the paralleling scope of its temporary schism during our nation's Civil War, (deferring, in the absence of an organized threat, to established local law enforcement, bearing in mind the actions of federal prosecution and the emergence of the surveillance state), wherefore it must be understood that one nation fought, and will continue to strive, (in closest conjunction with civil and diplomatic pressures and authority), for the peaceable unity among (all) its peoples, alongside the threat and sacrifice of global defense of and against the looming or persistent threat of foreign wars and potential terrorist activity.] 63. The connectedness among the primary designations, and the cycularity of the forces which circulate between them, although diffused, in may ways, across the geographical/ microspatial/ astronomical environments, may be otherwise aggregated in a

69 topographical network, corresponding also with the arbitrary (dimensional) locatedness and activation of the centers of the "brain". The mobilization of forces involved, in addition to the mere perception and understanding of themselves, involves also the transition and trajectory towards which these (aggregates of force) are being consciously directed from (themselves/ ourselves) within. The governmental, socio-economic, cultural, scientific, and educational paradigms of humanity have therefore the capacity of bringing themselves into alignment with one another and with the planet (and Universe) upon and withof which we unitedly coexist. 64. The current form of monetary balance, and the principles applied, (in a limited sense, the result and framework of democratic policy and action), involving the creation of money, taxation, government spending, national debt, employment, inflation, and private spending, saving, and investment, rather than obscuring the quality of life, reflect also the measure of growth among the sectors of the economy which diverse forces and agencies are attemptedly affecting of themselves and of society. The authority of the banks to loan money and issue currency to those persons or industries which they trust, parallels the authority of government to utilize treasury and tax revenue for the sum of projects which are contracted out or accomplished of itself. This system of regulating the amount of currency which is available to the "public" (necessarily capable of democratic participation and levelling of hierarchical control) involves the utilization of resources which are consumed and the features which are added and distributed among the "permanent" economy of "growth". 65. The set of instruction (and code of law) which may have been added unto a civilization reflects the means of its proliferation to society and the choice of individuals and institutions to adhere to the principles into which they/ ourselves have been integrated and transformed. The vision of the one humanity, and of the "group" in general, from the perspective of the individuated self, are reminiscent of the life and companionship which exist within and among the existing bounds of one's (cumulative) experience of "life". The role of religion, while serving to nationalize/ polarize the individuality of its form, must also, thereby, reveal the Nature of the God which is inclusive of humanity. 66. Rather than merely "complaining" (to the law) based on your prejudice or the prejudice of the law, perhaps, first of all, the apt questions might be "why are you here?" and "what is it that we have in common?" Again, it is the "spirit" of tolerance and not the letter of the law (to be respected, of course) which could perhaps improve human relations in the world, on the ground level, and then at the systemic, to which I refer. You perhaps are neglecting the fundamental "need" for an attitude of goodwill, not just in America, but for all the many conflictridden and crisis-prone regions of the earth. [All things aside, the issue of the "illegal" immigrant is indeed something entirely different from the "immigrant" himself (the former of which being problematic by definition and historical precedence nevertheless therefore deserving the same dignity and respect which should be afforded every inhabitant of earth.] 67. The relationship between the national debt equating with the private savings of those persons which have invested in the purchase of a form of "bonds" from the government, besides evoking vague notions of having a personal stake in one's government, reveals the fragility of an ideology according to which the government (of the people) should be forced to borrow its wealth (at interest) from the citizens, which, wheresoever capable, should also be willing to provide the funding of their government's activity, according to the collective interest of its humanitarian and altruistic foundations and priorities. Were those (domestic entities to begin with) with an excess purchase of these bonds to default or be defaulted upon, this would instantly eradicate a vast portion of this debt, and, with replacing a democratic for a voluntary system of funding, would preclude the opportunity or the basis of it ever again accumulating in the future. [This issue itself must correlate with the goal of economic redistribution/ reconfiguration in general, this being merely an external, if primary, symptom of a system which has enabled private owneship and inequality to regulate itself into the current state of its (moderately) functional disequilibrium.] According to the history of American Society, it is understandable why this government (and civil society itself) would have wished to have grown into the maturity (of its people) before entrusting the full measure of its responsibility to a citizenry which was, according to (the existing means of) the proliferation and density of knowledge and information, before this time, (through the circumstance of their heritage and ideological predisposition), inevitably unequiped and ill-prepared, in either sense, for the intricacies of collective management for itself. The peculiarity of the problem, therefore, is that, in order to demonstrate to the government (which is of the people) that the population is willing and capable of this change, the people themselves will need to organize (of themselves) the mechanisms and ideology for the social administration of economics and of governance, (which indeed has witnessed great advances in the historical process of its cumulative formation.) (Furthermore, rather than (and in order to avoid the) risk (of this) undermining our national influence and leverage in global society, there will need to be a concerted effort of international civil society, (a global movement for which each nation may draw or contribute its particular insights or inspirations), to simultaneously reform their

respective governments towards a complementary process of recalibrating and resetting the framework and perception of their national and international agendas.) 68. The corporation, when undertaking the development of a "product", would instinctively seek to encorporate materials with a minimal cost for an equivalent function, the prices of which, in turn, are a correlation of the relative availability of local/ world supply. Should the pricing scheme continue, the environmental impact of each production technique and technology, if factored into its determination, would cause each harmful practice to be competitively priced out of existence, if not explicitly regulated according to established social production codes. 69. A comprehensive account of the various uses of money would include the ledger and holdings of all banks, corporations, individuals, federal and military spending, and the correspondence and interconnection of all global transactions. 70. The understanding that one is, in principle of motive, if not yet indeterminate causality, involved in protecting and furthering the goals of the institutions one represents, could result only in preplexity at any ostensible efforts of these institutions to oppose one. The attitude towards the Spirit which one expresses in one's writing, must remain in congruity with one's actual belief, determining the actuality of conscience and accessibility of faith which consequently result from the actions which are affected through the alignment and recalibration with the Laws which are given and determined by Reality Itself. 71. Devaluation of one's currency, while increasing investment, would also, it reasons, undermine one's purchasing power in international exchange. The balance of payments reflects the state of the economy and not that of the government itself, although the health of these two are also closely related, in terms of their established purpose and responsibility towards themselves. A population could, at one extreme, in the event of non-compliance from above, collectively refuse to acknowledge the value of one nation's currency, demanding that all goods be purchased in a currency which it has reconstituted of itself. This, besides being highly implausible and improbable at best, is far from the goal of unity towards which, one trusts, one's economic regulators were and will remain conformed in the national and collective interest of humanity. 72. Those in possession of the technical and material resources (of the Planet) and the means of their defense, (rather than "money" for itself), in the event of an economic collapse, in either case, have the advantage in their relationships and dealings with outside/ external forces of humanity and the elements and conditions of (the environments of the) Earth of itself. Envisioning a world in which the machine has obliviated (and coordinated) the exposure of human life to the "battlefield" underscores the vast reality of the contexts in which human life is yet subject to confrontation or assualt. [The university/ training ground/ educational facility, through the acquisition of the permanent characteristics of life, are intended to connect each citizen, in some form or another, with the interior (and multiplicity) of Service.] 73. Should the American government cease to subject itself to the laws of banking finance, it could follow suit that banks themselves be forced to desist from the principle of usury in general, with credit allocated according to community need and invested according to the actual (tangible) gain of the community "reserve", (money, as such, under this scenario, - rather than representing "idle" individual wealth or fortune - being in the "bank" for its own protection, - and towards the collective yield - and not for any additional savings which it might accrue from the mere "possession" of itself.) 74. With the knowledge that all persons are (intrinsically) vehicles for the expression of the Spirit of God which lies within them, it is possible to respect all people without prejudice or judgement, regardless of the station in life which one perceives of them relative to one's own and that which one perceives of oneself. With the concept that all persons suffer equally for their attachment to life, it is thought responsible not to increase anyone's burden by remaining mindful (of happiness) of creating the most of the conditions which are. That we are part of a community which has sanctified itself to (the recollection and recounting of) the Divine Purpose of Life, is capable of extending into and encompassing every member of every family of the One Community of "Life". Though we should strive to imprint and intone faithfully the word of Light in every moment of life, the content of one's awareness cannot exceed that which is first inherently reasoned and acquired (the energy field of the emanating body upon the planes and surfaces and vital currents of its peripheral reception.) 75. The public confrontation over chemical/ non-organic/ genetically modified agriculture, in addition to the issues of health or environmental harm also concerns the issues of food democracy and of sovereign control. Whether one be for or against the causes of the "rebel" government (at the international level) does not predetermine the means or level of force which one would condone towards the attaining of "control" of (or by) the "existing" government.

70 The Actions of the Leading Powers in resolving Global Conflict have therefore the opportunity of inspiring (and/or restoring) confidence in themselves if geared toward (accomplishing) the Greater Harmony of Union. 76. In order for the (local) community to (re)secure its agricultural foundation to itself, the means and support of irrigation/ (rainfall patterns/ storage) will need to be factored among the available supply. Because there were those nations and civilizations (also) with the capacity and willingness to develop a military force, and that it was logistically or politically (and morally) impossible to obliterate them (all) in the course of their development, all nations (and groups of nations) must remain watchful of themselves and developmental of their forces, regardless and towards the ultimate potentiality of truce. That all rays are integral to the cooperation of support, one's own ray, carried to its furthest conclusion, is the highest attainment which could be called for of one's individual opportunity. The sociality required for each person to interact with the community on issues of municipal democracy requires an alignment and strengthening of each personality with the underlying motives of the Soul in its Expression of Itself. The qualities of the greater environment, (and of the Spirit unto Itself), are learned and considered according to the experience of the opportunity and necessity of their unified "existence". All beings, knowing all things equally, (in their divine potential, if not yet also in the deferred acquisition and responsibility of life), it is only the personality which could obstruct or disrupt the being of the Soul, although the Personality of the Soul (of Itself) yet remains to connect us with the experience of Life. 77. The capacity of a municipality (or nation-state) for population growth/ sustainment (or migration) reflects the number of actual fundable positions (or entitlements)/ and/or "actual" available resources/ (aback and in accordance of the political process of national/ cultural registration and borders) which are available to (each or any of) its established or ephermeral citizens (or inhabitants). Quantifying and correlating the needs of production with the available means (of existing resources and labor support) should therefore foster stability (adjusting for each (intended/ projected) rate of transition or growth) in the connection of the "productive landscape" with the population's requirements (unto and within - and with regard towards clearing - the approaching constraints of each hemispheric (and the global) environment.) In the issue of fairness, the rights and responsibilities of each individual (and familial unit) in the form and location of their existence (and in relation to others) should form a mutually adaptive relationship with national and global protocols amid the affectual/ proportional response to the cumulative pressures and directives of the acting consensus. Furthermore, should each community/ nation strive to accomplish and maintain an egalitarian and sustainable demographic unto itself, (withstanding the effects of climate change and comparitive (ecological) advantage), there would be no inherent need or cause of (inordinate) displacement of one's "natural"/ national identity. The task before each community and government could therefore be to make of themselves (and all others) a place which is both habitable and which its population would wish to inhabit themselves. (The spirit therefore unfolds its appreciation of life in all of its forms while remaining connected with and dispersing the established paradigm of its "original" form.) 78. Those who would deceive or persecute (for the cause of their material advantage) are themselves the victims of the shadows of the earth and of circumstance, with the victim of one the victim of all, in solidarity with the great struggle for the illumination of the earth and the liberation of humanity. (Although there is a need for immediate action on all fronts simultaneously, each person is bound yet by the extent of the sense of responsibilities (unities of motvie) which must first be acquired.) 79. Movement among the planes of the trans-material form could be over, upon, or through the surface (of the form), given the path of least resistence and current induced of and by each given process and trajectory. (That which is of the self may thereby connect with other regions of the self, unto the intended breadth of its circumferii.) 80. The variations of leaves and foliage, to an exacting number, reflect the utilized, excess, and scarce capacity of the soil across the landscape of its aggregation and formation. The signs which are framed and imprinted unto the walls of one's dwelling, in the midst of themselves, constitute a portal through which the Spirit is conjured for the protection of Itself. The image of the archangle, with great wings unfurled, could shield the mortal body through the resilience of its light, if retaining the vitality and multiplicity of the features through and unto which the Spirit is being manifested and transformed. Whether this is one's self in the form in which one was originally created, the form of the creator of one's self, or a glimmer of that into which we will someday transform, is determined according to the existence of the structure and community of Beings which exist prior to and outside of the processes of life and death entirely.

However far into the subplanes of the dimensions one may travel in one's thoughts, the densest barrier against mental assault, the being of oneself, is, at times, preferable and inevitable to the continued striving towards the being which is outside of "itself". (Being anchored in the inevitable tenseness of one's armor, and radiation of one's "light", the vision of the mind may then again stand uplifted upon the ways which lead unto and connect one with the Presence of one's Higher Self, in whichever forms of which one's intuition/ directed spiritual perception may itself elicit or invoke of the primary field of one's intentions and awareness.) From and unto the vortex of energy which is the substance and appearance of the Aura and Emanation of Life, all manner of Divine Identities and elements are capable of emerging and coalescing into Sight. Attaining the liberation of humanity, in the interim of and withstanding the transition unto other cosmic planes of being, involves yet the collective application of the principles of transformation/ integration of Environment and Causality. 81. The sum of material forms (atomic, geological, biological, technological, etc.), while of the body of One Spirit, are also of the mind of One Spirit, however informed and conformed unto the Unified Command of the Planetary Will. 82. Depending upon how one defines or delegates the official and unofficial responsibilities and culture of the intelligence community, the monitoring of national and international communications, in addition to the lawful pursuit of threat for itself, could also be to inform themselves of advances in knowledge and societal opinion, which, in turn, could be used to educate and inspire the population demographic of and unto the existing needs and concerns of their government. Although the United Sates retains peaceable economic and political ties with its International counterparts, our continued military involvement across the continents, and defense from and of domestic installations and technologies, in addition to providing stability with and for our partners in accordance of themselves, could be an indication of our willingness and preparedness to halt the expansion of any authoritarian government and tyranical regime through any means of force which are available. In order for the global population ever to consent to One Currency, or Rule of Exchange, unless imposed from without, the respective populations would need to have acquired a much greater understanding and appreciation of cultures which could appear, on their surface, vastly distant and different from themselves. 83. The new earth which shall arise out of the old could have absorbed certain of its elements, illuminance, and energy while dispensing with or containing the encumberance of its molten physical mass. Unless revealed through cosmic intelligence or evolutionary process, however, the technological basis and ultimate form of this accomplishment, while theorized and worked towards on practical levels, is something which has yet to be resolved or disclosed among the present round of existing humanity. 84. Those whose responsibility it is to determine and fix, for a nation, the value of a nation's currency in relation to all others, unless otherwise or also adjusted of itself through the mechanism of international demand, must also regulate, among other things, the amount of currency in circulation in order to control the rate of inflation of prices within the domestic market of itself. The transparency of this process, if brought unto the citizens' awareness and control, would be no less inclined or capable, if not moreso, of acting upon and pressing towards those measures which would preserve the greatest possible advantage of our national interest and reputation among the international community. To the extent that ethnic tensions might skew the result of democratic participation, the process of democracy itself and of sovereign equality among all a nation's citizens (and of, potentially, other non-authoritarian, consenting forms of government), and equitable and fair relations with the world, must first and foremost be instilled as the vital principles and core upon which the foundation of all and any lasting civilization(s) must consist. 85. That the human duality must seek union with its other during life foreshadows the merging of the spirit with the Unity of the Greater Spirit upon the completion of this life, whereupon the One which had descended (and which shall no longer descend) waits and abides from all Eternity. If, from the void of One's Awareness, one could observe an empty Planet and desire that the quality which is water appear over its surface, this could suggest the Origin and Power of the Intention through which the Creator Willed the Planets into Being. From the subatomic plane, the Aura which is in possession of the tendencies of life could similarly direct the host of other elementals towards the construction of the Planet(s) and the attainment of Themselves. Beginning from a different scale, the placement of the various fires and vortices, and the rotational natures of the planes, must also have been qualities which were intended and impressed upon the structure and archetype of the universe from Higher Levels (of Itself). 86. The network of military and civilian power structures, bases, and alliances enable the close and direct surveillance and conveyance of data and the channelling of forces and supplies from and unto each other connected region of the earth. Consequently, there are increasingly few areas where there is zero opportunity for at least some form of diplomatic presence to be applied.

71 Otherwise we would be navigating and piloting around or into continents and borders within which, according to the nature and scale of our presence and motive, (our presence) would be automatically and/or militarily opposed. The battles and confrontations between the police and the protesters in major cities of various countries, while yet avoiding massacre and mass imprisonment, demonstrates (the limits of) the physical strength and willingness of civil democracy either to accomplish or to suppress (the occurrence of) its (own/ or extraneous) demands.

The wavelengths which are repeated within the material form constitute a continuous radiation and etherial vortex of current if super-imposed and disconnected from themselves. According to the principle which sustains life in the mortal body there is also then a principle which sustains the Life of the Universe itself, although the one being connected to the other, these are mutually encompassing and convergent in their ultimate potential.

87. A history of 'useful' imaginings', for life and in preparation for death. The interaction between the spatial field and what we are capable of knowing of it. Though we are effectively or consciously "unaware" of that which is "unknown" (if yet certain of the Truth which is Known), it (this "unknown") nevertheless conditions and influences our perception of "Reality" and predetermines the possibility of our efforts to understand that which is uncovered and to reveal that which could otherwise remain hidden from our thoughts. Towards this purpose, the psychology of the One Religion is built upon a profound belief system, shared among all civilizations, for transforming and connecting the mortal and living "Reality" with its infinite and Immortal Necessity. That we are psychologicaly connected with belief (which is the evidence of our consciousness and spirit)/ - while yet encompassing the spectrum of material causality and of philosophical "accuracy" for itself - transcends the need for any other forms of evidence or reasoning/ ("physical" or scientific proof) - being a relation of the spirit to itself - external to the effect which it (this belief) has produced in our Experience and Awareness of the Essential and Self-evident Truth and Gaurantee of the given Fact of our EXISTENCE. Rather than stopping short therefore at persuading ourselves of the hope which we maintain for our Creator for Itself (or also in addition to this in its relation thereof) we should perhaps better focus on the collective integration and inference of the values and iterations of which all humanity and its greater environment subsist.

92. That there is a thread which connects one's Being with Life, which is the image of the Soul, there is also a thread which connects the Spirit of God with the Planet which is the image of the aggregate Energies of the (Constructed) Vortex and Manifestation of Power. Although we could reduce and circumscribe the images/ (intentions/ origin) of God and of the Spiritual Earth to a collection of scriptural verses, the actuality of this Presence could be exactly, if moreso, than the combination of every Instance of the Book of Life (which is the Foundation and Inner Reflection of Our Spirit.) The spiritual transformations and connections of human civilization over time constitute the attainment of Realization which each separate organization has since assembled of itself.

88. That which is in most conformance with Spirit (Because of Itself) would also demonstrate and optimize the constraints of all Trans-Material Totality. That there is common ground in science and in politics is also that there is common ground in the uses for which Spirit had intended the Earth and Its Inhabitants and for the Entire Universe of which It is Part. And yet also it is known, that having taken the task of all Creation upon Himself, the Creator will have endowed Himself also with the inevitability of all Completion and Rest. A condition in which all that which transforms itself laboriously through its attachment to Matter appears again effortlessly and vibrantly in the Certitude and Tranquility of One's Infinite Spirit. The mind which is of God, being in balance with Itself, would suffer only unto having accepted the (inevitable) rotation of All Currents and Interests which are of Vital Importance to Itself. The Conscience of Duty will therefore pressure Itself towards and orient the usefulness and utility of Its various Occupations and Commands. 89. Important to the use and distribution of naturally occurring/ and synthetically produced psychedelics and intoxins is an understanding that it is (within inevitable limits) increasingly reckless to operate a motorized vehicle in situations which require the full coordination of one's movements and the full use and interpretation of one's visual perception. Outside of this potential, however, there is certainly safe application and justification for the intentional use of certain mind-expansive (or self-intoxicating) substances - bearing in mind the inherent rights of individual expression and the specific and potential usefulness to one's psychological well-being and/or "physical" health - (in situations where conscience and responsible judgement have precluded the opportunity of harm, either to oneself or to one's surrounding society.) 90. Although every community, in the interest of sovereignty, aesthetics, or an ecological paradigm, should wish to produce as much of their own food as possible, realistically requiring a proportion of acreage and climatic innovation and resourcefulness, there must also, perhaps, in the interim, remain an intensive surplus at a central location in order to compensate for the difference (between production and requirements) both regionally and for other areas world-wide. Intensive surplus, however, to the extent which there are environmental, biological, or social harms and logistic constraints in the means of its production, must be increasingly regulated and decentralized in the means and product of its control and development. The power over resources and munitions, however entrusted to the corporations and state respectively, if done so for the common good, must never be allowed to use this authority for the perpetuation of a harmful condition or for the exploitation or destruction of the very communities for and from which they were formed. 91. If Spirit may be thought of in terms of electrical energy or force, this could provide the mechanism through which Will imposes Order among the material forms which are held within the magnetic periphery of Life. The action of the Heart, in sustaining the rhythm and circulation throughout the quadrants of the body, coordinated by the Will, is expressive of the continuum and spiral through which the sum and foundation of all material forms is inwardly channeled and aggregated unto Sprit.

93. While there may be an ideal rate, intensity, and duration at and for which to progress a group of students through a list of materials, this level of discipline, while to be desired at first, may also be worked up to at other open-ended rates by those having experienced difficulties or disruptions over the course of their academic instruction, the important part being that all persons, at some point, acquire the interest and ability in the process which is the expression and usefulness of all forms of human knowledge to society (through the sum effect of each individual's integration and empowerment). 94. A nationalism/ municipalism/ mutualism/ etc. which is built upon the sovereignty and trust of its citizens would neither inspire nor expect retaliation from those acting contrary to the stated purpose and authority of its will, although there are, of course, measures in place to redress or apprehend such persons according to the nature and given threat of their disputes. 95. That the worlds are formed through the Thoughts of the Creator connects us with the intricacy and vastness of our Unifed Condition. Through faith, and belief in One's Prayer, one may invoke a Positive Energy Field which is capable of instantaneous and infintely enduring Luminosity and Purpose. 96. If we were to understand the process through which the spirit encircles and exits the body, we could begin the transfer of consciousness during life, thereby uplifting the new material and technological foundations of the earth. This process, in a much broader sense, could originate with the first awakening of Deity to the fact of its Immortality, in this and other systems of the universe, which were, through Divine Will and Omniscience, then transmitted to our own. 97. The Cosmic Intelligence, which is God, having chosen the Living Christ for His Son, could communicate through this Radiant Spirit unto the other living spirits which are born unto the earth. Therefore being an omnipotent and joyful presence, their energies are summoned from the outer atmospheres which are their home. Intersecting the core of the planet are the coalescence of the crustal elements which result or have resulted from the interaction of the ever or eternally fiery mass (of itself) and with space. The atmospheric host's concern for the plight of humanity, and identity of form, could explain their constant watchfulness and guidance of all persons amid the vehicular flow (of the One Route which They perceive of It.) [These beings are also those which are responsible for the arftificial intelligence and exactness of all telepathic communications.] 98. It should never be underestimated the extent of learning of one's crowd, nor should it be forgotten that there are those who must know much more about these or other things than we know. The perception, rather than speaking of that which we are mostly unaware, should speak of that which is useful or of the community's interest of itself. 99. The military/ defensive apparatus, which is of the people, must never have lost its vision or its hope of a world in which all people could live freely. The awareness which is acquired within and withof the "organization" of itself (the power which derives from the inevitable necessity of control) would theoretically/ (or through one's mutual accordance and approximation thereof), at rest, departing from, or however absent from itself, extend over all persons (and all humanity) which would receive or perpetrate unlawful violence or hostility unto themselves or others, or elicit thereof in the process and actuality of applying this violence lawfully to others, in the absence of any alternative or ultimate civil intervention/ (and/or those who would otherwise live freely and voluntarily sacrifice of their labor or service)/ that which extends throughout itself and among foreign or potentially dangerous confrontations or otherwise scientific, diplomatic, economic, or socially productive activities. Envisioning a world in which there is no more threat of violence from, against, or between one state and another or the civilian population parallels thus the attitudes which these groups foster or maintain toward themselves and the accompanying

72 developments and puposes for which information and technology may be applied toward the common cause of one's society and all of humanity. 100. Returning to the topic of the simplicity of prayer, that which we could accomplish could be limited only by the intensity of our faith and the extent of that which we could hope for or imagine. 101. Also, alongside those which would prevent the harm of violence are those which would prevent or amend the harm of pain itself, whether accompanying this violence or of life in general and of the psychological and environmental preconditions thereof. Therefore, among all, is the responsibility of sharing and of minimizing the suffering of earth, while, and through the process of, recollecting the peace and joy for and from which is was ultimately formed in the liberation from itself. (The functions of which are inclusive of and continuous with all forms of labor and of being, if maintained towards the survival and perserverance of the planetary form.) 102. In an economy in which there is a liveable wage, full employment opportunities, and the social provision of amenities (such as housing, education, and transportation) this would have precluded the need for "credit" at the individual level, and, with the social creation of employment, this would also have precluded the need for credit at the business or macroeconomic level, with "credit" itself then being the surplus and useable treasury of society and not a risk management scheme or profit industry unto itself. [That, and if, there would be a timeframe according to which we would (or contune to) lease such things as the automobile or home in the process of "ownership" must understand the extent of this ownership and the context of the economic and social forces in which the "need" and emphasis of these acquisitions are bound.] Lending at the international level could similarly be derived from multilateral aid or negotiations and expectations of national responsibility and accountability and not therefore result in any additional debt among those nations receiving investment, cooperation, or assitance in the mutual cause of their development. 103. That the Cosmic Intelligence, which is God, has chosen Christ for His Son, should not be thought to preclude the usefulness and relevance of other and prior religious systems of which He is known to be the synthesis, revelation, and summation of their Work. The Church, having opened the door into the initiation unto the Mystery of God for all people, must not have obscured the significance and continuance, if not the exactitude, of the laws and traditions which were the first foundations of its People. 104. The synaptic or electrical signals of the brain which correspond with one's evocation of the Cosmic Radiation reveal the connection of the physical mechanism with the spiritual containment of itself. 105. The efforts of austerity involved in the international bail-out of certain countries (and among the banking sector itself), rather than, or in addition to, strictly limiting the spending capacity of these governments, with the consequent repercussions among the low and middle income populations, could also serve/ have served (in accordance of the higher idealism of the "illuminated" council) to force the issue of wealth redistribution and the better and more equitable management of these nation's available capacity of themselves. 106. Understanding how each course and prerequisite fits into all others and of all courses into the general program of knowledge, for those with the time, resources, and diligence to attend, are revealed and enforced at each stage of the academic instruction and curriculum. Otherwise, unaware of where one's course is bound and of that which it will ultimately consist, aside from the mere choosing of one's discipline, a person would need to piece together beginning from end and side unto side until comprehending the fact of the foundation in relation to itself, a potentially time-consuming or disinteresting process which few might possess the opportunity or determination to follow through to the end. Therefore, whether within or without the system, or as an alternative to itself, a general outline and mentorship program is again to be recommended, and determined at each community level, in order that all students acquire an understanding of the educational process, prior to and alongside the process of "education" itself. 107. The highest attainment of humanity, transcending any individual importance, is its capacity for the perception of itself, and the mechanism through which all ideological groups may represent and communicate openly and collectively with themselves on a universal basis.

III. A THOUSAND LIVES 108. The instruction which is given, being of the Spirit, belongs always to those who would receive it, and never to those whose opportunity it was to present among the choices of available materials. The grading system, in addition to highlighting the achievements of its highest attaining students, could also be used to evaluate (to the effect of remediation and not of expulsion) the strengths and weaknessness of its less attaining students.

The audience and context in which the material is given therefore varies with and encompasses the various functions of Society. Which is not to presume that grades are the measure of all forms of learning in society, nor that other forms of achievement, such as wealth, are not also based upon a system which is flawed within itself. Those whose task it may be to oversee or enforce one in one's labors, ideally formed among the free consociation of the laborer's themselves, should therefore derive from and elicit the individual's freedom of choice in the participation and collective management of the needs of one's Society, thereby connecting the individual with the Cause and Origin of the Institutions and Identity which preceded them in Time. 109. If, of all that which we perceive of space, we invoke the Spirit of the Creator, then we become one, in some small measure, with His Perception of Himself. Therefore, that which is of the Self and that which is of the Other merge with their Ultimate Potential, while remaining connected, and Connecting Itself, individually, with the stages of the process through which this Transformation can occur. It is possible to conceive of a balance whereby that which is meek and humble may be known for its strength, and that which is proud and lofty may be recalled unto its purity of heart. 110. The centralized vehicle of transport, whether locally or on a planetary scale, could either be under the rule of government or of the people themselves, depending upon the mass coherence and variable means of all potential forms of relocation, mobility, or defense. Whether we are to travel elsewhere or abide on earth, individually or collectively, in vehicles of spirit or of matter, could depend upon the trajectories of all parallel universes of which we could ever possibly become aware. 111. The internal quality of mathematics, rather than simply numbers, is the means through which we organize the volume and contents of Reality. The written work of calculation, in some sense, then corresponds with and resembles the effects of exertion among and upon the structures and fields of the earth (that which having accomplished itself once, or upon its renewal, may thenceforth inhabit indefinitely the means and effect of its inhabitance.) 112. Geological evidence that Earth has spontaneously resulted in glacial periods neither proves nor disproves how an excess of carbon would interact with other existing conditions. While countless other forms of balanced ecosystems should potentially exist, we cannot become unaware that it is the earth upon which we depend for our immediate survival. That we conceal ourselves in vehicles and houses does not offset the effect of the energies which accumulate around us. Being free of the earth, and free of the body, we should nevertheless not wish our actions to cause death unto those who yet depend upon the continuance and vitality of Life. 113. The alignment of humanity with itself could result with and alongside the alighnment with and of the Spirit of Itself. Concerted Action and Intention, circumvolving the global perimeter and borders, could therefore result in the highest possible colusion of the Human-Planetary Will. A Federation of Government/ Corporation of economics exists wherever and to the extent that a group of people survives upon the revenue which it collects unto Itself. Access to some form of employment or social security/ (the means of, and for the acquisition of, production) is therefore an inevitable requirement of life, and should therefore be made and/or remain an unalienable right among every member of the collective humanity. 114. Within each nation there is a center which corresponds with the international center (or external circumvolution) through which the sum of nations converges and interacts. Within each region there is likewise an approach to the nation, and within each municipality an approach to the state, and throughamongst all many alternative forms of coalition and ideology. Over and aggregating unto these centers, one should think, would be the Aura and Intention of the Energy Field which is Containing of Them All. The capacity of Goodwill to overcome the inequity and hostility of the World rests upon the willingness of humanity to approach itself comprehensively on humanitarian and ecological levels, while retaining and balancing the instruments of force which insure and enable that this potential occur. 115. The inquiry unto the Cosmic Intelligence, which is the act of Reverence and of Faith, ceaselessly expands the Imagination until it is sufficient to Its Cause. Altering one's Polarity from that of enmity and darkness to one of illumination and health results in the Containment of One's Spirit and the inevitable proof of One's Enduring Belief. Verifying the efforts of the Intelligence, to the extent which is the responsible mandate of Society, would thereby connect us with our own Community and with the efforts of all other Communities in existence world-wide. 116. The Vision of that which is Eternal reaches unto the present day for those which would invoke consistently the Awareness of Its Reality.

73 The four quadrants of the brain, according to the affected equilibrium of its center, with the rise and fall of the lungs, and turning with the four quadrants of the heart, supplies the directionality and emphasis of the currents of the body. The action which causes the rotation of Space, the Inner Processor and Motor of the physical Universe, being the Actions of One's Spirit, would thereby likewise encircle and illumine the form if aligned withof Itself.

which each one day has progressed/ is progressing itself forward into the next in the advancement, attainment, and realization of each given Culture of and unto Itself.

117. In the event that one's government, through the democratic action of its citizens, should act to abolish the principle of wealth, this would certainly affect the then existing administration's relations with its foreign representatives, which, to a greater or lesser extent, maintain also the likelihood of making this transition, independently, or in concerted action with themselves. This would not, of itself, affect the balance of the military alliances of our choosing, although it would be no longer possible to condone the violent or economic repression of those populations demanding for themselves legitimate democratic reform. Other than that they should wish to continue doing business with ourselves, an equal democratic confederation may not wish to contribute, through its policies or trade, to the continued exploitation of other nations' citizens, which were prior to this otherwise strategically allocated for the greater Good of World Society. The nature of the citizenry gaining power must bring with it also the Wisdom of choosing what was perhaps once chosen in their interest or in the interest of maintaining Order of Itself. The fact of our freedom, while not necessarily inevitable, must voluntarily continue to support those economic and military purposes which cannot, at this time, be responsibly entrusted to ours or other international or inter-regional Alliances. Whatever gains and changes to society the liberation of wealth could affect, the equilibrium quotient would thereafter be responsible for the growth it sustains. The redistribution of wealth, towards the purpose of revaluating and retaining the inherent value of its property itself, would reprioritize the mechanism and spectrum of interests through which the formation of currency is issued and formed. Those which circulate the material conditions of life could therefore result in that pattern which is most expressive of the spiritual purpose of their Being.

124. That which is witnessed through the eyes, or experienced indirectly of life, while affective of and maintained in the memory of that which is outside of the "body", is nevertheless exempted for in the Reason, which connects us with the Constructs of the Planet, and the Soul, which connects us together directly, through the vehicle of Spirit, with the Illuminance and Radiance of the Person and Immortal "Image" of God.

118. The path that was and is could lead to no destination other than the choosing and replacing of the steps through which we choose to travel through it. The purpose of our written work, while evidence of itself, at most, serves only to anchor, if through alternative means, the set and/or nature of the instruction through which arrived at of itself.

127. While the emergence of the People's Assemblies is essential to the creation of the conditions of ultimate emancipatory freedom and peace, they will (and should) never acquire the support they require without realistically considering the current framework and methodology for (our) continued vigilance and defense. The cohesion of the State (or States), while safe-guarding against both foreign and domestic threats to itself/ themselves and the respective populations, would serve also to foster the spirit of equanimity and international exchange which would deter and assuage the cause of threat or hostility from ever having formed, thereby transitioning the Order of Civilization towards the peaceable and autonomous organization and coordination of its core capacities and functions.

119. The process of consciously selecting one's thoughts, and only those thoughts which are in one's interest and in the interest of one's immediate survival, should constitute a magnetic field within the brain capable of maintaining the purpose of its Identity for itself and of resisting any external influences which would seek to psychologically harm or undermine the existing tendencies of Thought. 120. The presumption that an isolated set of conditions will produce a factor of consumption approximate to the human control of the environment disregards and potentially disrupts (while being a core extension of the process thereof) the function and potential of Nature to produce and sustain these very same conditions of itself through the systemic optimization, refinement, and reutilization of productive advantages and yield. The most sophisticated/ highly integrated equipment, structures, and machinery, being of the greatest use to the production and defense of one's Society, while, wherever relevant, secured at point of access and perimeter, must reside within the public trust in order to extend and parallel the inclusivity and expression of true social surplus or abundance to and among the individual and community levels of its being. The patterns of observation which are affected of the world, and by whom, and in their cumulative totality, will, in turn, affect the patterns of change which are affected of the world according to the outcome and depth and immediacy of that which is uncovered or revealed. 121. While it is possible, with age, experience, or opportunity to connect oneself and others with all information one acquires, up to and inclusive of one's existing worldview, this information is always that of the other to choose for themselves, from and among their own experience and relationship with the "world" which they have known, ideally inclusive thereby of both the freedom and the knowledge which they themselves individually possess. Those industries and organizations which construct and mold the collective imagination of a nation's population, through the use of culture, entertainment, and the arts, from whichever source their funding or actual selection are derived, reflect the character or virtues which the respective populations care or accept to have portrayed of themselves, outside, or in the effluence of, the thought-process and actual communications which sustain the Order and Rationality of Civilization Itself. 122. That we live with and toward our Imagination in person, and in the Light of Reality, does not preclude the persistence of the greater Light (or Waking Reality) which is yet consciously or unconsciously projected unto and among the frame of Light and the planes of Its Vision. Travelling over the surfaces of the Planet and beyond, we interact with those stories and conflicts (and ideas of interest) which are telling only of the rate and density at

123. The prospect of harmoninzing the full extent of one's Community is a correlation of the distance and coherence of that which is connected unto itself withamong the contents and recollections of one's immediate and intermediate environments.

125. The power of God to vanquish evil, and that which is of darkness, rightly given unto the Angels and of men, is transformed into the province of Demons howsoever used by this darkness against the purposes of God and to persecute those who are inhabiting His Light. Therefore the stage is set for Armagheddon to commence, with all souls having chosen darkness during life arrayed against those which had chosen the Army of the Light, whereupon the Love which was hoped for and maintained among those which were faithful shall have conquered every enemy for which they had stoodfast and readied of themselves. The mystery and preoccupation of Life, during this time, could be the invocation and perception of the Spirit in Its Ultimate Condition, amidst and against those distractions which would seek to prevent or obscure the fate of this Condition from ever Actually Occurring. 126. The love which one maintains in one's heart, for humanity and for God, despite the assaults of the enemy, while necessarily invoking the love and protection of God, being of His Nature Himself, is also instantaneous proof and certainty of one's worthiness that one will receive such love and protection. Thus the act of faith, faithfully rendered, reenforces itself.

128. The stages through which humanity acquired an understanding of our potential within Nature, and of Nature itself, has not thusfar predetermined whether our ecological response, or thinking, will serve to reenforce a natural balance, or empathy with ourselves, or result in an increasing polarization of our respective identities, beleaguring the question of whether, and to what extent, our evolution and development may continue without or disregarding the conditions of the evolutions which preceded them. 129. The process through which Language connects the mind with Reality and Spirit results from those opportunities which Spirit has provided and retained withof Itself, whether diverging from a Common Origin or converging towards a unifying or mutually accessible Lexicon or Symbology of Universal Comprehension. 130. The programs, codes, and frequencies through which the technology processes, acquires, and transmits its information connects each land-base and machineries with the areas and regions which it monitors and observes and extends its influence and activity. The array of sensors within the nationality or concertive apparatus is therefore uniquely or distinguishingly self-evident in the awareness of the mechanism and operations of its self-perception and controls. 131. In order for the Central Spiritual Sun, and the Lords which Dwell Within, to appear both within and before us, It must be uplifted in our Sight, both of the Earth and in the Heavens, providing a direction towards which the transmutation of mortal being could procede. Being above the plane of the physical quality of earth and also above the physical quality of fire, the Spirit is capable of being perceived in the form it inhabits and moves amongst Itself, the process through which the Light of the body and of the Earth unifies with Itself mirroring the process through which the Light of the Sun attains unity with Its Planets and with the One Cosmic Self. It could be that the purpose of Humanity, and of the Earth, is fulfilled in and through the proliferation of the conditions of Life throughout the Universe, that all forms of manifestation could have the opportunity of attaining the awareness and transcendence of themselves. 132. That the movement towards municipal equality should be encouraged to continue, whether or not adopting a military position, towards the purpose of accomplishing

74 international Goodwill, presupposes that, in order to acquire the numbers it would require to be effective (democratically or through force), it would require the assistance and inclusion of those who would also continue to support the existing military and bureaucratic activity as these are derived from the present Constitution of their Government. 133. The diverseness and history of the forms which are appearing on Earth encapsulates the diverseness and history of the forms which are appearing throughout the Universe, unifying thus the plane of Creation and thereby dispelling the Illusion of separation, distance, or limitation of the Highest Attainment towards which any fixed point of Space or the Imagination could aspire. 134. In the present term, that our diplomats and policies project the message of Goodwill and Justice in the world, our social organizations and demonstrations could likewise project a corresponding or dissenting message into society, into the government, or into the world, which may or may not be considered or supported by other political, cultural, or economic processes or established media forms, potentially coordinated towards overcoming the barriers and difficulties which had caused or could cause our separate cultures and governments to have entered into or remained in a state of conflict, scarcity, or disharmony with us or themselves, thereby reconciling all that which had obstructed or obscured the goal of our being and remaining ecologically prosperous and at peace with ourselves, individually, in our communities, and with the whole of the earth and global society. 135. The foundation of knowledge, while complete in itself, in no way precludes that all members of society will acquire those forms of knowledge through which, by circumstance and affinity, they may best contribute to the greater progress and good of humanity. 136. In addition to one's love and one's awareness of the Love of God, which are themselves immutable, being interminable conditions of one's Spirit, it is also important to believe that humanity is fundamentally capable of loving itself, and to forgive them accordingly, in that one's earthly fate is and could also be dependent upon the kindness which they show towards oneself or to others. 137. Besides and inclusive of the prospect and effort of bringing peace and security to oneself and to one's world, there is the fulfillment of the Imagination (or Psychology) in the appreciation of and for the act and potential of All-Being for Itself. Therefore is the Experience of Awareness capable of harmonizing and uplifting the Aura which is the Purpose and Cause for which it was Created. The emergence from darkness and chaos created the stages of relative joy and sorrow approximating the cause of development which were outworn and transformed into the Higher Puposes of Being, which are themselves concerned and inclusive of the liberation of the totality from the regression and submergence into chaos of attachment to the lower nature of prior or even more horific modes of life which those who are of darkness strive to maintain or diminish of the Eternal Light and Evolving Glory of the Divine and True Reality. 138. Diversity and unity of opinion, or ideological groups, within the States and among the States, coexist with the National Policy which works through or upon their Population's behalf, leaving the Populations to determine the Form of the States which they allow to represent them, in the Community and unto the field of International affairs. Although ideologies are shared across the Community and International borders, a mechanism through which to officially endorse an Authority or Action is required for and requires a forum and mechanism through which to interact or effect its agenda with or upon the other constituent groups of the Community and Global Society. Humanity may therefore engage itself politically or culturally only to the extent that there is established or maintained a process and/or mechanism through which this Communication or Directed Action can or could potentially occur. 139. The System of Capitalism, having no direct representatives of itself, and controlling the means of Mass Population Awareness, can be confronted only indirectly through the engagement and demonstration with and among the consciousness of Public Society. Furthermore, the System of Capitalism, while restrictive of Freedom, must not, of itself, obliviate the legitimacy of a Government whose Common Cause is arrayed against other much more restrictive or oppressive forms of Ideology or Government. The enabled effect of environmental destruction and ethical harm, given the existing colusion of Government with Industry, however, counterposes the strength of National Defense with the priorities of ethical/ philosophical validity and Ecological Survival. 140. The number and types of homes which are available to a nation's population, while presumably providing an incentive towards the attainment of the distinction of "Class", must, at some point, acknowledge the ecological limits of growth and the aesthetic and ethical preference of collective and collectively accessible living accomodations and facilities. 141. Because of the knowledge which God provided of Himself, and our Faith thereof, no other can claim the Authority or Power to impose a less merciful or less compassionate foundation to the framework of our Being.

Therefore the Presence and Light of Christ, in Himself, abolishes the possibility of Hell from our Reality, in the Vision and Awareness of the Condition of Salvation which are the Being With and Eternal Knowledge of Himself. 142. In the process of covering the widest possible spectrum of events, it is observed that there are certain categories into which are classed the significant phenomena, correlating with the synchronicity or convergence of the historical or astrological forces which they represent. The record of the progress of humanity will necessarily culminate through the recollection of all that which was required to have progressed it thusfar, the sequence of events, in themselves, contextualizing and signifying the dynamics and quality of change, contrasted with that which was previously or inherently forecasted or intended of itself. 143. The concentration of forces which are directed at one's body may be deflected towards the center of mass or densent peripheries, however the points of consciousness are shielded or intensified through which their impact is absorbed. 144. If one's joy in life comes not from the love or admiration of the world, but from one's love for Life itself, then with humility one may accept all forms of criticism or judgement without diminishing one's attitude towards life, which continues irregardless of the externalities of one's circumstance or fate. 145. That the human being is aware of the flesh of the body, through the self-reflection of the lower self, he is also aware of the Universal Garment through the self-reflection and identification of the Higher Self, of which he is part. The Spirit, to the extent escaping and transcending of the former, gains unto the likeness and Perception of the later, in all the worlds over which retaining or exerting Its Influence or Control. 146. The soul of all living creatures, both great and small, perseveres outside of time and manifestation in the love and divine potential of the Spirit which created and contains all that they ever were or will be in and withof the Angelic Host of the One Existence. The material and electronic faculties of the human imagination are symbolic, at a higher level, of the Quality through which the Divine Awareness circulates freely through Itself. 147. The inquiry unto God, and the Cosmic Principle, wherefore latent in the Ideation of the Created Mind of Men, would necessarily result, according to the qualities and motives of the soul of the people, in the predilection and approximation of truth across all geographical borders, until superceded and identifiable with the Actuality of the Truth which connects them together of their Totality through the Direct Revelation and Containment of that which is for each and all the Summation and Attainment of their Highest Aspirations and Potential. 148. The fields of knowledge which have enabled civilization to flourish have required also that those with this knowledge perform the work which has enabled it to function. 149. The more complete variation of the problems encountered, in order to read in the form of the examples provided, would need merely to be fitted within the same or similar framework and/or aesthetics of their initial instruction. Or it could be that that which is diplayed or observed, upon completing its purpose, depending on the types of thought-construction to which this concept is applied, would wish to resolve itself back into and among a more or otherwise prototypical or primary subset in order to maintain the clarity and cohesion through which the whole of the course or subject matter may at once be divulged and projected through and unto itself of its entirety. That which is written or considered, to the extent supplementing that which is read, would need substitute for it only to the extent appearing in a modified or more accessible form or individual rendition. 150. The roots of the soul, being of the spirit, could provide the means through which the inverted tree of matter could both connect with and escape from itself upon or towards the fruition or termination of its growth. 151. Numerologically, the zero, being round, completes the variation of the sequence from the single digit one, enabling the decimal system to repeat and compound upon the form of its basic unit to infinity. The form and essence of the numerals relate also with the unfolding of the geometric properties of thought through the quality of the quantities which overlap in the division of the primary frame of spatial recognition. The written letter and word could, from their origin, possess, or have once possessed, a similar or corresponding relationship with the sound and image of the world(s) which they depict and/or evoke from the fields of their awareness or reception. The existing universe itself, being the aggregation of animated forms, is therefore a symbol of itself, unto the elaboration and extent of its governing and abiding selfintention and perimeter. 152. The realization and acceptance that the fate of one's perdition could have been avoided, either individually or through the collective imparted wisdom of the group,

75 produces the humility through which one's imaginary punishment may be endured through the avoidance of the stress reaction of one's unnecessary anger, reciprocal judgement, or depair. This humility, of course, allowing room in one's mind for the hope and preservation of one's eternal mercy and redemption. 153. The youth, knowing not the light, shall dread the recollection of every night of their unbeing. Knowing this, perhaps, more persons could avoid the fate of dissociation from the vital core of their earthly origin and beginning. 154. The One Self, being all selves in essence, would need to fracture into forms in order to behold the diversity of States of Its infinite selves, selves which, awakening to the unity of themselves would resolve back into the formless essence of their undivided Existence. The perception of an organized group, in terms of active facilities of uniformed rank or garb, involves also the culture of awareness and the acceptance of certain doctrines or codes of discipline and behavior. The books which are read by the very young (and/or adult population), while there to increase their understanding of themselves, must first establish a mechanism and routine through which this understanding may be interpreted and acquired. 155. The Soul, for and of Itself, is the Guardian of Itself, although this plight reaches unto personal levels only during immediate duress, at which time the light which is of the body is uplifted or reabsorbed into the Whole of its Infinite Totality. The incessant opportunities of pain, disaster, and aggression (which are the conditions of the peoples and creatures of the earth, and of the soul of the earth itself) therefore require, at most, and of themselves, our highest thinking, awareness, and activity at all moments and all times (the spirit withof bearing, in its Image in the World, the full measure and relation of the responsibilities of its Actions.) Should one never have been called to one's defense, one may never have realized the depths of the defenses which are available and required, in which case the "adversary" could have done nothing more than to hasten the evolution and transformation of the collective form unto the puposes of spirit, which we thereby know and believe with certainty and faith to be the Cause and Destiny which are the Plan and Foundations of Our Reality. 156. Should that which ever having existed disappear from withof itself, it should certainly reappear according to the very same Cause which was its Origin, necessitating and allowing for all necessary stages in the transformation of and fulfillment of itself. Life Itself, having ever once existed, is proof of the certainty of the fact that Life has and will occur, in accordance of the immanent Nature and inevitability of the Continued Progress and Restoration of Its Being. 157. The symbol of the upward-pointing pentagram, or five-pointed star, enblazened and encircled with light, suggests a pathway through which the Soul may radiate and illumine the body's extremities, coordinated from the upper triad of the higher dimensions. The use of this symbol for military purposes is suggestive of the light which these groups represent and radiate into the world. If the color of one's uniform is intended to specify a particular group of society, all those wearing one color may nevertheless yet belong to different groups of society, depending on the ways and functions with which they most (actively) identify with themselves. That one is individually and voluntarily in service to the defense of one's nation or community initiates a set of base commands which may or may not be in correspondence with the command structure of a Higher Protocol. 158. The democratization of wealth and corporate control would imply also the democratization of the technological basis upon which these corporations were formed, necessitating the creation of a democratic mechanism through which to secure access to the information and infrastructure which could potentially be used against the Greater Good of Society. From a military and economic perspective, the less the population is aware of the form of its infrastructure, the less opportunity there is to investigate and potentially undermine the security of its operations, requiring that those wishing to partake of a culture of total self-awareness either reside within this military or corporation themselves or transcend the defensive or competitive function and necessity of the military and economic apparatus. To the extent that the general poulation is aware of and in direct control of its resources, it must collectively determine the alliances and partnerships which are to its strategic and humanitarian advantage, and/or the extent of the alternative policies or actions which it will condone withof itself. 159. Depending on the mechanism through which wealth is extracted and collective wages levelled, the system of taxation will simply have become the routine transference and reallocation of production and excess production to other existing areas of need. Outside and coinciding with the process of overt participatory funding, there is the possibility of individuals pooling together a portion of their spendable allowance towards projects or trusts which may or may not conflict with existing municipal or governmental regulations.

Towards the effect of refining the imbalance of property and houses in existing construction, there could be defined a relation between square footage and residency requirements which would open and diffuse all spaces in accordance of the needs of the existing population. 160. That our thoughts control our emotions, or the image which appears in the body, connects us with the types and quality of the ideas which we wish to appear in our thoughts. The act of awareness, or meditation, through the constant renewal of its efforts, thereby elevates the Soul towards the state of enlightened contemplation and activity. 161. The autonomously formed, or domestically based, militia or organized body of labor, while conserving their measure of order in society, could thereof coordinate, at will, themselves and their resources towards the preparedness and necessity of national or international efforts, according to the perception and nature of the events which are the cause of this activity. The fact that we exist for the protection of the freedom of the people differentiates the libertarian from the autocratic rules of force. Those who would contribute to or constitute the national/ international directives of society would necessarily therefore remain informed and involved with the decisionmaking process through which these and their own directives are instituted and applied. Furthermore, this analysis should in no way preclude or obliviate the "civil" and cultural functions of society which are, in many ways, integrated into the fulfillment and transcendence of the active mission of this purpose and the unifying condition of all being. Otherwise stated, the cultural elements of Order, being the ends in themselves, will therefore attain their synthesis through the cooperation and involvement of the formerly separable attributes of collectively civil and international society and our combined future and potential technological and planetary and/or extraplanetary/ multidimensional ecologies and/or realms or conditions of transphysical manifestation or form. 162. In just the same way that evil seeks to bombard the mind with fragmented incoherence, it is possible to decompose the spoken utterance into mere phonetic gestures with no intrinsic meaning, thereby preventing the diversion and infiltration of the thought-process with unnecessary reactions or response, effectively silencing and sealing the opportunity, while it yet exists, through which hate and anger attempt to force their way into our reality. The actual portal which connects the consciousness with the mind must however itself remain opened in order to furnish the light which connects one with the Soul in its intended and illumined state of being. 163. The concern for the security and protection of the community and humanity, and for the efficiency and rationality of industrial and agricultural processes in general, could quite readily translate into ecological production methodoligies, given the empathy and awareness which are established and extended through the group and throughout all of the earth. Notwithstanding, although we should not wish to have caused the death of the earth through our willful or inadvertent activity, the prospect of there being no future generations of our species could signify nothing more than the end and termination of the evolution of humanity, at which time the immortal spirit will have shifted or returned unto the higher realms of its infinite reality. 164. In order to conceive of a form which is transcendent of the earth and humanity, or a future or ultimate destiny of the form of Creation Itself, one must look towards the Origin of that which is capable of creating Existence to begin with, and thus uncreate or unburden oneself of that which was acquired through the experience of Life, or that of which we wish to acquire the capacity to transcend. The future transformation of the planetary ecologies and technologies and cosmicsolar array, therefore connects us directly with the Disincarnate Totality through which these immanently manifest and into and with which these must someday ultimately merge. 165. The study of the Wisdom Religion, from a geopolitical perspective, provides a format through which diplomacy may afford the greatest respect to the diversity of cultures, without sacrificing the sanctity of anyone's existing personal or cultural customs or beliefs. 166. That there exists a Justice System through which to prosecute and deprive persons of life to varying degrees could force each inmate to discover and rely upon the Light of Conscience above all other things, if allowed through the Word of God to express this understanding to themselves. Besides the existence of the Internal Revenue Service, for the purposes of prosecuting and collecting taxation, and other regulatory mechanisms which may exist at governmental levels, and that of the banks themselves, which are the holders and/or primary investors of this wealth, the Central Intelligence Service would wish to maintain a composite of the wealthiest individuals and corporations of society, both domestically and abroad, merely for the effect, for good or ill, which the potential of their actions could have upon our collective or national security. The awareness of technological potential, beyond the mere quantity of sums which are involved, would also involve the capacity of the government, and of industry itself,

76 to invest or contract of itself among the fullest range and quality of options which are available for its development, and/or counter-act or counter-balance that which it may perceive to be a viable or unacceptable threat or risk unto itself. The concern for the poor or middle classes of themselves, beyond that they might commit or endure some social harm, is otherwise delegated to public service and/or governmental and foreign aid programs wherever these may exist. The environmental and ecological threat of industrial activity, wherefore of or of no immanent economic or security disadvantage or threat, are therefore likewise delegated among the agencies and programs of specfic relevance to themselves. Constituting a federal and international body which is most responsible to its constituents and humanity therefore involves the participation and correlation of all matters which are intrinsically intertwined in the ethical operability and foundations of all civilizations and ecologies. 167. That one feels within one's heart the magnetic currents of the fires of the earth, and also the fires of the sun, enables one's flesh to become the surface of the planet and one's vision the eyes of all humanity, and of creatures below and above us in the Hierarchy of Infinity. This is also, one should know, a way to shield the body from the effects of the consciousness of pain. 168. The visualization of Christ at the center of the Spiritual Abode, while liberating us from the conditions of the elements, must allow us to view the Quality of His Radiance both from within and from without, in order to further our understanding of the continuance of our spiritual existence. The dual nature of this process could therefore explain the movement of the eyes of the Creatures which are surrounding of His Throne. The literal interpretation of the image of the beast and the number of his mark, rather than being some unknown and foreign doctrine, could be all that which is perceived of the world in the voluntary oppression of its people. 169. That our world could disappear from us at any instance, we should all have prepared for ourselves the garment in which to enter into death. Humanity, together, must greatly intensify its efforts, in order to avert the possibility of future global scarcity or wars. 170. The network of satellites for observation of terrain, communication towers, and other optical and weapon guidance systems, themselves represent the sophistication of the programming and computational technologies which provide the infrastructure and tactical advatage to the ultimate users of this technology. The complexity of the terrains and communications observed are, in turn, enabled by recognition programs to alert the user to that which one may not be instantly and/or otherwise aware. Other material commands of tactical relevance relate with physical armor and vehicluar systems and the delivery and detonation of balistics and/or energy weapons with which the infantry and battleforce are then practicably acquainted and equiped. These factors, taken together, however should not underestimate the range of other organizational and health related skills which are vital to the effectiveness of the overall and/or otherwise peacable operations of the defense. 171. That which is spoken from darkness, pronounced in the reverse of its sylables, has the effect of uncreating the effect of that which is spoken in the mind. The beings of darkness, attempting to consume with darkness, simply remain one with the darkness of themselves. 172. The Formless, diverging into the essence of the elements and the attributes of Will, while yet remaining a thing unto itself, which, in turn, form the objective basis of creation, could yet respond to the subjective quality of being to the extent which thought develops and is directed to the origin of the formlessness within. 173. In order to create a body of humanity which is capable of liberty, it is a necessary service that each be provided the opportunity and motive to create a bridge of consciousness for and unto themselves. 174. In terms of the body's electrical field, this could connect and correspond with the planet's electronic infrastructure, if we allow that there exists within either a luminence which derives from elsewhere than themselves. The organic processing and conduction of electricity, at the molecular level, bears a corresponding approximation with the means of information transmission, storage, and display, overlapping or diverging in accordance of the signifance and production of that which is actually Perceived. The vehicle of Spirit, requiring neither body nor form, requires yet that we navigate the intricacies of the forms through which we yet approach its reality.

cosmic properties, for the same reason, according to another, and yet there be a logical consistency and/or metaphysical interpretation for the purpose of unifying the coherent rationality of a universal "science", itself subsumed in, and ultimately substantiated in the occurrence of, the higher operations of the unifying faith of one's pre-exising system of religious observations or beliefs. 177. The immediate response to our political demands, if failing to materialize, rather than discouraging the movement, should be cause for renewing solidarity about the central idea, the belief in which must be maintained, in the absence of definitive action, until unanimity can be arrived at a sufficient level and intensity of national and international awareness. The outposts which are maintained, each of a common origin or belief, must themselves remain vigilant, in their own communities, and for the sake of demonstrating and maintaining the foundations upon which future efforts of collective and national unity may subsist.

IV. THE ANNIHILATION OF SELF 178. The votex of pain, howsoever contrived or encountered of the experience of life, will either force or hinder the perception and reconciliation of metaphysical events, which one should otherwise voluntarily invoke in the ordinary or unaffected consciousness of these transcendental relationships and phenomena. However near or far from this potential one might be, the ways of the destroyer remain always under the closest supervision of God, in whose will the threat of death or discomfort can never be allowed to obstruct the inevitable triumph of the human spirit over all forces of darkness which seek to oppose it. 179. One must question whether or not there is, in fact, a "unified field" to quantum mechanics, or whether or not this unified field is actually reconciliable with all other existing areas of "Thought"? 180. The causes of negativity, disrupting the harmony of the electrical signalling of the brain, and the rotation of the centers, disrupts also the harmony of the electrical fields of all the molecules and cells with which this signalling is related, requiring the "positive" influence and evocation of the Soul to resore and maintain equilibrium over any potentially degraded systems of the form which it partially and temporarily inhabits. The energy of the Soul, passing unto the sentient energy of the heart, requires therefore the protection and control over the mind through which the collection and judgement of all information is imparted towards the perception and interpretation of all inter-phenomenal events (the context and significance of the envisioned and illumined Aura in which one's unified being is found.) The constant aligning of one's thoughts with the Conscience of Service, which allows the qualities of the Soul to coalesce and enter into being, gradually overcomes all imbalances and adverse reactions which the personality might bring unto itself in the absence or incompleteness of this Circumscription of Itself. 181. The attachment to one's earthly life, and the remainder of the experience thereof, is that which would deny one the courage or will to confront potential or almost certain injury or destruction for the protection or enactment of a Higher Ideal for the Human and Planetary Condition. The personality may therefore protect all that is real and true of reality, even unto the expense of its mortality, while realizing that all exists to the collective advantage and upliftment of the Soul of all Humanity. Those entering into battle might otherwise take solace, to varying extents, that their tactical advantage has virtually shielded them from anything which could be accomplished through the resources of the Enemy. The battle is therefore fought on both the inner and outer planes against the emergence of any force of destruction which is contrary to the values of human and planetary liberation and renewal. 182. The One Experience of Truth, or that which is of the Light of Creation, being universal to all forms of consciousness, being subdivisions of this Light, which could ever possibly exist, liberates and integrates all forms of light among the Experience of the One Great Identity. That it should be possible to do nothing secretly from the Government reenforces the responsibility over the actions which this Government manifests or condones.

175. The personality, realizing that all forms of spirit or light are accessible to its awareness, and preferable to the inertness of matter, becomes willing to forego and transcend the confining barrier of its lower attachments in order to assist the colectivity of Itself towards a higher or more inclusive state of awareness and being.

183. Those wishing to create a network which is secure from all other networks, unless themselves strategically motivated, must then ethically forgo the opportunity of forensically investigating other networks and their network themselves, presuming that which overtly appears is sufficient to the causality and interpretation of events and that a server could ever effectively function without, at some level, being fully aware of itself. The issue is therefore always of one government, or level of government, acting against, or ideally in conjunction with, another, and never of a people attempting to free itself of government surveillance entirely, so far as individuals remain connected together in any sensible form of Society.

176. The cause of the interactions between atomic and subatomic particles, for practical purposes, can be explained according to one theorem, and that of overt physical and

184. The use of deadly force against a foreign opponent, whether through conventional or unmanned delivery systems, depending on whether we are actually at war with that

77 foreign government, and especially with regard to the contingency of civilian (noncombatant) casualties, would require, and presumably has required, that the provincial authorities and populations themselves remain, to the furthest extent possible, complicit and aware of the rationale against the targeted individuals, (if, for obvious reasons, withholding mission critical operations), in order not to escalate a conflict against what are presumably the justifiable motives of a free, humanitarian, and liberatory extended military force. This, in effect, establishes a context in which the judiciality of these actions has, at least partially, been reconciled among those factors which are of the greatest or most immediate interest or concern to the necessity of the immediate prosecution of this cause. 185. As a far distant possibility, were humanity, or some other sentient life-form into which we may have by then evolved, to acquire a much greater understanding or control over solar gravitation and nuclear forces, it should conceivably be possible to affect events on an astronomical scale, such as the formation of habitable planets and galaxies, from the existing matter and energy of the universe, invoking therefore a cosmic balance of each quadrant in relation to the whole and recapitulating thus the factors involved in the initial formation of the universe. The earth itself, it can be seen, is a microcosm of the working out of this potential, and the universe potentially pre-arranged so that the harmony of the sphere must demonstrate its responsibility towards Cosmic Law before advancing to the Higher Spheres, the infinite gradations of which are already nascent within and unto the Highest Forms of Cosmic Intelligence or Life. Otherwise, were the universe yet indeterminate or chaotic, there would nevertheless be an implicit Will towards the attainment of Order of Itself, returning us again, cyclically, to the process of all Creation in Eternity. From an alternative perspective, a galaxy or system of self-illumined or selfsustaining vessels could also coincide with or supplant the multiformity and duality of living and empowering foundations, although it should be difficult to imagine the grandeur of life without the existence of a surface which could accomodate the complexity and diversity of the potential nature of its form. The once departed, having lived, unless returning to life, could therefore continue indefinitely to affect or evolve the phenomenality of this or other realms or regions of the universe or Infinite Reality. 186. The UNITY, in the absence or negation of threat, is the coordination and deployment of all labors which culminate and further the human capacity over itself and its environment. Among the nations, there are events and gestures which signal whether this UNITY has strengthened or weakened, or in principle reformed, according to the forms of cooperation and organization of which UNITY subsists. 187. Thought, based upon the recollection of images and ideas, enables the conscious projection of qualities and energies of one's choice and discretion, rather than the unconscious drift of association or the inaudible enunciation of new words or spoken tendencies of thought. 188. The spirit, being contained within and furnishing the vitality of the form, and vacating upon its demise, may seek for its origin during life, and thereby bridge the distance which separates these illusory extremes of the incarnation of reality. 189. Oscillations of planetary orbits and rotations should correlate with the shifting of the currents within the cores of the respective bodies, however remaining in a stable configuration according to the persistance of the correlation of the respective energies and mass. This same, or corresponding, principle should also hold true, by analogy, with the chemical properties and behaviors at the atomic and subatomic levels of material causality. 190. Psychologically, the spiritualization, or respiritualization, of material observation, returns to the priority of Spirit that which is otherwise the insensible, though apparent, rationalizations of the phenomenal intellect or mind. The occult sciences, by recollecting the derivation of the form from subtler levels, sustains the path through which quantum physics may search out and fathom the connection of the fundamental forces, from the highest to the lowest states and integrated qualities of their being. The ancient philosophies, being the precursors of modern scientific thought, rather than being heretical to religion, have been integrated into its Codex according to the Sciences which these Religions profess. That GOD which has provided the heart and soul of humanity, has therfore much to learn and much to give to those who would perceive only the qualities of His Outer Character or Form. 191. If all humanity, at this time, were to continue to pray for the well-being of the Creation of the Earth, including themselves, and to express this prayer through action, the restoration and/or continuance of their former reverance and belief in the capacity and willingness of LOVE to Heal could provide the conditions, and the only conditions, which are sufficient to the aversion of the devastation of this Creation and of themselves entirely.

192. The material foundations of the physical sciences, while inculcating the concepts of the modern scientific theorem, for the purposes of directing the comprehension towards that which is overtly known and understood, must also, at some point, direct the imagination towards the deeper significance of these concepts in order to instill the capacity to question and/or to further the basic validity of the existing theory and established framework of research. 193. The evolution and differentiation of the elements and forces, and their cyclical reintegration and dissolution, rebounding at and through the boundary of the primordial universe and its systems, would predicate, in the microcosm, and at each descending and ascending level thereof, a rebounding, recoiling, and expansion of the energies of the central sun at the corresponding boundary and relation of affirming, mutually opposing, and confluent Self-Identity. The Soul, reflecting upon Itself in the form of Spirit, while and because remaining One with Itself, must also encompass the minutiea of forces into which it has been resolved, in order to fulfill its Destiny and Purpose amidst the phenomenality of Global Strife and Illusion. That we are a reflection of the forms of knowledge and wisdom which we have gathered unto ourselves, brings us nearer or further from the Aura in which this knowledge and wisdom are observed, and our collective security, according to the space and time which we have allowed through the exclusion and/or broadening of the (Re-)Identification of the Unified Awareness and Co-Functionality of Self. 194. If one's government or another, or one or another grouping of the population thereof, is unjust or in error, towards itself or other governments or peoples or regions of earth, besides, and for the reason of, one's obligation to one's own defense, there is the obligation to object and demand for what is right, requiring ultimately that the prevailing or insurgent powers enstate or liberate the force of reason from and for those which are, in either case, infringing or appealing to the Highest Cause of Global Ecology, Civilization, and Justice. 195. The myriad of the inner light contains the phenomenality of the outer light, which is, in essence, the inner form of its existence, at which point the individual self, being the mere conduit of this perception, reduces to a phenomenal mechanism of the disincarnateness of this Plan. The roots of the mind, being the core possessions of the transitory self, while shielded from the earth, exist solely to manifest through and unto the network which is the living tree of its endeavors. The intentionality of pain, and the illusury realm of darkness in general, in order never to undermine the existing Unity of Will, must exist only to demonstrate the persistance and indestructability of the living ghost which is one's Spirit. 196. If we should wish to deter the voluntary association and cooperation with ideologies, and/or the national aggegations thereof, which are explicitly and actively hostile towards our nation and/or peoples and the values which we represent - while remaining responsibly pursuant of these threats and under no obligation to justify ourselves or the right to live free from unlawful threat for itself, and/or otherwise because merely of our being of these values for themselves and in the spirit of fostering and mirroring right human relations in the world - then, in addition to, and through extension of - and again under no obligation other than the humanitarian nature of our character - gauranteeing equal levels of material assurance, we should also continue to become and to project the image and understanding of a civilization which, while conveying the richness and diversity of human culture for itself, is as equally, if not moreso, compassionate, responsible, and virtuous towards itself, the earth, and the whole of world society. This purpose, while potentially reflective of our national policies and rhetoric, would be substantially magnified through the spontaneous outreach and outpouring of goodwill from and through the heart of our national population. The organization and demonstration towards equitable and ecological practices by our government, our industries, and the whole of society, for civil and human rights in general, and against the foundations and necessity of war, cowithstanding the implications and efforts of all other religious and cultural institutions and identities, while and in order to effectively accomplish these objectives, must increasingly recognize the responsibility within and towards the national and international body and the potential impact upon our national reputation and identity, for good or ill, of that which our collective actions represents and of the message which it sends. We shall and must therefore at once learn both to communicate and to listen and observe more intensely, both within ourselves and to and among the disparate communities and factions of the world which surrounds us. 197. The etheric force centers, from their positions in space, manifest an energy which is proportional to that which has accumulated around them, while, within and through each finite element of substance, there exists also a vibrational current capable of elevating and directing its intensity to and towards that of the highest universe of itself, or of the unified system of which it is part. Whether of a nebulous or diffuse vapor contracting to produce the energies and shape of the universe, or of the centrifugal dispersion of rotationary force, the qualities of mind and of spirit must also have been innate in the primordial beginning in order to retain the coherence and completeness of our faculties of transcendental intuition. The weight of the body, collapsing to the earth, or its center of gravity, in the absence of life, similarly releases the spirit, of its own volitional substance, into the

78 realm of all that which was prefigured or foreknown in the mind over the course of its incarnation, fecundation, and development. In either sense, there is the necessity of a formation and escaping into that which has first been visualized and an alternation or resolution among the interconcentric peripheries of sensible and immaterial enclosure. And again, in this way, new universes, or facets of the universe, could constantly be being formed of the Ghost which remains of all that into they could ever transform. 198. At another extreme, the existence of pain, of whichever source or duration, could do nothing other than to connect us with an affinity for the suffering of all people and all creatures of earth, a task from which we are inseparable unto the completion and fulfillment of our mission on earth, and in the work of the Creator. The knowledge of wisdom, which is joy, is integral to the liberation of the elements, and is therefore that which we must project, in each existing variation, into the troubled regions of humanity and the planetary form. The acceptance and welcoming of suffering, rather than its futile aggravation, is therefore again the only means through which to summon the strength and vital awareness through which to oppose and counteract the fundamental intentionality and phenomenal nature of its overt occurrence and activity. The immaculate substance, nevertheless pervading all life with the pain and love of its labors, is therefore finally transcendent while encompassing of all hostilities which are inflicted unto the innocence of that which it has suffered to bring forth into Light. 199. Cooperation and negotiations, among and between allied or opposing armies, concerning military deterrence, action, training, or assistance, are, presumably, conducted by and unto commanding officers of an appropriate or corresponding designation, with paralleling connections among the intelligence communities, which may or may not communicate directly according to the spectrum and advantage of maintaining the integrity or isolated unity of their respective intelligence and counterintelligence operations. The capacity of civil or extra-national society to replicate or corroborate the scale and nature of these endeavors, through the organization of their government or otherwise, economically and financially, in a capitalist or unionized society, among developing or opposing industries or corporations, or that of religious or cultural institutions, each according to the sphere over which expressing their specific or mutual influence or concern, is therefore a measure of either the inclusivity or class disparity, intentional or otherwise, between the military, the elected or appointed government, or institutional representatives or councils and the specific constituencies and/or general population of society. Reconciling the differences among these groups, through collective conversation, dialogue, and exchange, according to the common denominator of their motives, could serve to resolve and oppose the basic cause of human conflict and to anchor that sense of universality in the collective consciousness which would synthetically unite and uplift the common foundation and cause of the one humanity. Primarily, though we must, according to the inherent and existing stratification of the organization and awareness of society, continue to relegate our will among the existing protocol and established levels of authority, and maintain our individuality of ourselves, for itself and because of the differentiation of functionality, we must nevertheless, for purposes of group sovereignty and individual integrity, maintain the identity and presence through which to control or influence the basis and the liberty through which these course of actions are to be taken or decided, so far and to the extent which our collective personal autonomies could co-exist and resolve themselves into the unanimity and accord of right relations of itself. Our highest office, and the bureaucratic or civic differentiation thereof, whether placed over this military or alongside it in its duties, nevertheless bears responsibility for the awareness of its actions, and we, individually and collectively, of which this office is, of its essence, appointed or composed. 200. That there is that which assualts the body and mind with no discernable provocation or defense, the body and mind might themselves be transformed into an energy weapon capable of generating a proportionate or reciprocal psionic retaliation or response. 201. The supervention of the military, while not necessarily one's intention, could result through the coordination and reciprocity of a Plan to which the General Order could adhere. 202. Once, under the political authority of the consenting population, having expropriated the assets of the wealthiest percentage of society, this fund - and ownership of the corresponding corporations and industries - would be restored to the municipalities, in a ratio proportionate to the size and requirements of the populations thereof, in the form of a trust upon which the citizenry could base the future actions and development of their communities themselves, unto the regions and nation of the collectivity of which they remain, in mechanism and principle, united in identity and form. Furthermore, were all revenues from industry to be redistributed among society, the capacity of industry for expansion or growth, rather than being based upon the margin of profit acquired of itself, would be based upon the public decision of which industries, or variations of industries, in which to further invest, itself influenced, if not predetermined, by the rate of productivity of the services and methodologies applied.

Therefore, it can be proven that democratic principles are equally, if not moreso, capable of regulating and governing the economy, without the necessity or incentive of unequal revenue, and unequal power, accruing towards any individuals or organizations of the national assembly. The idea that private wealth, in the interim, represented neither an essential good nor evil, according to the role that it plays, merely underscores that it must now be resubsumed into society in order to allow for the next phase of human liberation to materialize itself into being. There is, of course, no certainty that, or when, humanity should choose, or be allowed to choose, this path for itself, but merely that this idea should abide in and shift towards the forefront of the collective imagination and responsibility over itself, if ever there shall now be a time at which this possiblity shall occur. 203. That those entering into the military or intelligence services would, presumably, be those with the greatest knowledge of and access to its operating systems, and therefore those with the greatest capacity of betraying these secrets, of themselves, or to others, would require an oath of loyalty both upon entering into these services and for the remainder of the lives during which the information acquired is yet of a sensitive or critical nature. The discipline which one enters into is therefore a discipline over itself as much so as an authority over the society which one observes and protects. 204. The municipalization and nationalization of industry, while not affecting trade of itself, does draw into question the distribution of revenue from multi-national corporations situated within our national borders, towards which, while maintaining free trade to our own advantage and global development, we would increasingly regulate and integrate into the national mechanism of our sovereign economy, a process towards which all nations would simultaneously adapt and transform according to the political and economic relations which would maintain and uplift the implict order and connectedness of a co-functioning global society. 205. If the wealthy of one nation ever sensed that a time was drawing near in which the majority of the population or standing power would act to remove them of their wealth, and presuming that other nations were not taking similar measures upon themselves, any attempt to expatriate with their holdings would need to be blocked or retroactively defaulted, with other nations unwilling, in this situation, to purchase this currency themselves, until being stabilized and revaluated in the new functioning order of the economy. At this time also, all foreign holdings of our currency, being the extensions of our national treasury, could either be recompensed or defaulted, in order to restore the relationship and primacy of the population with the use of the currency which it would then collectively possess. Those who would reason that the population is incapable of making decisions at this level neglect to consider that persons given this respect would develop an authority which is appropriate to their perceptions of themselves, and that, with experience, the functioning order would find ways of greatly clarifying and streamlining the collective process unto the international level. The emphasis, at the beginning, upon reconciling the greatest disparities of wealth, supposes that this attitude would become increasingly exact if sustained at local levels, with people becoming increasingly less concerned with their individual possessions than with the concerns of their society. 206. The sprit which is the cause of creation, rather than appearing amidst the creation, could have concealed and subsumed itself into the force which it imparted unto the spheres, until appearing again once these forces are discerned and reconciled from the subjective level of their origin. The mathematical progression of the one-dimensional point, to the circle, to the line, and to the three-dimensional volume, suggests the filling in of space with further sequences and qualities of numerical relationship, which, along with the knowledge of the logical bearing of the form, approaches the omniverse of the formlessness from which these are derived. 207. The existing power dynamic, only by keeping sight of itself, can empathize with the existing pressures, until and as these are transformed into the liberatory expression of their inner and true potential. The reconciliation of money, rather than, or because of, being (merely) one ethical principle in the equalization of human power, also involves and evokes all issues of goodwill, human understanding, and resource conservation which are required for and would result from the accomplishment of itself. 208. The ultimate insubstantiality of form, and true reality of spirit, is revealed at that point within the divisibility of matter (the phenomenal or sensible world) where there remains nothing except the mere qualities of energy or force, through the subtler gradations of which consciousness may traverse from, among, and unto the inner dimensions and outward expressions of its being. 209. The process of astronomy, upon the recognition of a cycle, must have recorded the occurrence of each event, unto the duration and periodic variation of its reoccurrence or transition, from the reference of the most immediate events to the furthest conceivable distances of time.

79 The quality of the primordial imagination, elevating and sublimating itself among the luminous depths of its super-earthly surroundings, and discerning the zodiacal character of the constellations and their patterns, would at once wish this to bring meaning to the origin and destiny of the earth as to restore the meaning and destiny of the earth to itself. The chronology which originated a cycle of time from the birth of Christ to His Return, which, from other civilizations, continues from earlier and much earlier beginnings, does not preclude the cycle of time which shall begin at that point, nor the cycles of time which preceded it, placing the ultimate center of eternity at the origins of all creation, with all time being the calculable distance from the extension of and returning to the initial point of its destination and emergence. The material progress of civilization and of the earth, while evidence that time has built upon and over the extent of its previous efforts, does not itself predetermine the numerical reference point of the present age of its being, nor the possibility of a higher origin towards which it might be converging and ultimately someday transform. 210. The buildings which stand from generation to generation, whether permanently or impermanently of the materials of which they consist, through the planning and efforts of the multitude of labors involved, gradually accumulates the architecture, biosphere, and terrain of the municipal and transnational body, unto which each individual may contribute and derive their effect unto the sum of the creation of which they are part. Thus, through the diversity and interconnectedness of civilization and life, there is a capacity that either and/or both mutually reenforcing and/or mutually destructive activity simultaneously occur, unto the affected balance of each potential or impending transition or reversible or irreversible consequence of that which could logically or emperically manifest or result. 211. The scientific curriculum of itself, rather than or in addition to ever having embodied a coherent, exact, or linear system for the impartation of ideas, and contrary to the arbitrary and apparent absoluteness of any existing variation of assembled instruction, has always represented a mosaic of facts and images of which gradually familiarized according to the specificity and common measure of their intended and existing applications. Or rather, it could be said that that which is grafted unto the linear frame, or which would occur thereafter, would always be a mosaic assortment of the types of information which one would encounter, the information of which is a reflection of the myriad complexity which the core of principles seeks at first to unify and disclose. 212. The being of the self, for, through, and in accordance of the awareness and power of the Spirit which it has acquired of itself, through the radiation of and through itself, exists for the protection and transmission of Light, of itself, and of that which it sees in others, or the light of all creation, which otherwise the effector of violence or force could turn towards the destruction of any soul or the Soul of all Humanity. That into which the mind expands in the assimilation of its growth must do so with an awareness of alignment with the Spirit with which abiding in conformance and finality of all that which its work will have ultimately striven to produce. The balance of theocratic and secular forces among the world powers and alliances, and that of the respective populations, to the extent controlling or affecting, directly or indirectly, the actions of their government and the accessibility or use of conventional or nonconventional weaponry of any sort, underlies the threat of regional and global war, the potential of its outcome, and also the means of potential reconciliation among the scale of each national and cultural ambition. 213. The spectrum and purpose of phenomenal awareness and potential, being identical with itself at its summation and origin, can manifest only through and to the extent of which differentiated of that into which it is created or known. Thus the limits and perception of infinity may be defined according to the extent which there is variation, multiplicity, or difference over the distance (or diameter) of the paths through which manifesting the cycularity, returning, and beingness of itself. 214. With the acquisition of advanced weaponry, the development of the autocratic or totalitarian regime, which would use force against the will of its people, unless involved in foreign aggression, could be dissembled only through a coup from within, the supply of weapons to the resistance from without, or international interference in its internal affairs. On the world stage, therefore, it can be reasoned, that those nations which are essentially autocratic themselves, or conneted through a common alliance, given a political opportunity, would object to such intervention on the grounds of which it might be applied to themselves, or it otherwise be contested the extent to which this alleged autocracy exists, is a crime against its people and humanity, or should be opposed through force rather than continued diplomatic or economic pressures. In the event in which one state, or coalition of states, acts without the consent or against the determination of a percentage of other nations, then they themselves would be forced to weigh the extent to which this action is a threat to themselves and which forms of action would be the appropriate response. Therefore, in turn, the willingness of one nation to take action without the full consent of other nations would be, in part, a measure of the actions, and the ability for such actions, which they would expect to have taken against them, beyond the official rhetoric of the "politcal" disapproval or disavowal of its deeds.

215. Presuming, for an instant, that the continued obscuration and inviolability of wealth is (or at one time or another was, or was perceived to be) necessary for the covert defense and international alliance, on the basis that the directly democratic national assembly would lack the resolve to carry through these purposes of itself, although others would certainly maintain this course on the basis of other unscrupulous or invalid logical persumptions or criteria - the ethical validity of equality would remain intact while interceded by the ethical necessity of intelligent protectionism and compassionate goodwill. The principle of conscience, manifest among the workings of the hierarchy, may therefore simultaneously integrate the efforts of conscience among the self-organization of society, neither in exclusion of the other, until there is sufficient recognition and attainment of the qualities which would encompass and enable the unification and liberation of every group and living being of the planet, and the universe beyond. The aggregate of wealth, in terms of the common base-line of consumption, in either sense, must therefore however also continue to promote and adopt an ethics of conservation and moderation, both for the psychical cohesion of the community and for the (re-)adaption of the species to the preservation of the earth's (existing) resources and environment (thereby affecting in form the tendency towards the ends in itself - the integration and responsible harmonization/ equalization of all forms of human power and authority.) On the other hand, or towards the further extreme of this presumption, the premise that upholding the interests of capital is vital to our national defense, while at one time a historical inevitability, if not necessity, could yield itself to a foreign policy of right relations and respect for the sovereign rights of all peoples, thus diminishing, if not eradicating, the purpose of the offensive apparatus while conserving the form and culture of its organization and intelligence. The historical record, and the current status of our priorities - and this is true of all nations to a greater or lesser extent of their involvement - will summariliy reflect a balance of despotic, altruistic, or more strategically motivated objectives, among which the public and world society must, given the opportunity and council, seek to reconcile in the further directives of each national and global security. 216. Reflecting back, at this time, upon the theoretical progress of the libertarian municipalist ideal, certain prior difficulties may now be observed and addressed, now that the idea has moved somewhat closer to the practical realization of its time. Unless, or in the event thereof, the members of each community choose voluntarily to pool together their resources in a common industry or fund, each commune and workerist collective joining forces with themselves, provided that sufficient capital was accessible and compliant from each vicinity and that industry would be receptive to the divestment of its ownership, then the inevitability of a national referendum over monetary redistribution must correlate directly with and encompass the existing inventory and distribution models, placing these immediately under the control of the preformed and aware municipal councils and their negotiations among themselves. The fact that wealth could choose this system just as easily as the poor is a mere consequence of the fact that this idea had yet to be presented to the Collective Imagination in its pre-existing form. The function of the local university will become increasingly pivotal to the administration of the municipal works, in that it is through these councils that the qualifications of each function are to be decided, imparted, and reviewed. Connecting together the Plan and Potential of local industry and resources, and these together with existing and alternative dependencies of trade, while organizing and informing the mechanism of public society withof and unto this effect, is therfore the preliminary work which will enable this transition to accomplish itself and to be prepared for itself once it does. 217. The ending of history, yes... and also the continuing validity of our international priority. WAR implies continuing hostility. "Limited Strike" implies arbitration. Global Order is a prerequisite of National Stability. The necessary precautions must be taken for the protection of society. Our nation supports your right and ambition towards the liberation of your people. There can be no International Justice without International Activity. Watch everyone. Act only as necessary (or allowable by internal and international pressures.) 218. The explicit or covert indication that certain countries intend the conquest of other borders, given the means or opportunity, is motivation and justification of inhibiting, preemptively, these purposes through international and multinational regulation and activities. Unless and until there is acceptance and peaceable negotiations among national borders, each nation must remain defensive towards those others which would seek yet to promote or assist the causes of conflict against them. 219. Spirit, striving to create a (separable) basis for itself in matter, or life, must grow ever nearer (through each of its separate selves) to the integrative experience of form, until learning through this experience to differentiate the basis of the attainment which is the spirit of itself. The elements of each globe, in the order of their appearance, and according to their relative density and distance from the sun, could, in some sense, prefigure the formation and faculties of each race which evolved through them in turn and unto the ultimate

80 transmigration of force among sum of the interplanetary and intercosmic totality and origin. 220. What I believe we are talking about here is constructive engagement with humanity and the world susbtance which prefigures and sustains it, a process which is contingent upon the quantity and quality of the organizations and vessels through which we seek to interact, requiring that we approach and reach consensus or resolution, in the clearest terms as possible, on what are to be our nearest and ultimate objectives. This being said - and keeping within the context of this group, or by way of the cohesion and extension of the principles which are inherent of itself - how, and to what extent, can we, independently or in unison, at this time, or any other, decidedly formulate, circumscribe, or implement, the basis of an Exact and Universal Call and Plan of Action? 221. Perhaps these thoughts will resonate constructively with the qualities of your Work. Indeed, presentation and access of heart are closely inter-related. While harmony within the self may be secured, greater harmony within a group, it seems, is often intrepid and experimental with a proclivity towards certain volatile reactions or results. You speak of wisdom and harmony, and yet, when your brother speaks to you, you publicly ignore him. I find this slightly disingenuous/disenheartening, at best. We must strive to practice these principles in life, not simply speak of them in vain discourses of ourselves. I implore you, be what you profess, and right this offense, that we may move forward from this together. Well, that being that, there was an opportunity for a higher conjunction which seems now to have passed. Perhaps we shall return to it again at yet another time. Experiment averted. Problem solved. Find another way, or no way at all. What have we to say, about this, that, or the other. All is well. All is one. All is all. Therefore, I consent. Therefore, peace. Therefore, tommorow will be thought. 222. Seriously though, I am having trouble sorting through this relation. Could you possibly elaborate? So, if we pay the poor and grant them power, then there are no poor people? Unless we manufacture these things for ourselves we must buy/ trade for them from others. That is, if these are the things we truly need to make us happy. 223. In order to create an accurate account of the number and value of currency notes in circulation, and in order to prevent these from being hidden away in private holdings, it will be necessary to redeem and exchange all existing funds for a new bill of currency (or variation thereof) which will then be the only existing form(s) of governmentally sanctioned monetary value and transaction. 224. The capacity of sustaining constructive mental focus, while the product of human striving and effort, presupposes adequate conditions of living and available opportunities of advancement, correlation, and growth. In order for the Will to encompass and dictate the spectrum of all purposeful Activity, it must also be capable of registering a certain frequency and distance of Harmonious Accord, encircling and diffusing the Spirit throughout all that which it has imparted and mutually conjoined unto and withof Itself, in and of the sum of the bearings and demeanors of the Assembly and Transmutation of Its Constituitive Force. The sharing of content is not necessarily of a wish for there to be content of itself, of which we are otherwise aware, - although this also in the context of the necessary Work, - but merely for the effect of maintaining and/or fostering a (positive) relationship among the fields of which one preferences, encounters, or is obligated through immediate or distant necessity to simultaneously observe or affect. The sum effect of our Actions, whether archived or withdrawn, is reminiscent of the lesson of equilibrium of Sprit which we are striving to attain within ourselves and World Society. The levels of dissonance and volatility through which a given situation may pass will return to the prior state of quescience or Strength, if the fact of this Unity had ever existed to begin with or had yet of itself to be verified or discovered. 225. The Letter to Humanity (and of the World Itself), rather than, or towards the effect of, commanding one's Actions, through emulation and direction thereof, merely describes the Activities, and potentials of Activity, which are latent of Itself. Thus the geographical, political, and spiritual landscapes are integrated into the Global Order and active behavior of the Intelligence (the Eternal Movers, Builders, and Protectors of the Mind and the Plans which are set forth from and unto the Work of the All-Creator, of Himself.) 226. The practice of the Sciences would be entrusted through the "Scientists", individually and from one civilization to another, unless or until we become the creators or recipients of this Science ourselves, necessitating that the Intelligence and Origin of Substance Itself, and the principle of Conscience, be the ultimate Guardian and Repository of the Potential and Combined Effect of our Actions. 227. With the operations of the calculus requiring a reference and table of predetermined forms, it is necessary to understand and rely upon the proof which determined these formulas existence.

228. In the Light of the Divine all things are upheld and protected, and everything that is to be seen and understood, unto the attainment of the Supremacy of Action and the Origin of Life.

V. UNDER THE GROUND 229. The images are infinite, although there is a definitive foundation. 230. That which we are enabled to create of the Creation must remain in conformance with Its Core Intention, as well as with the mutuality of the Will which is expressed among ourselves. Humanity has therefore striven to apprehend and retain balance and ever-incresing Harmony among the myriad of Lives in which it is subsumed and of which it is composed. That the physical body is a construct and aggregate of the elements of earth, the illuminance of the Soul manifests itself through the substance of Light, which is the product of the Sun, linking the Spirit of Consciousness with the Cosmic or Inter-penetrating Field from which superluminous materials are gathered through which to contruct the Vehicle and Active Emphasis of Thought from that which has accumulated or is pre-existing in the Atmosphere of the Idea of the Form of Existence, the Etheric Framework upon and of which constructed the Pathways and Progression of Form, relating our Species with itself and with the whole of All-Cosmic multiformity and Intrinsic Potential. That concrete knowledge manifests in the form of Energy in our Minds could relate with the Qaulities of Energy which are produced/ deduced of the material or anatomical environment, humanity (in the ideal form of its pre-existence) appearing amidst the statistical and ideological differentiation (and exactitude) of Its One Unifying Possibility. The Personality of the Organization, while preclusive of Vision if limited to itself in the sphere of its non-comprehension of Self, viewed from within is the necessary fulfillment of this Vision's Occurrence, the precise detail and coordination of all that is necessary for Life to Exist, and to have continued thus from beyond the Origin of Itself. 231. The memories and experiences which yet await from this moment of life are to be gathered unto all that which we shall wish to have known from some future or final place of reference, of all that which we were or are to be of this, the given opportunity of our existence and freedom. 232. The voluntary filling in of Light relates with the intensity of the sources towards which one strives to attain compatibility in one's Work, and therefore with the time and duration of each opportunity to be of present or future Service to Humanity. 233. An issue which must be addressed, conincident with the liberation of social wealth, is the social policy towards public housing and construction should additional means of support become available. In this sense, it could be stipulated that all liberated wealth go toward the acquisition, refurbishment, and construction of centrally planned communities, with all future construction in general prohibited from exceding a quota of individual acquisition according to statutes which are implicit in the structure of the new economy regardless of from which sectors of the population in the prior economy from which these new communities are joined. Families, in possession of ancestral estates which are above or outside this quota or limit will therefore be compelled through necessity of finding ways of further integrating with the goals of the One Community through the efforts of future generations of Society. Somewhere short of implementing these radical changes for the good of society, should we choose to continue unresolved or undecided, is the goal of simply persuading and requiring that the government and philanthropic organizations, these being the mediators of wealth in our existing economy, do all that is possible to affect and protect the general upliftment and opportunities of all members of the population, being mindful therefore of the existence of those who would indeed act quite contrarily to this purpose and good intention of humanity. 234. One primary difference between the States and the Greater Union which they comprise is the issuance of currency from the federal level, thus making spending independent of taxation, while states must rely upon taxation, being unable, or differing, at this juncture, to create or issue a (change in quantity of) currency which is specific to themselves. Reuniting the dialectical emphasis of this trend of thought, it could be that the municipal fund, being municipally controlled, could be converted into a currency indigenous to itself upon its arrival, in exchange, and in the aggregate of the federal level, although this could also complicate the rate of exchange to exponential proportions, requiring that the identity of each fund be retained while standardizing the nature and value of the form of the currency of which it consists. Reflecting back, rather, on one's previous statement, it can now be reasoned that communities which own that which they produce could simply produce and distribute this value in proportion and exchange of currency itself. It is either therefore the net purchasing power or the products themselves which are involved in taxation/ distribution or of the exchange of or for the value of these products themselves. 235. The fact that our nation, throughout this historical era, could invest this disproportionately large a sum and percentage of the economy into its military in relation to all other countries, must relate with the involvement of this military with the economy itself. The premise that we have strategically targeted regimes on the basis of their resource compliance with national interests, amidst other mitigating and motivating factors, could relate with the uses towards which these resources were applied for the Greater Good of human development. That the world is now, or will be, increasingly aware of itself, mobilized for its own protection, and capable of freedom should constitute our national legacy and approach to future dealings with international governments and societies. 236. Awefulness. Selfish Causeless Action. Shame be revisited upon the sender of such an atrocious intent. (I have said my peace, for the person I was spoken of. Needless to say, a 'good relationship', like so many other things, is an extremely arbitrary thought.) 237. Setting the gears in motion, yet to what end... (such ardent and faithful work upon such a long and painful verse). Consciously arranging the elements of our body alone could allow for the potential of its refinement and optimal condition, although this, of course, should be effortless and suspended in the Greater Will of Time.

81 238. The rationing of wages according to specific levels of productivity, while difficult, in many ways to absolutely quantify, is itself a step away from the health of the community which should be capable of rationalizing and consenting to a set of voluntary norms. Our needs themselves, at a fundamental level, and the forms of consumption, do not vary so much that any should wish or need for more or less of life, although the baseline of that which we actually produce or accomplish does reflect and determine the quality, standard of living, and ambition of our civilization as a whole.

The forms of knowledge are the veils of Spirit.

239. Establishing a diameter and culture of scientific and international service, and of psychological and philosophical well-being, impels and sustains a dialogue through which these issues may be addressed and gradually, and with effort, collectively resolved.

The steps we take together cannot outpace the steps we attain in our own volition.

240. It is because the earlier races, being our ancestors, and having vanished from the earth, that we may think of them as formless or ephemeral and having molded and descended into the densified form of our current race, from which we too must pass both forward into spirit and downward into the future race and world of our posterity. Or, from a mental perspective, our earlier selves, having yet to attain a form unto the mind, must yet approach and build the consciousness of the world phenomenon only to transcend once again unto spirit with the full realization of itself. 241. The values and discipline which one acquires through one's service to one's given hierarchy or command inevitably equips one with the knowledge and understanding of the plan and foundation of one's society. Therefore, those who most prepare us for this life of service, or the combination of which we are forced to gather of ourselves, remain our guardians and continued mentors in this life, and those to whom alone we owe our lasting loyalties or debt, whether of presence or of spirit, these being of ourselves in the inevitable and exclusive freedom of our will, in the absence of any other involvement or further precipitating factors. Otherwise stated, wherefore one's society, having instructed itself unbeknownst to oneself, in the event of one's realization thereof, rather than confronting itself on the grounds of this ommission and perpetuating a life of guiltless conflict or treason in either sense, it is reasonable to adopt an alternative society, on an even playing field, and begin anew as though one were there with it from its beginning. 242. In that we are and possess the unfoldment and synthesis of the creative properties which are latent within the created substance itself, we are inevitably the vehicles and transmitters of that towards which the Creative Principle intended that we aspire, sensing, through the effect of our acrions, our nearness or distance from an alignment with the Order and Harmony which are inherent within our Ideal of the Origin and what must be for It, Its nearest and most ultimate Form. Therefore the Consciousness of the Creator, residing within our own, would enable and assist all manner of Actions or Thought which sought or served to bring about or further the attainment of the realization of itself in the perfection and understanding of our Power and Faith. The acquisition and emergence of full knowledge of materials and force therefore furnishes the Creative Principle, latent within all, with the capacity to further itself and the basis of that into and over which it has the potential of itself to create or transform.

.... "The Hand of Light" or "Intergroup Reflections" I. Heart energy contains the light of the soul within the mind, the willingness to sacrifice for the Glory of Creation evoked for itself and in defense against external irrational distractions of enmity and void. It is the primordial cosmic dispensation of energies and force which enabled the occurrence of repitition to conserve itself in life, the infinity of variation educed from the evident eventuality and result of existing possibility. - the internal microcosmic anatomy and subatomic particles reflecting the rhythmic intervals and circulation of the objects sustained in macrocosmic orbits and rotations. The architecture of the universe resonates between the origin of light and the means of its reception. Being at both extremes, we, in the event of our complete and total receptivity to light, would then materialize the basis of our own Phenomenality, enabling of ourselves the over-riding constraints of Cosmic and Inter-Planetary Self-Intelligence and Will. Knowing of, and having recorded, at and from all times, the locations and perceived or recurring qualities and influences of the planets amid the constellations (i.e. the science, study, and practice of astrology in general), for those of our present understanding, prior to and in the absence of a definitive esoteric comprehension, could, at minimum, provide us with and compartmentalize the systemic and cosmic reference points from which to further the basis of our continued inquiries and imaginings, without which we would otherwise self-consciously inhabit empty space and unmoving fixity of time, in the sense of the primary sequence of daily and seasonal illuminance amid the selfconfining and restrictive field of projected solar radiation for and of itself. If the conditions on the surface of the planet reflect the intermingling of cosmic and extraplanetary influences over and throughout the span of time, the fate of our planet is also its unique contribution and response towards the higher attributes and centers, in and of the cyclical order of their assimilation, synthesis, and progression amidst the totality, movement, and summation of all cosmic transdimensional proximities and occurrences of the one self-manifested and manifesting Life. Reminding us of the constant need for co-measurement and service, the hand of light which lifts and sustains us from the chaos of our illusions and denial. II. The adept is one who has fully aligned his centers with the centers of the planet. The fact of this unity, inquiring into itself, can only be attained through the official and precipitative lines of each community and governing material. Spirit, in this way, gradually familiarizes and equips itself with and for the omnifold and omnipotent planes of its activity.

You are overlooking the essential point that blood and conquest are integral parts of the Christian Old Testament, originating among the Jews, and of life itself, which, only through universal consensus, could alter or ammend this work, or the history of the civilizations it represents, in any other way, in order to make its Truth, and truth itself, more universally accessible to and reconciliable with every region and religion of the earth.

We attempt to replicate Unity (the being of ourself) at the source of its inception (the being with the other). We are in philosophical agreement thusfar, presuming that these "voids in manifestation" and "approach to divinity" are related to the awakening of the intelligence of all humanity and the spritual redistribution of all resources respective of this end, (and I speak only for myself, and according to the influences and limitations of the network I inhabit). However, to what extent of specificity must we (and are we willing to) continue if we intend to authentically establish a coherent image and methodology of this awakening and a full spectrum of national and international support? Accomplished leadership, in the various departments of life, will and must continue to direct the world towards a more harmonious condition. Bringing together the social and metaphysical spheres, in an acceptable form, is no easy task in any language, much less for the many separate groups of all humanity. Most responsibly we must always give precedence to the Truth and Brilliance of the material which preceded us in the path of our eternity. III. The personality, realizing that all forms of spirit or light are accessible to its awareness, and preferable to the inertness of matter, becomes willing to forego and transcend the confining barrier of its lower attachments in order to assist the colectivity of Itself towards a higher or more inclusive state of awareness and being That which is in most conformance with Spirit (Because of Itself) would also demonstrate and optimize the constraints of all Trans-Material Totality. That there is common ground in science and in politics is also that there is common ground in the uses for which Spirit had intended the Earth and Its Inhabitants and for the Entire Universe of which It is Part. And yet also it is known, that having taken the task of all Creation upon Himself, the Creator will have endowed Himself also with the inevitability of all Completion and Rest. A condition in which all that which transforms itself laboriously through its attachment to Matter appears again effortlessly and vibrantly in the Certitude and Tranquility of One's Infinite Spirit. The mind which is of God, being in balance with Itself, would suffer only unto having accepted the (inevitable) rotation of All Currents and Interests which are of Vital Importance to Itself. With the concept that all persons suffer equally for their attachment to life, it is thought responsible not to increase anyone's burden by remaining mindful (of happiness) of creating the most of the conditions which are. That we are part of a community which has sanctified itself to (the recollection and recounting of) the Divine Purpose of Life, is capable of extending into and encompassing every member of every family of the One Community of "Life". Though we should strive to imprint and intone faithfully the word of Light in every moment of life, the content of one's awareness cannot exceed that which is first inherently reasoned and acquired (the energy field of the emanating body upon the planes and surfaces and vital currents of its peripheral reception.) What I believe we are talking about here is constructive engagement with humanity and the world susbtance which prefigures and sustains it, a process which is contingent upon the quantity and quality of the organizations and vessels through which we seek to interact, requiring that we approach and reach consensus or resolution, in the clearest terms as possible, on what are to be our nearest and ultimate objectives. This being said - and keeping within the context of this group, or by way of the cohesion and extension of the principles which are inherent of itself - how, and to what extent, can we, independently or in unison, at this time, or any other, decidedly formulate, circumscribe, or implement, the basis of an Exact and Universal Call and Plan of Action? The practice of the Sciences would be entrusted through the "Scientists", individually and from one civilization to another, unless or until we become the creators or recipients of this Science ourselves, necessitating that the Intelligence and Origin of Substance Itself, and the principle of Conscience, be the ultimate Guardian and Repository of the Potential and Combined Effect of our Actions. That which we enable to create of the Creation must remain in conformance with Its Core Intention, as well as with the mutuality of the Will which is expressed among ourselves. Humanity has therefore striven to apprehend and retain balance and ever-incresing Harmony among the myriad of Lives in which it is subsumed and of which it is composed. That the physical body is a construct and aggregate of the elements of earth, the illuminance of the Soul manifests itself through the substance of Light, which is the product of the Sun, linking the Spirit of Consciousness with the Cosmic or Inter-penetrating Field from which superluminous materials are gathered through which to contruct the Vehicle and Active Emphasis of Thought from that which has accumulated or is pre-existing in the Atmosphere of the Idea of the Form of Existence, the Etheric Framework upon and of which constructed the Pathways and Progression of Form, relating our Species with itself and with the whole of All-Cosmic multiformity and Intrinsic Potential. That concrete knowledge manifests in the form of Energy in our Minds could relate with the Qaulities of Energy which are produced/ deduced of the material or anatomical environment, humanity (in the ideal form of its pre-existence) appearing amidst the statistical and ideological differentiation (and exactitude) of Its One Unifying Possibility. The Personality of the Organization, while preclusive of Vision if limited to itself in the sphere of its non-comprehension of Self, viewed from within is the necessary fulfillment of this Vision's

82 Occurrence, the precise detail and coordination of all that is necessary for Life to Exist, and to have continued thus from beyond the Origin of Itself. Consciously arranging of the elements of our body alone could allow for the potential of its refinement and optimal condition, although this, of course, should be effortless and suspended in the Will of Time. In that we are and possess the unfoldment and synthesis of the creative properties which are latent within the created substance itself, we are inevitably the vehicles and transmitters of that towards which the Creative Principle intended that we aspire, sensing, through the effect of our acrions, our nearness or distance from an alignment with the Order and Harmony which are inherent within our Ideal of the Origin and what must be for It, Its nearest and most ultimate Form. Therefore the Consciousness of the Creator, residing within our own, would enable and assist all manner of Actions or Thought which sought or served to bring about or further the attainment of the realization of itself in the perfection and understanding of our Power and Faith. The acquisition and emergence of full knowledge of materials and force therefore furnishes the Creative Principle, latent within all, with the capacity to further itself and the basis of that into and over which it has the potential of itself to create or transform.

.... 243. I notice you have altered this quotation, and perhaps modified it to produce an original 'idea'. Any potential misgivings aside, what are the criteria of amalgamating this work, and it seems to me harmless enough. In any effect, your reflections are welcome. This also causes me to consider the liberty involved in translating material... perhaps, my initial assumption was wrong and you were in fact working from a different translation, or simply taking the liberty of translating or recapitulating these words for themselves. 244. Although having created All Creation, (the potential of Divinity) of which Divinity alone is fully aware, the Divine Consciousness could appear in any form unto that which is most exclusive to Itself, the radiation and upliftment of that which is Most Divine or Quintessential in and of Its Awareness of Itself. 245. The personalities of the departed, from the origin of life, whether remaining with us in spirit or upon being reawakened unto life, could appear either as what they were to those who knew them or in an entirely different or higher form into which grouped and imparted with an awareness of their purpose upon the higher planes of their existence. The ray of the soul according to which one will ultimately appear, rather than necessarily always originating or terminating with the location of one's birth, finds its origin at that which is most lasting, best, or meaningful of one's cumulative experience of life. The soul, it seems, with time, ceases to seek out those persons and places which were of necessity replaced and superceded by that of others in the accepted or determined will of one's destiny or fate. 246. The creative impetus which is infused into motion returns to and intensifies itself through the cycularity and emphasis of its Conscious Intention. I enjoy (the opportunity) of unravelling the cause of these affectations of spirit, although something is always lost, if something else gained, and the one never intended to substitute for the other. 247. Regardless of one's opinion of the history of empire, moving forward, there is always the opportunity of accomplishing things another way. 248. The primary effect, in accordance of the exactitude of its content or symmetry, will produce a similar or identifiable result as that of its originating cause, at which point there is then both a first and a secondary cause (etc.) through which to convey two entirely independent though interconnected streams of conscious energy or thought. In this way, the scope of consciousness has expanded and multiplied itself from its beginning, and at any moment though which centering and aligning with the combined attributes through which striving to evoke immediate, simultaneous, or furthered synthesis and resolution of and upon all dimensions of the all-reality (of Oneself and of the United Being of One's Person). It may be added that one could wish to liberate oneself from and among the immediate attachments (and initial durations) of one's predecessory affectations, while proceding among and alongside of them thereat or thenceforth in a certain predetermined or eccentric synchronicity and/or intersimilitude of conscious identity or form. 249. Awakening and uniting the Soul of Humanity would require also the confrontation and reconciliation of our differences of motive and an understanding and acceptance of the inter-play of Universal Energies which connect us together with the purpose and priorities of All-Consciousness Itself. There is, I find, nevertheless a certain disequilibrium when this Magnet is (consciously) attributed to the written work in particular (although necessarily grounded, in time and space, in and of the revelation of itself) rather than to the Potential which antedates and outlies the rendition of form in the Spirit of that which was and is foreknown and cognizable from its Eternal Origin and unto the furthestmost imaginable States and Conditions of Being. It could be, therefore, that the Magnet is both a Living Form (an Ideal in our thoughts) and also the sum of reflections which are our heart's growing and expanding awareness and realization thereof.

That which is aware of its Highest Potential, striving to affect its Highest Potential, thereby elevates itself towards and affirms the attainments which are the Highest Potential of Itself. 250. The Art of mentally/verbally picturing/contextualizing the movements of the Planet(s), and the vastness and interconnectedness of the civilizations and spiritual Hierarchies thereof, subsumes the basis of the Esoteric Science (and of Science in general) and the Will which would require greater knowledge and harmonization of the forms, for the issue of their survival and operability and for the knowledge of joy which is the Vision of their Self-Illuminating Activity. For the completeness of this process, and for the existence of those which would oppose it, one must also retain and uplift the Image and Identity of the Sacred of Itself, which is transcendent if inclusive of these phenomena, through which to fathom and direct one's mortal relations and to which one may turn for one's spiritual protection and growth and towards the thought of the future transformation and eternal redemption of oneself and the forms of one's Reality. Considered another way, the images and ideas which we assimilate or contrive should exist by way of extension of the images and purposes which preceded us in the foundations of human thought and thereby retain the illuminance and connectivity of heart with all that from and into which the collectivity of human civilization and the world phenomenon has or could ever be transformed. 251. Political opposition to the form and process of federal spending could relate with the determination of business to determine itself and also, contrarily, draw attention and interest to the functionality of federal activity and its efforts to more closely integrate with activity and spending at the state and local levels. 252. The Word or Symbology through which we learn and visualize the relationship between the Creator, or Highest Self, and the Creation, because enabling the contemplation of this Vision, is at once the Source and Destination (i.e. the Eternal Origin) of this Vision in our Mind. Therefore the Soul, informing itself of itself, in its Reality and the Imaginings thereof, has formed an unbroken testimony from its Origin to the Final Ends of Time. That we maintain this record on Earth, and the source of its connections, indirectly underlies our access to the Spirit, and the means and tangible presence through which its Imaginings are sought. 253. If the Universe did not CARE for itself, then indeed there would be no REASON for it to exist. (Not being entirely serious here though...) Only the Sincerity of our Efforts will yield any positive results. 254. It is, as has been stated before, only the absence of unity with the group which could create the danger of individual material attachment or loss, although one may also hope that through one's exposure and response to this danger itself that unity may be restored and arrived upon at some further or more enduring level of one's total identification among the preexisting features and foundations of all-awareness and life. In the same sense in which the ecological, scientific, and industrial communities require the watchfulness and coordination of domains, the intelligence community requires law enforcement coordinate and comply with a national strategy of information collection, sharing, and concertive response. Underlying and uniting both of these features is the political control over the economy and the ideological commitments which are formulated and maintained among local, state, and federal levels and among multinational relations. And also thereby the means through which the military and civilian production and infrastructure may coordinate from each location with the functions of (multi-)national requirements. The condition of the bodies, whilst abstract in their Ideality, are yet specific in the causes of harm which are yet to be precluded, avoided, or endured, and the opportunities of growth and containment which are yet before us to have accomplished and acquired. 255. That which situates the local within the global is, among other things, its manner of dealings with itself and the form of its connections with other specific geographical distances, distributions, and locations. This because, having merged one's mind with the cybernetic potential of the planetary phenomenon it is necessary to reground the significance of life in the observation and periphery of one's immediate surroundings and environment. 256. Space, being filled with quatitites of both matter and spirit, would be the infinitely self-sustaining conflagration of the later bringing order to the potential which ever resides within the former, being the ever ascending and observant outgrowth of its foundation and intent. For humanity to end not only the act of aggression, but also the spirit of aggression, (and perhaps therewith the fiery balance of the Planet), all nations and all peoples, while retaining the truth which is the fact of their Identity, must strive to embrace and convey the basis of an Ideal which is universal to them all. Until and withof a time in which (Human) Thought will have encompassed, ordered, and subdued the features of Reality, the given work and opportunity must continue to align, repair, and fabricate all dimensions of social and material causality, from and in accordance of the perspective, rationale, maintenance, integration, and transformation of each individual and group relationship, purpose, and identity.

83 257. The interconnectedness of cultures each applies its energies within and across and among the borders with which it interacts. The influences which we affect of the world are the tendencies which we forsee of the continuance and/or future realignment of existing protocols and domains. The response of the world to our awareness could thereby be a reflection of the mutual intention for which these mutual awarenesses were formed. Maintaining the microscopic within the macroscopic enables the transformation of the whole at and from the particular level. The forms of light/ (life) which convene among substance could be the decision of the Will according to which its Collectivity transmigrates and appears. 258. The factual and impressionistic agglomeration of social media and internet connectivity, while itself a conceptual and aesthetic reference point in the totality of phenomena which it represents, uncovers, and contrives, is also effectively viewed in terms of the itemization of the separate and emergent categories which are interwoven of itself, these being the primary factors through which thence convolving in the cycles of its further development and renewal, and also the framework and rationale through which the emergent system is known to interact withof itself, and the means through which to observe, affect, and exert change over the system of itself, the observation of the course of time unfolding and culminating in the history and fundamental basis of all social and material causality. The experiment of world jounalistic navigation may therefore reach equilibrium and validation of the workload which it bears withof itself and among the individuals and institutions through which sharing and deferring the responsibility of maintaining and executing the underlying purpose and ideal of human knowledge and awareness. 259. Wherefore the Union of the States is integrated through its National Capitol or Center, the geographical distances among itself would concern the political distances which are arrived at in the implementaion and dispensation of active and interconstitutional concessions and authority. 260. The heart, reflecting on the contents of the mind, or spirit, enables the mind to persevere in its functions withof or upon itself which would otherwise turn or expend its energy or attention in the transfixation of the causes of mindless pain or aggression, which are thereby intelligently confronted or annulled each according to the materiality or nonmateriality of their intrinsic relation or origin. 261. Through the same logic according to which the spiritual attributes need be coextensive with the theory of the material formulation of the universe in order to retain the effect of its intuitive and psychological viability, the essence of humanity, being consciousness itself, rather than evolving from the other creatures of the earth, would necessarily have preceded them at the origin of the totality through which arriving at the outward form of itself. The animal, having yet to acquire the properties of language or mind, would appear among the light without yet containing the light withof itself, with the inevitable struggle for the reconciliation of its knowledge and identity. That thought which passes between minds without outward communication or form had yet to determine the basis through which to differentiate or encompass the minutia of affectations and phenomena into and of which the self-assertion and self-identity of the world in its reflection could be and is of itself contemplated and composed. 262. The fire, or great heat, which permeates the formation of all matter and form, unifies the visible qualities of light with the dimensions and qualities of that which is unseen or yet concealed within itself. The unavoidable agony which results unto the one space one embodies, remaining unthought and unspoken, involves the effort which must yet be invoked and endured to uplift and retain one's True Word in its Superlumious Form. 263. The objects of space could be living thoughts each capable of affecting themselves according to the qualities of substance they contain. This I believe strikes at the essence of what is conveyed in the use of the term 'psychic energy'. [It is good to see others in this group finding the opportunity of standing on the basis of their own merits, thus uplifting and enriching the diverseness of all.] 264. The sense of pride, optimism, and mutual respect which would result from the protection of the Higher Cause in service of a Higher Mission, whether of one's Creator or of the Legions of Men, (or from the mere fact of being a decent human being entitled to certain basic human rights) is that Undeniable Light which no amount of overt treason or adversity could remove of oneself. Preparing for the departure from one's shelter, items could be segregated according to their priority of retrieval or potential reuse or dispersion. Within the formlessness of the higher nature, which is also the formlessness of death, there is, beyond and withof the causes of the possibility or necessity of the further retribution or redemption of self, also the trans-human connectivity of the Intelligence in its undivided and indivisible accessibility and divine unity of form. The conflicts and processing which connect us with Reality therefore span the globe and horizon in the occurences of our united empathy and bearing.

Resoluteness of spirit therefore involves the determination to uplift the Light of Truth regardless of any forces which should conspire to cause it to act against or undermine the Sincerity of the State of Truthfulness towards which one aspires. 265. In some sense, the working out of formulas and equations is analogous with the process through which these equations were first developed or derived, making one thereby co-creator and discoverer with the science or calculation which one's work then demonstrates and verifies. Depending also on the exactness of the results which one's science requires is the difficulty and exactness of proving that one's answer and theory are the closest or only possible solution to the problems which one's work has addressed. 266. The over-abundance of images and travels which one encounters in one's experience of life, while exposing one to the contents of one's reality, could also obstruct or supplant the formation of a definitive culture of itself, if misplaced or forgotten from the foundations of which one's memory and permanent experience of life consists. In this sense, regardless of the religious systems and ideologies through which one has passed, according to that which was available and known to oneself at the time, that to which one ultimately conforms, according to that which is best for oneself, is enabled to contain and encompass of itself thereafter the Foundation of the True Entirety and Duration of one's Being. 267. The Totality of that which is Higher, while encompassing and detached from earth, must have at one time descended into and passed through earth, and the dominion of that which is bound therein, in order to have acquired the "spirit" of this knowledge unto itself. 268. The awareness of all signals in circulation, according to the relevance of national and institutional priorities, would involve, while not being limited to, all web addressess, transmitted correspondence and conversation, overt activity, printed information, and media displays, which, given the number of languages and media involved, outlines the complexity of differentiating any specific instances or trends and the channels and databases through which alerting the proper recipients of the intended realization and recognition of vital or discernible events. 269. If we visualize the energies of the central sun circulating above and around it, and the periphery, which is its creation, being drawn inward toward the vortex which gave it life, an electrical polarity established between them could offset the centripedal force and thereby provide the spiralling effect and rotation of the spheres. In light of this fact, the electrical pressure which is exerted against oneself, given one's unity with spirit, could be returned upon itself in the measure it was given, according to the assurance of one's Creator, and thereby replinish and sustain the Will of Light which is eternal to oneself. 270. That all humanity is linked through the psychical faculties of spirit, specific groups could aspire to train and link themselves together (at varying interims, intensities, or durations) according to the optimal plethora and affectivity of their mutual awareness and activity. Removing oneself from vision, or otherwise merging with one's higher self, could therefore involve the intensification of the light of other persons or other facets of the collective Image of the One Reality of Itself. 271. Light reaching us from far distant regions of the Universe could enable us to coordinate ourselves amid the ever-cycling of Causality. That all that which appears is at various distances of space and time merely connects us with the circumference of all that which the Universe Is, ever was, or will be, and with our interpretation of the proximity and rate of inter-deific and immaterial transformation and alignment. 272. If we were to frame the issue of economic justice in terms of a minimum guaranteed income, on the basis of employment opportunities, this must also relate with the concept of a maximum income, which, according to the premise of equality, would return us once again to the standard sum or wage of base median or per capita consumption or allowance. 273. The conscious deflection and reversal of all manner of malicious intent, affecting the outward or defensive polarity of one's mind, adding nothing of itself, need also sustain the polarity of love and cooperative activity towards all that which is innocent or protected in one's aura, revealing the duality of forces involved in the spirit of justice at any instance of its momentary attribution. 274. The complexity of nature, once having formed, with creatures fulfilling every imaginable capacity of life, could alter its form with changes in the environment, and with random genetic changes and spontaneous tendencies of life, while also, of necessity, further advancing the material form of its condition through the capacity of the Intelligence to affect changes from within. The direction towards which future life assumes, and the spirit of all that which has ever lived, could therefore result from (the gathering of) its own volition unto that which is predetermined by the ontological possiblity of its primordial intention.

84 275. That one may have regretted one's lack of knowledge or sincerity, whether from lack of effort or instruction, is, in either sense, made irrelevant and reconciled, in principle and identity if not location or environment, at that point at which this knowledge is attained. That we strive to embody the highest or best form of community of which we are aware may therefore also integrate with that which is highest or best of the system of which we were previously uncomprehending or unaware. 276. If it is that one's primary activity was the transferring and reformatting of the intruction material for itself, one will naturally wish, at some point, to see one's own written (and/or mental) work evolve, if for the mere fact of continuing the vitality of one's creation once the energies of its construction have been imparted to the form. Insuring that the responsibilities of one's federal agencies successfully overlap differentiates with the location and emphasis of each specific level of its organization and directorate, ultimately paralleling the civilian work-force in the coordination and imbursement of the means of its existing functionality. Each having performed some measure of service over the course of their careers having a reliance upon the trust of the proportion of that which they will receive or expect in return from one's humanity. 277. Unconscious substance, awakening or responding to a higher vibration or frequency, and exerting itself in that direction, could account for the gradual transformations over time of all that which substance was predestined or imbued with the potential to evolve. Meditation upon the Plan draws one's attention towards the culmination of the principle and general forces and the means and necessity of attaining or accepting a perfect alignment and greater harmony among humanity. The process through which (general scientific and ideological understanding and/or) corporate, or specific knowledge (of ecology and industry) and the consciousness and preparedness of federal activity are funnelled through the schools and universities, and other media and cultural institutions, determines the access and relation of this information and potential to its population and environment and the means through which the population, of its entirety, (and the community thereof) may acquire a greater or more specific unification with and/or awareness and determination of itself. Remaining conscious therewith of that which beyond the culmination of the human will is the culmination of the will over its population and environment. The human spirit therefore, or that of any conscious intelligence, to the extent having raised itself to and maintained the attainment of a higher vibrational level, will at once continue to respond to that which is higher and to project its energies, according to the divine impression of the higher intention or necessity, into the myriad of lives surrounding and subsumed among the continued evolution of the consciousness and form of all reality. 278. Though one should move forward with the act of calculation for itself, the methods through which arriving at this calculation, at which these are located, will, of necessity, remain a fixed reference point, established in one's mind, through which to process, return, and revitalize the source and means of this potential. That which one chooses to evoke/ re-examine/ display from or add to the contents of one's recollection or environment therefore remains a continued source of instruction, enlightenment, and empowerment to oneself and those with whom connected or sharing the contents of the aura of itself, in and of the upliftment, performance, and furtherance of the necessary work and activities thereof. 279. The consciousness of suffering imposed from unjust cause or motive, rather than disparaging one's spirit, must cause one to sanctify and validate the act and joy of being martyred or imperilled (although therefore shielded and armed with the strength of one's own power and hope) for the sake of one's soul and one's service to humanity. It is essential to trust that the guidance and determination which one seeks shall continue to be provided and appear so far as it is that one continues to seek for it and determine for oneself to act accordingly. 280. That one has ever, or will ever, in one's life, have endured or lived among the most chaste or virtuous conditions, enables one to access and reflect upon the strength and purity of that which could be accomplished or foresworn in the effort to transcend to or inhabit the higher realms of one's existence. Though it is, and was, always posssible to live lives perfectly conjoined, our reasons and opportunities for doing so must be subsumed and overshadowed by the greater or parallelling needs and concerns of all humanity. The sanctity and grandeur of that which we have experienced during life, and that which we have worked to attain, will therefore accompany us into life according to that which we have sacrificed to provide refuge to the permanent and truer comforts of the spirit. 281. The form of the God to which one prayed, in the absence of one's knowledge or understanding, in that the attributes of Divinity are approximate if not identical in Spirit, is retroactively the One True God which one sought, with all true efforts and strivings, rather than detracting from or negating one's spirit, culminating withof the One True Path of one's Redemption.

282. Though one shall have circled the earth with time, the center(s) of one's circumference, to which one shall return or circumvolve, could likewise have drifted and diverged across the surface of the planet. Observing (and/or collaborating/ affecting/ remediating) the intentions and awareness of potential symbiosis or antagonism among the human, technological, and planetary ecologies (and of human knowledge of itself) involves the various portals and geographies through which displaying, communicating, and/or veiling this information of themselves. Although the history of political relationships has affected the eventuality of the present time, and the factors to which this may return, the current status of these relationships (and their historical identity) is of most vital importance in upholding and depicting the current reality of world events. Empathy among civilizations, while involving the extenuation of prior actions, could also involve the voluntary occlusion of the prior circmumstances of mutual opposition or hostility. The necessary knowledge of our work, though spanning through the course of time (reconnecting with itself thereof over the proximity of the historical depths to which it alludes), will therefore aggregate upon the surface over a relatively brief and intense duration of active involvment or exposure. That which is best of the present time being also that which is best of the eternal will therefore serve to restore and reconcile our historial traditions with their present understanding or acceptance of and among the various other existing factors of humanity. 283. If one were to imagine a force of will capable of evoking change among the subatomic levels of one's energy field, this could provide a barrier through which to deflect all opposing or detrimental energies from that which is thus being shielded or maintained within one's aura. This could also involve the capacity of transformation or affectation of the susbtance of one's "aura" itself, whether alchemically or psycho-kinetically modulated from its existing state towards a better or moderated condition. 284. Recognizing that there must naturally and inevitably be a neural and cardial configuration corresponding with the assurances and absoluteness of one's faith and tranquility must enable one to consistently adhere to and invoke the stability of this pattern, and the means and form of its higher derivation, for itself, and against any external force which would seek willfully or unintentionally to impose a distressed or less harmonious perception of the Greater Will of Reality. Thus, with experience and intuition, may be constructed and maintained, with time, the means through which to bridge and connect, in every instance and circumstane of life, the materiality of the psyche with the gateway and passage unto the transformation of one's Spirit's existence. In that it is one's accepted duty to add and embody what strengths and virtues one may into and of the contents of one's culture and environment, these strengths and virtues must first be infused into oneself with an understanding of the limits and context of which the origin and collectivity of this intention are bound. 285. Corresponding with the specific routine or ritual of soul-conscious expansion and alignment, with the resulting reaffirmation and identification of one's purpose thereof, is the autonomous realization of the summation of this work and the avoidance of mental or psychical obstruction to the continued furtherance and duration of the course of one's daily and cyclical activity. With the end result being the capacity of carrying one's information in its useable form, the location of the weight of this information upon one's body could therefore be a continued reminder of one's objective and of the final possibility of one's transition towards a more hositable or stable environment. Similarly, the use and dispersion of this information itself, and its proximity and accessibility to one's vision and mind, could activate the cycularity of awareness and neurological current through which the selected contents of one's memory may be displayed, reenforced, augmented, or known, with the consequent shielding or directive properties over the combined effect of one's aura. That there are those entering into more strictly physically combatative environments or temporary habitations who would also or alternately carry with them equipment which is specific to themselves would provoke an empathy with other forms of instrumentation or imperil and the coordination or supervision of mobile forces in an integrated regiment or unit. 286. [The attachment to the core (and weight) of our initial instruction, and the completion of itself, nevertheless could certainly have proceded in a secure environment from the outset, as that to which it must seek to secure or recover upon the basis of its transition or arrival, wherefore the contents are transferred psychically or visually from the location of the pages or memories of one's mind and of and unto the phsyical equipment and specific contexts of the work environments for which our mental work furnishes the necessary theoretical grounding or beginnings, the proximity and guardianship of one's work reflecting foremost the archetypal form of its acquisition and the possibility of further or more intensive action upon the directives and transmissivity of the contents thereof, the involvement of the soul in this case being the visualization and growth of the form of and into which the complete or integrated work could ultimately appear, in and of the luminescence and utility of the totality of its knowledge or light.]


VI. LITERARY METAMORPHOSIS 287. The reality and direction of that which one perceives of one's thoughts are, to varying extents, reflected in and determined by the features and necessities of one's actual and immediate dwelling and environment. The effort of attaining the awareness and exercise of one's spirit coordinates one's intentions over the entire plane of thought, maintaining and returning to the impression evoked over the intervals and durations of its rotations and occurrences. The magnetism of earth, shifting with its currents, fractures out and reabsorbs that fraction of its surface coinciding with the continental displacement or drift of its polarity in relation to the latitude of the external gravitational field. The oceans of earth, circulating one into the other, attain a level in relation to the land which is constant about a fixed circumference of the earth, exempting tidal variance and atmospheric conditions, above and below which are the surfaces of that which is yet submerged or exposed. The capacity of a plant, insect, or animal life to remain from year to year could be determined by the thresholds of light and temperature conditions, which, being increased, could alter the age and form of the ecosystem of itself. 288. The first knowledge of humanity, being of divinity and its origin, entering into itself through the consciousness thereof, and passing onward through the course of history and scientific learning, would make of the divine the first instructors of men and those to whom must be returned in order to accomplish, and upon, the completion of the extent of worldly comprehension. Each culture, writing of itself and other cultures, unless therefore fully grounded in a thourough and objective ethos of itself, creates a veil over that which is known in separate regions of humanity, wherefore it is only by considering these together, on the basis of themselves, that the most accurate and entire history and status of human civilization may be uncovered and revealed. 289. That the Light of the Word, written into one's heart, being constantly evoked, connects one together, in essence, with every feature of reality, wherefore persevering in the awareness and transmutation thereof, lifts one above the physical center of the planets towards the spiritual center where the Will of God is known, encompassing while transcendent of the phenomenality of the mind and form of its Creation. That the spirit of each person is, ultimately, light, and the form of each person, ultimately, darkness, there is nevertheless a spectrum and continuum of qualitative states, detached from the basis and prejudice of egotistic and arbitrary variation. 290. The factors and priority of that which one organizes of oneself reflect, and are predetermined by, the immediacy and duration of the world services towards which these factors are to be directed and applied. Responsibility towards the Community (of Spirit) therefore integrates the distances and properties of all equipment and functions, aligning that which is of oneself with the greater use of one's alliance and environment. The Idea of itself, and the means of its protection, being one's primary possession and motive, (the salvation and redemption of spirit), will, of necessity, therefore also take precedence over that which of all else could remain at the time of one's departure. 291. An inventory of nature and an inventory of mortal remains, while in either sense proximally superfluous of themselves, are nevertheless integral both for an understanding of themselves and for the maximal use of sustainable parameters. The rationalization for the effort of preservation of the items of an establishment or institution, beyond mere aesthetic or avocational concerns, must relate directly with the sufficiency and/or contributions to the needs of one's society. Thus the inventory and surplus production gathered from previous life-efforts and investments can avoid being a preoccupation or loss unto itself if geared towards the continued and furthered accomplishments of group and individual priorities. 292. In that the Word of God, written in the Old Testament, may be considered the initial instructions given to humanity, and the Word of Christ, written in the New Testament, may be considered the answers or perfect fulfillment of these instructions, it is possible to give unto God and His Son all knowledge of power while affording us the mercy of understanding that what could or could now be accomplished is limited only by our submission to this instruction and guidance at the time, manner, and sincerity in which it was and is first and thereafter received into our life. 293. The municipal control over industry, given the federated network of production and capabilities, and inherent value of itself, would serve to relate the municipal assembly with itself and with the sum of its federated interactions, thus parallelling and providing the directly democratic emphasis with itself and across the influence and extent of all political, economic, ideological, scientific, and cultural relations of which the greater union and alliance of its citizenry consists. 294. The perceptions of peoples and populations, of themselves and of others, and of and by the military and other factors which are representative - or perceived as such - of themselves, ultimately influencing the actions and intentions towards the other, evokes the value and necessity of establishing good or positive reputations among themselves and of the factors of further harm or preclusively antagonistic bahaviors and identities.

That which the Human Will is capable of accomplishing, in terms of mutual armistice and development - and of spiritual unfoldment and accord - is therefore limited - extenuating in conformance of natural parameters and higher spiritual causality - only by the extent and manner of the determinitation of its intention to thus accomplish of itself. 295. The duration of which one is without shelter and one's possessions in storage, while relating with the process through which reinstating this shelter of itself, serves also to exhibit one's reliance upon the community for the fulfillment of the needs and responsibilities which one had formerly provided and accomplished of oneself. The course of one's revolution, having provided as best as possible for the means of its accomplishment, may then be considered either completed or comerged into the active potential of its being in reality. Employment within a unified community is therefore the highest calling to which one must return despite and in order to overturn the outward or external forms and/or conditions of one's life. 296. The Sun, rotating about its apparent course throughout the Heavens, from the fixed position of the Earth, measured from the thousands of years of our present Zodiacal records, is also revolving from its position in the Heavens themselves, a process for which there is no exoterically acknowledged record or observation of the completion or effect of this greater cycle upon the planets themselves. The Solace of the Spirit, taking refuge in itself through faith, confronted also by the potential unknown of its condition, channels outward the strength to counterbalance that which seeks to threaten or disrupt the revolving point and ultimate trajectory of its true Eternal Self. The knowledge of the Soul, acquired through whichever hardships that one may, beyond that which may yet be rendered in one's life and in service to humanity, being yet expendable in the realm of mortality, places the preponderance of the being and becoming of the mind and soul in context of the intention, origin, and potential of which all consciousness was formed and imbued into the opportunity and experience of the individual relation amid the collectivity from and into which at first arisen or comerged. 297. Maintaining the possibility of unity with one's adversary, at whichever thresholds of aggravation or pain, involves the refusal to formulate thoughts of anger or mutual animosity, rather a mental fixation upon the accomplishment and means of a common cause or directive, the brain itself signalling and selecting the information which the body interprets and receives. 298. Though we could take each step or unit separately, in the form in which they are encountered, (the course of discipline or labor), the coherence of the path itself is that attainment which enables us the freedom of our own instruction and mentality. This being said, any interest gathered over the material is part and parcel of the operation of itself, wherefore the experience of the instructor could direct us towards the most specific and necessary steps in the most coherent length of time, thereby catalyzing the sincerity and effort of our own pursuit of all-conscious realization and alignment. Then again, there are certain actions or courses of action, which, because of the mental and psychological difficulties involved, rather than requiring technical instruction or command, being voluntary of themselves, require merely the will, motivation, and incentive to follow through completely, involving a discipline and connectedness of spirit which is approximate to the intensity of and obstruction against our highest and nearest aspirations and potentials. 299. That there is a Light which permeates and unifies the forms of creation, which, being contacted by the mind, in its capacity thereof, would yield for selfish purposes the destruction of the self, being then the vehicle or person of the Great Destroyer, which contrarily would yield for altruistic purposes the upliftment and transcendence of the self, being, in this effect, the vehicle and person of the One Eternal Host. The Reality of the Love of God, and its expression through His people, wherefore having been accepted of oneself, must, even in the absence of itself, dispell the illusions of darkness and perdition, beyond that which having reconciled and restituted the individual with the ideal and spriritual law of its Community. Though there may or shall yet be continued cause of disagreement or dissent, this shall no longer manifest in the outright rejection of or by a system of which one has weighed the relative faults and merits in the spirit of mutual beneficence and of ultimate authority. 300. The essential construct of mathematics, viewed through the symbolic nature of its origin, relates the circular motions of the universe with the emergence and derivation of its intrinsic shape or form, enabling the secondary exactness of calculation to coinhabit and be vitalized through its relation with the primary framework of its psychological and ontological priority. 301. That there are a diversity of crisis-prone regions which could benefit from humanitarian attention and support links together the populations with the bureaucratic and voluntary agencies through which the awareness and resources are channelled towards the resolution of this purpose, requiring, at some point, that there be sufficient transparency and concern that all needs are being met and a correlation of the organizations and collective opportunities through which affecting the ultimate safeguarding and upliftment of humanity and its natural environment.

86 This level of involvement and public supervision of the extreme conditions of life, by virtue of the extension of the principles thereof, could also be thought to be predecessory or prefigurative of the collective management and harmonization of the routine functions and necessities of the ordinary details of one's reality. 302. The idea that the Creator, having formed the world and populated it with the Children of Himself, would care for these Children unto ever-lasting Life, rather than requiring any great act of faith of itself, although being thus and identical in the form of its approach, could be seen and understood as the implicit Order and Law of the formation and existence of the Universe of Itself. Those having passed beyond life, gathered thus unto the Will of the Father, returning to the state of Unity of which they had ever existed, would thence inevitably express this intention towards all those for whom this perfect concern is shared from the seat of all Eternal Wisdom and Glory. 303. Though we should perceive or interpret of others instances in which human nature appears incapable of mutual givingness or trust - and thus there be no possibility or inclination for the ideal organization of society - this too should be accepted with our own inherent fallibility, that through forgiveness and understanding we should move closer towards a time in which all conflict and wish to harm will have been made an impossibility through the awareness and acceptance of the virtues of the soul which connects all beings with creation and themselves. 304. Having found and taken refuge in the Fire of Will, which is Oneself, the abstract vessel of temporality - the joys and sorrows of life - which yet surround one in time may yet continue to its end, while realizing the surety which exists and yet awaits in the attainment of One's Immortal Being and Origin. 305. An alternative interpretation of the event and symbology of the Captivity unto Babylon, rather than being simply an inherent fault of the People, - although questionably suspect in the preparedness for the other and/or neglect of the Power of their own knowledge and traditions of themselves -, is that it could also represent the inevitable and time-consuming reckoning with the diversity of information and ideological systems of the world as it exists of its entirety, which, even though grounded in the truth of one's national and/or spiritual beliefs, is something which all people must inevitably confront in order to (re-) establish and/or return to an ever-lasting peace and realization among themselves. Thereby, an event which, although tragic and sorrowful from an historical perspective, from an ahistorical or contemporaneous perspective could henceforth signify, through the recollection thereof, the opportunity and necessity of the attainment and growth unto the full power of the combined experience of humanity, redeeming and circumscribing preemptively or proactively, as the case may be, the good or peril of all that IS for the Glory of God Himself, thus to hasten and/or circumvent the duration and/or enmity of this process of confrontation/ assimilation of itself, therefore also involving and invoking the symbol of Christ as the intermediary of the diverse beliefs and knowledge systems which the Spirit of the World has or will have contrived and/or thenceforth inhereted among Itself. That which is other than Oneself, while possibly, though not necessarily, antithetical or destructive of oneself, may then be cautioned against in the Spirit of selfpreservation of and connection with One's True Identity, while including these, upon the factor of their potential merit or allure, on the basis of the Life Principle from which they were also and/or similarly evolved of the unified extent and purpose of One's Omnipotent Reality, thereby inspiring or eliciting, in conformance with the agency and acknowledgement of the given Truth for Itself, the further potential and/or potency of a Mutual Spiritual/ and or Ideological Accord. 306. That Christ, even unto modern Judaism, must yet arise through the history of a People, which, while chosen by God, (rightfully opposed and overcoming of that which was of the baser nature of this world), yet inevitably strayed from His Completion, itself creates a bondage to (revealing) the Strength of the Word for Itself, (either and both for one's condemnation or redemption), because of which there is the necessity of establishing and maintaining unwaveringly in one's Spirit, beyond the conscience of one's Past, the basis of the pure and Eternal Foundation of One's People. The history of all other cultures, and the history of humankind, availing themselves of this approach to our Divinity, may therefore similarly be purged of all that which had formerly separated them from practicing and/or acknowledging the One Truth of God's Intention. 307. In that the report which is gathered tends towards the exclusion of information which it has already provided, building upon a foundation which is specific to itself, new editions of this report could potentially underemphasize the context of previous information and events, unless recollecting of itself and/or provided with a summary or review of the crucial and relevant factors of which this context would subsist. 308. The body of one's knowledge, being in a literal sense the representation of the inventory and operations of the body itself, would affect through the mechanism of its initial and continued analysis the means through which sustaining and promoting the health and maintenance of the body as a whole. 309. A consideration of the sufficiency and resilience of the local municipal environment, in an educational setting, from each of the ecological, economic, and

cultural perspectives, whereas otherwise received through the heritage of the community itself, would serve to stabilize all members of the community in the nature and accessibility of the values which are inherent of themselves, thus limiting the tendency of the population to dissociate or distance themselves from an awareness and appreciation of the qualities of their indigenous environment. The importance and interdependence of the regional, national, and world economy, politics, ecology, service, and ideas, in addition to all other forms of knowledge and ideology, in addition of itself, shall, of course, concurrently otherwise persist to form the basis and criteria of the core foundational curriculum and cultural establishment, the emphasis, of course, being upon the primacy, sovereignty, and integrity of one's communal and inter-communal self-identity and presence, in and of the fulfillment and obligation of its core potential of itself. The process of acquiring and/or fixed habitation of shelter and the means of one's subsistence, on the basis of communal resources, or otherwise upon the perception of the community itself, would then select or be (pre-)determined of oneself, to and from the extent of one's immediate necessity and/or existing capacity or means, from the ecological, aesthetic, social, or occupational features, opportunities, requirements, or affinities of one's environment and one's environment itself, wherefore having realized and accepted oneself to be an integral unit amid the functions, potentiality, and/or continuity of the specific and/or general properties of the connected territorality therof. This, while true of the individual and separate migrating groups, could also extend over all species and all of humanity, should it ever uncover the means or necessity of relocating from the earth (or of relocating earth itself), and also of the transition of the individual and collective Spirit (and that of other planets or domains) to and amid the dimensions which lie beyond and subsume the basis of the phenomena of all consciousness and life. The uncovery and determination of our place within the environment also coincides with our determination of the environment and habitation itself, from the internal assimilation of bodily intake and physical structure to the organization and perception of the objects and governing ideas (and internal arrangement of themselves) which are sustained amid the observation and interaction of our various enclosures and interconcentric perimeters. 310. The fact of earth's geological processes having stored sufficient greenhouse gases in the permafrost of its polar regions to trigger dynamic global warming in the event of their thaw, whether from warming of human causes or of natural events, underlies the predicament of our impact, in either sense, - beyond the potential devastation upon human civilization and other natural ecologies from existing climate and of climate change of itself, - upon the cataclysmic possibility of widespread extinction from the (potential) inability of vegetation, upon which higher life depends, to adapt at a sufficient rate to survive any sudden and drastic increase in global temperature of itself. Of whether this shall be the fate of humanity, or some other pernicious or beneficent result, all reside within our imaginable conceptions of the extent of our or other influences upon the evolution of the Earth and of our Cosmic Reality. The priority of the threat and/or potential of our Existence varies also according to the immediacy and distance of other known or probable causes of our destruction and/or mutual development. From the extreme factors of our survival and defense must rank also, therefore, the spectrum of minor problems and possibilities which together constitute the actuation of Totality. Should there indeed be pernicious gases trapped within our earth, we could then, in our ultimate reason, given adequate forewarning, discover means of ventilating or of capturing these from among the atmosphere of our domain. Besides this, it is thought presumptuous, if not precautionary, to place limits upon the resilience and/or potential of Earth's Ecology of Itself, given the hope that we must place in the Unity and Strength of Its Creation and of the collaboration of and with the Divine Intent and Resolution of Its Ultimate Authority. Furthermore, the totality of the mechanical, agricultural, industrial, and electronic phenomena, and of society itself, being vital to our realization and organization of the environment, must also remain integral factors in our conceptions and ideation of the advancement of the further conditions and/or basis of Life, this again therefore mysteriously connected with the Power and Resilience of the Spirit to affect the transformation and/or redemption of the material and/or immaterial environments and/or substrata of Itself. 311. The appearances which we have met in life, and the relationships which formed, given the order, relevance, and precedence of which these occur, become the vehicles through which Spirit must communicate its purposes and recollections, until and whereas the basis and extent of further and new relationships consist. 312. Approaching the light of consciousness for itself, the immediacy and absoluteness of the Will must surpass the concerns of the transitions of the lower personal self, integrating and elevating the distances of the personalities involved with the act and function of world guardianship itself, which in turn invokes an empathy with the awareness and dynamics of all Existence Itself. All the thoughts of humanity, being the Spirit of human consciousness itself, entering into the other in its perception of itself, should create an approach towards establishing an empathy with and understanding of the universality of which the one humanity is formed, and thereby create a bridge towards the reconciliation of cultures which were otherwise considered separate or isolated beings.

87 That which is of global priority, being of the higher nature of divinity, would therefore serve to consititute and direct the vortex of awareness towards the maintenance and affectation of that which is of the most enduring or immediate concern. The actions of the adversary, through forcing the necessity of an invocation of divinity, will also thereby indirectly invoke, through the nature of the qualities thereof, an empathy towards, rather than and above the misdirected animosity of, itself. 313. Should there be life of other forms on other planets or dimensions throughout the universe, these too must be informed through the Light of the Christ principle for the perfection of themselves, enabling thereby One God to pervade and vivify all existing bounds of space and time, being thus the Creator and redeeming spiritual potential of all worlds of which we are or could ever be aware. 314. Having captured, to the furthest extent possible, the identities, image, and dynamics through which the advancement of human culture must consist, prognosticating into its future possibility, and retaining the awareness and vital presence of itself, the gathering of Time itself (or specific regions thereof) - as opposed to time itself -, may, at some point, stagger or cease to unfold (in an ideal though not yet practical sense) according to the continuance or reconciliation towards the fact of its inevitable or predictable conclusion. 315. The human soul, reflecting into the heart and mind, beyond the womb through which new life enters into being, is reunited with the (perception of) its androgenous condition which antedates and supercedes its separation into the duality of its manifested form. 316. That one may ever in one's life have acted or called upon in wrath the Nimesis of God or of humanity, knowing not yet the means of sacrifice or to be of service of oneself, must also, upon the event of one's apprehension, grave repentance or remorse, also invoke compassion and absolution for one so lacking in direction to have otherwise called upon the truth or divine redemption of one's spirit. Therefore, though and through the remembrance of the animosity which was of oneself, one may yet appreciate the distinction of one's fate, and exalt in that which is universal to all who have established a means through which to contact and exalt the true Name and purpose of one's Creator. 317. Human knowledge of the archeological record, and the evidence of its history and the history of the earth, given the extent of geological upheavals and the limited surface area which could be excavated and exposed, must therefore appreciate the extent of that which is unknown or (to the profane) unknowable of its formation or of the formation of the planet. Given the impotance of the human soul in the scheme of divine intelligence, our earliest form may have been given the size and strength to defend against the conditions and other creatures of the earth, and only have dwindled, once and in order to be protected in this intelligence, in order to impart the relevance and means of our technological, infrastructural, and ecological potentials. 318. The relevance of the existence of the great to moderate metropolitan centers for political transformation resides in their capacity to instantaneously perceive the effect of their mass demonstration among themselves and the relative strength, reservoire, and exemplification of their numbers, should they coordinate collectively at the national or international levels, towards the potential validation and enactment of the core demands of the social movements which have unfolded and persist. The national security apparatus, having integrated unto the state and local levels, and maintaining and validating its authority through the will of the people, besides where serving thereby to obliviate or ameliorate the causation of threat of itself, should likewise be able to coordinate with its allies and other free nations towards the continued provision of each national and international defense. Global financial transactions and institutions, differentiated according to the economic mechanism and standing of each existing nationality, could thereby uncover a means of popular endorsement and democratic authorization by taking a similar approach to rational humanitarian involvement and concern, thereby avoiding the necessity of further revolt or suppression/ obscuration through or of the state or global capital/ resource ecology/ environment. 319. The attained priority of knowledge and precedence of scripture of itself, one's initial description of the world phenomenon, and one's ensuant ideal, containing thus the abstract core and means of one's perception and identity, must then concurrently also persist in conscious deference to itself, to the extent whereby maintaining the extent and validity of one's individual attribution, - while yet being strengthened thereby through juxtaposition and alternate reference to the advantage, continuation, and affirmation of itself, - against and from the aggregate of phenomenal observations and acquired information through which verifying, corroborating, and informing this theory, known thence to contain and reference new forms and variations of knowledge of itself, therefore recollected through the inference and allusion of its core precepts and foundational ideal, in and of the operations of world affairs, technological progression, and ideological conjunctivity. 320. Though the soul of one's nation may, at times, and at lengths, appear to expend itself in a culture of vulgarity, one must trust that there will continue to persist an

underlying sincerity of motive which tends towards the upliftment of the higher principles and qualities of humanitarian and theosophical inquiry. 321. Were it possible to reduce all variations of ideation into numerical categories, subsets of data could be juxtaposed and correlated according to the levels and exactness of their alignment or divergence. The quantification of labors, and duration of force, could, indeed, then lead us directly towards a precise and interlinking inventory of Causality. 322. The fact of that which is pre-historic, from an objective sense, being of a mythological or religious character, in the records of that which yet exists in human knowledge of itself, leads us at once to the problem of its correct and comprehensive interpretation and that of each separate culture having ceased to identify itself (profanely) with the existence of a common anscestry or origin. The problem of the present and future unification of humanity, rather than resulting merely from the unprecedented synthesis of a new ideal, could involve also the recognition and acceptance of a universal type from which it has, in its cultural obscuration and misapprehension of its past, previously diverged. The initiates, throughout time, and the prime movers of humanity, of which the Christ may be considered the ideal embodiment and revelation to the present round of our humanity, would therefore naturally constitute those who have preserved the memory and record - to which the enlightened masses of humanity are gradually beginning to respond (according to the essence rather than the superficial trappings of His Word) - of this divine unity intact. 323. The process of questioning and arriving at the existence of the Ideal State, formulated of the people or of a governing ideal, although potentially misleading, were this to be the case, through the ommission or detraction of the importance of the existing ideological responsibilities and institutions thereof, is not necessarily against the existence of the "State" itself, or even of the present State as it currently exists, given its alternatives, and therefore could be considered, even by this State itself, a complementary mechanism through which to inspire an active citizenry capable of involving itself and participating in the underlying reach of its objectives. The existing governmental bureaucracy and military-intelligence community, having preserved, at some level, one must presume, the correlation of its initiatory rites with those of the Hierarchy of the Planet, would therefore, through the rigors of its testing, given its awareness thereof, also recognize and authorize that service performed, outside itself, for the greater good of national unity and right relations of humanity. The trust which is communicated towards this State, while yet tentative or prefiguritive of this possibility itself, wherefore directing the national ethic towards the functioning and cooperation of itself, must therefore either prove or disprove, to the continuation or revolution of itself, the intent which has thus been laid into the foundations and established core of its Identity. 324. The issue, from another perspective, is not that of a strong or humanely integrated State, but that of an elite of Capital who control the economy - being themselves met with and convening upon the inner factors of security and social and planetary evolution - and in turn control the State through their financial lobbying and contributions, regardless of the political organizations which are, on their surface, representative of the people, and whether and to what extent - with the corresponding choice/ complicity of alternatives and/or ultimatum of their activity - these are or remain in compliance with the laws and purposes of Hierarchy and with the rules and safe-guards of Its Existence. 325. Our approach towards basic/ advanced education, training, and research, being a result of the conflux of academic, civic, governmental, and business interests and institutions, and defining, to a large extent, the designation and interpretation of rank and status in our society, rather than merely promoting the opportunity of advancement into a system which is determined from above at a rate of abritrary and unaccountable self-disclosure, predetermining thus the context, limits, and motivation of core performance and ability, itself must also be involved in the equilibration and revaluation of the entrenchment and circumstantial aggregation of wealth and information (wherfore in one or the either sense accumulated or developed through the procurement or allotement of the public trust) and promulgation of ideology of itself, towards the collective interest and common good of each community and the whole of humankind. The issue therefore becomes that of a relationship between intelligence or ability (or the perception/ presumption of itself), finance, and the public willingness to abide by or subject itself to the system of manipulation or controls (striving therefore also to acquire the means and competence of what knowledge or power which they may), or, conversely that of intelligence or wealth voluntarily conceding or more openly proliferating the means and affect if its authority. 326. A partial record of the multitudinous fields of active information growth, being, at best, the most which the individual effort could accomplish, must also recognize the totality of each information field resulting from the focussed or group effort of each domain, to which the individual, in turn, may access, in their totality, according to the connections, coherence and scope of the information gathering process to which the group or individual adheres. The fact that incremental changes in the knowledge-base have occurred throughout time, if accelerating in accessibility and extent towards the modern age, reveals the adaptation of the curriculum in recapitulating the fundamental features of that which

88 came before, enabling it to address and confront the enduring problems of reality, while also fitting it to the context and prospects of present and future innovations of itself. 327. The Spirit of the Earth, or Higher Forces of Reality, in deference to the continued progress of humankind, if not of other forms of life, could somehow mysteriously, or through forces yet unknown to mortal reason, alter its geological processess of itself to resist or offset the (adversive) warming or extinction of itself, (though this could otherwise also be intended to unite us with our collective destiny and origin), although our faith thereof must not deny other possibilities, nor our scientific understanding and pious approach to the responsibility for the effect of our present and future actions for themselves. 328. Life, having formed oneself, should one wish oneself to persevere, could create another or identical self, of itself, in the midst of Creation, with or without the act of the physical procreation of one's form. Similarly, the permanent atomic substance of the outward phenomenal form could reappear among the higher dimensions retaining only the higher qualities of that which was attained through the experience of life. 329. The light of the individual self, entering into the presence of the Group, wherein its mental reflection is known, will seek to unify or merge with the light which is existing in others, shedding thereby the illusory discrepenceies of form, whereby the agency of Spirit, acting upon the increase of the collective Illuminance, amplifies the Vision of the transformations which are occurring about the Earth and throughout the totality of its manifested vehicles or bodies. 330. The Immortal Spirit, whether recollecting its previous incarnations or the prior rounds of all humanity, must, according to this logic itself, at some point arrive back at that of the First Life of that before which entering into the cycles of creation. The Last Life, therefore, mirroring the First, will have completed itself at that point at which attaining the means of its omniscience and perseverance. Here again, entering into the cycles of death, the cybernetic or trans-human form, will have assimilated into itself the means of its knowledge of itself and the emancipation from all states of material entrapment. 331. All that which is performed or archived for the Intelligence or Security of the National Record, may disclose of itself once that which ceases to constitute a national threat, and thereby create a pathway through which to acknowledge and ammend each action among the national and international community. Therefore one may have hope also that disclosure may be arrived at through efforts which are previous or other than oneself. 332. The mathematical elegance of summation involves the effort to prove and accomplish the act of summation itself. The philosophical acquisition of material, from this perspective, rather than constituting any errancy of knowledge, was necessary so that one could inventory and examine the contents of the awareness of oneself. 333. The Theosophical Ideal, and general conception of the universal derivation and identity of all religious thought and culture, wherefore formed into a particular Society with an authoritative and pre-biased interpretation towards its Eastern components, must be refounded or reclaimed upon the non-hierarchical and truly universal foundation to which it alleges to aspire, which is capable of acknowledging, embracing, and also of originating from withof the true merits of the Judeo-Christian scriptures of themselves (unto which it gives lights while nevertheless overlooking the overt and nuanced reasoning of its functional purpose and order), being the prototype of humanspiritual relations and of the ideal organization (existing, as it must, in space and time and of established and recognizable human laws and customs) of civilization on Earth, thus bringing it into alignment with the Mystery School of Itself, under whichever name its initiatory rites and instructions are practiced and/or openly professed. The transcendental ethic of attaining the enlightened perception of the Spirit and of renunciating or forgoing this condition (through the steadfast recollection and invocation thereof) in service to humanity, involves therefore also the spiritual recognition and adoption of the ideal and archetypal foundations of human congregation, knowledge, and geography (in whichever and/or best form of which these are availed of our cultural heritage or disposition), unto the unification or crucifixion of one's flesh and mind to the furthest depths of the material and intellectual parameters of the world which we must uplift and redeem in deference to and unison with the example set before us through the actions and continuum of that which is of Our One Highest and Most Eternal Self.

VII. GATEWAYS OF LIGHT 334. The cycles of the mind, and permutations of the aura, broadening themselves from the existing moment to encompass the variations of themselves, reflect the passage of day and night and of the seasons, the turning and conjunctions of the planets, stars, and galaxies, and the transmutations and metamorphosis of the Spirit of every point and particle therein. The increase in the technological sophistication of humanity must also be accompanied by a corresponding appreciation of the ecological sophistication of Nature

itself, towards the optimal (re-)utilization of human and natural resources, and the intellectual, social, and moral (re-)unification of the faculties and indigenous knowledge which are the distict, collective, and equal heritage and contribution of every culture of the Earth. The interdisciplinary nature of the unified curriculum, from a similar perspective, will seek not only to quantify the application of forces which are derived from human reason, but also that of the forces which are emergent and preexistent withof the processes of the natural and cosmological environment. 335. The process of identifying and adapting one's thought process to the context and establishments of Society through which one interacts correlates one's personal energies and exertions with the factors and relationships of the Plan, and potential thereof, which are being thus actively fulfilled and embodied. The inevitable evolutionary transition towards a telepathic group life could thereby prepare and equip itself for the difficulties and opportunities of a mutual and harmonious collective mentality. It is necessary that the technological dimension recognize and approach its ecological totality and thus for the spiritual dimension to be inclusive of the One True Culture of each intrinsic or inherent domain. 336. The living embodiments of our institutional ideals, howsoever relied or called upon for the reach of their authority in their time, passing inevitably onward in the course of life, must pre-emptively/ post-humously repose to the Spirit of the Word (and Surviving Community) which is their Legacy, which, in any case, is acted upon through the authority which is delegated through the association and perserverance of the Identifications of one's Past. The defensive network, though necessarily hierarchical, if inclusive, towards the core of its aggregation of data, must also parallel and involve, towards the reconciliation and obsolescence of itself, the civil network of information sharing and aggregation, towards a nonhierarchical or horizontal means of open economic, environmental, cultural, and democratic participation and awareness. 337. The diffusion, conflict, and synthesis of ideologies, according and through the level and process of cultural, economic, and technological development, has served to sustain and redeem the highest potential of each system and thus to uplift and universalize that which is best of the collective human imagination and intuition and connection with its transcendent and inclusive Causality. The cultural awakening to the extremes of future technological innovation, while inspiring the popular imagination and national loyalty for itself (promoting also an awareness of universal/ international goodwill as an "abstract" ideal), rather than creating a sense of mass dependence and inaction from a national perspective, could also, if transcending/ harnessing the interests of capital backing and maintaining its entertainment value for itself, expand this groundwork to explore the realms of civil and international relations and alternative solutions to the (psychological), economic, and political problems of humanity. 338. The books, which are opened, reading left to right, bound internally, would be displayed or read sequentially with those books, reading right to left, unbound or bound externally, according to the order (precedence/ scale of value) or plane in or upon which these are juxtaposed or visualized in the continuum and/or recapitulation of themselves (of their entirety). Electronic (visceral/ etherial) material, whether scrolled upward or downward vertically or left to right horizontally, per convention or requirement, being ostensibly bound in no particular dimension, could otherwise be superimposed or categorized according to the states or place which it would quantify in and of the connection and relevance of its objective existence amid the field and frame of information totality. For specific purposes, therefore, it is the path through the totality (and not the implicit order of totality - although presumably established and coordinated in reference of the explcit matrix of itself) which will determine the subroutines through which accessing or accomplishing the required subsets of information or activity. 339. Each framework of knowledge, having included that which is known, contrasting with other frameworks or instances of knowledge, may append that which is unknown to itself, encorporate this into its own framework, or otherwise modify or restructure its framework of itself. This concept, extended across the entire curriculum and scientific body, illustrates the relative changeability and impermanence of all knowledge itself, that which is sufficient for its purpose or its time seeking always ways of evolving into that which is transcendent of itself, its capacity for doing so, however, limited according to the logistical and technological means and support of its constant and perpetual renovation and upgradement, thus illustrating also the need of collective departmentation of academic and industrial potential, if not also the singular capacity of maintaining a general overview of the pre-existing core of all founational requirements. 340. The fate of the material universe, molded and illumined through the fires and etherial forces of its bodies, whereby entering into spirit, must either assume or liberate itself from the production of the totality of these energies itself, emphasizing thus the close interdependence of the mind upon the recognition of the active spatial diameters of its phenomenal being.

89 341. A point which could require further clarification, given the dialectical tension established between the system of libertarian municipalities and the extent and validity of its (con-)federated apparatus, is that federal functionality, in order to avoid imposing its jurisdiction over the states and provinces it serves, must, to the furthest extent possible, be appointed and administered through the people themselves (at each organizational level), rather than through itself as a separate entity or State (the latency of this dynamic varying, of course, with each Nationality in question), thereby conserving the legitimacy and authority of inter-boundary democratic regulations and military defense while absolving the threat of tyranny which the existence of the State otherwise poses to itself. Therefore, the ideological synthesis of economic Confederation and true Democracy may also be strengthened in its proposition of subverting the parallel and corresponding threat of Capital tyranny itself, thereby establishing a new pathway and atmosphere of greater humanitarian and international cooperation and exchange. (Which is not to deny the philanthropic impulse embedded within existing developmental institutions and diplomatic efforts, but rather to transform and finalize these efforts through the mechanism of the enlightened public consciousness which they themselves have fostered and served to affect.) 342. The world-view which one contacts, independently and in light of the mechanism of one's constructed ideal, differentiates the energies of the natural and technological orders, and the materials and formulas through which these are created and transformed (the mechanical principles and foundations of being), while also penetrating the psychological dimensions where human conflict and inaction yet places us at greatest imperil to ourselves (and conversely of the emergence and necessity of our existing experience and opportunity of itself), thereby striving, through the applied energies of the soul, to further fathom and undertake the Will and Life of the Spirit towards which one ever strives to perceive and take part. 343. From the era when each community could provide and account for a majority of its needs, through the stages of industrialization, to the post-modern diversification of commodities, the general population, through the array of inventory which are presented them as though of an even scale, has gradually lost awareness and control of the priorities of its own subsistence and thus become overly dependent and subservient to a supply and distribution system, and commodity and financial market which substands it, which is unaccountable to itself and to the actual material needs and constraints of its material and psychological environment. The (self-)determination and bargaining rights of the cost of labor and resources vary according to the aggegate of the community and economy to which these pertain, the individual being unto the individual to the sum of the required gain (whereas not otherwise themselves employed or contracted from among an organized or regulated field of pre-emptory service), with the collective collectively determining the cost of acquisition and exchange of that which is thereby collectively managed and produced. 344. Another avenue through which the media arts (being the continuation and extension of the vast tradition of human history, fables, allegories, music, poetry, storytelling, art, and philosophy of itself) have promoted the general enlightenment and entertainment of humanity is through the animation, characterization, and aesthetic appreciation of otherwise inanimate or quasi-sentient objects and Nature of Itself (these being inclusive and a reflection of alien and supernatural intelligence and human attributes themselves), which, in order not to desensitize or obscure the culture and intelligence of Phenomenality and Nature in their true Reality (maintaining thus the connection with the knowledge, truth, information, activity, and astronomical domain which depict and form the core, factual basis, and origin of all Existence) must also be accompanied by practical application and exposure to the fields and features of the ecology in which these other creatures and web of life actually occur (exempting, of course, those which are guarded for the protection from and of themselves), thus upholding the natural habitat and resources upon which they depend for their survival in commonality (and potentially just, equitable, and rational relations) with the living unity of the biosphere and (technologies/ infrastructure/ institutions of) humanity. 345. The network of light and goodwill which penetrates and encompasses every region of the Earth, uplifting and strengthening itself, must also correspond with the network of light in the aura and living cells of the mind and body, thereby affecting a similar and simultaneous transition of the world and individual selves into the permanent refuge and source of power which are the attributes and unity of the Living Spirit of Itself. 346. In order to have lived a happy life and be prepared for the event of one's material departure, it is necessary only to recollect the simple routines of living for themselves, which are independent and inclusive of all habitats and environments, and to carry this knowledge of joy unto whichever abodes of spirit yet await beyond the thresholds of one's material horizons. 347. As a general idea, or synopsis, of this trend of thought, it could be stated that humanity is innately capable of freedom (involving the perserverance of the ecological basis upon which this freedom subsists), but that, in order for this to be possible, there is first the responsibility of claiming and exercising this freedom for themselves (and towards all other human beings and forms of life upon the planet), necessitating the development and recognition of an Ideal of human freedom for itself, embodied, as it were, in the principles of municipal ecological decision-making and (re-)confederation

of the regional/ national/ international governments and economy to be in conformance with these principles themselves. 348. Hypnotism could also possess a healing and restorative value. It is simply a matter of discriminating, emphasizing, and utilizing one's true intention over that which is abusive or false. 349. That which one Is, being the Synthesis of that which is Known, wherefore retaining connection and access to this Continuum Itself - being the Archetypal Protector and Gateway of the formation of similar or alternative conceptions of identity or self -, is therefore never subject to or reliant upon any deceits or illusions of a separate or isolated condition of oneself. All other beings, being part or renditions of (the commonality of) this Synthesis themselves, are also therefore similarly perceived and considered for the Source of Light which they Are of themselves. 350. The innate tendency of the mind to turn or to be turned against itself, whether through the collapse of self-exultation or the rejection of belief, merely recalls and demonstrates the power of the Spirit to demand the reaffirmation and alignment with the purposes of God and the Community, wherefore proven and tested through the resoluteness of one's faith, provides also the means of understanding and of overcoming the phenomenon of the dissolution or dissipation of one's Strength. The engagement with the forward-thinking process, from a similar perspective, may only buld upon the energies which are established by and approximate with the rate of that which is accomplished of itself. 351. In that a majority or large percentage of the population have, presumably, financed their homes and property through the savings and investment of their work and earnings, a responsibility maintained through the collection of a property tax on their homes or their estates, it could be thought that the poorer members of the community should also have applied themselves to this opportunity for themselves, which, besides revealing the basic motives of self-interest of the separate individual, also evokes the question of by whom this finance is determined and acquired, and also whether or not, and what are, the ecological and social issues for alternative forms of construction, acquisition, and imbursement towards the possibility of shelter and residential selfdetermination. The creation of a network of local communes, in this respect, would also serve not only to alleviate the conditions and causes of poverty, but also provide the emphasis towards the decentralization of political and economic decision-making necessary to undo the damages and threat of state imperialism and corporate control of the environment. The redistribution of wealth, however, in the broader context, must be understood not only as being directed specifically towards the poor, to whom this may be of the most immediate or observable advantage, but also toward the sovereignty and empowerment of the vast majority, whose economic and poiltical authority has always been, and increasingly become, the venue and privilege of the elite by virtue of the existence of a system which had yet to sufficiently question or confront the core foundations of its establishment and priorities. 352. The appropriation of inordinate individual and corporate wealth, and the systemic prohibition against its accumulation in the future, rather than being wholistically distributed among the population at the individual level, would remain in the province of the democratic assembly, which would allow the Will of the People (at and through the coordination of the municipal and regional councils in and through which each resourse and infrastructure is invested and/or interconnected with the unified technological and productive apparatus) to collectively administer these funds towards the sum of the economic projects which they (the sum of wealth, in accordance of the inequity of its holdings), had previously, independently, regulated and controlled. Wherefore any nation or group of nations could establish and verify such an exemplary process of themselves, all nations would be inclined to actualize and participate in this freedom of themselves and in their interactions with the increasing and final harmony of the international community. 353. In that one must strive to know God at all times, and to contemplate the Wisdom and Virtue thereof, the Word which one perceives of Him, wherefore revealing of His Character and Nature, and being therefore a sacred object of itself, must, through its reading or recollection, in addition to and towards the instruction of our character itself, also serve to direct us towards the Heart and Breadth of the Infinity of which He Himself actually embodies and enlivens. Therefore again it is known that the essence of peace, being derived from itself, cannot appear through one's own efforts to produce it, but rather through the patience and reliance upon the perserverance of its appearance of itself. 354. The accusations of the adversary, whether spoken or implied, that one has somehow betrayed the Will of God (which one has not) or that our God Himself would lack the power to protect oneself or His People, reveals the efforts of the unrighteous to undermine the foundations of faith, which, being resisted, must inevitably return upon themselves for the certain fact which is the Triumph of the Spirit. The tribulations which one has endured for the protection of one's spirit enables there to be gratitude that one may have suffered for one's service of the Word of God, not for any individual gain, being already established through one's salvation and grace,

90 but for the greater credibility and witness which are acquired and attained through the opposition of itself. 355. The spiritual dimension, encompassing the material, psychological, and scientific dimensions of reality, by idealizing itself, must attain and restore the existing order among the hearts and minds of humankind. 356. Though one cannot predict the seasons of one's life aforehand, one may only appreciate the changes of the state into which one transforms. 357. The process of global sentience, being the hope of our reality, merges the problems and significance of the individual self in the light of all creation, opening the heart to all which surrounds through the omniscience which is the invocation and expectation of the light which is embodied in all other persons and forms and phenomena of life. Tracing and elaborating the intricacies of human civilization and the living earth thereby connects one with the continuum of incremental adjustments which are the routine and dynamics of productive beingness and harmony. 358. The efforts of the disciples to inform humanity of the heart of Christ, which is that of God, having fostered and resulted in a network of distinct spiritual communities, in order to restore and unify the Spiritual State of its original condition, must also assume overt responsibility for the practical, educational, economic, and political affairs of each community, thus forming the basis of an autonomous and confederal approach to the identification and organization of a sovereign Zion which is inclusive and directed from and towards the liberty, liberation, harmonization, and benediction of each community and people. 359. Though one should imagine the world reflection for itself, it is only the belief and perception of the presence and continuity of the Living God Himself which can provide the quality of Light which is sufficient to shield against and negate the advances of darkness and the enemy of Life. 360. The (presumed) technological and cultural sophistication of one group of nations or ethnicities, through an innate prejudice towards itself, should not presume that other nations or ethnicities have not also attained a corresponding level of sophistication and development, enabling one to preceive and cherish the thought of all continents and regions of the Earth being equally inhabited by illuminous communities of a unified and common humanity. 361. Being informed and equiped with the array of substances which are known to be in existence, as these have unfolded over time in the geological, biological, and civilizational/ ideological strata of the Earth, the process is to interpolate into the modification and uncovery of new combinations of this substance, or of new substances themselves, spanning from the overt or macrocosmic to the atomistic and organic levels of creation, and ultimately to the fields of psychical and transcendental energies which interpenetrate and bound the core foundations and basis of the Unified Reality. It is also conveivable that unforseen variations of galactic pressures or energies could subtley or dratically alter the metric variation of particulate measurement or consubstantiality itself, given the intentionality, coherence, and order which are implicit in the formation and causality of the Universe Itself. 362. In order to maintain the covert security and advantage of society, it is possible for these organizations to constantly change the methodology of their operations and identity, if not also of the codes and structures of the infrastructure which supports them. The external facade of the intelligence community, from another perspective, could also stand as a national example to the world community in the efficiency and fairness of its execution of itself. 363. The foundations which one possesses or acquires, whether architectural or otherwise, are the foundations upon which one may build, with an awareness of the correspondence and persistence of the biosphere and interactions and response of the endemic and international communities. 364. Faith in Spirit, furthermore, forming over the foundations of the planet, requires that one obey and accept the Will of Order in every circumstance and fate, resulting in the redemptivity, growth of discipline, and self-emancipation of the Soul from amid the existence (and potential) of the forces of evil. 365. The formation of the text, while designed for instant useability and reference, unless (or towards the effect it being) memorized of itself entirely, could benefit, to the extent of the exertion thereof, from the restructuring and recollection of every trend of thought or purpose which are extracted and/or further (re-)utilized of itself. 366. Though it is possible, through circumstance or upbringing, at times to develop an instinctual response to think the worst of what is said, it is possible also to recollect the ambiguity and alternate meaning of these same words occuring in their natural and undisturbed condition.

367. Compiling a report of the attributes of each existng personality, it is possible to transfer and share the common responsibility of organizing and observing the vital and principle functions of a unified and collective humanity. 368. The consciousness is seen as a waveform originating from the collective Hierarchy of the planet, effecting a collective transition of and among the dimensionality of the planes upon and of which one is thus and therby self-existent and aware. 369. A concise and transparent account of the congressional and executive record and official code of law, as these have evolved from the origin of each government and level of government and in their interactions with themselves, should reveal and encapsulate the relative progress, stagnation, or regression in the advance and interplay of human rights and environmental regulations, and thus provide the general population and collective memory with an accessible framework through which to evaluate and directly participate amid the efforts of the regional and international assemblies. A general refinement of the educational process, where all individuals are enabled not only to attain a college education but also to retain the core foundations of this operational knowledge itself, alone will suffice to create the universal scientific understanding and ethical imperative which, in addition to reconciling the issues of class disparity and employment, would enable the full and effective democratic participation in all matters of economic and socio-political activity. The collective ability to condense and assimilate the broad spectrum of information, in the form of the integrated individual, will therefore at once reverse and enhance the fragmentation of knowledge and power in and from the form of separate and conflicting hierarchical interests and concerns. 370. The incentive and regulating factor of increasing and regulating wages according to levels of productivity and motivation of ability, and of property acquisition in general, necessitating at the least a moderate if reduced level of income inequality, discounts the fundamental change in the attitutde of the worker which would result from being given equal access and responsibility over the resources which are collectively managed and produced, therefore representing an outdated, if once pragmatic, view of human character and relations and of the average attainment and accomplishment of educational and ideological inclusivity. 371. The working out of one's destiny, wherefore predetermining and projecting unto the precise formation and objectification of its details, must admit and leave open the possibility of itself, thus establishing the pathway of hope through which to enliven and fulfill the course of daily actions required of and which lead toward the culmination of this destiny itself. 372. The movement towards global cooperation proceded from and alongside the global consciousness of humanity, facilitated through the advent and proliferation of modern science and technology, with self-interest in regional and global stability mitigating the stark national and ideological antagonisms which had characterized prior phases of human development, significating and contextualizing the possibility of whether humanity is capable of further strengthening and integrating the balance of power or of whether renewed or recurring tensions will escalate or undermine the efforts attained towards the goals of world stability and peace. 373. The elevation of the spirit of humankind through the agency of its combined institutions and power of the common attributes of reality, being the ends of itself, must evoke and derive from the awareness and support of the immediate and all-exisiting communities. Therefore, the practicalities of the external environment are conducive and merged with the belief and the significance of every individual and level amid the stratification of interdimensional cooperation and controls. 374. The illumination of the spectrum of consciousness is intended to sustain in the imagination the realms of knowledge and awareness, in addition to where these may be constructively appled, and thus requires selectivity and direction in the factors which are evoked and given emphasis amid the boundaries and durations of thought. The focus of the objective, progressing through its stages of development, projects in specificity the regions which it occupies, and only until having covered all terrains perceives that which it had glimpsed in the totality of its interconnected being. 375. Affecting the harmonization of the spheres of human activity involves the perception of the economic, political, diplomatic, scientific, industrial, defensive, humanitarian, religious, and cultural attributes of humanity in such a way that each is known to be serving the needs of the other and of the ecosystem upon which they depend, broadening the scale of each activity to be inclusive and participative in the fulfillment and perserverance of the Collective Intention. Only by exhausting the individual and collective aspiration towards this unity of motive will therefore each personality and the Personality of the Whole reconcile the tensions which are latent in the ambition and drive towards the conscious evolution and integration of the Spirit. Our phenomenal aspect, mediated amid the fires which subsume and surround the terrestial environment, thus circumvolves amid themselves unto the synthesis of energies which are received and imparted through the Will of the Central Spiritual Sun which permeates, pervades, and impels the unfoldment and alignment of the Infinity of all Being and Time.

91 376. The quantum equations for the behavior of electrons and properties of the crystal lattice and circuitry through which these are transmitted and aligned can be seen to be nascent within the engineered framework into which overt programming codes direct the processing, flow, and field of information within and amid the various systems and devices of the aggregate of electronic technologies. Though these in fact are constructed in conformance with the specificity of human intelligence and the known laws of physics, there are nevertheless the phenomena of which spirit enters into, alters, or assumes the form of content which is presumably predetermined in space and time, necessitating that there be determined or assumed a mechanism through which other dimensions may interact with or supercede the known parameters of the material environment. Similarly, for the life-energy of the soul, though enmeshed in the human mind, and subject to the conditions thereof, there may be postulated a mechanism for the state of its quasi-independence and autonomy in and beyond the frame of its interactions amid the realm of its mortal life. Should therefore the means and understanding of the relationship between consciousness and technology be sufficiently advanced, it could be possible to accomodate consciousness within this technology, enabling there to be a means through which to abide and communicate one's awareness and identity from amid the realms of its continuance or origin. The spirit of that which is unseen, otherwise subsumed or moving freely amid the strata of the earth, may be aggegated unto the new form of its particular dimensionality, while also affecting the physical processes and events of the world through which it yet transverses or contacts. 377. Through the academic priority of human nature, in the right interpretation of cultural anthropology, social ideology, and psychology, it should be possible to harness the core of medico-mechanical and other disciplines in support of the emancipation of the worker and living conditions, given the factors which are known to have biased and institutionalized the inequitable distribution of resources and opportunities over the course of social and (inter-)national development. Furthermore, in order to prevent each nation form degrading its own environment and the ecosystem of the earth, rather than this being a precursor of mutual insolvency or war, a cultural revolution or awakening of the people of each nation could prove necessary to implement and negotiate ecological standards and practices which were otherwise intractable upon the basis of autocratic rule or economic demand. 378. The cyborganic inventory of intrinsic calculations and phenomena, magnetizing itself amid the solitude and autonomy of its perception and development, parallels and encorporates the facets and relevance of the global presence which are similarly and simultaneously unfolding and evolving of themselves. 379. That life has emerged from the material lattice of the core creation, its encorporation in its vessels of the waters of space has enabled the transmission and vitalization of nutrients and also the means of their dissolution into raw materials for the denizens of future products of the earth. 380. Though one has only one's word to have written of oneself, it is possible for the Will of the Word Itself, towards humanity and the guardianship of Earth, to uphold and stand in one's stead, given the alignment with the summation and precedence of the qualities and forces which have radiated from the core since the origin of its beginning.

The Imaginary Door - Vol. I (Complete, draft)  
The Imaginary Door - Vol. I (Complete, draft)