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Due to it’s origins in ancient Spain, there is no direct english translation to this word. It is the spirit of evocation, It comes from inside as a physical and emotional response to art or large expanses of nature.

Buttermilks Climbing Chalk

Without hands or rocks, a climber would be nothing, and the sense of freedom and accomplishment from scaling a several million year old rock would be lost forever. Buttermilks creates climbing balms and chalk that are vegan and organic, leaving out any chemicals or additives to their chalk that can cause damage to rocks and plants. Working in tandem with Buttermilks, this ad features the real and abused hands of climbers that were found (and bribed with beer) after a long afternoon of climbing the great sandstone boulders of Red Rock Canyon.

Brandless Chocolate Bars

Inspired by Brandless, an online shop that features organic and non-gmo products at the universal price of $3, these labels are created to execute a natural and elegant feel without forcing any logos or specific branding. The audience consists of two people; those who buy for the consomed product, and those who buy for the packaging.

Desert Hearts Festival Lineup

Wanting to emulate the feel of classic music festival posters from the 1960’s, this poster features bouncing gradients and a chilled color pallette. Rather than have the artists listed with the size of text getting smaller the farther down you went on the poster, the artists are listed in two different font sizes, and organized by the length of the artists names. That way, the smaller and less notable artists are given an equal spotlight with each other, with only the absolute headliners gaining a bigger spotlight.

VAST Exploration Born from the handmade clothing woven by the Guarani natives in Paraguay, VAST Exploration is a brand that stands for many things; latin pride, the need to expand one’s personal views of the world, and encouraging people to care for the Earth around them.

Red Rock Canyon Clock

Drawing inspiration from the stylization of vintage and minimalist national park postcards and patches, this clock pays homage to Red Rock Canyon’s 5 most distinctive peaks and the grand sunsets that are so frequent in the American South West. The mountains have always been a personal reminder that we are only a blip in the grand scheme of the world.

Numi Tea Package Redesign

Tea boxes (with Numi being no exception) tend to have trite graphics and imagery; often attempting to force confusing and cluttered labels while forcing pseudo-indian and asian style visuals upon the consumer. Streamlined with a concentration on the texture of the actual tea, this redesign displays information more effectively without all the generic cultural references to the tea’s origins.

Glossier Package Design

While Glossier’s packaging already features washed out and pastel colors, these three bottles incorporate more than one color, as well as borders and patterns

Rezz EP Album Art

Rezz is an anomoly in today’s culture of electronic music - she searches for slow melodies with a massive emphasis in her eerie and at times creepy sound design. Her music bounces back between rhythmic and completely unstructured and erratic, all done in order to give the listener a new experience each time they listen to her songs. The deep and thick textures of her music are encapsulated in the red geometric patterns and gritty type.

Vesta Coffee Packaging

The arrival of single origin beans and the competition between small coffee roasters is relatively new. Vesta, a coffee shop in downtown Las Vegas, prides themselves on being experts on the roasting process, importing high quality beans from around the world and extracting the notes and flavor profiles that are often destroyed the second a coffee bean becomes exposed to heat. To a specialty coffee consumer, the most important details about a bean are the roast date, the origin, and the flavor profile. This packaging s howcases all that, while giving homage to the farmers who grew the beans themselves.

Wristcutters: A Movie Poster

Set in a strange afterlife that has been reserved for people who have committed suicide, Zia sets out to find his girlfriend, whom he finds out had killed herself shortly after he took his own life. Accompanied by his unlikely russian friend and a girl who died on accident and wants to find a way out, they drive across a barren landscape in an attempt to look for answers.

Leave behind GRC 294  

A leave behind booklet for my GRC 294. Imagine that the pages are vertical rather than horizontal.

Leave behind GRC 294  

A leave behind booklet for my GRC 294. Imagine that the pages are vertical rather than horizontal.