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Issue 2 the best things in life are

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We’ve made it to issue two of Realize! We added some people to our “staff/team” so each issue is going to get better and better. But, really, it’s all about having fun on a skateboard. Alyssa Duhe . Art Direction and Words Sean Basalyga . Photography and Words Van Robinson . Photography and Words Tosh Z . Photography Amanda Fuchs . Copy Editor Justin Martinez . Cover - SW Front Heel Nate Hoover . Featured Skater Eli Stein . Nate Hoover Interviewer Trevor Barrick . Dethkills Interview Felipe Mikael Bravo . Dethkills photos Aileen Carroll . SLO Secrets If you have photos, articles, art, music or anything you want to see in the next Realize, send us an email at Fuck digital it’s not real unless you can hold it in your hands!

Your Name in Mono

By: SLO’s own poet laureate and Old Disgusting Hippie, James Cushing

We’d been crying so hard we were gasping and other residents made from those gasps a board game of small stones and broken shells. My nerves failed me. Oh, well. They fail everybody. It’s the first time, every time: You feel transforming ions, you hear new bright hammers on unscratched anvils. Man, it’s awe! You’re gourds, wrens, robins, blue jays, orioles, crows, pieces of the flesh of old skies. I’m drenched in the wintry shadow-air of someone’s dream pressing “rewind.” My skin smells of someone else. My desktop’s filled with undone things. One part got started but its shoes reached me first. I failed again against your silk but you liked the slow canticle wind made along paths where growling plants grew. May I come along? The night stands frozen solid, and it’s so late, so easy to lose track.

photography spotlight

words and photos by van robinson

I hear a lot of skaters on the central coast complain about how shitty the spots are, and how there is nothing to skate, but that’s because they usually just sit in the arena at slopark. In reality there are tons of awesome spots, you just need to know how and where to look. A few weeks back Tosh and I thought it would be a good idea to check out some of the water themed attractions of the central coast. We mainly had one place in mind, a pretty well-known summer spot southeast of SLO. It is popular in the summer, but not during winter, so we couldn’t figure out why nobody had skated this place yet. On a Monday morning a solid little crew of us decided to trek out there. We had some epic stops on the way as well. Our first stop was this perfect little 8 handrail in a stinky little beach town. Everybody got out of the car and started looking at it, Ty was the only one with his board, and immediately after touching the rail some crotchety old son of a bitch came outside of his house and started shouting at us. After threatening to break Shane’s knees with a bat, using some of the angriest vulgar cursing I’ve ever heard, he convinced us to leave. As fun as it was to argue with this guy, it wasn’t worth our time. So we headed to our next stop of the day, a sweet little ditch on the side of the freeway in the WALMART capital of the central coast. I was surprised when I saw that the spot had been fully cleaned out and bondo’d since the last time I had visited. We swept a little bit, but for the most part it was already clean. Everybody messed around and Ty and Shane were somehow skating

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SLO News is Good News Carrot Mob was SLO’s first ever reverse boycott as part of 350 day’s international day of climate action change! Betweeen 3:50 and 7pm, 40% of all purchases at Quick Stop Liquors were reinvested into energy efficient upgrades. The event emphasized the power of the consumer (voting with your dollar), which promotes responsible and smart buying. Conscious spending is more important than ever in stimulating the emerging green economy. Complete with music, juggling, and even a food drive, the day was a success. $1,342.49 was raised to be re-invested into alternative and energy efficient upgrades.

Here are some things you can do to be a smarter more responsible consumer:

1. Buy local to support the local economy and reduce transportation impacts. 2. Buy goods with less/recycled packaging. 3. Buy in bulk to save money and embodied energy. 4. Buy used clothing, books and other products, or find someway to get them for free. 5. Buy fair-trade products, which pay workers a fair wage and support local economies. 6. Buy non-toxic cleaning materials and organic linens. 7. Buy from businesses that make a commitment to being green. 8. Buy eco-friendly products

this wall transition crap, and they got some pretty epic tricks on it. Shane got a back D, and Ty threw himself into a huge front tail. After Tosh and I shot some photos we decided to head over to our next, and what we thought was going to be our last, spot of the day. We started heading out into the country trying to remember where the place was; all I could remember from when I was a kid was that we had to drive over a big bridge, and go through a park ranger checkpoint. When I thought of the bridge I remembered my dad telling me about an insane skate spot that was so obvious but nobody ever really skated it. So I told everybody about it, and we decided we wanted to check it out, right after talking about it we come around a bend and we see it. Giant cement water falls completely untouched. After turning around 2 times to try to see it, we found a place to park. At first we were a little skeptic since there were 2 barbed wire fences around it, and there were very big obvious NO TRESPASSING signs. We decided to just say fuck it and go in. After managing to get down a giant dirt hill, we were in. It was

words a saylg

an Ba

by Se

even more epic than we thought. The view from the top of the spot was so amazing, with the sun setting behind the mountains and the lake in the view everybody was in awe. It was so big that you couldn’t really do anything besides ride up and do a kick turn. One corner was bondo’d but it wasn’t a very good job. After shooting a ton of photos and carving some satanic shit into the wall, we decided to check out our final destination. It was getting dark and we knew that we had to go through a park ranger checkpoint to get there, so we weren’t really expecting to skate. After lying to the lady at the checkpoint (we said we were from the local highschool’s ASB) we found the place. We immediately spotted a giant 30+ foot half pipe. It was surrounded by big barbed fences that read Security cameras and Motion detectors on. We knew that we had to come back to this spot on a day when the park is closed. It was almost dark now so we decided to call it a day and go home. You can count on a follow up story if we head back out there. But until then, go skate. There is a lot of potential in this area, and everybody needs to help out and make something happen. Don’t be lazy, build something, don’t just skate what’s handed to you.

With skateboarding increasingly being bent over backwards by corporate media, there is great concern among us crusty, worn out skaters who think it should never change, or “isn’t the same.” Well we sent our shredding correspondent, Esteban Zapato Taquiera to our local skatepark to see exactly how these changes were corrupting the youth…

1. What’s your favorite part about skating? Ernest: It’s just fun dude, feels good to roll… Joey: No one can tell you what to do, there’s no coaches, you can do what you want. 2. What would you be doing if you didn’t skate? Simon: I’d be stuck playing violin. Matty: Fruitboot. Joey: Play drums or do art. 3. What do your parent’s think about skating? Ernest: Doesn’t matter what they think, I do it anyway. Simon: My mom supports me, the rest of my family thinks it’s a waste of time. 4. Where is the first place you are going to drive when you get a car? Simon: I’d drive my ass to LA and skate all weekend. Joey: Washington st. skatepark. Matty: No idea, the skatepark??? 5. Would you kiss a girl if she had cooties? Matty: Would I get cooties?? Simon: Fuck yeah, if she was hot, hot girls have cooties. Ernest: Yeah dude! 6. Any words of advice for us adults? Joey: Lighten up, be themselves, don’t get caught up in their jobs. Simon: Be nice to your mom. Ernest: They need to be more like us, quit their jobs and skate. 7. What do you want to be when you grow up? Matty: Actor, male model. Joey: Weld skate ramps, make art, or play drums.

skateboarding company

After looking at your work, I notice a sort of religious theme, could you tell me more about it? “Yea, Religion is a part of the world, I don’t really like religion, but spirituality is important. Religion is fractile, and all people are spiritual whether they know it or not. (Chris): “Spirituality is what it is. We do a lot of religious imagery.” (Derek): “It’s kind of an homage to Raymond Pettibon” (Bobby): “Religion is Hectic” Let’s face it, SLO hates skateboarding. You can’t skate downtown, at school, or even at the skatepark without being hassled. Police officers call our skatepark a disaster and have no problem giving tickets to little kids for skating downtown. SLO county is an exception to the rest of California where skateparks fence us in like animals and force people to wear pads which deny you rights over your own body (you can’t decide for yourself that skateboarding is dangerous or assume your own responsibility). Christine Wallace, manager of the SLO skatepark wasted $50,000 of taxpayer money on a government contracted, modular skatepark and ignored the advice of her employees and skaters in the community telling her that people would not like it. The way I have understood the law to work is that the government will do what they want until people complain. When the law gets you down, you don’t quit, you stand up and fight for what you believe is right. People don’t realize that we love is so much that we are willing to break the law to do it, and will never listen to anyone telling us to stop. Here are some things you can do to help our situation

How did you guys come up with DethKills? (Chris): “It’s literal” Would you say that you guys are like a band, but for art? (Bobby): “I mean not really, we don’t make music, but in a way yeah, we are a group of friends working together and it is a group effort. (Derek): “Fuck YEAH, We’re like a black metal band. If you’re like a band does that mean you’re going to breakup? (Chris): “Nah its all about the makeup sex…..I’m always on top. How do you guys feel about skateboarding, and certain forms of art, and how it is viewed legally? (Derek): “The Law is for cops not human beings”

switch hardflip - james rivers

Interview by Trevor Barrick Photos by Felipe Mikael Bravo

What is DethKills? (Chris and Bobby): “DethKills is an art collective based out of LA. It’s friends getting together doing what they love; art. As clichéd as it sounds, it’s a way of life, we could be putting effort into “real jobs” but this is what we love so its what we choose to do. It’s a creative outlet.” How has skateboarding influenced your lives, your art? “We all grew up on skateboards and living the lifestyle that comes with skating and punk rock has influenced everything we do, it’s impossible not to be influenced by it. It’s how we live. Its who we are.” You guys came all the way from LA, do you travel a lot to do pieces, and spread the word about what you are doing? (Chris): “We have been playing around with the idea of doing a sort of art tour, but what we are really working on now is a major opening next year.” (Bobby): “Its gonna be a BLOW OUT!!!!” (Chris): “Yea, definitely a blow out. Its going on November 10th in LA at the POV Gallery in Chinatown.”

1. Helmet Laws (the city is not liable for you getting hurt!!)

Skateboarding has been listed as a hazardous recreational activity, which means you cannot sue a public entity (the city) if you get hurt, but at the last minute a compromise was made to force people to wear helmets. AB 874 is an attempt to take off the mandatory helmet law and you can show your support by following the directions and writing to your assemblyman at this website You can also email Christine Wallace at and tell her that they are already exempt from being sued, and ask what she can do to help.

2. Skateboarding Downtown

The ban of skateboarding downtown violates SLO’s general plan in which a survey of the community showed 83% air pollution and 67% traffic and noise pollution as the #1 and #2 most important items contributing to their quality of life. Banning skateboarding denies an alternative form of transportation that reduces car use, pollution, and traffic. We are trying to cut our carbon emissions to reduce pollution and climate change. To make this change happen, the proposed amendment must be passed by city council. For more information reefer to Eric Muzzy’s senior project “Skateboarding in downtown San Luis Obispo: conservation should not be a crime” in the Cal Poly Library.

3. Skateboarding on Campus

Skateboarding is currently not allowed on campus because kids waaaay too stoked to be out of class turn their “skateboards” into missiles when they lose control. Basically, Cal Poly will not pay the insurance on skateboarding because, “its all about money” (according to a campus police officer). All the same reasons apply to skating on campus as they do downtown. Email our ASI president Kelly Griggs at asipresident@ and urge her to support forms of alternative transportation on campus.

4. Skateboarding Anywhere

Whenever someone tells you to leave simply keep asking WHY, you will see they have a hard time justifying themselves. Also tell them that skateboarding has been declared a hazardous activity and they cannot sue (if it’s public property).

Interview by Eli Stein Photos by Tosh and Van

Nate Hoover is a nice guy, nice enough to do this interview twice because of some technical sabotage on the first take. If you haven’t seen Nate cruising around the park, then you probably aren’t going to the park. And if you have ever seen him skate street then you know that he is smooth anywhere he goes. I have been lucky enough to skate with Nate for sometime now and he never disappoints. Well don’t take it from me, the photos speak for themselves. E: Nate, how you doing? N: Awsome. E: So, whats new? N: Ohh fuckin everything, what isn’t new? Skateboarding, this awsome magazine, um I don’t know. E: Who is up and coming right now, who are your favorites from some of the young guys right now? N: Couger (Tyler Pike) with out a doubt. That little fucker that goes to the park who has hella good nollie big spins...

miguel avila


ben eckold


ryan molinar


ean Basaly

photos by S

flower shop, SF

really high in a treehouse, haha E: So how has it been taking photos for this interview? N: Van and Tosh are my home boys, hooking it up with all the photos. Sweet spots, good times. stick and poke

E: What are you working on now, what is the newest project? N: This interview will be the latest thing I guess, and then always filming for videos, me and Josh. And then all I have to say is Very Human, coming soon. No one even knows dude. That’s in the near future, other then that just going to new places seeing new spots. E: Ok quick one more question, off the top of your head, Burger King or McDonalds? N: Ohhhh golden arches for sure. washington roadtrip

never going home

E: Stephan. N: Yeah, that kid is just going to be stupid when he gets older, haha. That Mattie kid, he gets better everytime I see him. Then fuck, I don’t know, Gab-a-dabba (Eric Ramos) the usalls, all the homies. All those SOBs. E: So we did this interview once before and you told me a really good story about your first skateboard, if you would be so nice as to tell that story again that would be great. N: Oh my god, its going to be akward now, like I am bragging about it. It was the summer of 99’ it must have been.. No dude pretty much my parents got me and my brothers these skateboards for Christmas, they were just shitty ass K-mart boards, fucking plastic everything. So I never liked it and I always wanted a good board, so we were at this school, night skating one time. And these older dudes were there just fucking killing it, and they had legit boards and I was hella jealous. And I was too small to brake my own skateboard, so I told one of the older guys to brake it for me haha. And he was like what, are you serious? And I was like fuck yeah this thing sucks. So without anymore arguement he just snapped it, no problem. So I go home and even try and hide it from my brothers. They asked me how I broke it and I said something dumb like kickflip off a curb or something I was not even capable of back then. So after that I got a nice board. But the best part,

I swear to god a year later my sister dated that guy who broke it for me. And he totally busted me, he came over to the house one time, and he goes oh yeah I remember you, so he just called me out for breaking the board for me. I felt like a fucking tard for it, but I got a new board out of it so... E: So explain to me some of this weekend warrior stuff you have been pulling lately. N: Dude, weekend warriors. How do I explain it, just grab all the nine to fivers dude haha. And just go skateboard, everything you can. I am out on every Saturday and Sunday doing something. Late nights with the geni and lights for some missions, steal some electricity from some buildings.

words by Aileen Carroll Bubblegum Alley and Farmers Market are cool, don’t get me wrong, but that’s where you send your grandparents when they in town visiting. You must be pretty cool if you have this zine in your hand. Therefore, I deem you worthy of knowing about SLO’s better kept secrets. Let the treasure hunt begin! • Stand on the corner of Broad and Higuera and look up. In a certain window there is a certain primate changing into a dress. • The mineshaft at the base of Bishop’s peak is full of frogs and candles. From the gate at the end of the gravel road walk to 11 o’clock until you find the opening at the base of some bushes. Bring your lighter and watch out for poison oak, it’s a doozy. • Swing left when you’re halfway up the P hill and you’ll find a rad tree swing in the oak trees. That’s all for now. If you like these then email REALIZE at realizezine@gmail and we’ll add more in a future issue. Or let us know the best places in SLO you’ve found.


The second Issue of REALIZE skate & culture zine, as always completely free.