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Jess  Dutschmann

2013 EROS   #2    

Ars Poetica Summoning  the  devil  is  hard  work and  takes  guts.  I  don’t  know  that you’re  there  yet.  I  have  yet to  see  proof  of  your  guts. When  you  hold  a  fistful  of  your  entrails in  your  hand  like  buckshot,  easy as  Indiana  running  from  stone, we’ll  talk.  Until  then,  keep pulling  down  clouds.

This is  What  Your  Love  Looks  Like  (Your  Love  Blows  Up  Like  Blue  Gas  Bombs) pressure,   colorless,   odorless,   tasteless,   non-­‐toxic,   nonmetallic,   highly  combustible            plays  a  particularly  important  role with  reactions  exchanging  between  soluble  molecules.

Ars Poetica When  I  dream  I  dream  of  you dancing  with  gold  feathers in  your  green  sweatshirt  puffed out  like  a  pillow I  have  never  lost  one  of  them I  keep  them  in  my  for  later  my

Here is  Your  Poem  About  My  Insides Over  the summer  I was  also squashed  visibly sick.  I  get  guilty,  then  I  get  angry,  then  I  get  angry  for  being  guilty,   then  I  remember  again.

Ars Poetica Shine  bright  like  a You  got  those  gold  teeth wolf  breath  with  all  the  water streaming  out  the  caveities like  dolphins  peacing corpserot  bitch you  think you  got you

2012 You  are  very  high.   If  you  jump you  will  live while  falling.   You  will  get a  hummingbird and  beautiful hummingbirds will  die  of  cancer in  mid-­‐air.   I  will.   It  will  be  painful.   You  are  a  brave  little  girl.

Ars Poetica When  you  carved  Dream  Song  14 on  the  coffee  table  your  hands remembered  all  the  words to  spill  without  looking-­‐-­‐ you  burned  all  the shavings  alone.

Jams Lost is  dudes   that  are  (sometimes) stuck  onan  island, lots  of  drama. Sexiest,  oiliest,  toughest power  dynamics  in   silly  bee  history.   I  won't  dehydrate myself  this  time. Maybe.

Ars Poetica When  she  got  what she  wanted  this  story is  supposed  to  end  with  her not  having  wanted  it  but  she wanted  it  oh  yes  and  then  she wrote  it  on  her  knees  like  teenage  skin

of Mermaid  Wives


your hair  got  long in  time  I  knew   you  just  couldn’t  find   you      painted  the  mountains       in  the  creek  shallows   later,  under  cigarette  haze,   you’ll  lend  me  lips   fade  on  me  like  always   when  you're  drunk  you   like  pregnancy          like  staph bedroom  lights   your  thighs.  

Ars Poetica Is  the  string  binding  your  guts like  sausages  too  tight? You  are  your  own  butcher. Get  in  there. It’s  going  to  kill  you.

Hoc Accidens   You  didn’t  listen  and  summoned him  anyway  and  now  look  at this  mess  you  have  made all  the  little  girls  screaming all  the  little  boys  dancing they  should  not  be  dancing a  ruby  hawk’s  going  to catch  you  by  the  throat and  feed  you  to  her  babies the  hawk  is  named  for dark  tongues  and  silent  poetry and  I  will  not  warn  you  when  it  comes.    

Thank You:     Russ  Woods,  Jeannette  Gomes,  James  Tadd  Adcox,  Jim  O’Brien,  FM   Stringer,  Zachary  Schomburg,  John  Darnielle,  Matt  Rowan,    Chris  Madden,  Emily  Corvi,  Thomas  Simmons Jess Dutschmann is all over the place. She is from New Jersey.


Erasures/Ars Poeticas


Erasures/Ars Poeticas