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How You Can Help In little time, DAP has become the lead independent non-profit providing public oversight to disaster management systems. Help us fill our large shoes to make sure the most vulnerable do not fall through the cracks when a disaster occurs. Disaster Accountability Project is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible.

Donate Online: www. disasteraccountability. org/contribute

Send a Check to: Disaster Accountability Project C/O CULI 35 Elizabeth Street Room K-202 Hartford, CT 06105

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Disaster Accountability Hotline 866-9-TIP-DAP

About DAP


Disasters are inevitable. Botched responses are not.

The following four programmatic areas comprise our work:

Since its founding in 2007, the nonprofit Disaster Accountability Project (DAP) has become the leading organization committed to providing long-term independent oversight of government and nonprofit disaster management systems. DAP has demonstrated that dedicated, informed oversight can help ensure that agencies and organizations live up to their life-saving obligations before, during, and after crises. With the assistance of hundreds of volunteers and over one-half million dollars of in-kind and pro-bono support, DAP has engaged a large, dedicated community to advance policy research and advocacy, promote transparency, and encourage the public to participate in meaningful oversight and communitybased conversations.

Real Time Hotline The Hotline serves as a real-time listening device, enabling the public to identify gaps in relief services. The Hotline enhances situational awareness in the immediate aftermath of disasters and gives those on the ground, especially the marginalized and voiceless, an opportunity to speak up about deficiencies in relief. Policy Oversight After every disaster, countless white papers on “lessons learned” are generated by government agencies, think tanks, and policy experts. DAP continues to develop a “Disaster Policy Wiki” to serve as an easily accessible online clearinghouse for such reports and recommendations so that “lessons learned” are not forgotten.

Projects Citizen Engagement In one of our most successful public efforts, DAP volunteers requested and reviewed all-hazard emergency plans in 22 parishes in southern Louisiana. After reviewing the plans, we compiled our findings into a report which we shared with community leaders and media. The response was astonishing. Despite initial resistance, many parishes updated existing plans, published them online, and initiated community-based conversations. Relief Oversight Initiative Immediately following the earthquake in Haiti, DAP launched the Relief Oversight Initiative to improve transparency of relief organizations, as many of these groups possess dynamic, life-saving responsibilities. The initiative empowers the public to make better decisions to ensure donations reach groups with the greatest capacity to deliver and facilitate coordination between relief groups.

Disaster Accountability Brochure  
Disaster Accountability Brochure  

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