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wholesale diamond chart

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Does t his board and BT D sit e keep crashing f or anyone else?


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#757205 - 0 7/0 6 /12 0 4:36 PM

Hi guys, I am in t he process of looking f or a diamond t o get f or an engagement ring. T he individual who is selling me t he diamond (owns a prest igious jewelry st ore in my homet own), claims t hat he is selling me t he diamond at it s wholesale value due t o t he hist ory bet ween our f amilies. However, I f eel as if he may not act ually be selling me t he diamond f or wholesale and I want ed t o just validat e some of his claims. My grandmot her, and lat er my f at her, used t o subscribe t o a journal t hat published a chart of wholesale diamonds based on size, qualit y, and color. However, I don't know what t he journal was called and I don't know how t o get access anymore. I was wondering if anyone has a copy of t he chart t hat t hey would be able t o send t o me.

by MissKK

Yesterday at 10 :59 PM

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Re: wholesale diamond chart [Re: stlouiskid]

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I do not , but if you look up a similar diamond, wit h t he same st at s f rom Blue Nile, is t his cost ing t he same or less?

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Re: wholesale diamond chart [Re: stlouiskid]



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T hat would be Mart in Rappaport 's diamond wholesale list . Not really a f an of his price list but a lot of people use it t o just if y higher prices. ht t p:// / _________________________ Animal T hemed Jewelry 10% Discount Code BT D

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Re: wholesale diamond chart [Re: stlouiskid]

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For example if you are buying f rom a pawn shop you will usually not get a lab report or ret urn policy. So look at t ons of diamonds t o get a f eel of what you want and bring a 30x loupe t o judge t he diamond you will buy.

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T he t hing about buying diamonds f or your personal collect ion is t o t ake your t ime. Believe me anot her diamond will be coming along in 10 minut es or so. NEVER rush t o buy.

(Vie ws)

First word 16049154 t hat comes t o your mind... celebrit y 3352804 engagement rings! Has anyone 1867825

I have been buying "used" diamonds a long t ime. For any diamond sold second hand wit hout a lab report do not pay more t hen 30 t o 50% of what you would pay f or a similiar "int ernet vendor" diamond t hat has a lab report . Rappaport ? I would not pay Rappaport prices on any diamond wit hout a lab report and even t hen would want a discount f rom a second hand market . Wit h t hat said I have searched pawn shops,est at e sales, ebay, et c, f or diamonds wit h good success. But you need t o know what your are looking f or and t erms of sale.

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