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Jessica Stewart Oklahoma 4-H Youth Development 205 4-H Youth Development Building Stillwater, OK 74078

March 2, 2011 Manufacturers Innovation Leadership Program Members Oklahoma State University Dr. Dan Tilley Stillwater, OK 74078

Dear Manufacturers Innovation Leadership Program Members: I am the coordinator of special programs and promotions with Oklahoma 4-H Youth Development, which boasts more than 277,000 youth ages 9 to 19 involved in learning life skills and leadership through hands-on, experiential learning projects. This semester I have taken the Innovation Technologies and Creativity in the Classroom course in conjunction with Oklahoma State University’s Manufacturing Innovation and Research Partnerships grant. Throughout the course, we have discovered how digital fabrication and other manufacturing concepts can be integrated into classroom and youth development content to improve student learning and concept understanding. More importantly, this course has introduced to us the skills we must instill in our youth to be productive and qualified workers in the Oklahoma manufacturing industry. Finally, this course has also given me the opportunity to integrate innovation, creativity, and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) principles into my work with Oklahoma 4-H youth. This correspondence outlines a proposed mobile “Digital Fabrication Station” for our state 4-H office, and how it could be used to incorporate creativity and innovation into 4-H project work. OBJECTIVE Oklahoma 4-H is a youth development organization focusing on building life skills such as leadership, goal-setting, decision making, and other soft skills that are detrimental to the workforce. Extension educators who administer the programming and projects are in all of Oklahoma’s 77 counties. By partnering with a small- to medium-sized Oklahoma manufacturer, Oklahoma 4-H could implement a mobile Digital Fabrication Station to provide access to not only concepts of innovation, creativity, and manufacturing to the youth of Oklahoma, but also a networking base for not only youth but the manufacturer as well. Many of our youth are unaware of the manufacturing and innovative industries that are in their communities, county and state. However, by having access to a mobile Digital Fabrication Station and learning about design processes, engineering concepts, and technology, youth involved in 4-H could expand their knowledge about manufacturing concepts, providing them with career discovery and providing the Oklahoma economy with a skilled, passionate workforce. SCOPE OF PROJECT Due to the nature of the Oklahoma 4-H program, it would be a challenge to implement a Digital Fabrication Station in every 4-H county office. Thus, it is proposed that a “mobile” Digital Fabrication kit be developed that would be available for loan from the Oklahoma 4-H State Office in Stillwater, Oklahoma. This kit would include a laptop with the Model Maker software necessary to create, save and print models; a color printer capable of printing to the appropriate paper; and cutting machine. Procedures Although an initial cost comparison has been completed (details outlined in this proposal), an in-depth bidding process would take place before purchase of any equipment to ensure money was used as efficiently as possible;

Manufacturers Innovation Leadership Program Members March 2, 2011 Page 2 The digital fabrication station kit would be assembled, tested and installed at the state 4-H office with the help of the department IT staff and state science and technology specialist; The kit would be presented at state 4-H education events and conferences with information regarding loaning of the station; how to use the station; and the importance of creativity and manufacturing to the lives of everyone. Digital fabrication concepts and instruction would be incorporated into existing curriculum, with ideas on how to apply manufacturing to all 4-H projects. Integration of Manufacturing Concepts A. Extension Educators and 4-H volunteers will be introduced to manufacturing concepts and digital fabrication at statewide workshops and training events using a hands-on “train-the-trainer� approach;



Educators and volunteers will be asked to schedule tours to manufacturing facilities around the state to introduce 4H members to new technologies, rural Oklahoma manufacturers, and the industry;


Existing curriculum will be updated to reflect the importance and significance of the manufacturing industry, how it applies to 4-H project work, and how everyday items have a direct correlation to manufacturing;


An emphasis in manufacturing, innovation and creativity will be incorporated into job readiness events to encourage students to investigate STEM careers.

Example of Student Experience A. 4-H members and volunteers will use the mobile Digital Fabrication station to create new training tools and models for their own workshops while also promoting creativity and innovation through the use of those tools and models

Y O U R CO N T R I B U T I O N This project is reliant upon external funding to purchase hardware and software for a mobile Digital Fabrication Station kit. Additionally, expertise from professionals in this field is needed to ensure our youth are having an authentic experience. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Provide $500 for hardware and software Host a field trip at your manufacturing facility Answer member and volunteer questions via e-mail if necessary Contribute to our curriculum revision to ensure core manufacturing concepts are being introduced

BENEFITS Upon completion of this project, Oklahoma youth will have gained skills in innovation and creativity as well as other 21 st century skills. They will have a clearer understanding of the field of manufacturing and explore careers in that field. Additionally, basic content knowledge in math and science will increase due to heightened engagement and interest in science, technology, engineering and math. PROPOSED BUDGET Software and hardware costs are detailed below. The State 4-H Office and/or County Extension Offices will absorb the cost of consumable materials, including paper, ink, and replacement cutting blades. Item


Manufacturers Innovation Leadership Program Members March 2, 2011 Page 3 FabLab Model Maker Software

$99 through The Knowledge Tree

Canon PIXMA iP4700 Printer

$99 through Canon

CraftROBO cutter

$214.99 through

CLOSING We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you on this project. If you want to accept this proposal, please sign one copy and return it with a donation supporting hardware and software needs. Sincerely,

Jessica Stewart Coordinator of special programs and promotions, Oklahoma 4-H Youth Development


RESPONSE This letter correctly sets for the understanding of _________________________________________ (funding manufacturer or business)

Accepted by:


Date: [Pick the date]

Manufacturers Innovation Leadership Program Members March 2, 2011 Page 4

Oklahoma 4-H Youth Development 205 4-H Youth Development Building Stillwater, OK 74078

[MOBILE DIGITAL FABRICATION STATION KIT] Manufacturers Innovation Leadership Program Members March 2, 2011

SOFTWARE: MODEL 60 SOFTWARE COST Library Multi-Record Including Report Master


General Ledger


Accounts Payable


Import Master


Total Software Cost


PROFESSIONAL SERVICES COSTS Hourly Fee Total Estimated Hours Total Professional Services Cost

$90 77 $6930.00



Installation Plan 1.

Identify responsibilities


Establish schedule


Select conversion date

Installation of Software 1.

Install Model 60 modules on network


Set terminal ID's and preferences


Set printers and defaults


Establish security



Manufacturers Innovation Leadership Program Members March 2, 2011 Page 5

Implementation of Modules 1.

Establish parameter and master files


GL, AP, and custom financial statements

Training: All Modules and Backup 1.

Document Procedures


Demonstrate hands-on entry reporting

Conversion 1.




Define conversion tasks and methods

Build Import from Trey Research and Contoso, Ltd.


Coordinate Bridge to/from Trey Research and Contoso, Ltd. Software.



Meet with neighborhood group to establish coordination specifications.


Meet with representatives from Trey Research and Contoso, Ltd. to establish responsibilities.

Total Hours


Grant Proposal  

Proposal for a Digital Fabrication Station

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