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Model: Red Molly Photo Kristin Irons Composite Jess Atkinson

Red Molly Third Place Model Winner Photo by Stewie B Photography

“A secret from the dead sea”

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“A wonderful breakthrough in skincare that is natural and is proven to show you results.”

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Did TNA’s Big Signing Spike the Ratings?

by Rusheena Boone

MMA Fighter (also known for his role in “The A-Team” remake) Quintin “Rampage” Jackson recently signed a deal with Spike TV, which includes appearances for Bellator and TNA Wrestling, along with having his own reality show. Last week, the former UFC champion made his debut on Impact Wrestling, where the stage has been set for his first feud with TNA Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. While Rampage is a huge name in MMA and a notable one in all of entertainment, can he truly make a big “impact” in TNA? TNA President Dixie Carter alluded to the signing of a “BIG free agent,” but there wasn’t a big spike in ratings. It may be too early to tell, but the summer of Rampage isn’t looking too hot, so far. According to, Impact’s ratings for last week scored a 0.92 rating, averaging 1.1 million viewers. This was the show featuring the heavily promoted Rampage Jackson and a returning Jeff Hardy, but the entire second hour, which kicked off with Jackson’s debut, only hit the 0.9 mark. Impact peaked at 1.08, at the beginning of the show, but barely reached a 1.0 throughout the rest of it. The lack of ratings is still being blamed on Game 1 of the NBA Finals, which averaged 14.2 million viewers, but a 0.92 is average for TNA standards. To make matters worse, last week’s episode even make in the top 100 cable shows, and it is being beaten out by reruns of “Charmed” and “George Lopez.” Since Rampage did nothing to spike Impact’s stagnant ratings, so far, what other value does he have to TNA? He’s stated in interviews and in his promo last week that he’s a huge of wrestling, but Jackson has no experience in pro wrestling. Some could argue that his transition could be similar to Brock Lesnar’s, but Brock was an amateur wrestler before going to the WWE. So, could Rampage eventually learn the craft and become a great talent? Sure. In the meantime, can Angle carry him to high caliber matches? Possibly. But at the end of the day, TNA seems to be getting the short end of the stick. While Rampage makes money from his deal with Spike, along with his TV deals, TNA will probably still making budget cuts, in order to keep a big name that isn’t bringing in big ratings.

Man of steel- Review By: D’Anae Lewis The last time we saw Superman it was on “Smallville” on TV, then before that in “Superman Returns” Now he is the Man of steel brought to you by Zack Snyder and executively produced by Chris “The Dark Knight” Nolan. Superman represents many things and those elements are very well explored here. He’s the ultimate immigrant, hero/savior, “American” and the greatest symbol of hope (to be better) we can create. From the early stages on Krypton the “Hope” is the focus of this movie, but not the Theme. It’s actually a little hard to say EXACTLY what the theme is. The tone and feel of the movie is much like the show Arrow. If you watch Arrow then you kind of understand. It’s actually surprised me how engaging it was for a movie that was 2.5 hours in length. Art direction isn’t something I touch too much on for my reviews. But this movie had GREAT art direction. In past Superman movies it was very much about ice and crystals but now with M.O.S. they have taken on the steel aspect. From homes, to technology, even the suits of Kryptonians (I still hate the look of Superman’s costume, invulnerable people don’t need armor). It lends to the point that this isn’t anything related to the Reeves/Routh Era of Superman Movies. Michael Shannon as Zod was amazing. I loved his character right to the bitter end. Zod was a calm Nazi in Reeves’ Superman 2, here he’s very much a man on a mission to save what he loves. He has a real conflict and has only one absolute solution. Conflicts and hardships always make characters interesting, and hero’s are apparently defined by who the face. Which bring me to Henry’s Cavali’s portrayal of Clark Superman. The Story of his character aside (I have mixed feelings with it) he does superman justice. In Smallville we watched Superman become Superman and as well as the disguise of Clark. This was kind the same idea. IT’S NOT THE SAME STORY AS SMALLVILLE but just in the idea. It’s kind of more like how “*Superman: Earth One” makes Superman become Superman via forceful desperation. There’s an inherited value/moral of doing and being good from Jor-El. Who by the way, Russel Crowe did an amazing job portraying in the story.

The story allowed for a more explained fall of Krypton, Jor-El and Zod’s relationship and just how much like Clark, Jor-El is and vice versa (the son becomes the father, and the father the son). Amy Adams as Lois was very much a strong woman through and through. Her look was solid, and she didn’t entirely come off as just a damsel in distress. She got the essence of the character down minus the red hair. Hans Zimmer does an incredible job. He’s no John Williams but that’s ok. This is the new era of Superman movies. So there SHOULD be a new sound. Hans Zimmer does just that. Personally I didn’t hear a catchy Superman song like in past motion media depictions. But thanks to the new sound, it carried the movie along nicely. It added more desperation to scenes that were dire to the story as conflicts arose. Its sounds amazing and just made all the action scenes epic… and there are a lot of them. Hans is the man. Zack Snyder does WICKED ACTION SEQUENCES look at all his previous work, all badass. He may not get the greatest from his actors but honestly, he had a great cast to be and do anything. The fight scenes were nothing we’ve seen before. They were creative, they had a lot of the different powers Kryptonians have under our yellow sun, and they were more realistic than what was in Superman 2, in terms of exposing a weakness. The angles are great and even though it’s in 3D, in IMAX, and all intense, it was easy and clear to watch. You say everything. Which is SO GREAT! The latter half of the movie is basically strictly action and it’s all just a beautiful. The action is what makes it worth watching in IMAX. Bottom line: This is now my favorite superman movie. It’s hard to say that its better than Superman: The Movie but it’s not meant to be. The freedom of creating a new reality is promising. And rumor has it this is the seed to a Justice League movie. The ending fight is the strongest point. There not really spoiled.

Geek Tribute Benjamin Franklin

The First Weather Man: What You Didn’t Know About Ben Written by Rusheena Boone

We all know the story of Benjamin Franklin’s discovery of electricity, along with his other long list of accomplishments, but his daring kite experiment was not his only weather-related triumph that changed the course of history. Believe it or not, Ben Franklin was a pioneer of storm research. He was a storm chaser and investigator, making him one of the first storm chasers in history, and without his findings, meteorologists, would not have the technology used, today, to keep us one step ahead of the Mother Nature. After a storm in Philadelphia had also affected Boston, he began to investigate high pressure, low pressure, and storm movements. He found that storms could change directions and move in the opposite direction of the wind, which confirmed his theories of high and low pressure and their effects on storm motions. His curiosity was not just reserved for storms. When he traveled across the Atlantic, he kept track of the ocean’s temperature. After learning more about the Gulf Stream’s shape, colder temperature, and direction of its flow, he mapped the stream, making it the first accurate version. In 1750, Franklin learned of a waterspout in the Mediterranean that reached the Italian shore in 1749, and he immediately began to study waterspouts to figure out why the waterspout in the Mediterranean came ashore. He discovered that if it was air and not water, then it was not confined to water. Franklin, the original daredevil, chased storms on horseback, and he went a step further than just chasing lightning storms. He also chased tornadoes! In one letter, he describes his experience chasing a “whirlwind,” alone, in 1755, describing how he tried in vain to use a whip to break the dust apart. The “whirlwind” was mostlikely a weak tornado or dust devil. From 1732 to 1758, his almanac, Poor Richard’s Almanack, helped tens of thousands every year, including farmers, who needed to weather forecasts, but his witty banter could’ve been another selling point.

Comics you should be reading By: Aj Bitner Marvel:


“Daredevil” Written by Mark Waid Art by Paulo Rivera and Chris Samnee. A blind superhero that has super humanly acute group of senses. Radar like ability because of sound and smell. The writing in this series is superb along with masterly crafted pencils by the Rivera Brothers and Chris Samnee made this the Best New Series of 2011 by multiple sources.

“Batman” (The New 52) Written by Scott Snyder Art by Greg Capullo Rebooted Batman, easily the best series out of the New 52, fantastic team on this book. #5 will blow your mind. No complaints. A must have.

“Aquaman” (The New 52) Written by Geoff Johns Art by Ivan Reis Yes I said Aquaman, throw out all your pre“The Avengers vs The X-Men” conceived notions of Aquaman. He is aweWritten by Jason Aaron, Brian Michael some and a force to be reckoned with. RanBendis (BMB), Jonathon Hickman and dom filler issues are a minor complaint but Matt Fraction Art by John Romita, Jr., Olivier Coipel and still fun to read. Adam Kubert “Night of the Owls” This was a limited series released in 2012 which features a world class writing team, I Master writer: Scott Snyder wasn’t too impressed with the art but cer- Art by Various tain issues and panels stick out which make This was a crossover story arc. The story pits this a great series. It’s never too late to jump the Batman and his allies against the Court of Owls organization as they attempt to ceback in! ment their control over Gotham City which they have been manipulating in secret for “Wolverine and the X-Men” centuries. As described by Nightwing writer Written By Jason Aaron Kyle Higgins the series is the follow up to BatArt By Chris Bachalo man: Gates of Gotham and divulges more of Wolverine forms his own division of XMen after he has a huge fight with Cyclops. the history of the city before the turn of the century. The crossover has been described by He becomes a “Dean” at the Jean Grey writer Scott Snyder as the first story arc of a School of Higher Learning which he created in the memory of Jean Grey. It is a bit Batman trilogy that he is planning. According wordy but this is Jason Aarons best writing. to Snyder, in terms of internal chronology, the story arc takes place in a single night within his full Batman arc “The Court of Owls” Cited from wikipedia

IDW Formally with Mirage “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles� Written by Kevin Eastman Art by Peter Laird Great interpretation, fantastic story, new way to see these classic heroes in a half shell. Kind of dark so be prepared. Image Comics: The Walking Dead Written By Robert Kirkman Art by Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard What else can I say? It is amazing! This is just a taste of what you should be reading. Remember to support your local comic book shop by subscribing or just buying from them. This is what keeps writers and artists in business. Stay Nerdy!

Marvel vs. Detective Comics AJ Bitner

The forever long debate in all of nerdom, Marvel versus DC; which one is better? I am here to argue each side and come to a conclusion that is truly opinionated and could seem quite bias. I am a comic book nerd, movie nerd and just a nerd in general. This has been an ongoing debate from the dawn of comics. They are a power house in their own right, but one rises above the rest. Each has delved into Comics, the movie industry and even in the novel scene. Each has their own fan bases and elitists. How can you define better in this situation? This was hard for me to put aside my personal biases. I figured that because I liked both, it wouldn’t be that hard. I was wrong; it actually made it worst because I ended up hating myself for being so picky in some aspects and lax in other instances. *“DC” was founded in 1934 as National Allied Publications, The initials “DC” came from the company’s popular series Detective Comics which featured Batman’s debut and subsequently became part of the company’s name. The most popular heroes developed by “DC” are unofficially known as the “Power Three” Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. One of the most sought after and one of the most expensive comic books is Action Comics #1 which features and introduces the power house known as Superman. Many facets of “DC” intrigue me; in my opinion their animated TV series’ and their animated movies are the best. They spend a lot of time on developing each character and their production value on each blow Marvel out of the water! The Relaunch of all of their comics back to #1 confused a lot of their die hard readers but in my opinion is what brought a lot more readers to their series. It was what vested me into “DC” and made me a new fan. Especially historic #1’s are a collectors dream. It was very smart at a business stand point because it brought them out of a slump, which Marvel capitalized on.

*Marvel was founded in 1939 as Timely Comics. Timely’s first publication, Marvel Comics #1 (cover dated Oct. 1939), included the first appearance of Carl Burgos’ android superhero the Human Torch, and the first generally available appearance of Bill Everett’s anti-hero Namor the Sub-Mariner, among other features. The issue was a great success, with it and a second printing the following month selling, combined, nearly 900,000 copies, while its contents came from an outside packager, “Funnies’ Inc.” Timely by the following year had its own staff in place. Marvel has the biggest name in Comics, who subsequently is a movie star as well, “Stan The Man Lee”. Lee created a lot of well noted characters such as Spider-Man, Daredevil, Thor and The Incredible Hulk. Marvel is a completely different company compared to “DC” It’s stake in the movie industry has changed Marvel from being known for making comics to making blockbuster movies such as Iron Man, The Avengers and Captain America. Marvel’s yearly events have frustrated a lot of die hard readers but also pleased them at the same time because once you think you have figured out what will happen they blow your mind with something out of the blue. Marvel is superior in the movie industry and in my opinion the production of comics. The great group of artists and writers makes Marvel story telling better than “DC”. “DC” has caught up in the comic book industry but Marvel takes the cake in my opinion. Their marketing platform trumps. The group of writers, movie makers and not to mention my favorite hero Daredevil makes Marvel a better choice in my opinion. Honestly both are fantastic; I have enjoyed a lot of comics and movies produced by both. It’s great to be a nerd at this time in history because the expansion of each company, makes the acceptance of nerd culture and normality instead of a shunned art of the past. *History was cited from

COMIC REVIEW BY: D’ANAE LEWIS Well after 10 issues Dan Slott has finally gotten rid of The Amazing Spider-Man (Peter Parker) by means of a mental consciousness fight. This story honestly put me to sleep. this is the start of a new era for this “Superior Spider-Man” since the Jimmny cricket that was Parker, but that was the main draw to this thing. Granted it strongly limits the progression of the story being told. As far as comic book stories go I give it credit for it being ambitious. But the honest truth, it sucks that this is happening to Peter when you look back at it all. Doc ock stole Peters memories and body and now has gone to great lengths to become a better more improved Spider-Man, a superior one. Currently working on getting his doctorate and maintaining more healthier relationships with the main cast you would really think he is the far more superior one. But add Green Goblin, who is gathering an army and seems to be a bit more ruthless since the last time he was seen in the book (which honestly feels like forever) . As I read this issue and the past nine, I felt that this one didn’t really work. But that was really the early going. Marvel has a “treat every issue as if it were a readers first issue” which sometimes can be a real bore. What really worked for me this issue is, now that Peter is “gone”, we are beginning to see people are noticing that Peter seems off. And by people I don’t mean the avengers, but people close to him. Not having Peter there or his memories has now caused issues. He’s now more logical than caring if you will. The sudden turn around with J. Jonah Jameson supporting Spider-Man and his now more violent ways. It’s very much expected but still odd considering how much he supported his own idea of being spidey being a menace. I won’t completely say I hate this story line, but I honestly can’t take it seriously. Eventually Peter will be back and when he does I will be there reading and enjoying every letter. Hopefully it won’t be as bad or as rushed as the final Amazing Spider-Man issue was. But it probably will be. I just feel bad for Dan Slott, on twitter he constantly gets harassed and he’s probably one of the nicest people I’ve met from marvel much less just being a comic book writer.

Winning Model from the April Cover Model Contest

Q and A with Red Molly Q: How does it feel to have your face on the cover of a magazine? A: Shamazing!!!! Q: Do you model professionally? A: Nope. Its just for fun. An escape from reality and it makes me feel pretty Q: Do you have a career other than modeling? A:Yes ma’am. I’m a registered nurse. Q: Where do you hope to see yourself in the next 5 years? A: Married to the love of my life, traveling, possibly going back to school, nursing lol and modeling if and when its available. Q: How do you plan on getting there? A: Well I really already have it all in the bag for the most part. I really don’t like to think about it much. Life never happens as we want it but it def happens as it should. Q: Do you have any advice for others in the modeling industry? A: Start young. Remain grounded and humble. No matter how big you may become no one owes you a thing, you have to do the work period. PROFESSIONALISM always!!! Q: Who inspires you? A: Lots of people. Sometimes they are complete strangers, some are family or friends. Everyone we meet in life inspires us in some way or another. Q: What type of shoot is your favorite? A: I like winging it. Throw some clothes on and go with it. I seem to do best when I don’t try.


Q: Who is a photographer you want to work with? A: Before I left Fayetteville, NC it was William Harris…and to my surprise my last shoot with my best friend Kristin Irons was epic because she informed me when I got there he was coming too. I died of excitement inside! So I honestly have no idea at this point. I think every photographer has something new to bring to a model. Multiple photographers can take the exact same picture and each one can look completely different and I love that. Q: Is there anything that a young model that is just getting started needs to watch out for? A: The industry is very cut throat so you better grow a back bone very quick. Never do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Be happy with who you are because no matter your flaws when you love you it shows in the shot and those are the ones people love. Q: Most of us know there are thousands of sites out there claiming to help models out, are there any that models should try and steer clear of? A: There are a plethora of sites on FB and I say stay away from them all. Make your own modeling page and or website and network network network. Do your research before shooting with anyone…if it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. Q: What is something you will not do as a model? A: Im comfortable with me so no I’m pretty much up for anything HOWEVER I refuse to pose for anything sexual in nature ie porn, playboy, etc. Keep it classy not trashy ladies. Q: What is the craziest shoot you have ever been on? A: Haven’t really been on a shoot that was crazy or out of this world yet…so we shall see what the future holds. Q: Where is your favorite location to date to shoot at? A: Hope Mills, the location of my first ever shoot, which was with Kristin Irons. Q:Where can people contact you if they are interested in working with you? A: I have currently relocated to Portsmouth New Hampshire so they are free to contact my modeling page Red Molly. I would love to began shooting again soon but the photography scene here is extremely small and family oriented.

Nerdgasim : Geek Gear! Editor’s Pick

All Items can be found at

Here comes the Sun! But it’s all right, because I’m the Doctor. I have a sweet dream, some funny psychic paper, and that magic feeling of nowhere to go. You’re the Impossible Girl, the kind of a girl that makes the News of the World. Oh darling, please believe me, I’ll never do you harm. Believe me when I beg you, don’t ever leave me alone. The TARDIS, a Dalek, a Silent, a Cyberman, and a Weeping Angel cross Abbey road on this navy colored, 100% cotton t-shirt. Unisex and babydoll cuts available.

Fall back to the flamingos! Popular culture has us believing that the zombie apocalypse will happen as a result of infectious disease, alien bacteria, or general dark magic, but we’ve yet to see scientific proof that any such fantastical intervention is powerful enough to affect people. To be honest, the only logical progression for any zombification would have to start small and progress exponentially. Like any disease or dark magic, it would need time to grow and adapt, gain strength and momentum. So what of the little animals?

Looooooong legs

If Fluffy were to rise out of the small shoebox coffin in the backyard, zombie human deterrents wouldn’t be necessary, it’d be maximum overkill. That’s why you prepare for the more logically inevitable with Zombie Apocalypse Garden Gnomes. Birds, rodents, Fluffies, Spots, and the occasional raccoon can still spread the infectious zombie disease, but with armed garden gnomes, your yard will be a safe zone.

The Doctor Who TV show made super long scarves popular, Product Specifications: so it stands to reason that super long socks were next in line. Super long socks keep legs warm when going to cold planGarden Gnomes for the zombie apocalypse ets or make a fashion statement with your favorite skirt. We Survivor Gnome: considered making them of Dalek-death-beam-impervious Materials: Resin materials, but it was cost prohibitive. Sorry. You’ll just have to Dimensions: 9.5” tall run away. Zombie Gnome: Materials: Terracotta These Doctor Who Over The Knee Socks are perfect for the Dimensions: 11.4” tall Whovian lady. They are made of a stretchy and comfortable cotton/poly blend. Choose from Tom Baker scarf, Dalek Argyle, or the traditional TARDIS. These socks fit women’s shoe sizes 4-10 and are guaranteed to make you more attractive to a certain Time Lord. Product Specifications Over-the-knee socks for Whovian ladies Three designs: 4th Doctor: Tom Baker scarf colors (62% Acrylic, 35% Polyester, 3% Spandex) Dalek Argyle: black, white, gray, pink (72% Acrylic, 26% Polyester, 2% Spandex) TARDIS: Gray, light gray, blue, black (97% Polyester, 3 % Spandex) Officially licensed Doctor Who collectible Women’s sizes 4-10 Materials: Cotton/poly blend, machine washable

Sometimes Even Self-Rescuing Princesses Need Flowers We raced across the finest retro gaming platformers to pluck these choice posies for your pixel-based enjoyment. The 8-Bit Flower Bouquet is guaranteed to never wilt and is the perfect gift for the old-skool girl gamer in your life. The 8-Bit Flower Bouquet looks great standing on a table or hanging on a wall and reminds everyone that our entire reality is only a highly detailed video game being played by omnipotent beings from the 4th dimension. Never Water Three Levels Pixel Posies Product Features Pixelated flowers make the perfect gift for your 8-bit Princess Never needs watering 3-D construction with 3 layers of depth Includes folding stand for solo display Holes in back for wall mounting Stands 13� high

From the Scroll of Alana: The Delve

By: Christopher Ledford

“Simply Riveting!” - Niche Webazine Rated 9-10 stars

“Amazing detail and story line!”

The Delve: Book 1 Book Description: In this sword and sorcery tale, the militant leader of the dark elves has a special way of dealing with those that threaten his position of power: sending them on missions they aren’t supposed to return from. However, when he sends the High Priestess Namadea on such a mission, he gets far more than he bargained for. Namadea’s return after her apparent resurrection quickly brings others to follow her every word. And after freeing the necromancer Khaleda, they and other companions embark on a series of quests that introduces a variety of allies and foes they never could have anticipated. Rated 9-10 by Niche Webazine Cover Art: Concept and Line Art by Linton Broad, Colors and Inks by Yana Goya.


Q: When did you start writing?

Q: Who are you biggest supporters?

A: I grew up on fantasy and comic books, so as early as 1983 I had started creating my own stories. My mother tells me I wrote little stories as a kid, but I don’t really remember those much. I joyfully flexed my skills in school whenever we were given creative writing assignments. I left home in 1992 and by 1996 my parents had moved; all my early written material was lost. I managed to find some creative friends that fueled me to re-create all my original characters and then some. From 1996 to 2000 those ideas grew into their own worlds. In 2001 I began serious efforts to write a novel sized story. But, real life became exhausting and a loss of motivation ensued. It wasn’t until 2011 that my writing randomly came up again as a topic of discussion. A few close friends assured me that my work was good and I should get it out there. So, I dedicated every spare moment I could to it. About a year later in 2012, ‘From the Scroll of Alana: The Delve’ was completed.

A: Linton Broad is by far the biggest supporter. He hasn’t just motivated me; he’s used his artistic skills to bring life to my characters. He’s created the line art for both books that are currently available and has helped with building awareness of the books. My wife, Michelle, helps me by being a second pair of eyes with the editing. Q: Tell us about the main character in your first book, how do you think her plight will relate to your readers?

A: The focus character would be Namadea; she’s the High Priestess of her faction of dark elves. Their society was ruled by a strict militant elf who frowned upon anything that might cause him to lose control, so he tries to get rid of Namadea. I’d think readers can relate to her plight, because I’m sure everyone has, or will eventually come to that point in their life where they feel pushed down and tested. Now, keep in mind that ‘From the Scroll of Alana: The Delve’ is a work of fantasy fiction; Q: Who inspired you to write? I don’t condone Namadea’s extreme actions in a real world setting. But, the relatable point A: It depends on how you mean; as a kid, I’d is that if you feel pushed down, gather your have to say that my inspiration came from strength and rise up. Take a chance on your within. I grew up on science fiction, fantasy creative dreams, whether it’s building or makand comic books. I just started to have so ing something, recording music, painting, or many thoughts in my head, getting them on even writing a book. paper kind of freed up some space. Seeing and reading all that stuff made me want to make my own. The ultimate credit would have to go to my friend Linton Broad. I went over a decade without writing and he brought me back to it.

Q: What are your dreams as a writer? A:With dreams, the sky’s the limit, right? I’d love for my stories to be picked up by a movie production studio. I can’t imagine what it’d be like to see my stories brought to life on the big screen. Other than that, I’d like to be able to start my own publishing studio where I’d bring together my closest creative minded friends and also help amateur writers with their works. Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? A: Besides living my dreams? I’d like to be at least writing full time; I have a lot of stories to share. Q: Where can people find your book? A: In the Middle Georgia area, the paperback versions are available at Comics Plus in Macon, located at 6443 Zebulon Road #1d. Online, the eBook and paperback versions are available through Q: What made you want to write a series of books? A: I have a lot of material consisting of settings, background stories, and many characters; it just wasn’t feasible to fit it all into a single book or even two. I decided that if I were going to put them into book form, I was going all the way with it and create an epic.

Art by Chomamancer at DeviantArt!

Technology to look for, but you probably can not afford yet.

By Google

For more information about “Project Glass” check out the page on google+

THE FLEX PHONE BY: PANTECH, NOKIA AND MORE. Leading the way into the future, or is it into SCI-FI? Most of these phones are just prototypes but some are making their way into production. Looking like something out of an episode of Star Trek or any other Science Fiction show you may have seen in the past. These phones are breaking ground with their extremely flexible and almost indestructible displays. The plastic screens move and bend, though while they bend and shape, the image on them never disrupts.

LED CONTACTS (To be seen in the future)

While they are still in the process of development these lenses could be a huge stepping stone in the way we view things today. Tiny Bionic eyes as they have been referred to, will be placed on contact lenses. Acting as simple screens for viewing maps, changing the color of your eyes, or merely reading text messages. Though scientist say they have not developed them that far yet, and the human eye can not focus on things that are that close; they do say the possibilities are endless in their applications.

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Niche | Webazine - 1205 Third Street Perry Ga, 31069 - Tel 478-987-7750-

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Casting for Vixens!

CosPlay Models Print Work Conventions And More!

Model: Celka Photo: Blue Skyes

MAD SCIENCE Things you probably should not do... But are still cool.

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Calling Van Helsing: How to Build Your Own Werewolf Killers

BULLET PARTS - [from left] Bullion bars and rounds, the cheapest source of pure silver; the graphite mold, opened after casting a bullet; the profile bit used to machine the mold; silver bullets as cast and polished to a mirror finish. WHAT YOU NEED Several ounces of silver Graphite blocks Milling machine Jewelers’ melting cup Lathe Fire extinguisher Safety glasses

Start with a steel rod slightly larger in diameter than the bullet you want to make, and place it in a metal lathe. Machine the shape of bullet you want. I made something like a Civil War-era bullet, or at least what I vaguely remember such bullets looking like from pictures I might have seen years ago. You’re not going to actually use this bullet, so the exact shape is not important. Turn down the shaft to about 1/4-inch diameter for a distance of about 3/8 inch. This will become the pour hole. Clamp the bullet shaped rod horizontally on a milling machine table and use a squareend mill to cut out less than a quarter of the material. Now you’ve got a simple milling bit shaped like a bullet. There is no need to sharpen it, as graphite is extremely soft. Cut and machine smooth two 1-inch-thick blocks of graphite about 2 inches square. Clamp them together to form a 2-inch-thick block, then drill four 1/4-inch holes through both blocks at the corners. Separate the two blocks by about an inch and clamp them together, at the same time in the same vice, then position the bullet-shaped bit between them. Use the milling machine to cut into one of the two blocks. Cut exactly half the diameter of the bit, forming half a mold. Move the table in the opposite direction and cut exactly halfway into the second block, forming the other half of the mold. Assemble the mold with 1/4-inch steel rods through the four index holes. If necessary, enlarge the top of the pour hole with a countersinking bit to form a convenient cone shape.

Melt a couple of ounces of pure silver (99.9 percent silver is recommended for werewolves) using a jewelers’ melting cup. Pour the silver into the mold and allow to cool. If you get incomplete bullets, it’s because the silver is hardening before it fills the mold. The solution is to heat up the mold with a torch before pouring in the silver. When the mold is cold, pull it apart. Saw off the sprue and file down the back end of the bullet, then polish to a mirror finish, since you’re going to be displaying this bullet proudly, not actually using it in a gun. This experiment is brought to you by:

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