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Prose “We are all works of art.�

Works by Photographers, Writers and Artists

Photo by AB Artistry Cover photo: AB Artistry

Winning Model Kendra B

Q and A with Kendra B How does it feel to have your face on the cover of a magazine? Pretty great! I’m very thankful for everyone who helped make it happen! Do you model professionally? I do-but not full time. Do you have a career other than modeling? Yes, I am a business owner of my own store and also have a degree in nursing. Where do you hope to see yourself in the next 5 years? I hope to have more published print work and have worked for even bigger brands then I have so far. How do you plan on getting there? Working my behind off like always and not taking ‘no’ for an answer! Do you have any advice for others in the modeling industry? Be confident, be smart, trust your gut. There are a million people out there who will try to use, take advantage of you and be a negative influence. Recognize those people and be strong enough to stand alone. Who inspires you? My dad and my son. My dad is a dreamer just like me, and he’s always been super supportive of all the avenues I’ve taken from modeling, to nursing, to starting my own business. And he is going back to school and pursuing a degree which is super cool! My little boy is also extremely supportive and kind hearted. He tells me every day that I’m beautiful and that I’m the best mommy…it’s a lot to live up to but he is amazing!

What type of shoot is your favorite? A comfortable, relaxed scene..music playing, plenty of food in between sets. J Who is a photographer you want to work with? Zhang Jingna!! Amazing top model photographer..you have to set your sights high, right? Is there anything that a young model that is just getting started needs to watch out for? Watch out for wolves in sheeps clothing! Men and women alike will make it out to be like they are your friend in the business and will just as quickly turn on you. Modeling is extremely competitive and there is no one who will look out for you like yourself! Also, don’t be quick to shoot with just anyone who tells you that you’re pretty or have modeling potential. You need to do your research and contact other models who have previously shot with a photographer to make sure they have a clean track record. And ALWAYS take someone with you, especially for TF shoots. If a photographer tells you that you can’t bring someone, that is your first red flag. Steer clear! Most of us know there are thousands of sites out there claiming to help models out, are there any that models should try and steer clear of? I would recommend staying away from social networking sites that have groups for modeling like facebook. You may rarely get a legit modeling opportunity from one, but mostly it is full of clicks and is a source of drama and perverts. I am a member of a select few sites-but I generally try to stay away from them. What is something you will not do as a model? Anything un-tasteful and anything that will disrespect myself What is the craziest shoot you have ever been on? I’ve done a shoot where the photographer and I handcrafted a leather bikini for a Primal Warrior shootwhich was way more work than it sounds like! I was painted up with crazy awesome body paints and had to channel my inner warrior. It was crazy and tons of fun!

Where is your favorite location to date to shoot at? I’m usually an outdoors kind of girl, but I LOVED shooting in the studio with Allan Burch (Photographer of my cover photo). He is amazing at direction and posing and he had food and music-what more could a model ask for? J Where can people contact you if they are interested in working with you? I have my own modeling facebook page (drama free!) where anyone can reach me. Facebook.com/kendrabmodel.

Photo by John Legg

Metropolis By Rusheena Boone

Evening creeps through the streets, as cars and pedestrians fade into the shadows. But no one seems to notice, when the sun abandons the city. The looming night is calling, with its promise of urban splendor, as the skylines seduce the cosmopolitans and lure them from their condos. New York City wakes from the dead, while the rest of the world watches in envy.

They make me the loser, who truly wins, Words AJ Bitner Why is this happening? What have I done? Words are like a dagger, Please pull it from my side! Wash away the pain! Those words do not define me, But empower me to shine through my “imperfections� To embrace who I really am, Words will never keep me down, To show you how beautiful I really am, And reveal how ugly you are for keeping me down. Your words are only fuel to a fire, And this fire will only shine brighter than you ever could.

Photo by: Nicole Hoffman

Photo by Heath Darby


By: Marsha Green I tried to warn you. Why didn’t you see? I cried every day. Enough! You laughed at my clothes. You laughed at my house. You slapped me again. Enough! I can’t ride the bus. I can’t walk to school. You’ve stolen my friends. Enough! The pain that I carry is as fierce as this knife! How can you do this to one you Once called a friend? Enough.

Your friends ought to run. This is your fault. I want you to plead, “Enough!” My heart is just sick. I’m out of control. Who will listen to me enough? I thought I could do it. I could make payback hell. I look at your cruelty And enough is enough. I’m all alone now. Does anyone care? I’m met with a whisper, “I Am more than enough.” Is that a kind word In the back of my mind? Someone does love me enough?

My heart aches for you I step back and breathe You can’t know not what you do. I must have relief I will never understand your actions. There is too much pain around me. And you will never understand my reactions. How can I contribute more? I’ve had enough! Enough! Today I will find you. Today you will cry. You’ll wish you had stopped. Enough is enough!

I’m choosing to listen. I’ll choose to calm down. I’ll not return evil Your evil’s enough.

I should go to your house. And key your Mom’s car. You’d have to explain; But that’s not enough.

There is a high road It’s a road I must take. I’ll holster my weapons Enough is enough!

My heart is tortured As I walk down this path. What choice do I have? I’ve had enough.

Met by a storm Calmed by a prayer You took me to hell But heaven was there. Enough!

My Palm By: Marsha Green I held it tightly in my palm, daring not to take a glance. No one knew its secret place. I dared not take a chance. Sighing, dreaming, screaming; the dreaded prick of pain Were the only ways I knew to hold on to sanity. I wasn’t winning with all of my plans. I heard a man speaking in sorrow of the destroyed youth of his wife. She’d been attacked not once, but six times in a year. My grip grew tighter and my heart was mad within me. “Unbelievable!” my soul shouted and “Death to the culprits! Death and then some!” What did they owe her? “Her life, her childhood back!” What could they repay? “Nothing!” The tear-stained face of the husband wasn’t lying. There was no guile to be seen. His family had counted the cost and knew that they might never hear, “I’m sorry.” Weeping, they’d described the pile dead dreams. They’d traded their grief for relief I had longed for. “Who do you hate? What was stolen from you?” I was asked. I gathered my own pile of refuse and abuse all the while detailing its worth. My palm began to bleed as I relaxed my grip. I wondered if I had waited too long and even if I would survive. With bitter tears I opened my hand knowing full well what was owed me. “You could have loved instead of hurting. You could have asked how I felt. If I’d been protected, my grip wouldn’t have tightened over the years!” I was robbed of dignity, hope, and time. My fist regripped enraged. I looked at what-ifs and could’ves and laughs I had never laughed. My teeth clinched with revelation. Something had to give. The release couldn’t be stopped. The sidewalk glistened with blood; afraid for my life. A thief had entered my household. An assailant had bloodied my palm. I questioned every solution and cited every single cost. Yes, that was the way they had lived through it; accounted for every injury. The family had made a decision. Again a choice must be made. I took a deep breath pressed my palm on God’s chest, Then chose in my heart to forgive.

Photo by Christy Beal

Drip, Drip, Drop by Jess Atkinson Slow and methodic

Time stands still… The sound of the water Hits the old pot The summer heat builds around us As we listen to that drip, drip, drop Children laughing in the distance Soft yet barely there, the water turns Around in the pot, rippling and distorting that which it catches in its reflection. Drip, Drip, Drop The sound is soothing as the wind is moving through the trees. The soft summer breeze licking at our faces, traces of our childhood appearing in the water… Drip, Drip, Drop Glimmers of a past, shimmers of the future all melding together in that big old pot. The sun is setting slowly in the background yet our gazes are transfixed on the images in that pot. Drip, Drip, Drop We turn to one another and smile, The years have gone by yet our love has remained the same. Our children all around us, playing in the summer eve… Looking down and remembering where we came from, the water in the pot grows still. The night is upon us and

darkness falls all around, nothing more to be seen.

The children come to the porch and sit around the pot and in the distance you can still hear that, Drip, Drip, Drop. Further away now, but always there.. someone else is listening, someone else is glimpsing at things that had once been. If you look and listen closely on a warm summer’s eve, when the air is right and the night is near… you too might hear that faint Drip, Drip, Drop.

Photo by: Goldie

Monster By Chris Fryer

The one who scarred my face He now bows to my anger He only shows himself when I turn How does it feel to burn? Stand behind me you coward You aren’t worthy of words My fate is in my hands You no longer control me Come forward in the light I’ve been waiting for this fight You are nothing but a serpent Crawling on your belly You are the mud beneath my feet You reptile of deceit I must thank you for what you did You gave me this gift of anger I’ll laugh as I look down upon you I’ll strive forever to repay you As I smash your face with my words

Heather Stewart

John Legg

Nicole Hoffman

Where did you go? By. Chris Fryer

You’re the song I wrote years ago You just got here You’re right here by me And I can’t even touch you I even feel you in my veins I know this isn’t the greatest pain But it sure feels like I’m living in vain I saw myself different while I was in your arms That life you washed your hands of I wish I could go back in time That’s where you are Right there in my mind Now I gotta get to the outside Find a place where I can hide

Up All Night By Rusheena Boone

The squeaky leather whimpers, as she bends over to rub her feet that are numb from sitting Indian-style for an hour. She zips her violet hoodie higher and takes a deep breath before starting a new line, bouncing keys out of alphabetical order. She makes a funky beat that’s out of sync, not caring how the clicking bothers her roommate, who’s tossing and turning on her rock-hard, narrow bed. Even though her eyes open and close like a kid playing with blinds, she can’t take her eyes off of the thick, bold words “I love you,” staring back at her from the glowing monitor.

Mannequin Heart A poem about awakening By: Thomas Wallace

A heart beats under this mannequin corpse Left numb to the world The shell of broke promises, dreams lost In the mist of the past The drive to survive simply supersedes The dying hope within Patterns repeating, the lies receding Leave the past where it lies oh look, Now some flesh is showing The plastic morphs the flesh Defences are clear few holes left open In we dive, into the mind Opening the truths to the blind

Untitled by Thomas Wallace A haunting shadow of your past self Expiration of life, still on the shelf. The rising sun brings shadows of a new dawn The dusk of tomorrow looms on. Alam blaring on the table. Sniff the air the scent of something stable. In fear shying away Heart unsure where to sway. Watch two hearts on the microscope Look at the way they long to elope. Eyes glaze over lost in thought Strong desires, tensions growing taught

A swan named Glory by Heather Geiger

I’m going to tell you just a little story, About a beautiful swan names Glory. Glory was a young beautiful swan, But she would always cry at the end of dawn. For she knew it was just another lonely day, And she didn’t want things to always be this way. She only wanted what all the other swans had, when she sees the others happy it maker her sad. For the other swans had all found their love, So everyday she’d pray up to the heavens above. But every time love never seemed to come, Only more emptiness seemed to come from. She had cried so many lonely tears, All throughout her loveless waisted years. Then one day her reflection was now her own, She had gotten older and she had grown. But even then She still looked the same, She was still alone this illusion wasn’t a game. She’s still waiting for her swan to this day, Hoping he’ll find her and show her the way. She only longs for her swan to love forever, For her happiness is when they’ll finally be together.

We were strangers By Heather Geiger

At the beginning we were strangers on a journey, And now I just can’t imagine you not there with me. We just became friends and started talking, And began our journey together slowly walking. I told you about all my heartbreaks, And about all the other headaches. You never judged me but you just listened, And I remember the first time you saw me glistened. You saw me at my absolute worst, I felt like as if I was love cursed. Then I went through a really bad break-up, I had some joy bottled and so I just poured a cup. But even that didn’t seem to help me though, It seemed my heart gave up and lost it’s glow. But you stayed a true friend and was still there for me, when I lost hope you were there to remind me and I could finally see. I could finally see that there truly is life after death’s touch, But I still longed and missed love’s caress so much. Then one day you finally got the nerve to ask me something, And when you did I was so happy it made me want to sing. You asked me if I wanted to begin a relationship with you, I didn’t hesitate at all and of course I said I do. From that moment what I didn’t know is that I would fall in love, And I would dream of you as I looked to the skies above. Then one night you said something so special to me And when I heard your voice say those words, you set my heart free. And so we planned to finally see one another, To get chance and spend some time with each other. The time seemed to fly past when we thought is would go slow, And before we knew it was finally time for me to go. I really liked being in your arms, And to feel what it was truly like to be protected from all harms. That weekend turned out to be everything that I could’ve asked for, I had the best time of my life I couldn’t have asked for more. When I was laying beside you I didn’t even have any dreams, And I didn’t wake up frightened from my screams. The reason for that was I had no need to dream when I was with you, Because being there beside you, my dreams had already came true. The time I spent with you made me so glad, But when I left I was really sad. Because I was leaving behind the one I truly cared for, This love we have is something so much more. We were stangers, never dreaming that our dreams could come true, I want to start out on this journey at the beginning only with you.

Q and A Session with Up Scale Photos

Photographer who won a spotlight in the modeling competition

When did you start doing photography? I started photography as a business in 2010. I walked away from a fast paced, stressful job to fulfil my dreams. I have, however, have had cameras in hand since I was able to walk. On average how many clients if any do you book? On average I stay busy with clients. What camera do you use? I use a cannon camera Do you prefer natural light or strobe lighting (portrait setting)? I do prefer natural lighting over studio lighting. Do you work with professional models? I have worked with professional, paid models. What is your favorite shoot to date? My favorite shoot to date would be my recent shoot at mammoth springs, AR. I met a couple from IL that comes down to mammoth to fish. The last trip they made down they were married by the mayor of mammoth. It was such a fun, awesome, and beautiful time. Would you consider this your business or just a hobby you enjoy doing? I would consider it both a business and a hobby. I get paid for what I love to do. When I’m not working, I’m still shooting.

How would people contact you if they are interested in working with you? People can usually contact me via Facebook. I do advertise in the news papers or business cards. Do you use manual focus or auto focus? I use manual focus mostly but sometimes I will turn on auto. Do you use any filters while shooting? I love filters. I use filters all the time while shooting. It makes a huge difference. What editing software do you prefer to use? I prefer to use photo shop If you could say one thing to someone in your life who has inspired you, what would it be? One thing I would say in my life to someone that has inspires me, would be thank you for being always there and a Great parent. My dad has taught me so much toward my photography career and he pushes me to move forward with it all the time. He is my number one most critical fan!

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Prose: Issue 2 May-June  

"Pose in prose", Models, photographers, artists and writers all come together to create a zine for the creative minds. Flip through the page...

Prose: Issue 2 May-June  

"Pose in prose", Models, photographers, artists and writers all come together to create a zine for the creative minds. Flip through the page...