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• Port Hedland Australians love the sea and all the goodness it brings – fresh air, healthy food and all sorts of outdoor fun and leisure. Successive Commonwealth governments over the past 20 years have committed to the creation of a network of marine sanctuaries around Australia. This network of marine sanctuaries will meet the needs of our unique marine life as well as our international obligations to marine conservation. With more sea than land under our government’s care, it’s an important responsibility. The opportunity exisits now to deliver on this long-standing commitment. The Marine Bioregional Planning Process can deliver a world class network of large marine sanctuaries to protect the spectacular north west from oil and gas, fishing and trawling impacts – securing its future for generations to come. Wild Blue Yonder has been prepared by an alliance of 13 conservation groups to highlight the extraordinary underwater values of this remote and spectacular region, and to encourage their protection. Seafloor background created using Google Earth © 2011 Whereis ® Sensis Pty Ltd Data SIO, NoAA, U.S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO © 2011 Europa Technologies © 2011 Tele Atlas

Wild Blue Yonder  
Wild Blue Yonder  

Fifteen underwater places for protection in Australia's spectacular north west