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Types of computers

Microcomputers: Are the most commercial and common computers that people use today or the ones people commonly have at home. There are two categories of microcomputers:

Desktop computers: Are those computers that we use at home or at the office. There are two subcategories:

Portable computers: Are those computers that you take them with you or you can carry them on a shoulder strap. They are divided into four subcategories:

Personal computers: They are used by common people. Work stations: They are used by enginners, scientists, accountants, etc. And they process lots of data. Lap tops: Are smaller than a personal computer or they are compact, since they can be folded. They are used by executives. Notebooks: Are much smaller than Lap tops, and they are use for notetaking. They don´t have disk readers, and they are commonly used by students, executives or journalist. Subnotebooks: Personal digital assistants:

Minicomputers Mainframe computers supercomputers


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