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Facebook Short about the Internet

The Internet is a global network made by millions of different networks placed around the world, more than 100 countries are linked into the exchanges of data. Connecting companies both private and public, libraries, schools, universities etc. Many of them also functions as servers- “host computers” that maintain information, pictures and websites with are accessible to the whole world. “According to Internet World Stats, as of December 31, 2011 there was an estimated 2,267,233,742 Internet users worldwide. This represents 32.7% of the world's population.” It describes how big the Internet is becoming and what a role it has in the modern world. The Internet is today traditional used for streaming or downloading Television, pictures, Music, and Movies. Telephone or Skype, and to maintain updated with friends and family on all the social media as Facebook and twitter. Many also use it for home banking and home shopping. The Internet started out for about thirty to fifty years ago. It specific doesn’t have a birthday or arrival date because the Internet wasn’t build on a single day. It was a series of steps that developed the Internet as it is today. In the beginning the Internet was created by the American military to hide confidential material and information from the Russians in cold war. Later it developed into a closed network, used to sharing information mostly by the U.S. government. Later the government realized that the network would be valuable in allowing researchers, educators and others to share information and help each other all around the U.S. Experts believed that with the functions and the capability of sending messages along many multiple paths would strengthen the national security. In 1982 Arpanet was released and private persons all around the world could now be a part of the network. Arpanet is one of the cornerstones of the Internet we know today. From there it


Developed and exploded, more and more users came online. Websites from all around the world was created and the Internet became a market for IE. Advertising, shopping, networking, dating and porn. Nevertheless as the Internet grew problems grew with it. Piracy of movies and music, streaming and downloading of copyrighted material and hackers became an everyday issue. Piracy, hacking and Internet crime is the biggest issue that surrounds the Internet today. Therefor the U.S government introduced the law SOPA- Stop Online Piracy Act. That is a law that enforces to fight against the online piracy.

The social network Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is 29 years old. Born on the 14 may 1984. He comes from a higher middle class family. Mark’s Mother is a doctor and his Father is a dentist. Mark has a Jewish descent, born and raised in his childhood home in White Plains N.Y. He was a student at Harvard University where he studied computer-science. But dropped out to develop the social network “Facebook” with help from his friends Andrew McCollum and Eduardo Saverin, and also the roommates Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Together they launched the world's most popular social networking website in February 2004. After his stay at Harvard he now lives and got his residence in Palo Alto, C.A. Mark is one of America's youngest and most successful IT entrepreneurs. Mark Zuckerberg also has the distinction of being one the world's youngest billionaire, which he achieved in 2008. Mark Zuckerberg currently is the chief executive and president of Facebook. In March 2011 Forbes evaluated Mark Zuckerberg. He had a personal fortune worth 13,5 million dollars and is number 66 on Forbes list of billionaires Facebook's creation is described in the movie “The social network” from 2010.


The story about Facebook

I February 2004 Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg studied on Harvard, and with help from his friends, Andrew McCollum and Eduardo Saverin, Facebook started. At the beginning Facebook was exclusive, only accessible for students with a college or university e- mail address. Since then, Facebook was re-released and available to the whole world. You can today join one or more networks such as schools, workplaces or geographic regions. Later developments allowed users to gather groups and share text and images. At the same time, you can comment on other people's profiles by leaving notes on their pages. On Facebook you can use various applications, like quizzes, games and movie reviews. Applications can be sent to your contact list of people, and you can compare any results. Since April 2008, it was possible to chat with friends who’re online. Facebook is the world's most visited website, Over 2.5 billion photos are uploaded per month, and at the same time, Facebook also is the most blocked website at workplaces around the world. Facebook is estimated to have a market capitalization of around 50 billion $, or 270 billion Danish kroner. Microsoft has shown interest in buying, but Mark Zuckerberg did not want to sell. However, Microsoft has bought a stake in Facebook. Facebook had in 2009 an income of 650 million U.S. dollars.


Facebook today

Facebook has developed dramatically over the years. Facebook is a network where you not only have personal profiles. But it is also a place where companies advertise daily. So they can get a bigger audience and raise their sales. There are several fan sites where famous people that are sharing their photos and status updates. There are also food sites with ideas for dinner and fitness athletes who often share pictures and ideas for a new form of exercise. Many people think it's inspiring and others do not share the same interest. But that’s also the beauty about Facebook. There is also a site or a forum for you! People also post a lot of unimportant things on Facebook, such as what you had to eat and what to do before you go to bed. And what about all these pictures many of them is in fact better placed in the family album then online. After development the technology behind Facebook it become a big part of our everyday lives. Many spend several hours a day to check out Facebook. The modern technology has given people the opportunity to be on Facebook around the clock with their smartphones. Where it no longer is expensive to be online. And you can now also go Wi-Fi on many public places IE on Schools, Libraries, MacDonald’s, and in public transport. Facebook's target group starts in a early age and then upward. There is several type of Facebook users today: social active users, the watching, the uninterested, gamer and super user. This can be categorized by how often you go online, how many hours and what you use Facebook for.


Social networking

New phenomena and trends, modifies with our social patterns, and with our view of what we can do with the medias. The electronic media is being used for everything from creating new friends, communities and contacts, to check up the daily activities. You can shop your groceries, -and all your retails online. There is Facebook, Coop, Youtube, Twitter, and Blockers all around the globe.

The great thing about modern media such as Facebook, MySpace and Instagram is that it gives people room for being who they are. People can explore and express themselves and choose what kind of person they want to be on all social media. You can pretty much decide and have the control how you wants to be exposed. You can be the person you want to be. You got the power and the control of creating your private online personality. For good or bad, -there will always be a forum, -a Facebook group or a network that interests you whether it’s nationality, hobbies or lifestyle. It connects us together and is how we socialize us in the 20 century. You probably know it from yourself, you’re talking with an old friend and she says "We painted our house grey last spring." And you corresponds to it in the middle of the Augusts summer heat "yes it's really nice, I saw it on Facebook." It’s not the old values where family and friends gather every Thursday evening around the fireplace that brings the modern people together. It’s the World Wide Web, and us being online. Uploading the latest snapshots. It’s the small interactions and chats that we have with each other that keeps the modern and busy human socialized. We can sit at home after a busy day, relaxed in pyjamas with the leg on the table. Enjoying and writing with our friends. Ordering some groceries meanwhile your uploading the new profile picture that was taken this morning. And just to get updated with today's online status. It’s a necessary process someone believe, others think it’s pure narcissism and means that it will have bad impact on the modern society. Many thinks, that it’s the “new world”. It’s necessary and it’s a part of the modern human evolution.

Analysis The movie ”The social network” (U.S.A. premiere the 24 Sep. 2010)

Director: David Fincher (born 28 august in 1962) - American Director. Main characters Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg Minor characters Andrew Garfield as Eduardo Saverin Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker Armie Hammer as Cameron Winklevoss Josh Pence as Tyler Winklevoss Max Minghella as Divya Narendra Summary of the movie “The social network” “The social network” is produced and directed in USA in 2009-2010 It’s a Hollywood drama, that have its roots in the reality, but isn't a documentary. It’s only based on a true story. The genre Drama is recognizable by a lot of conversation. There are no action scenes but many vocal based scenes.

Summary “The social network” Mark is a Harvard student in Cambridge Massachusetts. He meets up with his girlfriend Erica Albright at a pub, but it doesn’t end up as he expected. Erica ended up dumping Mark because of his attitude. He demeans Erica because she’s not on the same “level” as him. While drinking in his dorm room later that night, Mark insults Erica on his blog and creates an on-campus website called Facematch. Not long after, and without surprise, Mark finds himself in front of the schools administrative board where he’s accused of "breaking security, violating copyrights and violating individual privacy by creating the website," We eventually discover the film to be a series of long flashbacks, chronicling the events from 2003 onward. In present day, Zuckerberg spends his time cooped up in a law office conference room listening to plaintiffs recount their grievances through past events. At times, it's nearly impossible to tell what case we're watching unfold. Changes in clothing and participant seating were the only ways we was able to tell that we'd moved forward or back in the timeline, and even then I wasn't sure in which direction. The 2 brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss came up with an idea to their school, and in the meantime Mark is helping them he invents Facebook. Sean Parker contacts Marks, and really believes in his idea and wants to help him expand Facebook. Saverin doesn’t think he’s trustworthy and doesn’t want him in the group. He closes the account he made to pay for the entire production. Mark tries to con Saverin to end up having 0,3 % of the company. But Saverin finds out right after he signs the papers and gets furious. Mark ended up getting sued by Saverin and the two brothers. Saverin received an unknown settlement. His name has been restored to the Facebook masthead as a Co-founder. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss ended up getting $65 mill. And signed a nondisclosure agreement.

Photographic and language There is many dark scenes in “The social network”, if it isn't evening or night, many of the scene are shot indoors, -inside classroom, -in their college room, -in the court rooms or in their firm and company in C.A. The director could have used bright light in the indoor scene but chose to make the most of the movie in moody light. That leaves the viewer with an expression of that it’s a bit forbidden was Mark is doing. And gives the movies a more dramatic and catchy touch. There is many flashbacks and cuts in the movie. Because of the many flashback it’s a movie with many scenes. The longest scene is the trial where mark is accused of stealing the idea of Facebook.

It’s a long flashback scene that goes through the whole movie. The shortest scene must be the one where the leader of the IT security on Harvard is called in the middle of the night, and was Told that the Harvard network is about to crash. The scenes are shoot from a normal perspective, on a ston camera. That gives an effect that the movies is seen from an ordinary perspective and gives the viewer the feeling of being a part of the movie. The scene of the movie is shot calm and steady that gives a harmony and non-confusing scenography. One of the most important places in the movie is on Mark’s room, where he invents Facebook. They also rent an apartment in C.A. The idea of the apartment was that they could be together and work on the site all time. But it doesn’t go that way. Instead they drink and act foolish. The courtroom is to an important place, because of all the flashbacks and scenes. (Starts and ends in the courtroom) The languages in the movie is common speech, many of them is talking very fast but all with American accent, there is many conversations in the movie therefore it’s in the Drama genre. The conversation in the movie is the most important part, because it there you got the dialog and the drama expresses.

Analyses Characteristics

Mark Zuckerberg has a nerdy look, and he has a boring clothing style. He has a high IQ and is very clever. He talks with American accent and speaks very. Sometimes he can be hard to understand him, and to keep up with him when he is antioastisk. He is rude and can be very hurtful in his language, and with no facial expression. It’s like he doesn’t care about anything, and his face does not show any expressions at all. He works best at night, and he’s often tired at school because of all the late nights/mornings. He is drinking many light beers. He is the main character of the movie. And he is different compared to the minor characters. Mark changes towards the movie, because he doesn’t think that Eduardo contribute with anything. And believes that he can settle with Sean.

Eduardo Saverin is a boy who has good finances. He’s has good self-confidence and is always a well-dressed young man. He is clever and emotional. Not afraid to show his feelings, when he’s hurt. Great businessman. Eduardo is also popular with girls, probably because of his looks, charm and he’s also wealthy. He’s good at mathematics, and actually inventing the code to Facebook. Later in the movie Eduardo gets cut off the group, and that left him no other choice than sue Mark.

Sean Parker is the Inventor of “Napster”. But is now broke. He is good business thinking and he takes quick advantage of the new concept of Facebook. He has charm and is very good at clearing up and selling his ideas. He has a good self-confidence. He takes advantage of Mark, and it’s actually his fault that Mark and Eduardo “breaks up”. He is attractive and acts like he has a lot of money. He is well known by all the people at the clubs and at the fine restaurants. He changes in the end of the movie, he end up taking drugs, and party with minors instead of taking responsibility in the company “Facebook”.

Plot and structure

Narrator and Point of view The narrator is the person who is telling the story. In this movie the narrator isn't the main character. It’s Saverin that is telling the story, it’s from his perspective we are hearing the story. If mark was the narrator we would have seen much more of the technical part of Facebook. And we would also hear his thoughts. It’s from Saverin's point of view the story is told.


The main conflict in “The social network” is about copyright. Breaking ethics and how Mark invented “the social network” a new social platform on the Internet.There is also an internal conflict between Mark and Saverin, because Mark is pushing Saverin out from their friendship and the business Facebook is becoming. Mark surroundings and he cause it, because he’s becoming greedy and pushed a bit by Sean Parker´s big business plans.

Climax The climax is the point of greatest tension or intensity in the movie. The movies actually don't have a turning point, because we know the outcome of story. Mark is establishing Facebook and we are following his trial almost from the beginning of the story. The closest we can come to a turning point, is where Mark outsources Saverin, his best friend from the owner rights of Facebook. But the climax in the movie tops when he launches “Facebook” and moves to C.A. Then we races towards the movies conclusion of why he is in court with the 2 brothers and Saverin. And what Saverin, and the two brothers is getting out of it.


Friendship - Is what Facebook is about, networking and to keep track on what your friends are doing and to expense your social status. Friendship is also about Mark and Eduardo Saverin's friendship and how much a friendship can restrain. Network - It is therefor Mark first invented Facebook, so that the schools had a inside network, to communicate. And how they network in general at Harvard.

Ethic - The ethic in the movie is mark and Saverin’s relationship and how Mark forgets their friendship in his Facebook project. And the etic question about “facematch”, with his use or abuse of the school private pictures. And how it is etic to blog about his ex-girlfriend. Social network - The social network is in the start limited to students only. So that they had a social networking website for scholars, that not contain school material. There is also a social network between, the rich kids, the smart kids, and the certain houses or associations of IE The phonics at Harvard. And how Mark launches the social network to the whole world. Class difference - There are many class differences at Harvard University. From rags to riches- Mark is having the idea of the century, and it makes him a billionaire in the first years of Facebook The American dream - Mark is living the American dream he has made a serious business of Facebook and became a status symbol for many IT people, he is the new Bill Gates some say. Business- He makes the business of out of his idea

Why the name of the film “the social network? Facebook is the social network platform of them all. Social network it is a concept that has gained ground in sociology in the period after 2000. A social network consists of links between people, typically from a vocally or image perspective. A social network provides support to its members, and these can be linked through both strong and weak ties, reflecting the degree of awareness, accessibility, confidentiality and support between points or persons. The original social networking is the family. But since the development of the Internet, and other types of social networks occurred it have changed. Social networking is the new town village where we meet. That is why the movie got it name because Facebook is the quintessence of social network.

Small conclusion If you look at the movie "The social network" it shouldn’t be in any doubt that the movie is a Hollywood production. There has been created extra drama and content. The Instructor even goes so far and follows one of the classics “Hollywood models”. However, the movie is based on a true story, but has put in some adjustments to ports on the big screen in Hollywood. It is very realistic produced and scripted. And the movie is sticking to its authentic history and general content such as the persons mentioned, the movies litigation and the amount of money he pays in penalty. However, one must not forget that it is a Hollywood movie, so it is dramatized even more to make it catchy and interesting. Nevertheless there will be no doubt that the movie chronology had looked different if it had been told by example Mark. It would have been more detailed through his thoughts and feelings. Where it is now widely based on the superficial and the technical details.

GeeK We have named our magazine GeeK because we find the name very amusing. And that it would fit well into the target group of people who may read this kind of magazine. Where media and IT is the main content.



a school essay about Facebook and the movie "The social network"

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