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Furnace Repair Oakland- Heating Controls System Almost all mobile home heating systems use 24- volt control systems and bimetal thermostatic controls. It is important to check the control unit in the furnace by hiring a Furnace Repair Oakland technician. Commonly used voltage in most homes is 120 volts. This house power is reduced to 24 volts by a transformer to provide a safer and more convenient power source for heating control. The transformer is the source of power for the 24- volt control system. The other parts of the control circuit are the thermostat, safety switches (called limits), and a final operator that actually engages the heating. The final operator for gas and propane furnaces is an automatic gas valve. For oil furnaces, the final operator is a relay, which is a magnetically-operated switch for activating the oil burner. For electric furnaces, the thermostat engages small heating elements that in turn activate a series of bimetal switches called sequencers which turn on the electric heating elements. Bimetallic thermostatic controls—thermostats, limits, fan controls and sequencers—function as automatic switches to turn heating components on and off. Bimetal controls work by employing a disc, strip, or coil, made of two different metals bonded together. The bimetal disc, strip, or coil moves as the temperature changes. The movement of the bimetal element opens and closes switches controlling heating devices and fans. Bimetal controls also control the sequenced operation of heating elements and fan speeds in electric furnaces. They provide high-limit protection for all types of furnaces, turning the furnaces off if they become too hot. Bimetal controls react to the temperature around them and they sometimes have small heating coils near them. These little heating coils make the bimetal control a time-delay switch in staging the operation of fans and electric heating elements in electric furnaces. To determine whether controls are functioning properly, the Furnace Repair Oakland technician measures temperature and observes the controls' operation. For More Information About Furnace Repair Oakland Click Here

Furnace Repair Oakland- Heating Controls System