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Special Salute to Fathers: Joe Jackson Tribute

Saima Choudhry


Celebrating Father’s Day Chicago Gospel Fest Africa News Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s wedding Politics Book & Media Club World News USA- Africa Youth Entrepreuneur Summit Business

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Olawale Idreez, Publisher

My Dream Sky-Jet named “Ambition” Publisher's Opinion for June/July Edition of the AFRICA-USA Today Magazine: 2018 FATHER's Day Salutes To All Men. It's all about passion, faith, hard work, and love, that ultimately bring success, happiness, and contentment to your endeavors in life. I feel so blessed with good people that surrounded me in fulfilling God's vision for my humble self, writing and publishing your/our online digital and hard copy prints publication, AFRICA-USA Today Magazine; in collaboration with the main architect behind its success, Mr. John E. Smith, Jr.; the Printer business, ALLIED PRINTING, CHICAGO; few Advertisers, and faithful Volunteers, and the Executive Columnist RAQUEL LACOUR; to the extent that I have so much "humongous" articles to write for my usual Publisher's opinion for the upcoming special edition of the AFRICA-USA Today Magazine, the challenge is, I cannot make up my mind what exact topic to choose. Look around us, we are blessed, and bombarded with so many good news, or fake news; yet, I know I can look at the sky, and start pouring out my humble heart, praising the Almighty God, for His Mercy and Kindness over me, and my loved ones both locally and internationally, with Psalms 103, 104, 108, 127, 118, 136; Isaiah 61, and many more. Or I can go global, writing about commendation for the incumbent US President Donald Trump's audacious political big move. He did not wait for North Korean Leader, Kim Jung Un, to come to the United States, but humbly stepped out of the box, and met with him in Kim Jung Un's own tuff. (I can't stop being curious if President Trump offered to buy him cup of Extra Large Dunkin Donut, my fave; like I wrote to the President Trump six months ago?). Read more on the Asian Summit in the said upcoming Father's Day edition of the AFRICA-USA Today Magazine. Hopefully, by the time I finish writing it, will meet the expectations of our faithful readers and advertisers both local and global arenas. Until then, please stay blessed, and more importantly, please put your guns away, stop the violence in Chicago hoods. You do NOT to be incarcerated (like KUNTA KUNTE in the movie ROOTS) before you open yours eyes, and repent, and weeping like Lady Madinga that has not been visited by King Mandingo in a long time. (Emphasis mine!). The point is, be good to yourself to your family, and your neighbors. Safe someone's precious life. You never know sometimes, the life you saved might actually be your own, or relatives. Please, I'm literally begging, stop the senseless violence in our hoods. There's much more to enjoy out here than in there. For example, I may literally not have 100 hundred dollars in my savings account currently, but I can stop by my neighborhood's store on Broadway and Bryn Mawr, Chicago, and give $55 to the Owner, and pick up nice tuxedo: or went to Catholic Charities on Superior Street and LaSalle Street, and pick up nice suits for job interviews. Shhhh! I just revealed some of my secrets to you, but don't tell anyone. I just happened to believe in the Rev. Jesse Jackson's famous encouraging slogan, "KEEP HOPE ALIVE!" Yes, I keep hope alive for better future for our youth, and their future. Lastly, we look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming global event at the University of Chicago (LOGAN PERFORMING CENTER) I Hyde Park, Illinois on THURSDAY July 12- FRIDAY July13, 2018 for the "Youths Entrepreneurship Summit.'' RSVP@WWW.USAFRICAYES.COM Enjoy this edition! Respectively, LinkedIn @Olawale Idreez Publisher @AFRICA-USA Today Magazine. 312-880-7016.


The Evans Law Firms, LLC 10330 W. Roosevelt Road, Suite 204 Westchester, Illinois 60154 Ph: 708- 531-1741

Attorney Demetrius Evans

“Where Excellence Matters!”








Robert L. Scott Sr. Photography





Celebrating Fathers

This issue we are celebrating Fathers 26

The world celebrated the historic wedding of Meghan Markle & Prince Harry. Summer’s arrival brings a host of festivals such as the Chicago Gospel Fest, International Festival of Taste, and the Taste of Chicago. Enjoy, have fun, & be safe!



everywhere who have made a difference in their families lives. The legacy of Joe Jackson is one of determination to wanting the best for his family that led to fame and fortune by pursuing excellence through discipline and tough love.



Joe Jackson, patriarch of Jackson family dies


Joe Jackson, Father and Early Manager of the Jackson Family, Dies at 89

6/27/2018 by Ashley Iasimone


Joe Jackson, father and early manager of the Jacksons, has died at age 89 on Wednesday (June 27) morning after a battle with cancer, as AP confirms and TMZ first reported. The Jackson family patriarch was born in 1928 and married wife Katherine in 1949. He went on to have 11 children. As a manager, Jackson launched the career of son Michael Jackson -- along with Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon and Tito -- out of Gary, Ind., as the Jackson 5 in the 1960s. The Jackson 5 signed with Berry Gordy's Motown Records, and in 1970, their first four singles ("I Want You Back," "ABC," "The Love You Save" and "I'll Be There") all went to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. They were the first act to see their first four singles top the Hot 100. Son Jermaine Jackson tweeted about his father's health on June 21. "My father's health is not good, but 'dying' is a harsh word chosen by headline writers, not me," he wrote at the time. "For however long he has left, my mother, siblings, and relatives want to be with him, without hindrance." But on June 24, a more ominous update was posted on Joe Jackson's Twitter page: "I have seen more sunsets than I have left to see. The sun rises when the time comes and whether you like it or not AFRICA USA TODAY 11


Saima Choudhry

Nagina’s Closet 1-917-385-4174

Saima Choudhry Naginas Closet 1-917-385-4174 Instagram: @naginascloset naginascloset/




Delivering the Goods of the Future

Four young people want to turn letter boxes into secure lock where you can receive anything from online shopping to laundry. 15 June 2018

Online shopping makes life easier in terms of time savings, but the convenience may stop at the delivery. What if someone needs to be home to accept the goods, and/or there is nowhere secure to leave them?

Pakpobox co-founders

Four entrepreneurs – three from Hong Kong, one from the Chinese mainland – conceived a solution in Pakpobox, a B2C system of smart lockers provided in strategic locations, which the vendors could deliver to, and consumers could access, 24/7. Founded in 2014, their start-up instantly hit the mark. Today Pakpobox operates around 4,800 smart locker compartments – called Alfred - installed all over Hong Kong, and the service is now being rolled out overseas with Italy and Australia as the first export markets. In another aspect to its business, Pakpobox has delivery contracts with postal operators, retailers and other logistics providers on the Chinese mainland, in Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Macau, the Maldives and Myanmar. Several rounds of investor funding have propelled the company’s rapid growth. To date Pakpobox has raised close to US$2million from investors including Japan-based venture capital firm Infinity Venture Partners, SQ Capital Group, The Aria Group, Betatron and Kevin Li, founder and Chairman of 4PX Express, a leading China-based cross-border logistics solutions provider that received investment from Alibaba’s logistics arm Cainiao in 2016. Christian Secci, co-founder and Chief International Officer of Pakpobox, believes the company is successful because it meets an everyday need. “Millennials want convenience,” he said. “Millennials don’t want to wait at home waiting for a courier, or to go and collect from a centre – they want the freedom of location, and the freedom of time. This is our ultimate vision. We want to save our customers time and give them more freedom to focus on the things they care about.” 8 AFRICA USA TODAY

Cautious Optimism over Trade


Hong Kong exporters remain largely positive about their business outlook despite the trade frictions between China an the United States. 22 June 2018

Sentiment among local exporters has not been much affected by the risk of a SinoUS trade war, according to a recent study by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). The HKTDC Export Index for the second quarter of 2018 (2Q18) climbed to a 29quarter high and indicated positive sentiment among local exporters for the first time in 12 months, the HKTDC

HKTDC Director of Research Nicholas Kwan

announced this week. The 2Q18 reading stood at 54.1, up from 49.4 in 1Q18. The results suggest that Hong Kong exports are likely to sustain their growth momentum over the near term. However, exporters’ optimism is laced with caution, given the current trade issues between the Chinese mainland and the United States. HKTDC economists forecast Hong Kong exports to grow six per cent in 2018. The HKTDC Export Index monitors the current export performance of Hong Kong traders and gauges their near-term prospects. Readings above and below 50 indicate positive and negative sentiment respectively. Among major sectors, the indices for electronics and machinery performed exceptionally well, reaching 55.2 and 54.9 respectively in 2Q18, their highest levels since early 2013. Toys continued its uptrend seen in the last two quarters, rising to 53.2. Clothing, while staying in contractionary territory, also showed signs of improvement in 2Q18 with a 17-quarter high reading of 43.6. Meanwhile, prospects appeared relatively less strong for timepieces (49) and jewellery (41.3), which posted lower readings than in 1Q18. “Overall, Hong Kong exporters have shown a strong reversal in sentiment,” HKTDC Director of Research Nicholas Kwan said. “Despite the mixed performances across sectors, exporters were generally positive about the outlook for major export markets.” AFRICA USA TODAY 9


Media Contact: Chelsea Whittington Director, External Affairs & Special Events (773) 451-3524 cwhittington@

For Immediate Release: June 20, 2018

Chicago Urban League Expands Partnership with Jobcase in time for2018 Citywide Job Fair Social Platform will boost career development and employment opportunities for Chicagoans

CHICAGO, IL - The Chicago Urban League announced today a major expansion to their partnership with Jobcase, the only social media website dedicated to empowering America’s workforce. Jobcase will donate its technology to power new capabilities on the Urban League’s website to make it easier for job seekers and employers to connect online, to leverage community support for building careers, and to prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the Future of Work. The expansion coincides with the Chicago Urban League’s 2018 Citywide Job Fair, one of the largest annual hiring events in Chicago. The job fair is sponsored by Jobcase, a returning sponsor from the 2017 Citywide Job Fair. Annually drawing thousands of participants and more than 100 employers, the job fair will take place on Wednesday, June 20, from 10:00am to 2:00pm at the Isadore and Sadie Dorin Forum, at 725 W. Roosevelt Rd., Chicago, IL. “We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Jobcase, an organization similarly committed to empowering America’s workforce and providing opportunities for those seeking employment or exploring new career paths,” said Shari Runner, President and CEO of the Chicago Urban League. “Thanks to the expanded support that Jobcase will offer, job seekers will be provided job training and networking opportunities and participating employers in Chicago will gain access to a hardworking, skilled and local workforce. It’s clearly a win-win situation.” “We’re proud to expand our support the Chicago Urban League and their leadership in empowering both Chicagoland residents and employers” said Fred Goff, CEO of Jobcase. “With work and career-building changing quickly, jobseekers need support to address this ‘future of work’. By donating our tools and expertise in data-science to the Chicago Urban League, we’re able to drive better results for job seekers, communities and employers in the region, together.” The Citywide Job Fair is free to all registrants and provides access for Chicago residents to employment opportunities with major participating companies including AT&T, CTA, Ernst & Young, ADP and Country Financial. Employers will offer a range of positions from entry-level to managerial.








Breaking the CycleA Father’s Love and A Mother’s Sacrifice

BREAKING THE CYCLE‐ A Father’s Love and  A Mother’s Sacrifice By: Raquel LaCour     Children deserve the love of both parents.  Fathers are some mes underrated on their significant and important role they have in the life of their child. Many children are abandoned by their father. This o�en causes psychological damage; however, some can overcome the absence of a father, but who wants to play the odds, when you ul mately want the best life for your child. Faced with wan ng a divorce, and growing up without a father, in which my mother had the same fate, of not growing up with her father, I wanted to break this cycle.  Although at first it was a painful discovery to know that my ex husband was just as good of a parent as I was, I had to do the best thing for my child, which was to allow him to be a father.  It was a painful sacrifice and I was apprehensive, but who was she going to be happier with? Who was going to give her the best life? Ul mately, who was going to end the parental war? A�er contempla ng and spending thousands of dollars on a orneys and watching my child suffer through this vicious parental war, I began to have remorse.  I came to the realiza on, that this father wants to be the most influen al person in the life of his child. In a maim state of mind, I ques oned…Who came to war for me?  In turmoil, I sat back and watched this man fight just as hard for his child, and as astonishing as it was, I knew that I may not have chosen the right husband, but I definitely had chosen the right father. This is how the cycle was broken. One must open their eyes and see that a father is a parent too and some mes they may not be the best partner, but can be the best father.  


Raquel LaCour The Beauty Industry Expected to grow by 2024 THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY CONTINUES TO RISE The Beauty Industry is already a $445 billion dollar industy. It continues to grow to reach the demands of the consumer. The beauty industry is comprised of make up, skin care, facial/ body treatments, nail care, hair grooming, tanning, massages to perfume/colognes. The beauty industry is anything to enhance how you look to how you smell. There are many employment opportunities within the beauty industry, that include: Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeons, Estheticians, Cosmetologist, Make Up Artist, Nail Technicians, and Massage Therapist. There is a wide range of opportunities that will continue to grow, as new technology continues to be developed. More people are looking for the fountain of youth, and find themselves depending on products to do the trick. Unless you can afford a plastic surgeon for a face lift, a tuck here or there, and botox to correct wrinkles, then the average consumer is looking for the best products on the market to enhance or fix their concerning issue. Every year new products are on the market, and the beauty industry adjusts to the demands, while creating more of a demand. Over the years, we have seen many beauty indsutry rise. Many people turn to social media, magazines and attend expos to stay in the "know" of what is trendy. The Expos/ Beauty Shows have expanded throughout the world. The purpose is to bring awareness of both cosmetic and skin care brands. These expos/tradeshows can be found by going to the following link This year, I was able to attend the Americas Beauty Show in Chicago, Illinois. From new make up brushes to wrinkle erasers, the beauty show was packed with classes of information and products. As a board licensed Esthetician, I decided to make available the most competitive products and services, while providing tutorials of brand awareness, from the products that work. One can find these by going to my link: The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that skin care will rise 12 percent by 2024, which means that the beauty industry will continue to rise.




Megan Markle & Prince Harry’s Wedding


Why young Africans didn’t care about the royal wedding. Why they should. BY NDIDI OKONKWO NWUNELI JUNE 1, 2018 7


This was a historic moment, but we are not taught about history, especially our own.

Some royal watchers in Africa photoshopped the happy couple’s faces onto people wearing African costumes. Credit: @FUERTESKNIGHT.

The intimate photo, taken by fashion photographer, Alexi Lubomirski, is reminiscent of the one Lubomirski took during the couple’s dreamy engagement photos outside Frogmore House in Windsor late last year.

As the royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry unfolded last month, I was fascinated by the attention it got acros Africa. Elites in cities across the continent held champagne and tea parties complete with fancy hats and fascinators. Creatives



Why young Africans didn’t care about the royal wedding. Why they should. BY NDIDI OKONKWO NWUNELI JUNE 1, 2018 7


This was a historic moment, but we are not taught about history, especially our own.

Some royal watchers in Africa photoshopped the happy couple’s faces onto people wearing African costumes. Credit: @FUERTESKNIGHT.

As the royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry unfolded last month, I was fascinated by the attention it got acros Africa. Elites in cities across the continent held champagne and tea parties complete with fancy hats and fascinators. Creatives




Stacey “Ms. Breezy” Gill’s Movie Premiere



contd. from pg. 27

Stacey “Ms. Breezy” Gill’s Movie Premiere



Chicago Gospel Fest


John E. Smith Jr. Photography

Chicago Gospel Fest

John E. Smith Jr. Photography


Chicago Gospel Fest


John E. Smith Jr. Photography

John E. Smith Jr. Photography AFRICA USA TODAY 33

Chicago Gospel Fest


John E. Smith Jr. Photography

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) are pleased to announce the full music lineup for the 38th Annual Taste of Chicago. The festival will present a diverse mix of chart-topping national and international acts at the Petrillo Music Shell, including Brandi Carlile, Juanes, yasiin bey & Talib Kweli are Black Star, The Flaming Lips and George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic. The Bud Light Stage will feature five days of free programming with top local talent. Taste of Chicago will run from July 11–15 in Grant Park. “Taste of Chicago is a summertime staple, and this year’s music lineup will be even more vibrant and diverse than ever before,” said Mayor Emanuel. “This level of high-caliber local, national and international musical talent will put Chicago’s global reputation as a culinary and cultural capital on full display all weekend.” Tickets for the seating area at the Petrillo Music Shell will go on sale Friday, May 4, at 10am at For all Petrillo concerts, general seating tickets are $18 and premium seating tickets are $50. Admission to Taste of Chicago and lawn seating is free. Tickets will also go sale Friday at 10am for the new Taste Oasis, an air conditioned lounge in Butler Field offering tasty bites, cold water, a private cash bar, music and more. Day passes for this exclusive area are $50. Taste Oasis will be open throughout normal Taste of Chicago festival hours, but it’s particularly a great spot to hang out before and after the Petrillo Music Shell concerts. Food samples will be served Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from 3 to 6pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 5pm. AFRICA USA TODAY 35


Business Opportunities in Africa CALL TO ACTION FOR ALL SMALL AND MEDIUM US COMPANIES TO IMMEDIATELY FOCUS ON AFRICA FOR TRADE AND INVESTMENT IN THE NEW AFRICAN COMMON MARKET BEFORE OTHERS TAKE OVER THE MARKET, TO CONTINUE TO HELP KEEP USA UNEMPLOYMENT RATE LOW AS EVER, AND HELPING AFRICANS TO CREATE JOBS WHEN THEY ARE CREATING WEALTH 21st Century Belongs to Africa and Nigeria must lead in attracting American Businesses Africa recently formed the largest common market in the world with the population of 1.2b and no less than 500m are middle class with purchasing power for goods and services. Nigeria and Africa as a whole is full of entrepreneurs. People with skills, talent, and determination, people ready to succeed. For USA entry into Africa, trade and invest in Nigeria with a large market of over 180M and the largest African oil producing country with capacity to trade big like American type of businesses. For immediate positive experience of Africa by Americans we are asking you to start from Nigeria, Ghana,and Tanzania, the three countries that have favorable policies for private sector businesses. Kofa International Co. helps African firms to obtain U.S. credit and create new markets for American companies with no upfront cost but only success fees. Nigeria wants to trade in Agricultural Production and Processing and the newly found 35 non-oil minerals products to diversify the economy. There were only about 50,000 Chinese in Africa in 2010 but they are more than one million in Africa today and the number is growing on daily basis. China has just signed about $2.5 billion currency swap with Nigeria making it the third African Countries with the same program in addition to $50 billion budget for Africa this year to ease and grow trade and investment between Nigeria and African countries. Africa is still in the Agricultural Age going to Manufacturing Age before going to Industrial Age and Technology Age when the world is now going to Artificial Intelligence Age. USA EXIM BANK has been challenged by UKEF of UK that is now accepting Naira local currency of Nigeria for official businesses to provide loans to borrowers in Nigeria and no more in foreign currencies to effectively compete with China and other Asian and Middle East countries in Nigeria. China too has matched UKEF by swaping $2.5b to local currency China is aggressively competing with USA on Security, commerce and ideology to overtake USA in short distant future time before 2030. According to the Chairman of China Import & Export Bank in 2010, he informed us in DC that no less than 64,000 American companies are in China, and Walmart alone is doing an average of $18B turnover annually before talking about Apple, Home Depot, etc. 36 AFRICA USA TODAY


21st Century Belongs to Africa Nigeria must lead in attracting American Businesses Nigeria and Africa as a whole is full of entrepreneurs, people with skills, talent, and determination, ready to succeed. Nigeria has a large market of over 190M and the largest African oil producing country with capacity to trade big like American type of businesses. American small and medium sizes companies should trade on B2B with Nigerians and many other African countries. The World Economic Leaders are fighting for the sole of Nigeria and African Markets today particularly The BRICS, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and S. Africa when Americans are absent. There are 64,000 USA companies doing business in China alone. Kofa International Co. helps African firms to obtain U.S. credit to buy from USA and create markets for American companies without upfront payment but success fees. Nigeria wants to trade in Agricultural Production and Processing and in newly found 34 non-oil minerals to diversify the economy. USA is good for quality products with long life.

Nigerians and many African Countries want to trade with USA. Hunger for success blurs difficulties and every endeavor comes with its peculiar challenges. When President Trump was complaining about 40,000 Nigerians that visited USA and he did not know AFRICA USA TODAY 37












Google dedicates NY office space to Black Girls Code Jun 22, 2018, 8:18am EDT

Google will dedicated space in its their newYork officeoffices space Google dedicate space New to a tech exploration lab for girls run by nonprofit Black Girls CODE, the organization announced. The group, whose mission is to teach computer science to girls, has partnered with space designer Kurani to transform nearly 4,000 square feet into an innovation space, according to a news release. The Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) office site will house Black Girls Code staff members and be the site of student workshops, hack-a-thons, tech panels and parent-daughter events. Workshops are slated to begin there in the fall. See Also

Tilray adds Google principal to create women majority board Google acquires GIF site Tenor What Black Girls Code founder says Silicon Valley still gets wrong “We designed the lab for kids to see how technology works inside. What’s inside a smartphone, how does a circuit board use copper, are there similarities between cameras and computers,” said Danish Kurani, founder of the education space-focused architechture firm. 44 AFRICA USA TODAY

Photo provided by Kurani

Black Girls Cpde wants to increase the number of women of color in the digital space by empowering girls of color ages 7 to 17 to become innovators in STEM fields.





Angela Basset earns Doctorate degree She’s a wife, she’s a mother, she’s an award-winning actress, she’s a woman of faith, and she happens to be fine at 59, but that’s not all! Acclaimed Hollywood actress Angela Bassett can also add the title “Ph.D” to her name after she received an honorary degree from Yale on Monday, her third from the school, during the prestigious university’s commencement ceremony. The stunning actress shared a video of this momentous occasion on Instagram, writing, “Hey Everybody you good? My heart is full! God blessed me REAL good! Thank you @yale for this blessed honor!”

Bassett attended Yale University and received her B.A. degree in African-American studies in 1980. In 1983, she earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Yale School of Drama, despite opposition from her father’s sister who warned her to not “waste” her “Yale education on theater.” She was the only member of Bassett’s family to have gone to both college and graduate school. At Yale, Bassett also met her future husband Courtney B. Vance, a 1986 graduate of the drama school.

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Synopsis For the first twenty years of my life this is what I knew about my background: I was born in Eritrea a tiny country on the north­east coast of Africa. My mother died in childbirth, my father soon afterwards, I was placed in an orphanage in Asmara, the capital, by a distant relative, or perhaps a neighbour. That’s it. The sum total of my family knowledge. 

Six months later I was adopted by a British academic and that’s how I ended up growing up in a white family in Manchester. And then one day, when I was a student in Liverpool, I received a letter with an Eritrean postmark. It was from my brother in Asmara, the one I never knew I had. My Fathers’ Daughter is Hannah Pool’s brave and heartbreaking story of her return to Africa to meet the family she lost – and the father she thought was dead… Reviews for My Fathers’ Daughter: "Remarkable...Pool's candor is striking...Her story is as much about an adopted child facing up to the challenge of tracing her biological family as it is about her search for African roots...[She gives] a sense of what it is like to be a young person of African descent who is unquestionably British." ­­ The Observer (U.K.) "What a story. So vivid, honest and moving." ­­ Andrea Levy, author of Small Island "In this beautifully honest book, Pool gives us a front­row view of how identity is built up, but also how it's dismantled...Simply engrossing." ­­ Time Out London "Hannah Pool [is] a thoroughly engaging storyteller [who] offers us a different way of seeing...layered with subtleties. Although passages bring tears to the eyes, the sentiment is never pity. Rather awe ­­ at the depth of Hannah's experience, her courage in confronting it and her success, finally, in making sense of it all." ­­ The Sunday Times (London) "Engaging and moving."' ­­ Mail on Sunday "A moving story that sent shivers down my spine in its final moments. Hannah is an engaging raconteur, reporting her emotional highs and lows with insight and humor." ­­ The Bookseller "[A] truly moving exploration of identity." ­­ Sunday Times 


Austm,6 7 2018  
Austm,6 7 2018