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Conversation 1: Calculus in the computer lab Girl 1: How many problems do you have left? Girl 2: 13. I also have like..the regular assignment Girl 1: yeah. Girl 2: Yeah like…I know that there‟s some trick to finding horizontal asymptotes but I can‟t remember what it is. Girl 1: Yeah. I completely forget. I mean...I am really…I don‟t know. Calculus is such a back-of-the-mind thing that I just forget all that shit. Girl 2: I‟m just gonna Google that shit. It‟s like…It‟s not that helpful. It just tells you how to write and find the horizontal asymptotes Girl 1: Yeah. Girl 2: Google‟s failing me. Girl 1: Damnit Google. Girl 2: Damn you, Google! How else am I supposed to pass my calculus class? [Girl 1 laughs] Girl 2: Surely not by reading the book. Of course I read that damn book, too, and like it doesn‟t help. It just talks about limits. Girl 1: [higher ditsy voice] How do you even read numbers? It doesn‟t even make sense! Girl 2: [same high ditsy voice] I don‟t even…yeah! We don‟t even USE numbers in calculus. Girl 1: Yeah it was so funny when someone was like „yeah you can spell numbers‟ PFFFFF! Girl 2: You can‟t spell numbers! It‟s a number! Girl 1: It doesn‟t even make sense. Girl 2: But in calculus, you don‟t use numbers. You use the entire fucking alphabet. Girl 1: Whaaaat?

Girl 2: Say whaaat? Girl 1: Isn‟t it math? Math is numbers. Girl 2: Yeah ummm so I‟m gonna disillusion you. Once you get to precalc, you don‟t use numbers anymore. It‟s all like T, E, A… Girl 1: So how is it math?? Girl 2: I don‟t know. I don‟t know. Girl 1: So is it actually just another English class basically? Girl 2: Basically. Like they expect you to give a thesis statement when they want you to find the zeroes of a function. Girl 1: That‟s fuckin retarded. Girl 2: Yeah it really is….Anyway, I gotta get this shit done. It‟s due in 4 hours. Girl 1: Kickass. Conversation 2: Girl Talk Girl 1: Yeah I don‟t know if he really likes me. Like…he gives like…gentle touches here and there. But I mean like…maybe he‟s just a touchy-feely person. Cause I‟ve also seen him doing that with Casey. Girl 2: Yeah like…it‟s pretty shady like..I don‟t know. I think he‟s just kindof a manwhore. Girl 1: See like…that‟s what I thought, too, but like we were talking and he‟s like „yeah people think I like a lot of girls but I really don‟t. I‟m just a friendly person. And I mean…you‟re kinda different‟ Girl 2: Ohhhh girl!!I bet he tooootally likes you. Girl 1: Yeah he tooootally likes me. But I mean like…you really think so? Girl 2: Yeah I do! I mean you‟re like suuuper pretty soooo… Girl 1: You‟re so nice! Like I‟ve always been jealous of your face. I just want it! Girl 2: Well that‟s super sweet but yeah.. Girl 1: But you know…I don‟t know if he means different like “Hey you‟re special to me” or “Hey you‟re special retarded”

Girl 2: [laugh] Well, I‟m sure he means SPEEECIAAAAL [nudges Girl 1 with elbow] Girl 1: Well you know he‟s kinda witty like that where he‟ll like compliment you but he‟s like backhanding you too…like he‟s kindof a dick sometimes… Girl 2: Well I mean like…those are the best sometimes…like I mean…you should go for it.

Eavesdropping Dialogue  

This is for my t206 class.

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