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iPhone 6s Plus Charging Port Replacement

iPhone 6s Plus Charging Port Replacement in Pittsburgh

Get your “iPhone 6s Plus Charging Port Replacement� today by a DPF Certified technician near you in Pittsburgh . All our iPhone 6s Plus Repairs comes with 90-Day Warranty and we use Grade A quality iPhone 6s Plus Parts.

Come visit our iPhone 6s Plus Charging Port Replacement Shop Near You at 250 Summit Park Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15275 Have any questions? for Charging Port Replacement pricing and stock availability please give us a call (412)275-0468 For Additional electronic repair services visit our Cell Phone Repair Pittsburgh page.

Charging Port Problems getting more frequently than we used to have? But Why?

Has your iPhone 6s Plus stopped charging correctly? Believe it or not, this is a very common problem that smartphone owners face during the lifetime of the device. Think about it, day in and day out we plug and unplug our devices. We often use different cords, or buy new cords but the charging port always remains the same. It makes sense then that after a while, the charging port can become damaged, over used or dysfunctional. It is also possible for the charging port to get damaged from a drop or fall.

Dr Phone Fix Pittsburgh specializes on iPhone Screen Repair with more than 400,000 completed. Dr Phone Fix is the most trusted iPhone repair shop near you in Pittsburgh .

Be aware of using a nice clean Protective case always keep on it and don’t clean it with cotton swabs!

A damaged charging port can cause a lot of problems. First of all, it can be really frustrating as you constantly have to readjust the cord or wiggle it around a certain way to charge your device. On the other hand, it could negatively impact how quickly the battery charges, if it charges at all. It could also lead to more problems like a smartphone that doesn’t function as quickly and effectively as it should.

If you currently have a damaged or dysfunctional charging port replacement, you may be thinking, “now what do I do?” Well, you could take it to your cell phone provider or you could contact the manufacturer. Unfortunately, we often find that those options are complicated and expensive. You see the easiest answer for either of those organizations to give it, purchase a new device. But do you want to spend another couple hundred dollars on a new phone that you don’t necessarily even need?

Quality and tested parts used for your Charging port replacement Some iPhone 6s Plus owners will try to take out and replace the charging port on their own. We don’t recommend this either. In fact, more often than not, this ends in more problems instead of a repaired charging port. YouTube videos or online step-by-step instructions are widely available, but it takes extensive knowledge to get the replacement done right. Not to mention, repairs for the iPhone 6s Plus require specialized tools and the exact correct replacement charging port, which can be difficult to find.

You may think that you don’t have a lot of other options when it comes to a iPhone 6s Plus with a damaged charging port, but that’s just not true! In fact, DrPhoneFix offers a charging port replacement specifically for the iPhone 6s Plus. We know that although smartphones and tablets are complex and delicate, the also can be repaired. You don’t have to throw out your iPhone 6s Plus and buy a new one just because one part of it is broken or damaged. Just like owners get their glass screens replaced if they are shattered, charging ports can also be replaced.

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Iphone 6s plus charging port replacement  

Get your “iPhone 6s Plus Charging Port Replacement” today by a DPF Certified technician near you in Pittsburgh . All our iPhone 6s Plus Repa...

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