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How to Choose Taps for Your Bathroom

Taps are essential elements to have in your bathroom, there are not only functional but they are also visual, and they can break or make the bathroom design. There are thousands of designs at the market, and it is up to you do make a choice while making sure that you do not buy unsuitable items.

When it comes to buying the Traditional Bathroom Taps, you need to have the checklist of what to base yourself on so that you can be able to avoid the common pitfalls and to ensure that you have the new taps that will complement the functions of your bathroom in many years.

Learn about the pressure of your water:

To ensure that the taps have the best flow, it is good if you choose the ones which can work well with the water pressure of your home. When you have the gravity-fed system, it will mean that you have low pressure while the combination of the boiler system will mean that you have medium or high pressure.

Like a general rule, wall mounted floor standing, and single lever mixers require having high water pressure in order to function in an effective way. Taps that have two handles or pillars taps are able to function at a low pressure.

When you have got a low-pressure tap to use with a high-pressure system, it will work well but when it is a high-pressure tap with a low-pressure system, it will lead to a slow water flow, and this means that it will be taking too long to fill the basin and it takes even longer to fill the bath. Ensure that you are buying the tap that will work well with the system.

Tap hole

The sanitary ware you already have dictates which types of the tap that you need to buy. You have to take note of the holes of your bidet, basin, and bath since the Traditional Bathroom Taps should match with them.


The style of your tap has an impact on how the bathroom looks, and with some cases, when you have beautiful taps, they will be the focal points of their own. When you want to make the bathroom to look new, you will need to just replace the old taps. The taps have to complement everything else in the room visually, and the taps themselves should not be mismatched.

When you choose Traditional Bathroom Taps, you will be able to capture essence from the past, and these taps are classic. They are Edwardian style with ceramic inserts, exquisite detailing and head handle.

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How to choose taps for your bathroom