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Flourishing Market of Android Apps in more than 100 Millions Devices Do you know why Android apps market is booming? Let’s have a look into the Android device and Android market to understand it better. We hear or rather using Android in our mobile devices. But, only some of us are hardly know what it is.

Android is a bunch of software including OS, middleware and important apps for mobile and smartphone devices. It is a great operating system that everyone wants to get it as it makes our life easy, entertaining and joyful. Android becomes a part of our life. It’s easy to use features and powerful functionality attracts every mobile user to buy an Android based mobile device. Now, you can not just use your mobile for making calls but you can use applications, web browser, TV etc. All the capabilities of Android make it most popular in the world. Its popularity is spreading more and more day-by-day. People are purchasing more Android based devices as they are available at cost-effective rate and with marvel features and functionality. Google Android OS devices can be used by people for their personal use as well as for their business to make their work more easily and fast at low cost. For that, people are using various Android applications which can reduces their some workload or for refreshment. If you are using Android for your business then you can use professional Android app development for smartphone device from best Android Application Development Company. Recently, Google has revealed that Android is now on more than 100 million devices and will going more in future. Google has also announced that it has covered about 30 million users in two months. We can see, from the stat, the growth and popularity of an Android OS in mobile devices all over the world. Android’s OS versions start from

Android 1.1, 1.5, 1.6, 2.0/1, 2.2, 2.3 and 3.0. Now, Google has launched its full Android operating system. Android 3.1 versions are available in mobile market. Many mobile development companies are available in the market. You can use Mobile Development Experts from them for professional and easy to use applications. You can increase smart phone capacity with Android application development service. We are providing Android based services for our worldwide customers. If you want to satisfy your needs for custom Android app development then you can hire Android app developer from us.

Flourishing Market of Android Apps in more than 100 Millions Devices  

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