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Bi-Monthly Newsletter of the American Institute of Floral Designers

October/November 2014

AIFD Balloting to Go Electronic


n an effort to save several thousands of dollars in printing and postage, be green, ensure accuracy in counts and give members an easy way to cast their vote for the members who represent them on the Board of Directors, effective with the March 2015 balloting for National Directors as well as Regional officers and directors, the AIFD voting process will be one that is conducted online rather than via the U.S. Postal Service. “The information members receive about the various candidates will be exactly the same as that which they have received in the past,” pointed out John Kittinger AIFD, CFD, chairman of the Nominating Committee. “Via their e-mail address on file with AIFD, members will receive notice specific to their region of balloting and will have two weeks to vote. The process is easy.” Members will receive a link to the appropriate regional ballot for them. They will then vote on each office position, go to the bottom or top of that page and click on “save.” The next office will then display and they will vote again in the same manner until they have completed voting for all positions. If a member does not wish to vote for a specific officer or wishes to write-in another candidate, he or she may easily do so. After completing all votes, there is an opportunity to review the ballot and edit a vote if appropriate. Voters will then receive a confirmation that their ballot has been cast. This new electronic voting system prevents a member from voting for more than the prescribed number, i.e., only two of the four running for the National Board, while still allowing a vote for fewer than the maximum number allowed.


For the few AIFD members who do not have an e-mail address, AIFD will be prepared to allow them to vote by calling the headquarters office and having a proxy ballot cast for them. This option will only be open to those who do not have an e-mail address.

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