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March/April 2015

Volume 39, Number 2

PGMS North Carolina Branch Hosts Another Successful Volunteer Cleanup Event The PGMS North Carolina Branch hosted an outreach project on March 21, 2015 at the Odd Fellows Cemetery, a landmark in Winston-Salem, N.C. that had fallen into disrepair and needed help. David Davis, CGM, associate director of landscaping services at Wake Forest University, organized the event. This was the second annual clean up at the cemetery organized by PGMS and planning is in the works for it to be held again in 2016! A full recap on the event and additional photos can be found on page 5. Like us on Facebook at Link up with us at Watch us on YouTube at

John Burns, CGM President’s Welcome

The Forum Newsletter is published six times a year by the Professional Grounds Management Society 720 Light Street Baltimore, MD 21230 410-223-2861 / Fax 410-752-8295 E-mail: Board of Directors: President John Burns, CGM President-Elect John Doiron Vice Pres. Marion Bolick, CGM Treasurer Gerald M. Landby Past President Walter Bonvell, CGM Directors Cary Avery, CGM Diana Bramble Bruce L. De Vrou, CGM Gerry Dobbs, CGM Ted Heywood, CGM Joe Kovolyan Jeff McManus, CGM Joe Payne, CGM Susanne Woodell, CGM Supplier Member Rep Paula Sliefert Staff Thomas C. Shaner Executive Director Stephanie Dodd Associate Director Monica Shaner Financial Manager Molly Baldwin-Abbott Director of Communications Meghan Brady Assistant Director of Communications Opinions expressed in PGMS Forum are the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily express the opinions or policies of the PGMS Board and its membership. No part of this newsletter may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission.


Spring Has Finally Arrived Last issue, I was writing my President’s message while sitting at the airport in Baltimore following my visit to PGMS Headquarters in December. This time, I am sitting in my garage (my man cave) with the doors opens and enjoying the beautiful weather. Spring has arrived here in Texas! I can hear the birds singing in the distance as I type. I love this time of year! Everything is turning green and I just noticed the first daffodils are blooming in my yard. I am in central Texas, so I look at spring a little differently than many of my friends in the North East. I see it as the time of year when I can enjoy being outside without melting in the heat. It won’t be long until the heat makes it almost unbearable to get outside and work here in Texas. January, February, and March are big months for some of our local conferences and activities leading up to all of our busy spring and summer work. I always enjoy this time of learning, networking, and preparation for the busy growing season ahead. It is important for us all to keep up with the industry on a local level as well as a national level. I encourage you all to be active in whatever local groups you can and hopefully you will be able to promote PGMS to other local green industry professionals. During the second week of March, the Board of Directors met in Baltimore for their spring board meeting. Following the board meeting strategic planning took place. The last time we did strategic planning was in 2011. I am happy to share that we set some exciting goals for the future of PGMS! Finally, I wanted to let everyone know about our past president Walt Bonvell, CGM. In December he was experiencing a lot of pain and found out that he has cancer. He has been doing some aggressive treatments that have been very difficult for him. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Each day he is doing a little better with less pain and gaining back some of the weight he had lost. I just talked to him and he is keeping a very positive outlook. We really missed him at the board meeting in Baltimore. Many of us are keeping Walt in our prayers and I would encourage everyone to do the same. I’m sure Walt would love to hear from you. Any cards, notes, and letters would be uplifting. If you would like to reach out to Walt, his address is 10379 Vicksburg Lane, Independence, KY 41051. Walt is planning to be in California for the PGMS Summer Education Conference, how about you? I know it might be a bit early to start thinking about planning your trip, but I want everyone to consider this educational and networking opportunity and start making plans to join Walt and I in California from August 3-5, 2015. Let’s support Walt and PGMS at the same time and make this our biggest education conference yet. See you there!

John Burns, CGM PGMS President

Great Leaders for PGMS By: Tom Shaner, PGMS Executive Director I know I’ve said it before, but one of the greatest rewards for the staff executive of a non-profit professional organization such as PGMS is the opportunity to work with dedicated volunteer leaders who give so freely of themselves so that an entire organization and its members may benefit. That opportunity presented itself in early March when the PGMS board of directors met in Baltimore for its annual spring meeting and then extended their stay to focus on a day-and-a-half planning and setting goals for PGMS for the next five years. Participating were: President John Burns, CGM, President-Elect John Doiron, Vice President Marion Bolick, CGM, Treasurer Gerald Landby, CGM and Directors Cary Avery, CGM, Diana Bramble, Bruce De Vrou, CGM, Gerry Dobbs, CGM, Ted Heywood, CGM, Joe Kovolyan, Jeff McManus, CGM, Joe Payne, CGM, Paula Sliefert and Susanne Woodell, CGM. After calling the meeting to order, approving the agenda and receiving various reports by consent, the group reviewed the healthy financial status of PGMS and then took action to improve a return on its investments by amending the Society’s investment policy from a “fixed income” to a “mixed blend of stocks and bonds based on a 60/40 ratio.” They then reviewed a list of vendor organizations who are now supporting PGMS as Elite Partners in Professionalism and discussed ways to add more reputable companies to the growing list of partners. I then was asked to report on the status of the exciting new PGMS Landscape Management and Operations Accreditation program as well as an in-depth article about the program that appeared in the APPA Facilities Manager magazine in March. My Associate Executive Director Stephanie Dodd made a presentation on the new association management software that will now be used by the Society as well as how it will result in several member-benefit improvements to the website. On Ms. Dodd’s recommendation, the Board agreed to created a Life Member category for any member who has had 35 years of continuous membership. Life Members will be waived of any annual dues. Next on the agenda was a discussion relative to how the various branches of PGMS receive funding as a portion of a member’s annual dues. After explaining why branches do not receive any funding from a general Supplier/Elite Partner member, and reviewing discounts given to Corporate Members, it was agreed that effective immediately branches will receive $25 for each individual designated under a Corporate Member program who is located in a branch’s geographic area and who shall ask to be a member of said branch. From the Branch funding question, the board moved on to discuss various comments received in a post School of Grounds Management (GIE -Louisville) survey. Most of the comments were in relation to the Green Star Awards dinner. During discussion, the following items were agreed upon: to attempt to secure for the Awards Dinner a larger room with a higher ceiling at the Galt House, to eliminate the elevated head-table, to attempt to negotiate a better price for the cost of the Awards dinner, to move certain presentations from the Awards Dinner program to the Annual Meeting, i.e., induction of officers, presentation

of CGMs and Landscape Management and Operations Accreditation recipients, to only feature Grand Awards in the slide presentation (Honor Award recipients to have single slide and Merits to be listed without slide), and to take individual photographs at the conclusion of the dinner. Messrs. Landby and Dobbs reported on certain issues faced in the receipt of this year’s scholarship applications, i.e., lack of all requested recommendation letters, hand-written notes, etc., and in so doing noted how these omissions, unfortunately, led to disqualifications of candidates. The Board supported the decisions of the committee. Focused on reaching out to more students, Ms. Woodell presented a report on the Society’s participation in the March 13, 2015 PLANET Student Career Day in North Carolina. The effort garnered e-mail contacts for students and thus helps PGMS keep students aware of scholarship and job opportunities. Mostly, it was to make the students aware of the types of employment represented by PGMS members. A series of questions from the DC Branch was then addressed. These included a question about listing more contact information about new members in the Forum. We replied that there is not enough space to list all contact information, but then it was agreed that starting immediately staff will develop a schedule to send all contact info to the presidents of branches. Also discussed were certain recommendations for updating the Society’s exhibit display which led to a decision. Due to new budget allocations to better promote the Accreditation program, limited funds will be available to support any branch’s participation in any trade show for the coming two-three years. Any branch, however, may ask to be loaned exhibit materials and shipping of such will be paid as part of the marketing budget. Any new member that can be identified as having joined PGMS and being assigned to said branch as a direct result of the branch’s participation in a trade show will result in that branch receiving $75/$50 instead of the normal $50/$25 for the first year of that said member’s dues. Ms. Woodell reviewed a proposal from the Green Industry Web Portal, which helps high school students find jobs in the green industry, to have this Society endorse its programs. While fundamentally considered to be a good project, in that many members of the Board had not had an opportunity to review the portal website, it was agreed to table a decision on the matter until the next meeting of this Board. Mr. Avery reviewed preliminary plans for the PGMS Education Conference which will take place on the campus of the University of California-Davis on August 3-5, 2015 with a post-conference optional tour of Napa Valley wineries. Mr. Burns noted that the Texas Branch had agreed to help coordinate the 2016 Mid-Year Conference in San Antonio, but in so doing it strongly recommended that the event be moved to late June in order to avoid the heat of August in Texas. At this point, the meeting of the Board was adjourned and after a short recess, everyone re-convened to take part in a strategic planning and goal-setting initiative which was facilitated by Steve Keating, senior manager of sales and leadership at Toro.


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North Carolina Branch Hosts Successful Volunteer Cleanup Event for the Second Year in a Row By: David Davis, CGM On a beautiful Saturday under a Carolina blue sky, the PGMS North Carolina Branch made a difference in the community at the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Winston Salem, N.C. The project was originally scheduled for February 21, but was delayed due to unusually cold temperatures and snow.


Over 90 enthusiastic volunteers participated even though the schedule change meant that an expected 100-200 more volunteers from two local universities were unable to participate. The Color Run, with an attendance of over 7,000, was held right across the street from the cemetery and the citywide Great American Clean Up was also occurring simultaneously with the Odd Fellows project. Given the circumstances, we had a great turn out! This was the second annual clean up at the cemetery organized by PGMS. Although The Friends of the Odd Fellows Cemetery who manage the grounds have been organizing cleanups for several years, it’s clear the expertise and support brought by PGMS and its partners is making a huge difference. Several returning volunteers mentioned how much better the site looks now than just a year ago at the first NC Branch clean up! One of the goals was to eradicate underbrush and briars and encourage the growth of grass. Areas that were sown last February with seed donated by Cutting Edge Grass Seed were sprayed with a broadleaf herbicide late this summer to remove returning unwanted woody vegetation. On this year’s workday, Mirimichi Green Express donated and applied their biochar soil amendment to existing lawns and newly seeded areas. This application should provide a healthy environment for turf development without promoting excessive growth and increasing maintenance demands. Other key partners that helped stretch the budget by supplying much needed gloves, safety gear and tools were the local Home Depot affiliate and Gempler’s. The Home Depot also sent a team of volunteers who worked tirelessly. Several local green industry professionals provided goods and services and a restaurant provided lunch to help make the project a success. Please see for a complete list of project partners. PGMS is so grateful for all their contributions. There were 90 plus volunteers loading brush, raking leaves, removing vines, sowing grass, picking up litter and improving the grounds. Twenty of these hard working volunteers were brothers of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity from both North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina. The lessons learned through this process are simple and apply to everyday life as well as grounds management. Recognizing and showing appreciation to people and business for their contributions simply pays dividends. Being a good steward of resources and having the right team in place makes a big impact even on a small budget. Planning well but being flexible with the plan is a must. Most importantly - never lose site of the vision. It’s the vision that matters in life - plans change. It would have been easy to feel frustrated and lose focus at rescheduling and losing so many volunteers, but it really wasn’t about the numbers or the date. The goal was to improve the cemetery while serving the community. This goal was undeniably accomplished under a 72 degree Carolina blue sky. It was well worth the wait! To view more photos please visit the PGMS Facebook page at


Member Profile: By: John Doiron

Brendon Connor

John: How long have you been a member of PGMS and how did you hear about us? Brendon: I have been a member of PGMS for the last three years. I heard about PGMS through my boss Ted Heywood, CGM, who is the superintendent of grounds here at the College of the Holy Cross. He has encouraged all of us to join, become active and network with others in the industry. John: Having been involved with PGMS as well as attending GIE and regionals,what is your overall perspective of PGMS? Brendon: I think that it has been excellent so far. I have met a lot of really great people locally and nationally that share some common issues that we face here. I have learned about how others have managed issues in comparison to how we have. I love getting to know others in my industry and developing a network of people who share the same passion that I do. John: You are currently the President of the Northeast branch and have hosted a few meetings at your campus. What benefits would you say that you get from being involved with PGMS? Brendon: Serving as President of the northeast branch has allowed me to meet a lot of new people. I also get to listen and discuss topics with speakers about new industry information that is pertinent to what we do on a daily basis.

John: What is the best part of your current position at Holy Cross? Brendon: I think the best part of my job here at Holy Cross is being versatile. I do a wide variety of things from day to day. I manage the athletic field turf, campus turf, greenhouse operations, annual plantings, tree and shrub plantings, fertility/ pesticide/ipm programs, irrigation repair and installation, any smaller construction type projects on campus, and, maybe my least favorite after this winter, snow removal! John: I know you and I have shared conversations about our personnel life and how we enjoy golfing. What other activities do you enjoy in your life outside of work? Brendon: Outside work, I love spending time with my family and friends. My wife and I have two daughters, Isobel who is 7 and Madelyn who is 5, that keep us very busy. I also enjoy hiking, skiing, golfing, fishing, and all kinds of motor sports. I have also been a call firefighter for the Holden Fire Department, where I have lived for the last six years.

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PGMS Announces 2015 Scholarship Winners PGMS awarded two scholarships to students in March. The scholarship committee wants to congratulate the 2015 scholarship recipients. We wish them well in the future and hopes the scholarship helps to reduce their collegiate expenses. The scholarship program is a wonderful way to recognize interns that work for you or college students you meet in the industry. The committee also wants to thank the PGMS member sponsors of the scholarship program: Gail Zorn of Gwinnett Technical College and Gary Nedorostek of Bartlett Tree Experts. PGMS is proud to announce the following 2015 scholarship winners:

First Place:

Second Place:

Tracy Sewell Gwinnett Technical College Lawrenceville, Ga. $2,000

Evan Bensko University of Rhode Island Kingston, R.I. $1,500

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Partners in Professionalism: Part II By: Walt Bonvell, CGM

As many of you know, I have been laid up the past few months and am continuing a regiment of treatments and rest in my fight with cancer. I am thankful for all the cards, support and prayers that many of you have sent my way. I think of you often and continuously feel so blessed to be part of the PGMS family. Even though I have not been able to actively participate in the recent PGMS events, I look forward to reading the latest articles and enjoy keeping up with the new Board. One thing that has left quite an impression on me is the continued support of our eighteen Partners in Professionalism. Our partner’s support, represented through the Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze membership levels, impacts our members in such a positive way that it enables us to accomplish our organizational goals. One of my fondest PGMS memories is of the recent 2014 regional conference held in the beautiful state of Minnesota. As PGMS members converged into the area, I remember experiencing a wonderful feeling of camaraderie among old and new friends and acquaintances. It is this feeling that gives me such joy in being a part of PGMS. The highlight of the conference was visiting Toro headquarters. Even though I am a CGM and have logged almost 40 years in the Green industry, this was my first opportunity to visit the headquarters and Research/Development area of one of the largest manufacturers of grounds equipment in the world. What made it even more special was that we were invited to help celebrate Toro’s 100th birthday! Several years ago, the PGMS Board was so committed to our Partners in Professionalism that it was decided to name a Supplier Member Representative to the Board. Electing that first representative was a very difficult task, as all our partners are extremely committed to our efforts. It was, however, an honor for us when Paula Sliefert, Toro’s senior marketing manager, accepted the position and became our first Supplier Representative. Paula, of course, assumed a key role in developing our Summer Regional in Bloomington, Minn. The photo above is from our visit last year. Our morning at Toro Headquarters began with a session on “Coaching a Winning Team,” led by Steve Keating, senior manager of sales and leadership at Toro. A truly phenomenal session, Steve was able to bring to the table the very thing that PGMS promotes – Leadership. After the educational sessions, we were invited outside to enjoy the beautiful Minnesota weather while eating a delicious lunch. Then, we split up into two smaller groups and embarked on the much anticipated, once in a lifetime opportunity to tour Toro’s Research and Development program. One of my favorite tour stops was the sound proof room. This is an area that can detect, using sound, any imperfection in a part. For example, detection of even the slightest noise can mean that a bearing is bad. This room was built to be so sound proof that you could almost hear the blood flowing through the veins of your neck! Another area I enjoyed learning about involved temperatures. Here, researchers controlled the external environment of cold and/or heat so they can evaluate how equipment tolerates various temperatures. Finally, I was fascinated with the research feature used to study usage on slopes. That area was able to determine at what degree a piece of equipment will tilt and roll over. The people at Toro seemed very engaged and dedicated to developing products that are not only safe, but will bring increased productivity to the Green Industry. The tour of Toro gave myself and all PGMS members who participated, a day filled with fond memories. On behalf of the PGMS Board of Directors, thank you Paula, for making the tour a reality and providing us with such a unique experience. Personally, I had a blast and learned many new and interesting tidbits of information as well!


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What’s Growing On With...PGMS PGMS Board Visits Headquarters

The first week in March the PGMS Board was very busy planning for the future of PGMS at headquarters in Baltimore. They stopped to take a “W” picture in support our dear friend Walt and a few board members came by to visit headquarters.


PGMS at PLANET Student Career Day On March 13 PGMS took part in PLANET’s Student Career Day at North Carolina State University. We had the chance to meet with prospective members who are the future of the Green Industry!


New Member Profile: By: John Doiron

Julia Thome

John: How did you get started in the green industry and could you provide a little about your background? Julia: I’ve only been in this industry for two years. This is a second career for me, having worked previously in community and economic development for over 20 years. To help me to make the transition, I was fortunate to attend the University of Maryland Institute of Applied Agriculture in their Ornamental Horticulture program. The wonderful faculty there helped me to find a well-suited internship opportunity, and that internship has since turned into a full time job. I got a great boost from PGMS, as a recipient of the local DC branch scholarship and as a fourth place recipient of the 2014 PGMS scholarship program. John: What is your current title and what are your responsibilities? Julia: I am the Horticulturist and Plant Records Manager at the Chevy Chase Club in Chevy Chase, Md. I serve as part of the team that cares for the gardens and grounds of a country club where the 12 acres of gardens are an important part of the Club’s identity and history. Everyone on the team pitches in to help with all aspects of grounds management and each team member also has particular areas of focus. My areas of focus are the native plant gardens, the rose garden and several other garden areas, as well as development and maintenance of the tree inventory and information systems for plant collections. A big part of my job, and that of my co-workers too, is member relations. We host garden tours, workshops, and other events. We periodically produce educational materials and we interact daily with members. John: What do you like most about your current job? Julia: I have always loved gardening and the outdoors - so doing that all day, every day, is great. The people I work with


are fantastic – great to work with patient mentors. But, probably what I most love is to be part of the creation of beautiful gardens and well preserved natural areas that touch people and make their day that much better. I also hope that people walk away with a greater appreciation for the wonders of nature, and perhaps even a greater willingness to take action in their own lives in support of a sustainable environment. John: What do you like to do for enjoyment when you are not at work? Julia: I love hanging out with my daughters! I also like getting out to see new places and meet new people (I’m a relative newcomer to the DC area.) I participate in groups like the PGMS DC Branch and the MD Native Plant Society. Some other hobbies include riding my bicycle and listening to music. John: Are you planning on attending any of the PGMS regionals or our GIE? Julia: I have already attended some great ones - The regional meeting in Philadelphia in 2013, two of the field day events sponsored by the PGMS DC branch and the Northern Virginia Landscape Association at American University (2013 and 2014), and many DC chapter meetings throughout the DC region. I look forward to attending future PGMS meetings, both regional and national (not sure of exact plans yet).

Meet the Newest PGMS CGM’s!

The Professional Grounds Management Society has announced THREE new CGM’s in the past few weeks. The Certified Grounds Manager program, is the premiere program of its type in the Green Industry. With certification, your presentations, requests for funds and equipment, and recommendations carry more weight. Congratulations to the following professionals: Eugene Loew, CGM Park Manager for the City of Alexandria Alexandria, Va. “Having a mentor involved in the certification process was vital for me. Grounds management is a very demanding field, even in what many consider the slow season. Having someone who is familiar with these industry demands and who is there to help you develop your CGM portfolio makes a difference.” Brad Barbee, CGM Grounds Manager at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Tifton, Ga. “Acknowledgment throughout the industry and with my working peers, as a CGM, will not only add another feather in my cap but also provide proof that I hold myself to the standards of the program.”

Michael Gildea, CGM Garden and Grounds Manager at Chevy Chase Club Chevy Chase, Md. “The process for achieving the CGM was so beneficial both to me and the Chevy Chase Club. The various sections afforded me the opportunity to review our policies and procedures, talk through these with my staff and make some meaningful updates.”

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Calendar of Events April 2, 2015 PGMS DC Branch Meeting Tudor House Washington, D.C. April 8, 2015 PGMS Cincinnati Branch Green Infrastructure Tour Sanitation District No. 1 of Northern Kentucky Campus Fort Wright, Ky. April 15, 2015 PGMS Virginia Chapter Meeting Longwood University Farmville, Va. May 7, 2015 PGMS DC Branch Meeting Smithsonian Washington, D.C. June 4, 2015 PGMS DC Branch Meeting Mount Vernon Mount Vernon, Va. July 2015 PGMS DC Summer Field Day American University Washington, D.C. Aug. 3-5, 2015 PGMS 2015 Summer Education Conference Sacramento, Calif. Aug. 6, 2015 PGMS DC Branch Meeting Waverly Farms Adamstown, Md.

E V E RY L A N D S CA P E H A S A STORY TO T E L L Oct. 1, 2015 PGMS DC Branch Meeting City of Gaithersburg Gaithersburg, Md. Oct. 21-24, 2015 PGMS School of Grounds Management & GIE+EXPO Galt House Hotel Louisville, Ky. Visit for details.


As caretakers for these special places, we believe every aspect of the grounds, including the trees, turf and gardens, should enhance that story. Your story. complete grounds maintenance • emergency tree services • inventories planting • plant health care • tree risk assessment • pruning

Help starts here.

Communication Center Below is a list of recent e-mail blasts: March 25- Special Announcement from PGMS Silver Partner in Professionalism Earth Planter March 23- Are You Going to Help PGMS Grow? Member-Get-A-Member Campaign Ends in ONE WEEK! March 11- PGMS Grounds for Thought Monthly E-mail - March 2015 March 6 - Special Announcement from PGMS Platinum Partner in Professionalism Toro Feb. 13 - PGMS Grounds for Thought Monthly E-mail - February 2015 Feb. 2 - Special Announcement from PGMS Platinum Partner in Professionalism Toro If you are not receiving PGMS e-mail blasts visit and make sure we have your current e-mail address in your profile.




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attention: Landscapers, Nurserymen, Grounds Crews, Garden Centers…

Got News? Has something exciting happened to you or do you know of a PGMS member who doesn’t want to toot their own horn? Have you received an award or honor? Have you received a promotion or been named to a new position? Has your grounds crew been making headlines in your local paper or favorite trade magazine? C


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If you have any ideas for topics you would like to see articles on or if you would like to submit articles please contact Molly Baldwin-Abbott at or 410-223-2861.




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PGMS Welcomes Newest Members! New members since Jan. 29, 2015

Ryan Abbott Guilford Township

Josh Lafromboise Dept. of Administration State of Montana

Stephen Baiamonte Dept. of Administration State of Montana

Mark Larson Chestnut Hill Realty Corp

Joshua Barnes Permaloc Corporation

Stephen Miller Red Diamond, Inc

Allen Bell Didlake, Inc

Scott Mitchell Gwinnett Technical College

Brian Bourgeois Dept. of Administration State of Montana

James Orsini Didlake, Inc

Mike Cassidy Chestnut Hill Realty Corp

Aaron Poulsen Gwinnett Technical College

John Conquest Didlake, Inc

Desri Pursell Seedway LLC

Jay Cummings Arader Tree Service

Meg Smolinski University of Maryland Institute of Applied Agriculture

Tim Dolan Chestnut Hill Realty Corp

Adam Tankersly Ruppert Nurseries

Jason Forbes University of Puget Sound

Barrett Trip University of Puget Sound

Sam Fox Pinnacle Propane

Clinton Truitt Gwinnett Technical College

Rob Gamber Best Line Equipment

Stevan Williams Didlake, Inc

Grant Haggerty Chestnut Hill Realty Corp

Tim Wirth Ferris State University

Brent Hanson Red Diamond, Inc

Know someone who isn’t a member? Help grow your profession and spread the word about joining PGMS! Membership details can always be found on the PGMS website at

Clinton Hitchcock Dept. of Administration State of Montana Scott Hyland The Davey Tree Expert Company Morgan Jones The Davey Tree Expert Company Charlene Kohler Minot Park District


PGMS Knowledge Center Wants Your Submissions

My most valuable asset.

My most trusted asset.

The PGMS Knowledge Center is a resource for members to increase their knowledge base in grounds management. PGMS members are the experts in your industry, why not share you knowledge with your peers? The new PGMS member portal is launching soon and these articles will be used on our new blog! Need some suggestions on topics to write about? PGMS has a few to get your head spinning with ideas:

• snow removal • recycling practices

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• staff benefits/education • budgets • what does sustainability mean to you • sustainable practices you use and why • dealing with difficult bosses

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• safety in the workplace • exciting landscapes you have visited • tips you have received from other landscape professionals • if I could go back and change [blank] I would...and why... • greatest landscape accomplishments So we have started you off on the right foot, it’s your turn to grab a hold of the topic, write up an article (it doesn’t have to be long) and submit it to share with your green industry friends! Please e-mail it to Molly Baldwin-Abbott, PGMS Director of Communications at

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2015 will be the Year of the Green Star!


We’re searching for the country’s BEST MAINTAINED LANDSCAPES! You are invited to enter the 43rd annual maintenance awards program sponsored by the Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS). The annual Professional Grounds Management Awards Program brings national recognition to grounds maintained with a high degree of excellence. The program complements other national landscape award programs that recognize outstanding landscape design and construction.

• Gloves • Respirators • Disposable Coveralls . . . and more

PGMS Silver_Mar_Apr15.indd 1

This program will salute the grounds superintendent responsible for maintaining a well-manicured landscape year round. Grand, Honor and Merit Awards are offered in 15 categories, covering all types of private, public commercial and industrial landscapes. To qualify for entry, a landscape must be at least two years old and under your continuous maintenance for at least two years. The awards will be presented during the 2015 PGMS School of Grounds Management held in conjunction with the GIE+EXPO in Louisville, Ky. from October 21-24, 2015. Award winners will appear in the PGMS newsletter the Forum. The deadline for entries is 5 p.m. on July 31, 2015. All entries must be submitted online.

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Classifieds PGMS offers classified postings for job opportunities. To place a classified ad on the PGMS website and in the PGMS Forum, please e-mail the ad to Meghan Brady at To view details on any of the positions below visit Laborer – Worcester, Mass. The Facilities department is a service organization dedicated to support the College’s Mission and its various constituents in a proactive manner. We provide a wide range of services to efficiently operate, maintain and protect our facilities, grounds and infrastructure, in such a way as to create and sustain a clean, safe, functional and aesthetic environment conducive to quality learning, living and working, while preserving our College’s physical heritage for future generations. Perform various duties such as grass cutting, raking, digging, pruning, trimming, planting and caring for trees, bushes, shrubs, flowers, grass, etc., consistent with the upkeep and maintenance of the grounds, greenhouses and the athletic fields. Remove and dispose of rubbish and trash, sweep walks and roadways, remove debris. Shovel and salt walkways, stairs and streets. Move equipment and materials between locations as needed. Maintain and clean equipment as needed or required. Supervise and direct temporary employees as necessary.

PGMS also offers postings for internship opportunities and member resumes as an added member benefit. To place an internship opportunity or your resume on the PGMS website, please e-mail the information to Meghan Brady at More information can be found at career-center/.


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March/April 2015 Forum