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Introduction The “Networking”

Dr. Nelson Merchán Professional Affairs Manager Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Central and South America

Strategies Development Communication with consumers

Kind regards from the Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Latin America team, who wish this year is finishing full of good news, loyal and happy patients, and specially professionals with more motivation and commitment with vision care and with the wearers who have been fitted with frequent replacement soft contact lenses this year 2012.

Business Contact Network

This time we would like to develop the importance of having different and varied permanent contact and communication strategies with new and old contact lenses wearers, with the best spirit of being aligned with healthy and hygienic habits of contact lenses maintenance, use and replacement and the respective professional check ups to correctly monitor their vision health. Several tools are proposed today in this issue of NEWS so you can undertake new strategies to approach and relate with them, your customers and develop a closer health and trust relationship, resulting in visibility and professional recognition. In this issue, the main article shows a variety of good options to achieve this goal, and it supports on the Networking proposal the editorial and the interview face to face offer us. Do not miss reading these interesting articles.

Connecting the world

From London with Dr. Jane Veys

Benefits In Box

Welcome again, and we wish you a good and happy Christmas 2012. We will be back with a new issue of News in February 2013.

Merry Christmas and happy 2012 and prosperous new year 2013.


Networking Welcome to a new issue of the NEWS The Vision Care InstituteTM Bogota. This time the topic the editorial committee has decided to share with you is the development of networking, online or distance with third parties (non presencial), guided by the magic of the technological and modern computing applications, always supported by real distance communication.

Dr. Nelson Merchรกn Professional Affairs Manager Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Central and South America

Many of the great advances of science nowadays have accelerated because of the multiple testing done in multicentric studies, with the same protocols and work systems, coordinated by one or two people. Thanks to the magic of networking, they have developed interesting work tools such as teleconferences, videoconferences, tele databases, cloud files, sharepoints, etc. The use of this type of clinic and commercial strategies have captivated new professionals to do networking and develop important articles, clinic studies, product testing, protocols, even text books, as a result of their net work. In the same way, this type of tool has been used to always be in contact and make the contact lenses wearers work hand by hand with the professional to get an appropriate contact lenses care, maintenance, use and replacement. Text messages, e-mails, reminder alarms etc., are some of the results of networking in the modern world. I leave you with this new invitation of the The Vision Care InstituteTM Bogota for you to get interested in the advantages of working online with peers and final users. Welcome again.

Nelson L. Merchรกn


Contact Network The XXI century health professional should know about how to maximize the use of the technological resources available in their development area and in all the organization to understand the process flow and the production chain building, whether it is a good or a service. This statement is interesting because it develops an important analytic sense in people when they understand that technology displaces the human being. However, if its control or management are missed or unused, the organization can be at risk or the service quality process promised can be jeopardized. TECHNOLOGY is the set of scientific knowledge that help for the creation of goods and services to meet the needs of people. Technology oriented to management plays an important role in the making of products for ongoing improvement. Technological change is a very important factor to get value added and competitive advantages. There is another concept aimed to management called process technology. It relates to the methods used in an organization to do operations. Technology is probably the most important power in the growth of competence among companies. This concept is applied to databases, programmers and appointment planners, future controls, special dates for each new customer. Technology is seen as a necessary aspect to determine competitiveness in the business field, as well as to determine the capability of human resources. If the staff is not prepared and is not willing to learn about these new resources, competitiveness will not take place in the near future.

Some of the services and process of technology management are: • Systems and applications monitoring • Negotiate and transfer technology through selection, intellectual property analysis and licensing. • Assimilate, adapt and optimize technology with techniques such as Total Quality Management Benchmarking, Information Technologies, Reengineering, etc. • Organize and perform technology planning in the organizations, in compliance with the mission and strategic plans of the organization and acquisition of technology solutions, definition of policies and procedures to perform on the technology base. • Definition of production and development environments • Tuning of processes. Generation, distribution and storing of data. • Definition of contingency plans • Performance analysis • Integral security solution • Assurance of computing resources • Data backup and recovery • Detect and promote opportunities for industrial and business development through the use of the existing resources. • In the current globalized world, technology outstands. The set of knowledge and techniques applied to productive process as an element of competitiveness is crucial. Finally, technology management is there to maintain the search for technology advantage, which can be summaries as follows: It is a multi-faceted effort to integrate technology within the general strategy of the business, and between technology and the needs of customers we assist. A great beginning. Nelson Merchán B. O.D., Ms Management, PhD.

She is our expert interviewed today. She recognized herself as a great believer in virtual team working – connecting the world without always needing to be there in person. – enough reason to answer our questions. How could the current ECPs, fitters of Soft Contact lenses work together? What kind of works could they develop? By the very nature of their job, ECP work in the isolation of a consulting room. Seeking more interaction with peers is key to ensuring best clinical practice and a great way seek inspiration beyond the day to day work in practice. Sharing an interesting case study or tip on how to communicate are two great examples to start a discussion. A virtual network has none of the time and cost constraints of face to face meetings. Are globalized or international protocols of basic adaptation for contact lenses a dream or a real goal? The protocols of clinical care will be universal when we, health care professionals, understand that communication among us is vital to be able to discuss them. It is much better if we do it online and we introduce many more contributions from different points of view, and regions, and countries. We are now working on that area through networking. How does the scientific community grow trough network among ECPs? There is much to be learned from clinicians, researchers and educators who may do things differently. Sharing knowledge, skill sets and experiences can benefit all. Expanding the evidence base for all that we do today and in the future, for the benefit of our patients.

The opinions given in the articles exclusively express the point of view of the authors and so not necessarily express the views and policies of The Vision care Institute.

Please, make a List of the network advantages, for the Current ECP, as a plus value!. • Staying ahead of the game – professional development and best practice • Learning from your peers – motivation to try new things • Problem solving • Convenience • Views beyond the Consulting Room • Friends across the country/region/world – always great advice on hand (including that next family holiday trip!) • Above all, a better understanding and engagement with our patients – dependency on social media is growing fast. Get networking! The opinions given in the articles exclusively express the point of view of the authors and so not necessarily express the views and policies of The Vision care Institute.

Group world in virtual networks

Dr. Jane Veys, MSc, MCOptom, FBCLA, FAAO, FIACLE; Education Director, THE VISION CARE INSTITUTE®, Johnson & Johnson Medical Ltd, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Formerly in contact lens research, optometric education and independent practice.

From London with Dr. Jave Veys

Nowadays the word “network” is one of the most used by companies and business efforts to get more market, and for the vision care environment it will be useful as well if the community understands their real meaning and how to develop it in their daily work with patients and colleagues around the world.

There are too many networks ideas: social media, job browsers, others, If an ECP wants to build one of it, trying to consider only the topic of secure and confident fit of SCL; what elements and criteria should be taken into count? First decide what you are trying to achieve. Next consider what you want to share – if slit lamp videos of soft lens fits – then ensue ensure technology permits - Facebook may work well for images, but YOUTUBE better platform for sharing videos. Start small , for example consider first setting up a Skype meeting – seeing the people you are talking too helps engagement. Never forget patient confidentiality.

Connecting the world

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In Box Lucas N. Paragamian Optician Contact lenses professional Argentina

Claudia Claros de Torres Optometrist Guatemala “Hereby I would like to thank the opportunity given to me to travel to Colombia to learn more and be updated of the new technologies for contact lenses fitting. I would also like to say that it was a very pleasant experience because I could interact with colleges of the countries involved in the seminar. I would like to thank you again and congratulate you for encouraging the performance of those activities that motivate me to be more professional in my daily work.”

I would like to thank all of you for the realization of the training in Bogota. I also want to thank you for the almost perfect organization and very kind hospitality during the stay. Huge hugs.“

Estanislao Centanin Optician Contact lenses professional Argentina I would like to thank you again for the hospitality received and congratulate you for the excellent level you have to do everything. I really had a good time and I took new knowledge with me along with new friends. Thanks a lot!




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