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Jimmy’s Keyboard  Trouble     By:  Claire  Breadner    


Jimmy had  always  loved  learning  and   being  at  school  with  his  friends.      


But lately,  Jimmy  was  feeling  very  sad   and  did  not  want  to  go  to  school.  His   class  worked  a  lot  on  computers  and   he  had  trouble  using  the  keyboard.   This  frustrated  Jimmy  and  made  him   sad.      

Jimmy’s teacher  noticed  he  was  having   some  trouble  with  his  keyboard.  She   asked  Jimmy  if  it  would  be  ok  to  go   with  Mr.  Tom  to  see  if  there  was   another  keyboard  that  might  work   better  for  him.  Jimmy  agreed.      


Mr. Tom  let  Jimmy  try  lots  of  different   keyboards.              

The first  keyboard  Jimmy  tried  was   very  small.  Mr.  Tom  said  it  was   miniature.  It  can  help  kids  because   kids  have  small  hands  that  fit  it  better.   Mr.  Tom  said  the  layout  of  the  keys   was  better  for  kids  too.  But  it  was  too   small  for  Jimmy.      

The next  keyboard  Jimmy  tried  was   very  colourful.  Mr.  Tom  said  that’s   actually  what  it’s  called  too.  Jimmy   thought  that  the  name  “Colourful   Keyboard”  was  funny.        

    Mr.  Tom  said  all  of  the  keys  are  colour   coded  to  help  kids  remember  where   things  are.  But  Jimmy  had  trouble   remembering  all  the  keys  in  each   colour.    

Mr. Tom  thought  a  keyguard  might  be   helpful  for  Jimmy.  This  is  a  cover  for   your  keyboard  so  that  you  only  hit  one   key  at  a  time.  But  Jimmy  did  not  have   trouble  with  that  part.        

Next, Mr.  Tom  let  Jimmy  try  a  large   print  keyboard.  This  kind  of  keyboard   has  really  big  letters  and  symbols  on  it   so  it’s  easier  to  see.      

This was  the  perfect  keyboard  for   Jimmy!  After  trying  different   keyboards  Mr.  Tom  helped  Jimmy  see   that  he  was  having  trouble  seeing  the   keys  and  that’s  why  he  was  getting   frustrated.    

Mr. Tom  showed  Jimmy  and  his  Mom   some  neat  practice  exercises  and   games  that  would  help  Jimmy  learn  his   keyboard  better.  Jimmy  loves  learning   and  loves  being  at  school  again.        

Jimmy’s Keyboard Trouble