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May 2012

Minis Best in Show at the Island


Phillip Island State Round People Power Targa Tas wrap! Minutes and more...

Pic courtesy Jim Jones

Next Gener Meeti al ng WE D 30 M ay Channel 31 & Digital 44

Torquing Heads 2011/2012 Work Ph Home Ph Fax Mobile President Chris Ralph 0418 318 934 Vice President Jervis Ward 9690 4321 9690 4338 9690 4323 0409 137 629 Secretary Dean Bryant 0417 012 526 0417 012 526 9551 5859 0417 012 526 Treasurer David Floyd 9574 7733 9877 2243 9561 8731 0402 257 541 Competition Russell Pilven 9379 2616 9337 7017 9379 0669 0419 527 188 Membership Jervis Ward 9690 4321 9690 4338 9690 4323 0409 137 629 Committee Gordon Cox 9467 8900 9435 5235 9467 4590 0418 506 650 Committee Nick Cascone 0409 959 072 9859 1186 0409 959 072 Committee Andy Clempson 0417 561 906 9723 7498 9723 7521 0417 561 906 Eligibility David Twigg 0414 875 922 9466 9737 9702 9635 0414 875 922 Eligibility Len Read 5977 8771 5977 8771 0408 548 133 Engine Sealing Ken Zinner 9568 0363 9568 0363 0412 171 603 AHTCA Editor Chris Ralph 0418 318 934

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Fun Historic VSCRC Historic VSCRC Historic VSCRC Historic Other Pic courtesy Jim Jones

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May 2012

Historic Touring Torque

PresEditoro Pic courtesy Katherine Sellers

columnist, report from separate points of view. Many thanks to Perfect Prints once again for the bulk of the action shots.

And thanks to Jim Jones for punting through a series of shots from the Island meeting that was on the same was weekend as the Targa finish. Unfortunately we didn’t have a dedicated writer down there to cover the action so a few jottings must suffice from the hazy memories of Messrs Clempson, Taranto and Co who used the occasion to have their version of The After struggling to get out our March Hangover, presumably in celebration of issue before Easter we are now trying to Hollywood’s sale of the green Mustang to unlap ourselves with another late April/ the Hansen family in Perth… early May edition – let’s see how that goes! The driving standards issue keeps And as the goodwife is twisting me growing and now has even reached the ear by the ear and making me go to Europe of the CAMS CEO, please see the separate tomorrow – (damn! Oh, alright then…) I article on that as well. We as a club, together am rather dashing this off… Perhaps the with our aligned clubs in other states have next issue, or even this one, will be edited kicked some goals over this and it remains by the extremely talented Mat Jager who our duty to keep vigilant to make sure that if he comes out from under the doona competitors realize historic racing must be after twisting his gearbox input shaft into a approached with an appropriate mindset. pretzel 300m after the start at Phillip Island may well delight us with his wit and clever prose. But you can never tell with a true artiste, he might be busy hacksawing his ear off. Biggest motorsport event for our lot in the month of April was of course the Targa Tasmania, on which both I and Brian Dermott, aka the infamous Targa Tattle

In the US for example the codes of conduct issued by some strict motor racing bodies have extraordinarily strict rules. Can you imagine exclusion from the results for spinning or being sent home for leaving the track? And being chastised if you open up too big a lead? Only the Yanks could take it that far… but still, they have some very odd Pic courtesy Jason Griffiths

ideas about lots of things and have never really been a Proper Chaps motor racing nation. Anyway, there’s an article on that issue as well. My only motoring at all in the next four weeks will be in an as yet unchosen small sedan from Mr Avis in Italy for a few days. I’m looking forward to holding it flat on an Autostrada and being passed by a Ferrari or Lambo – or Fiat Van – doing 100kmh more than me… We’ll see. Baskerville - be there! Our Tassie member and boss of the Hobart Sporting Car Club, Peter Killick, has been in contact with a plea for entries for the Baskerville Historics in October. It’s the 30th anniversary of historic touting car racing in Tas, at a track that is one of the best driver’s circuits in Australia - imagine Bathurst the size of Winton... Peter and the local members are fighting a tough battle to save Baskerville so it’s worth considering - support the cause and make sure you get a run there. Peter is trying for strong subsidies on the ferry - stay tuned! RalphE

BREAKING NEWS A Bulletin was released last week in response to the shortage of suitable tyres for large cars on 15” diam wheels with 8” width. The important inclusion is the paragraph The use of a 225/50 aspect ratio tyre is permitted for use only when fitted to a 15 inch diameter x 8 inch wide rim. The tyre must be of a Make and Model currently nominated on the approved tyre list (below) for Group N and S. This will be permitted from 1 May 2012 to 31 December 2012 (inclusive). The approval of these tyres will be reviewed during the specified period to see if suitable 60 aspect ratio tyres again become available. No doubt this will also open up the tyre debate again as well.

Eyes out on stalks.

Go to our website for the full bulletin. David Twigg

Historic Touring Torque

May 2012

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Driving Standards The saga sweeps on Since the publication of the last magazine there has been a fair bit of action. But first, for those who have not been following the trail, the story so far. Since the middle of last year the Club has adopted a stance on raising driving standards and has undertaken measures to make competitors aware of the need to modify on-track behavior. These have included the drawing up of a code of conduct or competitors, the briefing and coordination of promoters, officials and stewards at race meetings and so on. While the overall standards have improved there have nonetheless been serious incidents at the last two historic meetings. After the last, at Phillip Island, competitors have become dismayed at the willingness and ability of the governing body to dispense appropriate justice. A serial offender, already technically on probation but without an endorsed licence book to that effect was given what was seen by fellow competitors as a slap on the wrist, deemed by them unlikely to effect the required behavioural change. Thus a movement to protect themselves took place with talk of a petition to be sent to promoters advising that a mass withdrawal of entries could take place if the competitor

in question was accepted as an entry. The HTCAV believed it had a duty of care to stand by these drivers, at the March meetings around a dozen raised hands indicated support for this, other phoned-in support raised the primary count to about 20 with no further polling taking place.

scouting for fresh talent among the ranks of punters who think that rubbin’ is racin’? Have they perhaps forgotten that V8Supercars do not even run under CAMS regulations? Or is it just that without moderation behavioural standards have fallen and certain practices become accepted as the norm?

But taking into account points raised at the meeting it was felt that the Club should not have to act as the policeman and that strong representation should be made to CAMS that the time was well past nigh for something to be done about driving standards and the curbing of rogue drivers in particular. It was also made clear that the driver in question was the case in point who exemplified the more general problem (and the Club has no special interest in his vilification).

In any event, it was clear to the HCC meeting that steps need to be taken immediately to address the driving standards issue in Australian historic motorsport.

As a result contact was made with the historic touring car associations in NSW and SA and their full support was received. A letter was written to the Historic Car Commission and an article was written in the HTCAV magazine March/April issue. This was passed on to Graham Howard of Auto Action who published and commented on it, and a letter was written to the CEO of CAMS, Mr David Morgan. In the meantime the HCC had raised the issue as one of the key talking points of its April meeting, and Mr David Morgan made it a point of attending that session, to which I was invited courtesy of our members Bob Cracknell, Chairman of the HCC, and Bill Cutler, Group N and Victorian rep. It’s clear that the standards issue is not a Group N issue alone although we are probably at the top of the naughty list. Historic Formula Ford is another category where close and competitive racing often results in big stacks. But Group S races hard and close yet accidents are few. Do Group N drivers feel safer, all tucked up in their roll cages? After all, driving standards seem to fall as safety and car preparation standards rise over the years. Are they hoping that young Mr Walkinshaw is

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May 2012

As far as the rogue drivers issue is concerned, the regulations clearly provide for promoters not to accept entries without being obliged to explain and as such any movement by a club or group of individuals to request action is within specifications, so to speak. As far as the prevention of incidents at race meetings and the appropriate reactions when an incident occurs – several steps were identified. The regulations provide everything necessary as they stand, but the ranks of observers and disciplinarians have grown in number over the years but they seem to either be without power or unable or unwilling to use it, and they are definitely uncoordinated in communication and effect. From corner marshalls up to driver liaison personnel, to driving standards observers then to clerks of course and finally to stewards – are they all on the same page? Bill Cutler holds the view that a short meeting prior with all of those persons in the same room before an event begins would sort any confusion – good idea. As well, it was pointed out that there needs to be more made in the Supp Regs – bold and upfront, not buried in the small print – with regard to the responsibilities, rules and attitudes necessary for historic racing… and then the job should be right, guv’nor. In the end, there has been an efficient and gratifying response to the concerns of the historic touring car clubs. The issue is more than on the table, it’s agreed to and being acted upon. In no way do we want to emulate the absurd nannyism of the Americans, just to introduce more respect and responsibility into our great branch of the sport. As was put forward before – how many times times did you see Peter Brock run into someone? He was half alright, wasn’t he? Let’s hope that more cars and competitors come out to play as a result of these actions, confident that the chances of remaining unscathed at the end of a race meeting are very high indeed. Well done to everyone here and interstate who have got behind the issue and put it on the front page. RalphE Historic Touring Torque

Phillip Island. April 21-22

All pics courtesy Jim Jones

Round 1. Victorian State Circuit Racing Championship With the editor off doing other things and the bulk of the non racers more interested in the business of earning themselves sore heads in a reputed marathon of imbibulation, there is little that can be verified in the following. However the small amount that could be scrounged indicates that Tony Hubbard was in cruise control mode in the front, although photographic evidence shows enthusiastic application of the brake pedal going into MG, and also had a an oil problem. Robert Marshall in the ex-Miceli GT HO has been driving well, but an oil line blew covering some with muck and adding an interesting challenge to driving skills by staying on the line thereafter, the fearsome power of the Jager Falcon was such that it twisted its input shaft like its owner’s snotty hanky and that Fast Johnny Luxmoore went cross country at Turn 1 to arrive sneakily at Turn 2. Best racing of the weekend was apparently between Len Read and Ms Helen Lindner in Minis, closely attended by John Eeles’ Mini in one race and Simon Browning’s Cortina in another. But special mention goes to Angelo Taranto efforts in Improved Production, in the A9X he displayed and drove at Broadford. Ang qualified 7th, was 4th by Turn 1 but spun at MG in the first event, and subsequently off the back off the grid worked his way back up to 7th overall. Good job mate! OK, no more reporting – please enjoy the photos!

Want to see some more pics, perchance to purchase? You can email Phil Wisewould at and use ‘photo’ as the subject line, for Jim Jones you can look on the website and for sdpics, try www. Historic Touring Torque

May 2012

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All pics courtesy Jim Jones

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May 2012

Historic Touring Torque

All pics courtesy Jim Jones

Historic Touring Torque

May 2012

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Targa Tasmania 2012 The Rookie’s Report

Well, I can tick that one off the bucket list. Wow – what an event! It has to be the biggest, most involving and exciting experience available to the average motorsport punter. Having experienced two and three-day rallies was a good intro but Targa Tasmania is way more in scope and challenge. Six days involving competition, with the last five days getting increasingly more complex and challenging. More than 600 kms of competition, with eight starts per day on amazing stages, from those very like a six km hillclimb up to a monster 60 km mountain thrash. Misty mountains, rainforests, English style lanes complete with cowpoo corners, rugged Australian bush – this event has everything, and lots of it. We saw 220 kph once or twice, around 170kph many times and enjoyed the massive acceleration every minute of the way. But most of the time the eyes were bugged out looking for the next crest, next corner, next braking point, next piece of surface change, or verdigris slime where the trees never let the light in, or where the next bump is. Targa is bumpsville and if you commit too hard then come across a decent dip it can launch the doings into the scenery without apology. It’s a bit like being a batsman in front of a high-speed bowling machine, swatting away each new challenge as it comes to you from any direction and at any speed. On the very last stage it was so slippery it was irrelevant whichever pedal you pressed - the car became a sled… There were times when I felt I was driving a bit like a girlie and upped the ante a bit only to have something warn me to put the dress on again – like slew marks on a corner with a car up a bank or in a tree, often joined by another for company. Mostly those cars were AWDs so I saved fleeting sympathy as we whizzed past for the occasional crumpled classic and then spent the rest at the end of the day when stories of our mates’ and club members’ bad luck such as the Dermott’s oil pump chewing on a cam gear tooth, the Batten’s piston ring breaking and techo whizbangery going awry on the Freestone 48/215 Supercar.

Pic courtesy Katherine Sellers

Never has a snag and a beer tasted so good. too easy so this year they added a day and upped the transport stages (one day was over 600km in total) – and apparently the only crews to complain were from the modern lot in their allsinging, all-dancing Evo 10s etc – not a peep out of the classic competitors who have to be made out of sterner stuff. I’ll leave it to you to read Brian’s excellent report that takes you through day by day and just pepper in a few observations – I am always mindful of the difference between rallying and racing and trying to bridge the two so that racers can get a bit more of an understanding. For example, ten laps around Phillip Island is considered a fair journey at ten tenths. But after a couple of days rallying at eight tenths things crop up that wouldn’t be an issue on the track. Ouch, my lower back is getting really sore… I’m getting a cramp in the left buttock – this is only Day 2 of proper competition, how can I do three more with a failure of the clutch bum? Answer - the driver’s seat is turned in by a mere centimeter, that’s all it takes. Once it’s aligned again all that padding can be thrown out and the seat of the pants can come back into proper function.

The wipers need much flicking on and off. I’d never thought much about ergonomics in a competition car but when you have to look and reach for the wiper every time, it’s crucial to find a mod on the run – a piece of thin black rubber hose squeezed on to the switch – it’s The organisers felt that the event was getting too floppy, ah, here’s a stick that will stiffen it, plenty of those in Tas! The little stick is still in place and I shall Pic courtesy Perfect Prints gratefully protect its heritage with all the dedication of a hairy greenie up a tree. When the navigator says “crest – air” it’s time to take stock. That nasty feeling when the road is slimy and the rears spin up on the crest and the

Editorial Perana sneaked through the mist to 15th outright. Page 8

May 2012

car turns slightly to the right in mid air… visions of barrel rolling (not again!) on landing pop into the mind. Airy is definitely hairy, so I thwarted the assembled photographers by slowing and only getting few inches under the tyres… Little things can mean so much – such as the brand new 9v battery in the intercom failing when out in the donga. So phrases like “five right” and “nine right” – the calling of corners than could mean an approach speed of many tens of kms difference – become confused in the static and the excellent Neil Gibson, my terrific navigator from Adelaide had to make do with shouting himself hoarse and holding up as many fingers as he could manage until we could find a sleepy general store and buy two replacements. The little old Ford is a strong bastard and was surprisingly economical considering its 347ci capacity. Planning fuel stops and service points is critical especially on days when the crew has to drive almost 1000km to get around the road closures to be there when you pop out the other end of a stage. As the rally went on we found we could afford to run less fuel – critical if you have 100 litres sitting over the back axle, which lightens the front end and affects turn-in on slimy downhill corners. On the very last day the rack was getting very dodgy as it had been working hard – hooray for the shims made in an instant by Gus and Gary from a XXXX can – what was that doing in the truck chaps? As well the right hand exhaust rear of the muffler came adrift on the 60km Mt Arrowsmith stage, trapped by the axle it whanged away on the road for the last half of the stage. Having upped the exercise and gone off the grog for a month in preparation, the beer when we finished was one of the most rewarding things on the whole rally. The second and third were just as good… Many thanks to Neil, Gus and Gary and Kath his wife and our team cook and of course to the Dermotts for their encouragement, advice and tour planning. It was a magnificent experience. RalphE Historic Touring Torque

General Minutes - April 2012 Opened 8.13pm.15 people in attendance Apologies: Jervis, Deano, Twiggy, Familie Sneddon, KZ, Eddie Dobbs, Nick Cascone Leo Tobin, Hot Chicken and the unassembled multitude Guests: Nil (Guests? Hardly any members…) Minutes of previous meeting: Not available Discussion of minutes from previous meeting; NA Move minutes be accepted and seconded: NA Sec’s report and correspondence: Not present Treasurer’s report: Forecast of a possible small loss, but everything under control Discussion on Treasurer’s report: Discussion rested on the costs of trophies and drinks – were they too expensive for club funds? John Smallman suggested saving meaningful parts such as conrods and synchro rings etc and mounting them polished on inscribed blocks as unique awards for presentation. All agreed was a good idea that would save money. The cost of drinks and nibbles, even if coming in at a small loss, was not regarded as a problem. Move of acceptance of Treasurer’s report: Michael Hibbert, seconded Last Johnny. President’s report: Driving standards: The president brought the meeting up to date on the progress: the article written in the magazine

Historic Touring Torque

had been taken up by Graham Howard in his Auto Action column, letters had been written to the Historic Commission and to the CEO of CAMS, David Morgan. As a result Mr Morgan was to attend the April meeting of the HCC to which the President was also invited. Discussion: Ian Watt observed the problem was not an issue at state rounds but at larger historic meetings. Bill Cutler observed that the system already catered for control of the problem but that the system was not being maximized and that a concerted effort, such as a meeting before an event, should be made to get Flaggies, Driver liaison people, DSOs, Clerks of Course, promoters and Stewards into a meeting to get a full briefing and driving standards focus. As well mention could be made at OLTs that historic meetings need a different mindset. Christmas party: deemed too early to get excited about yet Shane Tobin “Club Liason Officer” was off on a big trip and Social Secretary Andy Clempson, no longer actively involved in competition after the sale of his car would look after and transport the trailer to meetings. Hooray for Hollywood. AHTCA report: NA Vice president’s report: NA Eligibility/State council: NA Commission report: Meeting in two days. Competition report:

May 2012

Phillip Island event: Best racing between Len Read and Helen Lindner in Minis, Bill Trengrove ran 8” rims for the weekend, Mat Jager broke an input shaft, Rober Marshall blew an oil line and Tony Hubbard won as he pleased despite having an oil problem AND Angelo Taranto did very well in the his A9X in Improved Production. The president gave a brief Targa Tasmania report. Membership: Comp 175, Social 49, Life and Honorary 7, Nonfinancial 34. Treasurer indicated about another 10 renewals were in the mail Newsletter: would be hurried out Pointscore: In the next magazine for sure General business: Michael Hibbert – was there movement on tyres? Bill Cutler indicated that a proposal for Bridgestone 50 series on 15” wheels used until end of year was before the Commission. It was noted that that Goodyear Bluestreak on 15” rims was only 54%. The whole foreseeable sup[ply problem of 160% aspect ratio tyres would be flagged at the HCC meeting. Amusing note: Our cars are no longer required to carry fire extinguishers. But if you choose to it is very naughty to have one that is not stamped with the right date, even though it may work & you are not even required to have one in the first place… The meeting closed at 9.50 with a video of Over 3 litre racing at Phillip Island, a sneak preview of an item for HTCAV promotion produced by Craig Miles’ brother Greg. Many thanks for this high quality work!

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The Big One and Only

All pics courtesy Perfect Prints


The 21st running of Targa Tasmania is over. By far the longest and toughest stage rally ever conducted in Australia on sealed roads and open to classic cars was contested by 68 classics, 25 of them (37%) pre 73 touring cars. Although this was down by nearly half on 2011, with 608 competitive and 1786 touring kilometres to cover in 6 days, this was always going to be a momentous event, especially for the service crews who had to travel nearly twice as far to keep fuel and repairs up to the cars when often the only roads were shut. It was variously hectic and hairy, fine and sunny, wet and foggy, early mornings and very late nights. The roads were incredible - old favourites like Cethana and Arrowsmith interspersed with surprises like Sideling reverse (thick, impenetrable fog for the 8R 600) the mad and dizzy Castra and the scary, treacherous Woodsdale. An old style, tough and testing marathon of high speed driving. And a very open one, with many top ten performers

Peter & Sari Ullrich had a great Targa - 6th outright and 3rd on handicap.

from last year not there - such as the Woodward Monaro, Cattlin Mustang, Miedecke Perana, Scotty Kent Mustang and Drew Kent Falcon - although Drew with daughter Ella was running in the shorter four day Classic Florio and putting in times which would have earned them a top five spot. The Priddle-Guymer Zephyr There were some new faces though finished 35th. - including all the way from California the intrepid architectural hardware The Prologue to seed the field was a two manufacturer, Doug Mockett. Doug was navigated by the exotic Anjelica Fuentes stage combo of the dodgy Lilydale stage added to the traditional Georgetown round Garcia in his Oldsmobile Rocket 88 fresh from the Rally Panamericana. Built by Phil, the houses point and squirt, which had the effect of pushing the old tin tops further an ex Lotus F1 mechanic from Norwich, this was a mighty monster of engineering (along the lines of the ‘Outright cars’ with bright blue braided pipes and gleaming canisters, which Historic F1 racer and collector Doug drove with skill, gusto and commitment until he was caught out by a streaming wet Weldborough Pass. The super-quick Battens pinged a ring After the Prologue, when on the first day. we had only just beaten him, I asked Doug about the weight back than usual compared to the more agile of the car - he said it was kinda lighter, the Porkers and Zeds - only the Wilsons Perana, body had been dipped. “Dipped ? Yeah the Freestones Old Model and the Ullrichs you drop it in a bath of acid and halve its getting in the top 20 of the Outright thickness.” If Mr Mockett comes back with Classic. something more suitable and does a proper recce - Aussies watch out. Once the first day of real competition

started, the weather was warm and sunny and competitors buried the slipper as they thought of the eight tyres this year waiting for the weather to get nasty. Which it did in the afternoon and Kyeena started in sunshine, turned cold and windy at half way and finished in a slippery slidy slither in lashing rain along the river road.

The magnificent NASCAR-engined 54 Olds ran as high as 15th before bonking a bank.

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May May 2012 2012

But if there is one mesmerising stage from Leg 1 it was Holwell and its 1100 meter long straight to a leap over a daunting blind crest. 2010 hero Paul Batten in the old Volvo PV544 liked the look of it and decided to see how far the old red

Historic Touring Torque

bomb would fly at 180 kph - but all the photographers hunched the other side were running too hard so we don’t have a shot to show you. Very sadly, not long after, the old thing did a piston - and so we were deprived of the treat of the Battens challenging for the lead in the driving rain on the West Coast. The Battens demise further opened up the Classic Competition and when the Freestones Holden 48/215 stopped and had to be trucked home, that was 11 recent Top Ten competitors who were not in it. Later at the Silverdome, I spotted one of the young Monaro Motors mechanics: “What happened?” I asked. “It was the MHD” he said. “The what?” Motec talk on a 1948 Holden still seems strange, even if it does have a 375 bhp dry sump red motor. Leg 2 was cold and wet and foggy, a perfect test over the diesel smeared dank and dangerous roads around the North Henry and Ros Draper were hot, finished 5th in the Handicap.

Astoundingly quick Byrne Stoopman Alfa hit trouble in the last two days. we fixed the cracked block with Seal well and today we were fouling plugs. Chug a lug. Later it turned out a brand new Weber float had a hole. But we were still going, while poor Bob Edwards overnight engine rebuild by Gary Edwards engine builder Trevor Simkin had not held and the gorgeous Falcon Sprint was out.

At the end of the day, as the Targa field noisily occupied the centre of Launceston for Targa Fest on the last night of hoists and benches before heading to the wild West Coast, the field was getting some structure. Way out front of the HTCAV competition was the controversial baby blue Perana of Queenslanders Donn Todd and camshaft man Dean Tighe, in third place overall. Next, in an incredible performance by an LMS Alfa GTV were young chargers and engineers West through St Helens. This is true Targa Colin Byrne and Paul Stoopman, with Country - wild and remote roads twisting nearly three minutes through dense stands of eucalypts. This on the Wilson’s year, we’re doing it all backwards and Perana and nearly across the top of the Sideling the fog is like 4 on the Ullrich’s London in the 40’s. Thank heaven for pace 700Nm Jensen. notes and the Terratrip, which creates the Neither of the big illusion that you can see as you accelerate banger crews were hard into a blanket relying on the navigator worried - the mighty counting down to know when to turn into straights of the West the corner. Our LC loved the fog and wet but something was still not right - last night Coast highway were still to come. Ross and Jill Steuart cranked their Anglebox right up - 23rd outright, 4th on handicap.

Next and more worrying for everyone was the presence of Northern Territory education guru Andy White and London based economist Ash Yelds, who had to make a dash to Hobart to fix a sticking overdrive clutch in the innocuous looking Volvo Amazon, but were now in the groove. Our Dear Leader Ralphie was firmly in the top 20 and learning to ignore the temp gauge and worry more about the high speed shimmy as Lin and I stressed about an unhappy LC while looking over the shoulder at the Steuart’s incredible LMS Ford Anglia 105E going gangbusters. Although Ross was whingeing about being limited to 7,500 rpm. And later diagnosed our sinking Weber float so helping us keep well ahead of him. Such is Targa Camaraderie. Leg 3 starts with a bang as we all lined up for Cethana early. A long delay closing the road gave time for the rain to clear and

A penalty pushed the $450K V8 Supercar back to 20th.

Bob Edwards had all sorts of engine woes in the ripper Sprint. Historic Touring Torque

May 2012

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All pics courtesy Perfect Prints

A deer rushed out and smote the Kenny-Jackson Jag on transport to the first stage! the road to start to dry so there were patches of wet especially across the top where the long 9R could not be trusted. So times were down for most but not the guns - Colin Byrne’s LMS Alfa amazingly splitting the Wilson Perana from the Freestone supercar. After a couple of new stages including the crazy Castra road we all got to Oldina, which has to be the perfect tarmac rally stage - every kind of corner and trick through a plantation with few houses on a perfectly smooth road. But for us, the red lights came on before the end as the oil pump was jammed by a large tooth off the camshaft and that was the end of our TT12. Everyone else headed off south on the long drive to Strahan along some more classic stages like Hellyer Gorge and a new favourite Plimsoll, where Ralphie hammered into eighth position. From the end of Leg 3, Targa would move towards the big power cars which were consistent and reliable - like Bathurst with 30 laps to go, Targa really starts on Leg 4 with a huge 157 kms of stages the length of the Island. And so when the Todd/Tighe Perana had to stop for a fuel

Super rapid Andrew White and Ashley Yelds’ Amazon was 2nd on handicap and 13th outright.

pump at the end of Sheffield, the time lost pushed them way out of contention. But another Perana was ready to take over as the Wilsons moved into the HTCAV lead and P6 overall, closely followed by the amazing Byrne Stoopman Alfa. The Ullrichs had a good day to peg P3 and the White Yelds Amazon hung on to a 1 1/2 minute lead over the Ralph/Gibson Perana. Everyone was exhausted, brain dead and knackered as the long transport stages bore down on the fitness and health of both crews and cars. As the field filed into the cold and wet parc ferme in Strahan, service crews rushed to fettle so they could get on the road to Queenstown to be up and away before the roads were closed for the last epic day. Leg 5 started dry and as the Strahan stage flowed through, a brilliant effort faltered as the throttle linkage on Colin Byrnes’ GTV Alfa collapsed and they were parked - but were able to fix it just in time to squeeze through the stage before the sweep in last position with a 12 minute penalty. They struggled to keep going slowly at the back of the field through Arrowsmith until they were able to get a permanent fix

after Tarraleah. The frustration of the crew showed as they put in two fantastic drives coming third outright and leading the HTCAV field on the treacherous Woodsdale stage and Grasstree Hill. A final 15th outright was a small reward for an epic drive and we’ll look out for these guys on future Targas. So our HTCAV winner for 2012 is the Wilson brothers original and beautifully prepared Perana, two minutes ahead of twice Club Champs Pete and Sari Ullrich in the Chrysler engined Jensen. A thrill for all of us is that the Andy White and Ashley Yelds took our Club P3 in the Amazon, which was always driven right on the edge by a master of the art. Andy might thank his new extractors and soft Dunlops, but Ashley will attest to the talent of this once a year driver. Chris Ralph will recount his terrific first timer effort elsewhere - but the regulars are full of admiration for this achievement. When as we left the workshop in Moorabbin looked unlikely. “There’s no point going on” said Chris “It’s won’t run below 100C”. But he and the hilarious Neil Gibson persevered and our President did the Club proud on stages he had never seen before. Just as praiseworthy was the performance of Ross, Jill and Harry (as in Potter), the one litre Anglebox. With a crew weight more suited to the V8’s and 12’s which Ross started with, this self prepared little LMS wonder in innocuous white put in some astonishing performances, coming 24th outright on the Riana stage of evil repute in soaking wet conditions.

Bernie and John Wilson were the top placed tourer with a 6th outright. Page 12

May 2012

A big tribute this year to our service crews, without whom 403 and 484 would not have started or run more than half the stages - Team Orange Gary Hughes and Gus Muscara and team Green Stuart Clark and Charlie Hughes and the incomparable Katherine Sellers who always had food ready and looked after the blood sugar levels and hydration of everyone with such a bright smile. Historic Touring Torque

All pics courtesy Perfect Prints

The poor Dermotts had a cam tooth snag the oil pump on Day 3. So its all over. Of our 24 starters, 6 DNF’d and only Doug Mockett’s rocket hit something. Usual words for the event are epic, heroic, legendary. Yeah, sure. Also words like cost, time and effort. Also elation, frustration, gutted. All I know is that as one finishes, you start planning the next - the sheer visceral thrill of driving your old car flat chat on fantastic roads for nearly a week can’t be realised any other way. Brian

Beefy Large-Dredge Coupe boomed through to 30th.

2012 Championship after 2 of 4 rounds HTCAV Pos No Driver Nav 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 DNF DNF DNF DNF DNF DNF DNF DNF DNF

471 383 411 222 484 487 361 408 501 355 486 233 438 210 410 302 372 364 230 276 388 416 316 425 389 301 405 434 474 215 244 288 403 614

Wilson Ullrich Todd White Ralph Byrne Steuart Pfingst Large Priddle Byrne Draper Ogg Waldron Kenny Jenkins Bruce Edwards Davison Utber Killick Chaplin White Reading Clark Bryson Kent Miedecke Rogers Freestone Batten Mockett Dermott Storr


Wilson 1971 Ford Perana Ullrich 1963 Jensen CV8 Tighe 1971 Ford Capri Perana Yelds 1961 Volvo 122S Gibson 1970 Ford Perana Stoopman 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 Steuart 1962 Ford Anglia 105e Loth 1971 Holden LJ Torana Dredge 1972 Ford Falcon GT Guymer 1963 Ford Zephyr Newbold 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 Draper 1961 Morris Mini Minor Farrell 1970 Alfa Romeo Guilia GTV 1750 Gregory 1955 FIAT Abarth 750 Jackson 1971 Jaguar XJ6 Goode 1965 Morris Mini Cooper Bruce 1967 Morris Mini Cooper S Wright 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint Davison 1955 Austin A30 Kaye 1961 Vauxhall Cresta Killick 1965 Ford Cortina Harwood 1971 Datsun 1600 White 1963 Austin Mini Cooper Russell 1971 Triumph 2.5 PI Clark 1965 Cortina Milich 1964 Hillman Imp Rally Krawczyk 1971 Ford Falcon GT Willson 1970 Ford Capri Perana Moss 1971 Ford Falcon GT Freestone 1948 Holden 215 Batten 1961 Volvo PV544 Fuentes Garcia 1954 Oldsmobile Super 88 Dermott 1971 Holden Torana XU1 Caplice 1978 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV

Historic Touring Torque


Round 1 Targa Wrest Point 28-29/1 Points


13,760 0 10,535 8,385 6,665 5,590 4,515 3,225 0 0 0 0

May 2012

Round 2 Cumulative to Targa Tasmania Round 2 17-22/4 Points Points 54810 51765 33495 45675 42021 37758 29841 23751 23142 20097 19488 18879 18270 15225 14616 13398 11571 0 9135 8526 0 0 0 0 0

54,810 51,765 47,255 45,675 42,021 37,758 29,841 23,751 23,142 20,097 19,488 18,879 18,270 15,225 14,616 13,398 11,571 10,535 9,135 8,526 8,385 6,665 5,590 4,515 3,225 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Page 13

2012 Pointscore Driver

Hist State Hist State Hist State Hist Isl I’state Total 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 Mag rd Pts P Is P Is Wint S Sand F OS Wint P Is Sand P Is

NC Over 5000cc Tony Hubbard 40 37 Rod Hotchkin 19 Karl Wittick Michael Miceli Darren Smith John Allesi Keven Stoopman 3 Andrew Tickner Darren Collins 23 Robert Marshall 25 21 Matt Jager 3 3500-5000cc Rob Burns JohnMann Fraser Ross 46 Leo Tobin 35 32 Les Walmsley Michael Bugelly Stuart Barnes Craig Miles 3 Michael Hibbert Peter Burchell John Harrison 27 James Frolley 29 Ian Cromarty 29 3001-3500cc Andrew Williams 27 Angelo Taranto Steve Coad Douglas Growcott 29 Lawrie Nelson 3 Alan McKelvie 15 25 Tim Fettel 29 Stephen Pillekers 24 Gary Edwards Dylan Innes Gordon Cox Scott Slater 46 Stephen Bell David Landry Mark Brewster 35 Andrew Mumford 15 2001-3000cc Ian Watt 24 Ben Read Brendon Hare Ant Read Brian Beasy Robert Hare 30 Mark Johnson 37 1501-2000cc John Smallman 38 31 Mark Schatz Russell Pilven 15 Vince Parisi 31 Chris Ralph David Noakes Justin Brown David Brown Spencer Rice Jerry Lenstra 3 Dean Bryant Mick Stupka 31 1101-1500cc

77 19 0 0 0 0 3 0 23 46 3 0 0 46 67 0 0 0 3 0 0 27 29 29

27 0 0 29 3 40 29 24 0 0 0 46 0 0 35 15

24 0 0 0 0 30 37


Hist State Hist State Hist State Hist Isl I’state Total 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 Mag rd Pts P Is P Is Wint S Sand FOS Wint P Is Sand P Is

NB Over 3000cc Andrew Cannon Bill Trengrove 34 0 Andy Clempson David Moran 22 Grant Bingley 27 John Clarke John Harrison Geoff Taylor Alan Shearer 2601-3000cc John Bourke Phil Shepherd 34 Steve Watt 27 Douglas Juniper 2001-2600cc Eddie Dobbs Rob Southhouse 1601-2000cc 1301-1600cc Nick Cascone John Luxmoore 32 27 Paul Watson Simon Browing 34 John Bendell Ted Perkins 29 1001-1300cc Anthony Ramadge Ted Brewster 27 Helen Lindner 34 Ian Pringle 40 James Holloway 15 Peter Melick 33 Len Read 24 John Eeles 26 Henry Draper Michael Holloway Roger Howard

0 34 0 22 27 0 0 0 0

0 34 27 0

0 0

0 59 0 34 0 29

0 27 34 40 15 33 24 26 0 0 0

Under 1000cc Michael Stupka 31 31 Jerry Lenstra 0

69 0 15 31 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 31

Any Questions re pointscore: please contact Dean Bryant on 0417 012 526 or Page 14

May 2012

Historic Touring Torque

Pointscore Rules 2012 1. Only HTCAV financial competition members are included in the pointscore.

11. It is the competitors responsibility to collect 18. Where there is no result deemed in a race, interstate results sheets and supply them to there will be no points allocated for that race. the competition secretary for inclusion in the 3 points will still be allocated for participating 2. Points are awarded per race for finishers 1 HTCAV pointscore no later than November at that event. through 6 dependent on the number of starters 15 of that year. Interstate events will be scored 19. In the event of a Club Championship draw, in each class. (See table below for details). using the HTCAV pointscore system. there will be a count back. The competitor 3. The Competition Calendar shows which events 12. If a car commences qualifing, it is counted as with the highest number of superior placings are eligible for points for a year. a starter in all races wether it actually starts will be declared the winner 4. Only HTCAV financial competition members them or not. 20. Certificate of Description (COD) cars are included as starters in eligible Victorian 13. If a car starts a race, but has a DNF, it gets 0 will run in special classes “shadowing” the events. points, but is counted as a starter. pointscore classes ie a COD 302 Mustang 5. Three points are allocated for participating would run in “NC COD 3501-5000”. 14. Where the grid is separated into fast and (signing on) at an event. slow (Not Over and Under), The results shall Points Allocation - Per Race 6. One point is allocated for the fastest timed lap be deemed as one large race with the faster No. of Finishing Position of the event, for each class, during racing but grid being the first finishers and the slower Starters 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th not including qualifying. thereafter. 6+ 14 12 10 8 6 4 7. In a handicap race eight points will be allocated 15. If members change classes their points stay 5 13 11 9 7 5 to each and every finisher of that race within each class but can be added for Total 4 12 10 8 6 8. Points are allocated for finishers, 1st through to Points. 3 11 9 7 6th in each class, in each race of an event (to a 2 10 8 16. Members may race as many classes as they maximum of 3 races). If an event has more than 1 9 like at an event, but can score points in only 3 races, the last 3 races only will be scored. one nominated class. Classes 9. Championship Points are calculated from a NB Over 4500 NC Over 5100 This one class may be nominated post event, competitor’s best 5 events during a year, which NB 3000 - 4500 NC 3501 – 5100 but no more than 3 days after the event. It is a may include one nominated interstate event. 2601 - 3000 NC 3001 – 3500 member’s responsibility to make the Competition NB Any Interstate, Group N, event where a CAMS NB 2001 2600 NC 2001 – 3000 Secretary aware of their nominated car. Points Provisional Circuit (formerly known as C3) NB 1601 - 2000 NC 1501 – 2000 will not be allocated retrospectively. Licence holder can participate is eligible for NB 1301 - 1600 NC 1101 – 1500 17. Other race series such as the VSRS inclusion. NB 1001 – 1300 NC Up to 1100 andVSCRC use different methods to score NB Up to 1000 10. At interstate events all class cars are counted their series. This does not affect the HTCAV’s as starters - not just HTCAV members. pointscore system.

Competition Numbers No-one owns a number, but we understand how nice it is to have a regular one on your car.

AUGUST 11, 12, 2012

Photo courtesy of Peter Ellenbogen.

Historic Racing, Sports & Touring Cars The Rose City Touring Car race 25 laps and Top 10 shootout Winton Group C & A Trophy race Sports Car Tourist Trophy race Grand Parade Sunday & Classic Car display Collector and automotive trade stands Entry Information: or 0412 351 403

Historic Touring Torque

Photo courtesy of Rob Lang.

Ultimately the Chief Steward or Race Sectary of the meeting issue the numbers for each event. However the Club tries to allocate numbers to our members to save members money and angst. Many events do not allow triple digit numbers, so that leaves 180+ competition members vying for 99 numbers. We often supply a list of the HTCAV member numbers to promoters of Victorian meetings. In most cases they will give preference to the HTCAV member for those allocated numbers on the list over other entrants. The same rules apply interstate which is why you often end up with a different number when your race interstate. As stated above we have more competitors than we do numbers. While not all competitive members require numbers, we have used all 99 and we still need to keep allocating more. To have a number allocated & retained you must Be a continous financial member and Use the number at least once every 2 years. These rules still do not May 2012

guarantee you exclusive usage of a number! They have been devised as way for the committee to make a fair judgement of when we can consider reallocating unused or infrequently used numbers. Other factors that may be considered re the 2 year usage rule are special circumstances that may prevent a member from competing at their intended meetings (e.g.. unexpected engine blow ups!) Our solution to the above conundrum is “a” numbers. What we have begun to do is allocate new members a number that is already in use by another member. So if we have a new member join with a Mustang we would look to use the same number as used on a small car like a Mini or maybe Cortina. e.g.. Glenn Everitt newly joined has been given #52a (for his GT Falcon) while John Smallman retains #52 (for his BDA Escort). At most larger meetings these cars would not be in the same race, however if they did then John would use #52 and Glenn would have a different number allocated by the event organiser (hopefully 5 or 2 so major change is necessary)! Importantly nobody runs with the “a” on their car. Page 15

Thanks to our sponsors

For professional DVDs of the Phillip Island Classic and Winton Historics as well as lots of photos of Group N cars and other Historic vehicles contact Rob Lang on 0412 001 263 or email

A not so regular Capri after Bathurst regularity

Page 16

May 2012

Historic Touring Torque

Torquing ’Em Up - Classifieds are free!

Ford Cortina TC XLE 1973, good condition. Registration number LKD708

XW (Kindova) GT Solid, reliable Nc car. Fresh 4V Cleveland producing 1.21 Gigawatts of power. Trans & diff... underneath it somewhere. Includes useful detail touches such as opening doors and working brakes. Offered for sale to fund upcoming Global Domination / Enslavement of Humanity project. Will sell to best ridiculously high offer*. Ph Mat on 0409 427 667

$8000.00 (ONO) Phone Don 03 59427 427 or email



Group Nc Escort 1300GT Looking for a very well sorted Nc log booked race car? This is one of 6 racing in Australia and is the perfect race car to learn the ropes. This is a great car for regularity racing too. This well-known Victorian and NSW car has been maintained fastidiously and is race ready. Beautifully prepared and is very fast and competitive. Engine and gearbox are fresh. Sale includes set of near new Kuhmo race tyres (1 race old) and some minor spares. Car is located in Maitland NSW. I am happy to assist buyers with interstate delivery. If you have a genuine interest in this great little car, please feel free to call Ian Wilks on 0438 438 765 or Dean Bryant on 0417 012 526. Offered for sale at $28,000.


Historic Touring Torque


ter Ellenboge

photo © Pe



UNDER PERSON • • • • • • •

Secure brick warehouse No public access Collection and delivery by appointment only Short and long term rentals Limited number of bays Free scratch - proof dust covers Communal Hoist




Trickle charge Tyre checks Wash - down Valet Car towing Engine starting

Unit 1 Edgecombe Ct, Moorabbin 3189 - Melbourne email Ph: 0401 523 713


May 2012

Page 17

Torquing ’Em Up - Classifieds are free! Devo’s ‘64 GT Cortina

RF87 Van Diemen

Historic Group FC Formula Ford. Fully restored and has only competed in two race meetings. Fitted with a Graham Ritter built engine. Large quantity of new spares and wheels. This is an English car and is painted in Van Diemen works colours. Asking price $28,000 Phone Brian Beasy 03 97355090

To be Sold as a Complete racing package. Built by Broadwalk Engineering. Brother/sister car to Fast Johny’s No 63. All the usual body modifications including Steel Cage, Monte Carlo Bar and Watts Link rear end. Vello seat with 6 point Sparko belt. EN36A (low carbon alloy case hardened steel) steering Pitman Shaft. Fresh motor built by Broadwalk, with dyno sheets (1 meeting old) with new roller rockers, valves, pistons, rods, billet cam, and sump. Escort cam followers. Faced Pressure Plate with new clutch. Reconditioned 45 DCOE Webers, Reconditioned alternator, high torque starter, front calipers with new pads and faced rotors. Reconditioned close ratio gearbox with steel syncro rings. Two sets of wheels with 4 x Toyo 185x60R13s and 2 x 205x60R13s, also one meeting old. Diffs include a 4.1 CIG, 4.4 Salisbury, and a 5.1 CIG in good condition. Ample combinations of tyres and diffs for most circuits. Dorian Timer included. Spares Package also available. Other bits include jack stands and racing jack. Performance: Sandown 1.34s, Phillip Is best 2.01s usually around 2.04s, Winton 1.12s, Eastern Creek 2.00s, Mallala 1.28s. Asking $35,000 the lot. If you want to have a go at racing this car is a great way to start. For more contact Paul Trevethan on 0427 885 075

Ford Mustang car No. 54 The redoubtable John Mann offer for sale… Arguably Australia’s most winning touring car ever, more than 400 races won over 30 years. Still a front running car with lots of spares to run either NB or NC. Fresh sealed 289 engine by Dennis Johnson only two meetings old. Dyno sheets available. Would like it to be sold to a good home. Genuine buyers please.

Phone John Mann on 0418 310 472

Est 1953, over 40 years experience

Brake & clutch parts supplier and rebuilder distributor of ferodo products

Page 18



1964 Ford Mustang

289 Group Nb rocket ship. Ground up restoration and build in 2005. Lovingly driven and always maintained to the highest order. Driven mostly on Sundays. Three sets of rims and tyres. Many spares. Fresh Zinner gearbox. Fresh Johnson engine. On going support. $85,000 Call Andrew Clempson 0417 561 906

• Full range of disc pads to suit cars, 4x4, cabs, club sport & racing cars

• Ex-change re-sleeved brake & clutch cyclinders

• Also carbon kevelar race pads, new & exchange brake shoes & clultch kits

• Honing & caliper overhauls on hydraulic master & wheel cyclinders

• Disc & drum fly wheel grinding

• Commerical & industrial bonding

• Same day service where possible

•C  eramic car & truck plates made to order

10 Webster Road, Dandenong, Ph 9792 2806 Fax 9794 0095 May 2012

Historic Touring Torque

Torquing ’Em Up - Classifieds are free!

Nb Consul Cortina GT

Group Nc 1972 LJ Holden Torana GTR Completed 2006, it has minimal race miles and is in very good condition. Original GTR (numbers no longer match). Some say the “best looking Torana on the track”. Good HP 202 (3.3 blue) Knife edged crank. M21 G/box BMW rotors Volvo callipers. 13x7 Sprint masters with new Toyos, Minilites with Kumhos. Good amount of spares. You get everything in the deal. Business commitments have made it difficult for me to race to any satisfying degree. $37, 500. Gordon 0418 506 650

For Sale 1963 Cortina GT, Ex Derry Robinson (B.G.T) Log Booked since 12/02/1988. Front running car in class, Motor new, not yet run in. Datsun crank, forged pistons, Lotus rods. New valves, Clive Camshaft, Large sump with external pick-up. Toyota starter. Fresh close ratio Gearbox, Fresh 4.44.Limited Slip diff, Capri brakes, coil over struts. Comes with trailer, spare wheels fitted with Yokohama Advans, spare 4.44 diff centre. Spare intermediate gearbox and remote shifter, New Pitman shaft – low carbon alloy case hardened steel Large range of parts and panels also available. Sandown: 1.34, Winton: 1.13, Philip Island 2.02. $23,000 as listed. Spare parts & panels negotiable Rod Evans 0411717167

Car Storage/Workshop Space To Let. Space in a well-equipped Moorabbin factory. A double space (single space with dedicated hoist storing two cars) is now available and another single space will also be free. Seven HTCAV tenants share hoist and various workshop items, engine dyno also on site. Fully alarmed and patrolled. Suit car storage (esp double space) or competition cars. Very reasonable rates. Email or call Chris 0418 318 934.

Manny’s hot race bits. • Set of 48 IDA Weber carburettors. Machined out to 52mm, 302 manifold and linkages, Large box of Weber spares, jets and chokes, linkages etc. • 289 manifold and 4 barrel carburettor only used once. • T10 magnesium close ratio gearbox with 98/10 steel gears with heavy duty extension housing. Only used once in Commodore Cup; in top condition. • Assorted spares: pistons for 302 and 289 con rods, cranks • Kelsey Hayes calipers machined and widened. • Three sets of 14x6 lightweight lookalike Minilite wheels. • One set of genuine Ford GT HO steel wheels. Stamped on wheels “made in Canada” Phone John Mann on 0418 310 472

Direct all advertisements to Ph 0418 318 934 or go to and post it there. Old Classifierd can be found on the Forum as well. Historic Touring Torque

May 2012

Page 19


9379 2616

NEW SUPERSTORE, NOW OPEN ! Essendon Tyrepower opened in March 2004. After 6 years of working & growing we have now moved to 392 Keilor Rd. in NIDDRIE (Only 2kms from the old store). The new premises have the best of everything we need, to give the service you deserve!

Here’s what we’ll do for your race and rally cars: KUMHO, TOYO, BRIDGESTONE, DUNLOP & ADVAN Race tyres supply & fitting. Race car WHEEL ALIGNMENT & set up (The BEST around). Race car PREPARATION, MODIFICATION, REPAIRS & TUNING. In car TWIN CAMERA HD DVD recording with data logging (Day or Weekend hire avail.)

Here’s what we’ll do for your road cars and trailers: Full mechanical servicing for your Tow car, your daily driver, 4WD or company Fleet car. The best selection of tyres and wheel alignments to suit your day-to-day driving needs. Trailer repairs, rejuvenation, modifications, servicing and preparation. S Soo ggeett tthhee jjoobb ddoonnee rriigghhtt bbyy ccaalllliinngg yyoouurr C Clluubb m maatteess R Ruusssseellll,, P Paauull oorr R Riicckkyy @ E s s e n d o n T y r e p o w e r T e l : 9 3 7 9 2 6 1 6 M o b : ( 0 4 1 9 ) 5 2 7 1 8 8 A / H @ Essendon Tyrepower Tel: 9379 2616 Mob: (0419) 527 188 A/H O Orr ee--m maaiill uuss aatt eesssseennddoonnttyyrreeppoow weerr@ @bbiiggppoonndd..ccoom m

WELD AWAY ENGINEERING PTY. LTD. (Used & RECOMMENDED by Essendon Tyrepower) Corey Rogers (HTCAV member) is “Weld Away”. Corey is a highly certificated Welder of ANY material: Alloy, Stainless, Cr-Mo, Steel etc. with experience in many fields of sheet metal work, component design & fabrication, boiler-making & general engineering. Corey is willing & able to assist with all aspects in the engineering field and the end result will always meet expectations. “Many club members already race on Weld Away products!” So for all your metal needs don’t hesitate to call Corey on 0401-191-626 Page 20

May 2012


Touring Torque May 2012  

Monthly Newsletter of the Historic Touring Car Association of Victoria

Touring Torque May 2012  

Monthly Newsletter of the Historic Touring Car Association of Victoria