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JERVIN D. CORTEZ Your next Chairperson

The Vision To become an organization with a stronger family bond that will work together in doing projects which will value its members and impact the community.

This year, together as a family, we aim to: Reconnect


We go back to the greatest strength of CIEM— its members. We will bridge the gaps among batches by bringing back numerous activities that will reconnect members from each other and we will make sure that it will be implemented properly.

We will increase member involvement by getting their insights on matters involving our organization as a whole.

Reach out The reason of UP CIEM’s existence is to achieve academic excellence and as CIEMers we want to extend this to children who are not capable of acquiring education. We will organize events to help them achieve education.

Develop CIEMers, as we all know, have very high potentials in sports, talents, and leadership. We will hone these skills by conducting activities that will tap these potentials.

Reconnect Inter batch bonding The EB will make sure that each batch will schedule a bonding activity with other batches. This must be properly documented and at least 50% of the batch must attend the said bonding activity. With this, CIEMers, specifically the batches, will be able to mingle with others thus enabling them to build connections with each other.

Batch Kamustahan The EB will set 1 batch kamustahan every 2 months. This will just be sit down picnic style bonding activity between the EB and the batch. In the kamustahann, batches will be asked on their insights about the organization, its members, its activities and the EB. With this activity, the EB will be able to understand and connect with the batches and also for us to respond immediately with the needs and sentiments of each batch.

Reconnect School Supplies on the Go School supplies like blue books, yellow pads, pens etc. will be made available in the tambayan and can be acquired at the lowest price possible so that CIEMers will not have the hard time going anywhere else to buy these things.

Clean and Organized Tambayan Where else can CIEMers can interact better but in our tambayan so before every sem starts, we will conduct general cleaning, will repair and repaint the pieces of furniture. We’ll set cleaners to keep the tambayan clean daily.

Reconnect Jag and Lee Sale We will bring this back to support our events and this time we will make sure that we will handle the event properly by assigning people beforehand to man the venue.

Involve CIEM Speak Up! There will be a suggestion box that will be placed inside the tambayan wherein CIEMers can drop their opinions about the EB and/or CIEM in general. In this manner, we can hear the voice of CIEMers and immediately respond to their sentiments.

Open Plan Sem The EB , together together with the core team, will set a whole day sem planning open to all CIEMers to attend and participate. With this, we can empower the members because they will be a part of the decision making of the EB.

Reach Out Fun Run We’ll organize a fun run activity with the goal of helping the less fortunate in education. Proceeds of this event will be donated to NGOs for education and portion of this will be placed to the UP CIEM Foundation.

The UP CIEM Foundation The UP CIEM Foundation is a scholarship fund for incoming freshmen IE students. We will fund this by allotting a portion of UP CIEM’s revenue on fund raising activities. This activity will be totally implemented at the start of the term of the next EB.

Reach Out The UP CIEM Foundation Benefits: Full tuition and Fees Qualifications Incoming IE Freshmen STFAP Bracket C or below Grade of 2.0 or better

Requireents Letter of intent TCG

Develop It’s more fun with UP CIEM A series of activities with a variety of sports (i.e. basketball, volleyball etc.) and different workshops (i.e. acting, singing, dancing etc.) and with this activity, we hone the skills of CIEMers at the same time they are having fun together.

Student Mentors Train group of students who are willing and has the potential to become mentors and teach fellow CIEMers. This will make sure that we will always have someone that will help CIEMers in their academics.

Develop Step up 2.0 Just like the current structure of STEP UP but this time, we would like to make an emphasis on training younger batches most especially the incoming third year students. The said batch will be given an invitation letter to take part to the seminar series and with this we continually train the future leaders of CIEM.


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