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Bolivia It’s a landlocked country located in western-central South America. It is bordered by Brazil to the north and east, Paraguay and Argentina to the south, Chile to the southwest, and Peru to the west.

Sucre It’s the constitutional capital of Bolivia, the capital of the department of Chuquisaca, and the 6th most populated city in Bolivia. Located in the south-central part of the country, it is also known as “The White City of America”.

AIESEC Sucre AIESEC in Sucre is working in Bolivia since 2009. Through the years it has become one of the “top” Local Committees in AIESEC Bolivia. It has been developing youth for almost 10 years. Actually it has more than 30 members and 7 projects

Actually AIESEC in Sucre is working with projects based on the UN SDGS: - SDG 3 Climate Action - SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth - SDG 10 Reduccd Inequalities - SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Comunities - SDG 13 Climate Action

Animal Protection Environmental Education Recycle your World

Doctors for Special Children Marketing Coaches

Inte Great

Inte Great

Therapist for Special Children Special Educator for Children

Animal Protection You will work in Sucre to raise the awareness of the population about the holding and care of animals through awareness workshops, animal diseases workshops and campaigns for the responsible adoption of animals. You will support the tasks of animal rescue, care of animals in the shelters and others that Zoonosis carries out in Sucre.

Main Activities * Rescue of animals from the street. * Adoption campaigns. * Vaccination campaigns. * Sterilization campaigns. * Care and protection of homeless animals. * Awareness workshops about animal holding.

Environmental Education You will work in Sucre to contribute with Environmental Education to essentially change the mentality and to raise awareness in the whole population. Through campaigns and workshops for public and private institutions, you will develop a strategy of integral consciousness about current problems that the world is experiencing.

Main Activities * Environmental education workshops for children. * Talks on climate change to public and private institutions. * Control visits to communities. * Teaching of environmental culture. * Development of plans and projects for schools.

Recycle your World You will work in Sucre to contribute the effects of pollution through different activities related to the trash recycling. You will have to develop strategies for improving the solid residues management. Also you will be able to improve the environmental situation of our city innovating the process of recycling garbage.

Main Activities * Analysis of the garbage situation in Sucre. * Develop of recycling projects. * Garbage utility innovation. * Recycling workshops for schools. * Recycling workshops for the community.

Health for Special Children You will work in Sucre to contribute with the medical assistance of special children. You will be part of the integral and specialized professional team from the Instituto Psicopedagรณgico, working in different areas such as pediatrics, odontology, ophthalmology, psychiatry and neurology.

Main Activities * Medical assistance for children. * Medical checkup for children with mental issues. * Medical checkup for children with physical problems. * Help in the hospital with general work. * Case study.

Marketing Coaches This project embraces work inclusion for people with mental and/or physical disabilities, based on the production of handcraft material. You will work in Sucre with the Instituto Psicopedagรณgico, developing a Marketing Plan for all the goods they offer, and helping in the improvement of products.

Main Activities * Product Improvement. * Process Improvement. * Market analysis. * Development of sales strategies. * Commercialization.

Inte Great

Therapist for Special Children You will work in Sucre to help in the rehabilitation of children with physical and/or mental problems, providing an integral and specialized care in the area of health. You will provide complete attention with quality, warmth, humanized and of excellence, to people with special needs.

Main Activities * Care for children with physical problems. * Rehabilitation of children with disabilities * Psychological support. * Comprehensive childcare. * Integral development of children. * Physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions.

Inte Great

Special Educator for Children Improve the quality of education for children from 6 to 18 years old with mental and/or physical disabilities. You will support the professional team from the institution creating a work plan according to the kids necessities. Also you’ll be part of manual workshops in order to help the ones who can't learn regular education.

Main Activities * Basic education during the morning. * Manual workshops during the afternoon. * Artistic activities. * Field trips. * Art and Cultural activities. * Integral education for children with special needs.










1 USD = 6,96 Bs Food

Breakfast Lunch Tea Dinner Hamburguer Sandwich Cookies

7 Bs 20 Bs 7 Bs 20 Bs 5 Bs 5 Bs 2 Bs

Travelling Bus in the city 1 Bs Taxi 5 Bs Bus to other cities 20 - 100 Bs Plane 200 - 400 Bs Hotel 50-100 Bs


Beer 10 Bs Fruit Juice 7 Bs Soda 500Ml. 5 Bs Water 500 Ml. 4 Bs Soda 2 Lt. 10 Bs

Other Expenses Cellphone * 1 minute 1 Bs * Internet 60 Mbs 2Bs Cinema 20 - 35 Bs Night out 50 - 100 Bs

Salar de Uyuni It’s the world's largest salt flat at 10,582 square kilometers (4,086  sq  mi). It is located in the Daniel Campos Province in  Potosí  in southwest  Bolivia, near the crest of the Andes and is at an elevation of 3,656 meters (11,995  ft) above mean sea level.

Copacabana It’s a town on the shore of Lake Titicaca. the highest lake all over the world (3600 meters above mean sea level). The town is also known for its famous Basilica, home of the Virgin of Copacabana. Boats leave for  Isla del Sol, the sacred Inca island from Copacabana.

Villa Tunari A town located in the Cochabamba tropics located between the Andes and Amazonia, has incredible landscapes with exuberant vegetation and is full of rivers, streams, waterfalls and natural pools. It is a pleasant spot to relax, hike and swim in cool rivers, and is a relatively tame introduction to the wilder Amazon.

National Mint The National Mint is Potosí’s star attraction and one of South America’s finest museums. It was built between 1753 and 1773 to control the minting of colonial coins. It is considered one of the most important museums in Bolivia. The building has UNESCO World Heritage status under the City of Potosi listing in 1987.

Cretaceous Park It’s definitely one of the most unique attractions in Bolivia. At first glance, the dinosaur tracks look like simple holes in rocks. But after your eyes adjust, you'll start to see distinct patterns of movement. All of a sudden, it's very easy to envision dinosaurs slopping through the mud, trying to escape from their enemies, and searching for water

Glorieta’s Castle It’s an eclectic castle built during the late 19th century in Sucre - Bolivia. This palace is one of the most curious buildings constructed in Bolivia. Its owners, Francisco Argandoña and Clotilde Urioste received an honorary title from Pope Leon XIII on 28 December 1898, who declared them prince and princess of La Glorieta by means of an official Papal bull. Thus they became the only royalty in Bolivia's history.

La Reoleta The Look-Out Point of Recoleta is located atop of one of the seven hills where the city of Sucre was actually founded. From this spot, there is a panoramic view of all the neighborhoods and various zones of Sucre. At the Look-Out Point there is the Museum of the Recoleta Convent (Religious Retreat) and the Museum of the Children from Tanga Tanga, both places are particularly attractive, due to the uniqueness of their architecture.

Freedom House It’s an old building dating from 1700. Built by the Jesuits, who ran a university that held as students to many of the main heroes of the South American independence revolution. It´s here that Bolivia signed its Declaration of Independence from Spain, drafted its first Constitution and laws, and named Sucre, its first city, the capital of Bolivia.

Come and enjoy Bolivia!!

Booklet iGV LC Sucre  
Booklet iGV LC Sucre