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Wire ring diy - to create mothers ring- with a pair of angle wings Woven wire ring diy or beaded one? No, we don’t introduce you a complicated item here! Just take you a few minutes to create mothers ring -a cute angle wings pattern for her holiday.

Messy were wrapping, exquisite wire weaving and multi-sized bead braiding, all of them are popular wire ring diy methods, but takes plenty of time to try and complete, particularly for a novice, a much longer and tougher journey to follow. Why not choose to create mothers ring in a much plain way, with a brief design which is straight forward to show your mind.

Materials and tools:

1.5mm purple aluminum wire

0.3mm purple copper wire

Marker with round shank

Round nose plier

Wire cutter

Instructions: Step 1: make coiling onto alum wire 1st, snip two pieces of alum wire, measuring about 15cm; 2nd, snip another piece of copper wire and do coiling as much as you desire.

Step 2: shape wire ring’s shank 1st, push coiling to the center of double alum wires; 2nd, wrap wires around marker, forming a round loop.

Step 3: finish the wire ring diy 1st, at each side, make one wire longer and the other shorter; 2nd, with round nose plier to make wing patterns.

Tada, the wire ring diy is done successfully!

The wings represent Angles; with angle wings ring, mom is always under holy protection, which is your good wish and why you create mothers ring in this pattern for her.

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Wire ring diy to create mothers ring with a pair of angle wings