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Popular mother s day gifts- chain bracelet diy This tutorial aims to tutor you a simple way relating woven chain bracelet diy; multi-sized chains, once braided together, will become very popular mother s day gifts.

Only if jewelry piece is handcrafted with sincere affection and good wish, it will become popular mother s day gifts in mom’s mind. Moreover, this woven chain bracelet DIY is specifically designed by us, a real one of a kind in the world.

Materials and tools: 

2mm golden chain

2mm bronze chain

3.5mm silvery chain

Antique silver handmade alloy chains

0.3mm copper wire

Toggle clasp

Wire cutter

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Instructions: Step 1: weave chain together chain 1 piece, silvery chain 1 piece and each

Step 2: attach flowery chain to the braiding

measuring 15cm;

1st, snip two pieces of antique silver chains

2nd, cut a bit of copper wire and use it to hold one

(2-4 links, mine is just 2);

end of those chains;


1st, snip bronze colored chain 2 pieces, golden


3 , do 4-strand-braidng 5cm long; th

4 , snip another piece of wire and use it to hold the other end of chains; 5th, cut off the excess chains.



corresponding chains;




Step 3: add clasp to bracelet 1st, with plier remove one single ring from both sides of chain;

The finalized look is like this:


2 , open the reaming ring and attach toggle to it.

Now the braided chain bracelet diy is completed. This bracelet is high-fashion-inspired by some big-brand show; we bet your mom will be soon sweet on this sort of popular mother s day gifts.

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Popular mother s day gifts chain bracelet diy