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Fascinating Jewelry making craft- DIY bullet necklace This tutorial shows you the step-by-step jewelry making craft about how to diy bullet necklace; this is a quick and easy way to make cool bullet jewelry.

If let me select what kind of jewelry present to friends, I would probably steer clear of those sort of exquisite fragile princess-style pieces, in reverse, I would be much apt for the tough jewelry making craft, such as diy bullet necklace.

Materials and tools: 

Bullet shell

Quartz spike bead

0.5mm copper wire gold color

Iron chain



Pipe cutter

Flat nose plier

Found nose plier

Instructions: Step 1: tackle with bullet shell casing

Step 2: insert spike quartz bead

1st, pick a bullet shell and cut the half away with

1st, snip a piece of copper wire and thread it

pipe cutter;

through a spike quartz bead;


2 , drill a tiny hole through the hermetic end of

2nd, wrap the short tail around quartz bead like


doing a triangle bail;


3 , file the coarse edge.

3rd, thread the long tail end through the drilled bullet shell and make a wire wrapped bail.

Step 3: finish the bullet pendant necklace Attach the bullet pendant to a piece of iron chain.

Our tutorial of diy bullet necklace is finished! I haven’t told you why I prefer this unisex, tough and statement jewelry making craft- I love this kind of irrelevant-to-genders freedom displaying in jewelry making and wearing.

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Fascinating jewelry making craft diy bullet necklace  

Fascinating Jewelry making craft- DIY bullet necklace