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Beaded string jewelry-diy fringe necklace for girls This post describes step-by-step directions for making a piece of diy fringe necklace for girls. During the processes you may just use the easy half hitch and bail making techniques.

Adding a fringe statement to a necklace is not an intricate work as you think. On the contrary, that may be turned into fairly interesting due to the variant of its definition and the availability of materials. Hence, here I will show you a diy fringe necklace for girls who love the threads and beads at same time.

Materials needed in diy fringe necklace: 

Drop Cat Eye Bead

4mm Round Seed Bead

2mm Round Seed Bead



0.5mm Brass Wire

1mm Nylon Thread

Round Nose Plier


Instructions on the necklace for girls: Step1: create a bail for the drop beads 1. Cut 20cm brass wire, fold in half; 2. Slide a 2mm seed bead to the center and thread the drop cat eye bead with both ends; 3. Make the bail with round nose plier. .

4. Do 5 such pieces totally

Step2: design the fringe 1. Snip a long chain into 5 segments, with different length; 2. Attach the drop beads onto last link of chain respectively; 3. Once finished the process, you will get the basic essentials for your diy fringe necklace; 4. Assemble the 5 elements on a jumpring;

5. Close the jumpring.

Step3: braid the necklace chain 1. Take two strips of 1mm nylon thread, one about 2m and the other about 1m; 2. Double the two threads once and attach to the jumpring with Larks Head Knot; 3. Divide 4 strands into two groups, each consists of one long strand and one short strand; 4. Start to work the half hitch with longer one; 5. After 3~4 knots, supply one 4mm seed bead on the long strand and knot in the same way; 6. After several times, you’ll get a beaded necklace chain as below;

7. Do the same action to the other side; 8. When the chain get fairy long, knot the two parts and remove excess tails. Secure with a lighter.

This fringe is so easy to make, and will add embellishments to your personal jewelry accessories. While creating diy fringe necklace for girls, it is not beyond the ability of someone with fundamental jewelry making skills. Just choose the right color and make one suit your own taste properly.

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Beaded string jewelry diy fringe necklace for girls