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Arts and crafts jewelry- beaded hoop earring tutorial This beaded hoop earring tutorial aims at introducing you this piece of arts and crafts jewelry; simple copper wire and various seed beads make up this beautiful pair.

Arts and crafts jewelry making is not thorny as you expect; don’t treat your diy project as a mountainous task with lots of hardships, take it easy, you just think that it is a casual activity to practice hands and brain; this beaded hoop earring tutorial will not leave you out on a limb; we present clear photo for every step.

Materials and tools: 

0.3mm blue copper wire

2mm yellow green glass seed beads

2mm light blue opaque seed beads

2mm blue glass seed beads

3mm green glass seed beads

3mm yellow glass seed beads

3mm orange glass seed beads

3mm clear glass seed beads

Crimp beads

Jump rings

Ribbon tips

Ear hooks

Round nose plier

Wire cutter

Instructions: Step 1: make beaded hoops 1st, snip 3 pieces of blue copper wire; their lengths are increasing with equal difference; 2nd, slide multi-colored and multi-sized beads onto wire; 3rd, crimp the ends of each wire hoop, shaping increasingly gradational hoops.

Step 2: add ribbon tips to hold hoops together

Step 3: attach ear hooks to beaded hoop dangling

Use a ribbon tip to clip 3 beaded hoops in the

Use plier to open a jump ring and attach

correct order.

dangle to ear hook.

So the final pieces are like this:

Tada, the beaded hoop earring tutorial is finished here! Arts and crafts jewelry, we believe, can enrich one’s aesthetic experience, and DIY the fancy jewelry is able to develop one’s habit about designing and creating.

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Arts and crafts jewelry beaded hoop earring tutorial  

Arts and crafts jewelry- beaded hoop earring tutorial

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