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welcome to part-1 We’re very proud of our Channel Island roots that were first set down in Guernsey nearly 25 years ago. A quarter of a century later, the marketing environment is very different and so is our business. In Part 1, we’d like to share with you some of the innovative and thought provoking work we’re doing as a communications group, pushing back the boundaries of traditional marketing activities and creating better visibility and effectiveness for our clients. Look out for Part 2 next year. Tony Tostevin / tpa-group Director

Integrated marketing Finding your way round it

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The world of marketing continues to evolve and progress, creating a stark and refreshing contrast to a dreary economic backdrop. I guess that’s in part due to the increasing demands for getting more out of marketing expenditure, driving us as marketeers to devise new and innovative ways to present and develop brands more effectively. And there are now so many more media options that can help us to deliver just that. Video formats and web building techniques mean richer sites as well as what have become labelled ‘ezines’ where an online magazine provides a flexible platform for video, graphics and audio. We’re also in a world where ‘social media’ - the adopted collective label for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other informal online interaction offers a new opportunity for businesses to engage with their customers and prospects. Add to this mix the potential of innovative audio-visual interactions (examples of which feature later) and you can see the challenges we face and the opportunities they present. But to make these elements all work together in a cohesive and cost-effective way requires close

co-operation between the variety of specialist providers that have control over the various strands of this expanded communications mix. This can be difficult when each of the participants are fighting to maximise their share of a client’s budget and when each may have a slightly different perspective on the client’s objectives and values. As an agency we recognised some time back that there was real value in bringing these disciplines together to be able to create a new breed of what we refer to as ‘full service’ agencies. And now we have achieved this by joining up with the Channel Islands’ leading video production house and an audio-visual company from the mainland that specialises in innovative technologies. As you will see in Part 1, we’re already laying down a footprint on the Islands by bringing the combined skills of the Partnership Agency together with Spike Productions and Talk to produce new and exciting ways of presenting local businesses. What’s more, we’re also representing the Channel Islands on the international stage, taking the Partnership Group into Europe and beyond to the US, the Middle East and the Far East. David Fyfe / tpa-group Director

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TV and press brand campaign Our original brief for this campaign was peppered with words such as stylish, funky, trendy, youthful, hip, happening and most importantly, fun. Our short, sharp, witty TV spots ably demonstrate those points. Produced in conjunction with our partners, Spike Productions, the resulting campaign launched unaltered from the original pitch. A testament to our original creative ideas.

In this issue: Voisins Department Store Durrell Generali International LMA Living Life Magazine PF+A Louvre Group Guernsey Young Enterprise GlaxoSmithKline

Agencies: The Partnership Jersey Spike Productions Client: Voisins Department Store

Any excuse |

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Contact: Phil Regan +44 (0) 1534 629811 Contact: Phil Bouchard +44 (0) 1534 738263

16/08/2011 14:21


See it here: Any excuse |

Or scan the QR code to view the video on your mobile device. 1041-3_SUSPENDED_PERSPEX_v1.indd 6

16/08/2011 14:20

16/08/2011 14:21

Where there’s a will… Durrell Conservation Film Spike recently worked with acting legend John Nettles on a short film for Durrell Wildlife. The film aims to encourage people to leave legacies to the Trust in their will when they die. Nettles’ character is investigating the extinction of another species. He delivers a tongue in cheek performance as he discusses the taboos of death and money, whilst also poking fun at himself as an ageing actor. Agency: Spike Productions Client: Durrell See it here: Contact: Phil Bouchard +44 (0) 1534 738623 Or scan the QR code to view the video on your mobile device.

Boxing clever Business in a box At Generali International's Guernsey headquarters, they recognised an opportunity to export their expertise to other Group businesses around the world. They needed something professional and compelling that could effectively convey the benefits of the turn-key solution they could offer. The Agency’s intimate understanding of Generali and the specialist skills of Spike allowed us to deliver an impactful and informative video combined with slick 3D graphics that brought the proposition to life. Agencies: The Partnership (UK) Spike Productions Client: Generali International Contact: David Fyfe +44 (0) 1902 356282 Contact: Phil Bouchard +44 (0) 1534 738623


Another satisfied customer

Viral Video When our client asked us to come up with a novel way to market their new medical device, even we were terrified with what we came up with. Their product inspires greater confidence within anaesthetists, enabling them to perform longer, more complicated procedures. We gave them the headline, “Anaesthetist tackles escaped tiger”, as an example of how such confidence could spill spectacularly over into their daily lives. And then we filmed it…

A life well lived Living Life - Issue 9 The editorial team at leading Guernsey lifestyle magazine, Livinglife, approached The Partnership to rebrand and inject creative flair into the publication. To connect with the title’s exclusive readership, on and off island, a new layout, essence and image library were developed. Using our insight into the High Net Worth readership, the new style publication was introduced to a wealthy and discerning audience. Agency: The Partnership Guernsey Client: Living Room See more here: Contact: Tony Tostevin +44 (0) 1481 748030 Or scan the QR code to see more of this publication.

Agencies: The Partnership Jersey Spike Productions Client: LMA Contact: Phil Regan +44 (0) 1534 629811 Contact: Phil Bouchard +44 (0) 1534 738623 See it here: Or scan the QR code to view the video on your mobile device.

Online round-up PF+A When one of Guernsey’s most respected and innovative architectural design practices wanted a website designing, they turned to The Partnership. Because PF+A's work speaks for itself, the key focus of the site was to showcase their talents through images of their latest work. The result is a clean, minimalist site, but built with a sense of purpose – reflecting exactly the philosophy of the business for which is was developed. _ Louvre Group As part of a rebrand for this international fiduciary and fund Group, a new website was designed and programmed by our Multimedia team. Its professional and stylish look provides an excellent platform for a site that is intuitive and informative. The copy is optimised to be Search Engine friendly in what is an increasingly competitive area of the financial services market. _ Guernsey Young Enterprise Participants in this year’s Guernsey Young Enterprise scheme will benefit from a new, user-friendly website that should help them in their efforts to create a strong online arm of their businesses, thanks to sponsors, The Partnership Agency. The website is a one-stop information shop for Young Enterprise participants, scheme sponsors and the business advisers. However, it also features a facility that enables all the teams who take part in the programme to create and build their own user-friendly, customisable, company website on the back of the main site. _ Agency: The Partnership (UK) Contact: Jane Johnson +44 (0) 1902 356283


Stretching reality

Dubai Augmented Reality Event The Partnership recently showcased ground-breaking integrated technologies for Panadol with a combination of immersive augmented reality and real gesture based interaction that was witnessed by thousands of weekend visitors at the Mall of the Emirates, in Dubai. Visitors got the chance to interact with a ‘responsive’ life size pack of Panadol as they were immersed into a giant video wall. Using gestures to interact with the new pack design in a virtual environment they could peel the old packaging off to reveal a new design. They could also spin, push and explode the box, all augmented on the live camera feed. Making it an engaging and fun way to reveal the new pack design. The execution involved the three main areas of the business, Talk, Spike Productions and The Partnership to bring together the creative concept, design of the graphics and delivery of the immersive technology. Agencies: The Partnership (Dubai) Talk Spike Productions Client: GlaxoSmithKline Contact: Steve Kilby steve.kilby@ +44 (0) 845 6126012 Contact: Phil Bouchard +44 (0) 1534 738623

“Today is all about experimentation. People love to discover and interact with new things and as a creative group we are committed to innovation. Visitors to the Mall of the Emirates avidly took photos and video, sent them via Twitter and Facebook and it became a real social media event.” Steve Kilby / Director, Talk

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Partnership people

New staff

Phil Regan


As Creative Director of The Partnership in Jersey and one of The Partnership Group’s directors, Phil Regan is a key player in the organisation. While he relishes the opportunity to expand his skills into general management, his day to day responsibility remains to ensure consistently innovative and insightful design and creative ideas leave the Jersey studio. To say design is Phil’s passion is probably an understatement - it’s more a way of life. From an early age Phil was drawing, not cartoon characters that the other kids were sketching, but classic works of art. One picture he distinctly recalls recreating was Turner’s painting ‘The Fighting Temeraire’ using felttipped pens. He admits it may not have been a masterpiece, but since that point Phil cannot remember a time where art and design did not figure in his life. This passion fed the drive that brought him to the position he is in today. “I could never see myself doing anything else.”

tweets and is a frequent visitor to many online design forums. Co-habiting in the Agency’s Jersey office with Spike Productions has also expanded his understanding of the new opportunities that he can exploit to his clients’ advantage.

Having originally trained as a copywriter means that Phil is able to bring an extra dimension to his work with his multi-skilled approach, “My understanding of advertising has always ensured my design work has first and foremost a strong concept or an idea behind it so it’s not just a pretty picture.”

“As a designer I now have access to different media that makes things come alive. It really allows me to think in another dimension.” That said, nothing gives Phil more satisfaction than coming up with that perfect headline and knowing when he’s come up with a great advert.

With over 18 years of experience, Phil doesn’t rely on this in his drive to continually develop his skills and recognises the importance of staying in touch with new trends in the world of design and social networking. He blogs,

Phil is a family man and seven and a half years ago he became a father. “Having a child allows you to rediscover that innocence and playfulness that you lose as you get older. If I could play all day I would.”

Guernsey’s engine room There’s no two days the same in a role that provides a bridge between the client and the wide range of services that the team have at their disposal. It can be stressful trying to balance the demands of busy clients and prioritising the workloads in the studio, while also arranging photoshoots, chasing printers and booking advertising slots.

The Partnership Spike Productions Talk _

At the heart of the Guernsey office is a trio of talented, hard working and fun-loving account managers. Each brings their own unique talents to the operation. Left to right: Carly best snack buyer and totally reliable Louise calm and sophisticated Chloe inquisitive and logical


But these guys still seem to always have a smile on their faces and time to help you out. It could be down to their training - as a part of our commitment as an agency to the IPA (our professional body), everyone has to complete their scheduled hours of professional development activities. But it doesn’t stop there. Carly has recently started the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) certificate, which Chloe passed (last year) and is now diving headfirst into the CIM professional diploma. Louise also helps keep the team’s sanity intact and retains a calm exterior that belies the inner frenzy. Louise brings a range of international experience to the team including work as Head of global PR in the wireless entertainment industry, looking after brands such as Star Wars and Disney Pixar. “It’s too easy to underestimate just how demanding the account manager’s role can be, but these guys are the best I’ve ever worked with.” Rich praise indeed from Tony Tostevin, our Agency Group Director “and Chloe - I forgot to mention - I have 6 clients coming in half an hour and we need a buffet lunch”.

Who? Jayne Brown When? Joined Talk in September. Why? To help clients plug into better audio visual solutions. Where? jayne.brown@ and 0845 6126012 What? A keep fit fanatic - runs at 6 every morning!

The Partnership

Who? Becky Glover When? Joined The Partnership Jersey in July. Why? Providing creative marketing and advertising solutions but also maintaining my video editing skills with Spike Productions. Where? and 01534 629648 What? Recently completed a demanding 4 day charity trek across Iceland.

Who? Claire Lyons When? Joined The Partnership Jersey in September. Why? To develop creative marketing solutions using my financial services background. Where? and 01534 738257 What? A published poet and we didn't know it.


The Partnership Group Newsletter vol 1


The Partnership Group Newsletter vol 1