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by Fabrizia Zorzenon

Vizzo Chair Catalogue

IMISS CHAIR The new furniture collection made of recycled material and designed by Fabrizia Zorzenon. Made up of an elegant and stylish chair that gives its name to the entire collection, its Mรถhd table and Cleo bookshelf, Imiss Collection is a combination of forms and colours that reveals its essence and distinctive nature in recycled corrugated cardboard


by Marc Newson Limited, 2008

Vizzo Chair Catalogue

NIMROD CHAIR •A Design by Marc Newson Limited for Italian furniture company, Magis. Magis are famous for pushing the boundaries of design and manufacture. The Nimrod chair took a long time to develop, not in the least because, at the time, it was the largest blow moulding ever attempted.


Susana Martins

Vizzo Chair Catalogue

UNON1 CHAIR The main requirement is flexibility of use. Flexibility is actually a recurring theme throughout the work-from-homer’s daily routine. Working from home has its benefits -- one being the ability to structure your schedule however you choose. Not only is their schedule flexible, their workspace is flexible, as well. This is made possible by the development of computer technology. Laptops now allow us to unchain ourselves from the desk and work from wherever is most effective (or comfortable as my research revealed.


By Alpha furniture

Vizzo Chair Catalogue

BLUR ARMCHAIR Design of this armchair was devised for one purpose only, toproduce and induce leisure and comfortable moments. Moments you don’t want toshare with many, moments you keep for yourself. As it can be seen simplicity and coziness of this designingphilosophy is reflecting in limited details, but insisting on best qualitymaterials and superior craftsmanship.


By Alpha furniture

Vizzo Chair Catalogue

AQUARIUS CHAIR Redesign the traditional futon bed toward a young user group, while challenging the mind-set concerning a multifunctional piece of furniture for a small area. The project was carried out as a group in a collaboration with a Danish furniture manufacturer - Karup A/S. We wanted to design a piece of furniture consisting only of the futon mattress itself; 1: to fully exploit its many qualities, 2: to create a simplistic

A futon furniture which primary function is a lounge furniture and - when the need is there – it can be transformed into a guest bed through a simple and rapid transformation.


Independent Furniture project

Vizzo Chair Catalogue

MODULE CHAIR Lastly, Cleo is the expression of the cardboard’s dynamic and intrinsic force which is captured here as it forms through the shape that becomes the trace of the forces that generated it. Thus ecologically sustainable furniture that finds its strength in the purity and tenacity of its forms and the means through which the poor cardboard material is enhanced.


vizzo chair catalogue  

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