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Head of Science Required from September 2014

Welcome to our information booklet for the post of Head of Science Faculty. It is designed to give a flavour of life here as a teacher at JCG, provide information to support your application and, with the College website, provide you with a snapshot of the myriad of varied activities that take place each day in college. Founded in 1880, JCG has been at the forefront of girls' education in Jersey for over 125 years and has a well deserved reputation for academic excellence and service to the island community. Our students thrive on expert teaching, state of the art facilities and a vast range of extra-curricular, enrichment and expedition activities. They are enterprising, friendly and ambitious and they have wonderful purpose, energy and sense of service to others. Our staff care and are dedicated, creative and talented. Our exceptional academic results are a testimony to the personal and collective success of all at JCG. From here, our students go on to study at good universities, both in the United Kingdom and across the world. Each day we strive to deliver the very best educational experience for our students. This experience should deliver outstanding academic achievement and, more importantly, nurture someone who is happy, well mannered and able to find fulfilment in one’s service to others. Inevitably, an information booklet and website can only partially reflect the reality of College life. I look forward to meeting short-listed candidates in May 2014 where interviews will take place at Jersey College for Girls. At interview, candidates will meet our students and staff, and experience the warmth, vitality and ethos of intellectual curiosity that is JCG. It is a privilege to lead this remarkable school and I would encourage you to apply for this vacancy. Carl Howarth Principal


Head of Science Faculty

Responsible to:

SLT line manager



Time allowance:

The post holder will have a 0.2 time allowance

Job purpose To lead and co-ordinate the work of the subjects within the Faculty in order to sustain and improve the quality of learning, ensuring high levels of student success. To work with the Principal, Vice Principal, Assistant Headteachers, other Heads of faculty (senior staff) and their own team of staff within the Faculty, to promote educational opportunities, equality of opportunity and a high quality-working environment for both staff and students. To lead an area of whole College development ( to be specified) Specific responsibilities: Lead and develop learning in the Faculty to ensure the highest levels of student success Lead and develop the Faculty staff to ensure optimum performance and effectiveness Manage the organisation within the Faculty and monitor the use of resources to ensure cost effectiveness and efficiency Contribute to whole school improvement to ensure exceptional service to students, parents and other stakeholders Principal Accountabilities Lead and develop learning in the Faculty to ensure the highest levels of student success 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9

Provide dynamic leadership in all aspects of teaching and learning by demonstrating good practice in the classroom, expert knowledge about the curriculum and the theories that underpin students’ learning. Advise the Senior Leadership Team on issues related to the curriculum areas. Plan and ensure that the subject leaders within this curriculum area deliver the various iGCSE and A level courses to achieve the highest academic standards. Ensure that appropriate documentation such as SOW are available, used effectively and updated where appropriate. Assist teachers to develop and implement appropriate student assessment and evaluation practices according to departmental, Faculty and College policies. Implement a system that effectively monitors and tracks student progress and uses assessment data to ensure all students have individual targets and are supported in all areas of their work. Provide support for subject leaders in the compilation and application of ILPs, liaising where necessary with the ENCO. Ensure that subject leaders keep up to date with the latest national developments in their subject areas and evaluate their impact upon teaching and learning, Ensure that appropriate use is made of the latest developments in the use of ICT and are embedded within the curriculum.

1.10 1.11

2. 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.9 2.10 3.

Recognise the cross-curricular implications of subjects within the Faculty and encourage relevant staff to work together with staff in other Faculty areas as appropriate. Develop active partnerships with local industries and other educational institutions to enhance the opportunities available to students. Lead and develop the Faculty staff to ensure optimum performance and effectiveness Create and lead a team with a shared sense of identity and vision in this significant curriculum area within the school. Set goals that ensure that the norms, expectations and values of JCG are communicated clearly understood. Monitor the effectiveness of individual staff performance through the subject leaders within the curriculum areas, providing support and training as required. Seek and support professional growth for self and colleagues. Ensure the appraisal system is conducted effectively. Facilitate professional mentoring and provide, as required, an appropriate induction programme for NQTs and student teachers. Undertake regular self-reviews of teaching practice and accompanying documentation as determined by the evaluation process of the College and Faculty. Ensure there is a full programme of Faculty based extra – curricular opportunities for students and staff to develop and improve skills in these curriculum areas. Encourage discussion and the sharing of information, ideas and good practice. Ensure the profile of the Faculty is raised in the College through frequent media releases and internal announcements.


Manage the organisation within the Faculty and monitor the use of resources to ensure cost effectiveness and efficiency Ensure that the requirements of all documents / systems / policies are met within the Faculty. Lead the process of completing Department Development Plans, Department Self Evaluation Document, Exam review analysis documents and all other documents as required, in order to encourage active reflection, analysis and evaluation of current practice in order to improve practice and outcomes. Ensure that appropriate material is provided for cover lessons by absent staff Initiate and implement changes and improvements within the Faculty where appropriate, within the boundaries of the CDP Liaise with the person responsible for timetabling to produce teaching timetables for staff within the Faculty, discussing and negotiating where required. Manage and deploy any non-teaching staff within the Faculty. Complete annual appraisals of non-teaching staff within the Faculty. Ensure subject leaders achieve effective resource management within their curriculum area by evaluating resources, monitoring textbook distribution and collection and maintaining inventories of stock. Liaise with technicians to ensure that inventories are up to date and that the faculty is well stocked to support teaching and learning. Liaise with technician responsible for ordering to ensure that the budget and expenditure are well managed. Ensure that classrooms and displays are current and of a high quality. Ensure that regular subject, department and Faculty meetings are held and that minutes are recorded and submitted to relevant personnel. Attend College meetings, other relevant meetings outside College as required, and provide feedback to Faculty staff.


Contribute to whole school improvement to ensure exceptional service to students, parents and other stakeholders


Participate in the construction of the College Development Plan, other College Policies and initiatives, and support the same. To attend and chair HOF meetings on a pro rata basis, and record and distribute minutes. Contribute to parents meetings, the tutorial programme, staff teams, reports and references for students, as appropriate. Monitor consistency of departmental report writing according to the JCG Policy Uphold and participate in the arrangements for supporting students in the College. Ensure all health and safety regulations are adhered to, both on and off site, and that a regular programme for the inspection and maintenance of equipment is provided.

3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8 3.9 3.10 3.11 3.12

4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6

Area of Whole College Development: To work with the Vice Principal to lead a specified area of whole College development Specifically to: Promote, encourage and support all curriculum areas when appropriate Lead professional discussions at HoF meetings pertaining to this area. Liaise with staff across the College, where appropriate, to develop this initiative within the Curriculum. Develop a strategic plan for the development of this initiative across the College.

Any other reasonable task as required by the Principal The particular responsibilities and key tasks above are in addition to those set on in the Teachers Task This job description is subject to review to ensure it meets the needs of the College. Date: Post holder: ……………………………………..

Date: ………………………

Principal: ………………………………………..

Date: ………………………

Undertake an appropriate share of all collective responsibilities including substitution for an absent colleague subject to guaranteed non-teaching time. Co-operate as required with teachers in other schools and colleges on curricular, pastoral and administrative matters.

Person specification : An ideal candidate for this post will have: A high level of expertise and a passion for their subject. The subject knowledge to teach Physics at GCSE and A level and all Sciences at KS3 depending upon the curriculum requirements. The ability to contribute to the teaching of Mathematics where required. The drive to create a safe, exciting and stimulating learning environment Strong interpersonal skills which display high levels of sensitivity, tact and diplomacy in dealing with difficult situations. The ability to evaluate and modify teaching and learning strategies to suit student needs. Good organisational, administrative and ICT skills. An ability to take responsibility and a proactive approach to problem solving A keen interest in supporting student learning The ability to work collaboratively, to model good practice and maintain high levels of confidentiality The ability to work under pressure, prioritise and meet deadlines An ability to be able to demonstrate a strong understanding and commitment to the aims and ethos of the Science department and Jersey College for Girls

This job description is subject to an annual review to ensure it meets the needs of the College.

Post holder

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Science Faculty Head of Faculty - Ruth Lea - Head of Physics - Adam Sykes - Head of Biology—Jessica Wright— The Science faculty is well established and highly successful. Our GCSE and A level results are some of the best in the College. All our students study for separate GCSEs in Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Our percentage of A*-A grades at A2 and GCSE significantly exceeds the UK national average. The College has a highly successful sixth form and A level Sciences are a popular subject choice with the students; our numbers at AS and A2 level are good. From Year 7 Science is taught as separate subjects and, where possible by subject specialists. The programme of study in years 7 and 8 is written to challenge and support the introduction of iGCSE in Year 9. We follow the Edexcel specification for iGCSE and OCR for A level Sciences. The Science faculty is composed of 11 teachers which includes three Head of Subjects and two technicians and is housed in a separate building. The foyer is a well used computer suite for students. There are two prep-rooms and seven dedicated science laboratories, which are very well supported by two fulltime wonderful technicians, Bev and Claire. The support and collaboration within the faculty is one of our key strengths. There is strong sense of belonging and despite our busy lives we make time once a half term to go out for a meal together, which is organised by our very own social secretary Mr Steve Braithwaite (Teacher of Chemistry). The current staffing structure is as follows:  Biology—three full time teachers, all of whom have additional responsibilities within the College  Chemistry—three full time teachers, including the current Head of Faculty  Physics—three full time teachers, which includes a new member of staff from September 2014 who will be following the Jersey GTTP, and one part-time teacher. The Head of Physics also has an additional whole College responsibility. The Science faculty receives a good annual budget and funds are made available for each department when required. Ordering is carried out by a technician. The overall expenditure is monitored and evaluated by the Head of Faculty. Our students are motivated, enthusiastic and keen to learn. There is a strong collaborative atmosphere between teachers and students. We go out of our way to support and encourage our students, and informal subject mentoring in conjunction with tracking data is instrumental in the success for many of our girls. Our students enjoy taking responsibility and this well illustrated by their enthusiasm to assist with Open and Options evenings; demonstrating experiments and conversing with prospective students and parents. There is a successful and popular Science club organised and run by A level Science students for Year 7 students. We are passionate about our individual specialisms and embrace opportunities to be creative in the classroom and share ideas and resources with each other. We have high expectations of one another and of our students. Student progress is monitored by centrally held tracking documents for all year groups and out students use a well established subject specific ready reckoner in Years 11-13 to evaluate and track their own progress. We are the lead faculty in the use of BYOD. All Year 7 students have their own mobile device and are enjoying using IT creatively to support their learning. Each laboratory is equipped with an AppleTv for students to share their projects. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved extra curricula activities; trips and events are viewed as invaluable learning experiences. The Biology department runs a popular annual Biological expedition for Year 12 students. ‘Leading and managing the Science faculty at JCG is a challenging and yet wonderfully rewarding job. The staff are amazing, committed to the students they teach and extremely supportive of one another,’ Ms R Lea current Head of Science Faculty.

Why be a teacher at JCG ? The best testament about what it is like to be a teacher at JCG is the view of the teachers’ themselves. Last year the College gave out a questionnaire to all staff. The following quotes have been taken at random from the responses of individual staff to a question in the survey Question : What do you most like about your current job? 'I feel that there is a genuine desire to allow everyone to reach their full potential.' 'Inspiring students to succeed when they thought that they could not. Giving confidence and knowledge to students. Working with similarly motivated colleagues.' 'Opportunities to try something different, be creative. Teaching. Working in a great department. Excellent relationships with staff and students. Seeing students succeed. Running a department, making decisions.' 'The students I am privileged to teach and colleagues I am privileged to work alongside.' 'The students are endlessly engaging and their motivation to learn is exciting. My job offers constantly changing challenges and is certainly never dull! I feel supported by senior staff.' 'The fact that we all work together well as a team and we all support each other.' 'The potential of the students and their ability to embrace innovative teaching ideas and impress you everyday with their ideas and knowledge.' 'Working with the students and being part of what I see as a great team at JCG.' 'The supportive nature of my department and the lovely students who we teach.' 'The feeling that I'm making a positive difference in the classroom and in my wider responsibilities. I also like being part of a large and successful team.' 'Working with such talented and inspirational students.' --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Some comments from teachers ranging from those new to the College and those who have progressed their careers here : Felicity Williams is a new teacher at JCG - she joined the College in September 2013 and had this to say about joining the College: 'JCG - a teacher's utopia. I was welcomed and valued as a member of a fantastic team, as well as being afforded the trust to adjust the dynamics of my classroom from day one. This was an excellent foundation for the building blocks that follow. Setting aside the prestige and exemplary reputation of the school, JCG will aspire and motivate you to become the best role model for the students on both an educational and pastoral level. They identify that good grades alone don't prepare a young person for the world and enable you to engage on multiple levels to promote well rounded students. Ask and you shall receive: A multitude of resources and state of the art facilities are provided to equip you with the tools that you require in delivering the curriculum. There is always someone at hand to support you in your quest to be the best that you can be. The establishment will satisfy your professional development with a clear pathway to whatever your goal may be through utilising the wealth of experience and skill of those who work with you. Be under no illusions, 100% is required from every teacher at JCG, but here's the difference: You'll want to give nothing less and you will be rewarded and valued by your superiors, peers and most importantly, the hard working students.'

Ros Cleave started in 2005 I have taught at Jersey College for Girls for 9 years, starting in January 2005. I am originally from Bristol and taught there and in Swindon both as a full time DT teacher and on supply. During my teacher training I had the opportunity to spend 9 weeks teaching at JCG and said then if the opportunity ever arose I would come back so I was thrilled to be given the job. Since starting at JCG as a main pay scale DT teacher I have furthered my career and had an array of opportunities to extend my professional development. I am currently JCG’s Educational Needs Co-ordinator and have been in this whole school role for the past three years. Through this role I work with all other secondary schools, the education department and many companies on the island. Prior to this role I was Head of Key Stage 4 for just over 4 years. While at JCG I have achieved many professional accreditations including the National Award for SENCo, the CCET and I am currently on my second year of my master’s degree, all with the support of JCG and Jersey’s education department. Outside the confines of JCG there are many opportunities in Jersey itself. As an avid hockey player I have played for a local team for 8 years and represented the island for a year. My other main passion is singing and 3 years ago I became a member of the Progressive School of Music in Jersey and I have recently achieved my Grade 4 with distinction. I have made Jersey my home, bought a house, got married and had two children in my time here. The beauty of the island is definitely part of the draw, a seaview from my kitchen window and the fact you are never more than 10 minutes from a beach keeps me here and will do for the foreseeable future. Lisa Rheumer - started in 2001 I joined Jersey College for Girls as a Biology teacher in September 2001 and since then my career has progressed significantly. JCG has allowed me to develop my skills as a professional by supporting me to attend a wide range of courses and conferences, both on and off island, covering areas including critical skills, child protection, first aid, health and safety in the workplace, higher education and the examinations system. I have been given the opportunity to take on many different roles of responsibility with in the College, covering areas such as curriculum, pastoral, extra-curricular and administration and through these roles I have been able to develop my knowledge and experience and also discover which path I would like my career to follow in the future.

I have also been lucky enough to travel the world with JCG visiting countries such as Austria, Spain, Barbados, Cuba, Honduras, Madagascar and South Africa to take part in sporting and scientific activities with the students. JCG is a wonderful place to work and I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of this College; the students here are engaged and enthusiastic in all that they do and the staff are talented and dedicated to providing our students with the best educational experience possible.

Information on Jersey College for Girls Please take a look at our website where you should find all the information you need on the College. However, indicated below are some of the things you might want to access immediately. Our Home page: and online publications will give you a good feel for life at Jersey College for Girls.

On our website, please do look at our: Our vision for a student at JCG - this outlines what our aspirations are for every student at the College and guides us in our day to day work with the students Our A level prospectus and our GCSE prospectus both outline our academic curriculum and are available to read from our homepage. By clicking on ‘About us’ you will be able to follow links to: College Prospectus - this will outline our Values of Aspire, Inquire, Excel, Belong which guide us in everything we do at the College. Academic results - where you will find a summary and the details of our 2013 results. You can get a better feel for the College by taking a virtual tour and browsing the media Gallery By clicking on ‘School Life’ you will be able to follow links to:  Curriculum - information on the Science faculty and Physics. Also all other aspects of the curriculum.  Extra curricular - with downloads for the Year 11-13 Enrichment programme and extra curricular activities  Inquiring minds lecture series - outlining how we aim to extend the learning of the students beyond the taught curriculum

How to Apply

We are looking for a well qualified graduate of Science; a talented and inspiring individual interested in developing a teaching career in a highly successful College. As a teacher you will have the opportunity to share your passion for Physics with extremely motivated students and be rewarded with a great sense of accomplishment and job satisfaction. As a member of the College you will be encouraged to contribute to the development of the College and its students through a range of extracurricular opportunities; you will also be fully supported to pursue your own personal professional development and career aspirations. Jersey is a beautiful island and so you will also benefit from an exceptional working environment with lots of opportunities to enjoy life beyond school. Employment opportunities will give you access to documents outlining what you will need to know about working in Jersey. To see what it is really like to live on a beautiful island—click to watch the short Jersey Tourism 2014 TV Advert with our very own Alumni professional singer and song writer Nerina Pallot.. The post is available for September 2014. Jersey College for Girls is a school that constantly strives to excel in every area of school life and if you would like to be a part of our team please apply through States of Jersey by going to the website.

If you would like to speak with someone about this opportunity please get in touch with Mrs Kathryn Slater, Vice Principal at or on 01534 516215.

Applications are due by 4th April 2014 and interviews will be either 1st or 2nd May 2014.



Head of Science from Sept 2014  
Head of Science from Sept 2014