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2013 - 2014

Introduction Friday afternoon Enrichment programme for Years 11-13 Aspire to try something new Inquire about the world we live in Excel at what you do Belong and contribute to your local and global community The aims of the programme are To provide opportunities to try something different.

• • To see the island from different perspectives. • To develop self reliance and confidence. • To give something back to the local community. • To encourage the ideas of lifelong learning.

Over the three years you will have participated in a range of programmes spanning the 3 different sections. We hope that you will all actively learn from the experience of doing real tasks beyond the classroom and may end up discovering a new pastime.

• Your Physical Self - We should all spend time doing some form of exercise and in this

section you have choices from more traditional sports which you may not have tried at school to various opportunities to explore the island from a different active perspective.

• Your Caring Self - This encompasses a host of community and social service activities. Some examples include helping children with special needs, environmental work and working towards fair trade status for the school.

• Your Future Self - In this section you will have a variety of

different opportunities which hopefully will lead you on to a lifetime of learning new and interesting skills, some are creative while others are language or work related.

You will choose 2 different programmes in the year. The D of E and Mexico activities both run for the whole year and need a full commitment of time. Most activities will take place from 2.00 - 3.30pm while some for year 12 and 13 will start and finish earlier or many may go on beyond the normal school day. At the end of each term you will be expected to reflect on what you have done and record some of your experiences which could then be used in your personal statement and CV.

Year 11,12 & 13 Enrichment Programme 2013 - 2014

Your Physical Self


Yachting RYA ‘Start Yachting‘ a short introduction to sailing for complete beginners. This is for anyone who wants to learn to sail and may lead to a qualification. You will get the chance to sail dinghies and also bigger boats. This course provides an active introduction to the sport of yachting whilst sailing in St Aubin’s Bay. The course is officially accredited by the RYA with a certificate that will be recognised worldwide. By the end of the course you will have experienced boat and sail handling and will be aware of safety on board. Over the term you will learn how to crew and helm the yacht, ropework, rules of the road, man overboard recovery, clothing and equipment, emergency equipment and precautions, plus essential meteorology. Holders of the Start Yachting certificate can go on to complete the Competent Crew course in a reduced time of three days or two weekends. 

Mr Jones All Years 2.00 - 4.00pm Lifeboat Station St Helier Harbour Max = 14

This will take place at Fort Regent and we are lucky to have an experienced island coach to help with this. You will learn how to play the game and may even follow in the footsteps of some of last year’s students and become part of the local Jersey team competing in inter insulars. This is a 1 term volleyball programme on basic skills and game play. You will be coached by an experienced Jersey Ladies coach - Mrs De Rue. Volleyball is a team game that is played indoors in groups of 6. It is in the top ten as one of the world’s most popular sports and in the UK it is starting to grow in popularity. It’s a great way to have fun, keep fit and develop new skills. For those who take to this sport, the Jersey Volleyball Association runs a youth team that plays in the volleyball league and has had girls from JCG play an important role in this team in the past. There are also beach tournaments at the Gunsite in the summer, which may be of interest to those who enjoy the sun!

Year 11,12 & 13 Enrichment Programme 2013 - 2014

Mr Haine All Years 2.00 - 3.15pm Fort Regent Max = 18

Your Physical Self JCG Joggers Haven’t run since Year 11 athletics? Want to get fit? Join the JCG Joggers and Miss Hutchings for a weekly workout along the lanes, paths and beaches of beautiful Jersey. Increase your stamina and learn to run 10k through our Friday sessions. You will impress yourself and your Miss Hutchings friends! Previous running Years 12 & 13 experience not required 2.00 - 3.30pm - just the motivation Various to acquire a sense of achievement in stretching Max = 12 yourself physically.

Sport and Fitness This is only available to years 12 and 13 as year 11 still have PE lessons to keep them active. This is your chance to get fitter and enjoy the great sports facilities the school has to offer. You could use the weights room, organise basketball or rounders in the sports hall or just have a game of table tennis. You are in the Sixth Form and working hard, alas no PE to release endorphins that make you happy. You miss the staff and their great sense of humour, you even miss their moans of where is your kit and please tie your hair up. Relax, don’t fret as a solution is here. If you come to Langford on a Friday afternoon you can run around, play sport and find happiness again. Pounding the miles on a treadmill or lifting some weights or rekindling old favourites such as netball, dodge ball and basketball. So dust off the trainers and find your t-shirt and shorts. We are looking forward to seeing you at Langford 1.30pm - 2.30pm. Release the endorphins and be happy again!

Miss Loose Years 12 & 13 1.30 - 3.30pm Langford Max = 40

Street Smart Self Defence and Core Fitness For the past four years, Clive Temple has been teaching a fitness class with a difference. Unlike team sports and conventional solo sports, this group-orientated class focuses on individual confidence, self-awareness and learning to be aware of your surroundings. With techniques that Clive has chosen over 35 years of martial arts practice and teaching, combined with a core fitness regime, there’s no time for dawdling. It’s a unique opportunity that will give students confidence out there in the world, either at University, at work, or out on the town. Many students have gone on to join Clive’s karate class and joined martial arts groups in the UK after participating in this activity session. Ex-JCG student, Jennifer Taylor acts as assistant.

Year 11,12 & 13 Enrichment Programme 2013 - 2014

Miss Lovell Years 12 & 13 1.30 - 2.30pm Gym At Langford Max = 20

Your Physical Self

Fencing Fencing is a fun and safe way of keeping fit and keeping your mind sharp as you constantly battle wits with your opponent. As one of only 4 sports included in every modern Olympic Games fencing is a fast paced tactical sport. The course is led by Gianpaolo Marini coach to Jersey’s Commonwealth fencing team. During the course you will learn all you need to:

• Attack and defend using a foil. • How to move on the piste to set traps for your opponent. • How to score and referee a match. You will also have a chance to pass a British fencing level 1 proficiency certificate that is perfect for those wanting to try a new sport for a Duke of Edinburgh award.

Yoga Michele Horwood has been sharing yoga with children and adults for eight years. This type of yoga is a gentle Hatha style, (simple poses with gentle stretching) with a predominant focus of unfolding and connecting with self. A fantastic tool for enhancing academic performance , sport and artistic endeavours. Yoga teaches you how to think with clarity, trust your own instincts and step into your own, unique power. Suitable for all levels of fitness.

Year 11,12 & 13 Enrichment Programme 2013 - 2014

Dance Studio 1.30 - 2.30pm Yoga Teacher Dance studio Max = 10

Your Caring Self

Environment Volunteers This is for students who are interested in the local environment who would like the chance to give something back to the island and to help preserve our amazing ecosystems and landscapes. This is to be run in conjunction with the Environment department and their ecoactive team. We may also work with the team of Rangers and would like to organise a series of trips to help the work that they do. We hope to remove invasive species of plant from the Jersey Coastline, remove plants from overgrown areas and re-establish native plants. This would help in the management of some of the protected conservation areas in Jersey. Some of the projects may be from a single week’s task to being involved in a specific task for several weeks. The specific tasks of the programme are varied but they would involve some degree of physical work. At the end of each day a real sense of accomplishment would be felt knowing that you had given something back to preserve the beauty of Jersey’s native Flora. This activity is available to all students, but some of the students who are thinking of studying Biology or Geography at A-level may find this particularly useful.

Miss Le Miere All Years 1.30 - 3.30pm In the Dome Max = 15

Community Service You are encouraged to choose your own placement. This has to be done carefully, according to your aptitude and skills, preference and need. You must be totally committed for the term. Examples of the type of placement usually undertaken include:

• Riding for the disabled • Visiting the elderly • Helping out at day-care centres • Conservation work at the zoo • Helping out at the animal shelter • Helping out at charity shops • Volunteering at Hospice You will be monitored by staff and must remember that you are an ambassador for the school. Volunteering can be very rewarding and gives you an insight into work in the caring professions. Miss Harley Many service Years 12 & 13 placements may require 1.30 - 3.30pm a longer commitment Make Own Way of time than the school To Chosen Venue day and this should be considered when No Max signing up for this.

Year 11,12 & 13 Enrichment Programme 2013 - 2014

Your Caring Self Spell Training/Befriending Autism Jersey is a charity that was set up in 2005 by a group of parents wishing for better services for their children with autism. In 2006 the Befriending Scheme was set up and is now one of the main support services AJ can offer families and individuals. All volunteer Befrienders have to participate and complete a training course which JCG are now able to offer as part of the curriculum. The course comprises of different units. SPELL 1

• Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults • Effective communication • Sensory and perceptual differences

Assisting at Local Primary Schools

What is Befriending? To be accepted as a Befriender you must also agree to an enhanced police check and be able to provide two references and go through an informal interview process where it will be decided if you are suitable for the role.

This is for students who may be interested in teaching. A high level of commitment is required as schools will rely on you being there, as staff at the primary school will plan their lessons around you being able to assist them, so it is essential you do not let them down.

The course is a combination of interactive exercises, presentations and talks. Little written work is involved but active participation is important.

Primary Schools

During the term you will get the opportunity to: Jo Thorpe All Years 2.00 - 3.30pm In School Max = 15

• Work with children on different projects,

helping them with varying additional needs.

• Interact with the children in play and lessons

in order to help them develop their skills and increase their self-esteem.

It is possible that you will work with a variety of year groups. Jersey Centre for Autism T 01534 871888 E

Students will be placed in various schools. We have successful links with many primary schools on the island and we are happy to approach any school on your behalf if you would like to go there.

Year 11,12 & 13 Enrichment Programme 2013 - 2014

Mrs Taylor All Years 1.30 - 3.00pm Make Own Way To Chosen Venue No Max

Your Caring Self

Unique Jersey Environment Sangan Island Conservation would be able to offer a range of different walks and activities which would aim to engage you in the Island’s diverse wildlife. Options for activities could include:Outdoor walks looking at different •

ecosystems found around Jersey. The locations of these walks would vary so as a range of locations can be explored, for example; heath land, wetland and the coast. These walks would focus on examining overall habitats and also give students the opportunity to learn to identify wildlife, focusing particularly on birds identification

Outdoor activities such as rock pooling and •

bug hunting, with a focus on identification

Basic techniques in environmental surveying •

and analysis

Exploration of the impact of humans on • nature and how nature has adapted to cope with these changes

Building bird/ •

bug boxes

Bat walks •

(light dependent)

Mrs Williams All Years 2.00 - 3.30pm In the Dome Max = 10

Pop-Up Shop In conjunction with Autism Jersey, you will select and upscale donated items for sale in a pop-up shop at Christmas time. You will market this shop online and advertise the sale possibly through a fashion show. Not only do you need to have an interest in textiles, but also in online advertising and marketing.

Year 11,12 & 13 Enrichment Programme 2013 - 2014

Your Future Self Work Experience As preparation for working life it is possible for you to arrange your own work experience. You are encouraged to choose your placement carefully, according to your aptitude and skills, preference and need. You must be totally committed for the term. To do this you will need to have an idea of what you would like to do and will need to have your placement approved by staff in school.

Living away from Home and Cooking for the Community Run your own Hotel This will involve hands on experience of running a high class hotel. Activities will include: Food & Beverage Operations, Kitchens & Food Production,

This course is particularly useful for students who wish to acquire cookery skills and gain confidence with food preparation. Learn how to prepare and cook a variety of tasty dishes using fresh ingredients with a focus on food cost and healthy cooking methods.

• Rooms Division • Sales & Marketing • Housekeeping • Human Resources • Meetings & Events • Hotel Leisure • Operations

There will also be an opportunity for community participation as the last four weeks of the programme will be allocated to the preparation of a traditional afternoon tea for the residents of various local nursing homes. Year 11,12 & 13 Enrichment Programme 2013 - 2014

Your Future Self

Jersey Heritage This activity is for all Historians and anyone else who is interested in Jersey culture. We will be doing a wide range of History based activities at various sites around the island. We should be out most weeks on a visit so the activity will run for 2 hours. I am hoping to get some guest experts involved to help us to get the most out of the activities, such as the SociĂŠtĂŠ Jersiaise and the Jersey Museum. The activities will involve some practical Archaeology such as Geophysical surveying and field walking, at various sites around the island. We will also be doing some visits to Museums, and hopefully to the Archives for some family History research. We could also visit the National Trust sites such as the restored New Street Miss Hotton building. I will base All Years the activities around the interests of the 2.00 - 3.30pm students who attend so In the Dome this is a flexible plan of Max = 15 events.

Art - Out on Location In this session you will have an opportunity to spend the afternoon developing your skills. In some of the sessions you will be out and about around the island to gain inspiration from our unique built and natural environment. This is really for students who enjoy art but do not do it for A Level as the aim of enrichment is to do something outside your normal academic subjects.

Year 11,12 & 13 Enrichment Programme 2013 - 2014

Mrs Crowcroft All Years 2.00 - 3.30pm Art Room Max = 15

Whole Year Enrichment The following programmes are a whole year commitment

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award This is a whole year commitment and will enable you to complete your bronze or silver award. Part of the time will be spent on expedition planning with a training expedition over a weekend in November and a trip away after the summer exams to the New Forest (costing up to £300). The expedition is only part of the award, the other elements such as volunteering, physical activity and skill will be completed out of school time. We may also want help with developing the bronze award for year 10 and some of the more experienced participants could help to organise a club for this, which could count as volunteering. Some weeks we will be in school doing things like cooking on camp stoves, putting up tents, route

planning, expedition safety and first aid while one week we will go out using maps and compasses on the sand dunes Some afternoons we will be starting at 1.30pm. and may finish after 3.30pm, while others will be during the normal school hours. This is a full year commitment as the organisation and training for the expedition takes time but the award itself is nationally respected and includes all elements of our Mrs Winspear school enrichment programme. This is Mrs Mansell only for those really All Years committed to gaining 2.00 - 3.30pm their silver or bronze Meet In A Dome award.

Year 11,12 & 13 Enrichment Programme 2013 - 2014

Whole Year Enrichment The following programmes are a whole year commitment

Mexico Planning This enrichment group is compulsory for those students going to Mexico in July and will help you to prepare for the expedition. During the programme you will be doing the following:

• Fund raising which will help to fund the expedition and go towards local projects in Mexico. • An option to do the PADI open water qualification. • Research in to the area and species found there. • You will work towards the EPQ which is an AS qualification and counts for up to 70 extra UCAS points. You will also have sessions with members of staff from Operation Wallacea to help you prepare for the expedition. These sessions may be a little longer.

Miss Rheumer For Those On Mexico Trip 2.00 - 3.30pm Meet In A Dome

Year 11,12 & 13 Enrichment Programme 2013 - 2014

Whole Year Enrichment Gerard Le Feuvre There is also an option for senior orchestral wind players and pianists to take part 1.30 - 2.00pm Highly Strung* III (C2) and 2.00 - 3.30pm Camerata Senior Strings (C2) In the Music Room

JCG Extended Music Programme JCG Extended Music Programme for ALL senior string players There is also an option for senior orchestral wind players and pianists to take part - (see below) 1.30 - 2.00pm Highly Strung* III (C2) and 2.00 - 3.30pm Camerata - Senior Strings (C2) (+ option for Senior Orchestral Wind)

• JCG string players in Years 11, 12 & 13 can

choose to take part in the string players’ enrichment programme and can remain with this programme for the academic year if they wish.

• Talented and keen string players in the school

who have achieved Grade 5 standard and more, and who belong to any school year, can join this programme for the first hour (the first half an hour is lunchtime and the second half an hour is form, which can be missed by arrangement).

• JCG has also opened this programme to

senior string players from any other school whose timetable will allow their participation.

What we do The programme will cover, relative to string playing, elements of: history and trends in music, styles from ancient to pop,

improvisation, listening analysis and oral training, string exercises, repertoire, chamber music, film music, studying the great players, musical knowledge, and humour in music. The Kings Chamber Orchestra and Professor Ben Holland The programme benefits from twice-termly visits of Professor Ben Holland of the Royal Northern College of Music, who on occasion will coach the group and it is anticipated that the members of the Friday enrichment will have the opportunity, in the Spring Term, to rehearse with and perform with the Kings Chamber Orchestra of London under Gerard Le Feuvre’s direction.

Orchestral woodwind and brass players

• All senior orchestral wind players and

pianists (but sadly not guitar) who would choose the enrichment programme if it were available beyond strings, should let Mrs Le Feuvre/Mrs Edelenbos know of their interest as a first step, as it may be possible to tailor this enrichment option to include you.

Highly Strung and Camerata are initiatives sponsored by the Extended Music Programme through the JCG Foundation. They are directed by our musician in residence, Gerard Le Feuvre, whose unique gift is making everything accessible and fun.

Year 11,12 & 13 Enrichment Programme 2013 - 2014

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Enrichment programme 2013-2014  
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