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JAN. - JUN. 2008


A Bright Pearl Year is published semi-annually by the PRUDENTIALIFE GROUP Business and Editorial Office is located at Corporate Communications Dept., 4/F Goodwill Building, 393 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Bel-Air Village, Makati City. Telephone Nos. are (02) 895-0603 and 816-4157; Fax No. is 895-2908; E-mail Address is



HOMER P. BLANCO Consultant


The articles in every page show images that hark back to the early days of Prudentialife and the milestones that earned its reputation as a bright icon of service in the pre-need and financial services sector.


his year’s Prudentialife corporate theme: “The Luster of Life” may sound like a paradox in the face of a global crisis spawned by rising food and fuel prices. But when we leaf through this The Good Life issue, celebrating 30 years of Prudentialife in 2008 is more than just a month-long event. The articles in every page show images that hark back to the early days of Prudentialife and the milestones that earned its reputation as a bright icon of service in the pre-need and financial services sector. This year should really be A Bright Pearl Year despite hard times. In May, the combined celebration of the company’s foundation and the annual Prudentialakbay activities were fully covered by the Corporate Communications Department in partnership with the creative staffs and media friends known for their professionalism and expertise; with the cooperation of the organizers, committees and all participants who were unflagging in their enthusiasm bringing another chapter in the company’s history to completion. Every program activity was visibly aired on TV interstitials and radio news updates with institutional print ads from May to June. A production team from ANC, the leading cable TV news channel was commissioned to do a 30-minute documentary for a fitting summary of Prudentialife’s 30th anniversary celebration. Most of the script and scenes were captured in this special issue of The Good Life. Message: Prudentialife: A Pearl of Great Value.

Chairman’s Corner Messages

Successful companies own two things; they own core values and a role to play in the lives of people. For 30 years, Prudentialife has been blessed to have both, all because of the vision of a man who has steered the company from its humble beginnings to a bright icon of service today. Prudentialifers honor their Founder and Chairman with a special tribute!

PEARL FOUNDER’S AWARD Prudentialife’s Pearl of Great Value shines brightly. For the past 30 years, Prudentialife has lived and breathed with nobility, excellence, and service. Through life’s path, there are people who live good lives. They are lights of hope. Today, we honor our Founder who has shone with his light through the values of work and prayer. A true guide in Prudentialife’s voyage


in the ocean of history, from its humble beginnings to an established icon of warmth and caring for the Filipino family. To the beacon of Prudentialife along our way, we present this special Pearl Founder’s Award – The Madonna and Child, symbol of Warmth and Caring. To his excellency Amb. Francisco A. Alba, our beloved Founder and Chairman Congratulations from your Prudentialife Kapamilya!

Amb. Francisco A. Alba with Director Antonio Gatmaitan, Prudentialife Group President Jose Alberto T. Alba and Prudentialife Market Resources Corporation President Bienvenido S. Policarpio.

Our Father...

f there is one quality that I admire most in my father, it is his unconditional love for our family. His success as a businessman did not rob him of his desire to spend time with us. Far more important than the material blessings he has given us is the time he has always set aside to nurture and care for our family. I remember, as a young boy, my father would arrive late at night from a business trip, yet readily give up precious hours of sleep so that he could just join us for breakfast and chat with us. He would take time off from work to attend our parent-teacher conferences to make sure we were doing well in school. Despite the demands of work, he always found time for our family. My sister Katrina says, “As the only girl in the family, I always felt special and privileged… until I realized Dad has his own way of making everybody feel special. We all had our own individual time with him: eating, shopping, playing golf with the boys, or enjoying a family vacation. He let me enjoy all the perks that came with being the only girl. I’ve had my fair share of mistakes, but each time Dad would always tell me, ‘It’s human to make mistakes.

What’s important is what you learn, and how to move on from there.’ Everytime we have fallen, we have learned to stand up, brush away the bruises, and move on.” Today our family has grown to include our own children. It is still my father who makes plans for the whole family. Sunday family lunch and the short vacations during the Christmas break and summer remain a precious tradition. This value for family has been passed on to the next generation as we children make it a point to prioritize time spent with our own families. I think the measure of the success of a man goes beyond a brilliant career; it should encompass the ability to raise good children who are all part of a happy, united family. “It may sound like an old worn cliché,” says Katrina “but we wouldn’t have learned to survive without Dad’s presence and guidance. We are lucky he continues to be with us, helping and supporting us always.” My father has accomplished success in both areas. He has made a mark as a successful businessman and has raised a happy, contented family.

Looking Ahead

Work in Glass by Orlina

In Orlina’s sculpture in Asahi glass, the subject of Mother and Child is approached from two modes, figurative and abstract. He composes the big and small figures forming a whole as consisting of block-like, cubistic parts with a band seemingly joining them together in mid-section. The attraction of this composite figure lies in its simple but positive geometrism, its affirmation of solid humanistic values.

- JOSE ALBERTO with KATRINA EDITOR’S NOTE: From the book “Our Father” by photographer Jun De Leon, honoring all fathers with “a keen desire to be heroes in the eyes of their children…”


Corporate Greetings News


Affiliate News


President’s Desk

Excellence and Commitment By JOSE ALBERTO T. ALBA Prudentialife Group President


wenty years ago, I joined Prudentialife to help in establishing Prudentialife Education Plan, Inc. Little did I know that I would be spending half of my life in a business, founded by my father, with a noble mission to serve the Filipino family. The irony of it all is when I took over, as your President, the very same product that I helped nurture to its phenomenal growth, would also be the cause of the pre-need industry’s slowing down. But this was an inevitable challenge, which turned out to be a blessing because it opened our eyes to new opportunities and deepened our resolve to pursue our shared vision with excellence and commitment to secure the good life for the Filipino family.

Challenging Years The last five years were difficult years for the pre-need industry. Several big preneed companies filed for rehabilitation, which eroded the confidence of the public in pre-need products. Sales for the industry dropped by more than 50% over the past five years and are still looking for signs of a recovery. Data from the Securities and Exchange Commission shows that sales for the industry in 2007 dipped by 4% in terms of sales volume. Pension sales dropped by 20% while education sales dropped by 25%. The only saving grace of the industry is the life plan, which increased by 22% in terms of sales volume. Nevertheless, the challenges the industry faced over the past five years did not deter us in pursuing our commitments. Instead of taking the path of some companies unable to cope with the problems in the industry and the external environment, we choose to look at other opportunities.

Blue Ocean Strategy The Blue Ocean Strategy is meant to pursue the corporate thrust of the company to recreate and expand beyond our usual way of doing business. Prudentialife tried to reach new and untapped markets with this innovative marketing approach. First, by establishing the solid partnership between Prudentialife Plans, Inc. (PLPI) as service provider and Prudentialife Market Resources Corporation (PMRC) as marketing company to distribute all the service brands. Thus, we presented to you the expanded product mix of Prudentialife, which includes memorialization (life, parks, and chapels), healthcare, financial services, non-life insurance,


real estate, and travel and leisure. Specifically the opportunities we have looked at are to push the life plan more aggressively and to introduce other financial services products like the mutual funds, health plans, wealth builder pension plans, as well as the non-life products.

Recreation We believe that transforming ourselves, as a company to meet new challenges is a continuous and never-ending process through innovation and providing the right environment, which we are nurturing at all cost. We are happy to note that the focused strategies and operational manpower and branch rationalization moves we have implemented are starting to show positive results. For 2007, most of our products showed sales growth. Life plan sales increased by over 50%, non-life insurance by 30%, and healthcare by 20%. Notably, the asset base of our mutual funds increased by over 100% last year. Based on our 1st quarter performance for 2008, we project sales for these four products to increase further by more than 30%.

A Bright Pearl Year The Blue Ocean Strategy inspired Prudentialife’s “Sailing Towards a New Horizon”

campaign in 2007 and successfully reinforced the stable and trustworthy image of the company; charting new waters, challenges and opportunities. On our 30th year, the valuable Pearl emerges from the Blue Ocean campaign as a natural marketing communications symbol under The Luster of Life corporate theme. As you know, the Pearl has a unique luster which suggests integrity and beauty. We want to share with all our stakeholders (management, staff, sales force, and planholders) the brightness and benefits of life that Prudentialife offers. As the Pearls are held together by thread, Prudentialifers will always be bound by our shared values of marketing excellence and commitment to serve. If we continue to work with this commitment to excellence and spirit of service, no matter how difficult the economy and external conditions are, we are confident that Prudentialife is here to stay. Today, Prudentialife has every reason to celebrate as we honor our dedicated and loyal employees as well as our National Sales Olympics Champions of 2007. I hope that in the years ahead we will always be one in keeping the Kapamilya Spirit alive, growing together to create a better future and continue enjoying The Luster of Life. Congratulations to everyone!

Affiliate News

PFIBI celebrates 9th Anniversary Prudentialife Financials and Insurance Brokers, Inc (PFIBI) celebrated its 9th anniversary last June 27, at the residence of Atty. Ceferino A. Patino, PFIBI president in Parañaque. The celebration began with a thanksgiving mass followed by the awarding of Gold Digger Awards. However this year, instead of retractable shovels which were usually given to the awardees, they received certificates of appreciation and cash prizes which reflect a percentage of their over-all sales. Also included in the festivities are the donations of PFIBI to Prudentialife Foundation, Inc. and to Mary Help of Christians. Atty. Patiño expressed his gratitude to those who have helped PFIBI during the previous year. “I thank all the sales associates and the employees of PFIBI and all those who have contributed to our growth and success. This could not have been possible without your hard work,” he said. This year’s awardess are: RM Adelma T. Pasion, AVP/DRD Cresilda D. Gantuangco, SAVP/DS Prudencio E. Esquejo, Jr., Mktg. Cons. Alberto A. Dichoso, FVP/

RD Gene C. Galura, FVP/RD Ireneo C. Aquino, AVP/DSM Graciano R. Joson, RM Diosdado T. Pasion, RM Porferio T. Cabasisi, FVP/RD Vicente P. Baldevia, SAVP/ RM Arsenio F. Graciano, AVP/DSM Oscar J. Gonzales, Jr., VP/RD Conrado R. Padilla, SAVP/DSM Khandido R. Mollo, Jr., AVP/RM Joselito M. Villegas, AVP/DSM Brandon C. Gloria, Deputy RM Danilo L. Manit, RD Alfonso G. Maramag. The anniversary was attended by officers and employees of PFIBI, sales associates, and officers of the Prudentialife Group.

ARC attends 3rd ASEAN Tourism Investment Expo Akean Resorts Corporation (ARC), an affiliate of the Prudentialife Group, participated in the recently concluded 3rd ASEAN Tourism Investment Expo held at SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia last July 6 – 9. The ASEAN Tourism Investment Expo aims to promote tourism investments and spread its benefits to all ASEAN member countries. Member countries include Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Lao PDR and Myanmar, and Cambodia.

PHI holds medical mission in BASECO

In celebration of its 3rd anniversary, Prudentialife Healthcare, Inc. (PHI) conducted a medical mission last June 7 in Baseco, Tondo, Manila. Doctors gave free consultation, distributed medicines and vitamins, and conducted deworming for the children while dentists who joined the medical mission also gave consultations and performed simple tooth extractions to the residents of Baseco. Officers and employees also distributed medicines and conducted free blood pressure check up.

PTSI-PMRC tie-up Homer P. Blanco Prudentialife Travel Services, Inc. (PTSI), President and Bienvenido S. Policarpio, Prudentialife Market Resources Corporation (PMRC) President recently inked a memorandum of agreement to make Prudentialife tour packages and services available to Prudentialife planholders and future clients nationwide. This is part of the synergy program of the group to strengthen the different business lines of affiliate companies through the distribution system of PMRC. PTSI will launch an awareness campaign and special incentive package to support all sales associates and its various distribution channels starting July 2008.

PFSI launches new promo

ARC set up a booth and gave flyers and kits to prospective investors. Akean Resort is a 500-hectare land in Nabas, Aklan to be developed into a Tourism Estate.

Prudentialife Financial Services, Inc. (PFSI) introduced its newest card sales promo entitled “Refer A Friend” last April. PFSI cardholders just have to send either by fax or email the names and contact numbers of their friends and PFSI will be calling them to get additional information. PFSI will then send semi-filled card application forms. “Refer A Friend Promo” will run throughout the year. (Ethel Manlulo)


Marketing Watch

PMRC holds 1st RMs/DSMs Conference

Tripleng Swerte’t Saya sa Ikatlong Dekada winners

By Jon Ellan Punzalan

Right on the heels of a very grandiose and successful Pearlakbay, Prudentialife Market Resources Corporation (PMRC) held its first Regional Managers / Division Sales Managers’ Conference for 2008 last June 26-27 at the Executive Lounge of Citimotors, Inc. Building on Pasong Tamo Avenue in Makati City. The conference was full of motivation and inspiration as PMRC Chairman Jose Alberto T. Alba discussed the current situation of the pre-need industry and reported that Prudentialife is the over-all number one pre-need company in the country. On the marketing front, PMRC President Bienvenido S. Policarpio presented the general agenda and conducted workshops to give the marketing officers insights on how to solve the problem of the “3F” - Food, Fuel and Financial Crisis. The participants were very shared suggestions to further strengthen and intensify the company’s standing in the industry. Prudentialife Fixed Income Fund, Inc. President Raymund P. Navarro and PMRC Senior Assistant Vice President Corazon K. Naguit were on hand to deliver their respective updates. Financial Consultant Cherrie P. Serrano presented a profitability analysis while Executive Vice President Robert F. Aldeguer reported a consolidated sales forecast of the company. Officers from Prudentialife Healthcare, Inc., headed by Senior Vice President Melissa C.Lopez,gave updates on PHI operations.

Prudentialife Plans, Inc. awarded prizes to the winners of Tripleng Swerte’t Saya sa Ikatlong Dekada Promo last May 8 during the anniversary program of Prudentialife. The raffle promo is one of the many activities lined-up for the planholders on Prudentialife’s 30th anniversary. Prizes were awarded to the winners by Prudentialife Group President Jose Alberto T. Alba, Prudentialife Market Resources Corporation President Bienvenido S. Policarpio, Senior Vice President Lyndon L. Lukban and Chairman Amb. Francisco A. Alba. The draws of the contest are divided into two, namely: Buena Mano Draw for the minor prizes and the Grand Draw for the major prizes. Winners of the Grand Draw are Leticia B. Ignacio, grand prize of P300, 000; Annie Cruz, trip to Hong Kong; and Rosario Del Rosario, home theater system. On the other hand, winners of the Buena Mano Draw held last January 15 were Armand Manliguez, Liza Valenzuela, Glynis Balagot, Acer Aspire laptop; Joseph de Castro, Jose Yambao Jr., Julita San Jose, Canon Powershot Digital camera; and Cecilia Castaneda, Romulo Noveno, and Glenn Joseph Hernandez, Motorola K1 KRZR cellular phone.

PFIFI wins award By Alvin Christopher Gruenberg Prudentialife Fixed Income Fund, Inc. was recently awarded as the Best Performing Peso Denominated Bond Fund for 2007 by the Investment Company Association of the Philippines (ICAP). The fund is invested in government securities and debt instruments of stable companies in the Philippines. In 2006, Prudentialife Fixed Income Fund was awarded as the 2nd Best Performing Peso Denominated Bond Fund in the country by ICAP. For the past three years, the performance of Prudentialife Fixed Income Fund posted at 17.86% in 2005; 16.62%, 2006; and 8.01% in 2007.


Ads and Promos

Accelerated Money-Back Benefit


n its 30th anniversary, Prudentialife continues to provide helpful options to our Planholders. Thus, we are offering the special Accelerated Money-Back Benefit (AMB) Program. Accelerate your claim on your future MoneyBack Benefit and have a ready cash for your present needs! Hurry! Act now. This offer is good until January 6, 2009 only.

Cash Option Benefit

Cash Plus Special Loan Promo


ash Plus S p e c i a l Loan Promo gives you instant cash from your upto-date or fully-paid Pension Plans. It allows you to avail of 90% of your plan’s cash value for your specific financial needs. Payment is easy at only 1% interest rate per month. You can also earn a raffle entry for every P50,000.00 loan amount. Each raffle entry gives you a chance to bring home any of the thirty (30) exciting prizes that Prudentialife is giving away on its 30th anniversary. With CASH PLUS, you enjoy instant cash and get a chance to bring home a Magic Sing, 21” (53.34cms.) colored TV, or a motorcycle.

Todo na ‘to!


here is no better time to share with others a part of one’s success than today when the country is faced with economic difficulties. Thus, Prudentialife is offering to planholders the special Cash Option Benefit (COB) Program. As a gesture of goodwill to Prudentialife’s loyal planholders, COB enables them to accelerate their claim to the cash benefits of their pension and education plans without waiting for the plans’ maturity. This is timely especially when prices are expected to increase under the present economic situation. With COB, planholders earn a higher return over the accumulated cash values for pension plans or surrender values for education plans.


ith the Cash Option Benefit (COB), planholders with fully-paid education and pension plans need not wait for maturity to enjoy their plan’s cash benefit. They can apply now to get their plans accumulated cash value. With the Accelerated Money-Back Benefit (AMB), planholders with fully-availed education plans need not wait for the scheduled release of their money-back. They can apply now to enjoy the present value of their future cash benefit. Our COB and AMB Programs give our planholders a chance to use their money now instead of waiting for the designated release periods in the future.



or three decades, Prudentialife has stayed firm in its commitment to secure the financial well-being of Filipino families. Through prudent investment and product innovations, the company has kept the business viable and its planholders satisfied amidst challenging times. “I think the organization as a whole is adaptable to change and we’ve gone through difficult times but the company was able to manage those changes and then kept itself afloat,” Jose Alberto T. Alba, Prudentialife Group President said. This year, Prudentialife is celebrating its Pearl Anniversary with the theme “The Luster of Life”. The month-long celebration began with a Kapamilya Day at Enchanted Kingdom where the company treated

10 ]

its employees and their families to a fun and enjoyable afternoon. According to Rose Marie De Lemos, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, the Kapamilya Day at Enchanted Kingdom is a way of thanking Prudentialifers for their loyalty. “We want to show everyone that it is our way of thanking the employees because they have been very loyal to Prudentialife for the last 30 years,� De Lemos said. Another Prudentialife tradition is the celebration of its Foundation Day with loyal planholders; as a way of thanking them, planholders were treated to games and snacks at the Prudentialife Head Office last May 8.

[ 11

12 ]

14 ]


rue to the Kapamilya Spirit that Prudentialife fosters, Prudentialife recently celebrated its annual Prudentialakbay 2008. Prudentialife went all out in its annual celebration held at the five-star Hotel Sofitel. The Pearl Anniversary theme “Luster of Life” came alive during the three-day event with a photo exhibit at the lobby depicting Prudentialife’s milestones for the past 30 years and the festivities at the ballroom. According to Jose Alberto T. Alba, Prudentialife Group President, Prudenti-

alakbay shows that the employees, sales force, and the management of Prudentialife work as one family. “We work as one family and of course, as a family, we think of each other’s welfare. I think you’d like to work in an organization where you’re actually comfortable with. You’re accepted by the family. It motivates also each employee to do the best,” Alba said. Employees and officers had a blast during its “Celebrity Night” where they came out to party dressed as their favorite celebrities. The next night was celebrated in head-

to-toe white during the event aptly named “Pearly White Evening”. The three-day celebration was capped by a “Grand Gala Night” that highlights the values behind the Prudentialife brand: nobility of purpose, product excellence, and service to the community. “We have only two things that we remember. We have to work and we have to pray. That’s all: work and prayer. We have been lucky God has been kind to us, by the grace of God, we have grown,” Amb. Francisco A. Alba, Founder and Chairman of Prudentialife said.




[ 15


he first night was filled with glitz and glamour as Hotel Sofitel was filled with Prudentialifers dressed as their favorite celebrities.

Spotlights and red carpets rolled complete with paparazzis to boot. The night opened with a bang ushering an atmosphere of thanksgiving, camaraderie, and success. Employees of Prudentialife performed musicales that made the night alive.

16 ]

Prudentialife employees walk for a cause


erving the society at large has also become a tradition of the company. Each year, the company marks its anniversary by reaching out to the less fortunate: from the poor and underprivileged, to the prisoners, and the elderly. This year, on its 30th anniversary, Prudentialife has taken on the cause of caring for the environment. Prudentialife officers, sales force and employees gathered in the “Pearl Walk of Life” along the roads of Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex last May 12 to raise awareness on the importance of caring for nature. Through partnerships, the Prudentialife Foundation, Inc. has tied up with Haribon Foundation, to do its part in preserving Nature…the most precious of God’s creation. Haribon Foundation is an organization which focuses on the conservation of Philippine biodiversity. Helping Prudentialife Foundation with its

Pearl Walk goals are the following companies: Pearl Sponsors - Prudential Guarantee, San Miguel Beverages, Inc., Prudentialife Financial Services, Inc., Prudentialife, Financials and Insurance Brokers, Inc., PLPI Finance, Inc; Luster of Life Sponsors - Sure Vision Optical – Starmall, Banco de Oro, First Guarantee Life, Altimate Transport Services, Inc., Perez Mortuary Equipments, Emerald Enterprises, Fuego Hotels and Properties Management Corporation, Prudentialife Memorial Parks, Inc., Prudentialife Landholdings, Inc; Caring for Creation Partners - Humantek, Inc., Cocolife, Oriental Assurance Corporation, Maserpragma Corporation, Prudentialife Travel Services, Inc., La Funeraria Paz, Inc. - Araneta Ave. and Sucat, Hi-Precision Diagnostics; And Trivia Partners - Nova Business Systems and Prudentialife Healthcare, Inc.

[ 17


uring the second night of Prudentialakbay Manila, the Prudentialife family celebrated in head-to-toe white during the event aptly named “Pearly White Evening�. Loyal employees were given awards for their stay in Prudentialife for the past 30 years. Affiliate companies of the Prudentialife Group gave awards to their top performing employees and sales associates. Further, awards were also given to top telemarketers during the Telemarketing Awards and SinagPerlas Awards. The night was capped with band entertainment and a Lion King musicale performance by the Prudentialife Healthcare, Inc.’s employees.

18 ]


elegates of this year’s Prudentialakbay Manila 2008 were treated to the Manila Ocean Park located behind the Quirino Grandstand. Prudentialife Kapamilya toured the oceanarium and marveled at the marine life present. The tour also served as an awareness campaign on the importance of caring for nature. In relation to this year’s campaign, Caring for Creation. The tour was divided into two batches; one during the second day and the other on the third day of the event.

[ 19

Corporate Communications

Dennis Trillo with his songs.


he 3-day celebration was capped by a Grand Gala Night that highlights the values behind the Prudentialife brand: nobility of purpose,

product excellence, and service to the community. Like the luster and brilliance of the most valuable pearl, the gala night is a night of grandeur, prestige, and sophistication.

Dashing Paolo Bediones and lovely Regine Tolentino hosted the night event.

Newly-knighted Dame, Ms. Katherine Nubla.

Amb. Alba receives Pearl Founder’s Award.

Prudentialife Group President Jose Alberto T. Alba delivers a message of hope.

20 ]

Top sales associates of Prudentialife were recognized for their outstanding contribution to the success of the organization. Also awarded were the Model employee and Supervisor. Further, Ma. Katherine Nubla was inducted into the Ambassador’s Knight Council. Adding to the color was Sam Milby’s serenade to this year’s top performers and the awarding of the Pearl Founder’s Award to Amb. Francisco A. Alba. The night ended with the message from Prudentialife Group President Jose Alberto T. Alba.

Prudentialife Founder and Chairman Amb. Francisco A. Alba responds.

Rafael Napilot recognized as Top Agency Manager.

The strings provided the mood and tone for the evening. Thanks for a successful year.

Glamorous ladies from HRD.

Night Program Chair Sir Stig flanked by Bb. Pilipinas winners.

Sam Milby woos the crowd.

Pioneer Sales Associate Tita Mellie Valenzuela receives award from Prudentialife executives. Top Area Manager poses with her award.

And the winner is ‌ a brand new Toyota Avanza for Dame Katherine Nubla.

Katherine Nubla talks to Umagang Kay Ganda.

Ma. Katherine L. Nubla shares her formula for Sam Milby serenades success. year’s Olympians.


... and leads the finale song of solidarity. PMRC President Bienvenido S. Policarpio full of vigor amid challenging times...

[ 21

Corporate Communications

The Luster of Life Campaign “To grasp the essence of history, one must pass through milestones. Prudentialife’s foundation month of May has captured on-screen and print, not only people and events who have contributed significantly to the growth of the company for the past 30 years but also core values and the guiding role everyone plays in the lives of people.” - Homer P. Blanco Executive Vice President Special Projects / Corporate Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications 2008 Thirtieth anniversaries are often associated with the pearl. In ancient times, the pearl was considered a precious symbol of “wealth, status, and to some a religious belief” as in the biblical “Parable of the Pearl of Great Price.” Its luster, brilliance, and purity make this unique and priceless. For Prudentialife, the pearl is a symbol of the company’s 30 years of hard work and commitment to its planholders and stakeholders. It represents the company’s vision and corporate values that stand on: Nobility of Purpose, Product Excellence, and Service Commitment. Its Pearl Year signifies not only 30 years of stability but years of trust and confidence that the company has earned through the years. To commemorate its Pearl Anniversary, Prudentialife has embarked on an advertising campaign with the theme “The Luster of Life.” The theme connotes the brightness and the benefits of life; the positive things one can achieve through Prudentialife’s services: Memorialization, Healthcare, Financials, Real Estate, Non-life Insurance, and Travel and Leisure. The campaign aims to reinforce the Prudentialife brand. This is achieved by anchoring the campaign on the company’s core values: Nobility of Purpose, Product Excellence, and Service Commitment through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The advertising campaign is addressed to the whole Prudentialife family and its existing and potential members. The advertising campaign is fleshed out through a 30-second television commercial, radio plug, a 14-minute audio-visual presentation, series of print ads, and is supported by various collateral materials.

Personnel Update Jaime Nadal


aving stayed with the company for almost four years, Coco Nadal or Coco to his peers, knows the ins and outs of the Training and Development Department (TDD) of Prudentialife Market Resources Corporation. For Coco, his work at TDD is the most exciting, challenging, and fulfilling job. For the past years, Coco narrates his stay at Prudentialife as fun and challenging especially how the organization practices the Kapamilya Spirit which is unique compared to other organizations. With wits and humility, he was able to hurdle this year’s Model Supervisor, however, he still believes that all Prudentialife Kapamilya are role models and shares his award to all the employees and supervisors. Coco also practices the company’s seven corporate values not just in the office but to his daily life as well. “I have learned to apply all the seven corporate values. If we think about it, all of them can be applied to our daily activities, which I do,” Nadal said. Unknown to all, Coco is a member of a band and plays the bass. In his spare time when not in training, Coco falls in love with his guitar and transforms into a music man. He also loves a good book and a good conversation.

Enrico Ranes Enrico Ranes’ humble beginnings with Prudentialife began in 2005. Currently, he is the External Benefits Assistant of the Human Resources Department. Rico is described as simple, passionate and a workaholic person, representing the organization in coordinating with SSS, Pag-Ibig, and Philhealth regarding employees’ benefits. He is also in charged with the processing of loan applications for Asia United Bank and Banco de Oro. This year’s Model Employee was chosen because of his dedication to his work and diligence which made him stand above the rest. Though given the title, Rico is still has humility. “Honestly, I did not expect to be one because there were lots of deserving model employees from other departments,” Ranes said. From a different angle, Rico enjoys reading, because for him, reading is a way of acquiring knowledge and helps develop personality. When he is not busy computing for loans, Rico fancies actress Maja Salvador, who he regards as a good performer. Aside from prayer and work, Prudentialife has taught him the values of hard work and excellence.

[ 23

Personnel Update Prudentialifers celebrate V-Day

True to the Kapamilya Spirit that the organization fosters, Prudentialifers celebrated Valentine’s Day with activities for the employees and planholders last February 14. Valentines Day activities such as Love Duets, Dating Game ala Prudentialife, Lunch with an Executive, Sale of Flowers and Chocolates, Pick A Heart, and Planholders Treats. The winner of the dating game won a date with Carla Garcia of Human Resources Department while Bryan Reyes and Judy Anne Pescador of Prudentialife Market Resources Corporation bagged first prize on Love Duets.

Prudentialife Bingo As part of the 30th anniversary celebrations of Prudentialife, a Foundation Day Bingo Socials was held last May 8, 2008 at the 5th floor of Prudentialife Building. Prudentialife employees were given bingo cards which were good for five games. Regional Manager and Vice President for Marketing Ireneo Aquino served as the bingo master during the Foundation Day Bingo. Proceeds of the bingo will go to the various projects and activities of Prudentialife Foundation, Inc.

24 ]

Prudentialife’s 30th Pearl Anniversary CSR

Caring for the environment is everyone’s duty. And on its Pearl Anniversary, Prudentialife took on this task as the company’s corporate social responsibility. In the past years, Prudentialife has been actively participating in activities in community building and other civic and religious duties. “In previous years, we’ve been active in Gawad Kalinga, some educational programs, church-building activities and the like. For this year, we decided to be active in the environment,” Prudentialife Group President Jose Alberto T. Alba said.

“This is our own way of telling the public that we have to be concerned about the environment and do something about it,” Alba added. To raise funds for this cause and other social projects, Prudentialife held its annual Silver Tee Charity Open Golf Tournament at the Alabang Golf and Country Club last May 20. “We’re trying to raise funds for some environmental groups, specifically Haribon. I think we’ve raised enough to help Haribon at least for this year,” Alba said. One of this year’s beneficiaries is Haribon Foundation, an active crusader for the environmental cause.

San Vicente Elementary School receives Gabay Pinoy Karunungan program As part of Prudentialife’s 30th anniversary celebration, Prudentialife Foundation, Inc. (PFI) gave its Beneficiary in the form of the Gabay Pinoy Karunungan Program to help increase the literacy level of grade school students of San Vicente Elementary School in Quezon City. SVES received the Gabay Pinoy Karunungan program which has two components: Beginning Reading Program and Values Formation Training. The Beginning Reading Program is implemented by the Ronald McDonald House Charities through the Bright Minds Read (BMR) Program. In the previous years, PFI has helped churches and other religious organizations through monetary

donations to fund the beneficiary’s infrastructural or program needs. PFI Vice President Angelita C. Mercado said, “by being a part of the League of Corporate Foundations, we have realized the need for uplifting education. So we dedicate our Beneficiary to this goal especially since one of the main thrusts of our business is education,” Mercado said. The Gabay Pinoy Karunungan program helps in the 57-75 Reverse the Education Crisis campaign of LCF.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sibol kids go on tour By Joyce Talag Prudentialife Foundation, Inc., in coordination with Gawad Kalinga (GK), DHL Express and P&G Philippines, sponsored the Batang Pinoy Ako Cultural Tour last February 26, 2008. The cultural tour is an opportunity for the children of Gawad Kalinga – Sibol Schools to identify themselves as Filipinos outside the confines of their classrooms and homes. The children were taught the love of God and neighbor and other Filipino values at the GK Plaza. Afterwards, the children toured Museo Pambata with volunteers from Prudentialife, GK and DHL. Museo Pambata conducted a storytelling and craft activity session to deepen

the learnings during the museum tour. GK – Sibol children then went to the Chinese Garden in Rizal Park for an afternoon of fun and games with Jollibee. Sibol Coordinator Ninay Estrella said that parents and teachers have been very thankful for giving the children a very memorable learning-filled experience.

PFI scholars named Last May 8, Prudentialife Foundation, Inc (PFI) awarded scholarship certificates for the academic year 2008 – 2009 to sons and daughters of Prudentialife employees who have met the qualifications set by PFI. This year’s scholars are: El John Fandialan, daughter of Jocelyn Fandialan of Bacolod office; Martine Mae C. Licudine, daughter of

Ma. Arlene Licudine of PLPI Finance Bacoor; Jette Intila, daughter of Emma Intila of Prudentialife Plan Group; Camille Pua, daughter of Julie Pua and Angelica Isabela Vispo, daughter of Alberto Vispo of General Accounting Department; Joanna Vergel Rabuya, daughter of Virgilio Rabuya of PLPI Finance, Inc.; and Juan Miguel Villon, son of Susan Villon of Prudentialife Financial Services, Inc.

Haribon visits Prudentialife Haribon Foundation hosted an awareness-raising seminars on the 5th floor of the Prudentialife Head Office last February 7 and April 4. The awareness seminar aims to inform employees of Prudentialife on the importance of the conservation of the environment, climate change, and bio-diversity conservation. Haribon Foundation is an organization with an aim of raising consciousness on the importance of taking care of the environment and educating the Filipinos on the bio-diversity that is abundant in the Philip-

pines. Haribon Foundation is one of this year’s beneficiaries of Prudentialife Foundation, Inc.

Relics of the Passion Visit

The Relics of the Passion of Christ was put on display last March 2 at Villa San Miguel in San Juan. The Relics of the Passion are pieces of the effects that were present during Christ’s passion. Among the relics that were on display was a piece of the Crown of Thorns, Holy Nails, Column of the Flagellation, St. Longinus’ relics, a replica of the Veil of Veronica, a piece of the room were the Last Supper took place, and a piece of the burial shroud of Christ. The visit of the Relics of the Passion was backed by The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila, Apostolate for Holy Relics, Greenbelt Chapel, and Dulce Nombre Cathedral in Guam. The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher organized the exhibit of the Relics of the Passion of Christ.

17 JATA Sibol students graduate Seventeen children from the Prudentialife – JATA Sibol School graduated last Match 14, 2008 held at Gawad Kalinga Plaza in Baseco, Tondo. The 17 graduates will now be moving to the Big School. Prudentialife Foundation has been supporting JATA Sibol’s operations since it was set up in 2005. The support includes providing allowances school supplies, educational trips for the children, and allowances for the volunteer teachers. Last year, 32 children were part of the first batch of JATA Sibol students to join the Moving-Up Day at Gawad Kalinga in Baseco. ( Joyce Talag)

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IBOCS Users Can Now Sell Plans Online Great News! All PMRC marketing officers beginning from the ArM level can now sell Life, Pension and Education plans via No need to undergo separate registration for the Sales Associate Online Selling facility of And for further convenience, the same username and password for the IBOCS, PPIS (Plan and Payment Inquiry System) and SA Online Selling facility shall be assigned. For further information, log on to or email SAeservices@eprudentialife. com. Note: Sales Counselors, Agency Managers and General Managers will still need to register to the Online Selling facility to be able to sell plans online.

The Online Selling Process


1. Inform your customers and prospects to visit and register a customer account. Remind them of your email address since this serves as your SA code for online sales. 2. Customer fills out the plan application and indicates your email address when asked for their SA’s email. 3. Customer selects either Credit Card Option or Remittance Option*. Head Office will then process the application. 4. For further information, visit or email SAeservices@ *Note: For remittance option, PH still needs to send the printed and signed Plan Application, photocopy of 2 Valid Ids and the remittance slip to Prudentialife Head Office.


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