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“IN WHICH WE GROW” by Jerry Nash Final Draft

FADE IN: NIGHT, FOREST THICK ADIN (20’s white male) is hunched over an anonymous body unconscious on the ground. The light from the tail lights of a car illuminates a pre-dug hole. The body has a bag over its head and zip ties binding it. CASS (20’s white male) lingers behind Adin looking ominous in a black coat. CASS Would you just relax? ADIN I’ll be okay, just give me a second. CASS You’ve already thrown up twice and we only have a couple of hours left before the sun comes up. We have to get moving if we want this little matter buried before brunch. ADIN (taking a deep breath) Just one more minute. CASS Would you mind telling me what the hell is the matter? (beat) Hm? ADIN Stop it! Give me a break okay? I’ve never done this before. CASS Hey now, no need to get snippy with me. Remember dear friend, I’m all you’ve got right now. I’m doing this for you, and if you want to— ADIN I know, I know, I’ll do it okay? I’ll fucking do it. I’m just asking for one more minute, just one god damn minute.


CASS You aren’t backing down on me are you? I don’t want to get all the way out here and find out you are squeamish. ADIN It’s not that, I mean, do we really have to do this Cass? CASS What the fuck are you saying? There isn’t any going back Adin. There isn’t any ‘do we have to’, we are here because of you Adin and if we back out now, I can guarantee we will go away for a really long time for this okay? Okay? Adin nods. CASS (while handing Adin a gun) It will all be fine. Just take a deep breath and remember why we are here. Adin takes the gun and examines it. INSERT: MONTAGE SAL SIGMAN (20’s white male) doing a victory dance over a sale with extreme arrogance in an office cubicle, FRANCIS WOOD (40’s white male) firing Adin in his office, JODI (20’s white female) cheating on Adin with another man in the bedroom. While these things are happening, Adin shows little to no emotion on his face, wears the same clothing and may even interact with the characters although he may not have been there during the particular event. Throughout the sequence, Sal, Francis, Jodi, and the man she is cheating with are seen very briefly with pig masks strapped to their faces. Adin looks up from the gun and then to Cass. He nods and pulls the body up from the ground to make them stand on their knees in front of the hole. Cass yanks off the bag and it is revealed that the person is a slightly beaten Sal Sigman. Cass slaps his face to wake him up.


CASS Rise and shine sir, we want you to be awake for this. Cass nods toward Adin. After some hesitation, he raises the pistol and fires a shot into Sal’s head. CASS That wasn’t that hard now was it? Come, come now, its shovel time. Quickly now, or did you forget how little time we have? Adin is unresponsive. Cass moves closer to Adin. CASS (softer) How does it feel? ADIN I don’t know I can’t really feel anything right now. Cass smiles and hands Adin a shovel. CASS That’s just freedom. They begin to throw dirt on top of the body in the hole. CUT TO: NIGHT, CAR INTERIOR Adin sits, forlorn in the passenger’s seat. After some time staring at the gun, Adin puts on a pig mask. He looks over to Cass who is driving. Cass already has one on. FADE OUT THE END


In Which We Grow Final Draft  
In Which We Grow Final Draft  

The final draft of the script from my senior project, In Which We Grow.