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“IN WHICH WE GROW” by Jerry Nash Draft 4

FADE IN: EXT. NIGHT, CITY The glow of the city lights lingers over the top of an apartment building. ADIN RAYMORE (male, mid 20’s) strolls down a city sidewalk. He is wearing a shabby grey suit and tie, carrying a brief case. People in pig masks inside apartment windows are drinking alone, doing drugs, paying for prostitutes, beating their wives, smoking pot and watching television and having sex. INT. OFFICE BUILDING, DAY Adin marches into the office, passing side of him. He sits at a small, drab (male, mid 20’s) sings a victory song to Adin, dressed in a white shirt and the cubicle to see Sal dancing in his

cubicles on either cubicle. SAL SIGMAN in the cubicle next tie. Adin peers over chair.

SAL Holy shit! That’s three in the past thirty minutes. Can you fucking believe it? I mean really? Adin, can you believe it, I’m a fucking rock star. No one can touch this, I mean, Adin, no offence, but you can’t fucking touch this shit, I’m the fucking sales master. They should just make me salesman of the fucking universe for fucking ever because that’s what I am, the greatest of all fucking time! SUPERVISOR (male, 30’s) congratulates Sal on his sale. He is nicely dressed, clutching a stress ball and a Bluetooth dangling form one ear. He’s a bit of a fast talker. SUPERVISOR My man Sal Sigman! Up top! Sal and Supervisor high-five. SUPERVISOR Star salesman! You are on fire! (acknowledging Adin) There’s a lot you can learn from Sal here Adin. Which reminds me, I need to talk to you, wanna join me in my office?


INT. DAY, OFFICE Supervisor leads Adin into his office which is sparingly furnished. Adin closes the door as Supervisor sits at his desk. Supervisor sets the stress ball on his desk. SUPERVISOR Take a seat. ADIN (sitting) What’s this about? SUPERVISOR Well I was going over your quarterly sales and I have to say, they are looking bleak Adin. ADIN I’m sorry sir, I just-. SUPERVISOR I know, I know, I know, that’s what you said last week Adin. I wouldn’t be so miffed if you hadn’t come into work late three times this month. ADIN I really am sorry-. SUPERVISOR Adin, Adin, pal, buddy, son, whatever, I can sympathize but at the same time, I have a job to do too, you understand. This just can’t happen, we need a gogetter, someone with a little more gusto, you get me? Ambition, Adin—real drive. I’ve given you chances right and left and this and that and the other and the what not, but none of that matters. Maybe it does. Fuck it, the point is you haven’t shown me that this job is your number one, your priority. ADIN Sir, I understand but if you just-. SUPERVISOR I’ve heard it Adin. I get it. But I can’t do it anymore. I can’t, I wish it 3

were different but it (MORE) (CONT.) isn’t different, it’s gotta be like this, the same, well not really the same, different for you, same for me. Me work here, you work somewhere else. I hate doing this Adin, I really do this is the worst part of the job really. ADIN Really? That’s it? Supervisor solemnly nods. Adin stands and snatches the stress ball from Supervisor’s desk and hurls it against the wall. They stare at each other for a moment. Adin darts out of the office. INT. LIVING ROOM, EVENING Adin opens the door and tiptoes inside, setting his briefcase and keys down silently. CLATTER/GIGGLING/MOANING Adin perks and looks around the dark room. He creeps down the hallway, the bedroom door cracked open. There’s a light on and sounds of ecstasy emitting from the room. Adin freezes in his tracks and turns around sharply and storms for the front door, he exits. He opens the door again and snatches his keys from the table. INT. EVENING, CAR Adin mutters curse words under his breath as he starts the car. Looking to back out, the car lurches forward. With a jolt he turns and shifts the car into reverse and backs out of the drive way and down the dark street. INT. HALLWAY, DAY Disheveled, Adin knocks on a door and CASS DAVIS (male, mid 20’s) answers cradling a clinking glass of whiskey on ice dressed in a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled, an unbuttoned black vest, black pants and polished shoes. He looks Adin up and down and stands to the side, inviting him in. CASS There’s beer in the fridge.


INT. APARTMENT, DAY Adin enters into Cass’s apartment which is quaint, consisting of one bedroom and a small, well decorated living room with kitchenette. Soft music plays as he sets his brief case down and takes off his jacket and hangs it on a chair. CASS So tell me about it. ADIN It’s all wrong. Everything’s fuck up, I hate everyone I work with, my supervisor is...a piece of shit. He fired me today. To top it off I caught Jodi fucking another guy right in front of me and they didn’t even notice or stop. I just feel like I’m at the end of my rope, like everything is crumbling. CASS Hey fuck it man. Cass hands a glass of whiskey. ADIN (meekly) Thanks Cass. CASS Well I never liked Jodi anyway. ADIN It’s just that, you know, I could’ve been fine with the house, white picket fence, golden retriever and two kids, but somewhere along the way it just got flushed down the fucking toilet. CASS The world is a nasty place my friend. ADIN I just know that I could’ve had it man, but instead I’m a telemarketer.


CASS Were a telemarketer. Come on, let’s watch a movie or something. Take your mind off of this. CUT TO: INT. APPARTMENT, NIGHT An empty bottle of whiskey, an ash tray full of cigarette butts and several empty beer cans litter the floor. Credits roll on the screen in front Adin and Cass, sitting in chairs. ADIN Fuck Jean-Luc Goddard. CASS (sighs) He’s a genius. ADIN Fuck him, and fuck the French new wave. CASS (smiling) Note to self, don’t show good movies to Adin. ADIN (taking a deep breath) Forgive me, I’ve had a real shit day. CASS Don’t be such a fucking pussy. The world sucks, that’s just the way it goes. ADIN You aren’t helping. CASS Well what do you want me to say? ADIN I don’t even know why I came over here. CASS What, you want me to kill your boss for you? That Sal guy, is that it? Would that make you feel better? 6

ADIN Oh yeah and go to jail for the rest of my life. That would really fix everything wouldn’t it? CASS Not if you get away with it. ADIN It’s been proven time and time again you can’t just kill someone and get away with it. CASS There are ways. It’s not impossible. ADIN Like how, smart guy? CASS (smiling) So it would make you feel better? ADIN Yeah so what? Maybe I do. CASS Yeah? Well if you really do, I will help you. I will seriously help you. ADIN You really think you could get away with it? CASS (nodding) I know I could get away with it, provided some good prep time. It’s really not hard to do. ADIN ...and you know this how? CASS I tell you what, if we do get caught, which won’t happen, I’ll take the blame. You can say I made you do it. ADIN Are you totally sure?


Cass makes a cross motion over his chest. CASS So that Sal guy?

INT. NIGHT, PARKING GARAGE Adin and Cass sit in the dark parked car. ADIN It’s passed the time. CASS Patience. He’ll be out in a minute. A door opens and Sal Sigman strolls out, twirling his keys. CASS I got it. Cass jumps out of the car and heads for Sal. CASS Sal Sigman? The Sal Sigman? SAL Yeah. CASS (offering his hand) Heard a lot about you sir; Mitch Bird. We were wondering if you were interested in a little job opportunity. We can talk about it in the car. SAL Not interested. CASS Good we can- wait what? Did I mention it offered higher pay? Promotion? SAL So what? I don’t care. CASS More money, promotion, what else could you ask for?


SAL I don’t care I like it here. (MORE) (CONT.) I don’t know you, I’m not going with you, screw that. I’m doing good here, I don’t even think the pay matters much to me, I like what I get paid, plus I’m a rock star, they like me here. CASS Fuck it. Cass takes a deep breath and stares at Sal. He strikes him on the forehead with the butt end of a gun he produces from his pocket. Sal falls to the ground unconscious. CASS (shouting to himself) Refuse me and drive a fucking Prius!? Adin pulls the car closer. Cass heaves Sal’s limp body onto the backseat and zip-ties his hands behind his back. He also puts a bag over his head and cinches down the drawstring around his neck. CASS God, he’s heavier than he looks. Cass hops in the passenger seat and smiles widely at Adin. He gives him the thumbs up. Adin shifts the car.

INT. CAR, NIGHT The radio plays soft. Cass is sitting in the backseat with a steadfast gun pointed at Sal who is awake. CASS (to Adin) It’s right up here. SAL Can you change it? CASS Shut the fuck up! Cass smacks Sal on the head.


SAL Ow! God dammit! I just really hate this song. Adin clicks off the radio. SAL ...thanks.

EXT. NIGHT, FOREST THICK The two wrestle with Sal until finally they get him on his knees in front of a deep-dug hole. Cass looks at the gun and gives it Adin. SAL Okay seriously, what’s really going on here? Who put you up to this come on? Who’s joke is this? This is funny guys, come on, we’ll all have a big laugh about it later. Was it Bob from accounting? That sneaky dog, was it Bob? Bob, you there? Adin stares at Sal and then back at Cass. Cass nods. Adin raises the gun and shoots Sal in the back of the head. Sal falls forward into the hole. CASS Alrighty, shovel time. Adin still stands with his hands gripped around the pistol. Cass goes back to the trunk of the car and picks out two shovels and returns next to Adin. CASS Come on! Cass begins shoveling dirt over the Sal’s lifeless body.

INT. CAR, NIGHT Cass and Adin are driving on the road with the radio playing softly again. Neither of them speaks. They both stare straight ahead. EXT. PARK BY RIVER, EARLY MORNING


A gun is dropped into the moving water. Cass and Adin stand by a park bench.

CASS Easy, that’s it, bam. So, how do you feel? Better? ADIN I don’t really feel...much of anything. CASS That’s freedom. ADIN I guess this makes us friends for life huh? Cass nods. ADIN So what now? Cass shrugs. CASS Pancakes? Adin shrugs. They both saunter together through the park. FADE OUT FADE IN The same people from the opening montage are seen only they aren’t wearing pig masks anymore. Their lives seem to be good, family watching TV, having dinner, elderly couple holding hands, etc. FADE OUT THE END


In Which We Grow (4)  

Draft 4 “IN WHICH WE GROW” by 2 3 4 5 6 7 Cass makes a cross motion over his chest. CASS So that Sal guy? 8 9 INT. CAR, NIGHT Cass and Adin...

In Which We Grow (4)  

Draft 4 “IN WHICH WE GROW” by 2 3 4 5 6 7 Cass makes a cross motion over his chest. CASS So that Sal guy? 8 9 INT. CAR, NIGHT Cass and Adin...