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INTRODUCTION-SALUTATIO Hi, hello Hi, friend (hi, friends) My name is... You can call me... I am 14/15/16/17/18/19/20... years old

I am living in the city ... On the street... In a small/ huge cottage/ house/ building/flat

Salve (sg) / Salvete (pl) ! Salve amice / amica // salvete amici ! Mihi nomen est…… et praenomen……/ nominor... tibi (vobis) licet me appellare... quattuordecim/quindecim/sexdecim/ septemdecim/ duodeviginti/ undeviginti/ viginti/ annos natus/a sum

In a place called /named... Located...between/ in the middle of/close to.../far from...

Habito in (+abl) oppido In via ... in (parva / magna) villa/ domo/ insula / habitatione In loco appelato aut vocato... situs, a, um… inter (+ acc) / in medio (+ gen.)/ prope / apud (+ acc.)/ procul (a / ab)… (+ abl.)

I am studying in the High School... My teacher is...

Studeo in schola/ Lycaeum... Meus/a magister/magistra est...

I like ...

mihi libet / mihi placet (+ inf)

Too much/little A lot/nothing

multum / paulum maxime / minime

Practise sport/ play sport Play football/handball/badminton

Ride/swin Ski/trekking athletics

corpus exercere / ludere pedifolle / manufolle / ludo pilae pinnatae ludere tenisiam / tenisiam mensalem ludere folle bascaudario / folle volatico / harpastum ludere pugilatum / luctam (karaticam / iudoicam) colere equitare / natare nartare / in locis rusticis ambulare athleticam exercere

Dance/ sing

saltare / cantare/ canere (+ acc. aut abl.)

Play tennis/ping pong Play basketball/voleyball/rugby Box/karate/judo

Play Flute/clarinet Play Spanish guitar/ violin Blow trumpet/ saxophon Play piano/ drums

tibia, ae, f / tibia, ae clarisona, ae, f canere cithara, ae Hispanica, ae, f / violina, ae , f canere tuba, ae / saxophonum, i canere clavile, is, n / tympana, orum, n pl canere

Fun/ dream Talk/ hang out with friends

ludere / somniare colloqui / ambulare cum amicis

Travel in Spain / Italia / go abroad

per Hispaniam/ Italicam itinera facere / peregrinari situs (< situs, us, m) interretiales visitare libros legere / musicam audire televisionem spectare

Internet surf Read books/ listen to music Watch TV Study/ learn literature Science/nature maths English, German, French Latin / Greek

studeo, es, ere (+ dat!) / disco, is, ere litterae, arum, f pl. discere scientia, ae, f / physica, ae, f discere mathematica, ae, f Anglica / Germanica / Francogallica lingua, ae, f discere Latina / Graeca lingua, ae, f discere

Good bye

Vale / Valete (aut) Bene vale / valete

based in document from osrari5525 (scribd) and Oliver Rimbault.


lexicon English- Latin

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