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Online Gambling - Luck Versus Math In most situations, people agree that online gambling is a game of chance. That’s why all winning wagers are founded on luck. Most gamblers would claim that Lady Luck holds their gambling destiny and the one responsible for bringing them the riches from their winnings. They are superstitious enough to believe that when luck smiles on them, their destinies will be of triumphant victories and endless showers of good fortune. However, the idea of luck is based solely on the current situation or destiny of an individual and not on the ability of the player to tip the game on his favor. So it is not surprising if gamblers say, “There goes Lady Luck again” to a player who is consistently winning in a game. However, it is difficult to rely on luck all the time. A winning streak does not last forever. On the other hand, mathematicians contend that winning that is reliant solely on luck is highly argumentative. They have a shrewder standpoint, utilizing mathematical figures to compute probabilities rather than believing in destiny and luck. This is the reason why detractors of the gaming industry would rather classify casino games as part of the gaming commerce and not wagering commerce because they want to let the people know that winning is not based solely on luck, but on mathematical data that is based on every gambling action. The Drawback Behind Luck Gamblers tend to rely on Lady Luck to smile on them to win their games, which tends to lead them to a superstitious disposition, making them a bit primitive. Most losing gamblers are inclined to believe that they can use odd methods like using salt to ward off bad luck. Some even point out that the color of their clothes can make Lady Luck smile and stay with them. The Conclusion Think about this: Mathematicians state that the odds of drawing a royal flush is 1 in 649,740 in a deck of cards. This just proves relying solely on luck displaces the possibility of winning more than once, or even winning at all. The bottom line is gambling is not about winning, but is solely founded on losing. The only winner is the casino proprietor who always has the so-called “house advantage.” One thing is for sure—the house always wins.

Online Gambling - Luck Versus Math