The Numerous Advantages Of Elastic Shoelaces

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The Numerous Advantages Of Elastic Shoelaces Thinking about trading the shoelaces on your kids’ shoes for a no-tie option? Elastic laces can make life easier for young children-whether they are still learning how to tie shoes, take part in sports, or are simply just in need of a quicker option. A Child Friendly Alternative Learning to tie one’s shoes is no easy task for a child, and for toddlers it’s pretty much up to parents to make certain they get tied. Elastic shoelaces are fantastic for these instances. Stretchy laces utilize hooks or loops to secure the ends of the cord to the shoe as opposed to the traditional bow-and-knot technique which is of particular benefit. Even the youngest of kids can learn to hook or snap the end of an elastic shoelace. Stretchable options permit the child to learn to fasten his or her own shoes, so parents aren’t continually on shoelace duty. For child and parent, it's a win-win.

Some children have a medical condition where they can’t frequently bend over to tie shoes. Without the frequent need to be re-tied, elasticized laces provide for all-day wear. Reducing Risk in Sports A child dribbles the basketball up the court, reaches up to make a basket, and then trips over loose shoelaces; this situation happens every single day in gym class. Not only does constant tripping impact performance in sports, but it can be dangerous. In a few games including skateboarding or bike riding, an untied lace can send a child to the hospital while others may simply result in a skinned knee. Additionally, standard laces can come undone with heavy use and present a danger, such as when a child is hiking and an unfastened shoe leads to a twisted ankle. Elastic laces remain at a constant tension, thus reducing the risk of injuries caused by loose shoes. Children’s safety is a high priority, and no-tie laces can help with that. Comfort is King When they are in a hurry, quite a few kids love to slip their shoes off and on. If the shoes have conventional laces, kids may leave the knots tied or decide not to tie them at all. This may result in shoes that are too tight or too loose. Without leaving the shoe so loose that a child’s foot can slip out by accident, elastic options have just enough flexibility to ensure an even fit through the entire length of a shoe. Elasticized shoelaces don’t need many adjustments, as opposed to traditional products where one shoe might end up tighter than the other unless it is adjusted. Elasticized Laces Stay Clean and New Typically kids come in the house with tattered, dirty laces dragging on the floor, in particular those that play outside frequently. The tips of shoelace bows are generally long enough to see their fair share of mud even if shoes don’t become untied. Replacing regular laces with elasticized ones is a simple fix that helps to ensure that they stay clean and fresh, eliminating the need to acquire new Shoeglits

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The Numerous Advantages Of Elastic Shoelaces ones every other month. Making the Switch Elasticized laces can be a smart replacement for conventional options, particularly when children are too young to tie their shoes themselves. With no-tie products, parents need not worry that their kids will trip over their laces while playing sports or come inside with muddy, frayed cords trailing behind them. For both children and parents, elastic shoelaces can be a huge help. Thinking about trading the shoelaces on your kids’ shoes for a no-tie option? Elastic laces can make life easier for you...

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