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Dr. Peter C. Somers, MD Is A Well-Experienced Plastic, Cosmetic Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Peter C. Somers, MD is a Plastic, Cosmetic Reconstructive Surgeon who has helped hundreds and thousands of people enhance their appearance. He holds an impeccable reputation as a skilled cosmetic surgeon in Virginia, Maryland, and Florida. He has been a member of many reputed committees and organizations, and is a fellow of International College of Surgeons. He has performed thousands of surgical procedures on local, out of state, and out of country patients. He received Plastic Surgery training at the world famous and prestigious Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He also performed a microvascular surgery research at Microvascular Research Laboratory in conjunction with Dr. Peter Donski, (E.V.M.S.).

Dr. Peter C. Somers, MD has completed his B.S. in Biology from Loyola University, Maryland, and internship & residency from Graduate Hospital, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. He served as a resident in General Surgery/Chief

Resident at Georgetown University, also as a Plastic Surgery/Chief Resident at the Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota.

Dr. Peter C. Somers, MD provides private consultations and surgeries at his personal fully accredited and certified facility with board of certified anesthesiologists. He has been a part of many television presentations and magazine presentations. As a cosmetic surgeon, he has many accomplishments under his belt. He received AMA Physician Award for the outstanding completion of CME (Consulting Medical Education) in the years 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999.

Dr. Peter C. Somers MD has been the attendee of a two week certification seminar and practice on laser resurfacing at the Fulton Skin Institute, Mayo Clinic Symposium on plastic surgery, and Lahry Clinic Symposium: Update on Plastic Surgery. As a featured speaker on Breast Implant Surgery for ‘Aesthetica 2003’, he has been a guide to the Consumer Research Council of America.

Dr. Peter C. Somers, MD Is A Well-Experienced Plastic, Cosmetic Reconstructive Surgeon