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Serving the Office Product Needs of Select Businesses in Grant & Kittitas Counties

July 2013

“Your Jerrol’s Business Journal” Home of the Rapid Response “Direct to Your Storage Shelf” Delivery System™ Our Iron Clad Guarantee: Orders Placed by 4 pm any Business Day are Hand-Delivered to Your Storage Shelf by 1 pm the Next Business Day Help Us to Improve!.......If we fail to meet your expectations in any way please call me, Rolf Williams, on my direct line at 509 899-0120 111 E University Way ● Ellensburg, WA 98926 ● Phone: (800) 858-2427 ● (509) 925-9851 ● Fax (509) 962-2131 ●

Table of Contents… TEAM …………………………... Page 1 Delivery Service & Ice Cream ..... Page 2 Meet Central Bean Our Client of the Month …………………………... Page 2 FREE Copy Paper for a Friend … Page 3

►Insert◄ Continuous Real-Time Printer Monitoring & Security ______________________________ Results from Our 66th Anniversary Ice Cream Party The Great Jerrol’s Ice Cream Road Trip - Sarah and Jessica were out on the road bringing Ice Cream to those of you that couldn’t make it by for our in store anniversary party on Friday, June 21st. Lasted 3 days Covered over 275 miles 19.5 Gallons of ice cream given away • 325 scoops of ice cream handed out They tried to make it to all of you but just ran out of time!! • • •

In store on Friday, June 21st • 6 Gallons of ice cream • 300 Scoops of ice cream given away • 125 copies of our new book were distributed Thanks Everyone!!!!!!

TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More While writing the book “The Unfinished History of Jerrol’s Book & Office Supply Co. - From Ice Cream and Pies to Office Supplies: How Adapting to Change has Allowed a Small Town Soda Fountain to Evolve & Prosper for Three Generations” I decided to create a list to in the book of everyone that has contributed to our success as a Team Member. A lot of businesses would call these “employees” and some business owners / managers think and say these people “Work for me”. Over the past 35 years I have discovered that at Jerrol’s we have TEAM MEMBERS that work for themselves and their families. They don’t come to work everyday and give 110% for me—they do it for themselves. Take a moment and think about that. I also have learned that despite what I might have thought when I was younger, I can’t do everything myself. I could never have achieved the success I have if it where not for the Team Members I have had the honor or working WITH. As a TEAM I have learned as much from them as they have from me. We have all achieved more than any single one of use would have alone. It is our Team, working together to continually improve and change to meet our Clients (that’s YOU) and each others needs that is able to create the experience you receive every time you come in contact with us. Whether via the phone, email, website, marketing, delivery or accounting. It all comes from a TEAM. -Rolf P.S. You can contact me any time at 509 925-9851 or 800 858-2427, my cell 509 899-0120, or email

Delivering Service AND Ice Cream!! Rolf’s Grandpa Don and Grandma Irene first opened Jerrols 66 years ago as a Soda Fountain and Grandpa Don’s favorite treat was a Root Beer Float! To celebrate our 66th Anniversary Central Washington’s favorite local Ice Creamery Winegars made Root Beer float flavored ice cream exclusively for us. Last week Jessica and I had the time of our lives delivering ice cream to many of you in Upper County, Lower County and Grant County! We got out of the office together taking a 3-day road trip bombing around in the Jerrols Mobile sporting our sunglasses, smiles and ice cream. We had so much fun seeing everyone’s faces light up as we delivered your special treat. The most memorable stop for Jessica was the Visitor’s Center at the Wild Horse Wind Farm. She plans on coming back very soon to take her boys on the tour. As a sales representative, the entire 3 days of being greeted with your happy, smiling faces was a treat in and of itself, ranking even higher than the ice cream I ate instead of lunch on the first day of our road trip!! When we celebrate our anniversary, we are honoring not just our founders but our employees past and present and most importantly, all of YOU our loyal clients. We know that our existence today is the result of your loyalty in patronage, suggestions, and honest feedback. Over the years this has allowed Jerrols to become a world class company, continually evolving to meet our clients’ and team’s needs. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!! Sarah Peters and Jessica Bacon

Sarah & Jessica can be reached at (509) 925-9851 Or Sarah Peters Your Jerrol’s Representative

Jessica Bacon Business Help Desk

What does Ice Cream Mean to You?

Client of the Month There are so many interesting businesses our Team gets to partner with in our Business Division that we have decided to start highlighting one every month. I LOVE the free enterprise system and the Entrepreneurs, Businesses and their Team members that have each found a niche to fill. Some are large, well known and employ hundreds. Some are small, have a unique niche and have no business front or name recognition except to their clients. -Rolf

June’s Client of the Month

Central Bean Quincy Central Bean Company Inc. is a family-owned company established in 1983. It processes and stores beans for growers. Their facility uses a identity preserved system. Each grower’s dry beans are stored in small bins and conditioned separately. This allows monitoring quality standards of each grower, each field and even each load delivered for conditioning. The identity system is distinct from the way most others handle dry beans. Other facilities store and condition from large tanks that contain several growers beans co-mingled together. Most canneries only purchase beans that meet

their quality standards. Their identity system allows customers to choose dry beans that match their quality standards criteria. Requirements can specify criteria such as appearance, foreign material, odors, size, consistency of size, splits, checked seed coats, soak time, cook time and overall product appearance after cooking. Central Bean supplies beans to many canneries and packagers in the U.S. as well as exports overseas. Central Bean Co. is a Food Alliance Certified Handler that packs and processes Food Alliance Certified dry beans grown by Food Alliance Certified producers. By leveraging Food Alliance certification, Central Bean is committed to maintaining values of social and environmental responsibility throughout the food supply chain by marketing beans to Food Alliance Certified distributors and selling beans to Food Alliance certified processors such as Truitt Family Foods Inc, of Salem, OR. The Food Alliance stands for• • • • • • • •

Protect, conserve and enhance soil, water, wildlife habitat and biodiversity Conserve energy, reduce and recycle waste Reduce use of pesticides and other toxic or hazardous materials Maintain transparent and traceable supply chains Support safe and fair working conditions Guarantee food product integrity, with no genetically engineered or artificial ingredients Ensure healthy, humane animal treatment Ensure continual improvement of practices

To learn about Food Alliance certification standards, visit

Tell a Friend Certificate - Tell a Friend Certificate - Tell a Friend Certificate

FREE Copy Paper To:_____________________________ Courtesy of: ____________________ Jerrol's Office Supply Co. has been an excellent supplier for my business. They have anything you’ll need to run your business – Printers and Printer Supplies, Paper, File Cabinets & Office Furniture, Break Room Supplies & Janitorial Products. Orders placed by 4 pm are delivered the very next business day by 1 pm via their “Rapid Response – DIRECT TO YOUR STORAGE SHELF – Delivery System™. They can help you too. Use this coupon for a FREE Box of Copy Paper with a purchase of $50.00 or more. This special offer is for qualified first time clients who set up and order via an online account. It is limited to one per client. It can only be redeemed via an online office supply order account and has no cash value.

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Jerrol's Business Journal - July 2013