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Celebrating Our 66th Year in Business

October 2013

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November is a great time to take a moment and reflect on the blessings in your life. We all get so busy and caught up in the day to day activities of our existence that we forget to slow down to enjoy and be grateful for what we have. Life is so precious we need to enjoy each moment. To be present and aware that these moments are, for now, all we have. With my father’s death this year that message is more poignant than ever before. I am glad that dad is free of his suffering and is now in a better place. I miss his intellect, our conversations, and his laugh. Mom and I have a much closer relationship then ever before and my relationship with my sisters has also grown through the experience. On a lighter note, my daughter Jordan has just gotten a paid internship at NPR in Pullman and is finishing up her senior year at WSU with a degree in Journalism and Media Production. She even helps me edit this newsletter! I am so proud of what she has accomplished and can’t wait to see what the world has in store for her. My son Gerik is working part time at Elmview in their recycling center and the support he receives from his educators and Elmview has been amazing. He has such a great spirit and is surrounded by people who care a great deal about his success. As you might know, Gerik has classic autism. I have been blessed with an incredible, understanding wife who gives so much support to me and our children as well as those in our community with children of special needs as the Parent to Parent coordinator of Kittitas County. I am grateful of the relationship that you choose to have with us here at Jerrol’s. I know that you have lots of options on where to find the products and services you allow us to provide to you. Thank you. And our Team here at Jerrol’s has helped make us a continued success for over 65 years through their dedication, passion and daily actions. I know the reason you do business with us is because of what they do. Thank You All. My cup is truly full and I am grateful to you.

The Jerrol’s story is now available in the store and online at:

I encourage you to take a moment to list your blessings.

-Rolf P.S. You can contact me any time at 509 925-9851 or 800 858-2427, my cell 509 899-0120, or email

Book Reviews CUSS First printed in 2003 as-

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The Grape Thief 2007 - $6.99

Kristine L. Franklins’s CUSS, is a coming of age story set in Roslyn in the tough times of the 1930’s. Twelve year old Cuss Petrovich (so called because of his ability to swear in 14 languages) is caught between the carefree days of childhood and the responsibilities of becoming an adult. The story begins with Cuss and his friends mischievously trying to steal a few grapes from the yearly train from California. Their rush to evade notice that night has Cuss witnessing some things that open up his eyes to the world of bootlegging and organized crime in Roslyn. His older brothers must leave town, and it lands on Cuss to work to raise money for his mother and younger brother. This means that Cuss will have to go work in the coal mines instead of staying in school. Cuss is heartbroken over the prospect of being shut up in the mines, as he truly loves learning and had harbored a secret wish to go on in school. Ultimately, Cuss has a decision to make- will he stay and work the mines, or will he try to get out and change his life? I thoroughly enjoyed this book by Kristine L. Franklin. It was a quick, light read that had me engrossed in the character’s lives. I appreciated that Cuss was an honest-to-goodness good guy, and felt good about rooting for his success. His story felt real to me, and I empathized with Cuss as the events in his life began to escape his control. Reading about a bit of local history was also a plus, and my curiosity is piqued now about the extent to which organized crime was really around in Roslyn at that time. I recommend this book to fans of local history and to those looking for a heart-warming story. Guest Reviewer - Colleen Woods

John Dies at the End 2010 - $15.99 John Dies at the End is the story of a slow invasion that is part Lovecraft and part REDACTED. Little of this world is as it appears and even less of it is safe. We are all under the watchful eye of Korrok and he hungers. When you catch a flitting glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye, Korrok is there. When your neighbor spontaneously explodes, Korrok is there. If our fates rested in more capable hands we just might be saved from an otherworldly appetite. It does not. David Wong is the editor of popular humor site and it shows in his work (that’s a good thing). David tells us this story in long chapters that read like short fiction but form a cohesive whole. I laughed a lot while reading this book, but I was genuinely creeped out as well. A mix of horror, humor, the fantastic and unbridled lunacy of John Dies at the End will appeal to readers of nearly every genre. Reviewed by RJ Woods You can reach me at (509) 925-9851 or _________________________________

We Want Your Book Review If you would like to submit your own book review for us to use on Facebook or in our newsletter email it to It needs to be short and sweet and a current title. If we choose your review to use you will receive a FREE BOOK. _______________________

Search our book inventory 24/7 You can now search our book inventory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You see what we have in stock and even order with the option to pick up in the store.

Meet Krissy Yarnell My name is Krissy! I’m from the small town of Trout Lake, WA, at the base of Mt. Adams, which is where I graduated high school with a class of 8 students. Growing up I lived on a small farm with 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Like most small farms, my family had a small grouping of a number of different animals: chickens, Krissy with horses, and more. I grew up Her Mom juggling the usual; sports, chores, and school. During the school year, I was a three sport athlete (volleyball, basketball, and track), yet I still made time for 4-h and jazz band. I graduated high school in 2011 and decided to come to Central Washington University, where I am currently a junior majoring in clinical physiology with the intent of becoming a physical therapist. During my sophomore year I started working at the challenge course at CWU, which has been a great leadership experience for me. I just recently started working at Jerrol’s this July and immediately knew it would also be a great experience for me. I work with so many different people every day, whether it is my co-workers or any of you clients reading this! Being a frontline team member, my main duty every day is to help anyone who comes into the store find exactly what they are looking for. The greatest part of my role here at Jerrol’s is the fact I get to work with the people of Kittitas Valley every day. My coworkers have become some of my favorite people to be around other than the regulars who come in almost every day. Then again, most everyone in the valley is a regular! As you might be able to tell, I love being a part of this awesomely small community where residents would rather shop local small businesses than the big box stores down the road. I appreciate the opportunity and I appreciate all of you. I am definitely looking forward to my next couple of years continuing to be a part of this unique business, community, and team! -Krissy Y. Frontline Team Member You can reach me at

Edited by Jordan Williams

Corrie’s Craft of the Month Thanksgiving Tablecloth

This year make a thanksgiving tablecloth out of paper. All you need is some butcher paper, paper doilies, white paper and some sharpies. Trace your dishes, add names to the doilies, cut out some leaves and glue it all on. I even made a space for guests to write what they're thankful for. Most of all, I hope your table is filled with friendly faces and your hearts filled with peace this thanksgiving. When I am not out on the road delivering, you can reach me at (509) 925-9851 or

Corrie Ihrke Your Business Sales Delivery Driver

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The Jerrol’s Journal November 2013 A Few Comments From Our Clients We went to Jerrol's to get a gift for a child's birthday. However, the selection of books, games and toys was just too much to choose from. We ended up getting a gift card. I was happy to find out that when you get a card you can attach a name to it so that if the card is lost an employee can look up your card and give you credit. That was very reassuring. - Carol Dormady—Posted on Google

I was glad that you had the 2014 Monthly Planners available already. I have used them--and purchased them from you--for many years. Thank you. - Michele Kloss

I was glad that you had the 2014 Monthly Planners available already. I have used them--and purchased them from you--for many years. Thank you. - Fatima Schnase

Jerrol's journal november 2013