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April 2014

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A Journey with Autism

Table of Contents… A Journey with Autism ….……... Page 1 Book Reviews…………....….. .... Page 2 Online Book Inventory ……….... Page 2 Parent to Parent ………………… Page 3 Jerrol’s Expansion. ….......….…... Page 3 What People are Saying …...…… Page 4 Insert Welcome to Holland & What is Autism?

My life has become defined by Autism. It is a great life, although very different from what I had envisioned, and my journey on it has enriched my soul and made me a much better person. One of the many paths this journey has taken me on is that of telling my family’s story in the hope that it can help others. Our family has chosen to put ourselves “out there” in order that the community as a whole can better understand Autism. So each April we dedicate our newsletter to the subject and we host the Autism in Kittitas County Roundtable Discussion. You can view last years Roundtable at Gerik, will turn 18 this year. Michelle and I can see the end of his school years. We will be going before a judge to request guardianship and set in motion the plans that will provide him with the care he will require for the rest of his life and after we are not here to help him. It is interesting to become involved in the legal system, something we will have to continue to do from now on, to ask them permission to allow you to continue to care for your child with special needs. I am a pretty independent guy, not one to ask for help or permission. I guess my journey is teaching me patience and that sometimes you have to ask for permission and maybe even help... Habits are What Achieve Goals A quick update on our January topic of Habits as the pathway to achieve your goals. I used the example of my goal to wiegh195 pounds by March 31st. I didn’t tell you I weighed 218 at the time. My point in the articles was that your habits and the ability to change them are what accomplish goals.

The Jerrol’s story is now available in the store and online at:

I weighed in at 199 this morning with 7 days to go. The habit I changed was drinking beer. No extra exercise, no other major eating changes. Your habits are the key to your goals. What habits do you need to change? -Rolf P.S. You can contact me any time at 509 925-9851 or 800 858-2427, my cell is 509 899-0120, or email

Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo

Book Reviews re ksto o o B

Alice Close Your Eyes

$14.95 By Averil Dean Alice was orphaned at age ten and was bumped from foster home to foster home; when she was sixteen she escaped the home she was at went out on her own. Alice is now an author, and she also has a hobby of stealing things from men only she also likes to stalk them; she was at Jack Calabrese house. She wanted to know if she was being stalked by this man; he came home and she hid in his closet. Jack found her in the closet and let her go but, later she met him at a coffee shop. Jack seemed to pop up everywhere; later Jack and Alice took a ride on his friends boat and they started dating. It was mostly a physical relationship.

Days of Future Past by Chris Claremont

F This Test: Even More of the Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers by Richard Benson

Jack started to get rough with her; tying her up, handcuffing her, whipping her with his belt, he even used a knife. He never hit her out of anger except once, Jack got so mad at himself. Jack got so mad at Alice when she didn't show up for a day or two and then he wouldn't leave her. Alice found blood on his boots and she knew something was up... if you want to find out what happens to Alice read this book. I recommend this book because it is impossible to put down. It is really intense and you want to keep reading it takes all of you to put it down.

How to Be the World's Smartest Traveler by Christopher Elliott

Guest Review by Britainey Streepy _________________________________

New books that have RJ excited: These are some of the books that came out this month that you might enjoy-.

The Haunted Life: And Other Writings by Jack Kerouac


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Parent to Parent in Kittitas & Grant Counties Parent to Parent is often the life line that parents and grandparents have once their child is diagnosed with autism or any other special need from developmental delays to mental health. It is a national and state wide network with chapters in both Grant and Kittitas County. Parent to Parent is a network of families supporting each other by sharing information and resources, offering systems navigation and most importantly sharing emotional support. Parents often feel alone and uncertain when they first hear their child has a disability. Through sharing our parenting stories and experiences we provide first hand knowledge of the joys and trials of raising children with disabilities. We share what we have learned along the way. We find comfort in knowing we are not alone in this journey. We take support when we need it and give a hand to those who follow. We are parent led and know that every child and parent is unique. Together we can find answers, find acceptance (in ourselves and others) and be advocates for our children. P2P Program Includes… -Parent Support Meetings -Systems Navigation -Information/Referral -Family Activities -Educational Workshops -Newsletter -Keeping connected through Email/FaceBook -Supporting Parents Our Goal The goal of Parent to Parent is to give families the skills and support they need to help their children with intellectual/developmental disabilities, behavioral/emotional challenges, and/or chronic health conditions to reach their full potential. Our Hope Our hope is for families to feel less isolated, more informed, and more confident about themselves and their choices for their child.

Supporting Each Other Personal support from another parent, who has a child with similar needs, can be helpful in coping with the challenging experiences and feelings of having a child with special needs. Parent to Parent’s Mentoring Parent volunteers are available to provide one-to-one support and information. Help! Parent to Parent relies on referrals from people like you to reach out to those that might need our services. All you need to do is pass on the information below or better yet get their permission to have P2P to call them and then pass that information on us. Kittitas County Parent to Parent contact Michelle Williams at or (509) 929-7277 or Grant/Adams County Parent to Parent contact Jennifer Newhouse at or (509) 764-7424 or - Michelle Michelle Williams, Rolf’s Williams wife, and Jerrol’s long time bookkeeper and buyer of our gift and education / toy departments. She is also the coordinator of the Kittitas County Parent to Parent organization. She became involved with Parent to Parent after their son Gerik was diagnosed with classic autism.


Jerrol’s Building Expansion Update & New Winegars Location

We have set a ground breaking target date of mid May to early June with a completion goal of the end of August. By the time you are reading this we will have filed with the city for our building permits. You can find more information on our 5,000 sq foot addition with room for Winegars Homemade Ice Cream and Coffee at We have just posted copies of the floor and site plans along with copies of several recent news articles on our plans.

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